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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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philosophy. no one is perfect. david: that does it for "bulls and bears." thanks for watching. we'll see you next time. reporter: out of work. the labor secretary resigns over questions about how he handled jeffrey epstein's plea deal. pushing for the usmca, questioning facebook and trashing paul ryan. a tropical storm for now, but a potential hurricane on the horizon. barry set to hit louisiana as the summer's first major system. i'm blake berman in for elizabeth macdonald.
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"the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] we begin with president trump on the road. he's pitching his signature trade deal, the usmca. but before he boarded air force one he had to deal with the resignation of his labor secretary. we begin with jeff flock in wisconsin. reporter: much better news from wisconsin for the president. this is one of his signature campaign promises to get rid of nafta that he called the stupid years and he says usmca is the really, really smart years. president trump: i don't want people leaving this country,
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meaning companies. i don't want to incentivize companies to leave, fire their people, build products, sell the product in our country with no tax whatsoever. so we end up with no jobs, no taxes, no nothing. it's not going to happen anymore. >> the president build this as a bipartisan bill if it's to pass because he'll need help from democrats in the house, members of his administration have said yes they are getting cooperation from nancy pelosi. he had some nice things to say about her today. when it comes to the economy, the president has major legsed to stand on. when you look at the markets since the president was elected, the dow up 40%. the nasdaq up more than 50%. today was his 6th trip to a state where he won one of the
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smallest margins of his 2016 victory. take a look at the states that were called the democratic blue wall, michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. all very small percentages. the president not wanting to make the mistake of hillary clinton in 2016. that blue wall collapsed for the democrats and this is perhaps one of the few times the democrats can be heard to say, let's build that wall. reporter: jeff, thank you. the labor secretary is out. and there are questions as to when robert mueller will step into the halls of congress. reporter: as you were reporting this morning, alex acosta out as labor secretary.
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this move even prized his staff at the labor department. he has resigned because of the fallout of his involvement with a plea deal about a decade ago with registered sex offender jeffrey epstein. the president accepted his resignation. he went to wisconsin. right now the president is in ohio. he's greeting folk on the tarmac in ohio as we speak. he's making the push for congress to pass the usmca and he would like it done this summer. he's having robert lighthizer work with democrats to work out any issues they may have. >> the usmca will have the strongest protections for the american worker ever put in a trade agreement. reporter: the president also confident china would like to
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have a trade deal with the united states. as president trump spoke earlier in wisconsin, he talked about the border. vice president mike pence is at the border. the administration now has an extra $4.6 billion to help with humanitarian aid with the sheer volume of people that are in detention. >> president trump wanted us to be here and he wanted the cameras to be here so you could see firsthand how these families are being treated. each and every one of the children, each and every one of the parents i spoke to told me they were being treated well. reporter: before the president left the white house he was talking about the russia probe again. he said there was no collusion. he said democrats created the issue or probably or most of likely broke the law in how they started the russia probe. the front has subpoenaed former
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special counsel wroober mueller to testify. it appears the testimony has been postponed to july the 4. sources are telling fox news there has been a break down in negotiations on the number of questions and how long the questions should go for. blake: more breaking news within the last few moments on jeffrey epstein. the "new york times" is reporting the fed are accusing him of witness
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an explosive exchange on capitol hill from the former head of
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so you can stream, surf and game all you want, with confidence you can get coverage where you need it most. that's xfi advantage. make your xfi even better. upgrade today. call, click or visit a store. blake: steve mnuchin says the
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debt ceiling can't wait much longer. chad, this came earlier today in the form of a letter from mnuchin to nancy pelosi. >> mnuchin told the speaker quote, there is a scenario in which we run out of cash in early september before congress recons. i request congress increase the debt ceiling before congress leaves for the july recess. they are concerned about a stock market shock or something like that. pelosi and mnuchin have been talking almost on a regular basis. it looks like they will try to patch together an interest rum debt ceiling increase in the next two weeks to get them through to september or the end of the year. that's what it's looking like live right now. >> i am hearing this is the
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talks ghght right direction. when you talk about the debt ceiling, it's something no one wants to see implode. it looks like we go through this dance every single time. all the warnings but push come to shove it will be dealt with? >> most of members will deal with that. it was a different scenario in 2011 when you were dealing with the freshmen in the tea party caucus. that's when we got sequestration, the set of mandatory spending cuts. that probably won't be an immediate issue in these conversations. they don't need to do that. so decouple them and put them back together. you note reason treasury says we'll have to deal with this earlier than we thought. revenues are down right now and
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that's the reason it's maturing more quickly. congress wants to put out that fire in case they run out of cash in august or early september. they can deal with it in the fall. >> this popped up on our radar the last couple days. >> it health really has matured. chat per graupel on capitol hill. joining me is the national taxpayer's union. maddy, you heard with chad had to say, it seems like it's deja vu all over again. >> the 2011 deal is the last time the debt limit was used to do way it's supposed to do, that is limit the amount of spending to limit the debt we take in. but that is a statutory limit on what congress has said the united states government can spend.
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in 2011 the deal cut discretionary spending over the next 10 years which dialed back a lot of the spending increases we had seen under the nancy pelosi, harry reid, president obama regime. that was an important victory for conservatives at the time. blake: now some of them like mick mulvaney will be raising this. >> congress had been operating under the assumption the debt limit would come due in october of this year. that was lined up with the extension of federal funding. so the negotiations chad mentioned that are going on on the hill are to lift the spending caps that were put in place in 2011. the conservative victories are now part of that negotiation. if the debt limit has to be
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released from october. that raise a question in the other debate. blake: there is an election in november 2020. if there is a stop-gap measure to get us through the summer and all of a sudden you are coming up on the election. do you think the timeline would push it past the election so nobody has to talk about this next year? >> it depends on who has the stlench when it comes to the debt limit. both republicans and democrats were arguing over the debt limit. with that fed rald funding fight looking at september 30 deadline. who does it benefit pushing the debt limit closer and closer to the election. all of their nominees running for president are talking about spending more and they don't care about trying rein in our federal spending.
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blake rsh both sides. the debt increased under george w. bush, it increased under barack obama and it's continuing to increase under donald trump. >> this is a bipartisan problem. we need long term sustainable solutions to mandatory spending, not just discretio -- discretioy funding. blake rrl maddy, good to be with you. tropical storm barry 10 strengthening. we'll take you live to new orleans and have the latest from the fox weather center. but first no holding back. while the house oversight
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>> i served my country for 34 years. there is a comment i made earlier i oversaw 300-some thousand. i saw a million illegal aliens being removed and deported. and i got an award from president obama for distinguished service. blake: that was tom homan on the detention centers. that hearing included testimony
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from members of congress including alexandria ocasio-cortez. reporter: former acting i.c.e. director tom homan unloaded on people who wanted to blame him or conditions on child separation at the border. homan blasted congress for ignoring the crisis until two weeks ago when they finally passed a budget package to deal with the. >> a little boy suffocated to death in his father's arms. i saw it and i smelled it, and i still have nightmares. if we don't do something, more women will be raped and more children will die and no one is listening. reporter: ocasio-cortez says the
6:27 pm
dehumanizing conditions are a manufactured crisis by the trump administration through what she calls manufactured cruelty. congressman ally gentleman cummings says he told homan it's up to congress to fix the laws they don't like. but his concern is what happens in the meantime and that's what they are trying to figure out. blake: hillary, thank you. that wasn't all from the former i.c.e. director. >> anybody in this chamber who don't like what's going on, change the law. i am in the executive branch. >> i'm not calling on you. you are not at the border right now. you are in a hearing room,. >> i was in arizona when you couldn't pay the smuggling fees and one person was stabbed in
6:28 pm
the face 22 times because he couldn't pay the smuggling fees. we keep talking about open borders. that entices people to come. i found enough dead bodies in my days. no one wants tv pictures. angel moms and dads. the more we even ties people to make this journey. 31% of women are being raped and more children will die. but no one is listening. we can fix this, we can fix this. there are three things we can do to fiction this. if you don't like what i.c.e. and cbp does, do your job. >> do you not care because children don't look like children that are around you, i don't get it. have you ever held a deceased
6:29 pm
child in your arm? >> yes, i knelt down beside him and said a prayer for him because i knew what the last 30 minutes of his life was like. my 30 years of career is to save lives. for sow sit there and insult my integrity and my love for this country and for children, that's why this whole thing needs to be fixed. >> we have given the secretary numerous options to secure the border and save lives. >> so you recommended family separation. >> i recommended zero tolerance. i have seen tears from people today, it's tragic when people die. but let's not forget the angel moms and dads. they are separated forever. they are dead. it's not a matter of location.
6:30 pm
a secure border would help prevent some of this. sanctuary cities does not help this. blake: just some of what was in the oversight hearing today. congressman, nice to speak with you. your takeaway from that hearing was what? >> former secretary homan did a tremendous job. he laid out the problem and he had solutions. ocasio-cortez went down there for a photo-op and she came back and was breaching to homan who spent his career down there protecting people and defending the border and saving lives. up until a few days ago it was a manufactured crisis by the trump administration. blake: congresswoman ocasio-cortez says it's manufactured in that it's wholly
6:31 pm
unnecessary, the cruelty is manufactured. what would you say? >> we have a crisis at the border. and the democrats have been campaigning on this issue with their socialist base for a year now. it's an isment for people from on the -- it's an advertisement for people to come to this country. i heard the democrats say we'll have free healthcare and we'll pay for your education. the first thing we need to do is stop the illegal flow. it's only getting worse every day. >> it seems like the discussion has shifted from the border wall to the humanitarian crisis. why is that? >> the democrats realize they are losing the public relations battle on the wall. so they are trying to triangulate the issue. blake: the president hasn't gotten the wall he wants and mexico isn't paying for it. >> mexico is starting to take
6:32 pm
more steps to deter the flow of the caravan. i think mexico realizes if they want a fruitful relationship with trade with the united states, they have to protect americans from the caravan coming through carrying drugs and potential diseases and murderers and rapists and all sorts of mischief that we don't want in america. i think the president is winning the p.r. battle. i agree with everything mr. homan said. blake: do you agree when he was asked about the zero tolerance family separation policy? >> we made clear when the stories first came out about children being separated from their mothers. no one wants to see a child taken from their mother's hands. at the same time these facilities weren't set up to hold and to house the number of
6:33 pm
people they are housing. they certainly weren't set up for children. when they show a picture and it doesn't look like a good place for children, it's because it wasn't designed for that. president trump is following the same policy that began with president clinton on family policies at the border. congress has to step up. mr. homan was correct in what he said in his testimony today and take action. democrats want to talk about it. blake: it wasn't the same under clinton, waits? >> it started with the flores agreement that happened in 1997. it's been interpreted differently by different administrations. we don't want to see children separated at the border. but at the same time we want to secure the border. i think the majority of americans are frustrated that congress can't act to secure the
6:34 pm
border. nobody wants to see children die. we are humanitarians at heart. and there is a legal process to get to the united states. blake: congress has provided the humanitarian assistance. it seemed like when it stopped the flow of migrants into the u.s. was when there was a threat of tariffs and mexico reacted buyer moving troops around in their country. does that concern you that the threat of terrorists is kind of what has to trigger some of this and that it is what is happening in mexico, not necessarily the u.s. that is what is stemming the flow of illegal immigration? >> you can't control a lot of it. but we have to secure the border. and the problem is only getting worse. even with mexico taking action, we still see an uptick in
6:35 pm
migrants crossing the border. i say where is this crystal meth coming from? and they say mexico. where are the bad drugs coming from. they are created in china and come through the mexican border. the people i talk to back home want to see the border secured. they also want to see children stay with their mothers and provide humanitarian relief. but they want to provide it on the mexican side of the border. with the humanitarian package, that money should have been appropriated weeks ago. if there was a shortage of supplies, it was because they had run out of money. and we tried to get a spending package for more border agents because we realized there was a humanitarian crisis at the
6:36 pm
border. blake: very interesting discussion. nice speaking with you tonight. appreciate it. the health and human services secretary declaring an emergency in louisiana. it will potentially become a hurricane here soon. we'll take you live to louisiana and the fox weather center with the latest. president trump slams crypto currencies in general and facebook planned libra in particular. why he thinks facebook might need to be treated like a bank.
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just declaring a public emergency in louisiana. one issue you always have when you talk about louisiana, flooding. fox news' rick leventhal is on the ground with the latest. >> we have a lot of rain around where that center is expected to be. reporter: tropical storm barry is churning towards the louisiana coast. but the biggest threat isn't wind, it's rain. the storm expected to dump 10-20 inches of rain on an already saturated region. with mandatory evacuation orders for several parishes. it's a region that has seen its share of storms and already flooded this week. 200 floodgates have closed along
6:42 pm
the mississippi river. >> for the first time in history all floodgates within the hurricane risk reduction system in the new orleans area are sealed off with those floodgates being closed. reporter: 5,000 national guards troops have been prepositions. the governor is warning residents to have a game plan. >> you have to be extremely prepared for a very major rain event across much of louisiana. >> officials in new orleans are advising folks to stay dry and stay put. >> shelter in place. have commodities and supplies to last you 72 hours. >> time is short. if you have preparations you need to complete, now is the time. you do not have much more time at all before the impact of barry will be here. reporter: live here now and
6:43 pm
bourbon street, the weather is not bad. but things are expected to desteerate rapidly. we are told some of these bars may close at midnight or even earlier because conditions will get so bad. there is flooding expected across the region. they will send them home as early as they cannot just in louisiana, but the storm could affect mississippi, arkansas, alabama with significant storm surge flooding. blake: in the' storm areas, are you getting that feeling that time around as well? reporter: 100%. there are people on the other side of the flood wall who wouldn't be able to get out until after the flood passes.
6:44 pm
they would rather be there than in a shelter waiting this thing out. blake: we turn to adam klotz with the latest from the fox weather center. these things can always move in the last minutes to hours. >> that will make a huge difference for this one. there is a fine line of where the heavy rain comes down. but here is our current track. the forecast up to 70-mile-an-hour winds. the legacy of this storm is not going to be the winds. it will be what comes with it, and that's all that would water. spots getting into the 40 and 50-mile-an-hour winds. they are right along the outer barrier islands. with that wind it's pushing up a whole lot of water. the storm surge will be a big part of the water story. we are expecting 3 to 6 feet in
6:45 pm
the higher areas along the coast stall communities where the sea levels, where the elevation is very low and it's easy to flood a lot of those areas. a lot of spots we are looking at, flood advisories, watches and warnings. we talked about how a little bit of a movement can make a difference. in the white. it's 20 inches of rain. we could be talking about major rain over new orleans. this is one we'll be watching closely all the way into early tomorrow morning. blake: coming up. president trump has been warning iran to quote be careful. we'll tell you why the house is trying to check the president's powers. comments originating from the president.
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6:50 pm
military action against iran. at least they want a say tonight fit happens. the president warned iran to be careful when they exceed the nuclear enrichment levels they agreed to in the 2015 nuclear deal. what did you make of what the house did today? >> it was an amendment. there are over 500 mens that the house put out so it's one of many. it still has to go to conference. the national defense authorization act. it could end up in the wastebasket. and even if it does pass conference, they can still end up vetoes and going nowhere. the president already has to inform congress. under the war powers act he has 48 hours in the act to notify
6:51 pm
congress then he has 30-60 days to get their approval. blake: the strike he called off. so do you have any faith he would go forward with that? >> the biggest thing i say is what would congress' reaction be if a u.s. ship was struck. would they be that hesitant and also want to be notified or want the president to act on their behalf? >> where do you think things stand with the president routinely saying iran better be careful but it seems like status quo with the situation the last few weeks. >> i think this president doesn't want war. he has been against war with iraq and and. he doesn't want war. he's not a war monger. he's giving them every opportunity to come to the table. the problem is, iran is running out of allies and advocates.
6:52 pm
now they are addressing things that target them as well. a story that we'll continue to watch as this continues to develop. good to speak with you. have a nice weekend. you probably didn't see this coming. many people didn't. president trump standing up for nancy pelosi. tables have turned a bit. >> the fact is we do not have the votes in the house. president trump: nancy, i do. crazy nancy, i have been watching her, and i have been watching her for a long period of time. she is not the same person. >> we have to defeat nancy pelosi. (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what?
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♪ >> paul ryan was not a talent. he wasn't a leader. paul ryan was a lame duck for a long time asking speaker. i deal with nancy pelosi a lot, and we go back and forth, and it's fine. but i think that a group of people is being very disrespectful to her. and you know what? i don't think that nancy can let that go on. blake: president trump today trashing the former house speaker, the republican paul ryan, and defending the current
6:57 pm
house speaker, the democrat nancy pelosi. this comes amid in-fighting in the democratic ranks between pelosi and some of the progressive freshmen congress l l -- congresswomen and after a book was released in which ryan was none too kind about the president. with me now is "the wall street journal" editorial board's mary anastasia o'grady. mary, it's good to speak with you. this one sort of came out of left field as there was a book that was released by tim alberta of "the washington post" in which paul ryan said of the president at one point in the book, quote, i'm telling you, he didn't know anything about government. speaking of the president. that's kind of where all of this originates from, does it not? >> right. well, i think actually listening to paul ryan in that book, no surprises there. i mean, you know, ryan found a way to sort of make peace with the fact that donald trump was the republican candidate, but he never liked it, and no one ever thought he liked it.
6:58 pm
remember what happened when the access hollywood tape was released, ryan refused to, you know, let donald trump come to wisconsin to meeting that he was going to have there that afternoon. you know, there's this -- there's no love lost there, and i think paul ryan felt like he can speak frankly about the president, and the president is responding in the way the president responds when someone attacks him. he gets the last word and, you know, he can't let anything just lie there. he has to respond. blake: what'd you make of him coming to the defense of nancy pelosi, and the defense was nancy pelosi is not a a racist, which i think everyone would agree with. it, though, was interesting that he was defending pelosi from alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> yeah. i mean, i think that's really a lot less about nancy pelosi, actually, and a lot more about this use of race and gender in the democratic caucus to, as a
6:59 pm
weapon, basically, when people disagree with policy agendas that they have. so now you cannot say anything about alexandria ocasio-cortez because she's a hispanic woman? i mean, that's preposterous. and i think that's the outrage, and i think donald trump is right to raise that, you know? and he's united with lot of people in the democratic party who think this is crazy. blake: real quickly, what does it say about her star power, aoc, because the president's comments today were not about the house speaker, but about this one freshman congresswoman? >> i don't think they were about her in particular, they're about the use of that weapon. you know, that weapon is being used against joe biden, it's being used against republicans every day of the week, and i think that donald trump is basically saying, come on, you know, this is showing how completely preposterous it is. and even aoc has to back off,
7:00 pm
you know? she did say when they asked her, are you saying that nancy pelosi is a racist? she said, oh, no, no, that's crazy. i'm not saying that. she try it, but she couldn't get away with it. blake: gotta stop it there because lou dobbs is next. going to -- good to be with you tonight. have a great weekend. ♪ >> good evening, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett, sitting in for lou dobbs. a week of winning on the trump economy. it's soaring to unprecedented levels. the dow, is s&p and nasdaq all closing the week at an all-time high. plus, the american gulf bracing for another major storm. tropical storm barry expected to make landfall tomorrow morning, bringing with it a deluge of rain. the national hurricane center calling it a life-threatening situation. and president trump traveling to wisconsin today where he touted the usmca trade deal,


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