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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 9, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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law firm to start this and the people responsible for this who abused their power. david: you can catch my show "bulls and bears" right here on fox business network. thanks for joining us. good night from new york. trish: the fight over the citizenship question on the census spiraling into a debate over racism. with nancy pelosi kicking it off. >> this is about keeping, you know, make america -- the hats? make america white again. they want to make sure certain people are counted. trish: the hat? and make america white again? come on. it's a little bit suspicious. congressional congresswoman ilhan omar under fire for embellishing a story neab
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attempt to smear our justice system. plus is queen elizabeth ready to hand over the reins to her son prince charles finally? "trish regan primetime" begins right now. house speaker nancy pelosi blasting president trump's push to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census. >> this is about keeping, you though, make america -- you know the hat, make america white again. they want to make sure certain people are counted. it's really disgraceful. and it's not what our founders had in mind. >> pelosi's criticism coming hours after far left congresswoman rashida tlaib
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called out pelosi for not supporting women of color in congress. she says you are not supportive enough of women, specifically minority women. and she is saying the make america great hat is about making america white again? tlaib didn't mince any word? >> is it about sit secondship? no. it's about reducing the number of people of color being counted in the census. that's what it's about. trish: deneen, is that what it's about? >> trish, what is wrong with these women? nancy pelosi should be ashamed of herself, what a disgraceful
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comment for this woman to make. with democrats, they are going to play the race card because it has to do with president trump. if it's not the race card, it's impeach or resist. they will find a way to interrupt and disrupt things. let's keep it simple. census is for to us know who is in our country, period. they have done it before. there is nothing new here. it's also a way to provide proper representation to our states among other things. for them to make this about race, nancy pelosi and anyone else who agrees with her, i find it down right disgusting and outrageous. >> we are talking about nancy pelosi and rashida tlaib and the people who are obviously against it. but why don't we talk about how the trump administration bungled one of their policy objectives.
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they politicized the citizenship question from the beginning. that's why the conservative majority court ruled against it. they came up with this rationale that the citizenship question would help enforce the voting rights act. trish: do you think it's about keeping america white again? >> if you look at the evidence, it seems that that went into it. the gerrymandering guru says it would dilute the votes of minorities and latinos. >> like i said, this is how democrats roll. anything to insert race and racism into something that's so simple as to citizenship in the united states. how in the world is this about race is beyond me. but the democrats have found a
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way to make it about race. trish: they want to motivate people to get out to vote because the economy is doing great. if we are sat peace in the world, what else are you going to use? the race card is one that has worked for them in the past. i want to turn to this story, a controversial woman, far left democrat ilhan omar who i have very little respect for after i have seen her behavior. she admits she may have flubbed the facts when she told high school student a tale of injustice that very interestingly -- i have got to hand it to her, she essentially mirrored the plot of les mis. omar was telling student that she witnessed a sweet sold
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african-american lady thrown in jail for a weekend for stealing a $ $2 loaf of bread to feed her starving 2-year-old granddaughter. she said the woman may have had a prior arrest. well, it turns out it wasn't all entirely true. perhaps she thought she was demonstrating something, that african-americans are more likely to be arrested for shoplifting, but does that warrant making up a big giant tale? >> propaganda at its best, trish. this is supposed to be a leader. this woman was at a high school telling this nonsense to student. she is trying to say that everything is back to racism again with democrats.
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i think people need to hold these members of congress accountable for their word and their actions because what they are doing is inciting anything, violence, racism against people, you name it. what they are saying is inciteful and it's dangerous and they need to be held accountable. she flat out lied. trish: kevin, is it okay to lie to get your point across? >> as much as this president lies. you want me to crush her forgetting a couple details wrong in the story which does have merit because she is highlighting a serious problem in the country. we are supposed to crush her for getting a couple details wrong? trish: do you like her? do you think she is helpful for you and the country? >> part of the rise of ilhan omar and rashida tlaib is they
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are anti-trump. trump helped create an environment in which people feel attacked. the anti-immigrant and xenophobic and anti-immigrant language. trish: i will remind you of something and think about this as we go into 2020. americans want something to vote for and not against. deneen, kevin, good to see you. insulting and harassing trump supporters. it's all too familiar a sight in this country. remember this woman who was cornered and egged? tonight, another horrific story. this man says he was attacked over the july 4 holiday because he was wearing a make america great again hat. one of the co-founders of apple taking on billionaire mark zuckerberg saying people need to
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drop their facebook accounts now. >> my recommendation to most of people is you should figure out a way to get off facebook. trish: i'm going to find out why. the far left in new york rolling out the red carpet for illegals. governor cuomo is signing a bill to hand out driver's licenses. my next guest is suing over it. he says not just anyone can come in and get a license like that. he's new york erie county clerk, he's here next. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills.
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trish: one of the nation's bluest states is rolling out the red carpet for illegal migrants. new york will now allow illegals to obtain driver's licenses. governor andrew cuomo has begun to aggressively court illegals. >> unless you are a native mayor can, you are an immigrant. you want to deport an
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undocumented person, start with me. i'm an undocumented person. the federal government has declared war on new immigrants. we are all immigrants. new york should be the progressive capital of the nation. give them the right to a driver's license if we pass a bill that winds up targeting undocumented, then shame on all of us. trish: why is he doing this? especially given the new poll showing the majority of new yorkers oppose driver's licenses for illegal migrants. why would you give a license to someone who is not here legally anyway. my next guest is opposing all that and he's bringing that fight to court. he's suing new york's governor andrew cuomo.
8:15 pm
the clerveg erie county, new york, welcome. walk me through this. you are saying this may not be constitutional? explain. >> sure. we as clerks are agents of the state. we process driver's licenses on behalf of the state. governor cuomo signed a law that was passed by the legislature that puts us in conflict with federal law. there is a supremacy law and i believe this violates the supremacy law of the constitution. if we give illegals driver's licenses we can be charged federally, and if we don't, we can be removed from office by governor cuomo. the county clerks of the state of new york met yesterday to support my lawsuit that was filed in western federal court, and we are looking to make our case based on the law and the
8:16 pm
facts. trish: this is always interesting to me, this federal versus states. i like to make sure we can keep power to the people within the state as opposed to a bigger and bigger federal government. but occasionally the states get a little crazy. where states want to be in sort of the total blatant violation of the law of the land, if you would. you are seeing that with sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. so if you are successful in this, can this theory be applied to other places say like california which is trying to say come one and come all and we'll make you legit. whether it's new york, california or anywhere in between. they are getting federal fund for a lot of programs within
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those states. >> this is a major issue. we believe based on our research we can challenge this all the way to the supreme court. we know they will fight hard. you heard the rhetoric from governor cuomo and the rhetoric from many different people. this comes down to one thing. we are bringing this lawsuit because it violates federal law. if i were to give a driver's license to someone who is here illegally, i'm harboring them. that's against the law. trish: i hear you. but there are a lot of places right now that this might be applicable to. so hats off to you and i think more states to follow. switching gears to our southern border. apprehensions of illegal immigrants are down 40,000 from may to june. though numbers slow in the hot
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summer months. a number that massive points to president trump's policies actually working. joining us is andy biggs. congressman. are the policies of this administration putting in place, where are they work as deterrents in any way? is that why we are seeing a decline? >> when he put pressure on the mexican government to get their military down to the mexico southern border and start trying to control that. he actually has some $specific deterrents. they were sending certain people home stopping them from entry. the second thing is you dissuaded a lot of people from coming there. that's one reason. the other reason i think this can't be lost, this is the most of effective deterrent you have to illegal immigration. that's when the president of the united states says we are going to enforce our laws and remove people who have been to court,
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had due process and a judge said you need to be removed. i think even the words that he said about 2 1/2, 3 weeks ago to initiate that had a deterrents effect as well. trish: you a million people are going to go? >> if that begins to be implemented, you will see this dry up on the border. every time we have seen a president or administration say we are going to have zero tolerance. the rate of illegal immigration across our southern border dropped like a stone. when you have congress saying we want to grants amnesty it restores those numbers and they start coming back. trish: that's the push-pull, if you would. there is money that's been approved for the border bill? how does that help or hurt? in some ways you have might say they are going to have beds at
8:20 pm
the detention centers which they should. you know, if you are someone, how much are people in central america paying attention to all that? >> they are paying close attention to that. there is basically a couple things that happen in is a grapevine that goes all the way down. you know this from your experience. it goes down to central america and south america. the second thing is, you have ngos in churches who advertise in mexico and central america for illegal immigration. and the third thing is you have cartels that spree cute people as well. all of that is going on. and people come back if they do get removed, they go back and say i got removed. why did you get removed? trish: congressman, it's good to see you. a terrible sight seemingly
8:21 pm
condoned. trump supporters attacked just for supporting the president. remember the teen who had a soda thrown on him while he was eating dinner? tonight another trump supporter attacked. this time on our independence day just because he was wearing a make america great again hat. but first it failed to pass the first time. but the super duo, aoc and bernie are taking a shot at the multi trillion dollar green new deal calling it a climate change emergency. former trump deputy national security advisor, kt macfarland is here. >> a living wage, $15 an hour.
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>> the national security threat facing the country, the answer is climates change. >> if we don't act with everything we have got in the next 10 years it will be far too left. >> an existential crisis posed by climate change flips not much time of left. >> the world will end in 12 years if we don't address climate change. trish: i'm scared. if i listen to alexandria ocasio-cortez, it's ending in 12 years, i guess time is running out. didn't al gore tell us that, too? tonight, two of the voices you just heard, bernie sanders and freshman congress one and
8:27 pm
ocasio-cortez, they are they are teaming up on climate change. yes, it's a concern, i'm not going to say it's not. warming climate is a concern. what about all those urgent threats on the horizon like say iran or china. i don't know, maybe i'm just a simpleton who thinks iran trying to enrich uranium to the point of getting a nuclear capability is a problem. or china you trying to take over the world and its military might. joining knee, the dem national security advice yiewrnd president trump. kt macfarland. they think this is going to fly
8:28 pm
like al gore did. the only way you can stop it friending is sign for their emergency climate. >> there was a guy who ran for class president in high school who said we'll abolish homework. and there will be beer in the cafeteria. this is even looneyer. we are going to have free healthcare and free college education. we'll cancel all student loans. we'll have open borders. we'll stand proudly from $3 trillion to $20 trillion for climate change which will be a very small effect on the overall climate because you are not getting countries like china, the real polluters. trish: there was a recent study
8:29 pm
that pointed to a specific part of china, northern china where they are demeeting will the ozone layer at a record rate, far more than anywhere else in the world. this is despite the fact that china said? 2010 we won't use the stuff that depletes the oh zonal layer. but they keep using it. i am all for being thoughtful about our environment and climate. but don't we need to get everybody else to buy into that, too? >> the paris accord that was supposed to have every country in the world decrease their fossil fuel usage. but the problem was, the united states had to do it right away. and countries like china, they had a decade before they had to follow the same restrictions. so we can do all the stuff we
8:30 pm
want, unrealistic as that is. we can have our economy take a step back, lose a percentage or two. >> i'm not okay with that. >> everybody else is not doing it. so what we are doing is we'll try at least one hand behind our back. you use a coal power plant, do whatever you want. trish: as far as the landscape of problems goes, like i have said, am i just a simpleton thinking iran, china, and russia and these security issues around the world might be a little bit more oppressing? >> they talked about climate change as if it's a national security issue. wage. look at what china is doing. china has taken advantage of the united states for two decade.
8:31 pm
they have no intention of giving up their advantages that they have had. they come out right now and say, the era of american domination of the world, that's over. democracy is yesterday's news. we are going to dominate the world. and they will then be in a position of being the world's most of powerful economy, they rewrite the rules. trish: in a weird way there are people in america that hate america so much that they would welcome that. they don't want to be the hegemonic power in the world anymore. they don't want the' responsibility of that. they are willing to say chain a, you go for it. the standard of living we enjoy is a result of our ability to defend ourselves, right? >> free market capitalism.
8:32 pm
think of what china is doing to its own people. if they think you are at the center and they know, you can't get a bus, you can't get a job. trish: they want to curtail free speech. and even a hat these days. assaulting trump supporters. this is tolerated by the far left here and also in the u.k. remember this image of a trump supporter being called a nazi and having a milkshake thrown at him. a university of florida student is going to tell us how he was attacked on july 4 because he was wearing a america great
8:33 pm
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on a full line of vehicles. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing. trish: conservatives and trump supporters alike have couple under assault physically and verbally and sometimes just really dirty looks by violent liberals, just for make mayor political affiliations known. you know a bumper sticker on your car. i don't see anybody complaining about a bernie sanders t-shirt, but god forbid you wear a red hat. my next guest says he was con front a restaurant on the fourth of july by seven trump-hating
8:38 pm
liberals. joining me, the chairman of the federation of college republicans daniel weldon. good to have you here. i like the hat. >> thank you for having me. trish: you know, that's not the kind of country i think anybody wants to live in. tell me what happened. >> so like most of americans on the fourth of july, me and a couple friends went to a local bar to have a good time. when the night was about over, we split our ways and i went to this restaurant to get some food. and trite when i walk in, this group of liberals just surrounds me. and they are calling me every name under the sun. they were calling me racist,
8:39 pm
sexist, they were saying that the that and trump and republicans stand for all those awful things. and that's just not the truth. trish: was it completely unprovoked? you went out and had a good time. who started it? >> them. i really just walked up and they just surrounded me and started attack me because of the hat. trish: when you say attacked. verbally, physically. did they throw anything at you? walk me through what attack actually means. >> what first occurred was obviously the name calling. but then it escalated to personal attacks, and one of the girls decided she was going to go for my hat. took my hat. about three or four of them started pushing me. one of them ripped off my pin
8:40 pm
that says trump 2016. trish: were they all girls? >> the girls were there and there were four or five guys. i was concerned the situation was going to escalate because there are there were so many surrounding me. trish: what did the people in the restaurant do? >> they just watched. they just stood by. i talked to a couple afterward who said how messed up it was. one of them was a democrat who said he wasn't going to support the democrats in 2020 because of people like that. trish: it's not the kind of world you want to live in where you can't have that freedom of expression where you should be fearful showing what your political beliefs are. this man is the president of the united states. people need to get over it. how did it end? did the police come? >> so i went, used the restroom,
8:41 pm
came outside and they were still tawrnting me, giving me the bird. and i talked to those people i mentioned. went up to the police and said, hey, i was just attacked for wearing a make america great again hat, and the police officer just kind of looked at me and said, well, is there not much we can do. and this isn't the first time this has happened. trish: well, daniel, stay safe. thank you. crazy video showing a violent family fight at disneyland. park-goers try to intervene. first a former third party presidential candidate ross perot died today at age 89.
8:42 pm
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trish: former presidential candidate and self-made billionaire ross perot died today at the age of 89 years old. he was the original disrupter. he ran for president in 192, turning the election upside down receiving 18% of the vote. he paved the way for president trump. an you be conventional, unlikely candidate deep pockets beholding to no one. who went in there to shake up politics and the rest is history. joining us, presidential historian doug wead and dog d ad
8:47 pm
doug schoen. >> he represents the first manifestation of a force from both sides that shot to change the nature of politics. focus on debt and deficits. focus on the swamp in washington. as bill clinton's pollster in 1996. the most of important person who wasn't in the room was ross perot. we did a deal with newt gingrich and the republicans to balance the budget. why? because of the perot vote and most of of all ross perot. trish: i think there are similarities between him and between donald trump. doug wead, when you look at him from a historical perspective, i am sure you agree with what doug
8:48 pm
schoen was just saying. it seems that both of these men were able to sell an economic message that was palatable. they reduced it to the way normal people talk, and people cared. >> absolutely. i was work as special assistant to the president, george h.w. bush, the incumbent president running against bill clinton when ross perot jumped in. in 1992 i got a phone call from george w. bush. he called me and said dad thinks it's going to be ross perot, bill clinton is out. they were convinced and our data showed ross perot would be president of the united states. but he went cuckoo on us and held a press conference and said people were following his
8:49 pm
daughters. he temporarily suspended his campaign. trish: bloomberg might have considered a similar type of thing, run as a third party candidate. and we saw a billionaire in california, tom steyer do that. that third party candidate, did ross perot prove it can't work for do you think it's still up for grabs? >> it's an interesting question. it's one i spent a lot of time on. it's systemically difficult to get on the ballot and get visibility and raise money. but if you can do all that, there is a rich reservoir of voters who want third party candidates and donald trump as you directly pointed out, was effectively a third party candidate in the republican
8:50 pm
party. trish: do you think it could work in the near future, doug wead? >> i think theoretically it could. our own numbers, bush's own numbers showed perot would have won. but politics is an art, science, you have got to have experience, you have to be a congressman or governor or senator before you can be a president. but that was -- trish: he turned it on its head. this is a question for doug. we talked about the extreme leftism in the democratic party. bob johnson is saying the democratic party moved too far left. here he is. >> the party in my opinion has moved for me personally too far to the left. for that reason, i don't have a candidate in this particular
8:51 pm
party at this time. i think at the end of the day, if a democrat is going to beat trump, that person, he or she, is going to have to move to the center. and you current wait too long to do that. trish: is he right? >> of course he's right. i'm a supporter of joe biden because there is nobody else to support. i see his weaknesses. but in terms of his political positioning he's where the democrats need to be. but if you look at the rest of the field, they are competing to see who can move farther left. higher taxes, getting rid of private understand, the green new deal. this is ridiculous. this isn't the democratic party i joined or grew up with or came to support. it just isn't. it's very sad. trish: thank you very much. have you guys seen this? this is a violent family fight
8:52 pm
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8:56 pm
lightning round, joining me, turning point usa spokesperson rob smith. our first topic according to royal expert in two years when queen elizabeth turns 95, she will hand over her power to prince charles. finally to prince charles. finally? >> finally. >> look. well, i believe it when i see it, i can't retend to be a royal watcher. it will be the end of an era, she has been around forever. trish: that title. >> they don't give up power easily. trish: i guess not. anyway. next, apple cofounder steve wozniak sounding alarm on facebook warning users time to
8:57 pm
get off. >> there are many different kinds of people, some the benefit of facebook are worth the loss of privacy, to many like myself, my recommendation to most people is you should figure out a way to get off facebook, they can measure your heart beat with lasers now and listen to you with devices, who knows if micrel fen is listening. >> my cell phone is listening. reporter: i am with him, who knows. >> i am there. facebook is wired, creepy -- weird, it is creepy, i don't trust it, i use instagram moran facebook but facebook owns instagram, i have been sitting at kitchen table with my husband, we'll talk about something, and i get a instagram ad. trish: they are listening. >> i don't like it. trish: i try to encourage team to follow me, but i have not posted as much on instagram.
8:58 pm
>> you openly do it to connect with people who listen to what yowant to say but keep is represent. reporter: major fight. >> i saw it. trish: disneyland, awful, happiest place on earth. disneyland. family members in a brawl, swinging punches, and people that are watching. people were trying to break it up. they are videoing. >> they watch on film, they don't want to be on the receiving end of fury, i avoided this video for so long, i saw the clip, i did watch it today, it was ugly, it was stupid, it was not happiest place on earth, it made me feel gross. i am sad it happened. trish: i was down in disney world, i said -- that was
8:59 pm
disneyland. >> yeah. trish: you know people, you have kids there. >> also people pay hundreds of dollars to get in to disneyland. trish: it is super expensive. >> they did not pay 200 to see that show. >> nobody needed that. >> it would be nice if people behaved. rob good to see you. >> thank you. trish: that is about to do it for us. tomorrow we have a big show, corey lewandowski, talking 2020 with corey. he ran the 2016 trump campaign. general jack keane, we'll talk iran, maybe some venezuela, it looks like administration strategy is not panning out right there. we'll see if the general has anything to say about that we'll get into a lot more, we'll continue our coverage of the iran crisis, which is continuing to be a thorn in everyone's
9:00 pm
side. big night, big week. we have a lot more tomorrow, see you right back here, 8 p.m. eastern. judge andrew napolitano is in tonight for kennedy, he is next. judge napolitano: thank you trish, michigan libertarian congressman justin amash has become a lightning rod of convery since he called for trump's impeachment. last week he quit the g.o.p., why is he doing it? what is left, i ask him live. judge andrew napolitano in for kennedy. judge napolitano: congressman amash as been one of most principles lawmakers on capitol hill since winning his seat back in 2010, cofounded house freedom caucus and stood by constitution through thick and thin, but things changed in may, he argued that mueller report demonstrated that president trump was unfit for office.


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