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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 17, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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anthony scaramucci, and molly hemingway, i will be. good night to you. . gregg: good evening, i am gregg jarrett, sitting in for the vacatiovacationing lou dobbs. more harassment of trump administration, nancy pelosi and radical house dimms votes to hold wilbur ross in criminal contempt over the census citizenship question.
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>> president trump is in greenville, north carolina, he is preparing to address the waiting capacity there at williams alina, president's supporters undeterred by 90 degree heat could lining up outside since 4:00 a.m. this morning. reporter: good evening to you from campus of east carolina university. president trump getting ready to come out on stage, vice president pence getting ready to up there -- introduce him. his daughter-in-law lara trump on stage about an hour ago, saying this is a must-win state for president. we go to a tweet earlier, he mentioned the economy, he said big rally in greenville, north carolina. a loot of great things to tell you about, including the fact thatture economy is the best has
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been, best employment and stock market numbers offer. i will talk about people who love and hate our country, mostly love, 7 p.m. gregg 181,000 jobs is how many jobs the president has created in north carolina. you see him coming off air force one. vice president pence hitting the stage in a few to infro intro ts boss. gregg: thank you david. >> president trump honoring one of america's greatest freedoms in the oval office today before leaving for north carolina, he met with survivors of religious persecution from 17 countries, president reaffirming his commitment to religious liberty and highlights stark contrast between his administration and radical left.
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this afternoon, ilan omar introducing resolution to declare support for anti-israel movement, also telling cbs this morning, she will not apologize for her anti-semitic remarks. >> you don't regret your words. >> i do not, i have gotten the -- i am grateful for the opportunity to really learn how my words made people feel. gregg: this seems to play into the hands of president trump. look at this, a reuters poll finds that president's net approval among republican voters rising by 5 percentage points to 72%. rasmussen daily tracking poll overall approval jumps 4 points since monday. to 50%, president atributing his rise in polls to radical left disloyalty to america.
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what about that, joining me, former reagan white house political director, and fox business analyst, ed rollins, what do you think of the polls? >> they are accurate. public seeing the other side at its work, and not the mostar -- most artic let spokesperson. gregg: another part of rasmussen poll, found this, i was blown away. 32% of democrats think that if a white politician criticizes a person of color for any reason at all, even if it is a matter of policy, i disagree with your
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tax policies or your he'll -- health policy could you are automatically a racist, 32% of democrats, in other words you could never disagree with any person of color over any issue. >> this shows the ridiculousness of this. what you are failing to do with this dialogue of racist, you are forgetting the real racists there are some, they are not donald trump, they are not most republicans or democrats, you go back to donald trump history, people have supported him bike jesse jackson, don king, the great boxing photo, all thought he was a great man, they have worked with him in the past. they would not have worked with him if he was a racist, he is not a racist, he is a president ho has moved this country in a positive direction. gregg: mea media complicit in t,
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a couple of days ago i flipped to cnn, a morning show, it is supposed to be a news show, anchor repeatedly referred to president's tweets as racist, not alleged or racially charged or anything like that or perceived by some to be, no she declared it, repeatedly as racist. >> if it is on cnn or msnbc it has to be right, that is why they have low ratings. we're in a polarized situation, i spend an hour every day watching nb,c to get my blood pressure up. no, the dialogue is we don't know if they do it 4 years or 8 years when trump is out of office, that is ridiculous. as opposed to saying this say
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group that will do this and that. >> media, they will indict president because michael cohen pled guilty to 2 non-crimes. >> at end was day the more exposure the people get, these radicals, as far as i'm concerned two members are cabinet could take the whole cab at thcabinet, if you want to pul them all in a tent find do, a group vote. >> by the time that is fully litigated, i'll be in a nursing home. >> i am still waiting for eric holder who was held in contempt to get his day in court. gregg: you cite the perfect example. >> california "quinnipiac poll" has kamala harris on top, and joe biden seems to be deflating
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like a 10 day old balloon. >> it takes some time for a poll to set in, reality, i have always assumed harris would win there, it is her home state. she has won 4 election shin elee there in the past, the deal is biden is bleeding badly, at the end was day, he has hired a debate coach,. gregg: many people regard joe biden as lost his edge. but that assumes he ever had an edge. >> right. gregg: that is a debatable proposition. >> he got one go that was president obama. gregg: all he needed. >> right. gregg: the money differential between republicans and democrats, president and democratic presidential candidates is stark, president more than 100,000 raised.
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is the problem with democracy, who by the way are now spending more than they are taking in, which is how they run government. >> right. gregg: is that because the field is so crowded. >> partly, i think end was day, president when he ran last campaign put a lot of his open money in it, this time a full-scale operation, a lot of people wanted to contribute, they are. republican national committee, a tremendous fund raising effort, now they have to make sure they spend the money well, i am sure they will. democrats, whoever is nominee will have sufficient to run, but not more than trump. gregg: we'll come back full circle, clip of representative omar who refused to apologize for her comments that were perceived by many to be anti-semitic, what about that? >> she is note going to -- she is not going to learn, here reality circumstance he thinks she is -- her reality is, she
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thinks she is right, she is not. she was a sympathetic story when she got alleged aelected, now tl have more serious challenges. gregg: an early birthday present for president trump when nancy pelosi did her resolution to you know hold in contempt or critical for racist tweets. because among republicans, that did inspired home. >> it shows you what opposition is all about and reality is, it is so ridiculous, vote today on resolution, that i impeach him without charges. excuse me. he will get stronger, people will measure him on not just words and tweets but on what he has done for the country.
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rebuilt the military, a huge economy, and americans are being respected in the world again. gregg: pretty good, they will impeach him over his tweets. i will send you a copy of federalist papers, ed rollins. >> my pleasure. gregg: coming up next. crackdown on illegal immigration, leaves door open for cartels to snuggle deadly -- smuggle deadly drugs across border. >> expef evidence of dirties dor >> expef evidence of dirties dor coming to my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company,
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gregg: there is a new poll out showing growing frustration among mexicans over illegal immigrants passing through mexico to get to u.s. 64% of mexicans say that illegals are a burden on their country, saying they take jobs and benefits away that should belong to mexicans, 55 percent of those poll support deporting illegal immigrants who travel through mexico to reach the united states back to their home countries. gregg: drugs from mexican
10:16 pm
cartels are pouring in to our country as borde bored agents he been moved off border to focus on humanitarian aid. several border patrol highway checkpoints, shut down because the agents are having to help apprehend, process, care for, illegals arriving at border. one texas sheriff said that price of illegal drugs like methamphetamine has dropped because the market saturated from the drugs of the cartels. >> joining me to talk about it jason jones, retired captain from texas department of public safeties intelligence and counterterrorism division, jason, does that sound about right. >> good to be with you. gregg: a flood of cheap meth into u.s. because of the cascade of illegals trying to pour into the nation and succeeding. >> absolutely, what is happening this humanitarian crisis has
10:17 pm
caused operational crisis at southern border, specifically in area of new mexico, we had three things, first governor of new mexico in february, she pulled her national guards soldier off of the border. around march, because of the humanitarian effort that was taking place in el paso, border patrol was required to pull their agents out of interior checkpoints for folks they are about between miles inside of united states then as people continue to cross into united states, between the ports in the area there, they had to pull out all border control with exception of a very few, we have opened up that corridor, as a result, we have seen large numbers of control subsans like fen knoll -- fentanyl, methamphetamine and cocaine. you call it a crisis, democrats
10:18 pm
say it not, i don't understand. >> it is, this is fixable too. that is the thing. we need to see is fbi, dea, and dod, doing the same thing, we need the executive leaders of those organization to go down and help -- hold the line. gregg: president has been doing best he can given limitations of inact by congress. he is instituted new asylum ru rule. is that a good stard? >> a great start. he did that and the mexican government get them to hold their southern line. using their military, i can tell you on our southwest border in south texas we've seen a huge increase in last 3 weeks of military soldiers working that border, we never saw that
10:19 pm
before, along with actually helicopters and boats on the water. i have been working that border since 1998, and i never seen boats on water of, this a huge improvement as a result of the great work of our president. gregg: i mentioned poll of mexicans, majority saying, we don't like this, people from central america, pour in additioing in inaddition to our. they should be deported, that consent i was mexican people -- consensus of mexican people, you hear that and you ju juxtapose t is the democratic candidates, who say it is a bad idea you are heartless erases, or racist or . >> this is a shame, we have real challenges at the southwest
10:20 pm
border, this is not new, we've been dealing with this for decades, it is time to come to the table and address the operational problems, and how it is not just affects mexico but american people and taxpayer, we've been dealing with burden for a long time, in texas for example, we spent 2.2 billion on border security initiatives, mexico is dealing with violence which south of control, they had to deal with thousands of people pouring through their trying to get to united states so it affecting everything in mexico as well, the violence, 17,000 murders just first 6 months in mexico. gregg: right. >> that is a lot. gregg: to hear media talk you would think that these recent i.c.e. raids, which actually end up deports like maybe less than 1%. are horrible, and un-american. and yet, politico poll shows
10:21 pm
that majority of americans support those i.c.e. raids, would you characterize them so far even those they are a small number, they are many of them are suspected ser serious crimi, would you say it has been a success? >> i don't know if we would say success yet, it is still too early on, truth is we just call them raids, they know how to do this professionally and safely, we need to get them back in work, and get out there and do this every day, not just you know, when seems most appropriate. we have hundreds of thousands of people that could be deported right now, that part of our laws we need do that. gregg: these people were subject to a decision by a court, a jorder -- a judge orders to be deported, a great many of them, were suspected if not convinced
10:22 pm
criminals involving se serious crimes like a.m., suspected murder -- like rape, and suspected murder and kidnappings, so hard to understand how some people in america, believe they should stay here, jaeson jones thank you. >> thank you. gregg: shocking new numbers revealing scale of the opioid epidemic in america. 76 billion pain pills were distributed to patients. federal data shows, opioid epidemic resulted in00 -- hundred thousand deaths in the e period. >> we like to to hear your
10:23 pm
thoughts on this, share your comments and follow lou on twitter @loudobbs, and follow him on facebook. >> coming up next, president trump just taken the stage in greenville, north carolina, addressing the capacity crowd at williams arena, we'll have that and more after these quick messages. ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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gregg: iran's foreign minister is backtracking over comments his country ballistic missile program could be on negotiating table with u.s. turkey also upset over administration's decision to cancel the sale of world's most advance fighter jets, state department correspondent rich edson with those details. reporter: the united states warned turkey it can buy these russian missiles or these american jets. turkey chose the missiles, white house said quote, turkey san diego to purchase russian
10:28 pm
circumstance 400 air defense systems renders continued involvement with if 35 impossible -- f35, the if 35 cannot coexist with russian intelligence platform. >> turkey can not field a russian intelligence collection platform. >> president trump blames obama administration for refusing to sell turkey american patriot missiles. >> a tour -- tough situation that they are in. reporter: trump administration failed to secure a patriot missile deal with turkey, u.s. rejected a turkey demand, state department said that u.s. is considering sanctions again turkey, and turkey denies that purchase exposed f35 technology and also concerns that u.s. antion coulanoption could comp s could complicate a turbulent relationship. >> there is no reason to create needless tension.
10:29 pm
reporter: more tention, a tanker based in united arab emirates has been missing. leading to suspicion that iran seized that tanker, and iran's foreign minister suggested that iran would be willing to begin negotiation on missile program if u.s. halted weapon sales to american allies in the region. this week iran floated negotiation with u.s., but attaching unrealistic conditions. >> turkey foreign ministry responding to announcement, inviting united states to correct the mistake. before it causes irrespectable damage to their strategic relationship. >> thank you. gregg: joining me to talk about this fox "business national" security foreign policy analyst dr. walid phares, thank you for
10:30 pm
joining us, what would have happen in president trump not withdrawn from the iran deal. >> what was happening, and last years of administration, idea -- obama administration on surface the iran biel wa was great, and withdrawing was a bad idea, reality deal was a bad idea. the iran deal impowered iran. withdrawing, on surface it is a bad deal. that allow us to have a system in pressures iran in bringing this coalition in region, and then iranians are facing the difficult decision should they come back to table of negotiating or continue with bad bbehalfiorbehavior.
10:31 pm
gregg: other part i never quite understand, giving them billions of dollars, this deal had a sunset provision, by 2025 they could start issca -- escalating the enrichment of the uranium. >> the jean jows o. >> they convinced administration they would freeze for a while, but they got in return enough money, they got antiaircraft missiles, missiles, tanks and they spread their militia across the region, that is not a good deal. gregg: president trump has alluded to negotiations, listen to sound bite. i'll get your reaction.
10:32 pm
>> we want to help them, we'll be good to them, we'll work with them. we'll help them in anyway we can. but they can't have a nuclear weapon, we're not looking for a regime change, some people say we're looking for a regime change, we're not. >> all right, so dr. waleed wald faares. maybe a deal is discussed what should teal look like? >> i think art of the president is that he disarms their argument before they come to the table, they look bad. it telling home, you can't have missiles or that but we'll discuss the matters with you. their reaction now, if we can't have missiles or what we want why would we come to table of numbernegotiation, they look bad at-this-point, the idea of invites them is good, on
10:33 pm
political level, but we're doing underring thi administration pug enough pressure on ground, to render their position strategically untenable. gregg: dr. waleed faares thank you. >> thank you. gregg: a new study, that social media use is linked to bepreg, bedepression. instagram was seen as most harmful of all. researchers say photo sharing platform exposes teens to images making them feel insecure. gregg: up next, a new report shows how much of dossier was found unverified by the fbi. stay with us. [ dogs barking ]
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>> i just heard that the united states house of representatives has ow overwhelming overwhelminl the most ridiculous project i have been involved in. the resolution, how stupe cid, s that, on impeachment.
10:38 pm
gregg: it so dumb not worth explaining in more harassment from radical dimms, house voting to hold attorney general william barr and secretary ross in criminal contempt of congress. the vote wa -- with all republis voting against contempt, white house calls the vote ridiculous, a lawless attempt to harass the president. >> all right, details, surfacing about an fbi spread sheet that kept track of steele dossier claims, the hills john sullivan reporting, about 90%, are wrong or nonverifiable or things that an intern could find off of the internet, that did not stop the fbi from using the dossier.
10:39 pm
joining me to talk about it victoria tins ing and joe digenova. founding partners of digenova and tensing law firm, what do you make of that story by john. we know that fbi had been warned that dossier was phony, but they knew it themselves this appears to be proof, a spreadsheet, they claim they never had. >> have you told mainstream media, embarrassing "washington post" came out saying that chris steele is credible, that will undermine the trump fury that the investigation is played.
10:40 pm
the reporters don't understand that does not matter who th -- f the person is credible, it matters who they got that information from, the person that told steele someone much in practicinprague, they did not tt right. or there was a sex tape regarding the president, they did not get it right, i think thasteele said i told those guy. >> joe, problem is he stuck with his prior testimony on civil lawsuit, in great britain he said, well this is really unverifiable it is based on raw intelligence and limited intelligence, "washington post" i'm sure got it wrong, they were essentially saying that steele is credible, therefore that equals dossier is credible that
10:41 pm
is a ridiculous leap. >> well, the most important thing about the spreadsheet it proves conclusively that bureau knew before it ever filed first fisa warrant, they could not verify it they told fisa court 4 times they viewe verified that information in application for wiretap on carter page, that was a lie, those 4 applications, constituted crimes. and everybody involved in that process, senior levels of fbi, and senior levels of justice department, knew that. and we are told that there were justice department officials who were very concerned about it but not one of them stepped up and stopped the fielding of -- filing of the 4 fisa warrant application, there were crimes committed just there and many others as well. gregg: and keep in mind, i would ask mueller this question on
10:42 pm
wednesday, assuming he testifies. but i would say, wait, the fourth fisa warrant application happened on your watch, yours and rod rosenstein's watch, rod rosenstein signed off on it june 2017 fisa warrant. are you were on this? were you submitting an unverified application, on top it said verified? >> yeah. well, we have few more questions too for mueller. he can answer process questionsis -- did you know andrew weisman when head of fraud section told he was briefed on dossier it would have been a conflict for him to be on your staff. and told that weisman told journalist thats do dossier was fine and dandy, it would have ban a conflict. we have a lot of though questions for him that are not
10:43 pm
about the investigation but about process. gregg: yeah. ask you about michael cohen, we learned from a judge, this there are not going to be any criminal indictments related to campaign finance and the money that so-called hush money that was paid, i have to assume, because, paying money for a nondisclosure agreement is not a crime, but prosecutor in new york convinced cohen to cop a plea to a noncrime. >> the plea deal with cohen was a fraud, they knew that is was not a crime, president said, let's have a settlement pay it that is legal what president instructed him attorney to do. but what fascinating, you recall right after that guilty plea, prosecutor went out, held a big news conferencing, and said that nobody was above the law. and someone on the fox network,
10:44 pm
i think a former judge, said that it proved conclusively that president was an unindict the coconspcon-- it proved that news conference was a disgrace, it never should have happened, bill barr told them, if you are going to continue to to stuff like this, you better have proof, they have not done or said a thing since bill barr has become attorney general. gregg: you know victoria, i am skeptical that mueller is actually going to testify. i think why jerry nadler regrets deeply, he subpoenaed him, mueller does not fear democrats. >> i agree with you.
10:45 pm
that republicans sure have the better deal of fantastic questioning. sometimes they are not so good at it, they don't follow through, you know. republicans are not as tough as they should be. but i think that mark meadows of this world are ready, they are very good, jim jordan as well, but -- i if i were mueller's lawyer, i would say, what do you want to go there for, stay away. gregg: number one question to ask joe, mr. mueller, the day before you were appointed special counsel. you were in oval office with the president, it is not true he told you his reasons for firing james comey, which makes you a witness in your own prosecutorial case, you cannot do under any circumstances. >> yes, and other thing, remember something very interesting, it has not been written about occurred. bob mueller went into meeting
10:46 pm
with rod rosenstein, and there was just three of them in over l office, and mueller had a cell phone, he left that cell phone in oval office after the meeting it is now believed by many people that cell phone was used to broadcast the meeting between the president, rod rosenstein and bob mueller, back to fbi headquarters, where they recorded the conversation with the president. now why would you leave your phone in the president's office, after a meeting, to continue to record what half happened after they latest. >> how did he -- after they they left. >> how did he get in there with a phone, we always have to take ours out, you put them in a a locker. >> if that is a crime, where didn't rod rosenstein put it in his authorization. >> mueller was conflicted, rod rosenstein conflicted, they hired a time of the partisans all a witch-hunt. >> yep.
10:47 pm
gregg: the name of my next book victoria and joe. >> thank you. gregg: good to see you. >> nice to see you. gregg: coming up next, google puts an end to major project with china, is their work with communist government over? we take up that and more after the break, don't go away. -keep it down there. i have a system. -keith used to be great to road-trip with. but since he bought his house... are you going 45? -uh, yes. 55 is a suggestion.'s kind of like driving with his dad. -what a sign, huh? terry, can you take a selfie of me? -take a selfie of you? -yeah. can you make it look like i'm holding it? -he did show us how to bundle home and auto at and save a bunch of money. -oh, a plaque. "he later navigated northward, leaving... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. but we can protect your home and auto [ text notification now that you have] new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves,
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>> we've got all of the enthusiasm, they are fighting each other, they are so far left, nobody wants to think about it. so representative omar blamed the united states. for the terrorist attacks. saying that terrorism is a react reaction to our involvement in other people's affairs, she smeared u.s. servicemembers involved in "blackhawk down." in other words slandered the brief americans who were trying to keep peace in somalia, oh, man min muse -- omar minimize september 11 attacks -- our land, saying some people did
10:52 pm
something, yes, some people it something all right. she pleaded for compassion for isis recruit attempting to join the terrorist organizations. looking for compassion. omar laughed that americans speak of al qaeda in a menacing tone and remark you don't say america with this intensity. you say al qaeda makes you proud, al qaeda makes you proud. you don't speak that way about america. and in a press conference just this week, when asked whether she supported al qaeda, our enemy, that is our enemy, they are a very serious problem that we take care of but they always seem to come along somewhere.
10:53 pm
shoe refuseshe refused to answer blamed the united states for the crisis in venezuela. think of that one. and she looks down with contempt on the hard working americans, saying that ignorance is pervasive in many parts of this country. gregg: some comments from president of united states in north carolina at a rally, leveling both barrels at representative omar. onone of the squad for many comments. we'll continue to follow the president's remarks, also talking about how china's economy is not doing so well. put that question to gordon chang, columnist, author, senior fellow at gate stone institute. china's growth is slowing. are trump's tariffs having an
10:54 pm
impact. >> they are. you know china said it grew 6.2% in second quarter, that is lowest quarterly growth rate since they actually started reporting quarterly numbers, there are two things going on, one is president trump's tariffs, they are creating uncertainty. businesses cannot deal with uncertainty, they are taking factories, moving them out of china to place like vietnam and central america, other thing that xi jinping, has an economic model that goes back to mao's time state dom nation that is not -- domination, that is not working, slowing down the economy. gregg: 20 seconds, huawei, dangerous for the united states? >> absolutely, dangerous for u.s. to give exemptions to huawei, there is no good or bad parts of huawei, management takes prove fri profit from goot them in back part that threatens
10:55 pm
up. gregg: thank you so much for joining us. >> happy to be here. gregg: all right, gordon chang. >> all right coming up next, we'll have a wrap of what we had in the show, and a look ahead, we'll be right back. don't miss your golden opportunity to experience the luxury you desire on a full line of utility vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $389 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing.
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president trump: cortez said nazis are running concentration camps. and when mike pence went down just a few days ago with members of congress and the media and you looked at those so-called horrible concentration camps, they said wow, these places are clean, they have air-conditioning, they have water. it's not like they came and we want to take care of people, we have to threaten out our immigration laws. in a short period of time, if the democrats would give us a few votes, we could solve the immigration problem and it would be so great. gregg: president trump going after aoc and ilhan omar, the squad.
11:00 pm
that's it for tonight. a reminder louis back on monday. our guest include harmeet dhillon and some others, i'm gregg jarrett. thanks for joining us. trish: the president holding a rally in greenville, north carolina. the president not holding back on the squad. president trump: these left-wing ideologues see our nation as a force of evil. trish: andy biggs is sounding off. i think he agrees with the president. there seems a chill between speaker nancy pelosi and the so-called squad. wait until you hear the warning


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