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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 1, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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govern, and how to be a diplomat and he's doing a good job. good night from new york. ♪ trish: antifa using violence against anyone who doesn't align with antifa. one journalist was just covering the rally in portland. >> there were no police at all. in the middle of the street, and they stole my go pro and punched me several times in my face and head. trish: they punched this man, necessity threw milk shakes and attacked him. i want to know why no one on the left is could be deming this
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violence. iran announced it exceed the stockpile under the obama deal. is it time to take action? the liberal media criticizing president trump's rhetoric in his historic meeting with kim jong-un, the north korean leader. what does that indicate? i hope it proves the bias that you have seen in the media. don't forget. this is kind of a big deal. kim kardashian making an announcement after backlash over her shapewear line. "trish regan primetime" begins now. iran boasting to the world that it is in violation of the 2015 nuclear deal and is proud of it. it is proudly proclaiming it has
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stockpiled enriched uranium. experts say this can be refined into a bomb-grade material very quickly. the white house he mac mum pressure on the the iranian regime will continue until its leaders change their actions. downing me, "fox and friends" co-host pete hegseth. they are happy about this. they are boasting. hah, hah, guess what? we violated the treaty. this is their payback because they don't like the economic sang we put on them. where do they think this is going to do? >> they think europe and france
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will do nothing. the other parties say they will hold the line, but iran doesn't believe it. they pretend like they are at the table. but they will never strike iran, they will never whole them accountable. it's us, israel or nobody. trish: before we talk about striking them. there is a lot of economic damage we can do. the president he he doesn't want a regime change. but we could eli help speed up a regime change by affecting their economy. but if we do it, alongside their allies, they have got real problems. all of europe, right? they signed on to this deal as well. they didn't pull out of it. and iran is in violation. i would think right now france and the rest of them have no choice but to say okay, time's up. we are not going to do any
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business deal with you guy either. then you totally cut off the spigot. >> that's what we should do. maximum pressure is the only answer. bring iran to the table at our terms. this is an islamist fanatical ask genocidal regime hell bent on doing whatever they can to wipe israel off the map. these are islamists. it's by the book. the regime honors their book. the people are a different story. i think we should create an environment where the people could challenge this regime. but the same folks in charge now are the same folk from 179 who are dedicated to getting nuclear weapons.
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they are right in their borders -- they gutted their military to pay for their welfare 80s with open borders. they kind of live in this world where iran will eventually get a bomb and we can manage them in that context. i think that in the european capital is an accepted reality because they are too afraid to do what it takes to take on nuclear sites. but right now it should be economics, it should be sanctions. trish: they are in violation of the deal the europeans truck with them, as well. if the europeans are start they will do what's right. iran has been squeezed like they have never been squeezed before. >> it should. the brit voted to brexit and it still hasn't happens. i have very little confidence on
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what the europeans will bring to bear. if we shut down the world banging system in iran, then they come to the table and we can totally put the screws to them. getting weapons grade can happen very quickly. we have to be all over this pressuring our allies. trish: the "new york times" op-ed is calling for border patrol agents to be publicly shamed for doing their jobs. the editor says releasing the names of border patrol agents work at facility should be enough to convince some of them to quit. joining me, arizona sheriff mark lamb. they want to pressure you and shame you and you pressure on
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law enforce' trying to enforce our laws? >> how crazy is this? the people out there doing their jobs are the ones they want to shame. nobody should be shamed in this situation. but if we are going to shame somebody, it should be the politician that put us in this position. that's the sad part about this. but let's not shame anybody. let's get to work and figure out the solutions to the problem. trish: you managed the politician that put you in this position. >> we have a president who push hard, he supports law enforcement and supports border security, and we have people who don't want that. they are continuing to do this and fight against it created a gateway for the cartels to bring in drug and bodies, affecting everybody across our country. trish: you have got this congresswoman on the extreme
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left, alexandria ocasio-cortez. she just went down to tech as to visit the detention facility earlier today. she made some pretty explosive claims after seeing one of them. i what to you hear it and i want your reaction. >> they put them in rooms with no running water. and these women were being told by cbt officers to drink out of the toilet. that was knowing a congressional visit was coming. this is them at hire best behavior being told to drink out of the toilet. >> i don't understand how they expect the border patrol and i.c.e. they are not the hilton. this was not designed to house people and children. trish: i know they are not the hilton. but do you think there is any there there the border patrol
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forcing women to drink out of toilets? >> i have a hard time believing that. i have never seen that. i have been dealing with border patrol and i.c.e. for a long time. these guys are put in a difficult position be something we haven't seen in this country before. they are doing the best they can. what we need is for them to stop complaining and shaming our border patrol agents and get to work and get us some solutions. trish: sheriff lap it's good to have you. >> this isn't just about trump and the press. this is about the very existence of a free press >> i blame the president for this. we area are a part of the constitution. free and fair independent press. when we have a president ritually and aggressively
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attacking the news. trish: when the crazy far left antifa group violently beats a conservative reporter, we don't hear a people from the liberal media. tonight, ned ryun is here. conservatives getting harassed at restaurants. remember this one? >> we believe survivors. shame shame shame. no border, no walls. sanctuary for all. trish: the restaurant owner who threw sarah huckabee sanders outset trump officials should
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trish: the only latino running for the democratic 2020 nomination turns out he doesn't speak spanish. he's not fluent. a lot of people want to know why. his answer is quote internalized oppression. >> in my grandparents and my mom's time, spanish was looked down upon and you were punished in school if you spoke spanish. i think people internalized this oppression about it and basically wanted their kid to first be able to speak english.
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and i think in my family like a lot of other families, the impact of that is there are many folks whose spanish is not that great. trish: trump 2020 campaign manager madison gesiotto and debbie d'souza. your parents are from venezuela and you have a lot of family in venezuela and our hearts go out to them because i not's a struggle there. talk about your experience being in america. do you have any empathy for what julian is talking about? >> i represent two hispanic cultures, venezuela and mexican-american. i have everything. i'm fluent latina, 100%.
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i'm going to agree with julian castro. trish: i do recall interviewing him a few years back and i was told it's julian. >> he doesn't have to be embarrassed about not being spanish. when i was watching the debate f hispanic americans know english and they probably don't know spanish. they call it hispanderring. why are they trying to speak spanish. it's quite insulting to most of hispanic americans who speak english. trish: i know there was a move a
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few years back to have a constitutional amendment saying english is the language of the land. but anyway you solution it, it pretty much is, except for parts of florida where a lot of spanish is spoken. >> i speak spanish and italian, and at one point i spoke german. but i don't use them unless i'm speaking to someone who speaks spanish. and then it comes in handy. but i don't think one way or another about someone, julian included because he may or may not speak spanish. i get where his parents are coming from and there is something to be said for it. you come to a culture in a new country you want your children to embrace it and all its opportunities and language. >> my family and so many other
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families came from countries across the world to chase their american dream. and when they came here they were proud to be american. they wanted their children to live the best life they could. making sure their children could speak the native language of this country. trish: they didn't see themselves as victims. internalized oppression implies victimhood. >> if julian castro feels he was oppressed because his parents didn't speak proper spanish, why from 18-44 didn't he go out and learn proper spanish. trish: my parents didn't speak it at much at home. they wanted to embrace america and all it stood stood for.
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we are all saying our prayers for your relatives in venezuela. it's very tough. thank you. conservatives still getting harassed at restaurants. remember this? back up. back up. reporter: the restaurant owner who threw sarah huckabee sanders outset trump officials should just eat at home. >> we added legitimacy to kim jong-un. it seems like it's all for show. it's not substantive. >> it's like chamberlain going to talk to hitler. i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally.
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first ever sitting united states president to set foot in north korea. an historic moment has divide opinions on both sides of the aisle. but there is zero doubt where left-leaning media stands on all of this. liberal politicians and pundits say the president is wrong to go there and it is not up for debate as far as they are concerned. watch. >> he folded like a cheap suit. >> donald trump wants to win this alone. he wants to come out as the guy who swooped down and managed to save the world from and crisis. >> it makes me want to puke pass an average american who cares about democracy and human rights. the fact that donald trump is going out much his way to kiss up to this monster. >> i call it the bootie call. just the idea that it doesn't mean anything to anyone.
11:26 pm
>> it's amoral to the points of immorality. trish: congressman perry, on background i have spoken to some investors that historically have left leanings on this one, and they repeatedly made the point to me that this is a good thing because at least we are in the room. and no one one else was able to get in the room. there is some discussion and some back and forth. if we are going to have a prayer of a chance at peace there and a pathway forward, weed a least need to have the conversation. the left wants to rob him of that. do you think some of these investor types might be on to something? >> here is what i do know. when president trump was shaking
11:27 pm
raul castro's hand or wowing down to foreign leaders of dubious disopinions. no one on that side of the aisle seemed to have problems. 40-some years of sending people like madeleine albright over has gone the us nowhere. it does make many americans uncomfortable to see the president shaking hands and smiling with somebody who should be at the hague on trial for crimes against humanity. the circumstances are dire. north korea is going to have a deliverable nuclear weapon very shortly if they continue on the current trajectory. what is the world to do about that? nothing else has worked. china and russia aren't very helpful in that record triesh * china doesn't want to be
11:28 pm
helpful. this is a little bit of a method and a prick to china and xi jinping. china wants north korea there as a bit of a buffer. that sort of makes sense. we are saying hey. >> they don't want good relations between -- trish: we could be right there right in your backyard. >> they surely don't want a good relationship with north korea and america. i'm not sure we are ever going to be friends. but we are trying to get them to change how they do business and being bellicose and focusing so much on a nuclear weapon and delivering it somewhere around the world. if we can get them to do that. to all my colleagues and the media that doesn't like it and is so critical of this president, tell me one of them, any of them, tell me what they would suggest has worked in the past or what they would try that
11:29 pm
might work in future. i suspect they won't have anything to say. trish: i don't think they will. what i will say about this administration which we know is extremely polarizing to members of the media, they are trying different tactics, right? they are trying things you might not have seen before. and in many cases with much success. >> again, we are not at war. let's keep in find all the capabilities the united states has had coming into this circumstance we still maintain at this very moment. so if kim jong-un decide to take a turn for the worst and decide he doesn't want to play along so to speak with this, we'll be at the same place we are now. if this diffuses the situation, i will tell you three years ago i was pretty sure from what i heard we were going to end up in a war with north korea. nobody wanted that. nobody is talking about that
11:30 pm
anywheremore. as uncomfortable as it is, that's something to give him credit for. no one is talking about going to war with north korea. when he came into office that was one of the major considerations the whole country and in the world were talking about. trish: i hear you. between this and iran, in $ways i think iran might be an easier problem to solve in the near term with continued economic pressure. again, hats off to him for getting to us the table. it's important to be having some kind of conversation and dialogue. congressman perry, thank you for joining us. a horrific attack against a conservative journalist by antifa. tonight we aring where are the democrats on this one? where are the so-called journalists who should be
11:31 pm
condemning this. first the american economy continuing to set record after record after record. this time the longest expansion in the history of the country. coming up next, a guest is here to tell us why it is actually time to give credit where credit is due. we are talking about tax cuts, the kind of check policy this president put in place. it is work. we have got more next. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands?
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11:36 pm
down posters of political leaders and spray painted pro-democracy slogans all over the walls. today's protests come amid weeks of tension. the american economy continuing to set record after record. this time for the longest expansion in history. 121 months straight of growth. yet democrats continue to campaign against the trump economy. >> i would be going about eliminating donald trump's tax cut for the wealthy. >> who is this economy working for? >> families need support and need to be lifted up, and frankly this economy is not work for working people. >> this economy has got to work for everyone. right now we know it isn't. >> this is actually an economy that's hurting small businesses
11:37 pm
and not allowing them to compete. trish: granted it's not perfect. by the many a heck -- but it's a heck of a lot better than during the obama administration. i saw businesses that were reluctant to invest, that didn't want to put money to work because they didn't know what the administration was going to do next. that caused the malaise that president trump used to talk about. that economy was robbing the middle class. not perfect right now. we still have a ways to go. but i will take 121 months of growth any day. shouldn't the democrats have something to offer up in terms of economic policy that doesn't have to do with income limits? or taxing those that earn? joining me, economist donald
11:38 pm
lufkin. good to see you again. i mean, i know it's not perfect. you and i talked about that. the middle class is still feeling the pressure. it's not as bad as it was and it's continuing to get better. yet they still can't figure it out. i don't get it. >> well, they are full of bitterness and resentment and jealousy and envy. and they want to pee on anything trump achieves. this man could walk on water and they would accuse him of not knowing how to swim. this is down and dirty politics and they should know better. they should take a page from a smart democrat, bill clinton, who worked in 1997 to pass a capital gains tax cut which made that the longest previous record
11:39 pm
for economic expansion. democrats used to know how to do the right thing if it was good for the american people. trish: people see through it. people know what their lot in life is. they know what it was like five years ago and 8 years ago. so i think they clue into that. and again, i know one of these days we are going to talk for a long time and we'll explain what the policies are that could get us there. i get that the middle class is still feeling it. it's not right and we have to address these things. but can we please address it in a way that doesn't involve penalizing that same group? even though they talk about the billionaires -- george soros saying they want to be taxed more.
11:40 pm
great, donate the money. it's a lot of the middle wage earners that get caught in the higher tax track. >> the true horror of the obama economy was not how many people were unemployed. but how many people were so discouraged that they didn't ebb bother to be you be employed. they were just out of the workforce. what trump has done, the combination of regulation cuts, tax cuts, and a unique brand of sunny optimism as its avowed intention to make america great again, not to say you didn't build that. that has drummed people out of the gray market phantom labor force into the real labor force. that's why this economy is able to keep on going and the unemployment rate keeps getting lower and lower yet we don't have inflation. he has rewritten the playbook
11:41 pm
because he called back into the workforce these discouraged workers who believed barack obama when he said, you didn't build that. trish: the president needs to be a cheerleader for the economy and give people hope and optimism. donald lufkin, good to see you. conservatives still getting harassed at restaurants. remember this one? >> huge guys came up and started screaming at me every word in the book. cursing as loud as they could. >> kirstjen nielsen is in a mexican restaurant of all places. shame on you. trish: the restaurant owner who threw sarah huckabee sanders who was out having a meal with her family just having a family has an op-ed that says trump
11:42 pm
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trish: chaos in portland, oregon. >> i just got assaulted by the crowd. no police at all. in the middle of the street, they stole my go pro. they punched me several times in my face and head and i'm bleeding. trish: this is not the first time the alt-right groups have committed violence. no one is out there too stop the attacks. robin biro i hope will be one of the few members of the left condemning these attacks. robin, what's your reaction? >> i'm glad two years ago nancy
11:47 pm
pelosi very clearly condemned antifa by saying that democracy has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public health. the only other person that rushed to do the same was adam schiff. trish: that was then, this is now. >> i denounced them multiple times. we need to heed this call. they are so caught up in what this administration is doing, i understand they have a job to provide oversight. trish: oversight is a little different than intimidation. this is full-on intimidation. ned, what happened to our society. >> domestic terrorism. trish: domestic terrorism yet no one on the left wants to talk about that or call them out for who they are. as you rightly so are doing tonight. >> many on the left aren't could
11:48 pm
be deming them because they silently agree with them. many on the left think our idea, our thoughts, our speech are illegitimate and should not be given a voice in the public square and should be silenced. we have the chris cuomos of the world and the don lemons. only one of the people running for the 2020 democratic nomination, andrew yang, said anything about this. these antifa people, they call themselves anti-fascist. they are guilty of fascist behavior. they are anarchist and in their behavior and speech they are deeply un-american. trish: let's run some sound. i think chris cuomo and some of his commentary on this over the past. >> antifa or whomever,
11:49 pm
anarchists, misguide. they are also wrong to hit. but fighting hate is right. in a clash between hate and those who oppose it, those who oh poe it are on the side of right. trish: that means that because you think your view is better than somebody else's view you can take to the streets and bash some more journalist, throw thing at him, rocks, milk shakes, because you don't agree with his freedom of speech rights? come on, ned, first you, then robin. >> that's the point. they don't believe in freedom of speech. they don't believe in freedom of assembly. they have taken to the streets to shut down violence and intimidation anything they disagree with. they should be declared to be a domestic terrorist organization. it's time to deal seriously with
11:50 pm
these people. if we allow people on the left to say anybody who disagrees with them on any level is a fascist or nazi, they begin to dehumanize. >> i think this is the biggest challenge in society today. i did an interview with a reporter over there. i give him credit. we don't agree on everything for sure. but we can have a legitimate conversation, an intellectual debate and discussion about what path our country is going down or should go down in the future. if we lose the ability to do things like that, robin. that's a dangerous sign, i think for our country and for our society. >> absolutely. both side should have no trouble condemning violence and anything that endangers the public
11:51 pm
health. i dealt with antifa personally when they were overturning and burning police cars. we have been working to kick them out one by one out of our party. these are anarchists. trish: it's unfortunate like some think it's okay like you just saw on cnn, to fight things you don't like with violence. that gives them ammunition and oxygen and gives them a legitimacy they do not deserve. ned and robin, good to have both of you here tonight. the restaurant owner who threw sarah huckabee sanders out has an op-ed saying trump officials should just eat at home. >> i was asked to leave a restaurant this weekend where i attempted to have dinner with my family. my husband and i politely left
11:52 pm
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11:56 pm
claims she was blindsided by the acquisition, she is angry. but my question for you, i don't know how much you know about how music industry works. but you think about content, you work for a record label and you write songs they are backing you and publicizing the songs, probably own the songs, you usually sign a deal where you give over that content, then record label sells, i would imagine, if they are taking their library of songs then your songs are part of that like liby is that how the world works? >> it is, but it is hard not to feel from my perspective, compassion for her, she was 15 years old, it is a bit of a devil here, they reportedly did offer her an opportunity to earn
11:57 pm
back each album if she signed with that company again. trish: then she would have to for each new song or new album. to get the other one back. moral of story is, if you are an artist if you can, keep the rights to your music? or maybe she has enough money she had have negotiated deal to buy the label herself. >> yeah, read your contract, i say her old music because of this beef has spiked. just by this brawl. read your contracts, and play some t-swift. trish: next up, sarah huckabee sanders was thrown out of a restaurant in virginia. the owner of that restaurant wrote an op set. >> trying to feel self important. their sales within down after
11:58 pm
that stunt, they got publicity for wrong reasons, i support freedom of speech, if she wants to write whatever she wants to write. she is entitled to do so, the restaurant should be theref customers and consumers. >> about there one. after receiving backlash on her new shake wear line. -- shinshape wear line. kim-ono. will change the name, everyone said it was basically a slap in the face to the japanese, seems a bet of a stretch, she is now changing the name? >> it is ridiculous, she was going to first launch a lingerie line with a kimono, this is nota new thing, but she could sell
11:59 pm
anything. she sold perfume out last summer in 5 minutes, i am more surprised that no one has thought of this concept to have shape wear that confirms to different outfits and skin tones, but come on the with name, get it together. trish: you give her credit for that. >> ar for the idea. i am surprised no one else has challenge spanx. >> always good to see you, have a wonderful holiday week. >> thank you. trish: rea.trish: we're back tow night, we'll continue all our talks regarding iran, north korea, and venezuela, we're all over it, see you back here
12:00 am
tomorrow, have a terrific night, kennedy begins next. kennedy: she could challenge spanxs, she just has to call it skanks, thank you. we have a lot more on those stories later, first up, take this president making history yesterday by crossing a different border, the first american president to step foot on north korean soil during a previously unplanned meeting with kim jong-un at the dmz, meeting marks pair's third sit down. came after the president -- extended an envyin invitation on


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