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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  July 10, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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think of this. like we don't know what we do wrong in this world. i could have told people this. melissa: paying for a coach? this is so dumb. connell: i could have been that coach. thanks for joining us. melissa: bulls & bears starts right now. david: backlash is intensifying against home depot after its co founder doubles down on his support for president trump. now anti-trumpers are calling on shoppers nationwide to boycott the home improvement chain. wait till you hear how the president and home depot are responding. welcome everybody. this is bulls & bears. thank you for coming in here. i'm david asman. joining me on the panel today we have scott martin, susan lee, steve forbes, and zachary carabell. the far left out with the hashtag boycott home depot in an effort to punish co founder bernie marcus for supporting president trump's reelection. here's marcus defending his stance during our own neil cavuto. take a listen. >> i think he reacts to things
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as they happen, and he's got common sense that tells him this is right and this is wrong. and he acts on it. by the way, that's why the american people voted for him. they're so tired of the slick politicians. they are slick. but they don't do anything. david: president trump is now jumping in with this tweet quote a truly great patriotic and charitable man, bernie marcus, the co founder of home depot who at the age of 90 is coming under attack by the radical left democrats with one of their often used weapons. they don't want people to shop at those great stores because he contributed to your favorite president, me. these people are vicious and totally crazed, but remember, they are far more great people, deplorables in this country than bad. do to them what they do to you. fight for bernie marcus and home depot. home depot says marcus retired from the company more than 15 years ago and it doesn't endorse any presidential candidate.
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that's its standard practice. what message is this boycott from the left actually sending? >> it's sending a message of desperation, david. they know they are lashing out. they don't have great support among the american people. so they try to instill fear that if you go against what they're saying or what they believe in, they will try to punish you or punish the innocent. bernie marcus has left home depot as you pointed out a decade and a half ago. so they're hurting innocent people, hurting the shareholders, which are pensioners, many of them, and people who are working at home depot. that's not the way to move the ball forward, and that's why they are doing president trump once again a huge favor. i wonder if he has them secretly on a payroll. >> this is ridiculous because we have home depot employing 325,000 people across the united states. home depot actually gave the power back to every day citizen to help and repair their homes at lower costs, that's a great
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thing. bernie marcus is more for capitalism. he's donated 2 billion dollars already to charitable causes. he has committed to donating 95% of his wealth. david: he has 5.9 billion dollars. as you say, he wants to give about 90% away of it. >> in the film awakening, if you were right, i would agree with you. i think that in this case -- first of all, i don't know who they is. there's a hashtag. there is no real evidence that there are massive boycotts. they are hiding in plain sight. david: right. >> i mean, if that were to happen okay, i think we could have a real discussion, this is a fringe thing rather than something that's either impacting home depot's bottom line or has any chance at all of actually impacting any of what you would legitimately say could be negative, but in this case -- i own the stock >> so do i. >> so do we. ken langone was there on set with neil and bernie as well, who is also a philanthropist. let's go after ken's charities
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maybe, let's boycott those. this is such misplaced aggression. it is terrible to go after as susan said a company that has hundreds of thousands of employees in the united states, a company that comes to the rescue when there's natural disasters to help local communities. i mean talk about misplaced aggression and things that are being said against a company that doesn't deserve this kind of backlash. david: i would have said that you were right, zack, maybe five, ten years ago, but nowadays, you look at how far left the democrat so called mainstream has become, you wonder how many people are behind this. i wouldn't be surprised if we heard democratic candidates getting behind this boycott. they are not as business friendly as they used to be. >> unlike the way fair incident where we talked about a few weeks ago, their own workers walked out, until there's evidence that this is more than just someone trying to stir the pot, then i think we should react. >> among the 500 democratic candidates, i bet there will be at least 450 who will say --
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>> 499, steve. david, to the point you made on the on set there, home depot doesn't even endorse presidential candidates. this has nothing to do with the company. it has something to do with maybe somebody that yes co founded the company many many decades ago. but seriously, i mean, this is a total misplaced aggression when it comes to punishing a company just because they've got nobody else to go after. >> yeah, and i checked bernie marcus, doesn't even sit on the board of home depot anymore. these are great philanthropists as i pointed out. in fact, bernie marcus i think during that interview with neil a few weeks ago on their 40th anniversary of existence as a public company, he actually pointed to the democratic field, and he says you know who is the enemy of every entrepreneur that's been born in this country and every entrepreneur that will be born in this country? bernie sanders going forward because he's not a capitalist, and he doesn't want to share in the capitalist history of this country. david: it is not just bernie sanders. liz warren continues to back the green new deal, which would cost
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90 trillion dollars and upset our capital. i don't think capitalism would exist if that plan was put into place. >> it would be a killer, david. it would destroy the economy, and the amazing thing about their antigrowth activities, it hurts people with the least, hurts them the most. david: yeah. >> the enemy of the people. >> similar to green new deal, you have the government again trying to pick or at least say potential government people i guess or people that will be in high power potentially trying to pick winners and losers. just like the green new deal will do, they are trying to pick winners and losers, punishing home depot in this place. >> i don't know how we got from home depot hashtag to the green new deal. david: we will talk that more in specific the next block by the way. >> government always picks winners and losers. we did it in the oil industry, with coal, alternative energy. government does in fact at times invest and -- david: which is why we should get government out. >> that's a libertarian
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perspective. that's not necessarily a traditional republican or democratic one. it's absolutely defensible. elizabeth warren claims she is a strong capitalist, unlike bernie sanders who does not. it's important i think to at least allow for there are some people who want to reform capitalism. there are some people who want to overturn it. david: again, it is attacks. that's what this really represents is the attack on capitalism which is just ongoing. this is another di mention of that; right -- dimension of that; right >> they say they love it but they want to destroy it by regulation. between 2006, david, and 2016, there were over 300,000 regulations passed which crushed manufacturing, which is why manufacture pay $5,000 a worker in taxes but costs 20 to 35,000 dollars per worker to meet these regulations. and there was no reason for it. no disaster. no uprising of workplace unsafety. it was pure crushing of honest
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people. david: let's face it, it is more about donald trump and marcus saying he was going to be in favor of donald trump than anything else. we will talk about the green new deal coming up. congresswoman ocasio cortez may not have liked what some people on twitter had to say about her, so she blocked them. now she is being sued. former democrat new york assemblyman is the man behind the lawsuit. he's going to join us in a fox business exclusive. wait till you hear what he has to say. that's coming next. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ dto experiencer gthrilling performance. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr for 60 months on all 2019 models.
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order revitive medic with a 60 day money back guarantee. with free shipping and free returns. someone got revitive. order now and we'll send you our most popular treatment boosting accessories. a $50 value absolutely free! go to or call... get moving today! david: president trump losing a major twitter fight after an appeals court ruled against his attempts to block his critics on twitter. well, now democrat congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez is being sued by someone in her own party for doing the same thing. former democrat new york assemblyman is the man behind
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the lawsuit. he's been very critical of the congresswoman on twitter, and he's calling her a hypocrite for blocking him and others for criticizing her. he joins us now in a fox business exclusive. assemblyman, what do you hope to get out of this lawsuit? >> well, i hope to expose who aoc is. i mean, the bottom line is that her behavior, her lack of knowledge in terms of so many issues, in particular her recent comments talking about immigrants getting into this country and bringing up the concentration camps and saying never again. absolutely outrageous, horror. instead of recognizing her insensitivi insensitivity, instead of apologizing, she doubles down and yeah, you know, i have done the right thing, and this is the consistent thing with aoc. and she has a problem. i mean, she always talks about
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the millions of people who follow her on twitter. she's very very proud of that. but she has a problem with people who have a different point of view, you know, in this case it is me. she has the same problem with a lot of other people. what is she afraid of? what is she concerned about? why won't she permit the debate? she's a progressive. progressives believe in discussion. but unfortunately, that is not the situation. and look, the courts just ruled clearly with regard to the president regarding twitter, regarding these, you know, permitting the debate to go on between people and people who have twitter accounts. so look, i look forward to, you know, can't wait for the day that aoc and i appear in court to fight this out. and i'm very confident that we're going to be successful. >> this is scott martin. thank you for joining us.
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do you think this will go all the way to seeing her in court? what do you expect to get out of it? i get you want to expose who she is. but do you think she's going to change? she's pretty staunch in who she is as a person and on twitter. >> look, i'm not confident that she's going to change. but i want to have the opportunity and others should have the opportunity to be part of the debate, part of the discussion. her, you know, sort of turning the channel off and not letting people like myself participate in that debate, that's outrageous. that's unacceptable. why is she afraid? that's really my question. aoc, what will you afraid of? you know, in all of my reactions to her, to her behavior, i've never crossed the line. i have never said anything that is inappropriate or not proper. i've taken her to task. yes, that's what this country is all about, having the
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discussion, having the debate, but she doesn't want to have the debate. she wants everyone to pat her on the back and tell her how wonderful she is. >> this has been the critique of president trump and his own attempts to block critics on-line, which has been we shouldn't live in a country where the founding principle of i may disagree with you with what you say but i will defend to the death your right to say it, that should be a guiding principle for all political dialogue, which is, we have an ironclad commitment to this open exchange of visceral and often virulent disagreements and the president has not led by example in this respect. aoc is also not leading by example in this respect, but i hope anyone on any side of this applies the same template, whether it's the president of the united states, a representative in congress, or to you, or to me, or to anyone else who engages in this. >> assemblyman, why isn't the democratic party condemning the anti-semitism of her and some other members of the democratic caucus in congress?
5:16 pm
why aren't they forth right? they sound like the labour party in england which backed off from the anti-semitism of its leader and some of its members. we've seen where that's led. why can't the democrats rise up and say this is wrong? >> well, this is exactly the problem. the democratic party of the united states is slowly morphing into the labour party in england, which is filled rife with antisemitism from the top straight through. we see it -- we see a report that just came out with regard to that, just today. look, it's very unfortunate. you know, i'm a democrat. but i'm ashamed. i'm embarrassed. i'm embarrassed by what's going on in the democratic party. the presidential candidates, you know, everyone looks at everyone else in terms of what they are going to say about anti-semitism, what they are going to say about aoc, about omar, about khalid, everybody looks at everybody else instead of doing the right thing.
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racism, anti-semitism, one standard for all. it is not about democrats. it is not about republicans. it's about doing the right thing. and unfortunately, unfortunately, that is not the situation. >> let me ask you this -- >> where is chuck schumer? >> where is nancy pelosi? wouldn't you argue that aoc and talib, i mean these young congresswomen, they are now the house speaker and the leader of the party? >> i think aoc is the speaker actually. pelosi has the title. it is very unfortunate. look, pelosi was going to do a resolution on omar after she indulged in vile anti-semitism, jewish power, jewish control, the traditional hate directed towards the jewish people, pelosi was going to do the resolution. the next day, the next day, that
5:18 pm
resolution never happened. is she the speaker or what? you know, it's insane, and it is very dangerous. david: assemblyman -- >> the anti-semites -- yes? david: i just wanted to ask. you are still a democrat. the jewish community in america has usually gone more heavily for a democratic party. do you think the comments of ilhan omar and others in the democratic party, aoc, towards not only israel specifically, but towards the global jewish community, are going to turn some democrats, jewish democrats into republican jews? >> you know, my message to democrats is to take a vacation in 2020 from the party that they are a part of. you know, a lot of jews, they have a loyalty to the democratic party, whether it is good for them or not good for them. the democratic party continues to show and prove that they are
5:19 pm
not friends of israel, unfortunately. you know, just a short while ago, i'm here in jerusalem, 650 missiles were shot at israel, at the civilian population of this country, just a short while ago. 22 candidates running for president of the united states on the democratic side, the most remarkable thing happened, not one of them said a single word. they didn't issue a single sentence on their twitter account, condemning hamas, a terrorist organization, shooting missiles into civilian population in the state of israel, with the purpose of each missile to murder men, women, and children. not one single word. david: great to see you. thank you very much for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. thank you. david: safe travels. 2020 presidential candidate elizabeth warren is targeting businesses once again, and this time she is banking on the power of public markets to boost clean
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david: that last segment we heard him say the the jews have a loyalty to the democratic party. we as a network don't endorse that talk. how could climate change affect the bottom line? a senator tweeting out in part quote publicly traded companies have an obligation to share important information about their business. investors are already divesting
5:24 pm
from fossil fuel companies and this will push more investors to invest and transition to clean energy. now, warren again saying she wants to quote use the power of public markets to effect change in these companies. when you add this to the list, is there any policy that she has come out with that's advocating that would make it easier to start and grow a business? what do you think? >> i feel like wall street is under attack by elizabeth warren, the sec once again. it is not like we don't have enough to do, but she's adding more and more on to the plate. it is not pro business. she is one for the consumer, right? the consumer benefits from a strong economy. with this type of onerous regulation that she continues to pile on, i'm not sure that's going to help the u.s. economy and the consumer ultimately. >> given all the controversy, i am sure the only companies that could talk about climate change would be sun screen makers, lotion. >> how does that work? >> yeah, more heat, more --
5:25 pm
>> okay, i got it. >> the fact of the matter is she's crushing business in the name of saving business. in terms of climate change, she's against natural gas which is clean energy. she's against nuclear energy which is the ultimate clean energy. so what's left? we're going to go back moving into caves? stone age? no, the american people aren't going to go for that. >> once again, this is not something that is new. one of the largest asset managers, black rock, 4 trillion dollars manager that the company should disclose a plethora, of risks of climate and environmental impact is one. european pension funds and other investing groups already demand this. this will simply add more pages to several hundred pages to disclosure. there's nothing wrong with disclosure. this is just one more -- >> but zach, it is already
5:26 pm
happening. she admits it. she says she wants to use the power of public markets. no, you want to use the power of government to use more control and force for companies to take on more cost, more legalese to get this done in her vein. you called her a capitalist in the first block. i don't see how this is anything capitalist. >> i said she calls herself a capitalist. >> i disagree with that too. >> most companies have to do this, they have to do it if they are doing business in europe or california. these are pension plans that are quasi private. david: get back to the original question i asked. she has all kinds of policies. can you think any of those policies that would make it easier and cheaper to do business in america? >> absolutely not, david. all these regulations do is hurt the formations of new businesses. we should have learned that from the past 15 years when we piled on new regulations. new business starts went way down. and in terms of climate change, it is all speculation.
5:27 pm
they have no idea what the temperature is going to be in 2067, july 4th. >> by now, steve, we were supposed to be out of oil and out of water. we have more oil than we've ever had and last i checked, water is not as bad as it was predicted as you said. we're finding resources and ways to deal with that. david: weather predictions are very dangerous. you can't make it for tomorrow let alone 20 years from now. the president out with a new threat from iran today. iranian officials are now responding, calling the president trump's latest actions quote weapons of warfare. we will talk to a former deputy assistant on what happens now. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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david: president trump sending a new threat to iran today, tweeting out, quote, iran has long been secretly enriching in total violation of the terrible 150 billion dollars deal made by john kerry and the obama administration. remember, that deal was to expire in a short number of years. sanctions will soon be increased, substantially. on iranian oil. officials are responding now saying economic sanctions are weapons of warfare, iranian words. its foreign minister accusing john bolton and israeli prime minister netanyahu of conspiring to fill off the 2015 nuclear deal -- kill off the 2015 nuclear deal as well as one in 2005. former deputy assistant to president trump is joining us
5:32 pm
now. what do you make of this? >> david, there's so much to unpack here. there were so many lies in what we just heard from the iranians. first of all, iran's been cheating on this deal for a long time. it was supposed to give a full and honest declaration of its nuclear program before it got sanctioned. it never did that. and when the president says they have a secret enrichment program, former cia director james woolsey believes that. that's not where i am on this. i got to tell you, our intelligence community has been so wrong about weapons of mass destruction programs and knew nothing about north korea's enrichment program, they may have a secret enrichment program. we wouldn't know about it because iran will not allow inspections at military sites, another major violation of this agreement. >> so where do we go from here? i mean, the president says sanctions will be increased substantially. last i checked, there is no substantial increase available. we are basically sanctioned everything, including their oil, and that can be seen as an aggressive act, after all, the
5:33 pm
japanese attacked the united states in world war ii after we embargoed their oil. not that we shouldn't have, just saying. where do we go from here? only so many individuals in the revolutionary guard that you could sanction and probably wouldn't do any good. >> first of all, military action is the last choice. let's just put that on the table. david: uh-huh. >> the president does not want to go to war. we have to use every nonkinetic, nonforceful approach to deal with this problem. there are a lot more sanctions that could be put in place. we could get europe to start reimposing the sanctions that were lifted under this deal. other nations were abiding by very tough economic financial oil sanctions against iran. i think that should be our next target. >> fred, you mentioned war. i mean, iran used the word warfare. so are they using this as an excuse, the sanctions, to maybe start screwing with things even more in the straits of hormuz as they have already been doing or maybe create other problems in the middle east? >> i think iran knows that it dodged a bullet when the president chose at the last minute not to respond militarily after they shot down that
5:34 pm
unarmed drone, and i believe that russia and european states are saying to the iranians, if you provoke president trump, he's going to launch a military response that will destroy your oil industry, sink your navy and do enormous damage. i don't think the iranians want that. >> if i was europe, the european partners in the 2015 agreement, like france, like germany, like the u.k., i would feel disrespected. i stood by you to sign this deal. in fact, i would still stand by you despite the u.s. pulling out. and this is what you do? i mean, how do you think they feel? >> that's an excellent point. you know, the patience of the europeans is running out. they are already mad -- actually europe sanctioned iran earlier this year for sending assassination squads into europe to kill dissidents over the last two years. then iran ships into the persian gulf and shoots unarmed drone and threatens terrorism. the patience is really running out >> are the europeans being stupid in your view? >> well, look, they are sticking to the stupid deal that was negotiated by kerry and obama.
5:35 pm
we know john kerry twisted the arms of some european states to go with this deal. even they didn't like a lot of the concessions in this agreement. >> do you think that there's a possibility we could cut off iranian imports into iran -- i mean, selling -- buying gasoline from india? they don't have much refining capacity in iran. list some of the things we could do as zach asked earlier that would really hurt them. >> first of all, we did grant some exemptions on oil and gas sales. they will have to be stopped. >> right. >> there are actually exemptions that we granted to iran on its nuclear program. i don't know why we did this, but they have to be lifted immediately. john bolton has been talking about that. i think the focus right now is to say to europe, you guys have to come around here. iran is violating this agreement big-time. they are enriching uranium beyond the deal's limits. it is time to reimpose all the sanctions you lifted in 2015. >> do you think we will hit some european companies just as exam
5:36 pm
who are still dealing with iran -- as an example who are still dealing with iran, okay, we will shut you out of the u.s., will that get the message across? >> european companies are leaving iran in droves because of american sanctions. we should sanction any european company that's violating u.s. sanctions. david: they are clearly involved in nuclear extortion right now. i mean, this is blackmail, using nuclear weapons, uranium enrichment as the trigger for that blackmail. shouldn't there be a price to pay just for that alone? >> i think there should be a price, but i don't think we should exaggerate how -- basically what iran is made negligible difference in terms of the danger from its nuclear program. it takes iran about nine months to make reactor grade uranium that's what it has now. only two to four months to gr reactor grade -- go from reactor grade to weapons grade.
5:37 pm
david: thank you very much. >> good to be here. david: controversial new technology is being used by homeland security. we will talk to the ranking member for the house of the homeland security committee, mike rogers is joining us next.
5:38 pm
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>> what we're doing is absolutely not a surveillance program. we're just replacing the evaluation and scrutiny of the physical id with the computer algorithm. >> we don't do surveillance. david: i.c.e. and security officials defending the use of facial recognition searches in driver's license databases to find illegal immigrants. now, members of the u.s. customs and border protection getting grilled by the house homeland security committee. this coming after a company working with the cbp on this technology was hacked, and that caused concern that sensitive personal data was being released. mike rogers is the ranking member of the homeland security committee. he joins us now. congressman, after what you
5:41 pm
heard today, should i.c.e. have access to this technology? >> of course. you know, the thing that was emphasized today in the hearing was first of all, they are using dmv driver's license pictures. those are public records. this is no reasonable expectation of privacy in those public records. but also, they're only doing the things that have manually been done hereto for, where they are taking a driver's license or passport that's being handed to the individual, let's say at tsa and they are comparing it to your likeness in person. this would just use a machine, that doesn't have fatigue or make errors like human beings do. >> congressman, given the state of photography with the most motor vehicle bureaus are those photographs really going to be helpful? [laughter] >> nobody likes their driver's license picture. that's a good point. david: that's true. >> they made the point today, we had one of the individuals that was there that made the point that with the advancements that have occurred in the last couple of years, they have a 97 --
5:42 pm
99.7% accuracy rate. that's pretty phenomenal. >> congressman, i think many of us would like this to be part of a larger discussion of how do we legally and regulatorily deal with the burgeoning of these technologies of facial recognition so that we don't lead our government to have power in the way let's say the chinese government is using power of recognition over citizens and that that power is used to protect citizens. do you feel that that conversation is being had? will it be had more comprehensively in congress? >> i think that point was driven home today. that's our real concern. i don't think it's worry about law enforcement using public records to find bad guys. but we are very concerned about the fact that if these photos, for example, are stored in a database that can be hacked, that could be used by some nefarious actor, and we don't want that. in fact, when you look at driver's license records, the 1994 driver's privacy protection act says that those records can be shared with other
5:43 pm
governments, and it's for law enforcement purposes but it says it cannot be sold commercially. same reason, we want to maintain privacy for individuals. when it is outside of the realm of law enforcement purposes. >> congressman, i want to go broader and talk about the existence of dhs, homeland security, one of your influential peers across the aisle, alexandria ocasio cortez, she has suggested abolishing the dhs. take a listen. >> i.c.e. is not under doj. it's under the department of homeland security. and so we have now -- >> would you get rid of homeland security too >> i think so. i think we need to undo a lot of the egregious -- a lot of the egregious mistakes that the bush administration did >> well, the department of homeland security congressman was established after 9/11 to protect this country. what do you make of this? >> she's different, i will give her that. first of all, i was surprised
5:44 pm
that a representative that represents part of new york city would take that position, given that they lost 3,000 lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> is it disrespectful then, congressman? >> absolutely, it was disrespectful. it was also basically naive. when you look at the fact that while we set up this committee after 9/11, and i've been on this committee since it was first established as a select committee, even before it became permanent. i have watched the department grow and mature and get better at what they do, and know for a fact, they have helped prevent other attacks. we have had some that couldn't be prevented or weren't prevented like fort hood, the boston bombings, but there have been many terrorist attempts and organizations that have been thwarted that the public has no idea about because we can't let them know what happened because it would give up our sources. they have done a great job of keeping us safe. but also these entities are necessary for our country to have lawful borders, for example. she's talking about getting rid of cbp and i.c.e. who does she think will protect
5:45 pm
our borders from ms 13 gang members? from gun runners? from sex traffickers? all the bad actors aside from terrorists that want to come across our borders and bring their bad acting behaviors with them. >> can you imagine a country without i.c.e., without the border protection? i mean, is that what really she is getting at here, where she didn't even have a solution, she just said let's just get rid of them? >> that's exactly right, which is why i said it is naive at best and i'm being generous with my language. i don't want to be hateful on tv. >> before the department of homeland security, we did have border patrol. we did have antiterrorist organizations within the fbi. >> they didn't stop 9/11. >> there were critiques at the time at the creation of dhs as unwielding department that's been difficult to run and been plagued by bureaucratic issues as well as lack of coordination between the actual units within the department of homeland security. we should fix those. leave aoc's comments aside.
5:46 pm
you can be respectful and patriotic and still think there are issues here that need fixing. >> those are all fair critiques. i have been on this committee since the department was established. we have seen all that unwieldingness in their organization in growth and development, but they have grown and developed and gotten much better at what they do. the fact is the 22 agencies that were thrown together to form dhs initially were in existence before 9/11. they couldn't stop it. but you see since then, we have not had another major attack on our homeland, and it's in large part because as a group, this organization has worked effectively. >> congressman, several years ago, the chinese hacked a major insurance company in this country, got 80 million medical records. >> right. >> do we have real safety on those photographs because they can match those up, and while our government may not use it for me fairous purposes -- nefarious purposes, others might. >> i'm not worried about
5:47 pm
driver's license photos. again, those are public records. anybody has access to those. i'm not worried about those being hacked. i worry about let's say we start expanding the use of facial recognition into other areas of what we do at homeland security, we have to make sure that those facial images are not retained. that was kind of the point that was driven home today. you can use facial recognition to compare a driver's license or a passport to an individual, but once you've done that image comparison, it needs to go away. it does not need to be stored. david: i hope my driver's license picture is not retained. i can tell you that for one. [laughter] david: i think steve's in the same boat. congressman, thank you very much for being here. really appreciate it. >> thank you. david: the world cup champions getting a hero celebration in new york city. how are growing calls for their equal pay being received? more on this, coming next. what's going on up here? can't see what it is yet. what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it.
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david: we have some breaking news on the trade front. we are just learning that u.s. trade rep robert lighthizer launching an investigation into france's planned attacks on tech giants like amazon, facebook and apple. lighthizer says the u.s. is very concerned that the tax expected to pass the french senate tomorrow quote unfairly targets american companies. we will continue to monitor that story for any developments. we will bring those to you. meanwhile, the world champion u.s. women's soccer team getting a tickertape parade through new york city as mayor and 2020 presidential candidate bill de blasio saying he would enforce equal pay for the women's team if he were president. democrat senator joe manchin also weighing in. he's introduced a bill cutting off funding for the 2026 men's world cup until that pay gap is closed. that's what the left is saying. here are the numbers. in their last world cup cycle, the u.s. men's team brought in
5:52 pm
over 5.3 billion dollars in revenue, but the women's team is expected to bring in 131 million. that's less than 40 times what the men earn. so should the women make the same amount of money when they're bringing in just a small fraction of what the men bring in? what do you think? >> as the only woman on this panel, i think i have the biggest say here. david: go for it. >> i'm going to refute some of those statistics. global world cup; right? we are just talking about the american men and how much they have brought in the last world cup cycle which they didn't even qualify for. >> there you go, susan. >> so four world cups, number one ranked in the world, sponsorships have gone up 50% since 15, 16, when the women last won the world cup, two time defending champions now heading into the next world cup. why are we having this argument in 2019? why should it be regulated? it should be fact. and we should get equal pay period. >> and to echo that, fifa does not look at things like the amount of ad revenue that the
5:53 pm
women's world cup team in england, which was the most watched event with 11 million people in england, right, that would translate into about 55, 60 million people for an american viewing audience. the ad revenue for that game alone, given there was more watched than any men's game, in the united states, women's world cup final, had 20 to 25 percent viewership increase over the men's final, granted the americans were not in that one. so fifa is good at creating its own statistics for its own optics. >> i bet you the women's members of this team will get more in endorsement money than the men did on the soccer team. david: good old capitalism. >> they are on top. shoo -- >> they are on top. >> that's a good point. the women's team arrow is pointing up. the men's team arrow is pointing down, if not sideways. they lost the gold cup in chicago on sunday night. the reality is the women's team will get their stuff together
5:54 pm
because of the fact the endorsements and because the team is better. >> but to the point of revenue and a percent of revenue, susan, you've got -- we have women's basketball in the united states, it is becoming more popular, but so far the revenue -- >> you are talking professionally. david: yeah, professionally, the revenue of that is a fraction of nba. >> that's a professional for profit league, nba, wnba, obviously no comparison. david: there is comparison. there are advertisers. most professional sports people, the real money, they get a good base salary, but the real money comes from endorsements, it is a similar thing with the so called nonprofessional athletes. >> but we have seen endorsements go up since 2015, 16, as i mentioned to you sponsorships went up 50% and that was during a time when the men -- i'm talking about on the u.s. soil, u.s. men's team versus the u.s. women's team. the men didn't qualify for the world cup. where do you think that groit growth comes from? -- where do you think that
5:55 pm
growth comes from? nike said the u.s. women's jersey is the best-selling soccer jersey of all time, male or female. >> that gets to the bottom line. the markets will catch up to performance. the women are performing, they are going to get more. they earned it. >> take the controversy away and think of the sales you will get. david: i think you are right. protesters swarming a minnesota city council meeting after the city votes to nix the pledge of allegiance. you won't believe the reason why. >> this issue goes so much further beyond just a suburb in minnesota. people kneeling for the national anthem. it is now saying we're not going to recite the pledge. when did it become okay for us not to be proud of america? it was so embarrassing. now i take new biotene dry mouth lozenges whenever i'm on the go, which is all the time. new biotene dry mouth lozenges. freshen breath anytime, anywhere. today's senior living communities have never been better,
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5:59 pm
protest. a minnesota city council unanimously voted to stop reciting the pledge of allegiance at city council meeting. they said to create a welcome environment for a diverse community. we are going to forego saying the pledge of allegiance. >> it's upsetting that nobody wants to defend the pledge. >> people are here involuntary. they are free to leave if they want to leave. >> the pledge of allegiance didn't get i vented until 1892. >> if you are welcomed in
6:00 pm
america you should be patriotic and i agree with the pledge of allegiance. david: that does it for "bulls and bears." we'll see you back here next time. liz: big tech under fire from censorship of conservatives. the president has had enough. he's about to hold a white house meeting tomorrow and censorship and abuses against conservatives by liberal tech giants as congress is about to haul in facebook, amazon and going toll explain why they should not be broken up. and andy ngo on the city of


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