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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX Business  July 13, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome to "the wall street journal" i am paul gigot democratic house on full display this week following that he kngs hotte vote on emergency funding for southern border nancy pelosi reportedly scolding progressives in her caucus a closed-door meeting, telling them to privately address party grievance rather than blasting moderate members on twitter alexandria ocasio-cortez accusing the speaker of targeting her and throw of her frshmen female colleagues telling washington post quote when comments first started i kiebtd of thought that she was keeping the progressive plank at more
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arm's distance in order to protect more moderate members, which i understood but the persistent singling out got to a point just outright disrespectful. >> singling out women of color. >> columnist and deputy editor dan henningjer, kim strassel and editorial board member kyle peterson, is to, kim, you devoted column to this subject is nancy pelosi he losing control of her caucus or reasserting it? >> attempt the o rea certificate facing revolt since session began, and she is generally managed to keep together her members, i will give her credit for that but the risk for her here is that these four freshmen and others on very far left of the progressive wing are threatening to make it harder for hour to keep her people together, and begin having
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problem that john boehner had or paul ryan had in terms of actually governing getting votes across the line this was attempt to say knock it off you need to step back, we will see how she comes out of it. paul: kim, she singled out four people, and they call themselves the squad. and the more rad kale members is caucus are these dissenters large faction or just four? >> he well, there is a larger group of people sharing sentiment what nancy pelosi managed to do the keep even most progressives on her page of believing look we've got to govern more moderately we need backs of moderates she brought them along on votes what these handful or maybe a dozen members are doing, is encouraging more of the progressive members to step away from that that pragmatic view worried could get out of control. >> i think this is very smart,
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pelosi's part making it letting it become public is very smart strategy for this reason, i think, the way press played out -- ocasio-cortez other new members they have begun to define who this democratic house of representatives is. and pelosi knows, that that is not why they won house they won house in swing districts, and she needs to -- to aassert a different public appearance for the caucus. >> right she has eyes on 2020 one of the things reportedly told her caucus was a majority is a fragile thing so wants to remind members that retweets are not reality they have to keep an eye on the ball are the ma of the reason i think this works is that people who have been in congress for more than a few years know her and terrorist her nancy pelosi is no shy "blue dog" moderate she was a founding member of the progressive caucus in 90s. >> not conservative. >> right, in spring of 2010, when the obamacare legislative process was looking shaky
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there was some thought within the obama white house that they would he parrot down maybe a skinny bill she said no, we're not going incremental legacy not kiddy care people team there trust her know she is on their side. >> aoc doesn't face reelection threat alexandria ocasio-cortez, she can't be -- >> primary from left wouldn't succeed the other seats are vulnerable. >> except that now alexandria ocasio-cortez she maybe just a congresswoman from queens but become a nationalfying four million twitter follow snooerz yes, she knows a national figure her politics public politics of being on television politics of social media, instagram, that is the way she performs. she is going to continue to do that i think the short term question is a long-term question really pelosi talking about elections going to be held next year, right, in november. and we get wrapped up in these things day-to-day the question
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is whether -- alexandria ocasio-cortez can sustain this performance in really is a performance, all the way through to that point or whether she will become isolated by the other members of the house including some progressive members who decide that pelosi is right not in their interests to continue to push the edge of the envelope the way ocasio-cortez does in public. >> how does this compare to john boehner paul rien with freedom caucus i guess would i assert she is pelosi doing a better job of -- corralling her progressives than they did as freedom caucus not because those guys were failing just because democrats have a better understanding of power. they know how to cues them don't won't to lose it, for republicans -- just really want to play outside game. >> yes, so far she is doing a better job now she has a couple of advantages the bloc
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tea party came in oft 2010 election big enough that they had ability to block john boehner the more moderate center of the party any time they wanted it. as i said willing to do that just to make a point. so what she has is just -- she doesn't really have that scenario. and she also has a lot of members as you say who want to keep the house, and stay in power like holding gavels i think the problem even when warnings to aoc this crew of people is not going away, and it is going to continue getting in the way of her sending a message of a reasonable governing party i think the problem she has, is the definition of who represents the party is the fact that they don't have a record right now passed essentially nothing on bipartisan basis because they the left blocks it and anything that they really left wing politics can't get through senate they have got nothing should show for winning the house.
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>> right that is part of the difficulty that nancy pelosi faces, and part of the reason, that the hard line progressives are so interested in starting impeachment proceedings going after members of the white house, the trump administration, but i think part of her goal is to prevent that group of four members from growing into 40 what freedom caucus has seems trying to isolate them it may work. >> thank you all when we come back, embattled labor secretary acosta resigns in criticism of his handling of the jeffrey epstein case. the political and legal fallout next. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real.
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. paul: labor secretary of state alex, acosta resigned friday with president trump announcing that he will leave his post next week following criticism of his handling of a plea detail with wealth financeer jeffrey epstein accused of sexual abusing dozens underage girls acosta was u.s. attorney in miami oversaw 2008 nonprosecution agreement with ep sign avoided federal charges served only 13 months in jaim dan henninger kim strassel allysia finley editorial page writer kate o'dell, was it the right drinks. >> i don't think secretary acosta had much to say in the decision to step down. basically, he went over the
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side, they forced him out. >> trump said it was his decision saying is that a that sort of cover. >> i would say is a sort of cover the question is, shall we say between now and reelection they are in total reelection mode, how many more alex acost as are going to choose to step down, because make no mistake, the democrats the left and i would include press here liberal press has seen if they can go after somebody like this raise enough of a stink especially since this involves sexual abuse the white house will break. look what has been happening to bill barr bill barr a very strong personality, attorney general he has been under relentless assault since he became attorney general. and that is kind of the way this game is going to be played looks like game of thessalonia ga "game of thrones" in washington. >> o look, there hasn't been any new information that has come out since 2008 when the
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federal government or u.s. attorney's office signed a nonprosecution agreement with jeffrey epstein. the left has basically tried to exploit the atmosphere a billionaire, innuendo here look he got harder -- he made a tougher deal than the state attorney in florida wanted to make wanted to let him off backache on one misdemeanor restitution to girls. >> as a swall phoneder obliged to do when -- moved to new york. >> that is right, and in florida actually interestingly, jr., the d.a. in manhattan actually had him downgrade sex offender status. >> a democrat. >> do you agree that this is something acosta had to do
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does it have negative consequences for have administration? >> well, i am not sure it was something that acosta had to do i think, it was going to become such a distraction and why i am pedment story not going away accusing one of being indifferent to the plight of sexual assault victims among the worst claims you can make about someone, and should be done rooted in evidence. and that is in my vie not what happened here so i think, there is a real risk of allowing this kind of politics of personal destruction to run more people out of the white house, when as allysia helped explain to extent acosta was involved trying to make sure, that jeffrey epstein went to jail. and i think acosta acquitted himself quite well in a press conference this week, explaining his thinking behind those decisions. go ahead. >> yeah, kim. the -- there is an issue here
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in my view, that it seems even more than most administrations when some of the people in this administration are criticized, and attacked by democratsand on the left they get thrown out of office quickly, eased out you know, i mean headlines zinke interior department seams like there is not a lot of tolerance for -- for criticism he have cabinet members. >> yeah i wish it wouldn't do that for short term and long term in short term not helpful for mr. trump, because all he is doing, is inspiring this cabal that dan referenced to continue, this behavior against every new nominee that comes in, and wage assault in a hope that they will drive them out of town and further cause up upheaval that is very disruptive for administration in long term kate said politics of personal destruction this is creating a mechanism whereby a lot of
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rally talented people whether on right or the left, are going to think twice about working for the federal government, and doing public service because they don't want that kind of a -- a smear attached to to them the rest of her life for having done. >> it give you up a lot to get into public office, private life most people were doing quite well they have to give up jobs, report everything they have ever done in life, take criticism, and then if you are not going to be in job 18 months it if democrats make an issue of something why would you join this administration? >> why would you want to try to help the president for things he is trying to do make no mistake paul ultimately target of all offenses is donald trump himself. we have a long way to go to election in 2020. and eventually, this will get around to targeting donald trump will target him personally, with many of the same arguments he will have to did he have them how can he do that if acosta had been forced to resign.
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>> allysia, the acting secretary deputy i know him a little bit i think he is certainly competent and some of the business community will be happy to that. >> that is right i think some were very unhappy with the case that of acosta deregulatory efforts allowing lawsuits against google, oracle, for discrimination to continue want o summon to take more aggressive stance. >> okay. thank you allysia. president trump saying he is not backing down in his efforts to count citizens and noncitizens living in the united states we take a closer look at the new strategy to do that when we come back. . >> are you a citizen of the united states of america being? oh, gee i'm i can't answer that that question. and that is after spending billions and billions of
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say we are not backing down on our effort to determine the i citizenship status of united states population i stand before you to outline new steps my administration is taking to ensure that citizenship is counted so that we know how many citizens we have in the united states. >> that was president trump thursday issuing and executive order directing federal agencies to immediately provide commerce department with records pertaining to number of citizens and noncitizens in the united states the administration back up its effort to include a citizenship question on the 20120 census following supreme court 5-4 ruling last month it failed to provide adequate
6:21 pm
justification for adding the question, george served under william barr in george h.w. bush administration. >> george good to have you back thanks for coming in, the -- first of all, do you agree with the when president's decision administration decision not to proceed with question at this stage. >> i think it is the absolutely the smart decision to make as the president outlined in bill barr detailed yesterday paul, that this would have wound through the courts for months and months and months, at the end of the day, not gotten the issue to where it needed to be in a timely way, if the information is available through alternative sources, using those sources makes sense to me and i think most american people know that we ought to know that among the people residents in the united states, how many are citizens and how many are not. and that is the object of the game.
6:22 pm
>> what that means is that he attorney general said look there wasn't enough time but what that means essentially the chief justice supreme court decision in the case gave the impression oh, well all you need to do is make a different argument, to have the question added, he really didn't allow that, i moon he basically gave the policy victory to the liberals. >> litigation victory to liberals the decision long run will support the need to ask this question, on a future census in my view. >> that is interesting if okay but he gave immediate policy victory to tib liberals give a a lot of legal analyze to conservatives remild me obamacare ruling. >> i think that is a good analysis. paul: all right. so let's talk about this -- the use of the other data, that he is going to ask the administration the rest of the administration to collect and
6:23 pm
put to the commerce department. to what uses can that be used. >> well, i think that remains to be seen, and unfortunately, paul, you have a feeling when it starts to be put to use we are going to see more litigation. paul: right. >> but the difference, i think will be that we will be dealing with what is in essence executive authority and that litigation, in the prior litigation over the census questionnaire the president was really exercising authority legislative authority delegated to him by congress through a law. here will be dealing with executive authority, and hopefully pretty sxreshlr expeditiously to conclusion a member to supreme court this is reason i realm of the president's own authority to decide what to do with data that is held by the executive branch. paul: can the data be used for states that want to when
6:24 pm
they redistrictinging after 2020 census can they use other data for redistricting as opposed to using the actual census data? >> well, you are asking me to anticipate the results of what that litigation will be. i think that i think there is certainly a basis for them to do so. whether or not at the end of the day, judges are going to allow that to happen remain to be seen, and unfortunately, paul, as you know so well, what we're seeing more and more is what i think looks to the american people like politicized judicial decisions not good for the rule of law. >> as you read it legally i agree with you about that but let's leave it aside do you think that in the constitution or in statute, there is any obstacle for a state say cities saying you snow what? we want to base our redistricting on actual citizenship, and not on this other -- other the other survey that includes
6:25 pm
noncitizens would they be able to make that argument legally in unifier view? >> yes. i think they can make it whether they can sustain it or not, like any other legal argument, will depend on the -- the nature sand extent of the judicial review, and what judges eventually decide. so it is very difficult to predict with certainty what the outcome would be. paul: did i to predict with certainty my guess my exception will be that some states would try to do that so we could have sort of bifurcated redistricting process say a california controlled by nats saying we are going to use census data and other states, of florida, maybe or texas i am speculating here but those saying you know what? we want to use the -- the compilation of data from other agencies. >> i think you are right. i think that that will occur, it could in fact be bifurcated perhaps different states holding different standards but there would be a constitutional question about equal protection that would
6:26 pm
come out, no doubt. paul: okay. so -- how would you proceed right now, if you were the administration just go ahead process the -- the process the -- the census data? and go ahead with census as planned? and then, and then see what you find out about the any one citizen population then make decisions about how you want to proceed from a policy point of view i guess not just redistricting could be benefit programs how would that effect different decisions how paid out that sort of thing. >> that is exactly what i would do, if the data is there, it should be gathered and it should be used. and if you -- if you step outside the beltway if you will, own this issue, i think a vast majority of americans look at this as the political circus this question as part of the political circus, that washington has become. we ought to have hard data and
6:27 pm
if there is hard data available, then we ought to know what it tells us, and then make policy decisions based on that. >> yeah the irony some census bureaucracy wi objected to adding the question on census said we can get more accurate information through these other avenues, he george thanks so much for being here. >> have good to be with you -- >> still ahead joe biden joins millionaires club taking advantage of some of the tax loopholes the obama administration tried to close. so how will his newfound wealth play with the democratic base? >> if we have to punish anybody including rich -- but everybody should start paying fair share a little bit. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes... ...fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect... is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor... ...about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. paul: dmaiblth presidential candidate joe biden joining ranks of the millionaires, bidesin releasing tax returns this week but show he and his wife earned more than 15 million dollars in the past two years, cashing in on book deals the lucrative political speaking circuit but did the former vice president benefit from the very tax code he continues to condemn on the campaign trail. >> we are back with dan henninger, kim strassel, kyle peterson, so kyle very good to be former vice president apparently, what have we learned from have -- tax returns. >> capitalist after all, so return shows he made 15 million dollars, over two
6:31 pm
years. >> nice. >> he routed some income from speaking from book deals, through a corporation so he could avoid paying payroll or self employment taxes. >> substantial by some estimates he saved a half million dollars in tags. >> right, so his campaign is saying effective tax rate was still over 30% so he believes in he everyone paying fair share he may get mitts on this you know next debate on campaign trail, have to i am not sure will stick, because, of course, warren a mirn sand heers a millionaire, millionaires everywhere. >> -- when they got demeanor tom steyer in race bernie sanders said we don't need any more he billionaires in this party used to be millionaires now amillionaires upped to billionaires. >> is there a contraction tacticing the tax code using provision of to cut taxes by substantial amount all legal
6:32 pm
okay. so he merrily usefully what is available tax advisers told him he can use served life in public service making money the end of a long career, no problem. good for him. on the other hand what about the contradiction. >> only with an to describe this rank high pock chrissy they figure who carries we will say it do it look what democrats propose a lot of things, like medicare for all, public optionso option for health care, and climate change, all going to cost a lot of money, kind of become disconnected from fiscal reality taking important higher taxes maybe levels of 1960s that the way going to push this not worry much about personal situations. >> kim i give biden credit releasing tax returns unlike current president never done
6:33 pm
that but step back look at where biden stands more broadly. has he stabilized his campaign. >> i would not say he has, he has gone out given major reform policy address but i think bigger headline is apology he gave, for having worked one point wisegregation i have the senators it makes him look week one of the reins on debate stage kamala harris made him look weak democratic electorate won't a fighter the extended joe biden apology tour is not doing him any favors, he is going to have to figure out a way to become more aggressive, and also define himself as better to voters. >> we have a poll showing where biden stands still 26%, ahead of elizabeth warren at 19%, a bernie sanders 13 with
6:34 pm
kamala harris pete buttigieg with seven in south carolina joe biden still ahead still in front-runner no question about that. >> that is the -- the argument that he is kind of an undervalued stock definitely took a hit debate performance was not great i think needs to come you the in second debate throw punches look strong, and not look bumbling but of anybody he has the deepest support the broadest support geographically broad if you look at realclearpolitics average fell 5 points after debate but harris sanders, bernie at 15%, and nobody seems to be able to go up or down, there is some calls some quarters maybe there needs a sanders, bernie sanders warren ticket or warren sanders ticket maybe flip a county. >> progressives argue when you
6:35 pm
have aggregate the others, 9/11 is dropping into primaries raises the ponlt biden could hold on, through the primary even though most democratic sproerts are spread over the other four, four or five candidates. >> talk about tom steyer billionaire financialer getting in, he is going to spend at least 100 million dollars, he says, and he thought of getting in didn't then now is. even at this late date what do you make of his potential impact. >> well, i think he looked at everything we just have been discussing said why not i've got good a shot as any. look, in reality, he has got a tough row to hoe not known outside of political circumstances one thing beneficial to him is he has got a lot of money and says he is going to use it for this. he is already launched a couple national ads to
6:36 pm
introduce himself to the public, we will see if he gets any traction i think problem is one he is a billionaire and they will pound him for that. and, two not really running on much of anywaying anybody he also isn't already running on. >> he could make kyle impeachment a litmus test a signature impact saying trump must be impeached. >> he could in some comments when he announced campaign said we won that argument we have had hearings, and -- this, that way, he could definitely make that into a question on debate stage but everyone knows not very -- issue. >> i thought he said a blrndz billion dollars. >> a controversial extradition bill is declared dead following weeks of protests and as trump administration sends a. >> will to beijing meeting with high profile inside of
6:37 pm
thes a being a activist. >> .
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
paul: big win for pro galaxy activists in hong kong this week chef scud almost a declaring a controversial bill to allow extradition to mainland china is dead that coming after weeks of protests with hundreds of thousands taking to streets in opposition to beijing backed bill "the wall street journal" editorial page writer jillian melchior covered those for us joins us now, is the bill actually dead to hong kong people trust that.
6:40 pm
>> i don't think they trust it, so what they've been pushing for full withdrawal want this taken off table saying the bill is dead the quick round on twitter was bill is dead coming will rise again i think that is indicative of how little trust they have that the legislature is going to represent them that they are not future o en encroachments by china. >> if even if withdraw it would say redooing it is a is he manhattanic district they can reintroduce. >> they have to go through couple more hurdles i think a huge victory for the hong kong protesters this is a david and goliath story taking on a government that has the legacy of tiananmen not knowing what was going to happen the fact they got hong kong government to back down, knowing that it was backed by beijing is extraordinary. paul: what role has china been playing behind scenes
6:41 pm
here they must be furious with carrie almost a even if they put her up angry shes wasn't able to stand down protesters. >> i think that is unclear the interesting thing put this on her, i think that is their way saving face saying her idea decision to back down if it was china's idea then they would have to take responsibility for standing down hong kong -- to put it on her. >> this you think their idea or hers. >> i tried to do a rost reporting on it uncertainty the official now is it was her idea i think that because of the structure of politics in hong kong, anything like that has implicit sport from beijing they are pressuring united states other countries sighing you are interfering in internal affairs i think that speaks a lot considering hong kong affairs in internal affairs. >> what impact do you think the has on prestige of china president xi jinping is it a
6:42 pm
blow to his prestige? what are the consequences of this for china? >>s i think it is a blow to his prestige, and a big deal political event quite frankly. i would not go so far, as to call it asia's berwall, communist eastern europe fell i wouldn't go that far strikes me as similarities to that i'm blackble i'm blackble system generated more than a million protesters stopped this a big event but the thing about it is, what is clear is that the chinese cannot abide this sort of thing going on in hong kong, the question is how were they going to resist we live in age of television social media the whole world was watching, this event, and everyone in asia was watching this, and china is not that particulararound asia they have a modus v vif endi, the
6:43 pm
protesters have shown it is possible to push back, in our time, and i think probably going to see more of that. >> interesting change of politics in taiwan, in response to this. where there has been a backlash and even taiwanese saying we are not buying one country two systems when was deal that china struck with hong kong in 1997. do you you will be part of china, but you can operate under british law, and you are own rules, that -- so that is a blow to the idea that china would int integrate with taiwan people seeing when china ways one country two systems means we are going to take every opportunity we can to en krovp on your legal autonomy proodeprive you of political frame. >> what do you think of pence and pompeo meeting with a mogul in hong kong you
6:44 pm
interviewed jimmy for us when you are out there, what good symbol. >> very good symbol, you know one of the things thank especially meaningful is everybody in hong kong wanted u.s. support. they see this a moral battle see united states country stood up for democracy i think sends a message to hong kong people we are paying attention to what they are doing concerned about their fate, jimmy is a -- one of the few people that stood up for democracy, in in hong kong through press i think absolutely the right. >> hong kong south china morning post reported chinese foreign ministry cybered jimmy as skum skum the ministry intensely focused on this situation, and the real china i think is beginning to emerge. >> when we come back new calls for gender pay equity following ushwomen's world cup win but is legislation a way to close the salary gap
6:45 pm
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paul: a second straight world cup win for u.s. women's national soccer team putting the issue of equal pay in sports back in the spotlight. with democratic senators dianne feinstein and patty murray introducing legislation requiring equal pay for allmens and women's athlete teams require u.s. sports federations to submit reports to congress every year, showing compensation data by race and gender with kim,
6:49 pm
strassel allysia finley, jillian melchior kate start with you what do you make of this -- this argument that the -- the soccer team in particular deserves equal pay is there a case for it? >> well -- the perform, no one denies that look close of at evidence find things one thing i found fascinating difference between in labor contracts between the men and women's team women's team has guaranteed salaries and some fringe benefits whereasmen are paid for performance, so i think the more we learn about this the more we learn some discrepancies are not based in discrimination but benefits and revenue other factors. >> allysia, what do you make of it? >> so i think you do have to consider the compensation structures and the women would be foolish for not exploiting this atmosphere push forward
6:50 pm
better labor contracts that is what unions do, right? >> they are not a union. >> they are the women's union and so are men's i wrote al around few years ag about this i got a call from labor negotiations from men said parted of the solidarity is because women have hired bad labor leaders. but i also point out women's ratings tv ratings on women gooims and viewership is actually basically comparable to men. >> isn't that because winning the men didn't weren't in world cup last time. >> [laughter] >> exactly it, so i think you will probable see where pay gap at this point it is apples and ordinances the diminish or disappear over time. >> contracts what is interesting seeing women for security, for stable salary for benefits, more of a low risk option, men opting for
6:51 pm
high risk option, that is something we are seeing in across the organization difference in choices priorities does play out but different people value different things, also, say i think it is really interesting talking about just their superiorlys women are well position to do go out there get a good deal for themselves starting to see with getting sponsorship nike sponsorship instagram influencers i think profiting off this. >> grins grahams influencer paid for that. >> you do you post about allow great it is, drives on the of traffic new model for advertising. >> you have written about this for years. more let's broaden out beyond soccer look at the being basically adopted by certain politicians is there any case for that. >> no there is zero case for this paul because there is
6:52 pm
simply zero evidence that there is a pay gap, not when you take in all of the different factors that go into men and women decisions when they go out and take jobs. >> explain that what do you mean. >> women tend to go into professions point out lower paid often women do that because they want a flexible scheduled they have children at home prefer the benefits they want the security, they don't want to work overtime, men often for instance are in higher risk higher energy physical effort jobs, that are much more straining over time on body, and they do extra overtime and because of that risk in extra hours bring a lot more money home, if you actually look generally at comparable jobs they end to earn same amount more a question of individual choices. >> kated do you agree with that is this pay equity movement going anywhere in congress. >> i think there has been movement in congress to try to
6:53 pm
do something in this a long time never succeeded case oftentimes there are unintended consequences to making changes in how we conduct this illegal to pay people to discriminate in have pay based on sex. >> you will file as discrimination suit begins korlgz happens all the time i think allysia mentioned in earlier jement about google oracle lawsuits so you can do that under current law. >> right i think that is that is what makes this harder to get more legislation passed here because it has vulnerabilities like opening up new avenues for trial lawyers so on i do think kim is making a strong case here that when you control decisions you look at hour to hour comparisons much closer equation more equal. >> i mean is there -- so you guys think it is going anywhere? politically or is this just a talking point that makes for good blogging of men like me?
6:54 pm
[laughter] >> it is a great issue for them they are going out to demographic saying you deserve more money -- >> good argument? like to hear it you guys i don't think you are gender pay equity advocates i think you are gender pay superiority advocates. >> -- [laughter] >> i think that if we are taking one lesson from women's team being aggressive negotiations if women are concerned about pay do that instead of trying to get somebody to lobbyy. >> i think a good point, and all the leverage you can telegenic spokes people more than men actual are, mens team. >> i will take that point really, really good, we have to take one more break hits and misses, of the week. this is the couple who wanted to get away
6:55 pm
who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
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6:57 pm
paul: time for hits and misses of the week kim start us off. >> a miss to have judiciary chairman judiciaryy nadler for his latest subpoenas including to leave 12 individuals including jared kushner others some of whom he never contacted before, as well as agencies in the trump administration that are already cooperating with him. paul i think mr. nadler does not understand, that subpoenas are meant to be serious things every time you send out another one of these unneflz
6:58 pm
he is diminishing seriousness of his probe into trump administration. >> fusillade great word. >> this is a hit to amazon this weekend now news points 7 hundred million dollars to retrain or train workers providing them degrees in unrelated fields or basically paying for them to go back to college. >> while working. >> while working, already amazingly managing to provide free college bernie sanders says government should do. >> kate? >> paul my hit for uber debuted a new feature where riders kayx for uber comfort allows you to tell your preferred air-conditioning settings, quit ride where driver doesn't talk to you and a lot of worry when uber started that this wouldn't be competition, now the competition from lyft lied sharing services fierce that uber rolling out hilarious onions prestate nothing one circulate speak to you in car. >> a tongue-in-cheek social
6:59 pm
justice lawyers wore one halle berry cast in live action disney mermaid a couple people upset animated version came out defending her but for the last couple years all we have been hearing from social justice crowd that if the actor rules don't match race gender sexual orientation i am happy to see they are coming around to idea talent matters more than identity and carts. >> probably be limited to one case. >> the coast guard released this week a video, of a raid on a semi submersible narco subcoast guard spotted off coast columbia chased it down chop yee seas three guys from coast guard jump onboard banging on hatch found 17,000 pounds cocaine -- more than that, a great remedial dangerous mostly quiet work guys do so rest of us sleep at
7:00 pm
night. >> thank you all remember if you have your own hit or miss be sure to tweet to us that is it for this week's show thanks to panel thanks to all watching i am paul gigot hope to see you right here next week. >> oh, my. it really moves. >> well, it's pretty quick. >> what is it about the corvette that has captured america? >> you have lamborghinis, and you got ferraris, but the american sports car has always been the corvette. >> it's the dream that keeps a soldier going... >> do you think that helped him get through very difficult times at war? >> absolutely. >> ...the decision that vexes his heir... >> it was the most difficult thing i've ever done in my life. >> ...the ultimate for vette collectors... >> it was an urban legend that there was this impeccably original, pristinely kept 1967 corvette. >> we got three, four... >> ...and a mystery on wheels. >> something is fishy


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