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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 10, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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thank you for watching. reminder, you can catch my show, "bulls and bears" right here on the fox business network. thanks for joining us. good night from new york. trish: socialist darling alexandria ocasio-cortez who called for i.c.e. to be abolished is going a step further. >> would you get rid of homeland security, too? >> i think so. i think we need to get rid of a lot of the egregious mistakes the bush administration did. trish: geraldo are you veer and marc lotter is sounding off.
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megan rapinoe says she is not going to the white house. my question is what exactly are you teaching the younger generation. you shut off the other side and only speak to those who agree with you? why this hurts her cause. the great length and expense parents are going to to help raise their children problem free. tonight, alexandria ocasio-cortez giving far left a whole new meaning. she jumped on the abolish i.c.e. bandwagon. >> i think abolish i.c.e. is a call to action on several levels. one is the literal interpretation of abolishing i.c.e. which i said, [inaudible]
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trish: fyi, i.c.e. has republicans, too, going after terrorist financiers. now she is throwing in the department of homeland security. >> i.c.e. is not under doj, it's under the department of homeland security. >> would you get rid of the department of homeland security, too? >> i think so. trish: joining me geraldo rivera and marc lotter. geraldo, welcome to the show. you have been defending her quite a bit actually. do you defend this one? >> i do in broad terms.
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i think we need a department of homeland security. it was a recent creation post 9/11, an amalgamation of a lot of agencies. i think it was a good idea to consolidate them but i'm not a great fan of i.c.e. and many of the agents are do the hard work and go after the cartels and do the investigations of the renegade financiers you mentioned, those people are not big fans of the men and women who knock on the door and say show me your papers then yang a person living here without documentation. trish: isn't that an exaggeration. >> it's not an exaggeration if you are the person whose door is being knocked on. trish: they are not going door to door arresting families. >> i think that this is a job
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that is a thankless job. i love cops. i'm a big supporter of law enforcement. but when your job is rounding up people whose only offense is they are here without proper documentation. trish: just to clarify, that's not actually happening. that's what people worry would happen but that's not actually happening. >> i'm not sure why you are saying that. there are plenty of raid on meat packing plants, poultry processing plants, gardening outfits. trish: you want to go after the employers who are hiring the illegals. >> i think it's important to note that the enforcement i.c.e. is doing in short order is enforcing court orders. people who have had their due
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process and be removed from this country. that's what cops are supposed to do, follow the law and enforce court orders. we have a tremendous storm bearing down on the gulf coast as we speak right now as we have california coming out of two powerful earthquakes. fema is a department of homeland security. when you make wild, hair brained idea, it's so uninformed. are you suggesting that i.c.e. doesn't just take people whose only offense is they are here unlawfully? that's what they do. they enforce the court orders, but they do other things as well. they have instilled terror in the undocumented community. trish: we need some kind of meaningful immigration reform and we cannot continue to say
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open borders, everybody come in. that does not make any sense, geraldo. >> i absolutely agree. trish: i hope you agree with me on this one. it feels millennial what she is saying. she is somehow of the belief that democratic party leadership is so threatened by her that they are intentionally giving her lots of work to do. you guys have to hear this. >> i was assigned to some of the busiest committees. so my hand are full. trish: i hope she meant the laugh because it does fall into a few too many stereotypes about millennials who want all the glory and don't want to do all the work.
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are they threatened by her? is nancy pelosi threatened enough she wants to give her so much work she'll stay off twitter. >> i support aoc on this one. i think nancy pelosi should give her less work so she can spend more time on television and doing more public speaking because every time she opens her mouth, trump wins. >> i don't necessarily disagree with that. aoc and her squad, she is the youngest member of congress ever elected. this squad is very impressive, but they are also in the business of inspirational forward thinking. it's not their job as they see it -- they leave that to the 79-year-old nancy pelosi doing the grunt work. her job is to pass legislation
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and they are trying to hold on to the house majority. trish: aoc and rashida tlaib and ilhan omar? >> when you drive the agenda so far left, even though it's only the four of them, it's so visible it seems as if the entire democratic party is pushing for a green new deal. trish: when i listen to the debates, i kind of think they are. tonight, residents in minnesota, the whole minnesota city up in arms after their council banned the pledge of alee jets from their meetings because of their city's diverse culture. [usa!] trish: we have the latest on the ground. horrific video of a delta flight
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forced into an emergency landing after its ebb gin literally fell apart mid-flight. >> i texted my mom, i love you. i texted my dad, i love you. the far left state of california is in well over $200 billion of debt, but that hasn't stopped them from spending another $100 billion to illegals. corey lewandowski is talking about it next. >> we are providing healthcare for everyone regardless of immigration status. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills.
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trish: the deep blue state california making history as the first state ever to offer state-funded healthcare for illegal migrants. if you are here illegally in the united states of america, if you are low income and under 26, then the taxpayers of california are going to take care of you. governor newsom made sure of it. >> we are providing healthcare for everyone regardless of
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immigration status. we made another i kremental step toward that vision getting it to everybody up to the age of 26, regardless of immigration status. trish: what about the state's alarming homeless crisis? how about helping them? the blue state crisis level rising 30% in san francisco alone. $600 million was spent on the issue last year. $600 million later it actually surged. they just keep throwing money at problems and nothing gets fixed. come one, come all, you can move to california and get free health understand if you are
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here illegally. joining me, trump's former campaign manager corey lewandowski. i guess i'm glad i don't live in california anymore. if i thought taxes on the east coast were bad, i have the feeling they will get even worse in california. >> if you are a business owner or fairly successful person, you are so overburdened with the tax structure in california you are getting up and leaving. the states that are been figure it are nevada and texas with a healthier tax benefit. if you want to be a receiver of benefits. you are in the country illegally. you will have sanctuary if you commit a crime. these individuals are welcomed into california illegally. we are saying not only are we going to give you have a free education at the expense of the people paying for your
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education. but we'll give you healthcare. the state is in a massive deficit. the on time the state wants anything in the state of california is when you have a massive crisis. they call on the president to declare a state of emergency to rebuild their infrastructure because they can't manage their own systems. trish: this could be a recipe if bernie sanders or other leftists get their way. you mentioned, most of people are leaving. what you are left with is the rich and the poor because if you are rich, you don't care. if you are a billionaire work for google out there, you don't care. maybe i will pay a little bit more in taxes. but if you are in the middle class working hard for a living or upper middle class, it's not going to fly. you can't be supporting all the
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people on the bottom. the middle gets squeeze and california is left with the haves and have nots. we don't want a country like that. >> i can't imagine in 80s like nebraska and wisconsin where people pride themselves on going to work every day, and they don't want a handout from the government. they want the government to get out of their way. they want to provide for their families. and they want to do things the right way. the people in california don't want to do that. what you are going to find, if you are jeff bezos and you want to be the world's richest man living in california, you don't have that problem. even the guy who founded facebook, he has all the homeless people inundating his neighborhood and they are starting to complain about it. the homeless problem is so pervasive they have to do something about it.
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instead of fixing the problem which is americans who don't have jobs in california, they are saying let's give free healthcare to people in the country illegally. if that's the philosophy the democrats have, they will lose the 2020 election. trish: i agree. geraldo was just on and he agrees with you, too. those democrats take us down the path of socialism will cost their party overall. corey, it's good to see you tonight. coming up, take a look at this video. a major cash grab by commuters after an armored vehicle spilled tons of money all over the road. is it legal to pick it up? we'll find out. the market hitting all kind of records. remember when the media said donald trump would be a disaster
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trish: there is tension in washington, d.c.? it between the president of the youths and the chairman of the federal reserve. it's powell versus trump. so far trump is winning this round. before you say hooray, think about the precarious position the president is putting himself
8:24 pm
in. i'm not a big fan of the feds. and i kind of wonder if we even need them. but i always respected the independence of the fed, the independence of the federal reserve from the white house. so the real world, the fed should act as a back stop to an inefficient washington. if the president does haven't a clue on the economy, you know what? the feds can kind of help ease the pain. barack obama was so bad when it came to economics, i am just going to say it, he was. bernanke and yellen had no choice but to serve up lower and lower interest rates. but this president understands the power of fiscal stimulus. he gets that lower taxes will result in more prosperity for most of paul americans, and
8:25 pm
that's knowledge has paid off. it's paid off with lower unemployment levels. higher wages, stronger growth rates for our economy. we are doing well. our economy is a success. but donald trump wants to have his cake and eat it, too. he wants the fed to keep the spigot open. he wants the fed to keep rates low and cut and cut. he told me so much in this interview last year. president trump: the biggest threat is the fed. because the fed is raising rates too fast. it's independent so i don't speak to them, but i'm not happy with what he's doing. you look at the last inflation numbers, they are very low. trish: if he gets it wrong will he be out of a job? >> four years, five years? i am not happy with weep's
8:26 pm
doing, i will tell you that. inflation -- and i fully get the whole thing, the federal reserve as well as any president who has ever been here. i get it really well. but right now the inflation is not here. trish: he's right on that. so far, so good. no inflation. not significant anyway, and i'm with him. when we did that interview back in october the fed was not in a position to keep hiking rates. but today the fed is talking about lowering them right now with record growth, record employment and the fed wants to lower rates? >> it seems to me there are some fed governors out there who seem to be more concerned about keeping their jobs as we head into an election year than with managing employment and inflation in our economy. remember, guys, church and
8:27 pm
state, that goes for you, too, president trump. don't put unnecessary pressure on the feds. let the fed do its job and you do yours. joining me right now, michael lee. portfolio manager. i have been very critical of the fed in the past. i was very concerned when they continued to lower rates and they left them as historic lows during obama's time because i think you run the risk of creating perverse incentives. why do this today when i can do this follow because the money will still be there, and i am relieved that we are in an environment finally where we are getting enough stimulus out of washington that is meaningful and resulting in economic successes. but now we have the fed talking
8:28 pm
about cutting? what's that about? >> i think the cutting of interest rates has to do more with moving manufacturing back to the u.s. the rest of the world has a very slow rate and in some cases negative rates. if you keep rates too low too long, you turn yourself into japan. without rates above zero you will never have inflation, because there is no purpose for banks to lend. if you look at the taylor rule, a rules based system that looks at inflation growth, purely from that standpoint, 2 3/4. and that's not where we are at. the problem is the rest of the world is having trouble because of the tax cuts and deregulation we have done here.
8:29 pm
so global growth has been sucked to the united states. assistant united states is booming. when you are in a trade war with china and you are looking to manufacture things in this country and the rest of the world. you are working against yourself. what you are getting powell right now is a lot of acome day tough talk. trish: the tariffs with mexico didn't happen. i didn't think they would. but the threat was there, and mexico plays nice and they showed up in washington and they said we'll do our part and they have been. so it was a creative approach on behalf of the president. but the threat of 15% tariffs on all mexican goods coming our way had one investor said maybe this is what the president wants to do to help influence powell so
8:30 pm
he'll cut rates. all i am saying is i want mr. powell to be doing his job independent of anybody over on pennsylvania avenue. >> thinking the fed is independent is naive going back to burns and nixon and volcker. then obama and bernanke and yellen and quantitative easing. we should have started raising rates the end of 2013 to 2014. right now we would be at 3.5%. trish: raise them now while you can instead of cutting, cutting, cutting. the delta flight forced into an emergency landing after its engine nearly fell apart midnight. residents of the minnesota city in a fury after their council banned the pledge of allegiance
8:31 pm
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trish: a senior us defense official confirming that five and youians from the revolutionary guard attempted to seize a british oil taker in the persian gulf. all of this as president trump has put iran on notice, vowing to hit the rogue re real with even more sanctions. joining me right now on what could come next, the fox news
8:36 pm
strategic analyst retired general jack keane. they went after a british ship today. they failed, but it shows they will keep poking. >> it shows how desperate they are. the trump administration has been so successful on the campaign of maximum pressure the iranians are back on their heels. they sabotaged six ships. that blew up in their face because we caught them at it. the brits took one of their tankers for a good reason. the brits are supporting the united states in this case to put maximum pressure on iran. not you iranians are threatening to blow up the nuclear deal if
8:37 pm
they don't get assistance. trish: they are the ones who say we are going to keep breaching these uranium levels. we got out of the deal, but the europeans were still in it. by the way, i'm done with you, too. >> the europeans are in a box. the three nations, the u.k., france and germany, disagreed with the president pulling out of the deal after a year of negotiations with them. the iranians increasing the uranium enrichment. it's busting the restriction on the deal. what are they going to do? are they going to give in to this blackmail and assist the iranians with economic relief? hopefully they continue to do with their rhetoric is suggesting and that is to push back on the iranians.
8:38 pm
what will the iranians do? they will probably keep increasing it. trish: at what point does it become a big problem? >> if we get closer to a fresh hold where you can move quickly to weapons grade, then i think we'll have a problem. but the first thing we'll do ways we did when the american drone went down. it's been reported in the media and it's a fact that we conducted a successful cyber operation against the iranians which hurt them. likely here we would do the same thick. a number of years ago we did much the same thing with a program we device with the israelis. we can do this with the israelis and we can do it without it. we have the best capability in the world. it would lock it up. it would lock it up.
8:39 pm
we have got that kind of capability. it's an ace in the hole and a much better solution than any kinetic approach to the problem. trish: if they continue on this uranium enrichment path, we continue with more and more sanctions as we have been doing. we make their economic lives a living hell, then at what point do the iranian people say we don't like this regime. this regime has not been good for us. there is a talk of a young 37-year-old who may be running for president and could give rouhani a run for his money. >> they have food shortages and you a crippled economy as well. the iranians will play out their options to include possibly
8:40 pm
going back to military provocation again even though it failed. they will pull out all those options before they will think about coming to the table to discuss the future with the president's negotiating team. trish: no one said they were smart. president trump i will take you up on that offer. you said you would negotiate with me, let's do that and couple with a better deal for everyone. that's the smart thing to do. >> they know they won't like that deal one bit. what we put on the table is likely to be unacceptable to them. trish: megan rapinoe is all in on invites from nancy pelosi. but not the white house. shouldn't a role model like her
8:41 pm
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>> yes to aoc, yes to nancy pelosi, yes to the bipartisan congress. yes to chuck schumer or anyone else who wants to invite us and have a substantive conversation and believe in the same things we believe in. trish: there is one invite she already said no to. that's the person who can probably help her to make any kind of change she is seeking. that happens to be the president of the united states. rapinoe has not held back on her views about the president. but is that what we want to teach the millions of kid who look up to her? wouldn't it be nice to sit down and have a discussion to try to
8:46 pm
work out a positive change? joining me is turning point usa founder, charlie kirk and democratic strategist robert a patell oh. he was welcoming here and she is thumbing her nose at it. he is the president of the united states of america. can you not show a little bit of respect. if you don't have a meeting with him, maybe you could say mr. president i don't like some of the things you have done. you can have a conversation. and you might be able to get some of the changes you are seeking. >> she is a walking contradiction. she also said in her speech during the parade that we need to listen more and talk less, we need to love more. what part of that message is she embodying? she lists all these people she
8:47 pm
wants to meet with, but she can't meet with the president of the united states. she is being elevated to a hero figure in this saga. a form of a mature civilization is you meet with people you disagree with. it seems that she is drifting far away from her own advice she is trying to give people. trish: you have consider the meeting with president xi. they are trying to do something with iran despite all of iran's problems. here is megan rapinoe talking a different game. >> it's time to come together. this conversation is at the next step. we have to collaborate. it takes everybody. do what you can. do what you have to do. step outside yourself. trish: wow, maybe she should
8:48 pm
take her own advice? >> i think this is a direct message to the president. you are asking for more maturity from a soccer player than the president. the president engaged in a twitter battle with a soccer star for the last several months. the president is the leader of the free world. and in charge of the world's great just nuclear arsenal. what he has to do is not simply invite her, you have to put your money where your mouth is. trish: do two wrongs make a right? >> hold on a second. >> you need leadership with the president. >> the left has said, we dislike him so much, and she does say a
8:49 pm
lot of things. and he tweets things he shouldn't tweet. but that mean we are going to fire up tweets and swear our heads off and be so disrespectful of one another? it's happening right now. and there is an intolerance from the left that they feel so emboldened. >> the most of intolerant people in america are the people preaching tolerance. she goes on stage and says we have to love one another and talk less. she used an expletive and ma overtough describing the white house. house. president trump was the first president to support same-sex
8:50 pm
marriage. one of the greatest misrepresentations of this president is that he's again the lbgt community. trish: i have got to get to another story. minnesota city, this community says it will stop reciting the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of a city council meeting. lawmakers apparently don't want to suspend people who are not citizens. you know, a lot of these residents not so happy about it. okay, the mayor is reportedly considering reversing the decision. should they be able to say the pledge of allegiance at a city council meeting in minnesota or is it too offensive?
8:51 pm
>> they are saying they will not have an official policy to use the pledge of allegiance. trish: they are saying they are not going to do it anymore. you can go say the pledge of allegiance outside in the hallway but they don't do it at the meetings because the diversity issues with people are offended. >> president washington said he did not want us to make allegiance pledges. trish: the pledge was written by a socialist. trish: charlie, they are saying it's a diversity issue? >> i never thought i would hear someone on cable tv say they are against the pledge of allegiance. there is a growing amount of and
8:52 pm
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trish: welcome back. some parents are hiring coaches to raise their kids cell-phone free, they could run 250 an hour, for home and school visits. i guess what are they trying to do. teach people how to parent. how to parent the way that everyone used to. before we had technology? >> trish, i may be old school, solution would be to take away the cell phone from your child, give them a bike and have them ride outside with supervision. we should limit the time of kids on cell phones or age. i cannot imagine having a smartphone when i was 6 or 10.
8:57 pm
the cost, depends on city you live in, who has this type of attract money. trish: so common, it is like a battle in our house. where is my phone. underneath a chair somewhere like on the -- you know how it is. or maybe you don't know how it is. but, i don't know to spend $250 an hour, for the kids to go out outside and play. this story a couple that prove you are never too old for love, ohio couple they got hitched at the young age of 100 and 102. they found love at their senior living facility. how about that. >> that is a heart warming story, john, a world war ii veteran, and phyllis, they tied the knot, i am used to hearing the doom and gloom about divorce, and how some 40 to 50%
8:58 pm
of people in america get divorced. we did see the statistics, so millennials are drive driving the numbers down because they are not getting married, i tell myself, i am never too old for love. trish: let me ask but this. an engine failure on a delta flight forced the plane to make an emergency landing. >> my phone, i know i didn't have service, i just texted my mom, i love you and my dad. trish: what did passengers get for their trouble? they got get this, a 30 dollar food voucher. they like almost died and della said, here you go. we'll give you -- why not a couple of bags of peanuts. >> i am surprised they offered anything, this is a terrifying
8:59 pm
story, caught on cell phone, planes are man-made, people who check planes are human, we know that aviation overall is relatively safe compared to driving a car, this is something that americans fear every day, every time they get in a plane, unless it just me. trish: i never want to fly again if that happened to me, delta would be smart to say here you go first class trip anywhere. major crash grab in atlanta. book -- the da the backdoor of n armored could have open. stunning turn of events local police department announce some people are returning the money, that is nice. >> they always say money does not grow on trees or fall from the sky, this day it did. i can't believe just got out of the car to pick up money that is not theirs, it belongs to
9:00 pm
someone. i will say it is a crime, a misdemeanor, if you don't return that money. if you stole more than 1500 is a felony. trish: good to see you, i'll see you tomorrow, guy benson is in for kennedy. guy: thank you. a battle royal in democratic party, pitting moderate question mark, nancy pelosi against aoc and her sassy crew of far left aggressives, who will come out on top? can the party survive? i think it might, i am guy benson in for kennedy, two sides have been fighting for months on everything. family feud has exploded over funding are in border security, radicals hate moderates 4.6 billion plan, they say it does not do enough to protect illegal migrants, but until recently, a lot of infighting played out behind closed-doors but not more. pelosi went off


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