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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 16, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm sure there will be many people that won't miss them. >> that's it for tonight i'm gregg jarret thanks for joining us. good night from new york. >> this hour silicon valley descends on capitol hill today with big tech in hot seat at a high stake hear whatting investigating large fest tech companies market power plus, the new national security concerns surrounding facebook libra. president trump reelection campaign getting big boost in the second quarter, and now parking lot numbers are in for the 2020 democratic hopefuls. who should be worried? and who is being called the most dangerous in the race for the white house? and a today, is the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 launch, and now a piece of american history from first mission to land on moon is up for auction. >> wow. plus a few futuristic way to
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carry your credit card but it may make say ouch it is tuesday july 16th. fbn:am starts right now. ♪ techno music to start your morning welcome to fbn:am good morning i'm lauren simonetti. >> we're awake you probably are now as well good morning everyone i'm l cheryl casone. >> markets are awake as well let's take a look at how your money is moving any gain on wall street today will be a record for all three major averages dow up 5 s&p up one and three quarters nasdaq gaining seven. a big day for earnings season
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things are heating up, of course, the banks are going to be in focus, of course, goldmann and dominoes all going to be on tap. three dow stocks reporting the yield on tenure treasury right now stangdz at 2.0%. continue to track oil contract earlier no movement with the iranians and as you can see a slight gain as well part of that, of course, is the gulf situation. 5964 that's a gain of 6 cent pps japanese market e reopen today nikkei gaining two tenths of one percent, and south korea the exact opposite. >> mnuchin on the phone as well he said we're watching europe with more brexit drama talk about that in a little bit but as you can see slight gain for all a of the market over there. well this this is our top storyt one or two but three big tech hearings on capitol hill today. executives from facebook, google, amazon and apple all facing congress ppg antitrust panel of the house judiciary committee is looking to find out
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whether company have become so big that they need to be broken up. the hearing coming as regulators around world are voiceing concern about tech giant market power and data correction policy. >> facebook is planning for cryptocurrency libra expected to face tough questions today at another hearing on capitol hill. facebook executives david marcus basically the head of the libra project will answer questions from the senate banking committee, president trump and federal reserve chair jay powell have already raised serious concerns about facebook libra projects. now treasury secretary steven mnuchin says he has his own reservations. >> cryptocurrency sughs bit coin have been exploited to support billions of dollars of illicit afnght like cybercrime, tax evasion, extortion, ransomware elicit drugs, human trafficking. mnuchin says facebook has,
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quote, a lot of work to do to convince regulators that libra will have the proper anti-money landering safeguards in place. staying with tech facebook board member an paypal cofounder has been warning about dangers of big tech power. we told you yesterday how he's calling google a possible threat to national security and last night he told fox news tucker carlson why. >> the weird fact that's in disputable on the break through the technology. that's the question i think -- i think one explanation is they figure they have to because they'll get -- if they don't get it through the front door they'll get it through the back door first answer is they have to and a broad base of google employee that are ideologically superleft wing. >> well google is denying its got any dealings with chinese military and the company says that the allegations are false. >> house today is set to vote on
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resolution condemning president trump attack on freshman democrats the president sparking a lot of controversy with the tweet telling four democratic congress women of color to go back to their countries of origin. laura reports from washington. >> the four congress women now dubbed the squad speaking out against president trump after he tweeted the women all of color should go back to their, quote, broken and crime infested countries. our squad is big. he does not know how to defend his policy. so what he does is attack us prnlly. this is the agenda of white nationalist. whether it is happening in chat rooms or it's happening on national tv, and now it's reached the white house garden. so it is time for us to stop allowing this president to make a mockery out of our constitution.
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congress women presley omar all singled out by the president and despite outrage from many who are calling the president's language racist, president trump is showing no sign of backing away from the tweet. >> if you're not happy here, then you can leave. as far as i'm concerned if you hate our country, if you're not happy here, you can leave. and that's what i say all of the time. that's what i said in a tweet which i guess some people think is controversial. a lot of people love it, by the way. congress women say that tweets are meant it be a distraction from the ongoing situation at the border. >> this is simply a disruption and distraction from the chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration. all the way down. we remain focused on holding him accountable to laws of this land and to the american people. >> it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me.
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progressive congress women also re-up up their call for impeachment. something democratic house leadership has so far stayed away from. in washington, lauren, fox news. today house resolution vote has forced democrats to delay their battle with with the trump administration over the 2020 census. the vote to hold administration officials in con tempght for not complying with subpoena has been pushed back to tomorrow. democrats wanting to know why the administration insisted on adding citizenship question, meanwhile the senate homeland security is committee will hold a hearing on the census today. >> well, for this top of the show britain could be setting up for a messy split from the european union, during a debate last night, front runner succeed theresa may boris johnson and jerry hutt so they won't accept the irish proposal that may have negotiated. critics say backstop weaken bonds between northern ire land and rest of the u.k. but e.u.
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says that backstop is essential to any deal. >> president trump signing an order to make american made goods more american. >> tracee carrasco got the details. tracee, good morning. >> good morning during the annual qhows made in america showcase, president trump announced his administration will require american products to use more american components if they are to be used by the government. american made products used for government projects currently need to contain at least 50% u.s. made components to be considered american. the president increasing that percentage to 75% . house democrats are threatening to hold white house counts kellyanne conway in contempt after skip at the congressional hearing defied a subpoena refusing to testify over accusations that she violated the hatch act a lawen baaing government officials from political speech. >> i would like to testify. i have nothing to hide. i've done nothing wrong, and
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there's a long standing bipartisan precedence, and it applies to administrations of both parties. and what would really happen if the hatch act were applied retroactively? >> house democrats are giving conway until the end of the month to testify. a federal judge sharply cut a multimillion dollar verdict against buyer and qeed killer roundup judge reducing the award by 55 million dollars. the ruling comes in case of california resident edwin who won a more than 80 million lawsuit in a case linking his cancer to his use of roundup on his residential properties. buyer has lost three trials over the safety of roundup. and a startup backed by e.g. lon musk is expected to make a major announcement today. neurolink is developing technology to directly connect human brain to computers. after two years of silence become the will hold event in san francisco and will possibly
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reveal what it has been working on and that's what's happening now. inch learned never to doubt innovation but we have to accept crazy things that are happening to our brain and computers. >> tracee thank you so much. here's what's happening with your money this morning it is a tuesday we've got some green arrows to show you a little bit of a gain in the futures market. dow up 7, s&p up 2 nasdaq is up 7 and three quarters. tech biggest giant once again going to be in congressional hot seat over antitrust concern not one, not two three hearings on the u.s. government ramping up efforts to start to regulate these names? plus -- burger king has a new dare for you how well do you know your burger? that's coming up. stay tuned. ♪
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>> executives expected to face tough questions today before members of the house judiciary committee have the tech giants become so big they need to be broken up. we ask is lou bethany founder chief analyst of disrupted tech research joins us now lou good morning to you. >> good morning, lauren let's start right there are they too big they need to be broken up? >> they may be very big first time we've had multiple trillion
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companies but how in the world do you break up big tech and socially network and prevent it from reforming itself that's the hutchy dumpty that puts itself back together pretty quickly. what do you come up with a threshold if you're over 300 million users you have to break them up again we would be breaking up each one twitter, facebook, i just don't see it being plausible and if we look at the bigger companies likes apple a.m. son how do you divide them naturally. this is not back like in the 80s where we could divide at&t very based upon geographic lines you have a physical you can't separate hardware from software just doesn't work. >> in terms of the anti-competition antitrust angle of all of these hears what do you expect a reasonable result to be coming out of this because there's a fear that ironically some of these big companies close up to lawmakers grow to regulations and then those regulations can actually stifle startups and new competition. >> yeah look i think there's
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definitely caution here i think government has to step in hypercritical of largingization where we've seen accusation in the past by facebook wouldn't pass now because of anticompetition fears but we look at big pharma cozying up to congress spending tons of money to make sure interest are well protect sod something in the middle ground never going to be devintive but we've been talking about regulations for two years, an we still have nothing. >> now we have more to talk about because we're talking it be digital currencies and one of the hearings today will discuss facebook libra the head of that unite david marcus in prepare written testimony say this is. i believe that america does not lead in the digital currency and payments area others will. if we fail to act we could soon see digital currency controlled by others whose values are dramatically dfnght how much of this is fear mongering? >> look i think they're trying to get ahead with libra dead on
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arrival in my opinion who really thinks we need digital currency right now? now do we needs oversight of the government to make sure central banks aren't manipulating the government but de facto answer i don't think that's the case and facebook is the company that we're going to trust to lead that charge. we can't trust them with data how do we trust them with our money? >> there's bipartisan agreement there because i know tomorrow, maxine waters on the house side of all of this is going to come down with her -- her proposal to call keep big tech out of finance act but if that's the same question if we don't lead in this will another country get ahead of us there's an idea of innovation yes this stuff is scary so wild, wild west but we don't want to fall behind either. whoncht had said democrats republicans beginning to get along and can't agree on anything. we agree on this for sure. we have to lead but at the same time you have to -- there's a dynamic here you have to have users embracing digital currency and we haven't seen that happen in mass so not a
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real threat in here and now but something that in a future generation in a future iteration just not libra something we'll have to be looking at to be on forefront of. busy day ahead. thank you very much. >> thanks lauren. let's take a look at futureses on this tuesday we've got some green arrow we could have more records today actually the dow just going into the red in the premarket. by two points actually the s&p still by one nasdaq up five and three quarters. coming up next, conviction sex offender jeffrey epstein bail hearing reveals bizarre treasure-trove that was found in in a new york city home. we've got details plus -- remember when then president obama said this -- >> got health insurance you like your doctor you like your plan, you can keep your doctor. you can keep your plan. >> well, 2020 hopeful joe biden is giving voters double vision, to health care promises sounds a lot like obama so-called lie of the year. keep it here on fbn:am l. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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investigates reveal a major discoveried a home of registered sex offender jeffrey epstein. it was during a bail hearing yesterday that prosecutors said a safe epstein had kept in his manhattan apartment contain a fake expired passport and piles of cash judge in the case needed more time to make a decision about whether the 66-year-old should be denied bail. meanwhile the associated press is reporting that presidential candidate kamala harrisst last week ripped power house law firm for defending epstein on the same day her husband headed up
5:22 am
the fundraiser that was hosted by that firm. earning season is shifting into high gear today we're going to hear from three dow component jpmorgan and johnson & johnson now company numbers are coming out facing a federal investigation over sate of its baby powder and they're defending themselves in a 17 billion dollar opioid case down in oklahoma let's bring in francis stacey capital director of strategy and a lot to go through with you and good morning for instance the legal troubles for j&j this is not just indictment of johnson john& johnson this is a potential diet of the entire pharmaceutical industry this case is definitely in oklahoma high priority and asked it be today. what do you expect? >> well i'm not sure exactly how decision is going to come down you know some states are treating this differently than others. but it is really interesting era because it is sort of this question of -- are corporations ever responsible for personal choices, and you know with the opioid thing, the criticism is
5:23 am
the market hadding right, it is pushing on doctors giving doctors bonuses and then they push it on the patients. and i do think that the corpse has some responsibility but, of course, when you sell a product, you can't take responsibility for everyone who is beginning to abuse it. so the important thing it be this is they're going set important legal precedence for companies going forward about their responsibility and consumer choices. >> 2,000 similar lawsuits out there right now against the industry and distributors of ownership opioids they have a hurt on stock over the baby powder finish you will and 14,000 lawsuitses they're facing on that front. is that -- is that just as a crucial component of the earnings today is how they're going to be talking about legal problems in general? >> well, i i don't know how that's going to be traded exactly, i mean, profits are going well things are sort of metaling along in the economy despite fact that we have decelerating growth but i think people, i think people looking at the stock are going to be
5:24 am
hesitant with these looming lawsuits as anybody would. you have to place additional risk but who knows xect how it will turn out. >> you know there are consumer products company, they, you know, they're medical devices, i mean, it is a gigantic company so the totality ting on the number is 246 is is estimate on earnings per share hearing from wells fargo goldman sachs this is about the economy. are they legending are credit card delinquency an issue? >> they are up with tenure so low and this idea that the fed is going to start cutting rate which which, obviously, would cut into profits for financials but what's interesting about about this is that consumer is out there and even though things are decelerating but they're not borrowing and financials are surprisingly up. but wells fargo, and goldman
5:25 am
sachs are definitely the laggers for sector even though sector trading strongly ahead a of the rate cut. if we don't get a cut in july which i'm a little skeptical still, because we "don't ask, don't don't get a jump but i see a pop up and gold up breaking above 1400 bucks which we haven't seen in six years. real quick i want to ask use about june retail sales out need. the expectation a gain of .1%. what are you looking for there? >> yes. well thing about about retail so -- we have this overall global macronarrative that we might be end of cycle in u.s. and peak on comparables for earnings in 2018. so i'm just looking for things to either confirm that narrative going forward or things to surprise. retail sales still kind of moving highser consumer confidence is not gone. so we're just going to have to see, you know, how this economy plays out towards the end of the year. >> economy still looking pretty good is rate cut debate that we
5:26 am
keep having whether or not that's going to meet the economy is in trouble and hear from had him by the way talking to francis thank you so much for being here. a lot to cover. appreciate it. >> thank you, cheryl have a great day. >> all right. up next, brand new asylum rules into effect today keeping thousands of hundreds of migrants out of the usa live in washington where democrats are vowing to fight it in court. plus there's one democratic contender for the white house -- that's some in silicon valley say is down right dangerous. whos that, coming up on fbn:am.
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global action mixed but ultimately flat shape up dow is down 8 points s&p 500 up just a quarter nasdaq up 2 and three
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quarters in a gain today for all three major averages would be another record high. earnings season underway three dow companies report in just a few hours. johnson & johnson and goldman sachs 7 dow stocks on the week. let's fake a look at yield on tenure treasury 2.09%. oil prices 59 dollar, about and 80 cents a barrel a gain of 22 cents. stocks in asia mixed mostly higher. could china could those trade talk as be become on track treasury secretary mnuchin says phone contacts are happening shanghai composite down and in europe a mixed bag dax in germany down fractionally, the london and cac and paris up fractionally. >> new rule on seekers coming to the united states are going to go into effect today. and that's inpure rating the democrats. it sure is ray boggen live in washington with the details. good morning, ray. >> cheryl, good morning to you. asylum seekers from far away
5:31 am
countries will not be allowed to apply for protection in the u.s. if they pass through another country on their way to america. this rule will impact migrants from northern triangle countries especially honduras and el salvador they travel through mexico and guatemala before entering the u.s.. therefore, they would have to apply in one of those countries instead. >> well they've escaped that government they've escaped that government. same for people in guatemala who escape their government get to mexico so is it about escaping from home land or getting into the united states? >> attorney general barr explained in a statement, quote, this rule will decrease form shopping by economic migrants and those who seek to exploit our system to obtain entry to the united states while ensuring that no one is removed from the united states who was more likely than not to be tortured or prosecuted on account of a
5:32 am
protected ground. now there are three expectations to new barr immigrants who applied it beened asylum in another country can still apply also victims of, quote, severe form of trafficking a persons. many democrats have spoken out against the rule including presidential candidate senator kamala harris. she said, quote, the administration move to restrict from central americans is thrictly cruel america should embrace moral responsibility to serve as a safe haven for children and family it is fleeing violence and prosecution. this new barr for asylum will almost be challenge ad in court aclu said it is unlawful and they'll sue swiftly. back to you. trvelg ray boggen live for us. thank you, sir. >> thank you. let's rewind a little bit remember when the former president barack obama made this promise? health insurance you like your
5:33 am
doctor you like your plan you can keep your doctor and keep your plan. >> i remember that. now joe biden is repeating the same pledge once dubbed the, quote, lie of the year by politifact. people the option if you like your health care plan and employer based plan you can keep it and you get your choice you can stay with your employer based plan or you can move on. i think it is a quickest most reasonable rational, and best way to get to universal coverage. biden is democratic front runner unveiling his 750 billion health care plan that would add a public option similar to medicare and be partly paid for by rolling back tax cuts on the wealthy. president trump's campaign and the republican national committee raised nearly 10 million dollars in second quarter alone. well the democratic side south bend leaves field 24.8 million
5:34 am
followed by former vice president joe biden that we just heard from. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren in vermont senator bernie sanders. former texas congressman beto o'rourke raised 3.6 million in the second quarter. ted harvey is committee to fed the president chairman. former obama campaign regional director. guys, good morning. pg good morning, cheryl. >> good morning chad let's start with money and rnc108 million dollars in the second quarter for the republican that buys a lot of attack ads. >> that does. that i think it speaks volume to the difference between the democrat candidates to combine five or six candidates couldn't even total who what the president did in one quarter. i think that president is in strong standing moving forward, and i think politically looking at the a economy also, i think that democrats are going to have a pretty hard run going after this president. >> now we're going talk about about economy in a second but robyn i want to get your thoughts on hall that democrats are taking in or not taking in
5:35 am
beto o'rourke this is man that raised more than $6 million in a days -- what happened to beto and also what do you make of one coming out to rake aring in? that's a lot of cash. that he has what's going on there? >> you know, it is shocking actually that was the biggest surprise to all of us was that he raked in even more than joe biden now the story there is that he had a close door meeting with dnc he probably got that roll and made a lot of fund raising calls cheryl. but combined they raised -- they raised a little more than 95 million dollars pee don't yet have numbers from dnc so they likely if you add it all up outraised president trump and rnc. but they are not going to be going on attack because they have to use that money to get their message out. >> message about that interesting here and i want to switch to economy which ted because peter teals was talking about one candidate that he really that concerns him on democratic side, of course, republican peter listen to what he said.
5:36 am
i'm most scared by elizabeth warren but she's talking about the economy had is the only thing that i think that thing that i think matters by far the most. >> should president trump be worried about elizabeth warren? >> no. she was i think the fourth high fest fund raiser in that class. i don't think anybody is taking elizabeth warren seriously. but she is no more leftest than any of the other candidates that are running. they are all running on a socialist platform that will destroy our economy and -- every businessman should be worried about that. >> i know it has been interesting and also you know the economy is -- as we keep reporting over and over is pretty strong. really i want to switch to something pretty interesting with you robyn that is what's happening within the democratic party and the house. there's going to be a move to against president trump today they're planning on volting on a resolution that would condemn president trump racist comments from the four congress women of color. this has been the big controversy the big story, is
5:37 am
this damaging the party do you think this fight with the president or do you think it is uniting the party? >> well you know it is uniting the party. but it is contrary to the messenger that four democratic congresswoman said yesterday six times which was to not take the bait. so i'm a little bit concerned here -- the strategy behind this cheryl, is to get some of these republicans who have been silent to take a position that they would be unkivel with kind of a lose, lose for republicans so it will be interesting to see how it plays out for republicans for us message is more just not take the bait and worry about issues that affect mayor. >> ted senator mitt romney and a peter king in new york not happy with president comments do you think that the president has kind of -- making a mistake by going of a these women? >> well i think that the democrats are making a huge mountain out of a mole hill nothing that he said was racist. he said if you don't like our country, leave that's essentially what he said .
5:38 am
and nancy pelosi if you remember last week, these same four women were calling nancy pelosi a racist. so it doesn't matter what you do if you come against these four women, they're going call you race aist because that's all they have to fall back on. and so now nancy pelosi was trying to distance herself are from these four extremists are now having to come to the defense of these four extremists because -- the enemy of their enemy is her had enemy, and i'm sorry but the mernl people i think agree that if you're going to attack the free market system that america was founded upon, and run this socialist platform they're going to disagree with you. >> i don't think either side is winning in this one. it is a really nasty fight and it is going to get worse today on the house floor. robyn and ted a lot of ground covered thank you guys for getting up early always appreciate having you here. >> you bet thank you, good morning. >> we have breaking news to get to you according to "the washington post," north korea says planned military exercises involving the u.s. and south korea would endanger proposed
5:39 am
disarmorment talks might resume north korea that is might resume nuclear tests as a result of this. the paper says north korea foreign ministry is also accusing u.s. of violating the spirit of negotiations between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un by taking part in military exercises set for next month. north korea last new clear test was back in 2017. >> well massive database contain photos are reportedly used for facial recognition technology without con sent and "new york timeses" is reporting that researchers use the photos to train artificial intenls to recognize faces now photos are collected from public security cameras websites and social media last month microsoft pulled a database from its site after reports that the database has been used by private companies and military researchers. >> what is privacy anymore right? coming up, 50 years ago today millions of people around the
5:40 am
world watched as this happened. as america launched apollo 11 now you have a chance to own a piece of history that helped land a man on the moon have those details in a little bit. a mission debate dividing ernght internet and newsroom a pizza chain is offering one part of the piece of pie what is it and do you want it? our producers very hot -- >> she wants to do a phoner to call in. might call in. just get ready. [laughter] (vo) the ant mindlessly marches on.
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millions of people around world watch as america launched apollo 11 saturn blasted off into space is sending neil armstrong buzz aldrin and michael collins on a mission to the moon. there they are. four days later, armstrong and aldrin would become the very first people to set foot on the moon after more than eight days in space. their crew safely returned to earth and you could own the book that was used to help land man on the moon, the lunar module book up for auction to fetch $9 million. >> all right.
5:44 am
well, back to earth. nissan is betting big on self-driving cars. [laughter] tracee carrasco has the details good morning tracee. >> good morning nissan unveiling most advance asson mist driving technology to date the new skyline sports sedan the car is nissan first major product debut in japan since the arrest announce of former chairman carlos carlos ghosn and also offer it is connected services. it will sell born 45 and 52,000 dollars. hispanics are experienced a large pes ownership gain of anith nick group in the u.s.. the census bureau reports that home ownership rate for hispanics risen three percentage points since 2015. that's more than any other race or ethnic group including whites. netflix has removed a suicide scene from an episode of the popular teen drama 13 reasons why. the move comes amid a debate
5:45 am
over whether show increase risk of teen suicide. based on book of the same name 13 reasons why is about a depressed high school girl who takes her own life and sends a classmate a tape explain yg she did it and who she blames. the show has been a criticized by health advocate who is fear by suicide. and switching gears pizza chain is cooking up a major controversy villa menu offering pizza crust. that is it. just pizza crust no cheese no sauce and being the best part of pizza for many customers we are debating that. but what's happening now? >> i agree. i like butter on my crust and italian dressing. i decided that cheese is the best part. so i'll pass on the crust. >> you tracee? >> i like the toppings i like the cheese but crust -- cheaper if you just get bread? aren't those just bread sticks --
5:46 am
>> exactly. dipped in ranch anyway good debate. >> thank you. let's take a look, tracee thank you let's take a look at futures right now as you can see we're seeing a little bit of a change of direction in your majorities this morning. after all of those record highs last night the dow is down 16 points in the premarket s&p is down by half a point nasdaq barely up by a fraction .25 right now. earnings, though, can change a everything before the bell coming up next, the british open begins and just a couple of days and golfer phil mickelson is getting ready in a really drastic way. his extreme game day prep that's got a lot of people buzzing today, and does your day start like this? >> no sleep. no sleep. you don't know what it's like in there. thingses are creeking and that red light is burning my brain. >> you look a little a stressed. i'm stressed. well -- where do you live can actually l make all of the difference the most stressed out cities just
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new york city main power company is finally explaining what caused blackout conedison says relay protection system in a substation failed after a cable caught fire. company said it had nothing to do with the level of the demanding but that could be different this weekend. the big apple gets ready to deal with temperatures going as high as 97 degrees. a coned spokesman is warning service outing aimings happen during heat waves last weepgd blackout took a toll on businesses broadway shows
5:51 am
restaurants, all reported major financial. j there were pictures of new york city in the dark are still so eerie. louisiana officials are raising alarm as tropical rain storm barry moves north experts urging locals to be mind powerful of bears, snakes and other potentially dangerous wildlife temporarily displaced by rising waters. >> this is several communities are under flash flood warnings illinois bracing up for half a foot of rain and certain places are already flooded from the extreme rain waters. senior meteorologist janice dean live in the fox weather center with your forecast. janice, you know snakes, in the water just one of the things that people are having to be careful of. that is scary. absolutely. i saw -- alligators as well pictures of alligators in flood waters so -- , of course, take all of the precautions you need we still are going it deal request threat of severe to strong thunderstorms across the mississippi river valley and ohio river valley from remnant
5:52 am
was what was barry so flash-flood and watches and warnings and things get better through wednesday, thursday, friday, and the storm starts to really fall apart and dissipate. flood advisories regular main posted of again from the gulf coast all the way up to ohio river valley where areas are still swollen and anymore water will cause an even worst situation unfortunately we have got more rain in the forecast and things start to dry out and then ladies, the focus will be on the heat as you mentioned close to 100 degrees here in new york city on the weekend, so that's going to be the next topic of conversation in the weather department. back to you. >> burning already. janice -- it is summer time. thank you. you've got it. >> all right well how is golfer phil mickelson preparing for this week's british open? was a body cleanse believe it or not? >> jared mack what exactly is he doing? >> it is interesting one phil tweeted from ireland where he shared how he's trying to break
5:53 am
a bad streak on golf course. watch. >> i haven't posted anything because i haven't felt good about myself and way i've been playing so i haven't done anything or wanted to be in public. last ten days i've done what i call a hard reset. change and try to make things if better. he's been fasting, six days of fasting lost 15 pounds in all also water in a special coffee blend this not to lose weight but to heal he won pro-am and aims for a 6th major title this week in northern ire land american sports icon killed sunday night boxer was walking across an intersection in virginia beach authorities say he was struck by a vehicle. suffered fatal injuries elected to boxing hall what of fame in 2006 world champ across four divisions, and one in 1984 teammates with fellow future champ who tweeted i'm sad
5:54 am
tonight learn of my good friend olympic teammate and untimely passing who share so many great memory he was small and statute but so big in heart and skill inside the ring. there will never be another like him and truly be missed he was only 55 survived by his five children. you know nice part about getting crushed in a baseball game only one game and you can erase it what one rocky broadcaster former outfielder did yesterday watch this use this telestrator to erase a score 13-0. as rocky trail giants and look he guess and starts with the telestrator and we see that telestrator well take my word for it telestrator there and covers it up. a lot going on that phil mickelson thing is crazy. that can't be good. up first thought playing all of that golf how is his energy going to be? >> jared thank you very much for being here. jared maxi him, of course, well you can hear him okay i'm lying fox news headlines siriusxm
5:55 am
channel 115. coming up how well do you know your burger? burger e king new dare for your taste buds and cash at your finger i its literally. we will be right back. ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
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cheryl: america's most stressed out cities revealed for second year in a row.
5:58 am
cleveland, ohio, newark, new jersey making top 3, least stress in california. not new york city. looked at average hours, death rate and divorce rate. lauren: we are not stressed out. after recently launching meatless version of the whopper and kitchen-free version, the chain wants you guess whether your burger is made out of meat, randomly served plant-based burger, burger king says the fake meat is so good you won't tell the difference. >> all right, that's it for us, thank you for watching fbn:am. dagen: we will send it over to dagen mcdowell.
5:59 am
dagen: fake meat over fake news. focus on earnings, big morning coming up, dow components, jpmorgan, goldman sachs, johnson & johnson all reporting before the opening bell as well as wells fargo and dominoes, we have the numbers and full analysis, big tech, the senate looking into facebook's proposed crypto currency libra as others question apple, amazon, google asking if they pose a threat to competition. president donald trump versus progressive democrats, the war of words getting bigger, deepening, we've got the latest on this very public feud and what it means for all of us. billion peter teal warning google could be threat for
6:00 am
working with china. mornings with maria start right now. ♪ ♪ dagen: big show coming up this morning, health and human services alex azar is here, fox news senior strategist analyst retired four-star general jack keane, cfra director of e equity research ken leon who will give us analysis of banks this morning, tom reed and former ice acting director, former acting general of homeland security john sandwick, you don't want to miss any of the


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