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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 3, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail, or go to our website, harvey: the objects people choose to keep in their home define who they are. this is... i told my wife i want the trophy right here in my hands when they bury me, man. it's my favorite thing ever. harvey : i'm harvey levin, this is the story of the brash, loudmouth, fight promoter from boston, who's risky business venture turned mixed martial arts into one of the most lucrative and entertaining sports in the world. ( shouting ) defending 150 pound champion of the ufc! harvey: dana white grew up raising hell. i got arrested in vegas for fighting and up in maine, and massachusetts. ( chuckles ) i forgot about massachusetts. harvey: it took a chance encounter with one of america's most notorious underbosses for dana to finally pursue that dream.
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dana: so there was a guy named whitey bolger, he said to me, you owe us money. i literally hung up the phone and got a one way ticket to vegas. harvey: and it was there dana built his empire by partnering with two high school friends to buy a mixed martial arts league on the brink of bankruptcy which they turned into a multi-billion dollar company. ( indistinct shouting and cheering ) harvey: dana has made his fair share of friends and enemies along the way, but he's not about to switch up the game plan that got him here. he trusts his gut. anybody who follows what they love, i believe that you're gonna be successful at it. harvey: dana white, one of the most successful and confident sports moguls in america, who's never been one to shy away from a good fight. - dana. - what's up my friend? - it's so good seeing you. - good to see you too. okay, i have never been to this facility. it is shocking. it is one of the nicest facilities. when did you build it? dana: it turned out well, we moved in last year.
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little over a year ago. harvey: that's what $4 billion gets you, doesn't it? - it's amazing. - dana: yeah. so, we're gonna learn about your life - through objects you've chosen to keep. - all right. i am awe struck by that saber tooth. explain it to me. yeah, so, about 2008, 2009, when the economy crashed, i saw that that thing was available from a museum down in dallas. you know, museums were running out of money and they started auctioning off some real stuff, and i had to have it. harvey: they're aggressive animals. dana: they are aggressive animals. harvey: you're pretty aggressive too. i can be aggressive. and you were pretty aggressive growing up. yeah, you know, i've always been an aggressive person. i think, you know, when you're younger the aggression is kinda negative, but as you get older and-- you know, grow up a little the aggression is a positive thing. so you had kind of a turbulent early part of your life. - your parents divorced. - yeah. your dad was a firefighter, but there were problems. yeah, my dad was a big drinker, partier, you know. my dad was one of those guys that, uh...
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you know, partying meant more to him than hanging out with his kids. so he kind of ignored you. oh, yeah, yeah. there were days that my sister and i would-- he was supposed to pick us up and take us to the movies or hang out with us, whatever, and he would never show up and we'd just be sitting out on the bench waiting for him, you know? or he'd come over and show up so drunk that we wouldn't want to go with him. was he abusive when he lived with you? yeah, yeah. he was, uh, you know, typical alcoholic that drinks too much, yeah. he wasn't fun to be around. and there was really no relationship after you grew up? yeah, i don't have a relationship with my dad. um, you were... i don't want to say a bad kid, but you had your share of trouble. yeah, i did. i was a bad kid. i'd get into lots of trouble, got caught at pretty much everything i did and i wasn't a big school guy - i didn't like school. - harvey: you hated school. i hated school, i hated everything about school.
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i hated the structure of it, i hated studying, i hated the teachers, i hated everything about it. so, you went to catholic school, your mom sent you to catholic school. - dana: i did. - harvey: and you got expelled. dana: i did, i did. i got kicked out twice. harvey: how's that? i got kicked out for fighting. i got in fights, uh... it's funny because vegas back then, there were a lot of fights here from a young age. kids would fight after school, schools would fight other schools, um, and every weekend we went out there were fights in the park. um, yeah, there were a lot of fights in vegas. what were your dreams as a kid? so you're having trouble in school, you don't have the greatest relationship with your parents, so what are the dreams you have for yourself? um... i mean, i always knew, there were certain things when you're a kid that you know-- i've always wanted a beach house, i always wanted a ferrari, and i always wanted to be in the fight business. - and you knew that-- - period! you knew that from a young age.
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from a young age, i knew it. why? i don't know, i've always been fascinated by fighting, you know, from boxing to bruce lee movies, chuck norris, any type of martial arts, but at one point, boxing completely consumed my life, it was everything to me. you were arrested for fighting at times. yeah, i got arrested in vegas for fighting, and up in maine, and massachusetts. - oh, and massachusetts. - ( laughter ) - yeah, i forgot about . - massachusetts any other states? - yeah. - any other states? - no, that's it, that's it. - ( harvey laughs ) was it-- was the dream that you were going to be a fighter? - um... - or that you were going to be a business man - of the fight business? - no, no, it wasn't a business man and it wasn't a fighter, it's that i was gonna be in the business. that i was gonna be in the fight business. one way or another. it just-- it's what my passion was. where are we? dana: so this is the performance institute. they have everything here. so they have cardio, there's a cold plunge in here,
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there's an underwater treadmill. this right here is a chamber, you go in there and work out in altitude, and that thing goes as high as, i believe, 12,000 feet. harvey: and this is where fighters train. dana: this is where fighters come in here, they train for free, um, all their supplements are free, there's a restaurant over here, they eat for free, um, that's physical therapist back there. all the physical therapy is free. everything is free if you're under contract with us. um, tell me what that is. so, this is a picture of me at the boston harbor hotel. that's prince phillip, he was visiting the hotel. - i'm this guy. - harvey: how can that be you? dana: come on, i'm the young looking guy. ( laughs ) so, you barely graduated high school. - right. - what was the game plan? well, when you barely graduate high school you gotta get out there and get a job. - yeah. - and i started as a bouncer in boston. i worked at a irish bar called the black rose. harvey: were you good at it? uh, downtown-- i was too good at it, i got fired for it. - ( laughs ) - why? - i got fired for fighting, again. ( chuckles ) - oh, god. - geez. - and from there i got me a job at ej paving. you were pouring asphalt.
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the hardest job i've ever had in my life. from there i went to the boston harbor hotel and i was a bellman there. so, you're doing fine as a bellman, and then you have an epiphany. every morning when i woke up, and drove to work, i hated it. i hated going to that job, i hated everything about it, and one day i'm just-- they would make us post up and stand up against the marble like this, and i'm standing there going, "what am i doing here? why am i doing this?" i literally walked off, was walking out the front door and i ran into a buddy of mine and he said, "what's going on? what are you doing?" i said, "i quit." i swear to god, i said, "i'm gonna get into the fight business." he goes, "that's the dumbest thing i ever heard in my life." - ( laughs ) - dana: and, uh.... - you ever talk to that guy? - oh, we talk all the time. he's like, "thank god you didn't take my advice." right. - so you became an amateur fighter. - yes. - what was your record? - not good. ( laughs ) i would never take it back, i'm so happy i did it, you know, it was part of the evolution of this because it's hard to relate to these guys and what they do if you've never been there and done it. - right. - and i've done everything in the fight business
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except... um, i've never judged a fight. your first success really came as a boxercize instructor. we weren't boxercize instructors, we taught boxing classes, that's what we did, for-- harvey: for housewives, and business men. - exactly. - harvey: and it caught on, and it did well. - yes, did really well. - harvey: so what happened? what happened was, in boston, at that time there was a guy named whitey bolger who ran the town. harvey: he was a mob boss. dana: yeah, and he had guys under him, and one of the guys was kevin weeks and they showed up at one of my classes one day, him and another guy. they walk right into my class, like, "we need to talk to you. you owe us money." and i was like-- no, no, before he said that he said to me, "you know who i am?" - you knew it was the mob. - yeah. they said, "you got till tomorrow to pay $2,500." and i said, "i don't have $2,500." they said, "you better get it. you better find it."
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and, uh, i literally hung up the phone, picked it back up and called delta and got a one way ticket to vegas. i left everything, and then maybe, six to eight months later, they started digging up all the bodies at the beach and whitey fled and all that stuff started going down. so you moved to vegas and you become a big hit with aerobics. boxing fitness it was called. so, i taught classes at the clubs, they were huge, packed. - harvey: like 150 people. - dana: yeah, packed, yeah. then i had a gym where i took people in and trained them private lessons. they took private lessons, and i used to have these boxing clinics that i would do every five weeks. so, um, a turning point in your life as i understand it came in the mid 90's when you went to a wedding and you ran into an old high school friend. i show up at the wedding and lorenzo fertitta approaches me. and he's like, "hey, what's up? how you been?" and we start talking. and he's like, "i heard you're boxing." and i said, "yeah."
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and he says, "well, i just got into the nevada state athletic commission." he says, "let's get together, i'd like to train." i said, "awesome." so that monday, him and his brother frank show up and, uh, they started training with me and we've literally been together ever since. my understanding is, it went from boxing to mma because of a limp bizkit concert. yeah, so frank and i were at the hard rock. limp bizkit was playing that night, and i saw this guy jon lewis. and jon lewis was the first guy to have a brazilian jiu-jitsu school in town here - and he was a ufc fighter. - harvey: right. so frank says, "yeah, that's that ufc guy." he goes, "i've always wanted to learn ground fighting." and i was like, "me too." so, we set up an appointment, told lorenzo, lorenzo came too on monday, the rest is history. we started training, we fell in love with it, we met bj penn, we met chuck liddell, tito ortiz, you know, all these guys, that were stars in the ufc at the time, and we were blown away by how smart they are,
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um, what great athletes they are, what good people they are. so, you have a successful boxing aerobics class, living in vegas, and you're making money. - right. - were you satisfied? you know, i-- ( stammers ) yeah, i loved what i was doing, but it was always about what's next, what's next, what's next? even today. what's next? i'm always looking at what's next. so, 2004. ufc was still failing. and you were 44 million in debt. - right. - so, what turned it around?
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harvey: this is the fruits of your labor here. this is the octagon. you know what's crazy, it's true because when we bought the ufc what we really paid for as on old wooden octagon. - that was it. - the octagon was wood? yeah, it was an old nasty wood octagon. and when people would get slammed on it, there was no give because the thing would actually sit on concrete inside the arenas. let me take you back to 2000's. um, the ufc was failing. lorenzo fertitta and i have known each other since high school and when we reconnected in, like, '95
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we'd always said, let's do something together in the fight business, let's do something together. and i said, "the ufc's in trouble i just found out that these guys are going out of business and i think we can buy it and i think we should." but why did you think something that was failing could succeed? we were blown away by the fighters, how intelligent they were, how athletic they were. and we said, imagine if you market it this way and i just believed, could we be that off? could we be that wrong? i always felt like, not only could this thing be big, it could be big all over the world. and when you get into the culture of mixed martial arts and jiu-jitsu, and fighting, it's very addictive, and it almost becomes a lifestyle for a lot of people, and, uh, i felt it, i knew it, and i just had something in my gut that said this thing's gonna work. harvey: and you had to convince the fertitta brothers and you bought it for 2 million bucks. dana: exactly. what else does the ufc have to look forward to? basically, what we want to do is we want to make this the super bowl of mixed martial arts. we want to make it more fan friendly, we want to get the crowd involved in it,
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and we want to bring back the best fighters in the world. the ufc was being marketed as a super violent sport, that you could watch somebody possibly get killed, um, they were gouging people, they were-- what do you call it? fish hooking people with their mouths and ripping their mouths open. charles gibson: each match will run until there is a designated winner by means of knock-out, surrender, doctor's intervention, or death. was that why it was failing? um, yeah, that was part of it. and the guys who were running it at that time were very combative. we came in and said, "this many people wanna watch a freak show. this many people wanna watch a real sport." so we ran toward regulation, turning it into a real sport, and the reality was, these fighters aren't killers, these guys are great guys. they're incredible athletes, um, most of them have families. most of 'em graduated from college. so the way it was being marketed, it might have worked for the first couple of 'em, but that wasn't a good long term plan. the perception at some point was that
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a bunch of neanderthals get in an octagon. ( indistinct shouting and cheering ) and the reality is that you hired a lot of guys who are accomplished. i think you have a doctor fighting. you have a lot of college grads. dana: college graduates, guys who have written best-selling books for the "new york times," um, you know, and people who have gone on to do other things after their fight career. you know, there are a lot of fighters, men and women under the ufc umbrella. - good looking, does that help? - dana: right. it definitely helps. listen, at the end of the day, when you're in the fight business, you're looking for people who can fight. people who can fight, who are so good, that you know they're going to be a world champion some day or in the top five, right? now, if it ends up that they're really good looking. and they speak really well, too, now you got a home run. - um, can i give you my opinion? - yup. i think one of the reasons you've succeeded spectacularly is that pretty much everybody likes to watch a fight,
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but a lot of people are afraid to admit it. - dana: right. - harvey: and you made it entertaining. commentator: and he goes down! he's down! and chuck liddell is the new heavyweight champion - of the world! chuck liddell. - ( crowd cheers ) dana: thank you. i agree with you. fighting's in our dna. we get it and we like it and it's the truth. it's-- we are-- even as human beings, since the beginning of time, if you think of the most famous athletes to ever walk the face of the earth, none of them are more famous than fighters. since the beginning of time. you credit donald trump for helping the ufc succeed. dana: you know, when we started this thing and we're just talking about all the negativity that went along with it. venues didn't want us to come to their city and perform there. we were having trouble, you know, booking places. donald trump called, said, "love to have you down here in atlantic city." and not only did he invite us down, not only did he cut us a great deal to come there. he showed up for the first fight of the night and stayed till the last fight.
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how do you feel about tonight? this is pretty exciting. it's been very exciting, amazing. are you a big fan? well i'm a fan, and i'm becoming more of a fan. we have 13 or 14,000 people tonight. so 2004, um, ufc was still failing. and you were 44 million in debt. right. harvey: so, what turned it around? so, at the time, reality television was huge, and we tried to figure out how do we capitalize on reality tv, yet it's the fight business. nobody wanted to do it. so the fertitta's said, "forget it, we'll do it ourselves. we'll do everything ourselves." so we financed the thing ourselves which was around $10,000,000 and we came out with what we believed would be our reality show, "the ultimate fighter." gentlemen, you have a very unique opportunity. many fighters from all over the world dream of someday fighting in the ufc, two of you actually will.
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over the next 50 days, two legends in the world of mixed martial arts will be instrumental in deciding who wins the ufc contracts. harvey: and it was a huge hit. fair to say that the turnaround that made it a massive hit was one of the fighters peeing in another fighter's bed. is he coming? you know what? i didn't take a leak on his bed, i spritzed. oh there it goes, let's rub it in. there's a difference, it's a little ( buzzing ), just a little, you know, a little sprinkle, a little, "hey--" dana: that was the first episode, you're right, yes. when you get a bunch of grown men in a house together, they're all gonna fight each other at some point. yeah, it's an interesting dynamic. harvey: so, 2016 you sell this for 4 billion dollars. dana: 4.025 billion. that's-- when you get to four, who cares about the 0-2-5? - yeah, yeah. - chump change. apparently we did, because we negotiated - another .025. - ( laughter ) i read your cut was something like 360 million dollars.
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- right. - and that you flipped out and went into hiding. - i don't understand that. - yeah. yeah, i did. - i don't understand. - i'm very-- i'm a very routine person. i get up and i do the same workout, i eat the same things and then i go here, and i do... so i'm a very routine guy. and my whole world was, you know, so far from my routine it was crazy, and, uh, yeah, i don't know if i was ready to sell. how do you feel about it now? no, i'm pretty happy. - ( laughter ) - it all worked out! - yeah, really. - so, so, i talk to the fertittas everyday and, um, you know, i'm still an owner. yeah, i mean, it's all good. a few years back you told tmz there wouldn't be a female fighter ever. tmz reporter: when are we gonna see women in the ufc, man? - never. - tmz reporter: any time soon? - never? - never. yeah, that one came back to bite me in the ass a million times. - harvey: in the form of ronda rousey. - dana: yeah. here we go! tonight's fight clock! wow! right down!
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look at that! oh, man, tonight's fight brought to you by bud light, the perfect beer for whatever happens. ronda wants to make it happen quickly. yeah, she gave it there's the arm! ( shouting and cheering ) harvey: she changed it, didn't she? dana: oh, yeah, she changed everything. she changed me, um, she changed people's perception of women. she changed women's perception of women. she changed what little girls believe is possible i mean, uh... and she changed the fight game. this sport, this revolution, together we have redefined what it means to be strong, to be sexy, we changed what it means to fight like a girl. ( crowd cheers ) conor mcgregor, kind of your muhammad ali. yeah, definitely. i ridiculed everyone on the roster and i just wanna say from the bottom of me heart, i'd like to take this chance to apologize, - to absolutely nobody! - ( crowd cheers )
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the double champ does what the ( bleep ) he wants! dana: he's my ali, he's my tyson. yeah, he burst onto the scene and i knew, the minute i sat down and had dinner with him that this kid was gonna be a star. i didn't know if he'd be able to fight, and i didn't know if he'd be able to win a title, but i knew he was going to be a star. harvey: lorenzo fertitta said... if i had gone out and bought the ufc and went out and hired a harvard mba, or some guy that ran a big corporation, we would have been toast a long time ago. dana was the perfect fit. that's high praise for you. - yeah, that was nice of him. - that's high praise for you. sometimes passion beats education even. it does, it absolutely does. i believe that anybody who follows what they love and what they're passionate about to do, i believe that you're gonna be successful at it. i truly do. you are fiercely loyal to donald trump. i'm never going to say anything bad about donald trump, ever. i am very good to the people that are good to me.
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rachel: oh, uhh... today my boss treated the office to salad wraps. sam: mmm, salad wraps. rachel: i know. this room is remarkable. thank you, nobody's seen this room except for my inner, inner circle, yeah. this room i built because i can't travel to all the fights like i used to. so, i used to-- i went on a 12 or 13 year run where i didn't miss a fight all over the world, so i built this room. so in here, i can talk directly to the truck no matter where we are in the world. i watch the fights here, i got a chef in the other room, he cooks me dinner and i sit in here and watch the fights and i talk to the truck and run the entire production from here. harvey: the truck where the control room is. - right. - okay, so this chapter of your life is about allies and enemies. tell me about this. so this is an email from mark cuban who used to be an enemy and became an ally.
7:31 pm
when this thing started to take off, everybody and their brother got into the business, and cuban was one of them. so you're actually a fan of mma, right? oh, yeah, oh, yeah. i'm not gonna get involved with something unless i like it, and so, i started watching back five years ago maybe when wec was on hdnet and that's what got me into it, and so we just continued to expand. dana: so, somehow he connects with randy couture. - harvey: the fighter. - dana: yes. and randy couture is trying to get out of his ufc contract and basically trying to cast me as the devil. and all these horrible things, you know, that i've done, - and all this stuff. - to get out of the contract, so that he could go with mark cuban's... yeah, with cuban and another group. it didn't work out, you know, so he ends up staying with the ufc. harvey: and you were pissed off at mark cuban for trying to take him away. well, it's just like, you know, i'm not gonna do business with cuban. so during this, me and cuban are at a nightclub called tryst at wynn and he's there, and you know, we kind of get up on the stools
7:32 pm
and kind of start going at each other. - harvey: for real? - oh, yeah. so we get into it at tryst. and then the whole court case happens, we win. august 19, 2010, i get an email out of the blue from mark cuban. it says, uh, just write you a check for a million dollars so we can get past this. so then i respond to him, "2 million is what-- " ( laughs ) i said, "2 million is what you cost me." ( harvey laughs ) and? so cuban, we ended doing a deal for 2 million bucks and not only did we start doing business with cuban, but cuban has become a good friend of mine and i like and respect him very much. so, you once said, "you want to be my friend, i'm the best friend you could ever have. you wanna go the other way? i'm for sure, the worst enemy you could ever have." that is true. i am very good to the people that are good to me. and, uh, yeah-- i can go the other way, too.
7:33 pm
if you don't want to be my friend, then we can definitely be enemies. i'm good with that too. on the friends side, you are fiercely loyal to donald trump. yes. yes. even before there were any presidential talks or any of that stuff, donald trump was one of the guys who also started to get into mma. for over 15 years, donald trump has been a loyal and supportive friend. and i know that if i needed donald, he would be there for me just like he was when i first met him. i'm never gonna say anything bad about donald trump, ever. ever, ever, ever. that guy gave us our start when nobody would talk to us. nobody-- no arenas wanted us. this guys reached out and he's always been a friend to me. the guy's always been a friend to me. donald trump has never done anything remotely negative to me ever. except try to compete with me. i'm not gonna say anything negative about him and i never have. the biggest feud may have been with a guy
7:34 pm
that you first managed, tito ortiz. they look at us as just slaves for you, man. that's what it comes down to, that's all they care-- dana: that's what all these guys feel like, slaves. huh? these guys are competitors who come in here who want to prove that they're the best. some of them fight four, five times a year-- tito: because you're going to make them a superstar. because you're going to make them a superstar. because this is where they want to be. tito: that's your quote words. "i'm gonna make you a superstar." dana: no, you're the one that wants to be a superstar. these guys wanna be fighters, that's the difference. yeah, okay. dana: so tito and i at that point in both of our careers, we could just not get along. we could not get along. it was so bad that, um, i don't know if i've ever been... that at odds with anybody in my life like i was with tito. i have never heard in my career of the owner of a company, essentially challenging an employee to a fight. - i did not. - ah. - he challenged me. - you accepted. so in the new contract that he filled out,
7:35 pm
he did the contract with lorenzo 'cause he and i couldn't even be in the same room. he is the one that said, "i'll sign this if i can set up a boxing match with dana for three rounds." so lorenzo called me, i was like... - harvey: you said yes. - absolutely. - ( harvey laughs ) - do it. yes. i trained for it. i brought in, like, real guys. i spent serious time really training for this fight and i was absolutely gonna do it. - he blinked. - he did, he blinked. and i'm pretty sure he's admitted that he did. but he basically sent me a text that said i'm gonna let you off the hook. could you have won? yeah, i would have won. i absolutely would have won that boxing match. he knows it too, that's why we didn't box. you have, um, been fiercely loyal to a lot of your fighters. at the same time, when you feel they're not up to par, you have sometimes berated them on twitter and just talked about how boring they were, - how bad they were. - dana: right. harvey: kind of pissed people off. right. well, guess what? this isn't the fun business, this isn't-- you don't get to go out
7:36 pm
and just, you know, put on a terrible performance and act like you, you know, just did something incredible. this sums it up: they broke a record tonight. the least punches ever thrown and the crappiest fight you've ever seen. it was 130 punches, they threw 60, okay? so that's how bad the fight was. and the guys that i went after, you know, and the guys that i did that to, if you watch their performances and what happened that night, most of them deserved it. you, um, are the face, and in many ways the mouth of ufc. i mean this respectfully, in some ways you remind me of those barkers outside of a strip club. 'cause you're just unrelenting that way. oh, believe me, i've heard that one before. oh, really?
7:37 pm
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okay, tell me about the guitar. so, growing up and still today, i'm a huge beastie boys fan and this is signed by all three of the beastie boys. i got it at the tony hawk auction. harvey: and i've seen other guitars you have from other celebrities, too. dana: yeah, so i'm a big "peppers" fan too, - the red hot chili peppers. - harvey: yeah. dana: and anthony kiedis is a good friend and a huge ufc fan. he's such a fan that even the stuff that we do on fight pass, he'll be on the road, he'll watch in on his phone or on his computer, he watches everything. and those are actually flea's bass guitars spun by damien hirst. you love being a celebrity. um, listen, being a celebrity has its ups and downs, but what i love, what i would say that i love more is, when i got out, you know how most people get bothered
7:42 pm
by people coming up to them. people come up to you at dinner. i'd never say no to people though. i'm just as happy to meet them as they are to meet me. tell me about partying, partying with celebs. i mean that's part of your dna just like fighting is. yeah. well, especially when i was younger, i can't party the way i used to, but, yeah, i've partied with tons of people. um, but i like hanging out, i like hanging out with people that i actually really like. i don't just hang out with a celebrity 'cause he's a celebrity. i've known you now for a number of years. and i knew you before you came upon this huge windfall of money. - right. - harvey: i mean you were doing well, - but not like this. - right. i don't think you've changed. - thank you. - harvey: i mean, honestly, you seem like the same guy to me. you know what's the most important thing in the world to me? people i knew 30 years ago still say that. that's important to me. you are the face and in many ways the mouth
7:43 pm
of ufc. i mean this respectfully: in some ways you remind me of those barkers outside of a strip club that's just... - dana: right. - harvey: ...trying to get people in - under the tent all the time. - dana: oh, yeah. ( shouting ) the reigning, defending, 155 pound champion of the ufc, the notorious conor mcgregor! harvey: 'cause you're just unrelenting that way. dana: oh, believe me, i've heard that one before, um... - really? - oh, yeah. me and joe rogan, you know, we're pumping up the fights, but that's what we do. part of what make you stand out, is, um, colorful language. what's your favorite word? ( bleep ) is my favorite word, yeah. ( laughter ) yeah, yeah, i love it, it is absolutely my favorite word. lorenzo just sent me a hoodie today as a gift, and it's yves saint laurent, it says, "( bleep ) creative." - ( laughs ) - is what the hoodie says. and, uh, yeah, it's my word.
7:44 pm
you are famous at places like the palace station casino. - dana: uh... - ( harvey laughs ) yeah, i've hung around there a couple times. and blackjack's your passion. i love playing blackjack, but i love to win. and there's obviously super highs and super lows when you're playing. i was playing when-- you can ask my wife, i was playing that stuff when i was broke. i have a trophy, and because i'm a celebrity, they invited to play in this $250,000 winner take-all, i think it was like a 54 man tournament. long story short, i make it to the last table, and you can feel the tension. - i won. - wow. i won the whole tournament, and i won $250,000, won the tournament, and the trophy sits in my office, and i swear to god, you know how when you pass away and you're in the coffin, i told my wife i want the trophy right here in my hands when they bury me, man.
7:45 pm
it's my... it's my favorite thing ever. i'm undefeated. i don't like religion, i think religion is dangerous, all religion is dangerous, and i think it's all bad, and uh, it should probably all go away.
7:46 pm
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7:49 pm
harvey: first of all, this garage is ridiculous. it's like a car show room. is this yours? my youngest son's 16th birthday is coming up and, uh, this is the car i bought him. it's a land rover defender. harvey: you're giving this to a 16-year-old kid? dana: i'm giving it to a 16-year-old kid, yeah. this is the car i want him to drive. harvey: so, you met your wife anne in the eighth grade. dana: yeah, we met in the eighth grade and then we were really good friends all through high school. and there were a lot of women in between, how'd you end up with your eighth grade friend? dana: when i came back from boston, she picked me up at the airport and we've been together ever since. - really? - yeah, it'll be 23 years this november. she's deeply religious. she's deeply religious. yeah, she's very catholic. you said, um, "i don't believe in god, the devil, ghosts, or any of that ( bleep )." ( laughs ) exactly. listen, i say some things that she doesn't love all the time. i don't like religion, i think religion is dangerous. all religion is dangerous. i think it's scary and it's dangerous
7:50 pm
and i think it's all bad and it should probably all go away. you can believe in whatever you want to believe in in life and the afterlife, but religion is dangerous. you're a very public person - and i never see annie out. - right. - she's very private. - yeah, so, she's the typical italian, you know, always with her family and her kids. that's it. that's all she cares about. she's not one of these wives that are trying to jump in front of the camera or get on social media, or any of that stuff, she's pretty private. - you have three kids. - three kids. - two teenage sons and a daughter. - yup. harvey: how involved of a dad are you? very involved, yeah. you know, people always ask me, "what do you want to be remembered for?" you know, "when it's all over in your career, what do you want?" i don't really care about any of that stuff. what i did for work means nothing.
7:51 pm
when it's all over and you're laying there and you're going somewhere else. it's about what your kids get up say, and what they thought of ya. at the end of the day, that's your real legacy, your job isn't your legacy. is part of that because your dad was absent? i'm sure a big part of that is, yeah. i'm sure. i definitely said that i would never do that to my kids, absolutely. - harvey: you oldest son, dana, is heavy into football... - dana: mm-hmm. and you know what people are saying about football and brain injuries. does it worry you? - no. not at all. - harvey: how come? because that's what he wants to do that's his passion, that's what he loves. um, everything is dangerous. your ride to the airport tonight is going to be dangerous. thanks. ( chuckles ) you can't live your life like that. you can't live your life like that. you gotta do what you love to do. whatever gets you out of bed in the morning, go for it. how about your daughter? she wants to play football, she's like my third son. um, she's into gymnastics, she's really good at it and, uh, yeah, me and my daughter have a blast. my daughter is one of my favorite people to hang out with. so, you're dad was an alcoholic
7:52 pm
and abusive, possibly partly because of the alcohol - mm-hmm. - harvey: and you don't drink a whole lot. - no. - does it worry you that without seeing the down side of drinking and drugs - because you haven't really done it... - yeah. ...that it exposes them a little bit. it does, and i think about that a lot. my kids are gonna have a completely different set of issues than i had growing up because they have a completely different life than i had. my favorite dana white story... tell me. my favorite dana white story is: you lived in a development where there's a homeowners association and you had a pool that was way too big. a lagoon, waterfalls, and they said, "we're gonna fine you $2,000 a month - unless you remove it." - dana: yeah. harvey: and you did what? i said you're gonna have to send a cruise missile back here to take this pool out, it ain't happening. - ( laughs ) - i built this pool for my kids. and, uh, i got into a huge beef with these guys for a long time and i won. well, my understanding was you just kept paying the $2,000.
7:53 pm
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so, pretty much, every fighter is on this board, what is this? yeah, so this is the war room.
7:57 pm
every fighter here who's ranked in every weight class in the top 15. these are all the arenas we're doing this year. where we've been, how much gate we did, what we're expecting for gate. this is my dana white tuesday night contender series, all the fights that are coming up this summer for that. this is where i spend most of my life, is in this room staring at these walls. figuring out who's who, what's what, and who's gonna fight, and where they're gonna go, and who we think the next star could be and all that stuff. it's all done right here in this room. so, you now how have a five year contract with wme. ( grunts ) right. - you're pushing 50. - mm-hmm. how long are you gonna go? i love this, i'm just as passionate about it now as i was when i was younger. can i sit here right now and tell you what my future's going to be? i don't, but i love what i do, i love where i work, i love the people i'm doing it with. sounds pretty good to me. you are battling a really kind of insidious disease called ménières, which is an inner-ear issue that causes vertigo and tinnitus and all sorts of things.
7:58 pm
um, how does that affect your life? a lot, um, especially the last several years. and since january i've been hurting bad because i was going out to germany and getting these shots that stopped working, so i had to figure something else out. so i went to the mayo clinic down in arizona and there's a guy named doctor weisskopf down there. he gave me these injections and have completely fixed me and saved my life again, man. the guy's incredible and a lot of people who suffer from ménière's commit suicide. that's how bad this is. it's uncontrollable vertigo, ringing of the ear, and he's the man. changed my life, again. - you're doing better. - much better. i'm back. that's great. you don't like sleeping. no, so i-- especially younger, i didn't get much sleep when i was younger. i wish that we didn't have to sleep, i would love that. you know, they're talking about all the bad things that not sleeping does to you,
7:59 pm
but i've never been a guy who's needed a lot of sleep. how much do you get? more than i used to. i used to live on four or five hours back in the day, now i get six or seven. you were talking about making noises - going into boxing. - yeah. - i thought boxing is more on the decline, - right. ufc's on the upswing. why? yeah, because i feel like there's a lot of big fights that could be made out there. i feel like i could make a difference. and i feel like i could do a good job. i'm doing something. i don't know what i'm doing yet, but i'm doing something. i'm gonna make a move here soon and we'll see how it works out. so, you are a very rich man, incredibly successful. you've built a brand that's about as strong as anything in the world. what's motivating you now? i still look at what's next. this sport isn't the biggest sport in the world, it's not bigger than the nfl in the united states and around the world. and there's just so much more to do, and i believe that i'm the guy to do it. dana, i am so impressed with you
8:00 pm
and i really appreciate the time. it's so interesting hearing the life story of somebody who wasn't handed something and what you've done is awesome. thank you, buddy, i appreciate it. - thank you so much. - likewise. >> was he a lifelong hoarder or a shrewd collector? the answer lies inside this salvage yard filled with rusty old cars. >> did you know how many cars grandpa had? >> the locals say it's a worthless eyesore. >> whoo-hoo! >> his grandson calls it an "iron gold mine." [ auctioneer calling ] which is the truth? we're about to find out. >> sold it! [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] >> i'm jamie colby, and i'm just driving in to enid, oklahoma, which is about 90 miles north of


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