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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 1, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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more trouble for boeing, the department of justice probe reportedly extending beyond the grounded 737 max jets, those details ahead. and big money moves in the nba, kevin durant heading east to brooklyn along with another big star, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ dagen: top story markets rallying on the u.s.-china trade tuesday truce, 370-point gain on dow futures, but gains across the board on 1% or more, futures there in short trading week, the two sides making concessions at
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the g20 with washington agreeing to not impose any new tariffs and will let american companies sell high-tech equipment to chinese telecom giant huawei, beijing would buy more american farm products, president trump commenting on his meeting with chinese president xi jinping yesterday. >> president xi and i had a fantastic meeting, great meeting, we get along and we also have a really, really good relationship and he wants to see something happen and so would i and i think there's a really good chance of that happening, we had a great meeting. dagen: joining me now senior research fellow dean chang, good to see you, dean, what the u.s. is giving and the china is giving is to get trade negotiations going back on track, where do you see what's going from here?
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>> frankly i don't think we will see much progress the markets are hoping for, the reality is that the core problem, that of chinese lack of respect in stealing of intellectual property hasn't changed, hasn't really been addressed yet and it's been the sticking point in u.s.-chinese negotiations over the past year, so i'm wait to go see what if anything beijing does to reassure lighthizer and mnuchin that the chinese are really going to change their policies with regards to intellectual property. dagen: dean, what should we be looking for on that note, any signs of guide post that is we should be watching? >> well, the chinese demand has been that the u.s. actually dropped tariffs at least back to 10% level across the board before we -- before we will see any motion by the chinese, so i think something from them at least an agreement as lighthizer has asked for, signed guaranty
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that if they failed to come through, they understand that those tariffs will spring back. >> let's move onto -- we mentioned earlier the united states because this is a very important point in the negotiations, the u.s. agreeing to let american companies sell high-tech equipment to huawei, chief security officer was on the program last week commenting on the ban, listen to this and i will get your reaction. >> people don't understand the way the united states government works, if they think any agreement between the u.s. and china will eliminate all restrictions on huawei's ability to do business in the united states, we will not allow to do base unless strict monitoring mitigation processes, a trade deal will not effect that, secondly, we do not want and we do not speak for the chinese government and they don't speak for us. we still welcome the opportunity to talk directly with u.s. government to work out the proven risk mitigation measures. dagen: dean, the fact that
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huawei is involved in the trade negotiation, i know that bob lighthizer has thought to keep huawi out of the talks, the president views according to reports look at huawei as commercial challenger to the united states but grave national security risk according to many people in the administration, do you see this as opportunity for the u.s. with this kind of waiver on huawi for the time being or a mistake. >> well, providing the waiver certainly provides a little more negotiating room but unfortunately also muddies the water about the national security aspect versus the trade aspect, but i also think that for venders as well as potential buyers from huawei, everybody understands, huawei has been put on notice, you buy at your own risk and sell on your own risk. where huawei will be in
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ecosystem remains to be seen. dagen: secretary pompeo put allies on notice and do you expect more pressure to be applied on that front even as trade negotiations continue? >> i think they'll be more pressure from the united states, as important a lot of our allies and friends abroad are looking at huawei independently and they are not liking what they are finding. dagen: right, the back doors essentially whether you're a private company or ally or a nation, back door in which the -- essentially the chinese government can go in and steal information and gain access to telecommunications. i want to move onto this, again, making history, the president did becoming the first sitting president to cross into north korea, he met with kim jong un, getting mixed reaction including 2020 hopeful ryan, look at this.
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>> this would be the moment, this would be the moment that turned the tables just like with reagan walking away from gorbachev. >> i have no idea why he's shaking hands with dictator who just in may was sending missiles into the sea of japan. >> i support the president's initiative and as a democrat in the united states congress i will do everything i can to see it succeed. dagen: dean, your reaction to this historic meeting? >> well, given how tense the situation has been on the peninsula, conversations between the two leaders obviously lowers the temperature, but let's not fool ourselves, the north koreans have not denuclearized, have given us little indication that they are even thinking about denuclearization and until that issue is at least addressed, what we are looking at is window dressing. dagen: what should we demand from north korea, full inventory
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of their nuclear sites? >> a full inventory of their nuclear sites, how many nuclear weapons they've developed and compliance with the various un security resolutions, but even the chinese have signed off to with regards to things like suspending missile tests and suspending nuclear weapon's development. dagen: but do you think that this diplomacy will at least preventover reduce the chance of weapons for the time being? >> we have seen suspension of nuclear weapons' test and icbm tests, unfortunately for our allies south korea and japan, what we haven't seen suspension of mid and shorter-range missile tests which can still reach our allies. dagen: dean, good to see you this morning, please come back, great insight. moving onto chaos and violence amid protests in hong kong today, cheryl casone has details, hey, cheryl.
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cheryl: good morning, dagen, thousands hit the street to protest extradition bill and call for resignation of terry lamb, not officially taking it off the table, protests coming on the 22nd anniversary of the former british colonies return to china, anniversary today, small group of people tried to bring into hong kong's legislature, smashed up a few windows, police are still warning protestors to stop charging before they decide to use force and it's 6:00 p.m. right now in hong kong. 10 people are dead after small twin engine airplane crashed in hanger near dallas, texas, officials say no one survived the crash, addison municipal airport, the plane was headed for st. peters berg, florida, crash burst into flames right after takeoff, an investigation underway, the identity of the victim -- victims have not been released. boeing is facing new
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investigations, seattle times reporting right now the department of justice has subpoenaed records from boeing related to the production of the 787 brim liner regarding safety issues, the 787 widens scope of doj scrutiny of boeing in tote talety which is already facing as you know probes into the 737 max, of course, boeing, a dow component slightly higher in premarket, half percent, obviously, dagen, markets in general popping this morning. dagen: popping, indeed. heart-stopping on the road, deputy dragged twice by suspect during traffic stop and 2020 vision, california senator kamala harris sees a big boost in the polls.
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dagen: big show this morning, committee member buddy carter and house agriculture science space and technology committee member, roger marshal, former white house trade official and partner clay and steven and new voice ceo former presidential candidate herman cain, first 2020 race, new democratic poll out from morning showing california senator kamala harris surging after last week's democratic debate, harris now in third place behind joe biden and senator bernie sanders, she is essentially tied with senator elizabeth warren, on face the nation yesterday senator lindsey graham, republican, said kamala harris stands a good chance against her democratic challengers. >> when it comes to joe biden, next debate he has to change
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narrative and one thing i will say about kamala harris and i will say this before, she has got game, she's very talented, she's very smart and she'll be a force to be reckon with. dagen: joining the conversation this morning fox news contributor jessica, among her many titles. [laughter] pwc partner mitch roschelle and founder fox news contributor jonathan honey, welcome one and all. were you surprise by her bump or not? >> no, we talked about it all weekend and we talked friday on outnumbered, the clear winner of thursdays night's debate, what i find more interesting is information trickling in about strategy, politico has great piece out about how they have been plotting specific attack on joe biden for months, waiting for right time and that she even practiced different ways of getting there in the conversation. she raised $2 million in first 24 hours online after the debate and i think it was 58,000 were
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new, excuse me, new contributors so really big deal, she's tied with elizabeth warren, take aways are very big deal, no bump for bernie sanders, he was really pushed out there and no substantial bump for jillian castro who we thought was a big winner on the first night of the debate. >> amazed at one debate can have this much of a change, i mean, look i had kamala harris on online prediction poll and i was surprised because odds at least according to predicted almost doubled after debate, i'm surprised that one debate can have such an impact given biden's experience, given his legacy. >> 4 to 5 points, i wouldn't overestimate how much effect this has had, he has had mixed clean-up, new comments that were not fantastic, defense of civil rights record. end of july is next poll and you do take polls of all of this. dagen: i want to ask you is there a sense among democrat
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party that kamala harris took it too far because she hit him and she hit him and she hit him again on the issue of busing and, again, she was using to her advantage the fact that any voter under the age of really 55 or 60 doesn't remember how complicated an issue that was. >> right. >> so i wonder if it came, and i use my words carefully, manipulative. >> that's the sentiment that joe biden feels about this, i'm not a racist, i know you're not a racist but still -- i know you're not a racist but you're a racist. >> you're right, to a millennial, i'm a millennial and you say the word busing and i can't imagine a world in which you would be opposing that on any level but i realize the nuance of it and you also need to think about who joe biden's voters are, antjuan seawright
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says joe biden voters were already in bed, they want to get up and go to work. >> they want a fighter, somebody to fight against trump, maybe that's what's benefiting her right now. >> i said this in outnumbered, she did a couple of things, she personalized something which makes it irrefutable, i was a young girl in california that you can't -- you can't push fight back because you can't prove that she's wrong. >> you can't take it away. dagen: strategy that other candidates will possibly will use against joe biden and other people, i think that joe biden is going take a lot more incoming from all the candidates, both not just on the debate stage because he looked a a little vulnerable after she took him down like that. >> any of the other 19 rand you see how harris got the bump, wait, that strategy works, i'm going the try it, so i think you will see a lot more coming up. >> what about the danger, the fear that i certainly have as
6:18 am
democrat having watch bernie sanders go at hillary clinton and donald trump picked up bernie's attack word for word, we are not trying to take each other down, we are trying to take donald trump down and something to consider. >> you to fen the herd 20 to 1. dagen: somebody refer attack as trumpian. tom nicoles said that. >> never trumper, we are in a primary right now, that's the problem with the brad stevens column, joe biden is trying to run a general election during primary because he's thinking ahead and what the messages are that are going to resinate with moderate, with people who may have voted for trump in rust belt in 2016 that were former hillary voters. >> he's got to be on defense. dagen: i want to say bret stevens was called a bigot and white supremacist i think by people on the left and his message, by the way his father is from méxico and he grew up in méxico. >> he grew up speaking spanish.
6:19 am
dagen: anyway, my point -- let's quickly talk about the economy, you need advise from people who can see the world in political landscape from 35,000 feet because you have more than 70% of people think the economy is good if not great and 70% that like private health insurance from the employer, how do you push back given the fact that the economy, the longest economic expansion in history? >> you can't keep saying that the economy isn't working for all americans when most americans are saying it's working. >> well, they are not giving trump credit for it and there's argument to make which warren, she scores top marks, income inequality, greatest threat that we face, i'm not going to try to take money from you, i'm taking it from the guy on the top, he can afford it because he has a big break. that resinates. dagen: here is her problem, tracee flick, do you -- do you support taking --
6:20 am
>> kamala, i thought you meant warren. >> she tried to act like she didn't know what they were asking her, kamala did that, elizabeth warren supports 180 million people losing private health insurance and i don't know how -- how you possibly can win on that even if she wins the -- even if she winds up winning the democratic nomination, i don't know how you tell the american people that that's going to happen to them. >> i think that you're talking about a general level of care for 320 million americans, people who do have medicare, my parents love their medicare. >> the plans rip up medicare as we know it too, like the bernie sanders' medicare for all plan that warren, kamala and cory booker and gillibrand endorsed and cosponsored ripped up. >> i'm for improving the aca. dagen: there you go, joe biden, new pack plus nothing but net,
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dagen: oil prices rise ago long side futures, more than 2 and a half percent gain in the cost of crude, right around $60 a barrel at the moment, price is surging as opec and russian allies are reportedly going to extend their deals to cut output by 9 months, joining us right now steven shorck, how much higher are we going to get here, steven. >> do i think, dagen, the market is a little overdone on this. i don't think any sort of
6:25 am
agreement or extension of a cut was really that much of a surprise after all opec had no choice but -- opec plus russia had no choice but to extend the cuts, so since we had 1.2 million-barrel cut by the producer nations we have seen united states add 1.7 billion-barrels to the market this past year. to this point oil markets, we had oil prices $20 below they they were last year regardless of cut, opec doesn't really have much of a choice but to extend this so i think the market is kind of overreacting but markets do overreact, that's what they do, when you look at the volatility of adjusted premium on bulls of wall street they are holding small position at this time, they have a lot of bullets a@markets, should they start buy to go push things higher, how high can we go, dagen, no one
6:26 am
can tell you, we are overdone based on the headlines but if wall street decides to jump back in the game, certainly $70 a barrel by the end of the summer. dagen: okay. >> how much of a glut, we are talking about opec, how big of a glut of supply is from u.s. domestic producers? >> well, we are at 12.3 million-barrels a day, we do not have the infrastructure that is the transportation to get that oil from where it's being produce today where it's being consumed so we are looking at inventories here in the united states that are well above historical norms so that should certainly keep lid on price, we have to keep in mind that oil, crude oil is worthless, crude oil only value is the products you derive from it and the real story is not opec, it is down in philadelphia, my hometown where we just lost the largest oil refinery two weeks ago on the u.s. east coast so that is a significant hit to the gas line
6:27 am
market, that's where the focus i don't think is really on at this point but the loss of philadelphia as refinery hub on the east coast is a major story that i think at this point the market is severely underestimating. dagen: so what does that do -- that would keep prices in check then would it not? >> well, yes, oil crude oil prices yes because refinery is title. i'm buying a few barrels at philadelphia i'm producing fewer gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel, difference between product prices there is bullish event for crude oil prices it's a bearish event. dagen: got you, steven shorck, great to see you my friend. florida deputy dragged twice after traffic stop, all caught on camera. plus virtual reality in workplace how wal-mart is using to get employers raises and
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, monday july 1st, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern, futures are showing a big-time rally at the market open as we start the second half of the year, 286-point gain on the dow futures, gains across the board on the markets here in the u.s. this on renewed optimism of trade deal following president trump's meeting with chinese president xi judge -- ginning -- jinping. the markets last week. that is -- anyway, you know what, it's the best first half of the year in 22 years for the s&p 500, i don't even know what
6:32 am
we are looking at, in europe we have gains across the board, asia, nikkei, rallied on renewed hopes of u.s.-china trade deal. scary scene on the road, new video shows florida deputy dragged by a car that he pulled over, dragged twice, we will show you the video, more details ahead. retail giant turning to technology to help employees get raises and promotions, we will tell you how it works, taylor swift not taking off the sale of music catalog, slamming the talent manager who bought her former record label. blew up over the weekend and we can't wait to talk about it, big money moves in the nba, kevin durant heading east to brooklyn along with big star. top story this half hour, futures are pointing to higher open to start the second half of the year, boosted by a temporary trade truce between the united states and china, president
6:33 am
trump and chinese president xi jinping agreeing over the weekend to resume trade negotiations, investors watching the results of that plus the june employment report that's out on friday. joining me global advisers president chief investment officer, dominic. >> good morning. >> let's talk about best first half in 22 years, the s&p, the best june for the dow since 1938, this despite the market that's telling us something together with the 10-year yield at 2% which is scarily low, where do you think the market wills go from here? is this just a short-term boost because of the trade truce? >> yeah, you can argue that this is so much of a relief rally, we weren't expecting bombs to go off, we weren't expecting the worse, more tariffs and countertariffs by the chinese, on the other hand, we are all hoping at the very least we would have peace offering and i expected all along that this is
6:34 am
going to take a very long time, i wouldn't be surprised that we are sitting here next year waiting for results of presidential election still not resolved. negotiations still moving forward but not resolved. >> i have to ask what kind of stock investors should be looking at, the technology stocks led market for the last 5 years, for the last year utilities, even some of the big pharmaceutical stocks, where should investors be putting money now? >> look, you could see it today, people want to pile on some of the stock that is have done really well but you would want to think logically that maybe it's time to take money off the table, i'm not talking big positions or going to cash but harvest some profits and start looking at areas that maybe haven't performed really well or maybe not well at all and we have been out of emerging markets area now probably 12 to 18 months, now a time that we start nibbling a little bit.
6:35 am
dagen: mitch, the u.s. economy now on longest expansion on record, but the market so far year to date, gross has outperformed value. so baying-time growth, is the market not factoring into a slowdown or is it telling us that -- i'm talking about stocks and i will ask you about treasuries too, what do you see down the road because you sent me a note overnight. >> i think the fear missing out thing because look at what happened in the fourth quarter the market just slid and people said, oh, boy, this is bad, recession is coming, in the first quarter it took off and paused for a second and people said, the pause is the time to buy. what i'm curious about, dom, earnings have been underwhen he-
6:36 am
underwhelming. >> people were pricing the worst case scenario, china trade, fed raising interest rates indefinitely, clearly the correction was corrected on the upwards side, now when they saw the fed pausing and china not going into trade war, we had a bounce-back from what we lost in the fourth quarter, going forward i think that's the biggest risk, i think you hit the nail on the head, earnings are not spectacular, i think they are going to be disappointing and i think might be late third quarter, fourth quarter before we start see rebound in earnings, the biggest risk we see over next 2 or 3 months is disappoint in earnings. dagen: what is 2-year yield on 10-year treasury telling you, is the 3-month still inverted? i don't mean to put you on the spot? >> it is. the other thing, my notes of yields around the world they're all negative. >> yeah, our yields look high compare all throughout europe. >> denmark was positive last week and now it's negative.
6:37 am
so how much of the -- the rally in fixed income is just a flight to quality with a positive yield? >> it's the fear trade, right, people worrying that the economy really is slowing down, the economy might be going into a recession and you know what, earning 2% is better than losing 10 or 15% that might sound like really crazy, look what happened in the month of may, averages were down between 6 and 7%, there's risk out there, do i think the economy is slowing and bond investors are going you know what, i would rather be safe here, i would rather have capital not at risk. so a little pullback in the markets over the next 30 or 60 days wouldn't be terribly unusual or frightening to me, might be opportunity to get capital back to work if you've missed some of the ride, clearly bond traders are telling you, hey, there's risk out there, potential recession. dagen: where do you go to yield here? >> oh, my god. dagen: i wish you had camera,
6:38 am
you made the face. [laughter] dagen: this is a replay in some ways of 2006-7 where people are searching for yield and you have older americans savers who have done the right thing taking risks that they don't understand. >> they don't. >> all the money was going and people chasing the yield. >> look at what's going on with real estate market today, we are seeing pause in real estate prices, new york is down, miami, florida, prices are starting to come back a little bit, so, you know, really attractive yields but i would be careful, they will get demolished in a recession, yield people are still searching for that high number, i think you have to hit the pause button. we've had exposure in high yield, it's worked out for us, time to take profits, park them and wait a little bit and opportunity later in the year.
6:39 am
dagen: politically i want to ask jessica, democrats wishing for recession. >> i have no fapgy folder with yields on it, as you foresee any circumstances in which we are right back where we started with china in the next few weeks even and what the implications of what's going on with iran could be on the markets in terms of rattling them. >> a few weeks probably not, this is trump's opportunity to let the dust settle a little bit. i think you saw what happened in may that this could turn around really quickly and harm his election possibilities, reelection possibilities so i think he's going hit the pause button there himself, he will try to work this out but we can see he can turn on a dime, he tweets at 3:00 or 4:00 o'clock in the morning and all of a sudden we are reimposing 25% tariffs on extra 30 billion and by the way, import from china,
6:40 am
the stuff that's been taxed now at 25%, some of those import are down over 30%, so there's a real effect there and stuff not being taxed, tariff, those import are higher. dagen: a lot of companies have been doing run-around. >> in india. dagen: and india. companies have figured out a way to avoid. >> vietnamese shuffle. >> i think he would be smart enough, careful not to trigger but can be impulsive. >> i appreciate that you say i think. >> suggested tariff on vietnam as well. >> and why not? dagen: even if we get china trade deal then it's europe next, europe is worse than china that was a quote that he -- maria interviewed him, he said europe in many ways -- >> he holds the one over the cards, autos being imported from
6:41 am
europe, big hammer he's holding and he's not afraid to swing it. dagen: good to see you, sheriff deputy dragged twice by florida man during traffic stop, cheryl casone has details and new video, hey, cheryl. cheryl: video especially, dagen, good morning, 38-year-old rocky rudolph, jr. facing attempted murder charges for drags sheriff's deputy in florida, officer pulled him over for illegal window tint and he smelled marijuana, the suspect refuse today turn off suv and watch that the deputy was dragged 20 feet, again 250 feet, the officer treated in hospital and luckily has been released. the company is using a vr head set for skills assessment to see how workers handle scenarios, all this in the wall street journal this morning, vr
6:42 am
training used more often to educate workers or to assess the qualifications of high school workers. 4% more drivers will be on the road on july 4th this year, that's according to triple a, new york, boston, houston and seattle expected to have delays at least 3 times longer than usual, wednesday the third supposed to be the worse, triple a says travelers will be working that day, 41 million people, dagen, that will be on the road, sounds like a really great time. [laughter] cheryl: for everybody. dagen: i'm going to put out a challenge to democratic candidates, i want somebody who say that is the greatest threat to the united states and to the world is climate change, they can come out and say, okay, we will tax gas and it's going to be $7 a gallon nationwide and that's the easiest and most direct way to force people to
6:43 am
carpool and change their driving habits and -- >> don't give them any ideas. >> de blasio could be your man. >> only tax rich people. dagen: he did show up at pride parade. i did notice that. >> world pride yesterday, 4 million people come to new york. i had friend from tokyo delegation. dagen: not as good as anybody in the parade yesterday. mayor de blasio i was surprised he showed up. the reason he's running for president allegedly is because he's tired of being mayor, he's bored with it. >> this isn't a vibrant of a city. dagen: a day of happiness, thank you, cheryl, coming up bad blood, pop star taylor swift ranting online after entire catalog of music is sold. nba's money moves, the brooklyn nets ready to pay huge salary to
6:44 am
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dagen: bad blood for taylor swift and the man behind company that acquired music catalog for $3 million, lauren simonetti has details. acquiring the entire music company, what is it called big
6:48 am
machine, her old record label that happens to own her publishing. >> every album she ever released, all 6 of them from when she's 15 years old. let me get you the story. taylor swift she was bullied and stripped of her life's work, here is the issue, braun, bought big machine records and along catalogs so he makes song every time download song. >> i pleaded to own my work instead i was given opportunity to sign up big machine records and earn one album back at a time, one for every new one i turned in, the founder of big machine and wife are weighing in trying to set the record straight, here is scott, taylor
6:49 am
had every chance not just to own master recordings, every video, photograph, et cetera, and this is the good part, braun's wife, interesting that the man you're so grossed out by believed in you more than you believed in yourself, your dad is a shareholder and told you before the deal came out, no, you didn't find out with the world, they're attacking taylor swift saying she's the real bully here, justin bieber getting in all of this, coming to scotter's defense, we have seen at 29 year's old taylor swift is political and vocal particularly on social media and volg posts. dagen: i want to point out that justin bieber defending scooter braun and she's taking very far, by the way she left big machine for -- she became a free agent
6:50 am
last year, struck long-term deal with universal records, she could have owned her catalog if she had stayed with big machine, it's the way that it looks, she had the opportunity to buy it back. lauren: founder of big machine is releasing some documents saying, yeah, we told her all this and she had every chance to buy back her own -- her own music. dagen: swift is saying that essentially alleging that braun was using his like bieber and clients a few years ago to bully -- bully her on social media after her feud with can -- kanye west after lyrics of the song famous. you know what, she's a big girl. she's a lady, she knows -- again, people use that word because they -- because they want to engender sympathy towards themselves, you know
6:51 am
what tay-tay bye, bye. thank you, lauren. free agent durant is heading to the nets, he's not alone, more on sports next. can't see what it is what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous.
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6:54 am
dagen: nba fans finally got some answers about where their favorite players are heading, kevin durant lured to brooklyn along with another big star, matt napolitano. >> brooklyn big winners, kevin durant confirming on instagram that he's joining the nets, espn reporting that in addition to kd signing 4 year, he's going to have some company, the nets also set to sign irving and jordan, the duo will take care of business next season with durant
6:55 am
likely to miss much campaign recovering from ruptured achilles tendon. bowman coming away with first career victory in nascar action taking the checkered flag in 400 at chicago, the driver of number 88 chevy leading 88 lapse in the win, kyle larson, jimmie johnson rounding up the top 5. houston has no problem representing mlb all-star game, roster of mid-summer classic, astros making league highlighted by justin verlander, eighth appearance of all-star selections, 31 are first timers, mlb all-star game in cleveland, july 9th on fox. good news out of that viral little league brawl in colorado, umpire of the sad scuffle among parents and others, getting less
6:56 am
son from the probe, josh cordova meeting with crew, telling reporters that he hopes those kids who witnessed the fighting learn that baseball is a great game. really is a great game, how can you do that, that fight amazes me so much. dagen: because parents stink. >> it ruin it is game for the kids. dagen: i almost went to one of the little league tournaments in my own town taking care of my mom, and i was like i don't want to go, we had no prosports teams, we had to go to little league games. >> parents take it way, way too far, okay, your kid is not going to majors just yet. [laughter] dagen: they bully the other kids.
6:57 am
remember parent hud, they bullied the other children if they're not as good. >> absolutely amazing, that fight was so ridiculous. are you kidding me? [laughter] dagen: we have to go. still ahead, everybody, the toys are back in town, toy story 4 ahead
6:58 am
. . .
6:59 am
7:00 am
dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, july 1st. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. u.s.-china trade truce, president trump meeting with president xi-jinping of china, agreeing to get talks back on track. the news pushing markets higher as we kick off the second half of the year. you've got a triple digit gain on the dow, up 266 points. the futures there. the dow at s&p 500 poised to hit new records at the open. and the markets are coming off a strong june, all three major gauges up at least 6.5% in the month, more than 7% on the nasdaq and dow, and, again, the
7:01 am
s&p having its best start to the year in 22 years. that's pretty incredible there. move on and check europe, gains across the board to tell you about in europe, england, france and germany to the plus side. in asia, hopes of a u.s.-china trade deal, the hang seng was closed, asian markets were lower across the board. nikkei was lower by 2%, if those numbers are correct. protests in the streets of hong kong, demonstrators trying to get into a government building. we have the latest there. and a major recall impacting 1.6 million automobiles. a fix for a potentially deadly problem. what you need to know, ahead. toys continue to rule the box office, the avengers battling it out for history, find out if the film broke the all-time record. that is straight ahead. and a super car for kids, a look
7:02 am
at mclarn's new mini electric sports car and how much it will set you back. would you fit in that? [ laughter ] >> i definitely would. >would.dagen: i can wedge myseo smalsmall places, my knee's inty chin. here to help break it down, jessica tarloff, and mitch rochell, and jonathan hoenig. >> and baby mclarn driver, jonathajonathan hoenig. dagen: we started in may of 2001. >> i was in the seventh grade. dagen: you look like you're in seventh grade. >> there's so much to talk about the, the markets, the potential trade deal, north korea, inverted yield curve, money is moving. >> today is canada day. that should be a reminder for
7:03 am
those in congress to ratify the usmca. dagen: that's going to become a big concern. >> i don't know how you negotiate a trade deal when the one we negotiated can't get ratified. dagen: do you think pelosi moves on that. >> they don't want to do anything that will make the president look good. >> it's not ideal. i've got to be honest about that. dagen: what, the deal? >> no, it's not ideal to give president trump a win. >> don't they want -- >> they do absolutely. the usmca is not that different from nafta. that's why nancy -- whatever you're calling it today, new nafta, usmca, i imagine they will move on it. it will be a key voting issue. we are going to take back pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin there, so i think -- i'm sure joe biden will be talking about it. dagen: it's prefe preferentiale unions, it's like union leadership wrote the thing, practically. >> they support a lot of democratic campaigns.
7:04 am
>> they do. the teachers union has gone for kamala harris who has the most comprehensive hike in teacher pay plan. otherwise, everyone is in joe biden's camp. >> in terms of tariffs, is it not true that while a truce has been called on new tariffs, it's not as if the existing tariffs on china, there's been $20 billion already paid by u.s. companies and the president would have you think someone is paying, but u.s. consumers have paid $20 billion more, those tariffs are not coming off. those are still in place. is there a thought that maybe the president to some extent coming into 2020 needs an enemy and that he doesn't want to get rid of the tariffs against china, that china serves that political purpose as needing an enemy and maybe for that reason tariffs aren't going to go away. dagen: as long as the enemy doesn't make the economy worse than where it is, as we just entered the longest expansion on record in the united states, as of today. it's more than a decade. >> that's a strong argument for what's going on with iran right now. coming out of the deal which they were complying with, have
7:05 am
no new deal to put in place here, tensions rising there, that doesn't affect our economy as much as something with china. dagen: clete williams is coming up, buddy carter, phil orlando, house agriculture committee member, robert marshall and lonnie chen, you don't want to miss any of those gentlemen. but right here, right now, our stop story, u.s.-china trade, president trump and china's president xi-jinping agreeing to resume trade negotiations with a promise not to impose additional tariffs on chinese imports for now. tucker carlson has an exclusive interview with president trump airing tonight. here's what president trump said about his meeting with president xi. >> you just recently, hours ago, met with the chinese president, xi-jinping. >> i did. >> are you closer do you think
7:06 am
after that meeting to a trade deal. >> i think so. we had a he very good meeting. he wants to make a deal, i want to make a deal, probably the largest deal ever made of any kind, not only trade. we got along very well. we understand each other. dagen: joining me now the new voice ceo, herman cain. what do you mai make of this tr? >> i believe that the truce is an indication that these negotiations are negotiations. unfortunately, too many people do not understand the difference between a trade war and trade negotiations. and the fact that there has been declared a truce says that they are still talking and that they are still negotiating and i think that's a very good sign. dagen: herman, but if you -- we're suffering even in a small way, if american companies and consumers are suffering, certainly the farmers are and
7:07 am
china agreed to buy more u.s. farm products as part of the truce, but how is that not a war? >> it's not a war. you said it. some people are suffering in a small way but the president's role is to try to end up with something in a big way. that's why you're going to hear a lot of little tone tones and e narratives and sound bites about how people are suffering. you cannot make a trade deal based upon sound bites and it's unfortunate that some people may suffer in a small way in the short term. i respect what the president is doing. it's called negotiations. and the truce that you brought up earlier is an example of what you have to do in order to try and get a real deal. dagen: herman, jonathan hoenig is here, he has a question. >> i want to ask you, what is the purpose of the trade war?
7:08 am
the president cited every reason under the sun from trade deficits, which really haven't changed at all, to ip theft, potential for ip theft which is essentially unenforceable even if a deal comes to a head. what is the measure, demonstrable measure for success the that the president or lighthizer will use to get us out of this trade war which has been largely self-imposed by the president himself. >> jonathan, i respect you tremendously. it is not a trade war. it is a trade negotiation. and here is the measure. >> i'm just quoting from the president who mentioned a trade war, his words, sir. >> jonathan, let m let me answer question. level the playing field is the measure and that's what this president is trying to do. you cannot negotiate a deal through sound bites. you cannot negotiate a deal through the narrative in the media with all due respect.
7:09 am
his whole objective from the beginning has been leveling the playing field and that's what he is attempting to do and that's what's significant about the truce, not that we're in a bad place but a truce says we're in a good place. dagen: the president has moved to let huawei buy high tech equipment from the united states. that's a waiver there, herman. and again, that's been one of the -- certainly the biggest concerns by some in the administration and some around the world is the ability of huawei and the wireless networks that it's building to be tapped by the chinese government. how is that a good move, this waiver? >> dagen, here's what we don't know. this is a complex situation. we don't know all of the elements. the add b administration probaby knows all of the elements that are a part of the negotiations that are going on.
7:10 am
we never know how one element in the media is going to impact the final resolution. that's what i'm trying to say of. give the president and the administration some credit and some slack for negotiating all of these complex items that are involved in this whole china/u.s. relation. dagen: herman, i'm going to say one thing. you said this can't be -- we're not going to fight this through sound bites. the president is a sound bite machine. that's actually how he wages all of these fights, whether he's fighting with the democrats or china on trade, whomever is his adversary that day, it's through sound bites and at which timer, so -- and twitter, so -- >> my response would be, yes, he is a sound bite machine and he throws out sound bites to get some in the media, not all, to go change a rabbit down a road that's not going he anywhere. he does that on purpose.
7:11 am
i find it amusing at times. dagen: i said it all along. he goads, particularly the media, into chasing story and pivoting on a narrative, rather than covering what might be the news of the day of getting -- of basically setting their own pants on fire, so-to-speak. i want to turn to the 2020 race, democratic presidential candidate kamala harris climbing in a new poll, she's up 6 points. former vice president joe biden still leads the pack but lost about 5 points after the debate. herman, your reaction? >> my reaction is all of the democratic presidential wand-to-bees are losers, period. there isn't a winner in the group. i don't care what the polls say. they are all losers for one simple reason. they are all proposing socialist ideas. and i can tell you now that mainstream america is not buying socialist ideas. they are trying to distance
7:12 am
themselves from the other candidates by putting out the most outrageous ideas that they can come up with bu mainstream america is not buying the socialist ideas they're putting on the table. dagen: jessica, to herman's point, the wall street journal over the weekend wrote an editorial, the headline was bernie sanders won the debate, he may not have won the debate but he set the agenda. you saw that. >> i would turn the attention to the 2018 midterms where democrats won 40 seats, hundreds of legislative seats all over the country, running on, quote, socialism. joe biden and amy klobuchar are not socialists. we're in a primary now. i know the right wants to
7:13 am
message on that. but there only is one democratic socialist on stage and that's bernie sanders. dagen: you don't have to call yourself to be in favor of socialist programs. that's herman's point. if you raise your hand -- elizabeth warren has called herself a capitalist. if you raise your hand for eradicating the insurance of 180 million people in favor of a plan run by the government, that sure as heck smells like the soviet union, in terms of wealth confiscation, it definitely sounds like the ussr. >> or breaking up any business. dagen: or breaking up businesses. >> breaking up businesses. with all due respect, jessica is wrong. they are all socialists. here's what they're trying to do. they're trying to say that they are not socialists but they keep proposing socialist ideas. and when all of them raise their hand and say they want to provide health insurance for illegals, that's socialism. and medicare for all means no
7:14 am
choices for the rest of us. dagen: i'll let you respond later, jessica. we have to go because we're running out of time. herman cane, thank you for being here. protests in hong kong, more demonstrations coming up. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ on a scale of one to five? one to five? it's more like five million. there's everything from happy to extremely happy. there's also angry. i'm really angry clive! actually, really angry. thank you. but what if your business could understand what your customers are feeling... and then do something about it. turn problems into opportunities. thanks drone. customers into fanatics change the whole experience. alright who wants to go again? i do! i do! i have a really good feeling about this.
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7:17 am
dagen: new protests bringing chaos and violence to hong kong. cheryl casone has details. cheryl: that's right, dagen. protesters stormed hong kong's legislature, smashing windows and removing metal parts from the building's exterior. the demonstrators and police were locked in a standoff as thousands of people hit the streets to once again protest a recently proposed extradition bill and a call for the resignation of carry lamb, the city's chief executive. lamb delayed any action on the proposal but has not officially taken it off the table. that's what the protesters want. this is the 22nd anniversary of the former british colony's return to china. back at home, purdue pharma
7:18 am
struggling as it battles opioid lawsuits. the company denied accusations it misled the public and doctors about the risks of the drug. the wall street journal says the company has been hit by slumping sales and restructuring challenges. revenue is expected to drop below $1 billion this year. honda issued a recall of 1.6 million cars in the united states. this is the final phase of the automaker's plan to replace potentially faulty tak takata ar bags. honda confirmed 14 related deaths and more than 200 injuries related to the air bags earlier this year. tak a ta has filed for bankruptcy. woody and the gang are saddled up to ride another box office win. >> this is a a little strange but we all have to make sure nothing happens to forky. >> woody! >> something happened to him.
7:19 am
cheryl: disney and pixar's toy story 4 took in its second weekend at the top spot this weekend, $57.9 million, the film is doing well, but it came in below second week earnings of some earlier pixar sequels. it beat out newcomers, ann annae comes home and yesterday. those are all your headlines, back to you. dagen: i watched nothing but law and order all weekend. it was a marathon. there's always marathons. cheryl: that's what i was doing too. dagen: i'm strangely -- well, i'm a little too obsessed with sam larson, a little. >> what season are you up to? dagen: i've watched every episode. >> went with my parents, and
7:20 am
we're sitting there and afterwards i said i was like, guys, the only good thing in here is we got to hear a lot of beatles music. richard curtis is such a genius. it feels like he fell flat with this one. the premise is brilliant. >> i saw it. >> and you like it? >> i saw it at the tr tribeca ad i'm still talking about it. i loved it. >> i didn't find them compelli compelling. >> oh, i -- >> it was the music. the music is so good. dagen: it's because he's a fuddy duddy. >> it's because you were old enough to remember the bussing controversy. >> i bought some of those records. >> it's an amazing idea, that something could happen and suddenly the h beatles were gon. dagen: i don't go to the movies to avoid fist fights.
7:21 am
speaking of a truce instead of a fight, a trade truce sparking a market rally, we're looking at whether stocks have more room to run. pain at the pump getting worse for several americans, gas taxes rising in several states, find out where, later this hour. ♪ if he's ever stupid enough. ♪ i'll be the first one calling you baby. ♪ if he ain't holding you tight. ♪ if he ain't treating you right. ♪ i'll be the first one calling him crazy. brad, i've got an idea for a song. nationwide has this app. you can pay your bills, even start an auto claim. so what i was thinking... let me guess. ♪ start a claim right from your app. ♪ have you been looking in my notes? ♪
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so you save hundreds of dollars a year on your wireless bill. xfinity mobile has the best network. best devices. best value. simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. dagen: take a look at futures right now. we have a major rally in the making, a 253 point gain on the dow futures. dow and s&p poised to open at
7:25 am
new all-time high as we kick off the second half of the year. this coming as today marks the first day of trading for the third quarter. the s&p a 500 ending its strongest june yet. investors eyeing potential increased risk in volatility and into the summer and fall. joining us now, chief equity market strategist, phil orlando. major rally in stocks this morning because of this trade truce with china but, again, a muted reaction certainly in the bond market. you're not seeing a big selloff in treasuries. is this stock rally lasting? >> if you look at the balance of the second half of the year, the answer in our mind is yes. we think we get to a 3100 record high on the s&p 500. we see the potential for increased volatility late summer, early fall. for exactly what we're seeing right now. we go back to the fomc meeting two weeks ago, the market priced
7:26 am
in with certainty that the fed is going to start cutting rates at the july 31st meeting. the only question is are they going to cut 25 basis points or 50 basis points. we think that's not right. you look at just what's happened the last two days, we got better than expected inflation news on friday, the core pce. we got excellent news out of the g-20 meeting. we're going to get those discussions rolling. as we continue to look at at a series of sign posts over the course of the month, we're going to get adp and claims and nonfarm payrolls this week. wee think they're going to be better than expected for june, reversing what we thought was a weak may. we'll get an update on ppi and cpi next week. we'll get second quarter corporate earnings starting and second quarter gdp later in the month. if all of those numbers are reasonably good, and we think they will be, there's a chance that the federal reserve may say you know what, maybe we don't need to cut on july 31st. maybe we can put that decision
7:27 am
off until the fomc meeting in the middle of september. given the fact that the market is so convinced that the fed is going to start aggressively cutting at the end of the month, we think that that potentially sets the market up for disappointment. dagen: that means the market hasn't traded up on good economic market news, only traded up on cheaper money from the federal reserve. >> i think they'll be disappointed with the federal reserve not cutting at the end of july. the data points we're seeing are exactly what we're looking for. we think, for example, second quarter gdp, we're at 2.3%. consensus is 1, 9. the feeling is that the market, the economy is a lot weaker than it really is and we think that the expectation of fed easing is a very powerful stimulant for this market. dagen: inverted yield curve, treasury yield on the 10 year at 2%, a little above this morning and consumer confidence fell to a two and-a-half year low. >> so with the 10 year hovering around 2, looking at the end of the year as you just did for stocks, is the 10 year at 2 and-a-half or 1 and-a-half?
7:28 am
>> to some degree that is a question of what's going on in germany and japan. now, the market in the woul u.s. would say, well, yields are at 2%, we have an inverted yield curve and that's suggesting we're looking at a recessionary environment. we don't think that's the right approach. you have negative yields in germany and japan, creating undue pressure in the u.s. market. as we look at an improvement in economic growth in the second half of the year, which i think is an out-of-consensus view, yields should back up to that two and-a-half percent neighborhood as opposed to down to 1 and-a-half percent and we're on the version of recession. >> it's always said that markets climb a wall of worry. warren buffet said investors should be fearful when others are greedy. are we more on the greedy side given the markets are an all-time high or more on the
7:29 am
fearful side? >> i think the market is on the greedy side as dagen pointed out. we're going to hit an all-time record today. what we di at federated last friday, we reduced our equity overweight from 5% to 3% in a balanced account in part because we expected good news out of the g-20. we thought stocks would rally up and we are looking ahead to the end of july with what could be potential disappointment on what the fed may or may not do. dagen: it's a a gordon gekko market. >> that's a reference i understood. >> a big cell phone, the size of a brick. dagen: we know what happened, at least in '87, don't we. >> keep in mind, '87 ended up for the year. market crashed in '87 but ended up higher. dagen: thank you for the reminder of that. in 1998 there's been some comparison, maybe from the long-term capital management collapse and the russian debt
7:30 am
crisis but again, the federal reserve swoops in and you had market that recovered by the end of the year. >> you've also got three international issues that are cropping up towards the end of october. we moved the brexit deadline out to halloween. draghi's eight year term expires on halloween. we don't know who the replacement is. japan is making a decision on whether or not to increase the vat tax from 8% to 10% to take effect on halloween. the last two times theup neap te increased the vat tax, the japanese economy went into recession. there's three international issues out there on the hour rye b son that could spook -- horizon that could spook investors. dagen: phil, good to see you. please come back very soon and have a happy fourth. >> you too. dagen: facebook's misinformation battle, the tech giant taking new steps ahead of the 2020 election. a kid friendly lucksy ride,
7:31 am
eye-pop -- luxury ride, the eye-copping price tag, next hour. ♪ life in the fast lane, surely make you lose your mind. ♪ life in the fast lane. i'm really into this car,
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, july 1st. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern. futures are showing that the markets are set for a big rally at the open. renewed optimism after this china trade truce, the deal inked at the g-20 over the weekend. at the opening bell, the dow ended june with its best performance for the month since 1938. the s&p had its best start to the year, first six months, in 22 years. check in europe today, we have gains across the board. in england, france and germany. in asia overnight the nikkei,
7:35 am
shanghai rallying, gaining more than 2% on the u.s.-china trade deal. border crisis, a judge issues a setback for the border wall. we'll talk to one lawmaker who is just back from the southern border and witnessed the crisis firsthand. new laws going into effect at the start of the month, bringing higher gas taxes in some states. find out where, plus one state is making it tougher to buy ammunition. facebook fighting misinformation. this time focusing on the census and voter son prigs. suppression. and a look at mclaren's mini sports car and how much it will cost you. u.s.-china trade, futures soaring this morning, dow futures up 254 points, boosted by the temporary trade truce between the united states and china. president trump and chinese president xi-jinping agreeing over the weekend to resume trade negotiations. in the meantime, no new tariffs.
7:36 am
huawei will be allowed to buy some u.s. technology and china is promising to purchase more u.s. farm goods. listen to this. >> president xi and i had a fantastic meeting, it's a great meeting. we get along. we also have a really, really good relationship and he wants to see something happen and so would i. and i think there's a really good chance of that happening. we had a great meeting. dagen: joining me now, georgia republican earl buddy carter. what do you make of the temporary deal over the weekend? where do we go from here? >> certainly, this is good news, exciting news and i cannot applaud the president more for his efforts here. listen, this is something that should have happened years ago. we have to call china out. china's a bad actor. and they've got to play fairly. we've got to have fair trade. that's all we want. so the president has showed outstanding leadership on this. yes, it's caused some short-term pain for many of our companies
7:37 am
and particularly in our ag community, but at the same time we're going to have short-term pain in order to get some long-term gain. dagen: when is the long-term gain coming? because again, this is just a resumption of the trait trade negotiations with a waiver for huawei which is certainly some people might be concerned about that, even people working within the white house. >> well, that is something a that we have to keep a close eye on and we are certainly concern about it in congress. it's something that we talk about quite often. i think you're seeing the results already. look, people think that the economic sanctions don't work but they do. people think that tariffs don't work, but they do. and this is causing china a lot of problem. this is why they're coming back to the table now. it's hurting their economy. it's hurting them, these tariffs are. dagen: tariffs work, jonathan? >> well, that's what they keep telling us. congressman, is there any sense of looking back what happened, for example, with president bush in the early 2000s with his
7:38 am
steel and aluminum tariffs. those in fact long-term cost a lot of jobs. i know you've said it and the president has said it a few times, we need to be patient, short-term pain. at what point does the short-term pain become a problem given the fact that tariffs are taxes paid for by americans. >> well, look, we've had exemptions and exceptions to some of these tariffs and we've had them come through our office. we a applied for them and in some cases been successful in helping some of our constituents, some of the companies in our district to get out from underneath the tariffs. at the same time, look, we do have to be patient. i'm very confident in what the president is doing right now and how he's handling this situation. i think he's bringing china back to the table and -- but, listen, if we stop now, we'll never do it. we've got to continue on. i think we ought to do it even more. i say, you know, listen, put the
7:39 am
pedal to the metal. let's really put the pressure on them. make them straighten up, play right, make them stop stealing our intellectual property. make them stop being a bad actor. dagen: i want to ask, so what is putting the hammer down? are you advocating for 25% tariffs on every dollar of imports in the united states? is that what you're saying? >> no, i -- listen, i'm not going to tell the president or the administration how to do this. i'm going to support them because i do think they are headed in the right direction and i do think they're doing the right thing. we have to call china out. we have to do it now. we cannot just pull back and stop. we're in this. we need to finish the drill. dagen: i want to move on to the border crisis, congressman. president trump appealing a judge's ruling that blocked his administration from building part of the wall. the president looking to use funds intended for anti-drug activities, arguing the wall would keep out illegal immigrants and drugs. you visited the border over the weekend. what did you see?
7:40 am
>> well, i would tell you, the president's absolutely correct. there is a crisis on our border many this is second time i've been to the border and it's gotten even worse. we were at one area, one point of entry where some of the illegal aliens were coming in. we were there for less than 1 a -- 1 a 5 minutes. in that 15 minutes, three groups of people came up. that one spot, that one area, over 1,000 people a day come into this country illegally, over 1,000 people a day. we've got to address the situation. it is a crisis and the president is spot-on. >> congressman, this is jessie. thank you for joining us. i'm curious since you were at the border and we got the good news that the senate and house have passed a funding bill, what do you think the next step is and what do you think the likelihood of fixing our asylum system. >> well, first of all, we've got to do four things.
7:41 am
the first, we've got to secure our border. that means building a in certain areas. it also means technology. it also means boots on the ground. we've got to address our immigration law as you pointed out. we've got to tighten them up. we've got to address the flores amendment, some of the other asylum laws. we've got to build up our infrastructure, particularly our court infrastructure. increase the number of judges and get the process flowing even quicker. and fourthly, we've got to address what i refer to as the magnets. what's bringing the people up here? is it the highway, the quality of living? you know, we've done this in one way. if you look at the usmca, what that bill -- what that trade agreement is going to do is to increase the pay in mexico for some of their people. that in itself would deter people from coming into this country. but the number one thing we have to do is secure our border. dagen: congressman, good to see you. thank you so much earl buddy
7:42 am
carter, take care. >> thank you. dagen: facebook's misinformation battle, taking crucial steps that could impact the 2020 election. a sports car for kids, mclaren rolling out a new ride, the price tag, next. ♪ welcome to the club. ♪ don't be thinking you're the only one. ♪ whose heart was in a hit and run. ♪ while you looked the other way. ♪ the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument, but this... this is my forte. obviously, for auto insurance, we've got the wheel route. obviously. retirement, we're going with a long-term play. makes sense. pet insurance, wait, let me guess... flea flicker. yes! how'd you know? studying my playbook? yeah, actually.
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dagen: at least 40 people killed in an explosion near the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. cheryl has more details. cheryl: the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack. a car bomb exploded near the u.s. embassy during the morning rush hour. the american facility was not affected. officials say militants opened fire inside a nearby building after the blast occurred and the attack is, again, on the third day of u.s. peace talks with the taliban that are underway there. facebook wants to use artificial intelligence to prevent misinformation about the 2020 census. social media giant says ai will ban false descriptions of census requirements and methods. president trump discussing big tech companies including facebook and google, with fox news' tucker carlson during an exclusive interview that's going to air tonight. >> google by some measures the most powerful company in the world, all information that
7:47 am
flows through it, they're against you, they don't want you reelected. can you get reelected if google's against you. >> i've been hearing that about google, facebook and twitter. i won. they were totally against me. i won. hillary clinton -- >> they didn't think you were going to win. >> they fought me very hard. i heard that. they're fighting me hard right now. cheryl: shares of facebook up about 1 and-a-half percent amid a broader market rally this morning. finally, check this out. a mclaren sports car for the cool kid in your family. literally. the 720-s ride-on electric convertible comes in eight colors with scissors doors, an infotainment system. this is for the little ones. perhaps the best part of all, this car costs $400, a fraction of the $280,000 -- i almost messed that up. 400 bucks, not hundreds of thousands of dollars. dagen: it goes like two miles an hour. >> absolutely sweet.
7:48 am
cheryl: it's got an infotainment system. whose got that when you're 4. dagen: you're getting your kids into a world of hurt if you get them add indicte indict -- addia mclaren when they're like 5. >> compare that to the big wheels grew up, and you think ain't america grand. this is tremendous, stocking stuff. lauren.dagen: expect. dagen: except mclaren's are not american cars. you weren't supposed to ride the big wheel down the road. >> they're street ready. they're electric. environmentalists will be all over it. dagen: coming up, ammunition sales in california soaring ahead of a new law that is going to basically restrict ammo sales. and that's not the only new law. gas taxes rising in several states. we'll tell you where, straight
7:49 am
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7:52 am
dagen: several states have new laws going into effect today. kristina partsinevolos is here to tell us about a few of them. hey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the first law is going to be affecting california. that has to do with ammunition. if you are going to buy a gun in california as of today, you will have to do a background check at the point of sale. so there are some states that ask for a permit to make sure you're not a felon or banned from having any type of gun. in california, they're the first to do this. you have to do it at the point
7:53 am
of location. this is something that a lot of californians want, 63% of the population voted for this law to come into effect. and advocates are saying it will create a black market. the nra is suing to block it. it's going ahead. it's going to add a $1 charge to your bill as well for processing. since we're talking about all of these laws, let's talk about the gas taxes that have increased across the country. as of today, just ahead of july 4th weekend when everybody is traveling, you've got on the screen right now, since we talked about l california, look at all those increases across the board. >> look at that illinois, that's a horror show. >> that's where your from. it doubled in illinois. that's where it went up the most. south carolina, tennessee, it's more modest. there was one driver, a female that was very upset about this. listen to what she had to say. >> going out tomorrow, like this is crazy.
7:54 am
it's already high, you know, and it's going up even more. >> the average price of gas right now according to triple a is $2.72 across the board. that's not the case for those who live in california. and then last but not least, since we're talking about you laws and it's july 1st, there's another law that has come into effect in florida, put forth had by ron de santis, the governor there. you cannot text while driving. if you get caught texting while driving you'll be charged $30. if it happens again, a second time, you'll be charged $60, adding 3 points. in the past, though, what happened is you would be texting -- dagen: florida video, that's the brooklyn bridge in the background, so -- just letting you know. >> there was one florida plate. >> what they would do in the past is if you were weaving or if you were speeding, that that justified them stopping you. if you have the phone in front
7:55 am
of your face, you can get stopped. >> you should be stopped. i just found out yesterday, my boyfriend is a motorcycle rider that lives in illinois, there's three states in the country that allow you to ride without a helmet. he did not do this. illinois being one of them. i don't understand, safety rules, don't text and drive, wear your helmet. dagen: there's a culture of motorcycle riders that -- like connecticut i don't think has a helmet law. >> better to be alive or not ride motorcycles which i'm always enthusiastic about as an option. >> if you don't wear a helmet you'll do yourself a lot of damage. kristina, i was surprised that texting isn't illegal in florida. that's where every accident -- it's like the new drunk driving is texting while driving. >> the number of people that have been unfortunately killed because of texting -- there's a caveat. if you're using your phone as a navigation system, it's okay. i'm assuming there might be a
7:56 am
lot of people that will fight against this. your phone is on the dashboard. >> most have to be mounted. >> exactly. but then you can still text. i could be using my gps but i'm sending a text t message saying i'm going to be late. dagen: i've driven i think in the lower -- every state in the lower 48 and florida easily has the worst drivers in the nation. >> worse than massachusetts? dagen: massachusetts people drive that way intentionally. florida, worst drivers, being a part-time resident. >> the conversation about the laws about walking and text could be extreme. texting is -- >> the video, there's so many funny videos of people walking into -- dagen: you don't want to bump into me. i'm very stout and it will hurt. [ laughter ] >> she's not that stout.
7:57 am
dagen: yes i am. i'm like a brick -- >> like a singular brick. dagen: u.s.-china trade truce boosting the markets, we tell you all about it, coming up. from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed, now $1299. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends sunday. but how do i know if i'm i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar.
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>> tech
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go to
8:00 am
. dagen: i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo monday, july 1 top stories 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> u.s.-china trade truce president donald trump meeting with president xi jinping of china, in agreeing to get talks back on track. the news pushing markets meyer as we kick off the second half of the year, 253 point gain on dow futures, dow and s&p 500 poised to hit new all-time highs at the open, market also coming off a strong first half of the year strong june. in last month, all the markets were up on the -- almost 7% even more. >> europe gains across the board about to tell you about -- plus side in england,
8:01 am
france, germany in asia overnight, nikkei shanghai composite rallying on trade news, hang seng closed kospi in south korea potentially flat, historic meeting president trump the first sitting president to cross dmz and enter north korea meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. >> protesters in streets of hong kong demonstrators trying to get into a government building we have the latest from there more trouble for boe justice department probe reportedly extending beyond grounded 737 max, they have deals later this hour to break it down fox news contributor also with -- jessica tarlov pwc partner mitch roschelle fox news contributor jonathan hoenig being markets looking good. >> the markets are almost gravitating toward these all times highs looks like we are going to hit it what worries me a little bit one of our
8:02 am
earlier guests talked about we have come to assume now we are going to get no inflation expecting that, also legislator interest rates, so one of the things i saw in the first half of the year was yes, very strong stocks that is a positive, what happens if that inflation isn't necessarily gone, it is gist hiding the fact we started to see gold, some grainy prices now commodity prices move up could be one big issue second half. >> june jobs' report out friday after the july 4th holiday wages to come in growing 3.2% growing even faster for nonsupervisory jobs, blue-collar workers seeing bigger wages that is inflation, but as good inflation. >> really good, think about it if wages are 3 plus percent, inflation is 1.6% that means wages growing almost twice the rates of inflation. we haven't seen in really, really long time i think a good story that is probably one that will be politicized by both sides different ways.
8:03 am
>> you don't say? [laughter] >> yeah. >> things when you are blue collar wage growing faster than overall wage growth even faster than say wages of managers, that is how you close the income gap. >> right. >> that is how it happens. >> i have heard multiple people say way harder to blind a blue collar worker than white collar worker in areas of the country why wages are going up. >> i think the difference between job openings and number of unemployed 1.6 million jobs if gap is widest on record. >> weighing into immigration debate about the type of -- labor that we would be getting if we let people in obviously, do have available jobs certainly have the space, to accommodate people but what kind of jobs filling, not willing to get on those -- apprenticeship job retraining programs make sure people are equipped going forward. >> even jessica you would say if market and economy remain strong it is going to be hard more and more difficult for any democrat to kind of -- not
8:04 am
-- given the strength of the market. >> anyone honest about this knows difficult to unseat a sitting president doesn't really happen. >> -- economy, there is this disconnect a number of americans to have economic optimism think going well but don't give the president credit for it, that is why the rating managed to stay pretty low considering economic conditions. >> approval rating on economy is very high. >> right, but personal approval rating people might say okay maybe we like gop policy on this but really not into this guy. >> anybody one issue for voters, according to a lot of polls is health care. >> health care. >> which is turned into the democrats certainly -- into economic issue so linked everything together to say you know, that line that you are one medical emergency away from bankruptcy kamala harris talks about it all time average american family doesn'ts have 400, 500 dollars
8:05 am
without health insurance. >> middle class taxes are going up to pay for that that bernie sanders at least intellectually honest about that, that it will be being medicare for all plan would be paid for by -- >> -- is not going to be our nominee. >> [laughter] >> -- conversation former white house trade official clete williams, roger marshall former romney campaign policy director loni don't miss gers next hour. >> xi jinping and president trump agreeing on trade negotiations not to impose additional tariffs on chinese imports for now president making news in north korea hillary vaughn. >> good morning, good morning president trump making a historic first time step into north korea, the first u.s. president, to step into that country, as north korea takes the step forward, towards
8:06 am
denuclearization the president describing historic moment saying he met kim jong-un at the line, between dmz and north korea asked him if he want him to step into north korea, kim told him he would be honored, president trump says that he and kim jong-un also agreed to pick back up nuclear negotiations. >> thank you very much we just had a very, very good meeting with chairman kim we have agreed that we are each going to designate a team will work out details, again speed is not the object we want to see if we can do a really are comprehensive good deal. >> also a big leap in progress with china trade talks meeting twefrn president trump and president xi leaders did to come back to the negotiating table, pick up where they left off, the president saming he is taking additional tariffs also off the table. >> i promise that for at least the time being we are not going to be lifting tariffs on china. china is going to be like
8:07 am
about a tremendous amount of food and agricultural product, and going to start that very soon, almost immediately we are going to give them lists of things that we would like them to buy. >> trump said they made a temporary deal over huawei saying u.s. companies are allowed to sell products, to huawei, built he did say the huawei ban here in the u.s. is not lifted, will deal with huawei the very end of trade talks dagen. dagen: thank you so much before we get to trade talks, with our next guest i want to get jessica's reaction, because i know that you were talking about it in the break, to again this rapprochement with kim jong-un. >> i think it is insane -- >> he had during the g20 talks where there was at a lot that went on there, mostly -- putin extremely concerned about, that you had john bolton with him now going john bolton hasn't gone to mongolia has tucker with him rhetoric
8:08 am
first american president to do this first american president to go into dmz without preconditions, kim jong-un would have hoped that any american president or his father before him who just said sure would i love to come over make you look fantastic for this photo-op, but this is a win for kim jong-un that photo-op. >> it is not insane if it bears fruit, president -- and president trump's position has been triumph this is this is get a lot of great triumphs have been based on relationships, and this is his -- he thinks diplomacy is personal we do know -- know there have been no nuclear tests no icbm tests. >> they did send a missile over japan great earth partner in the american -- >> they have stopped producing. >> oi agree with that nevertheless, like if there is if there is no harm comes out of this it is not insane. >> there is no harm. that comes out of it -- >> if it bears fruit.
8:09 am
>> bearing fruit would be fantastic the advantage of talks in your cabinet john bolton far more of a fan of war than i am permanently but this is meeting that i want john bolton at not the time where i want the president, sashaying into the dvmz working at each of them other like that event rhetoric around beautiful letters wished me hd. >> we can debate rhetoric this is rhetoric -- >> we haven't gotten anything from him. >> we've got no we've got no nuclear tests and no icbmlaunches that is not nothing. >> at least reagan met with gorbachev there was troika. >> kim got great photo-op in terms of u.s. replames back. >> otto warmbier's family. >> another irthe fox business alert president trump is not
8:10 am
like any other president that we've seen ever in the history of the country so his rhetoric and the way that he thinks but, again, we've got an economy in the united states, that is -- it is a strongest it has been in a decade, and we just entered the longest i know president obama recovery too but we are now the longest in the longest roir we have had wages microbialingly growing faster than they have been during this entire recovery period, so, again, you might not like rhetoric might not like a lot of what he does but a lot of policies are bearing fruit i want to get to former white house trade official, clete whm why do we go from here what would watch for? >> what i thought was really interesting, about the meeting, this weekend was that there was no deadline that was put in place. and traditional the president really likes deadlines because they give him leverage over the other side, put a lot of pressure on the other side to make a deal. the fact that there was no
8:11 am
deadline here, suggests to me, a couple things, first i think the president thinks that he already has the sufficient leverage over china secondly, that the u.s. is not going to sell out for a bad deal here. it is willing to take time that it needs, to get the right deal. and, lastly, i think it shows that, you know, maybe the administration thinks it is found a sweet spot on tariffs in the fact that there is still general political support for what the president is doing on china. at this level of tariffs maybe that doesn't exist if they go much beyond this. >> sorry, okay. >> go ahead. >> i was going to continue and say, what i hope happens is that you see something similar to what happened in argentina, where the leaders got together, you know a lot of diplomacy is personal as just mentioned in the previous segment you have productive period can ultimately lead to outcome but it is far from done deal. >> you mentioned the leverage that he has, the tool of
8:12 am
choice has been tariffs, are you suggesting that the the other leverage he has is the strength, relative to weakness of china's economy overnight our time, another report came out showing that there -- factory sector is slowing again is that part of the leverage strength of our economy. >> absolutely i think the relative strengths of our economy is one of the most important if not the most important thing that we've got going here, and as long as we are in upward trajectory they soften did president is going to be in a really strong position. dagen: we were talking about trump's unorthodox approach to relationships, and what he has taken on. and i have had so many conversations with people who i grew up with, people from my hometown, this is a -- taking on china is taking on the biggest threat to american way of life, in the following
8:13 am
sense, people where i grew up watched good middle class jobs with pension security, in textile manufacturing, in furniture manufacturing in industries like that, get traded away as handout to u.s. corporation that ship those jobs overseas and just gave away intellectual property, in order for access to that market. and cheap labor they traded them for working, hourly jobs with no safety net, and traded them for a bunch of plastic garbage in their front yards, with inflatable pools christmas decorations president trump has finally identified this and said enough! and called and called china out on it called american corporations out on it, that it sacrificed u.s. jobs for cheap labor and access to that market. that is really astonishing. >> you are absolutely invite where i am from kenosha
8:14 am
wisconsin similar experiencing in manufacturing sector left our city because of unfair competition from china and from others so i think it is high piem time we take this on i want to elaborate for a second, what you have not asked me about huawei. >> i was gonna take -- ball run with it. >> i am itching to talk about this i think president's critics are dead wrong no one has been tougher on china tougher on huawei than this president, and even if the administration looks at modifying its measures on huawei the way it is discussing he is going to be tougher on china tougher on huawei than anyone else in history furthermore i think if you look at substance of this there is a way you can distinguish is between what huawei is doing in the neither works with a significant real national security threat and can u.s. companies simply sell components for their cell phones? so you can draw distinction i think what the administration
8:15 am
is after. >> great to see you. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> quick breaking news iran foreign minister saying country breached 2015 nuclear deal limits on enriched uranium marked first intentional violation of the accord to lead town raffling of the agreement. let me guess. ♪ start a claim right from your app. ♪ have you been looking in my notes? ♪
8:16 am
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dagen: more breaking news from iran the headline says it has breached the nuclear pact the one when united states with drew from cheryl casone has details, hey. dagen: right this is coming dagen from iran foreign minister zarif they have breached officially 2015 nuclear limits on enriched uranium this is the first intentional violation of the accord that we've seen could lead to unraveling of the agreement next few months iran says it is digs regardeding somea accord limits because u.s. with drew reimposed tight sanctions son iran francs uk germany russia, china have
8:19 am
been trying to find a way to salvage this agreement at this point iranians breached that agreement newsbreaking back at home texas senator ted cruz calling for fbi justice department to investigate portland mayor ted wheeler for handling of saturday's protest led to conservative activist being attacked. senator cruz tweeted, to federal law enforcement, investigate britain legal action against mayor for political reasons ordered a police officer -- the attack by domestic terrorists wheeler known a hands-off approach to protesters at least three arrested in that violent protest, breaking this morning investment firm brooklyn asset management in railroad business buying gency, for 9 billion dollar deal will set them up to modernize railway
8:20 am
systems, as you can see, gency wyoming shooting up, more than 8 1/2% what we usually see when these did he also cross the headlines. >> where was mayor portland did he tell the police stand down let those antifa protests beat up andy and others it is disgusting, crisis at border a judge issuing a setback for the are border wall we talked to one law enforcement just back from the southern border witnessed crisis firsthand plus health care in america some democrats are pushing for medicare for all what this could mean for your wallet doctors visits, and the individual who eventually takes on president trump next year. stay with us. let's take a look at some numbers:
8:21 am
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8:24 am
ointments. iran foreign minister announcing the country breach limits of 2015 nuclear agreement iran agreement to stockpile 300 kill graps or less uranium one of the biggest restrictions of the deal u.s. has already pulled out of. joining me now with immediate reaction house agriculture committee member, and medical doctor congressman roger, you okay there? like no technical problems? it is dagen. >>. on the phone: at cancer center in wichita, had a patient walk in needs a doctor so good morning. >> i want to get reaction to this news, out of iran i don't know if you can hear me, i called you rodger i should say congressman apologies on that note but this news iran said i had breached the nuclear pact this as tensions clearly rising with iran what do you
8:25 am
make of it where do we go from here? >> well, i think number one everyone take a deep breath we do not want a war with iran we don't want iran to have nuke number three we want iran to stop funding terrorists should be no surprise to anyone this is very predictable iran on the way to nuclear -- the last we want is iran with nuclear bomb, so the president has this under control i have full faith in him he inherited this problem president obama made a horrible deal he is trying to correct it getting through this together dagen: any sign european allies are on bored with us will help push iran back to the negotiating table. >> i think we have to have faith in the president secretary pompeo i think --
8:26 am
talking on regular basis sources tell me -- france has our back england has ourback we will get true this together. >> the border crisis president trump appealing a judge's ruling that blocked his administration from building part of the wall, the president looking to use funds intended for antidrug activities, arguing that wall would not only help keel illegal immigrants out of the country but also drugs. what do you make of this. >> well i think number one the president is right. we have to build the wall, i went to border a year ago went down there this past week with group of physicians from congress it is five times worse, looked more like a refugee camp overwhelmed, flooded so matter what if we don't if i can say the wall don't if i can say the border issue no one of this is feasible -- so tough times down there our border patrol is doing everything they can but the conditions crowded
8:27 am
conditions are very tough. dagen: is federal government though allowing doctors into facilities where illegal immigrants particularly minors are held. >> absolutely, several processing centers we also -- medical for giving therapy to people that have influenza dehydrating getting very best of care practitioners we were very pleechd with care fox were being given down there. >> congressman when cancer center are you visiting. >> i am at cans center of kansas in wichita, kansas a great study going on here working with cms on new cancer treatment. >> what treatment out of curiosity. >> probably -- for dpleeo glast toma pancreatic gene therapy lots of others uses as well. >> glioblastoma took life of not only president joe biden's
8:28 am
son senator ted kennedy by senator john mccain my brother-in-law extremely deadly paltry little has been done to advance treatment extend life of those battling it often young men do me a favor i spent much last five years, in -- in a cancer center if you give everybody a big hug for me please. >> thank you for supporting i am glad we have a president in congress that supporteds cancer research as well. >> indeed vice president joe biden, has done that as well, he wants to occupy the white house so this is a bipartisan effort i will say that great to see you. >> thank you thanks for having me. >> coming up president trump making history as the first sitting president to step foot in north korea what this could mean for kndenuclearization in the region. >> some pushing for medicare
8:29 am
for what you will this could mean. stay with us. just the right elements coming together. it started when scores more people came together, just down the street and traded bonds that helped pay for the revolution, and the nation it created. it started in an office on the corner where the right people witnessed the telegraph and brought information and humanity together forever. it started with the markets, bringing together steel and buildings and silicon and medicine and rockets. we believe the possibilities of life and investing are greater when we come together. it's why for eighty years we've connected ideas with technology, data with inspiration, investors with solutions. so that every day together, it all starts again.
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dagen: i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo monday, july 1 top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern futures are expected to open to the plus side. in record territory. on renewed optimism for a u.s.-china trade deal, again, trade negotiations restarting we have come to some temporary agreement no noah tariffs for the time being, in addition to china buying foreign products oh that waiver on huawei, again huawei buying u.s. technology part or -- u.s. technology but nevertheless the narcotics like what they are seeing stock servers bidding up stocks new records set potentially for the dow and s&p the start of trading
8:33 am
the start of the second half of the year. in europe we have gains across the board, as well if you look at asia, nikkei shanghai composite rallying on renewed hopes china trade deal kospi, south korea curiously with president stepping into north korea the first sitting president to do so coulds pe, south korea flat hang seng closed for a holiday. protesters in streets of hong kong demonstrators trying to get into a government building we have the latest from there, more trouble for boeing, the department of justice, probe reportedly extending beyond the grounded 737 max. details ahead. and the big business of snack food companies looking to and an offerings, a major cookie dough maker will let you skip that step. >> historic meeting president trump the first sitting u.s. president, to cross the demilitarized zone into north
8:34 am
korea stopping to meet with kim jong-un, on his way back from the g20 summit in japan, the two agreeing to restart denuclearization talks after last summit in vietnam ended with no deal, on "sunday morning futures" maria bartiromo talked with kevin mccarthy and tim ryan republican and democrat, asked both about the meeting. >> the signification of this meeting is what. >> remember, when we had the soviet union president reagan went to moscow went to soviet union talked with negotiate chav had to walk away did not bring freedom everybody looked for liberal media criticized him in a few short years, the berlin wall collapsed so did soviet union. >> i think this has been president trump apeace in the meantime tour i have no idea why shaking hands with a dictator in may was sending missiles to the sea of japan. moon you don't reward that kind of behavior, with a visit
8:35 am
to your country from the president of the united states. there has been no progress at all they have done nothing. >> joining me now former mitt romney policy director marco rubio senior advisor, lonnie, great to see you this morning what do you make of the president's meeting with kim jong-un? >> well, dagen i think an important overture i think we have to see what happens obviously, the optics of this are tremendously interesting. this is a historic moment for president trump, historic moment for the relationship between the united states and north korea. i think there is a question though about where all this leads. in fact, if we get to the progress particularly on denuclearization the key point, after the hanoi summit, in the follow-up actually after singapore summit north koreans have not he necessarily taken the kind of steps we want them to take, if they were serious about denuclearization it remains to be seen what happens, but
8:36 am
certainly this engagement i think is a positive step forward and hopefully will lead to better outcomes in the future. >> if particularly reduces the chances of new north korean tests -- but there is a lot to offer councilman right as "the wall street journal" editorial page points out, those who will represent the north in any resume negotiations we don't know who that is, and previous translators negotiations vanished without a trace, then kim jong-un wants us to lift sanctions at least in part before he takes baby steps to disclose research labs test facilities and nuclear stockpiles much less dismantling those facilities. >> yeah i think short run here is probably positive, in the sense that we are not going to see addition nuclear testing home won't see testing or firing of ballistic weapons either i think the question
8:37 am
now going forward what are north koreans actually willing to do, how much progress are they actually willing to make? denuclearization, on the korean peninsula is a difficult question that involves not just north koreans but he potentially other players in the region as well we have to see where it goes there is adage if talking they are not shooting at each other so i think that at least, is some progress to look forward to -- >> myou were the one brat up the kospi the fact that the kospi in south korea the market had literally no reaction. >> that is sort have to lonnie to the point you just made, obviously we can lift sanctions, north korea do we need neighborhoods countries like south korea maybe china to be party to sort of the negotiations or honest brokers to get north korea to the table about? >> well, the south koreans have been very dovish this administration in south korea president moon's administration, has been
8:38 am
seeking a resolution with north korea very much on front lines of that effort to chinese are complicated always been very complicated we've got three-dimensional chess going in terms of trade go, what is happening there so you know it would belly great in chinese wanted to be productive player i wouldn't count on it i think chinese frankly enjoy back-and-forth i don't know that they necessarily benefit from a deal in this situation, either. so while we would like them to be constructive productive players here i wouldn't count on it. dagen: i want to move to health care in merck one of your inspector tooes, 2020 democratic candidates talking health care specifically medicare for all during last week's democratic debate take a listen. >> fact of the matter is quickest fast evident way to do it is build on object kay to build on what we did. [applause] . >> secondly -- secondly -- to make sure that everyone does have an option. >> medicare is the most
8:39 am
particular -- >> program -- in the country. >> people don't like their private insurance companies they like doctors -- >> who would abolish private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan? all right. [cheers and applause] >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. >> you missed elizabeth warren mayor de blasio raising hands for taking away private insurance of 180 million people kamala harris said she misheard the question. and they meant thought they meant her private insurance but -- enough on that -- backtrack flip-flop whatever you want to call it what did you make of what you heard of those debates last week? >> well, you know the leftward lurch democratic party continues on health care i think tremendously troubling
8:40 am
for whoever the democratic nominee is look, that question that was asked in that debate last week, is going to come back to haunt whoever it is because frankly all of the democrats on that stage said they wanted to take away the plans as you said the hundreds of millions of americans rely on now they want to increase costs they want to make it harder to access doctors, and increase taxes, so i am not sure that is a great posture for the general tlks i think president trump is probably looking forward to running against that platform if that is indeed this platform take aniance it say look i am for medicaid for all not medicare for all reparation of the direction it is very difficult for the democrats to walk that one back. >> i want to bring this up because vice president biden was his response was more nuanced he wants to help fix the what the failings what problems there are in the aca the affordable care act or obamacare mayor pete buttigieg
8:41 am
wants a public option available as quote glide path since you are sitting in the middle of silicon valley i thought that was interesting choice of words for him to use, but, again, that is a road to single payer is it not? >> yeah, i mean look we had this debate back in 2010 they passed obamacare in the first place democrats then actually democrats then rejected the idea of some kind of public option, i precisely because there was concern that public option that government-run plan would end up swallowing up private sector swallowing up plans that people like leaving people with few options but to go on government run coverage and that is not going to be a successful pathway forward if that is where democrats are biden can try to new answered i buttigieg can try to nuance it what they are for some sort of government-run health care i don't see american people being for that come next election. >> can they just fix medicare before they motive on since the hospital fund going broke
8:42 am
in seven years i keep saying that why don't you if i can say the safety net we've got before you try to increase it you have proven you can't run what exists today. >> shook the proposal they are talking about particularly bernie sanders and kamala harris, they are going to take it tougher for seniors to get access to doctors in like, going to make it harder for people to get access to the care they need you are right we've got to fix medicare first fundamentally renovate that program the trust fund will exhaust seniors others are going to face some serious pain result. >> 89 cents on dollar benefits that will be paid out of tax revenue come in just for the hospital fund lonnie great to see you -- >> good to be with you thank you. >> take care protesters rattling hong kong, demonstrators breaking into government headquarters on major anniversary fallout next more trouble for boeing department of justice probably reportedly extending beyond the grounded 737 max, the first -- special update from the tennis channel.
8:43 am
♪ welcome back to another tennis channel court reportererl report wimbledon back fortnite long competition beginning tonight in great britain one stair story line how serena williams continues comeback without playing warm-up tournaments. >> last time serena played a competitive match during fren each open because hasn't played in any grass court events leading to wimbledon was asked about quality of her preparations. >> obviously, i haven't had best time in separation that i normally would have. i have been really just mentally training, physically training for that time here going to do the best that i can while i am here. >> i know how to play tennis. >> she won 23 grand slam titles seven at wimbledon yes she knows how to play tennis watch on wimbledon primetime tennis channel 4:30 pm
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dagen: futures pointing to a much higher open a new wave of some of them on trade front gerri willis on floor at new york stock exchange with more good morning gerri. >> that is right all three major averages expected to open higher, significantly higher especially in the dow as you can see up 270 the open indicated right now, biggest gainers intel apple caterpillar, boeing the only down stock that is down right now.
8:48 am
intel -- ship makers doing very well, also chipmakers, sky works up 6.6% qualcomm micron suppliers to huawei, in news this weekend,they are much higher as well, dan from web bush saying apple is primary beneficiary of the decision to cease-fire on trade caterpillar higher big partner there boeing, this morning, seattle times is reporting that the department of justice, subpoenaed boeing records about the 787 dreamliner what is the issue? well, it is safety. subpar shoddy work reports of that on dreamliner under investigation, adding this into 736 max probe sent boeing shares lower this morning they have been flipping and flopping, between positive and negative. >> back to you dagen. dagen: gerri thank you so much for that gerri willis new york stock exchange. coming up companies crowding
8:49 am
snack aisles how brands are expanding one company rolling out new cooking dough no baking necessary. ♪ ♪ -- reason arrange over hong kon
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
extradition bill triggering protesters cheryl casone hasdales. dagen: yeah, dagen demonstrators stormed hong kong legislature smashing windows part of the building metal glass exterior wall some broke into the building the streets00 of thousands shows opposition of extradition bill call for resignation of the chief of staff delayed action on proposal not taken it off
8:53 am
table that is what they want came on 22nd anniversary that is day of the former british colony return to china. >> this food makers expanding offerings analysts say food makers are attracted to snacks snacks business grew smucker plans a new factor factory by end of this year, don't worry about getting sick from eating cookie dough it says one hundred percent safe to eat raw two flavors chocolate ships peanut butter monster each tub $5 following that rule, right? >> what kind of -- >> yeah wasn't worried about -- really not worried about it now. >> mitch roschelle is here --
8:54 am
like i don't know. >> cookie dough, no idea. >> we are going to talk about the economy, as we enter basically we are now in longest expansion in american history when we come back. ♪ stop, i have been this could of you, look in my heart and love will keep us together ♪ ♪
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8:57 am
♪ they were playing maroon 5? maria: a couple times during this show, actually. you got rick astley.
8:58 am
>> good news, the u.s. economy in its longest expansion on record at ten years and one month. mitch, can we keep this rolling? what does it look like right now? >> i think we can. one thing to remember is the last three quarters of gdp growth were heavily influenced by trade abnormalities. so the trade tensions have actually been helping gdp. we started to get settlements that may unwind a little bit. that may cause a problem. >> don't fight the tape. the tape is up despite a lot of people, they have strong feelings about the president, even about the economy and the market wants higher. one thing that's a good time now especially to take advantage of is a strong economy to, for lack of a better phrase, get your financial house in order. lot of people are carrying around not only record student loan debt but record credit card debt. now's the time, when the economy is good, when unemployment is low, to actually address those concerns because as you said, it's the longest expansion in history and even trees don't
8:59 am
grow to the sky. dagen: but wages in this country, particularly for non-supervisory jobs, are growing faster than even managerial jobs. you have seen a real strength in what people are earning and with inflation so low, sub-2%, 1.6% we found out on friday, that means people that are feeling more flush and getting to keep more of their money that they're earning. >> i think we're going to see the consumer continue to drive the economy forward. i think there's no question about it. the consumer feels confident, even though those confidence numbers have slipped a little. dagen: that's why the democrats should focus on health care unless they are going to -- >> jonathan makes a good point, something our party is talking about a lot, how to alleviate that. dagen: bernie sanders wants to basically wipe that away. >> i say it again. bernie sanders isn't going to be the nominee. i just want to say i'm so
9:00 am
excited that kevin durant and kyrie irving are coming to brooklyn. it's so exciting for the market. i hope wanda gets the most amazing apartment, kevin durant's mom, the real mvp. dagen: jessica, mitch, jonathan, right now david asman is in for varney. take it away. david: good morning, everyone. i'm david asman in for stuart today. it's going to be a big day for your money. i'm already getting e-mails from stuart saying you lucky dog, you got a good day in the market. we were looking at a major market rally in about 30 minutes. when the dow opens, it's set to gain about 250 points. nasdaq is also up very big. and the s&p is set to hit an all-time high when the market opens. this continues a hot streak for the market. the dow is coming aftoff its be june since 1938. imagine that. the s&p has its best june since 1955. the market is reacting today to president trump's big


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