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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 17, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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a reminder louis back on monday. our guest include harmeet dhillon and some others, i'm gregg jarrett. thanks for joining us. trish: the president holding a rally in greenville, north carolina. the president not holding back on the squad. president trump: these left-wing ideologues see our nation as a force of evil. trish: andy biggs is sounding off. i think he agrees with the president. there seems a chill between speaker nancy pelosi and the so-called squad. wait until you hear the warning one squad member seems to be
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giving nancy pelosi. wait until you see when this jet came too close to some tourists. president trump coming out swinging against the so-called squad. just days after saying the four, all minorities which has caused some of this to come into question. he said they need to go back to where they came from. president trump: but these left-wing ideologue see our nation as a force of evil. the way they speak so badly of our country. they want to demolish our constitution. omar minimized the september 11 attacks on our homeland saying some people did something. her colleague, representative
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rashida tlaib agreed with omar's characterization of 9/11. representative representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. check out her scores with her new green new deal. the green new deal. where did that come from? trish: this after the house passed a resolution condemning the president's comments as quote racist. six lawmakers chose not to vote either way on that resolution. when monday them andy biggs. you chose not to participate, sir, why? >> i was on a plane coming back with a two-hour mechanical delay in dallas and couldn't make it back in time. trish: you were otherwise indispod. how would you have voted? >> i would have voted no.
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you kn support that kind of resolution. the president of the united states made a legitimate comment about people who don't like this country who make statement that they don't like the country. they made a statement about it. the resolution was so biased in nature, the speaker herself couldn't read the title of that resolution authorize could she read the resolution on the floor because it violated the rules of the house. trish: let's call a spade a spade. it wasn't a these thing for the president to say. he doesn't like what they are saying. but they have 0 right to say it. they grew up here and they were elected here, and they are trying to make a difference in a way they see right. they have a right to do that.
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you may not like it. but did he really have to tweet that? >> you know this president. it's all baked in. he's going to say what's on his mind. you are right when you say they have a right to say it. they absolutely have a right to say it. but when you have a right to speech like that, you have a responsibility and are accountable for what you say as well. trish: they are puddly congress women. they are not even congress women of nitature because they just got there. but now everybody is talking about them. i pick up my financial times and aoc is above the fold. i don't think they deserve this kind of ink, which gets me to my next question. i think he deliberately did this. i think it's a huge gamble, because there are a lot of
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people who will say i don't like his rhetoric. he did it because he does want those women elevated. because they are socialists and they are anti-semitic and they express over and over again their disdain for u.s. policy. if you are him and you are gaming this out, and i think he is gaming it out because i think he's very smart about this stuff and it's not entirely done in a vacuum. then you make them the people that the democratic party has to rally around. if the democratic party is supporting them, then the democratic party is harder to beat. >> i agree with that 100%.
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when i talk to my colleagues, we are of the same mind. the president threw a bait out and the democrats immediately took the bait. these four people just a week and a half ago, they were calling nancy pelosi racist. they will call anybody a racist who disagree with their political position. he had to though that was going to happen. number two, what you have going on here is that democrats were too afraid to even label any of them anti-semitic in the resolution they took to the floor several months back. so we know what's going on here with regard to the democrats. we know they will rally round. but these are the most of radical of the democrats. and that helps this president because they are out there, they are socialist, they don't seem to like the country, they what open borders it appears.
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the democrats have staked out a position that's wildly cratey on oh borings versus pro-life. he's exposing it. trish: i didn't like the tweet and i willer in like the tweet. but i admire his political instincts in some ways for being gutsy, and i said back in 015, do not count him out, when everybody was counting him out. i think he has his finger on the pulse of how americans feel when it comes to some of the socialism versus capitalism issues, or the anti-accept tim that espouse from these women. or i hate to say hate for america, but certainly lousy receipt rub when it comes to american policies. that aside, congressmen, how do
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you agree, we are still safe, we are making progress internationally. how much of that is going to trump, no pun intended, some of the receipt rub from the twitter account? >> i think it's going to overcome all of the twitter accounts that people might be offended by. an example is this rally going on tonight. this president has a way to connect with the american people like i don't know i have seen too many public figures in the last 100 years that have been able to connect with a group of people the way this president does. he has so much to back him up. the things you just talked about. also don't forget the pro-life issues and interest thanksal prestige. people if they don't respect us at least they fear us again which is a form of respect. he's trying to bring the border
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under control. here is a president who is a person of action. and i look at it and say, he's going to will out in the end. >> difficult times. i'm glad our economy is doing well and the market is doing well. a live look at greenville, north carolina where the president is holding a make america great rally. he's sounding off on the squad. and we are bringing that live to you coming up. take a look at this hair raising video. the plane coming within feet of peck day tores there. can you imagine being one of those people on the beach? democrat al green introduction a
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resolution to impeach president trump. this hearing has nothing to do with the mueller hearing. this is about bigotry and racism. trish: first it was collusion. then it was obstruction, now it's bigotry and racism. we are setting the record straight on the left's desperate attempts to take down this president. they keep trying but keep failing. the squad renewing their feud with nancy pelosi. >> from day one i truly believe he committed impeachable offenses. >> even if you believe that, you called him -- >> i didn't do that on the house floor. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills.
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>> are you speaking to nancy pelosi? >> our teams are -- >> shouldn't it be face to face. >> she is the speaker basketball, we are the new members. >> she is speaker of the house. she can ask for a meeting to sit down with us for clarification. >> i have been racial justice
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working in our country for a long time. when you single us out be aware of what you are doing especially because some of us are getting death threats. trish: pointed words directed straight at nancy pelosi. one of the members of the so-called squad getting a little personal. sharp elbows. yet they are all insist there is no quote fundamental fracture between the floor and the speaker. joining us, robert, what's going on with the democrats right now? nancy kind of took aim at them. they got aimed at by the president. then nancy defended them. then they came on national television to game at nancy.
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>> this is no different than the growing pains people go through. if you look at the republican revolution and the mid 90s you thought similar things. this is a growing issue where you have a new unyou are gent group of people in their 20s and 30s, and you have the stall warts of the party who are not ready to hand the baton. you have people in the in their 60s and 70s. trish: shouldn't they just go home, saying i am not being racist. >> you have a generational divide within the party. if politics is a question of who gets what when where and how -- trish: it's not necessarily about age. you can be a young democrat and
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hold ideals that are traditional democratic values. these women are full-on socialists is posing anti-semitic comments. nan, hayworth? they seem to blame america for even venezuela's problem. >> robert is right. there is an analogy between the tea party energy we had in 2010 and we had a bloc of members who could stand in the way of legislating. this house is a majority. i think it's analogous. but i get the sense with the squad that they are radically different from their more
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centrist swing district majority makers. trish: my theory is the president sent that tweet quite deliberately because he wants them to be the face of the party. are you willing to embrace these four women as the democratic party you group in and love. >> hell, no. they represent very safe liberal districts. they do not include people from red states. they represent a separate set of values that deserves a voice in the national discussion. this idea that somehow there is an overarching voice for the party. the democratic party is a big tent. there are freedom all ages, all
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religious backgrounds involved in the democratic party. so you will have growing pains bringing those people together. the same way a decade ago the tea party -- trish: time is running out. you have got to figure it out before people go to the voting booth. otherwise i think, nan, if the election were held two weeks from now, given the economy where it is and market where it is, and foreign policy where it is, he would win. i think when the president compels peaker pelosi to embrace or defend members, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with their identities and their gender orette like background or whether they are naturalized or natural-born mayor dance, it has to do with their philosophy of government. they are portraying an important
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situation at our border that encourages hysteria, that is counter productive. what the president is fundamentally saying, we need all shoulders to the wheel. top the extent nancy pelosi has to defend members who are their fartherrest from the wheel. trish: it puts the ball in his court because then the whole democratic party, nancy pelosi included, looks like they are all about socialism. robert, good to see you. the liberal media loves to paint the president as a racist, as a white nationalists, they can't stop. >> the president of the united states is a racist. >> if he did a blind test on the tweeter feed, you couldn't tell the difference between the
8:21 pm
twitter feed of the president of the united states and a radical racist white supremacist. trish: wait until you hear while one liberal outlet is calling actor chris pratt a white nationalist. sources tell me iran does not want a deal with america. reaction from retired four-star general, jack keane, all coming up.bu with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? dto experiencer gthe luxury you desire on a full line of utility vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $389 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing.
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trish: iranian sources indicating to me that iran's leadership isn't interested in any real talks with the u.s. they may prefer to wait. they may be purposely stalling. the regime wants to wait to see if president trump wins the white house again. they don't think he'll.
8:26 pm
we'll just wait. and once the democrat comes in they will renew the deal we struck with obama and all will be well again in the world. only problem with that is i don't think a democrat is necessarily going to win in 2020. if i were iran i would not be betting on that strategy. if they did do a deal they like with president trump, then that deal would probably stick. i just want to point out, if you see the screen flashing behind me, there is a big lightning storm passing through in new york city. and that's my background on 6th avenue so you will see a few bolts of lightning in the mix. there is still no word on that missing uae-based tanker. iran denying they seized it. they are saying they rescue offed it and are repairing it.
8:27 pm
iranians, they don't make any sense. they are schizophrenic. no wonder we threw out the darn deal. general keane, they say we rescued it, but we didn't do thinking to the ship. they say we want to negotiate but no we don't want to negotiate. what's the deal with these guys? >> i have never seen the iranians so much off their game. this strategic offensive campaign the president has been executing has put these guys back on their heels, not just economically. but strategic seal, and judgment-wise. the first thing is they sabotaged six oil tankers, a page out of the 1980s. they get caught at it because of
8:28 pm
modern surveillance we have today. and that takes that whole game plan off the stage. a tactical commander another down an mayor can drone without authorization from their leadership. if they had any evidence it was in their air space they would show us. >> it looks like maybe my 6-year-old cite. but they did have a map. >> that's not evidence. the president doesn't respond in kind. a net for him because the iranians try to retaliate with a british warship and they fail. we have the foreign minister in new york city saying let's talk about ballistic missiles. and within 36 hours he changes
8:29 pm
his find about it. >> the whole changing the mind thing i find very odd. i have heard through my channels and my sources, very difference mess averages. i am thinking can't we just cut through all that? the president said over and over again, i'm here, i'm waiting, i'll take a phone call, i'm waiting. he indicated he's willing to come to the table, but they are so schizophrenic they can't get out of their own way? >> for 39 years they have been very persistent. they are as determined as ever. but clear not thinking the way they have in the past. they are truly in trouble in a way they have never been. getting back to your initial points. the iranians are they going to
8:30 pm
wait out president trump in this election? that's 16 months, 16 months of what has been happening for the last 15 months is staggeringly long time in terms of the impact. there is new reports out today that inflation is actually worse than what we thought it is. we are thinking it's 37% to 40%. in some cases it's way above 50% and close to 100% in' items. trish: the regime may not be able to survive. the president said i'm not interested in regime change. i'm willing to sit down with you. 16 month could be pretty bad in the scheme of things. >> it's a long period of time given the impact these sanctions
8:31 pm
have. this campaign that the president has, stick with it. be patient, don't overreact to the iranians, not on to their receipt rk for sure -- and they haven't exhausted all their options. they are not attacking u.s. bases, u.s. troops that obviously is an option. they know it's going to get a response. they are calculating all these options. but i do think at some point because of what is happening at home, they will come to the table. because they really will not haven't of an alternative to do so. trish: i think you are right. for the president to stay the course. coming up on tonight's lightning round, we have stephanie hamill here. find out why police are forced
8:32 pm
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i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star. trish: president trump's 2020 elect campaign off to a roaring tart. he wasser bit himself not holding back against anyone, including a member of the crowd who got a little out of hand. and not holding back against the so-called squad of four far left freshmen democrats. president trump: representative omar, representative rashida
8:37 pm
tlaib, representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. representative ayanna pressley. their communities are helping to fuel the rise of a dangerous, militant hard left. but that's okay because we are going to win this election like nobody has ever seen before. trish: he was in rare form. he usually is at those rallies. charlie, your reaction to what you saw tonight? >> i think it's a brilliant political move. he's framing the terms of the presidential election 2020 himself versus the squad. what's so amazing is the last 48-72 hours. we haven't been talking about joe biden or other potential nominees. we are talking about four freshmen radical democrats who are dominating the airwaves.
8:38 pm
that's not good for the democrats at all. they are so far out of the mainstream conversation. the president is right to frame the debate pro america versus whatever they are advocating. trish: i saw the tweet, full disclosure, it was a weird thing to say. the president of the united states telling these people to go home. i thought why do this right now? the democratic party is splintered already. then i thought about it some more. people think he does everything -- he shoots straight from the hip. and he does. but it's still thought through. and if you are playing chess here instead of checkers. think about what it means to then elevate these women, to elevate them when they espouse these views on socialism and
8:39 pm
anti-semitism, sort of radical rhetoric. now, you force nancy pelosi and joe biden and everybody else in the party to defend them. and suddenly you have remade the look and the tenor, if you would, of the democratic party. so my thinking is it was very deliberate, very strategic and will actually help him. but a big gamble, nonetheless. your thoughts, rachel? >> i think it is a brilliant political move. but i would argue he's not changing the face of the democrat party. these women are the face of the democrat party. the things they have been saying about our country and law enforcement are things we have never seen members of come say south out loud before. what donald trump is saying and doing, he's forcing them to
8:40 pm
repudiate what they are saying and put the women -- separate their comments from their party, or he's going to make them pay a political price. but donald trump is brilliant in that he understands culture matters more than politics. regular americans living in red state america and in places that aren't the liberal left coast or the beltway liberals. they don't feel comfortable about what is being said about our country. what is being done to our flag. what is being said about law enforcement. and these bigger cultural questions about who we are as americans. does citizenship matter? does rule of law matter? all these questions immigration is bring together forefront. donald trump is reflecting the conversation he's producing it forward and asking us to take a position on it. and i'm telling you he's going to win with these issues.
8:41 pm
the left wikimedia and the democrats in hollywood are totally out of step on this one. trish: charlie does he win on this? >> he wins on this and he'll win in 2020. he elevated the radicals. he knew exactly what he was going to do and he was waiting to use it at the right time. he said i'm going to elevate them now. now the democrat party is forced to treat them as heroes. trish: just as nancy pelosi was starting to get annoyed with them, now she is going to back them up. coming up, one of the greatest or most of annoying songs depending on your view. ♪ trish: i kind of like it. find out why this song is on repeat at one florida town.
8:42 pm
congressman michael walsh is here and he's going to tell us just exactly why it's time for democrats to move on from impeachment talks. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere. but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits.
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president trump: the united states house of representatives has overwhelmingly voted to kill the most of ridiculous project i have ever been involved in, the resolution -- how stupid is that -- on impeachment. trish: the house voting to kill articles of impeachment offered by texas representative al green. he's at a rally in greenville. this is the first official impeachment vote since the democrats took over the majority. when are they going to realize their constituents want them to actually do something. they were sent to govern the american people and focus on the issues. joining me is florida
8:47 pm
congressman michael waltz. i don't think i could do your job. i would get so tired of it. everything is through this political lens. what about this meaningful immigration reform everybody supposedly wanted until the president is out there saying he wants effort put into it. now they are they don't want it. everything boils down to politics. and the democrats, i think it's going to cost them. >> i certainly share your frustration. one of the reasons i ran for office after 23 years in the army and running my own business is i thought i could bring those skills to the table. and i don't think what is coming out of washington is worthy of the soldiers we lost and those sitting overseas. but we can't give up.
8:48 pm
higher is what us so frustrating. we have 7 legislative days, now 6, to get at any one of those issues, immigration reform, infrastructure, we have a debt ceiling coming up. we are going to have a government shutdown because all of the appropriations aren't finished. you name it issue we are not dealing with because we have spent the day dealing with tweets and today dealing with this ridiculous impeachment proceeding. trish: isn't that just because -- my thinking on this is they hate him so much that they don't actually want to see anything good happen to the country or for people right now because he might be able to take credit for that. and god help them if he takes credit for anything. >> that's absolutely true.
8:49 pm
nancy pelosi and the democrats are not sitting down and compromising and saying how can we craft a bill that will pass the house, then get through the republican senate that the president will be willing to sign? they are not taking the approach of let's take 50-60 percent now. they are simply passing bills that are good for them politically. it's enormously frustrating. it's a shame. it's not worthy of the floridians i represent other american military all over the world defending this great nation. it's sad. that said, we are getting some basics done. i have been able to get legislation through to help gold star families. i think we'll see a new branch of the military, the space force which is vital for our economy. to protect our assets in space.
8:50 pm
the border crave is that's growing day after day -- trish: it' low-hanging fruit. in the past people talked about wanting meaningful immigration reform. he still wants it. he wants to welcome people here who want to embrace our values and want to come in the door the right way, yet nothing is happening. kid don't even have beds in these detention facilities. >> to that point, the $4 billion we finally got through the house of representatives, the republicans asked 17 times to bring that to the floor and she refused because it would represent a victory for the president. it was just hugh man tearian assistance. but when we want to score political points over tweets, it comes to the floor in 24 hours.
8:51 pm
trish: the media was totally complicit in that shift. you had all these anchors on cnn and msnbc saying there is no humanitarian crisis, this is all made up. but once nancy pelosi said we have got to do this, they all fell in line and said yes there is a humanitarian crisis. >> we are seeing every day, and the american people are seeing it of where they want to take this country. particularly the extreme left. i think what the president is so incensed about and many of us are frankly nervous, is that, you know, there are always things we can improve in this country. we can always move forward. but the extreme left thinks america is at its base a bad place and a bad country that need to be fundamentally changed. trish: congressman waltz, thank
8:52 pm
you for all you have done. coming up, a british airways plane making an unbelievable landing. one florida town is playing baby shark on repeat. i likest it. like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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8:56 pm
joining me, daily caller, stephanie hammel. likening chris pratt to a -- after wearing a t-shirt with the american flag and a snake on it, with particular, don't tread on me. i guess people don't know their history? >> the outrage mob need to find something to be outraged about. otherwise they are not happy, this is amazing, think about it, there is no raryba racial elemes came to prominence during revolutionarevolutionary warrio.
8:57 pm
people are -- war, they are triggered, they have taken esh witissuewith him before, becausy don't know that he likes hunting. trish: the 13 parts on the make, the 13 parts, that stands for 13 original colonies. >> british airways with a low landing. they barely miss. people are taking selfies, i would be ducking for cover. nobody has seen warnings about dangerous things that can happen. pretty unbelievable video. >> it is unbelievable that people would go set themselves up to get selfie that video, it seems dangerous.
8:58 pm
the greek airport is nope for it. the plane going through that howlanding normally happens, you read article some people sitting there said, they were pushed out was way. you know, a very frightening moment, the video is incredible, i would not do it. trish: not just a good idea, officials west palm beach think they found key to keep homeless away propopular, moneymaking place used to host events they play baby shark on a loop. through speakers, all night lo long. listen ♪ mommy shark ♪ >> daddy shar ♪ >> you know what, i guess this what it takes to keep homeless away, keep playing that song, i guess for a lot people is annoying, over and over on a loop. >> i actually like this song, i ice it on my instagram stories,
8:59 pm
some people call it psychological warfare. it makes you laugh, but you think of issue, and the homelessness problem, they are trying to you know get people out of there with just music, that is not going to fix the issue, but it made my laugh, but have to have concern. talking human being. trish: okay, i do like the song. >> check out this pair of penguins caught breaking into a sushi truck. they just want to eat. police apprehended the birds but they returned rater in the day, they -- later in the day, they knew there was fish. >> can you imagine them waddling them coming in for a second time, they have good taste, this had a happy ending, police worked with some of the animal groups there, they returned penguins to sea, hopefully they took them far away.
9:00 pm
trish: good to see you. >> you too. trish: we have a big show for you tomorrow night, good night, kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you. president is holding a make america great rally in north carolina. president back playing offense, took fight directly to the squad. he claims he is winning the battle. guess what, poll numbers are improving. that is real. moments ago president wrapping up that speech to the maga crowd, is -- i say maggarc, some people say maga, what do you say? greenville, north carolina, big time trump country, earlier he unloaded on four freshmen


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