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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 12, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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ocean is cold, but you could handle it. trish: thank you. big show tomorrow, make sure you tune in. have a great night, guy bond ben is in for kennedy. guy: thank you trish, show down at oc coral, aoc and her squad of super lefties gearing up to testify on capitol hill tomorrow, to testify on what they claim are oh horrors at out south inborder. i am guy benson in for kennedy. alexandria ocasio-cortez claimings that border detention centers are some kind of hell on earth, and claims that migrants are forced to drink toilet waters among other things, trump administration said this a figment of her imagination.
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in a surprising turn of events president trump dropping his fight to put a citizenship question to next year's census, attorney general william barr said say supreme court ruling ment there not enough time to get question on survey, today, president signed an executive order, demanding every federal agency compile and share all information they have on who is, and is not a citizen. >> we'll utilize vast federal databases to gain a accurate count of the noncitizen population, including databases maintains by department of homeland security. and the social security administration. we have great knowledge in many of our agencies. we will leave no stone unturned. guy: president was incre in--
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>> i can't blame him? >> can you believe are you a citizen of the united states of america, sir, you can't ask that question. why? because the court said you can't, we have three very unfriendly courts they fight us all of the way, judges don't like us too much. they go to houses, they go up, they ridge doorbells, how many totoilets do they have, desks ad beds and what is the roof made of, but we can't ask, are you a citizens of u.s. u.s. guy: chuck schumer tweeted the president's -- so is this loss for wall street or a tactical retreat, let's discuss, host of fox news at night on fox news
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channel, 11 p.m., tonight, tune it. also author of finding bright side, shannon breen. >> hello. guy: trump today said in his statement they were not backing down but they are backing down. >> critics of this idea of putting that citizenship question on se census long poind to other federal agency. they said, you can get this information at other places. there are other collections of data. i think but for the timeline, trump administration would keep trying to find a way to add that question. they say, we have federal data, we'll get it, and critics say, that is what we told you a year ago, both sides playing it as a win. guy: they would have won if it played out but they ran out of
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time. will there be a challenge, this is trump and an executive order, seems that a lawsuit would be inevitable. could it hit a snag. >> talking about today, it is probably going to work for them, i want they can say, this is federal data agencies are legally collecting. i think they are pretty good on that front, whether or not they continue to try to pursue census citizenship we, we talked about idea they may top -- may want to try to win this in issue principle, is not making it to this census. guy: it seems on the political side that wilbur ross, screwed this up, botch by commerce, do you think he might be on thin
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ice, considering it would have possibly been a victory if not for mismanagement. >> everything that came to light about way he tried to go about getting this on the census, that is what the court pointed. to the way it came about and publicly legitimized or eplained -- explained that did not work. he has other problem, he andag still -- as and the a g still fe contempt charges in the house, he may have a lot to battle. guy: talk about principle, you are an attorney, i am not, i am asking i think somewhat sensic questions, for example. they kept saying in all critics say not a valid reason given to ask the question, supreme court said, go back give us a valid reason. couldn't that reason be like, two sentences, we're the government. we want to know how many
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citizens 11 in ou live in our c, period. >> i think that would have gone down better at supreme court, but they found back-channeling. fishing for a reasons, i think that it would have been legally challenged but i think that white house would have been in a better position if there was a statement saying, we want to know, we think this is the best avenue, thank you, you're welcome. guy: there is an alternative plan with other agencies. let's say they come up with a thumbnail sketch. can they be used for anything legally. >> it will be tougher than for them, the constitution is clear about the means of icing census. -- means of using the census, but interesting we have democrats tonight, saying you still poisoned well, people are not going to answer that question adequately, democrats
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saying, you hav have silences people. guy: most people thought it was already a question. >> thank you. guy: white house might tap brakes on census fight, but with potentially kicking out some illegal migrants they are about to hit the gas, mass raided consolidated to start this coming sunday according on new york time, democrats, outraged, of course. >> families belong together. every person in america has rights. the families are hard working members of our community and country, this will terrorize children. guy: immigration and customs enforcement not denying that plan, but a spokesman telling
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fox: >> these come as number of migrants apprehend at border plunged 28% last month, still a lot, down from a 13 year high in may, we have this crisis, still going on. but are these i.c.e. raids the best way to deal with it? here with me now, on set is founder of operation under ground railroad, a former dhs appreciate agent, tim ballard, thank you. >> my pleasure. guy: stated rational behind these raids is to deter people from coming here to sort of clampdown, do you think that goal would be achieved? >> look, deterrents is so important -- biggest crisis are children who are being trafficked into the this country because of our horrific immigration laws.
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the speaker of the house has a points, you have families. what do you do with children, there is a lot of messy things, going after those who pulled a national security threat, convicted pedophiles and such, they need to be out here, i think that president might just be using this as leverage, he did it in june. when house was considering the aid package, it worked, house backed down and allowed some money to go toward enforcement. guy: they said that, trump saying we're trying to get a fire lit under the collective rear end of congress to to something about these underlying problem, you mention terrorizing children as pelosi quote, a lot of terror for these kids is in the horrible journey to the border, congress has been doing jack squat for a long time, what would you like too see happen? >> i was a special agent on that border for 12 years, working in trafficking cases, i know this for the, this is about what
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needs to -- >> horror stories are year. >> absolutely. >> last month united states by state department in trafficking report in top 3 for destination country for trafficking, if there is a way for these smuggling, to get children into oucountry that easy, they will take it our policies make it happen, all it requires for a migrant to walk across, say, i have a child, i climb asylum, they -- i claim asylum, they are set free, almost immediately, until come to your court date in 8 hyundain800, days, often timee kids are never seen again. they say, get across border, and take this number, that is your sponsor, tell them this is your child,. guy: they feed theme them lines
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to say there there is a script. guy: i am seeking asylum because, i'm going to read these words to hit certain buzz phrases. >> that is the problem. guy: what i is the solution. >> lindsey graham put out a bill, you move asylum courts overseas b be -- a-- to our u.s. economies, the legitimate asylum seekers, they don't have to take children through 300 miles of unforgiving desert, they go into their country, make the claim, and exp expedite that.
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that opens doors for u.s. policy to unwittingly, complete a trafficking even, that allows kids to come in. they we're not vetting them, we're not investigating who they are, i have been with migrants when they are given the number by the smuggler, they don't even know who they are calling. guy: you have worked down there, there are some allegation of some bad apples. >> i think that it is possible, it needs to be looked into, the very people who are asking for those investigations because they are worried about the kids, those very people are ignores fact that the same kids, before they get here are vulnerable and doing in additioing in nothing . guy: really appreciate it, tim thank you. >> thank you. guy: aoc and nancy p, at each other's throats again, feud is
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guy: democracyo house judiciary come utcommittee wrapping up thr battle against president trump. new target from jared kushner to corey lewandowski and david pecker, whose name is a source of endless amusement to kennedy. republicans think it all politics. >> here we go again. another round, episode of premature subpoena authorize authorit. guy: as mueller to testify on climb next week but president
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trump thinks that the mueller report is finishes. will deckcrat dig up anything of worth or just fool's goal on the horizon. -- gold on the horizon? joining me now, juan williams. marc lotter. >> good to be here. guy: mark. president will call this presidential harassment, i partially agree, what would the democrats in house do no terms of oversight that would be viewed as legitimate and not over stepping. >> we have not seen it. i don't know if they know what it looks like. we see this endless parade of subpoenas, they are getting is white house council's office swipe left and reject it. none of these things are going to happen, i'm not sure what
12:19 am
they could uncover, after they -- that bob mueller and his team of experts that could not. guy: right. mueller is gold stan ad o stands process, he does his work. why should a single american think that the house democrat, a bunch of partisan would do a job that is better, more credible and thorough than robert mueller. >> mule are' mueller's last woru can't indict a sitting president, there are other processes are for dealing with they president. guy: such as. >> congressional hearings and subpoenas and impeachment. guy: a chance to impeach. this is not impeachment hearing,
12:20 am
mark this seems to me we're looking at polls like every other politician, and impeachment is hugely unpopular with the public. but our pace has political thirst ther for flood we have tk like we're towing something, this is their theater. >> this is made for tv event. they know, no one read mueller report, most of them did not, this is their opportunity to get a soundpite tha bite sound bitel rally their activated base. and republicans will ask question as well, that might backfire on them, in a big way. >> >> i'm going to damage your representation, i think you are right, i think that people did not read that report, i think that democrats say, this is an opportunity to dramatize what is in the report. to come back to what guy side, not they are doing anything added investigation, on top of
12:21 am
what mueller has done with all of his resources, they say, look at what mueller found. found. guy: but juan, people in charge. they have read this report, they know, a bunch of democrat say, this looks impeachable. at what point do they put up or shut up. >> some people may say it has been going on a while, but to mark's point, if people have not read that report, it could be the case they say we have to get public opinion on our side. you said, most of the public is on, posed t -- opposed to impea. but most democrats are in favior of impeachment. what democrats have to do is dpetd public opinion tis getpubw
12:22 am
they are not just harassing the president. >> also, it does not matter what any of them say, it does not change the conclusion, no obstruction no collusion. guy: with that farewell for now, we'll yell at each other about this next week. >> thank you. guy: coming up, alexandria ocasio-cortez is she playing race card in her standoff with nancy pelosi, spoiler, all right, she is, it is a sight to behold. >> president said he is fighting for free speech and blasting fake news will today's social media summit the white house do anything to combat alleged bias within big tech, party panel joins me on both stories next. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards.
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alexandria ocasio-cortez any time. coming up whether in vineyard or somewhere else, they are not spending weekends together, standoff intensified after aocyesterday seemed to play the race card, pelosi shutting down the claim that nancy has been singles out newly elected women of color. >> they took offense because i addressed my members. the tweet that came out of office that referenced our new dems. as session gr -- segregationisti addressed that, how they interrit it is up to them, i am not discussing it any further. guy: referring to a since deleted tweet by aoc's staff.
12:28 am
alexandria ocasio-cortez responding telling cnn that house speaker may not be a racist, but she still wrong. >> knowing. operating in. that we get. knowing concentration tension. it is worth -- >> do you think -- >> no, no. absolutely not. >> no, no. no, i just mentioned she keeps singles out women of collar, co. like criticizing her is putting her in danger, we hear that all of the time. house speaker claims she is done talking about aoc, good luck. can they find a way to coexist like those obnoxious bumper sticker or a nasty real house members of washington, reunion
12:29 am
on bravo. joining us hire. jimmy fay -- fay la and capri caforio, who was my guest mere hours ago. start with you. >> they are not going to brunch together, you know it's bad. guy: aoccould say, no, no, she raised the woman of color card, played it deliberately, that is a significant bomb to throw at the speaker. >> we're seeing here, i can say that, someone who was leader of a caucus, not to say that being leader of a stated level caucus is like speaker of the house, sometimes you get a very vocal minority of individuals they like to fight and air their dirty laundry in public, they take aim at nance nangs, nancyi
12:30 am
think frankly because they want attention this is more sabre rattles than a rift in democratic party. this is aoc and her squad, against pelosi, and nancy pelosi has it right to say i'm not talking about this any more, and kids -- kids -- >> using these, you are racist, bigot, and prejudice and awful but they don't take on real arguments they just try to disqualify the other side, they foforgotten how to argue, aoc is saying, what is the go to move? call someone a racist, i'm a woman of color, like a knee-jerk of pavlov's dog, go with the race card, and pelosi has to be on the other side, saying, what
12:31 am
the hell this is our move. >> there is turmoil between the two classes, what you seeing is you know when she ran for office, aocran, she was part of that group that did not want nancy pelosi to return to the house speaker job. she is never bond team nance -- never been on team nancy, but i think that aoc, especially, is kind of rallied progressives, and kind of their unspoken mascot. she feels she has a duty to keep pressing old guard, press nancy pelosi, keep pressing same old same old bidens and whatnot, she feels she has been you know, a self appointed progressive mascot -- progress every mascot, always has to be in the news. she was upset because she felt they gave her too much work, she would not be able to do interviews. guy: her real job, these said on
12:32 am
a radio show, they are assigning her to too many committee to keep her busy, and she wants a raise. >> i missed committees. guy: that is funny, jimmy, pelosi has to be thinking where is this coming from, as a conservative, i think when did pelosi become the moderate. >> i love watching this as head writer for best show in all of cable news, today is payday. guy: the show is not over. >> i love this because pelosi hates aocso much, any time her name cams in press, nancy pelosi looks like a cat having a bath. you can tell she is trying to not drop the i f bomb in front s the country because she hates her.
12:33 am
and, 3% of country is on twitter, you look at midterm election, democrat that flip seats were moderate democrats, you talk about the freshman 4 and people all press, they came from districts that were left to begin with. you dig? fun to watch this go on, i love watching them hate he or she or. guy: i dig. also just say, while i am weird leo tealee-- on team pelosi somm enjoying it. >> i am not enjoying any of this -- capri. guy: the man who rose on to power, chose to meet with biggest conservative right wing social media stars, according to him are real truth tellers in
12:34 am
this. >> with amazing creativity, you bypass corrupt establishment and the very corrupt media. which not all is but much it, far greater percentages than anyone would understand. >> extremely tremendous heroes, all of you, thank you. >> not strange to see president take on social media, but is their relationship now perhaps between president and big tech heading off to that big space in the sky. >> it was like a grandstand, how do you have a social media sum summit and not involve going toker, twittegoogle,twitter and. >> i know that some people turned it down, i don't understand. i don't see how -- regardless,
12:35 am
my point, regardless of who the president is, i can't fathom passing up a chance to go on oval office and sit at same desk as abraham lincoln and monica lewinsky. he is smart, this is trump's strategy, the goal not to make progress in social media divide in his eyes conservative are getting higher rates than progressives, he likes fighting with media they are less popular than he, equivalent of being in a new york bar, picking a fight with a red soxes fan. >> this is why you are a writer. guy: fair point, boston sucks but, i am not sure as a conservative that i want government getting involved with trying to force social media private companies to do anything, however there is bias, there is group think, a lot of
12:36 am
these people who run those companies with power and money hate when you and i believe. what can trump do with his platform, mega-phone, except stuff like this to say we're on you, calling you out. >> bravo to him for holding you know that little. for people with conservative media and influencers, it does not solve the problem. does not take to task what meads to be done to create the issues, i don't know, if you got on your twitter, his problems with twitter it crashed. guy: right before the -- >> capri, as the democrat was this russia? >> always russia. okay? guy: good answer. >> that is what jan brady said too. >> russia, russia, russia? >> russia, russia, russia. >> that's funny. guy: you are from ohio. >> last i checked. guy: they look at places like
12:37 am
silicon valley, saying those people are out to get me, should big tech gurus have some concern about alienating a lot of people in places like ohio. >> i think that big tech folks think if they are not utilizing my platform, why do i care. but, i think that if -- there are issues, with social media, whether censorship or you know selling data, spying on us. collecting privacy. and in that is where i think that government needing to play a role, these private companies have no right to come in, we could be like we agree to everything. >> probably why zuckerberg did not g he said i'll just read the e-mails anyway when they are done. >> could he win. >> it is a loss. >> show up have the guts.
12:38 am
be part of the convo. guy: we're out of time, thank you, coming up next, jeffrey epstein, looking at 45 years in prison are in second trafficking underage girls, wait until you hear why his lawyers say he deserves house arrest while awaiting trial. awaiting trial. attorney gayle thanks for the ride-along, captain! awaiting trial. attorney gayle i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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guy: the disgusting jeffrey epstein case getting more sickening by the day, his attorneys looking to keep him out of jail before trial, using some of slimiest lawyers and legal ease you may have heard, he is charged with sex traffics dozens of underage girls more than a decade ago, and looking at 45 years in prison, but his attorneys claim that locking him up before trial is not fair,
12:43 am
why? that would be antirich discrimination. >> they also want judge to allow him to await trial in same 77 million dollar mansion in which investigator reportedly found a safe full of child pornography. the screecscene of the crime, te not a flight risk, second trafficsecond traf-- the seconde accused off is technically not sex trafficking because money never charged hands. >> in 2008 acost wacosta was u.. attorney for miami he spearheaded case, now he is under pressure to step down from his cabinet post, joining me attorney gail trotter to discuss it? >> hello. guy: if you are a deficient defe
12:44 am
attorney, and seeking 77 million in bail you are in a bad spot. >> they send a 15 page letter to the judge in the case, trying to outline their case for why epstein should be given pretrial release, they are trying to say that his brother will put up his house as collateral, and another friend his property as collateral. and they are making all much these promises, they will not objection to extradition, they will not oapply for any now passports, and they will do pretty much anything that court wants them to do, if they will just allow epstein not to have pretrial detention. guy: but to me, i am not a attorney, but a sex child rapist
12:45 am
with a plane seems like the definition of a flight risk. >> right, if judge rules in favor of epstein it would be surprising and disappointing, seems that two issue court would look at would be whether he is a flight risk or a danger on the community, a super rich pedophile with private jets, common sense would tell you fall in that category. guy: the story of nypd, a judge ordered epstein to check in with police every 90 days here in new york. they tried to argue that he did not need to, but judge said no, hell, yes, he does, it never happened no one asked questions, d.a.'s office in new york was like whatever, send him a litter, it seems -- let -- letter, seemed at every turn, people were going out of their way to help him. >> this needs to be looked into
12:46 am
as part of that litter -- letter is a his attorney's sent saying he followed all of the laws much and there is contradictory evidence against that, you are right, we have to look at ha happened in southern district of florida, and new york once convicted in florida, and and virgin islands it will be a fact-intensive i havegation of whaintend investigation, withept are supposed to be protects the community, did they fall down on the job. guy: do you thinka acost is survives ballistically. >> presiden-- politically. >> president trump said he working hard but watching it closely. guy: thank you. we will be right back with more on the show, the storm is coming
12:47 am
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guy: news out of hip-hop world, it is lit. jay-z signed on become
12:51 am
ambassador for california marijuana dispensary. now that j joined his daughters, blue ivy has 99 problem but selling girl scout cookies is not one. >> tropical storm, thursday thursday -- first first -- thirsty thursday, we begin with a bar in canada singing i will survive and transitions to freefalling, she st survive -- did survive, bad news is social media, sense millio 10 million e watched it. if you google most embe embarrag drinking video ever, you get elizabeth warren. i'm going to have me a beer.
12:52 am
look at her ground game. topic two. >> to new jersey. not just to raise ourselvesest - self esteem, that is a a cheap shot from kennedy's writers because i am from new jersey. a bear within to dinner, and took a doggy bag. he knocked over a bird feeder to have family dog give him the bird. not craziest video you will see, it is nice to see someone getting chase out of a diner beside a conservative politi po- politician. >> i will go put som --
12:53 am
>> topic 3. we venture to arizona, a drunk driver is looking for another glass. the woman driving this car, allegedly got so tanked she crashed into a cactus, no judgments from jimmy, it is 6:00 a.m. somewhere, the woman was unhurt. at least one hillary managed to break a blahs ceiling. >> they love their white wine. >> cactus cat -- it resulted in charges, she out on bail, and selling a used car in minute condition -- mint condition.
12:54 am
>> mattel releasing releasing s barbie doll, the black rock doll modeled after ziggy stardust, the barbie comes with quaaludes. anyone can buy their kid barbie's dream house it takes a somewherspecial parent to get be coke den. people who bought that were also interesting in losing custody of their children. >> topic 5, tonight, we salute a colorado corrections officer who smuggled heroin to prison by
12:55 am
stuffing it inside a burrito. it is an odd pairing, it a dangerous, addictive substance, and the other is heroin, trevor mart, allegedly brought several burritos filled with plastic baggies. the guards knew something was up when the inmates went back are in seconds for prison food. he told them for 50 a pop, and a disol adollar 50 up charge if yt guacamole. he met a new girl, she is falling for him, hard. that is so embarrassing. >> beto's poll numbers, we'll make a gillibrand joke but she
12:56 am
started on the ground and has mottnotmoved. >> we'll be right back. -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful.
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guy: year done, where does time go; thats for watching, you can follow kennedy. and e-mail her. keep it clean. also i'm on radio, a show,
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