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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 9, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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phares are among our guests. you can catch "bulls and bears" at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. thanks lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stores rise. president trump hosting the amiro qatar at the white house today amid the u.s. standoff with iran. will the president push him on tehran and the nuclear escalation. cheryl: clash on capitol hill as lawmakers get ready to argue the census citize citizenship q. we are live in washington. cheryl: president trump's attempt to for force pharmaceutl companies to include drug prices in ads.
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the issue of healthcare a key concern for voters in 2020. cheryl: the champions return, team usa back home following a second straight world cup victory. they're not headed to the white house today. how democrats are taking a veiled penalty shot at president trump. it is tuesday, it is july 9th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ we're up all night for good fun. ♪ we're up all night to get lucky. ♪ we're up all night to get lucky. ♪ we're up all night to get lucky. ♪ we're up all night to get lucky. ♪ we're up all night to get lucky. cheryl: we're going to get lucky today with these markets, i don't know. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. let's take a look at how your money is moving. u.s. futures are moving to the
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downside. the dialogue has changed about the size and timing of this rate cut. dow down 112 points. cheryl: we are seeing bond prices actually moving a little bit -- actually we're seeing weakness in bond prices right now. the yield is at 2.06%. cheryl: watc2.06 basispoints. another rough tumble day for asian markets. that's kind of leading the global story. all of those major indices except for the nikkei, which had a slight gain, shanghai definitely down again. lauren: european markets trading like this, to the downside. the dax, the biggest loser, down 159 points, that's 1 and a quarter percent. president trump is set to meet with qatar's amir this afternoon at the white house as tensions in iran and with iran continue to he's escalate. tehran is threatening to a take further steps to breach the 2015 nuclear accord if it doesn't
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receive relief from u.s. sanctions. cheryl: the iranian parliament is also expected to approve a measure to charge a toll to friendships passing through the strait of hormuz. president trump spoke yesterday with france's president to discuss the issue. france is heading a diplomatic representative to iran today. lauren: a federal appeals court in nor cleanin new orleans wille constitutional at thiity of the affordable care act. this lawsuit could jeopardize healthcare for more than 20 million people. cheryl: democratic presidential candidate joe biden appearing on cnn last night, said that obamacare should be expanded, not tossed out. >> starting over would be i think a sin. the idea you're going to come along and take the most significant thing that happened
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that any president has tried to do and got done and dismantle it makes no sense to me. cheryl: the ruling that it is unconunconstitutional would liky send the case back to the supreme court during the heart of the 2020 presidential campaign. joe biden making sure that he's against medicare for all. lauren: a federal judge struck down a new rule that would have forced pharmaceutical companies to include the wholesale prices of their drugs in ta tab tv ads. cheryl: the ruling coming as president trump is preparing an executive order to lower prescription drug prices. we've got hillary vaughn with more from capitol hill. hillary, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. the president wants to drive drug prices down so he is weighing an executive order to make that happen. congress has been holding hearings on capitol hill, talking to pharmaceutical executives about the problem of
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rising prescription drug costs but the president doesn't want to wait for them to act so he is considering pushing through a favored nations claus clause tht would let the u.s. pay the same rate as other countries for the same exact drug. the president yesterday pointed out his drug glair who ha czar n working to fix the pharmaceutical industry. >> second alex azar, i'm proud of you. >> reporter: the president says the time line for the executive order will be, quote, very soon but no details on if this would apply to every drug on the market and how it would be enforced and also if this action would throw a wrench in congress' efforts to push forward their own reform plans to reduce drug prices. lauren and cheryl. lauren: thank you very much. congress plans to move forward with criminal contempt proceedings against attorney general william barr and wilbur
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ross. they're accused of defying subpoenas for documents regarding the citizenship question on the 2020 census. cheryl: garrett tenney is live in washington with all of the details. >> reporter: no specific date as of now. the house returns from the 4th of july recess today and speaker nancy pelosi is suggesting that contempt vote will come soon. in a letter to her colleagues, pelosi reminded them that last month the house oversight committee voted to hold the attorney general and commerce secretary in contempt, four defying subpoenas for documents that would shed light on the real reason the administration added a citizenship question. we will be moving forward in the whole house soon. earlier in the day, pelosi suggested democrats will continue to investigate the origins of the citizenship question and said president trump's renewed push to include it in the 2020 census is disgraceful, even after the supreme court's ruling. >> you know the hat, make
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america white again. they want to make sure that people, certain people, are counted. it's really disgraceful. and it's not what our founders had in mind and it's not what we can decide who we are as a as a people. >> reporter: the attorney general has been meeting with his team and the president to try to find a way to get the citizenship question onto the census and on monday bill barr said he is optimistic they will be able to make that happen. >> we've been considering all the options and i've been in constant discussions with the president ever since the supreme court decision came down and i think over the next day or two you'll see what approach we're taking. i think it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census. >> reporter: going back to the contempt vote for a moment, if it passes the full house, it sets up an interesting scenario where the attorney general's own justice department is tasked with considering the petition to
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hold him in contempt, so essentially deciding whether or not to go after charges against their boss. back to you. lauren: garrett, thank you very much. cheryl: all right. well, today senator bernie sanders and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez are expected to introduce a resolution that would declare climate change an official emergency. the resolution is going to call for a wide scale mobilization to combat the emergency and restore the climate for future generations. yesterday, president trump slammed democrats' green new deal. >> well, we're focused on practical solutions, more than 100 democrats in congress now support the so-called green new deal. i will not stand for it. we will defend the environment but we will also defend american sovereignty, american prosperity, and we will defend american jobs. cheryl: the president also said the green new deal would crush the dreams of the poorest
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americans. lauren: let's talk about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. a new government report says that would help lift 1.3 million american workers out of poverty but it would also eliminate at least that same number, 1.3 million jobs. that according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office. the house which is controlled by democrats plans to vote on the bill to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. however, the measure expected to fail in the republican-led senate. cheryl: all right. well, the controversial extradition bill in hong kong is dead. lauren: key language, dead. tracee carrasco has the details for us. tracee: following weeks of massive protests, hong kong's chief executive carrie lamb said the bill to he legalize extradition from hong kong to mainland china is dead but wouldn't say it has been fully withdrawn. lamb's reluctance to fully pull the bill might not satisfy the
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protesters. some are concerned the bill could still be resurrected. former president bill clinton is distancing himself from jeffrey epstein. clinton's spokesperson saying he knows nothing about the terrible crimes linked to epstein. epstein pleaded not guilty to charges of sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy alleging involving victims as young as 14. in 2002 and 2003 president clinton took four trips of epstein's private plane. they point out that clinton only had one meeting with epstein back in 2002. pepsico is out with earnings today before the opening bell. it's one of the first major companies to announce second quarter results. analysts are looking for a profit of $1.50 a share on revenue of $16.4 billion. the report follows a blow-about
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first quarter that pushed the stock to record highs on april 17th. "mornings with maria" will have all the numbers shortly after 6:00 a.m. this morning. today, how about free chick-fil-a? but there is a calf. it is cow appreciation day. that means you can get a free meal at chick-fil-a but you need to show up dressed like a cow or at least wearing a cow accessory. the big give-away goes from opening until 7:00 today. last year, nearly 2 million people showed up for the free food and that is what's happening now. lauren: have you guys ever seen someone dressed up at a cow? they do that every year. cheryl: we did the story last year. we had all those great pictures. tomorrow morning, we promise we'll have all kinds of people dressed up in cow out outfits. lauren: let's take a look at futures in the u.s. we have triple digit decline for the dow jones industrial average, down 127 points. the s&p is down 14 and-a-half. the nasdaq giving up 51 this
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morning. coming up, iran issuing new nuclear threats unless u.s. sanctions are lifted. so just how much longer can europe maintain its balancing act between the u.s. and tehran. and do you constantly argue with your coworkers about the temperature in your office? we agree. it's freezing all the time. now people want to ban air conditioning. the debate that is actually breaking the internet, coming up right here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
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no regime that chants death to america or death to israel will get a deal from this administration. [ cheering and applause ] lauren: white house national security advisor john bolton issuing a strong warning against iran but iran says it will take further steps to breach the 2015 nuclear deal in early september if it doesn't receive relief from crippling u.s. sanctions. let's bring in defense priority fellow and former marine captain, gil barndolar. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. lauren: what happens now. >> i think we're seeing the failure of this maximum pressure campaign. we, despite crippling sanctions, despite the iranian economy
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contracting, despite u.s. forced posture in the region, iran is doing the opposite of what we want them to do. lauren: so what does europe do and how do we get them in our attempts to make sure iran doesn't breach the deal and doesn't create a we upon. >> i think we need to talk. that's the end goal here. i think even the most hawkish voices on iran don't want to invade the islamic republic. that's disaster. i think limited military strikes bring on a whole spiral and are not going to stop an iranian push for a nuclear weapon. lauren: how do we talk? iran says they won't talk with the u.s. while we have sanctions on them. who can act as an intermediary. >> there's a lot. the qatari's in town right now. other european nations the germans potentially, we saw the japanese offering to take that role in the past. lauren: how close do you think
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iran is to a w weapons grade nur enrichment. how fast can they go from the 4.5% to 90% enrichment which is considered w weapons grade. >> they're more than a year away. it's pretty substantial steps. what they've done is limited reversible steps. they're trying to make a point and trying to les lessen the sanctions, to change the terms of the debate. lauren: if we have a year, gil? gil, what do we do? could we get ourselves into an unintended military conflict with loose lips or misreading one another's actions. >> i think we've got more than a year, probably. that's kind of the worst case scenario. but i think we need to be willing to accept reality and fully climb down here, which as people pointed out we've done
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that in north korea. we've accepted reality in north korea. we've got to be i think pretty realistic and sensible in terms of what we're willing to accept and what we're willing to go to war for and we're nowhere near that, we should be nowhere near point yet. i think the president's been pretty clear on that. lauren: gil, thank you very much. cheryl: let's take a look at u.s. futures. we're seeing a continuation of the selling that we had yesterday. investors around the world are watching the fed and the aggressive rate cut that wall street was looking for may not be happening. futures for the dow are down 123, s&p down 14, nasdaq down a 50 and three quarters. attorney general barr says president trump has the authority to add the citizenship question. is he right? how is the ag backing former special counsel robert mueller? and stranger things is a summer
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we've been considering all the options and i've been in constant discussions with the president ever since the supreme court decision came down and i think over the next day or two you'll see what approach we're taking. i think it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census. cheryl: trump administration said it will find a way to get the question of citizenship back onto the census but the road may not be easy for attorney general bill barr. the full house expected to vote on criminal contempt citations
5:23 am
against him and wilbur ross, quote, soon, according to fox news. herhere to break it down for us, criminal defense attorney david bruno. good morning. the president said, we can do a membememorandum, we can maybe dn executive order. they're still fighting to get the question onto the census. ills there a path for that? >> the roberts court said the reasons they're giving is a pretext t and we need to do more investigation about the motives. i think personally the memorandum or the executive order is not a good path right now. because look at what happened to the travel ban. the lower courts just came out and stayed it. and i think that's probably what we're going to see. i can't see this being an actual solution to the problem because they need to print these questionnaires quickly. cheryl: also, there's this thing about the doj. they changed the entire legal team that is dealing with the citizenship question.
5:24 am
isn't that really rare to have a complete legal team replaced at this moment? >> i think the rare part of the story is the type of lawyers that are coming in. because initially they had a specific unit dealt with these issues. is it rare? i mean, it appears that they're going to have to take a new direction here. cheryl: maybe that's the plan. i don't know. to get new guys in there. >> we don't know why exactly. is it because they refused to do it or is it because it's a tactic. we don't know the answer. cheryl: there could be in-fighting at the doj. this contempt vote, fox news reports it's going to be soon, this is a full house vote against -- could be criminal contempt against barr and ross. what do you make of that and how does the doj handle that if it's handed down. that's their boss they have to turn around and deal with. >> we saw it before in eric holder. in 2012 the house voted to hold him criminally in contempt too.
5:25 am
the congress only as oversight. they can't hold anybody in criminal contempt. it goes to the department of justice. cheryl: which bill barr runs. >> exactly. holder case, they said they reviewed it and we're not hold him in contempt. cheryl: this whole house vote -- >> it's going to happen, the department of justice will say thanks, but no thanks. cheryl: thank you, david bruno. >> one last thing, my sister is scheduled for a c-section this morning for twins and i want to send my sister kristie the best. we love you. cheryl: thank you again to you. good luck to your family. lauren: coming up, the war of words heating up between house speaker nancy pelosi and freshman democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez. it could backfire for the democrats in 2020. that's a question we're going to ask. team usa getting a heroes welcome home, but star megan rapinoe giving president trump
5:26 am
the cold shoulder. we have todd piro next with the details. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ a change. ♪ a change will do you good. ♪ will do you good. ♪ a change will do you good. ♪ i say a change. ♪ a change will do you good. ♪ will do you good. ♪ a change will do you good. ♪
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cheryl: let's get you caught up on global market action. investors continue to show their concern they're not going to get that aegress i've rate cut from the fed at the end of the month. dow is down 127, s&p down 14, nasdaq down 51. in europe, it is the same story, this is a global concern as you can see, all the european indices are in the red. in asia, which really these markets took a hit yesterday, still selling throughout the region except for the nikkei in japan which gained a slight fraction of a percent. lauren: elizabeth warren pulling ahead of bernie sanders and kamala harris on the fund raising front.
5:30 am
second quarter warren raised just over $19 million. that doesn't put her in the lead. former vice president joe biden did edge her out. he's got $21.5 million. but in first place is mayor pete buttigieg, $24.8 million. we asked, do fund raising dollars equal votes? let's bring in committee to defend the president, as in president trump, chairman ted harvey. ted, do any of those numbers we just showed surprise you? >> yes, they surprise me. you know, i come from highlands ranch colorado. our community is about the same size as south bend, indiana. we aren't even a town. we are a homeowners association. i think it's scary that the chairman of my hoa could run for president of the united states and out-raise three u.s. senators and the former vice president of the united states. that tells you how weak the democrat bench is, that mayor pete is leading fund raising in this effort and for joe biden who was in the senate for 38 years and the vice president of
5:31 am
the united states under obama has the greatest ro rolodex in e democrat party is out-raised by the mayor of south bend. that would be embarrassing to me. i think i would quit if i were him. lauren: these are just the second quarter numbers, we do want to point that out. mayor pete in the second quarter is on top. is wall street warming up to the fact that maybe if president he would be more moderate? are they also warming up to elizabeth warren? >> well, first off, i think it's important to point out that president trump in 24 hours raised exactly what mayor pete raised in the entire quarter. i think that wall street is actually more inclined to be following what the incumbent president of the united states is doing for our economy than what the democrat party is offering. i think what you're seeing is a bunch of pretty radical leftists that are running in the democrat party and they're splitting up the money and they're splitting up the votes.
5:32 am
lauren: president trump has certainly treated wall street well with stocks near record highs. let's move on to another topic. nancy pelosi, house speaker, gave an interview to the new york times. she went after some of the freshmen democrats including alexandria ocasio-cortez for not supporting a border bill. this became a thing on twitter and a aoc wrote this. i find it strange when members act through social -- act as though social media is not important. they set millions of dollars on fire to run television ads so people can see their message, going on to say, look, i do it for free on twitter. is this a generational and a political divide and does this hurt democrats in 2020? >> well, i think it definitely hurts democrats in 2020. that's why nancy pelosi is doing everything she can to try to show the american people that the democrats do support a secure border. but what the democrat party is now, they are now the party of open borders. they have a freshman legislator
5:33 am
that is leading the speaker of the house around by the nose and she's leading the democrat party around by the nose. the democrat party has now become an open borders, anti-law enforcement party and i think that's scary for america but if i were nancy pelosi, i would be worried about how that's going to impact their elections in 2020. the house -- democrats don't have many seats available to lose in the 2020 elections and she wants to be speaker moving forward. lauren: those older, experienced democrats basically unable to rein in the young voices from the radical left. ted harvey, thank you very much. >> thank you. god bless. have a great day. cheryl: chairman jay powell set to appear at a conference on the fed's stress test in boston today ahead of congressional testimony tomorrow and thursday plus fomc meeting the end of the month. let's talk about what we're going to hear from today, the speech from jay powell, everyone
5:34 am
will be looking for hints on what he'll say about potential rate cuts. what do you want to hear from him? >> well, we want to hear, as you said earlier, chick-fil-a is giving away sandwiches, we want him to confirm that he's going to be giving us at least a quarter point rate cut at this meeting coming forward. that's really what we're looking for at this point in time. cheryl: we are going to be getting a key read on inflation on thursday. that could certainly change and the meeting's not until the 30th and 31st. also, there's a lot of speculation that if they decide to cut rates, that signals weakness in the economy. isn't that something that you have to look at? >> well, certainly of. we've gowe've gotweakness comin. atlanta fed coming in the second quarter gdp at 1.3, down significantly from the first quarter. you've got average payrolls from last year down significantly. you take a five-month average of the last five months, we're down 35% from 2019.
5:35 am
we certainly have a slowing economy and we're looking for help from the fed at this point in time to a little bit reduce the inverted yield curve, to give us confidence in what we already see. i think the market's already pricing in the slowdown in the economy so far. we just want to make sure it doesn't slow to a stall speed at this point. cheryl: an inverted yield curve means there's concerns about a recession coming. we certainly hope not. we had a heck of a bull market over the last decade. want to ask about the testimony on capitol hill tomorrow. it's going to get political. the president has been so hard on jay powell, saying his rate cut policies have been bad for the country, the dow would have been 10,000 points higher if he hadn't made the moves he made. do you expect this to get a little heated for jay powell tomorrow and thursday. >> no question, this is going to get political. i think this may be a gift in july for powell at this point in time. you've got the march he get pricing in -- market pricing in the quarter point reduction. he doesn't want to get political
5:36 am
in the next year's election. he can give a gift to trump early and so that we can reduce the pressure on himself from the fed standpoint, give a gift to the market, give a gift to trump at this point in time to try to stay away from the political as expects. but of course tomorrow is political theater 101. cheryl: well, it will be good television nonetheless. investors will be watching. david, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you very much. lauren: richard branson's space unit is ready to take off. cheryl: tracee carrasco has all the details. tracee: the virgin ga lactic is going public, it would be the first listed firm with plans to put tourists into space. according to the wall street journal, they are planning to invest about $800 million in virgin ga lactic for a 49% stake. they expect the deal to provide enough capital to fund the business until the space ship
5:37 am
can operate and turn a profit. intakinstagram is offering new features. artificial intelligence will be used to determine if a post contains offensive language and warn the poster to reconsider. early tests have shown that some people have changed their comments after that warning. instagram is also testing a feature called restrict which allows users to limit interactions with those who target them. this comes following criticism about harassment on the platform. and season three of stranger things is breaking records. netflix announcing that since launching on the 4th of july, the latest season was watched in 40.7 households in its first four days and of course people are binge watching it according to netflix, more than 18 million households have already finished all eight episodes and that's what's happening now. cheryl: don't ruin it for me. i don't want to hear a word. haven't started. lauren: i haven't watched a single five minutes of the show.
5:38 am
don't hate me. cheryl: thank you very much, tracee. team usa is back home following a second straight world cup victory. democrats now inviting the champs to cap capitol hill in a veiled penalty shot at president trump. lauren: todd piro is here with more on we'll call it the cold shoulder the women's soccer team is giving the white house. good morning. >> reporter: doesn't et seem itm like this controversy is like all of us being in the upside down. lauren has no idea what that means. lauren: i do. cheryl: no spoilers. >> reporter: this controversy reaching a zenith following sunday's world cup win. it started back in january, following these comments from the woman who would score the championship clinching goal. >> are you excited about going to the white house. >> i'm not going to the [bleep] white house. no, i'm not going to the white house. we're not going to be invited. >> you're not going to be invited?
5:39 am
>> i doubt it. >> reporter: she is back in the u.s. with her team, doubling down on her anti-trump stance while saying a team visit to the capitol to see chuck schumer and nancy pelosi is what the victors want. >> we said publicly, i've said, i think most of the team -- not everybody -- i think everybody is with me. we don't want to go to the white house. thank you chuck schumer for inviting us out. we are happy to accept your invitation. >> reporter: president trump congratulating the women on their win, putting aside at least for the moment the firestorm surrounding rapinoe's vow never to visit the white house, while adding this. >> will you invite the women's team to the white house t soccer team? >> we haven't thought about it. we will look at that. >> reporter: going to be interesting to hear what if anything the players say about their potential dc travel plans tomorrow when the team parades up the canyon in downtown manhattan under a steady stream of ticker tape or as we call it
5:40 am
now, confetti. praise for the team is coming from both sides of the aisle, as you would expect for a win of this magnitude. lauren: todd, thank you very much. cheryl: excited for the parade with the confetti. lauren: there's the whole equal pay thing, which we think the president should just invite them, sorry. cheryl: a federal judge killed president trump's efforts to make drug prices transparent as obamacare faces a major test today. what is at stake for the administration? and millions of americans? and apple co-founder steve wouldwozniak has a warning for facebook users. it's pretty extreme. we've got that coming up. ♪ tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. ♪ tell me lies. ♪ tell me, tell me lies. ♪
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lauren: the trump administration heads back to court today in the latest effort to roll back parts of obamacare. what's at stake for the administration and for millions of americans? cheryl: dr. mark siegal is with us. good morning. >> hi, cheryl. hi, lauren. cheryl: it was thought to be a long shot but now obamacare is back in the courts. what happens, do you think? and is this really the best thing to actually get rid of obamacare completely, since the individual mandate is out of there? >> the individual man daylight t
5:44 am
of there because it was defunded by the new tax law and that's bringing a court challenge because the lawsuit is saying well, wait a minute, if this isn't there, then is the law constitutional? i think this argument's going to go all the way to the supreme court. i think the supreme court is going to argue on behalf of -- decide on the part of severability, meaning certain take chutestatutescan remain ano be removed. i don't think they're going to strike down obamacare despite the contradiction. roberts ruled on behalf of the constitutionality of obamacare because of the ability to have the individual mandate. i love that the individual mandate is gone. that was forcing my patients to buy a product that didn't always work for them, that had high deductibles, that had narrow networks. i want them to have more choices. so the idea that that clause is
5:45 am
gone makes the law more pallet aable tpalletable to me. lauren: as this goes back and forth between the attorneys and the courts on both sides, what happens to patients as they say, hey, whoever is in charge of the white house for the next four years, where does our healthcare coverage stand? >> that's a great point. i think that patients are at sea right now. you know why? the trump administration has come up with some really good ideas to take the place of being forced to buy this product that's extremely expensive. they have come up with more choices, more ideas. church groups, you might not have to cover contraception, right. guess what, that's being held up in the courts. medicaid expansion, extremely expensive. some states are trying to put in work requirements which i think is a terrific idea. why shouldn't we have methods to get people back to work, right? that's being held up in the courts. cheryl: we were talk about this in the commercial break. maybe states are going to step in, depending how this plays
5:46 am
out, to the supreme court. i've got ask you about a u.s. judge struck down the trump administration's rule requiring drug prices in tv ads. that was tran transparency and t was struck down. what do you make of that? >> i hate that that was struck down. that's the power of big pharma. we need to know what drug prices are. we need to know that foreign countries are paying less, we need to bring all of tha that d. that was a great idea, drug price transparency. i'm very disa appointed in the ruling. lauren: all the good options are being struck down. >> 90% are struck down by the courts. lauren: dr. siegal, thank you he very much. cheryl: this is something that i found kind of hard to believe. steve wozniak says you should drop facebook. tmz caught up with the apple co-founder who talked about his concerns over people's loss of privacy due to technology. wozniak said for some the
5:47 am
benefits of facebook are worth the loss of privacy. my recommendation to most people is you should figure off a way to get off of facebook. this may not be a problem fo for gen-z. most are not on facebook. lauren: up next, washington dc washed away, record-breaking flash floods soaking our nation's capital. we have unbelievable pictures. some areas getting a month's worth of rain in an hour. the dramatic rescues and recovery underway. in case you missed it, an epic finish to a historic home run derby in cleveland. that was just part of a busy few days in iowa. we have a preview of tonight's mlb all-star game, next on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i wish that i know what i know now when i was younger. ♪ i wish that -- starting here,,
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cheryl: dozens of drivers rescued after historic flash flooding slammed the dc metro area. up to half a foot of rain fell in just two hours. roads turned into raging rivers, knocking out power for thousands. torrential water carrying you away this foot bridge in alexandria, virginia. a vehicle submerged in parking garages, drivers scrambled to the tops of their cars. others abandoned them on flooded streets. look at this, a train plowing through a water fall, coming right through the ceiling. lauren: powerful image as president trump declares a state of emergency in california as it cleans up after two massive earthquakes. let's bring in meteorologist adam klotz with more on this and of course the forecast for the week. >> good morning. wild day of weather yesterday and really that big, heavy rain
5:52 am
across dc a little bit of a surprise. we knew there would be showers in tear ya. the area. as the system moved through, a really heavy round of rain lasting maybe only an hour but, boy, did they see a whole lot of rain. this is the path that one big cell took, pretty widespread, everything in the deeper red color, that is 6 inches of rain. you didn't have to go too far to fall into a couple of tenths of an inch of rain. a lot of rain really quickly, so we saw the flooding. temperatures up into the lower 70s to 80s across the south. this will be a spot to pay attention to. we have a heat advisory in place in dc, arkansas, mississippi. it's going to be hot, going to be a wild one. all the rain in the dc area has moved out. going to be able to dry out here. cheryl: adam, thank you so much. lauren: new york mets star pete alonso crowned the 2019 home run
5:53 am
derby champion, teeing up tonight's all-star game. cheryl: we have a preview live from progressive field in cleveland. abbey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you guys. it was a battle of the rookies last night in the final round. pete alonso versus vladimir guerrero, junior. alonso obviously taking it in the end, 23, 22, valiant effort from him. i had a chance to talk to him beforehand, asked him what he would do with that million dollar prize money. here's what he would have to say. >> if i were to win, i would donate 5% to the wounded war rior foundation and additional 5% to tunnels to towers. knowing they have to make the ultimate sacrifice there, are people that are making sacrifices every day abroad like keeping us free and there's people at home keeping us safe.
5:54 am
>> reporter: you love to hear that that is his answer to that and honestly well-deserved. he beat vladimir guerrero junior who set the record in a single round with 29. a lot of excitement last night, even more tonight with the all-star game. i talked to some of the guys. >> the talent level here is unbelievable. i think that's every year. the young wave of talent that you're starting to get every year, that's really special. >> you work really hard to put yourself in a position to be recognized in these type of things. when you're a young guy, coming to the first one, it's fun. >> reporter: what does it mean to be a rookie in this competition? >> i just feel blessed. it's crazy to be not just in the derby, but an all-star as a rookie, and i'm really happy with the impact i've had on my team. >> a game like this, you go out there, have fun and try to --
5:55 am
>> reporter: why is the all-star game different for you? >> i think just the uncertainty of my season to start. i missed the first couple he'lls and spring training was kind of a grind for me. to get to be on this team is really special. >> reporter: you got mike trout, you got a lot of veteran guys and some rookies. so should be a good battle. cheryl: abbey, thank you so much. great report from you. really enjoyed it. have fun out there. >> reporter: thanks, guys. cheryl: all right. we've got a lot more coming up. the debate that is breaking the internet. should air conditioning be banned? we're going to explain. and can drinking in your golden years add years to your life? one study says yes, drink up. keep it here, "fbn: a.m." ♪ if you're concerned about the destination. ♪ of this great nation -- $4.95. delivery drones
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♪ ♪ cheryl: hot outside in most parts of the country but air-conditioning can certainly help you cool you off. air-conditioning is sexist, user was saying that air-conditioning is sexist, there, we are all stupid, wrote another this one,
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if you are cold you can add more clothes and if you are hot, there's so much you can take off. lauren: drinking can help you live longer. knew study says people who drink occasionally had lower death rates, 8,000 adults, the others warning, however, more research is necessary, so don't go out and party at least not yet. cheryl: when you retire that's what you want to hear, i can live longer. >> moderation is key as long as what you do makes you happy even if it's technically bad. cheryl: futures down right now, dow down 120, s&p down 13 and a half, the nasdaq is down by 46 points and obviously a lot of this is the fact that investors are thinking we won't get
6:00 am
aggressive point. >> that does it for us, mornings with maria starts right now. maria: happy tuesday, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday july 9th, top stories just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, investors waiting on trade decision, federal reserve, jay powell will speak later today and testify wednesday and thursday, markets will be focused on that. dow industrials down 124 points right now, growing tensions with iran, tehran will ramp up enrichment of uranium. vice president mike pence says america will never allow iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. the cost of higher wages, yes, the cost, raising minimum wage to $15 an hour could lose jobs, find out why steve is weighing in, users should say good-bye to


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