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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 16, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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night, i'll be back tomorrow, 8 p.m. eastern, kennedy begins n now. kennedy: breaking news, house tonight voting to condemn what democrat call racist comments by the president, are they? who decides. what happens now. the vote all democrat voting yea, with 4 republicans and newly independent justin ash am. it comes two day after president tweeted 4 democrat freshman lawmakers, the squad, should go back from once they came. that created a firestorm of criticism, today, house speaker nancy pelosi dialing it up to learn 11. >> everything member of that institution, democratic and
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republican, should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. to do anything less would be a shocking reject shin otion rejes and shameful -- of our ocea oatf haoffice to protect the people. >> would like to rephrase that comment. >> i have cleared my remarks, before i read them. kennedy: oh, she did not really, according to rules pelosi broke decorum, calling the tweets racist. left wing media and number of 2020 democrat hopefuls have been screaming the same thing. >> president of the united states is a racist. >> we're at a point where trump is more racist than neo-nazis. >> this is a political party that has embraced racial
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ideology of david duke. >> this is racist and un-american. >> there has never been a president in american history who has been so openly racist and divisive. as this man. >> everyone knows that the president acting like a white supremacist. >> crack a history book. go check out -- google andrew johnson. little bit of a digital lark if you will. president arguing he is not racist, it is the squad, who called him the same thing. watch this. >> they should love our country not hate it. you look at what they said, i have clips right here. most vile. horrible statements about our country. about israel. about others. it is up to them to do what they want. they can leave, they can stay. but they should love our country, and work for the government of our country. kennedy: -- work for the good of
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off country. kennedy: mitch mcconnell trying to deal di dial it back a bit. >> all much us have a responsibility il ill vate publc discourse -- to elevate public discourts our words do matter, politics is a contact sport but, it is about time we lowered the temperature all across the boa board. president is not a racist. the president is not a racist. kennedy: everyone is calling everyone else a racist. and if everyone is a racist. nobody is a racist. what is the end game for either side in does any of this solve anything? we meet the man panel. president of diligence llc, mike baker. and reason editor at large, host of award winninge podcast matt
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welch. >> and very doug schoan. >> a great night to be here, doug. was today a win for democrats? >> a loss for everyone. >> i agree. >> what the president said was wrong. i don't think he is a racist. i have known him 30 years, but democrat over stepped the republicans and president, i think have used language that wrong, we all lose with this. this is really -- >> i think he is baiting democrats in to this kind of hyperbole, he brings them into lane where he is most comfortable and most success. >> another quick point, this is not about the country, the nation, this is about swing voters and 6 or 7 states, if you ask me, which side they will op for based on this, probably the
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president. kennedy: interesting. so, what you see here is the establishment in both parties running away from the issue, republicans by a large, a few criticized, they don't want to be a part of this argument, the same for democrats, the main actors, the squad and president are using the same tax ticks -- tax dec -- tactics they are guilty of using the same thing. >> think about moment in democratic debate that moved needle of all moments, it is when kamala harris turned to joe biden and said i don't think you are a racist, but -- that moment to talk about busing. that is where -- what got democrats' hearts beating. kennedy: she shot up in the
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polls. money start will flying in. >> that resonates with people, that is part of woke politics of democratic party, they will go to that. and they have a absolutely willing target in donald trump whose words were awful, you should not tell people to go back to a country they did not come from. >> you can't say thin like that. the people who are saying, no president really meant is -- that does not matter. >> stop that. but we should not get so focused on word with an r, think about what happens when we collectively stereotype a entire group of people based on their irimutable characteristics. >> and you know that point that doug made, but you know how to we move this forward? how do you shake this.
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>> how do we find our betterselves? kennedy: democrats can over play their hand, it is easier to come up with a hot button issue, keep pressing it than coming up with policy ideas. >> i will say what matt said about harris chewing out biden's ascircumstancass abouts butting. thaabouts but busing issue. but, donald trump, a perfect example of sel self-inflicted w. typical little bittal wisdom, if your opponents are shooting at each other stay out of the firefight. >> that was happening, that is what i don't understand, pelosi and aoc. >> now i hear people talk about a 3 demementional chess that
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president trump plays. y heard some argument about no, he was watching pelosi starts to have an argument with the squad, realize that what election needs to be about is wrapping whole democratic party under socialist banner, he made these comments to bring them together. kennedy: i understand that, therthere is a way of doing that without saying go back. for people born here or people first generation americans. that is on, fennive. offensive. >> it should be. i think that everyone is onboard with idea that you don't want your president saying crap like that. kennedy: lindsey graham came out with force call language full l, he -- force nu forceful language said, these -- it looks like some want president obama to
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come in and save day. in an open le letter. wherpresident obama, i understad your reluctance to weigh in -- >> you may remember back in 2008, president obama, he was a candidate promised to unite the nation, why is former president playing mime? should he? will he step in order. >> that is easy, he will not step forward. kennedy: why would you. >> why would you, there is nothing in it for him, what would he say?
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we know who he thinks. he was in his own way, divisive, and best thing he could do is wait for his memoir. >> has he not written a few already. kennedy: more. >> he got that big publishing deal with michelle. >> and movie deal. >> woo. kennedy: did you know that i'm be playing valerie jarrett, they have not announced that yet. >> i out the -- i think if we passed a rule, it would be to have columnist newspaper never write open letters. >> i agree. >> enough. >> poor karen, what is wrong? go adopt another cat. >> the conversation needs to end with us individually, not someone to come down off
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mountain and wave their magic wound, and make us stop acting like a-holes we're all acting like a-holes. >> i am president again. >> gooeyest op-ed ever. >> they are selling it in since cinnabon. >> with extra frosting. kennedy: i don't understand this one. looking as an independent observer and global landscape, president needs to stop with unforced errors, focus on the economy, in occasion do something in foreign policy arena that is unexpected and might produce a win. >> democrat need to come up with a solution -- but they can't, why can't they do that? why are they acting like emotional children. >> the level of animus to the president is so substantial they
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can't do what they should, you say, that talk about the issues, and their problems, climate change, health care. job creation, restraining people who have been left behind, there is a lot of gris for democratic middle, but what al green did today with another impeachment readinresolution that is absolua dumb move. >> president trump in month before midterms within full on caravans are coming like american carnage, that did not work, democrats for most part did not campaign on impeachment, they campaigned on obamacare, that worked. kennedy: and running veterans and moderates who did well in trump district. >> when trump goes offhand el like this, this say perception it helps him, it does not. kennedy: i think -- we'll talk about immigration in knocks block, i think there is something to be said about
9:13 pm
immigration crisis, helping him, but i agree with you about language, last word. >> yeah, with trump and he should do, i think we all waste our breath, he will do what he does. i don't assign a lot of strategy to it, i'm not one of those people that thinks he plays 3- 3-dementional chess. just starve them of oxygen, don't get bait the by them, and make it about the democratic party as a whole, but he won't. kennedy: socialism very capitalism is a great fight, i don't think if he has enough focus right now. >> right now trump administration claiming their new asylum rules will make it tougher for migrant to cross southern border, my next guest said that new strategy could have op set affect.
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kennedy: historically large 2020 democrat field about to get smaller.
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second quarter fundraising numbers are in. half of the field of 11 candidates spend more campaign cash than they raised, just like the democratic party wants to do. this should force most of those candidates out was race. beto o'rourke seen the biggest fall from grace. raising 9.4 million in first 18 days, and only snagged 3.6 million in second quarter. should he and others call it quits now? man tanel i tan panel is book. you going to. this is a re realm you have tran trainses within. >> look. most of these second and third tetyr candidates show up to get
9:19 pm
visibility. to say please remember me for the cabinet. you talk about beto and his decline in poll numbers and fundraising. he is not going to win, the fact he took -- >> he has cash on hand. >> right, but -- >> 6 million in bank. >> that not enough. he is going wrong direction, high-tech that lonely drive across country rather than announcing right after losing, narrowly to cruz cost him any chance of the nomination. kennedy: i never been a fan of his, i did not understand the cult personality surrounds him other than people hate ted cruz. >> that is right. kennedy: which i do understand that. other story pete buttigieg, mayor pete raised more money in new york city, twice as much as mayor of new york city raised nationwide, buttigieg raised every 2 million, and mayor of new york nationwide, a big country. >> i like that bill de blasio
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hated in new york almost as much as new yorkers hate donald trump, almost neck-and-neck. new york is a 90-10 democratic area. those of us who live here -- kennedy: let me ask you. how did bill de blasio sit down, what kind of dishonest people does he have, saying, you know, i think i will run for president, why did people say no, people don't know you,s ones -- the ones that do can't stand you. >> a good report in daily beast, talking at begin of campaign, a -- >> a made up name. >> this is about paying other campaign debts and finds he has incurred. >> people around de blasio a fair number have been indicted or sent t to jail.
9:21 pm
kennedy: they are busy. >> they are otherwise engaged. >> my favorite statistic talk about gaggle of the candidates and finances. >> they are being financially responsible compared to -- >> yes, i will say, when they start dropping out, my favorite dropped out already, swalwell, i would get up, see what craziness he spewed out that day. i'm going to miss him. kennedy: he apologized are about being white and male. >> every day. >> how about democrats who support reparations? slavely was wrong, it is horrible, but reparations now? kennedy: how? >> now or how? >> take your tick. kennedy: a lot cannot answer
9:22 pm
that. >> i don't think we can. >> funding healthcare. >> kamala harris, warren. kennedy: a popular thing to say, they know it will never happen. you know no one will go through. >> and joe biden comment about president trump being most racist president. aside from dozen u.s. presidents or so who was slave owners, maybe okay. again, joe biden inaccurate. >> look at reconstruction under jackson. it will blow your mind. >> thank you. kennedy: doug, matt, mike. single syllables, 1, 2, 3. old song ♪ anything you can do, i can do better ♪ with health care, joe biden and bernie sanders in a contest who can do it worse? i will fix healthcare in my memo next.
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kennedy: two silver back democrat tighten are battling out over healthcare, but instead, godzilla versus mot ves mothra . bernie is bets all his lost marbles on that feel good medicare for all. estimate 30 tri trillion over 10 years. do have you that? bernie got a lot of his senate friends to sign on, smothers safety net will never pass, it seems they care about people, but they don't, they just care about getting reeleakee-- reeled
9:28 pm
to lord over your life with incredible power. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. biden's new fib, if you like your employer based health insurance, you can keep it, that is hot malarky blowing in the wind. but he has to maintain phony notion is it still valid. this is the terry schiavo of health fixes, if biden signs on he concedes his boss' hallmark achieve was was all for naught, and tenure was a failure. obamacare is dead. >> but none have the nards to fix our insurance issues, except here where we are swimming in
9:29 pm
nards. allow them to buy what they want lift some pointless regulations, and encourage tea people to open healthcare savings accounts. and block grant money to state, to eto innovate without federal oversight and use money where really needed for most vu vulnerableses, and have price transparency to see what treatments and procedures actually cost, there have you it 4 nards for the twice price of 1, that is the momento. -- memo. >> health care is shaping up upo be one of the biggest issues in 2020, are democrats hurting themselve by doubling down on obama care? joining me to discuss national
9:30 pm
taxpayer union senior fellow, forward strategy president, mattie dupler, welcome back. >> hey. kennedy: who wins in this clash of creteons. >> we know who does not, and has not won, debate in washington about people who are clinging to obamacare, and people who want to destroy obamacare and pull it out. now we have having a debate about something not just obamacare, not obama clear but reform, i think that is a small step forward. all of reforms you listed, 4 simple things to do to fix it they have not come up in health care debate with presidential contenders, they are not big systemic differences in the system we have. because they are common sense achievement. this is something this trump administration deserves credit,
9:31 pm
because they avoid obamacare debate after th the debacle on e hill, they did things with real impact on way people experience their own healthcare like drug prices, first time in 50 years, inflation measure on drug prices has come down. candidates are not talking about this. biden is trying to double down on system that got us to where we are. kennedy: he cannot, for political reasons to salvage his legacy tied to president obama, he cannot admit it has failed, and say we have to have medicare for all, because that is a socialist admission that this big government bureaucratic bloated plan did not work, they want something bloatier. >> that is so important, that is what amazed me about medicare for all gathers so much steam.
9:32 pm
that is because it is an admission that the system they spend so long putting into place is a failure, the fact they are willing to walk away and say medicare for all is only solution to failures of obamacare, and remarkable you have biden talking about you like your healthcare plan you can keep it, that of rated lie of 2013 that president obama said. this is impossible what biden is promising. there a rya reason why thereforo public option in obamacare, making them work in reality not sustainable. kennedy: they talked about that. the commies in obama administration who were those poking their fingers in insurance pie, they wanted public option but realized it was unsustainable.
9:33 pm
it had to rest on individual mandate. and system is hard to undo, imagine what happens when economy really tanks in the wake of medicare for all, try undoing, that giving out a blanket entitlement then taking it away. >> right, this debate between biden and sanders will be so important, that will inform how democrats talk about healthcare for remainder of president at cycle, you have biden saying that conservatives have been saying that is listen, these promises about medicare, they are not unachievable, they are not in your plan, you tell us can keep some form of private insurance that is not sure, now sanders has to defend some of those things, that will start to expose some problem not just with medicare for all but with a lot of promises that all democrats have been making. >> i hope the moderator push bernie sanders on how he will
9:34 pm
pay for it, and transition from system we have now, to that system, because, it all utopia garbage. >> mattie dupler thank you. kennedy: thank you. >> president trump pushing back on a climbly alexandria ocasio-cortez that migrant de tension centers are concentration camp. saying they are really well run, perhaps he meant overrun. -- on migrants seeking asylum at southern border, new rules force them to prove they are either facing death or torture or trafficking victim. department of justice homeland security called new rules a stop gap measure until congress acts, aclu filed a lawsuit in san francisco 9th circuit court of
9:35 pm
appeals. joining me now. welcome back sheika. >> thank you so much kennedy. kennedy: so, let's talk about this. one thing that wore not discussing enough is the idea of economic asylum, almost like went administration they see exclusive tie between people who they consider to be legitimate asylum seekers those who have no economic options to want to improve their lives, when actually those two things can be linked. >> absolutely. that is right. the same thing that cause these people to leave political instability and violent are reasons why they can't make a living in their own country, there no pure motive here, everyone is motive for escaping the -- you know trump call shit hole countries. kennedy: i appreciate your free
9:36 pm
speech, we on have to get a lot of hate mail, i will get in trouble refrain from that. >> okay. >> i understand you were quoting the president i give you that. >> i was quoting the president. >> so, you know. trump administration position is that in last year or so number of the denial rates for asylum claims have gone up, people are doing what they call shopping for countries to get jobs, not where they can be safe, but they are linked as you said. and solution is not a ban on asylum, that is, what administration is doing, but creating oh more legal option to come here. kennedy: i agree, when you create a system of prohibition, you have a larger black market.
9:37 pm
whether that is drugs or people, and when you create confusion, and door is slamming, more people will come over to try to get in before the door closes, now, biggest problem i see is places like california, are offering entitlement, free health care to anyone. who comes in to the state, but, that is an unsustainable model, what do say about that? >> well, i think that is a much more complicated question. you know on one hand, this is not good for democrats, they raise their hands and say they will provide healthcare to undocumented immigrants in this country. on the other land hand, have you an obamacare segment, you know what you difficult it is for everyone without employer provided coverage to buy healthcare. and immigrants don't get health care, if they are not here legally. so, i -- you know, there can be a discussion about how you make
9:38 pm
these people buy in. they are not landing in emergency rooms where it is most expensive way of providing he'll coverage, that is a vep rate a e rich, problem with what trump is doing on asylum if he is bans them, they will find other ways to get here, with the sea or -- >> there are people who ask why can't guatemala and mexico take more as well? that is a valid question, we have run out of time, thank you so much, i appreciate your writing and you're being here. >> thank you. kennedy: fight over citizenship and question on census part of this commerce secretary wilbur ross been blamed for botching role out. secretary ross, will be maria bartiromo's guest tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., eastern 4:00 a.m. in west, an fbnic,
9:39 pm
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come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. ♪ kennedy: you know that was baker street, that is the mouth trumpet monday song. big shout out to our winner. >> we get extra hour of testimony from special counsel. they lost their close door
9:44 pm
hears, leaders of-ing house judiciary chair, jerry nadler, and adam schiff. still view this size a triumph, never mind robert mueller said he will say nothing beyond what is in his report. this is this a sign that democrats grasping for straws, joining me now darrell issa, you have held the gavel. >> yes, i have, they are not just straws tray ar are -- theye paper straws. tell dradomecrat want to -- dems want to buy an extra week. >> they are hoping that this a crescendo. for everyone that saw four of july fireworks, this is keeping people weeks after fireworks finished. his report, mueller's report,
9:45 pm
fireworks were no collusion, no corpconspiracy, that was the crescendo, they will try to bring back two conclusions they can't. what is interesting for republicans, i hope they do this, this is an opportunity to remind people attorney general barr has a job to do, that is to go backwards to how did it happen that no collusion. kennedy: that is -- that the question, what democrats try to do, with ag barr, was tar and feather him when summary of his report came out saying he is dishonest and working for president and ill legitimate, are they going to try to make it look like an impeachment hearing and eclipse that ig report.
9:46 pm
>> yes, your next question. of course, they will try to do that. the problem, some things cannot be done. you can't make up for the fact that mueller had to fire peter strzok and lisa page. he had -- he never investigated their false information that created this whole thing. he did not make that public. kennedy: and allowed of that to be destroyd. >> right. and last person ever to be interviewed related to collusion, had been done, we were months before the election, nothing came out to tell people that -- yeah there is no collusion. kennedy: do you think that for special counsel will answer, that jim jordan brought that up, others said, if you had this information and you knew before midterms why not release it then. john brennan said that the crescendo would be mueller frog
9:47 pm
marching president trump's children into federal custody. >> sometimes you don't into a ask a question as a lawyer because you don't know the answer, in this case, jim jordan and others, they ask because there is no answer. there no good reason. not to have looked into the actual collusion by the democratic national committee, when a british operative they paid to create a false narrative. kennedy: so many questions, i know comey tries to paint himself as a . scout -- boy scout. >> you know. reality that everyone comes before the committee, says they are so perfect and so this. people get judged by their inconis a stanceys, comey for example came before my committee he looked at us, he said, we
9:48 pm
have to get apple to allow us to remotely get into iphones because we have the san bernardino phone we cannot unlock. a few weeks later, a guy showed us how to to it for $200 on internet, they paid israeli company millions got it unlocked, the reality is people lie to get what they want. in washington, they do it a lot. >> they do, that is why you left washington, you are here now darrell issa. >> i am here because you speak the truth. kennedy: and i show bat signals, he is here, top cal -- topical m is next. stay with us. chugga-chugga, charles! my man!
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kennedy: some san francisco fishermen caught a great white shark off of coast of alcatraz, this dragged their boat for two miles they never had a great white shark in alcatraz, but a few loan sharks. >> we begin in great commonwealth of virginia. calendar said summer but it feels like fall. yeah. this is why you always tip the valet. you never know where he might park. a 20 feet sinkhole, that was my college nickname.
9:53 pm
got the munchy, ate the whole minivan. owners understood, if anyone knows about giving up it people who buy minivans. 2 million people watched footage of the family falling truck st ster. it is nice to see someone -- >> topic 2. scotland. a lost horse got help. yeah, this -- so cute. on a farm, a dog grabbed on to his lead, they call him rocco the sausage dog, he likes to lead lost animals to the local butcher shop, that not true, rocco is a hero, this horse is very much alive, i am sorry to say our head writer would suggest something to depraved,
9:54 pm
dogs love you unconditionally, 365 days a year. cats dream of killing you, eating your chubby face. topic three. new dad not kidding he told his kid, it was my way or the highway. new york state police stop an unidentified map for speeding in a -- unidentified man for speeding in a marijuana found 179. >> he had a toddler riding shotgun when they popped him. you would not expect anyone with this much we'd to b weed to be , cops knew anything was up when the 9 month old's first words were taco bell. he got out on bail, and his minivan back and a fantastic
9:55 pm
parking spot outside of jail. topic 4. washington dc might be enveloped in controversies. but tourism is still skyrocketing. this saturday, marks 50th anniversary of apollo 11 month landing this is a sneak -- moon landing this say speak preview of tribute at washington man yo. 50 years since armstrong and aldrin, here we are. i know that moon landing is real, i worked on -- mtv,. >> we salute you, thank you forgives us one day where state of florida was not in the news for eating each other's faces or
9:56 pm
making sweet love to a hot pocket. >> it is real. we'll be right back.
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unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? kennedy: thank you so much for watching the best hour of your day, tomorrow we're lacing up the gloves, but. -- former supreme court justice
10:00 pm
john paul has passed, he tied peacefully in florida, justice john paul stevens may he rest in peace. >> i am greg jare gregg jarrettu dobbs. secures border president trump's crackdown on asylum claims going to effect today. >> plus another blunder for uncle joe, former radical dim vice president, making same false healthcare promises made by president obama. president trump today saying he will look into the possible connection between google and the communist chinese government, coming


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