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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 10, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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law firm to start this and the people responsible for this who abused their power. david: you can catch my show "bulls and bears" right here o cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories. fresh off criticism from president trump, all eyes will be on jay powell today as he testifies before congress and lays out a case for rate cuts. will we get any indication how those could move? lauren: a fight over friends, at&t launching a new streaming service, hbo max, and they're taking a cult show an its following with them. what the latest streaming war means for netflix. cheryl: and then there were 23 again. billionaire tom steyer officially entering the democratic race. that's not the only shakeup. a new poll on the road to 2020 and the unlikely support building for president trump.
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lauren: why starbucks employees are up in arms about the company's latest viral venture set to launch this morning, wednesday, july 10th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ good thing, where have you gone. ♪ my good thing, you've been gone too long. ♪ lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: let's take a look at how your money is moving this morning. dow futures now down for the fourth day. investors waiting to see if the fed will signal the first rate cut of 2019. cheryl: we've seen a move on the 10 year treasury over the last few days, the yield going
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higher, prices are lower, investors thinking that stocks and a little volatility might be a good thing. lauren: oil prices also higher, a decline in stockpiles pushing the price of crude to $59 a barrel. cheryl: stocks in asia this morning, there's an interesting trade fight going on between the japanese and south koreans. the nikkei and shanghai under pressure this morning. lauren: we got that warning from the b a asf, the chemical maker yesterday, that hurt the dax in germany. the dax is down a third of 1% today. the ftse is down 10 points, a tenth of 1%. cheryl: federal reserve chairman jay powell is set to testify today on the economy before the house financial services committee. investors are going to be listening very closely to every word for clues from him on whether the fed is going to cut interest rates at that meeting later this month. powell has said the central bank is ready to act and sustain the
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economic expansion but that was before we got last friday's stronger than expected jobs report for june. investors looking over minutes from the central bank's policy meeting. we're going to get that today. we could learn more about officials' thinking on that possible rate cut. fox business will have live coverage of jay powell's testimony at 10:00 a.m. this. lauren: tech and media giants are heading to sun valley, idaho today for a big conference that will draw everyone from tim cook to bob iger and while they'll be talking up their own streaming services, from apple plus to disney plus, one of the biggest pieces of news to hit streaming is that friends is moving off of netflix. >> here we go. pivot. pivot. pivot. [ laughter ] >> b pivot. [ laughter ]
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>> pivot. >> shut up, shut up, shut up! cheryl: the office as well will be joining friends as that show moves to warner media's streaming service, hbo marks, semax, setto launch in the spri. it will have content from across warner media's library, including movies, cartoon network and a lot more. content from warner's other streaming service, dc universe, will be featured on hbo max. there doesn't seem to be plans to scuttle that service just yet. no word on how much it will cost to describe for all this. lauren: i'm watching netflix stock today. the office and friends were their top two shows in terms of the number of people that watched them. we're also talking about earnings. second quarter earnings season underway. we should note that warner's parent company, at&t, will be reporting in just two weeks'
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time and investors keeping a close eye on netflix's report which is one week from today. cheryl: a lot to watch in the markets. who is watching you, the issues of privacy and trust are going to be front and center today at a house panel hearing on the government's views of facial recognition technology. officials with the department of homeland security, including customs and border patrol and tsa expected to face tough questions over the use of facial scanning. representatives of immigration enforcement will not be there but the agency's use of the technology to scan driver's license's databases without individuals' consent will certainly come up. some lawmakers are calling for regulation. lauren: boeing is about to lose its title as the world's biggest plane maker to airbus. this comes as boeing says delivery of commercial airliners fell by more than a third in the
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first half of the year compared to a year ago. this follows the grounding of 737 maxes following two deadly crashes deliveries were suspended in march. boeing is still getting new business. president donald trump says qatar will buy boeing aircraft in what he says is a very large transaction. cheryl: new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez was sued over blocking users on twitter. that followed a federal appeal court's decision that bars president trump from doing the same thing, blocking people. now, a former democratic new york assemblyman filed a lawsuit against her, saying, quote, alexandria ocasio-cortez has blocked me on twitter, apparently because of my critique of her tweets and policies have been too stinging. hours earlier, the president was ruled to have been violated the
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first amendment when he blocked his critics. lauren: president trump is calling out a federal judge who blocked his legal team regarding the census question of citizenship. bill barr and wilbur ross have been found in contempt. >> reporter: this ruling is another setback for the trump administration as it tries to find a way to get the citizenship question added to the 2020 census. on monday, a judge blocked switching out attorneys from handling this effort. in his ruling, the judge wrote, defendants provide no reason, let alone satisfactory reasons for the substitution of counsel, adding defendants' mere expectation that withdrawal of current counsel will not cause any disruption is not good
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enough. the justice department has been trying to swap out its legal team as it tries to come up with a new argument for including the citizenship question on the census. president trump responded to this late evidence setback, tweeting, so now the obama pointed judge on the census case, are you a citizen of the united states, won't let the justice department use the lawyers that it wants to use. could this be a first? well, in capitol hill, the census fight has become one of the leading hot topics with democrats arguing the trump administration wants to include the question to marginalize minorities. >> i don't think anybody has any doubts as to why they want this question. it's to undercount latinos so that they can create congressional districts which will not be democratic and also make sure that federal funding does not go to those underserved and often minority communities. i think everybody understands that. >> reporter: house democrats are
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investigating the origins of the citizen pship question and are moving ahead on plans to hold the attorney general and commerce secretary in contempt for not cooperating with their investigation. the contempt vote likely won't happen until sometime next week at the soonest. cheryl: garrett, thank you. lauren: congress is looking to lay out what's really going on down at our southern border. cheryl: tracee carrasco has the details. tracee: the house oversight and reform committee set to hold a hearing this afternoon, calling it kids in cages, inhumane treatment at the border. they will discuss facility conditions and treatment of migrants and asylum seekers set to testify. this comes as dhs announced a 28% drop in illegal border cross i thincrossings since may. marriott hotels in hot water this morning. the district of columbia is suing the hotel chain for
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allegedly tappin tacking on addl fees not known to the purchaser. they say it is misleading and illegal. marriott hasn't commented. apple's 12-inch macbook is no more. they are discontinuing production. the computer introduced in 2015 hasn't seen an upgrade in more than two years. apple instead putting the focus onto iphones, the macbook air and macbook pro. sky high terror, incredible takevideo taken by a delta passr shows a badly damaged engine which forced a landing. passengerring report the entire cabin filled up with smoke. the flight was on en route from atlanta to baltimore of before
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landing in raleigh, north carolina. no reports of any injuries very scary. that's what's happening now. cheryl: if this ever happens to you, remember, all of these planes can fly with just one engine. >> good to know. cheryl: all of those jets can fly on just one engine. hope it doesn't happen. tracee, thank you. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up. after more criticism from president trump, fed chairman jay powell heading to the hot seat today. what his testimony on capitol hill could tell us about future rate cuts. and no pictures, please. the tourist, the elephant and the slap and it's all gone viral. keep it here, "fbn: a.m.." ♪ shot through the heart and you're to blame. ♪ you give love a bad name. ♪ i played my part and you play your game. ♪ you give love a bad name.
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cheryl: today's testimony by federal reserve chairman jay powell promises to grip the markets. what's he going to say about the economy, trade tensions and the slowing global economy? craig dismute is here. craig, good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. cheryl: so what are you expecting? it's going of to be really interesting to hear what he has to say. this is a guy that seems to have really good relationships on capitol hill, bipartisan relationships, yet the president has been very tough on him.
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do you think he defends himself today? >> he shied away from defending himself so far. he's just stated factually what his term is and that he plans to continue to do this job. my expectation is that we'll hear a little bit of an assessment on how strong the economy is. if you go back to his press conference three weeks ago after the rate decision, he said he'll be looking to see if the uncertainties continue to weigh on the outlook. he is specifically talking about trade and the global outlook. i'm going to be looking to see if he starts to firm up his assessment that those issues are weighing on the outlook and could cause a shift in policy at the end of july meeting. cheryl: by the way, the minutes are coming out today which you know that's going to be crossing news this afternoon as well. but what's going to be interesting to hear is when he starts to address what's happening with that -- what happened with the june jobs report. many say, look, with that strong
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report, that makes it more difficult for him and it seems to be a fed chairman that follows to the t his mission and that is monetary policy, that is maximum employment and we have that. >> sure. well, we think we have it. we don't really know what that maximum unemployment number is. maximum unemployment or maximum employment is the rate of employment at which it causes inflation to start to rise. right now, we haven't seen that. they continue to miss their inflation target to the low side. going back to 2009. there have been six months where core pce has been above 2%, above the target 2%. five of those were in 2012 when oil prices were over $120 a barrel. they continue to habitually miss their inflation target. you can look at japan where the unemployment rate is 2.4% and their core inflation rate is 0.3%. we don't really know what that maximum employment number is right now. cheryl: you are -- the probability here, i'm assuming
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you as well are expecting a quarter point cut at the end of the month. can anything change that, in your mind, before we get to that meeting at the end of july? >> yeah, you know, if you've got a really hot inflation report between now and then, that could change it. short of that -- or a trade deal. if a trade deal were to be resolved in that cloud that's been hanging over the economy for the first half of the year were to be lifted, maybe then you wouldn't expect -- but with the markets pricing in as much as they have already, i think it's a really high bar not to cut because of the risk of disappointing the markets and seeing a response like we saw back in december. cheryl: i'm also going to be curious to see if he gives any hints about plans to later on in the year. i have a feeling he learned to be more careful. i can't wait to watch the testimony today and tomorrow. craig, thank you so much. >> have a great morning. cheryl: you too. lauren: still ahead, democrats are calling for labor secretary alex ocasia to resign or be fired after a secret deal with
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jeffrey epstein. how the labor department is responding this morning. and home depot shoppers, they're hammering a company co-founder for supporting president trump. but one key fact is getting them to call to boycott the retailer, details coming up. ♪ catch me, i'm falling. ♪ catch me now,is, i'm falling. ♪ catch me i'm falling. ♪ of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real.
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use a little, pay a little. use a lot, just switch to unlimited. get $400 back when you buy the new lg g8. call, visit or click today. cheryl: democrats are calling for labor secretarial ex acosta to resign or be fired over his role in a secret 2008 plea deal with jeffrey epstein, who is facing new sex trafficking charges in new york. the plea bargain allowed the
5:22 am
registered sex offender to avoid federal charges and serve just 13 months in prison. the labor department said secretary acosta is not resigning. geyserly nadler -- jerry nadler is threatening to investigate the plea deal and president trump banned epstein from mar-a-lago over sexual assault allegations. lauren: a federal judge denied the justice department's request to replace the legal team assigned to the census citizenship question case. president trump and attorney general bill barr said they're working to find a legal reason to have the question of citizenship added to the census. we bring in attorney misty maris. misty, why did the court say no new lawyers here? is it because they don't want another reason to have the question added? >> it certainly could be. i will say as someone that practices in the southern district of new york, they're very strict about the rules for with drawing as an attorney.
5:23 am
they require a specific affidavit that says why a particular attorney wants to withdraw. that could be the reason. they've been given an opportunity, the administration, to supplement their application. so perhaps if they provide more information there won't be a roadblock. but look, the doj should be able to use whatever lawyers are the appropriate lawyers and the most qualified lawyers to litigate this case. lauren: do you expect to see executive action by the president on this front? >> i think we will see executive action. i really do think this is part of the overall strategy. we have the supreme court ruling which leaves the door open, it says -- it doesn't say the citizenship question is uns constitutional, it just says the record wasn't clear and there needs to be further explanation. we've got two other pending litigations in maryland and new york. so i think we're going to see executive action and then that's going to be used as just at thi justification for adding the question. the issue is the timing, how do we get the census out while
5:24 am
fighting these legal battles. lauren: we might know about where all this is headed on the president's twitter account. but he's getting in some trouble for that too. an appeals court ruled that the president cannot block his critics from his twitter account because it's an official account, it's a town hall. what are the ramifications of that decision in the social media age. >> this is absolutely a landmark decision that came out of the second circuit. there was another fourth circuit decision shortly before with a less high profile politician. so president trump is bringing the issue to the forefront. this is going to determine how politicians and people in public service he interact with their constituents over social media and this is the first time that we see this issue addressed. so we're definitely going to see more litigation on this front. what are the limitations? what does that mean moving forward for other platforms? is it just involving these interactive spaces that serve as you said as a town hall? so this is going to be something
5:25 am
to keep an eye on as the digital age continues on. lauren: you don't want them to be echo chambers, i do want to point out that congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez in legal troubles with this same issue as well. misty, thank you so much. >> interesting. thank you. cheryl: interesting is right. all right, let's take a look at futures on this wednesday as we get ready to hear from jay powell later today in front of congress. dow down 27, s&p down 3 and-a-half, nasdaq down 9 and a quarter. coming up, tom steyer officially entering the democratic race again of. that's not the only shakeup. how president trumps is getting a boost from an unlikely place. and who is ready for ticker tape, the ladies of team usa set to hit the streets of new york today but it's their words off the field that is getting all the attention. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ i say welcome to new york. ♪ it's been waiting for you. ♪ welcome to new york, welcome to new york. ♪ welcome to new york. ♪ it's been waiting for you.
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♪ welcome to new york, welcome to new york. ♪
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lauren: let's get you caught up on global market action. u.s. stock market futures slightly lower, all three major averages down a tenth of 1%, ahead of a double heading by jay powell on capitol hill, investors wondering if the fed cuts rates, by how much and if it's one and done after today. in europe, stocks also trading to the downside. the german market is down 44 points. in asia, a mixed bag. the shanghai composite down a half of 1%. the kospi in south korea gaining a third of 1%. cheryl: well, billionaire activist, tom steyer, has entered the crowded 2020 presidential race as the 23r 23d democratic candidate, this as a new poll shows that joe biden continues to lead the pack but president trump is closing that gap in a general election. lauren: let's go to todd piro, he has the details. >> reporter: good morning,
5:30 am
lauren and cheryl. if you thought eric slawell dropping out with thin the herd, think again. tom steyer is in. >> if you think something is critical, try as hard as you can and let the chips fall where they may. that's what i'm doing. my name is tom steyer. i'm running for president. >> reporter: remember when he said this? >> i am not running for president at this time. instead, i'm strengthening my commitment to need to impeach. >> reporter: still, based on the latest polling, it seems like it's joe bidens' race to lose. while the emerson poll you see has kamala harris as winner of best performance in the first debate, doubling her support, biden now has a 1 a 5 point lead in the -- 15 point lead in the democratic primary, thanks to bernie sanders dropping 12 points and elizabeth warren holding steady. president trump leads warren,
5:31 am
harris and pete buttigieg and he's closed the gap on sanders and biden. debate number three announced hosted by abc news and univision. the second night might not happen, depending on how many candidates qualify. i say this all the time, we're just getting started. the reality is, we are just getting started. a lot more of this to go. lauren: and the narrative will change many, many times. todd piro, thank you. cheryl: let's stay with this story. could steyer be considered a serious threat to the other candidates? the trump administration doesn't think so. here's what they say. it doesn't say much for the whole democrat field that the number one democrat donor took a look around and decided there's no one he can support. what kind of challenge does steyer present here. let's bring in kevin chavis and
5:32 am
ken chase. guys, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: kevin, i want to start with you, your reaction to the white house statement that he looked around the field and said eh, i can't support anyone else, i'm getting back in? >> it is interesting that he would decide to run now especially after the statement you played where steyer said he would not run. and it is a blow i guess to the democratic party, because he is such a large donor and his money would i think go to better use supporting one of the frontrunners in this case. we need to get the field to narrow as opposed to widen. but i think really he won't be a factor at this point because it's too late in the game and most people really don't know who he is, he doesn't have great name id, so i don't think -- i don't understand the rational behind it. cheryl: there is some reaction, though, ken to you on this, elizabeth warren tweeted out about the fact -- bernie sanders said something similar about billionaires. she said the democratic primary
5:33 am
shouldn't be decided by billionaires, whether funding super pacs or funding themselves. joe biden's a millionaire. he made $15.5 million since he left office. you've got to have money if you're going to run. aren't they stepping on their own message here? >> of course they are. the president won the debate without saying a word. these candidates that are throwing their hat in the ring that are business folks from the democratic party, steyer and schultz, they're not part of the progressive social club on the far left that is now characterizing the entire democrat party. so they're not invited to the tea parties of democrat far left and their sole disqualifying characteristic according to professor warren is their actual success in the business world, so they're discalled. cheryl:disqualified.cheryl: asl from last month, it showed that when it came to democratic --
5:34 am
likely democratic voters, they said it was about electability. that seems to be to me joe biden who seems to be the only one that's kind of in the middle right now, looking for that central voter, that centrist, if you will. >> right. and one thing democrats are united on is that we want to defeat trump in 2020. that's a shift from previous elections where we look at our purity test, which candidate supports the issues we care about or what's their position on this or that. we're seeing now democrats are saying we just want to beat trump. that's what's driven a lot of biden's support. but i do think that his debate performance was troubling. he's going to have to step it up because i believe senator harris has a lot of potential to continue to grow her support and we see her -- she spiked a lot in the polls or the polls in the aftermath of the debate. so we'll see how it goes. cheryl: it's early. >> i think she's got a lot of potential. cheryl: it's early but it's fun
5:35 am
to talk about. >> yeah, it is. cheryl: ken, to you on this. this is an interesting piece of news. the founder of bet said he was disappointed -- he's been a life-long democrat, this is robert johnson. he came out and said the left has gone too liberal and he's frustrated. he ended up giving a hat to president trump. in general, isn't that going to be good for the president as we move forward? >> it is. and joe biden was unprepared on day one. he's unprepared to be president. he's never been electable. 20 democrats raised their hand on stage and said their healthcare plan pays for healthcare for undocumented individuals. president obama did not. imagine how he would have been treated by the democrats of today. cheryl: it's amazing how the lines are shifting and of course this is all going to shift again when the next debate of course hits our television airways. kevin, ken, thank you so much.
5:36 am
>> thank you. >> thank you. have a great day. lauren: the affordable care act back in court. what does it mean for the health insurance of millions of americans? cheryl: fox news correspondent anna kliman has details. >> reporter: the debate continues over the fate of the affordable care act. appellate judges hearing org. arguments tuesday in a case that could threaten healthcare coverage for millions of americans. >> i think it was clear the arguments today that the fifth circuit found persuasive that obamacare is unconstitutionalal, going back to the original supreme court pronouncement it is unconstitutional to mandate that people have to be forced to buy what the federal government tells them to do. >> reporter: the outcome from the federal case will affect people with pre-existing conditions, about 12 million people who have medicaid and subsidies helping about 10 million others afford health care coverage. democratic lawmakers expressing
5:37 am
their frustration. >> in new orleans, republican attorneys general supported by president trump and his department of justice will argue in court that millions of americans should lose their healthcare and all of the protections included in the aca. the stake cannot be higher. you can't get healthcare and we have nothing to put in its place, shame on them. shame on them. >> the aca is a pillar of health and economic security, standing along side medicare, medicaid, and social security. the gop is showing they want to destroy the affordable care act for america's families. >> reporter: senate democrats say republicans will pay a political price if this case results in the loss of the popular healthcare law. anna koyman, fox news. lauren: a heart broken family demanding answers, new details about how a 1-year-old little girl fell 11 stories to her death out an open cruise ship
5:38 am
window. royal caribbean is scrambling to answer why wasn't that window secured. and a crazy scene at a walgreens in philadelphia. why police are now searching for 60 teenagers. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." -driverless cars... -all ground personnel...
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. lauren: earnings season gets underway monday with citigroup reporting and jp morgan and goldman sachs some of the names
5:41 am
reporting for the second quarter on tuesday, ahead of the financials and corporate america look amid trade tensions and a federal reserve that may be accomodative. we bring in doug flynn, certified financial planner and co-founder of capital management. how do earnings look for you? >> they look okay. the expectations are really low so that bodes well for perhaps a slight increase. the market's expecting basically flat. so anything positive is going to be good. lauren: no decline? we got that major warning from the world's number one chemical maker, basf yesterday. that is sending ripple effects that the economy could be slowing down or grinding to a halt. >> that would get president trump what he wants to bring the rates lower. it's like a 92% chance we'll get a quarter rate cut and 8% chance we'll get a 50 basis point cut. this sets us up really well by
5:42 am
third or fourth quarter earnings to be all-time high in earnings which earnings equates to the market. and that's where we're going. even if we have a little bit of a dip here to allow them to lower rates this one time. lauren: do you think the fed will be one and done with its strategy of potentially cutting rates tomorrow or -- >> i mean, it's possible, if they do it deep enough. look, i think things are going to turn positive later in the year and that's going to mean they don't really have to lower rate. if you had 20% personal earnings creeses last year and -- increases last year and 5% raise this year, 5% versus 20 sounds terrible but it's still 5 on top of 20. we're still growing even though we might be slowing. lauren: i'm asking about the rates because interest rates are -- basically it affects the input cost for so many companies. it lowers them. so lower rates are great for corporate america but do we need the cut at this point? >> i personally don't think we
5:43 am
need the cut. i think the market and the companies, they're just beginning to get the effect of the tax cuts. that's going to bode really well to increase an all-time high earnings by the end of the year for the companies. lauren: which sectors do you think will do better? >> i think healthcare underperformed the market so badly and is set up so well for probably an outperformance. that's the area i would look at. that's scary to people but that's where the opportunity lies. lauren: doug flynn, thank you very much. >> you're very welcome. cheryl: some customers are threatening to boycott home depot after it was revealed the company's retired co-founder planned to donate to the trump re-election campaign. he left the company 15 years ago. president trump tweeted this, a truly great patriotic and charitable man, bernie marcus, the co-founder of home depot who at the age of 90 is coming under attack by the radical left democrats. they don't want people to shop at those great stores because he
5:44 am
contributed to your favorite president, me. these people are vicious and totally crazed. remember, there are far more great people, deplorables, in this country than bad. do to them what you what they do to you, fight for bernie marcus and home depot. there were less than kind words about candidate bernie sanders. >> don't bring up bernie sanders. that's a red flag in front of me. he's the enemy of event only ever born in this country and -- entrepreneur ever born in this country and has been born in the past. cheryl: that was ken lan gone and bernie marcus. lauren: the family of a toddler who died on board the cruise ship is blaming the cruise ship. >> reporter: the family of the
5:45 am
toddler said she plunged to her death after being put against a window on a royal caribbean cruise line that was left open and not secured properly. initial reports claim the toddler fell from her grandfather's hands as he held her out of the 11th story window. police say it's premature to call the incident an accident and are exploring all options as they investigate. france will now start charging an eco tax on almost every flight departing the country, starting in 2020. taxes can range from an extra $1.70 all the way up to 20 additional dollars on a ticket. officials say the revenue generated will go to funding more environmentally friendly travel alternatives. chaos at a dill fell ya walgreens -- philadelphia wall walgreens, a huge mop of 60 teens caught on security cameras barreling into the store, causing what police say is thousands of dollars worth of damage in a matter of minutes.
5:46 am
some employees were injured when the teens threw items at them. so far, no arrest and no explanation as to what prompted the rush. and that is what's happening now. lauren: wow. cheryl: thank you very much. we've got a lot more coming up. the american league wins all-star bragging rights for a seventh straight year. we've got highlights coming up. and hippies a and surfers everywhere shedding a tear today as the end of an era for the volkswagen beetle. details ahead on "fbn: a.m." ♪ people try to put us down. ♪ talking about my generation. ♪ just because we get around. ♪ talking about my generation. ♪ things they do look awful cold. i need it to guide this analyst to customize flood coverage for this house. so that this team, can inform this couple, that their payment will arrive faster than this guy. hey. ♪ ♪ so whether i'm processing claims
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due to this fine gentleman... (car engine starting) or suggesting premiums for this young lady... ai can help change everything at this company. expect more from ai. ibm watson.
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cheryl: the american league does it again. jared max is here.
5:50 am
really fun all-star game. jared: well played, great game. cleveland put on a great show. there were two home runs, the shot in the seventh gave the american league a 4-1 lead. pete alonso came to bat in the eighth inning. a two run single made the score 4-3. the al got out of the inning and in the ninth new york yankees closer chapman would comp on. chapman strikes out all three batters and the american league wins, 4-3. the game took under three hours to play. the mvp was indians pitcher shane bieber. did you catch the mascot race? just as the ketchup bottle is about to win, george washington with a body slam. we've all got places to go. and the mustard goes by and wins the race. baseball commissioner rod manfred unable t to hide about
5:51 am
baseball having more juice, more pop. he admitted the drag of the baseball is less. last june, mlb bought rawlings. serena williams said she found peace in writing a letter of apology to naomi osaka for her behavior last year. serena advanced to her 12 wimbledon semifinal. she needed three sets to beat the fellow american. she partnered with andy murray in mixed doubles. serena is into the round of 16. we have the men's quarter finals today. the biggest names in tennis are there, sam query, american, will take on raphael nadal. it gets underway in a kim hours. cheryl: i know what i'm doing in later this morning. jared: happy wednesday.
5:52 am
cheryl: catch jared's sports reports, fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. lauren: thousands of fans are honoring the u.s. women's soccer team in new york city today. the world cup champs set to take a victory lap, not without couldn'controversy. cheryl: brian llenas is in downtown manhattan with what we can expect. >> reporter: the stage is set here at city hall in new york city for what sure is to be an amazing celebration. the parade starts at 9:30 this morning i in downtown manhattan. fans have been lining up since 4:00 a.m. this morning. hundreds of thousands of fans gathering to cheer on the u.s. soccer women's national team, just days after their historic victory over the netherlands to take home their fourth ever title. >> it's an honor to see them. >> reporter: barricades are in place along the parade route. 2,000 pounds of confetti have
5:53 am
been shreds and stores are stocking merchandise which is flying off the shelves. >> compared to 2015 when they won the final, it's been 100 times that. we sold a lot of jerseys. >> reporter: the ticker tape parade will travel along broadway through the canyon of heroes, culminating in ceremony at city hall where bill de blasio will present them with a key to the city. >> it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> reporter: being the best if the world doesn't equal the best pay. the team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit ahead of the tournament, demanding the same pay as male players. the next step in the fight to close the pay gap is ash ash training station. >> seems like -- arbitration. >> seems like part of the turning point in hopefully moving things forward. >> reporter: you guys are right, though. there has been controversy and likely will be in the coming
5:54 am
days. the most outspoken player on the team, meg an ra meghan rapinoe,d president trump's message is excluding people which is why she is not going to the white house and why many of her teammates will likely not go to the white house, despite the fact that president trump said he planned on inviting the team, win or lose. so far, that invitation has not officially come out. so we'll follow that. again, it should be an incredible day here, megan rapinoe is expected to speak here, as well as the head coach, bill ellis. cheryl: it's going to be a nice hot day. brian llenas, thank you so much. lauren: coming up, it's a bay backlash, why some starbucks employees are furious over the company's latest viral venture. no pictures here, please. the tourist, the elephant and the slap that has gone viral. ♪ cecilia, you're breaking my
5:55 am
heart. ♪ you're shaking my confidence lately. ♪ oh, cecilia, i'm down on my knees
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5:57 am
cheryl: the end of the road for hippies, volkswagen going to top
5:58 am
making the beatle, the last one will on plant today in méxico. lauren: starbucks launching new tie-dye cappaccino. they are not worried that history will repeat itself, they are flooding social media with concerns, if you order the tie-dye frapuccino, everybody will hate you. >> the elephant slapped teenager. she's okay. lauren: she got the wind knocked out of her, thanks for watching fbn:am.
5:59 am
mornings with maria. maria: good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, happy wednesday, i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday july 10th, top stories before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, all eyes on fed chair jay powell today, days of 2-day testimony beginning this morning, investors are waiting any suggestion of future of rate cuts, july, september, or this year at all, we will tell you what to listen for. u.s.-china talks underway. democrats divided, battle between nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez deepening, the latest from the public spat coming up. levis loss of expectations. mornings with maria begins right now.
6:00 am
♪ ♪ maria: big show this morning, chief of staff to vice president mike pence is here, marc short, joining us to talk art the bored and house member house judiciary mat gates on iran. judge andrew napolitano talking about the citizenship question, economic to george w. bush here to talk about the federal reserve on day one of that meeting, house minority steve scalise on minimum wage and american professional golfer christy kerr, inventory from wine business, don't ms


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