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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 18, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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trish: good to see you. >> you too. trish: we have a big show for u tomorrow night, good night, kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you. president is holding a make america great rally in north carolina. president back playing offense, took fight directly to the squad. he claims he is winning the battle. guess what, poll numbers are improving. that is real. moments ago president wrapping up that speech to the maga crowd, is -- i say maggarc, some people say maga, what do you say? greenville, north carolina, big time trump country, earlier he unloaded on four freshmen
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democrat, they should go back to where they come from, remember. >> congresswomen, comments helping to fuel rise of a dangerous heard left, that is okay, we'll win this election like no one has seen before. tonight, i have a suggestion for the hate filled extremists who are constantly trying to care our country down, they never have anything god say -- they never have anything good to say, that is why, if they don't like it let them leave, i think some some cases they hate our country, they are so angry, yesterday, they went on stage, i said, let me watch this the anger, they were trying to be nice, that is hard for them to do. kennedy: show sweaty, talking about congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar. rashida to tlaib. most g.o.p. lawmakers said his
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comments were not racist. accord ing to a new poll, his supporters agree. there have been new calls to impeach president trump in last few day, but today, measure to do so failed miserably, that made the president happy. >> i just heard that the united states house of representatives, has overwhelmingly voted to kill the most ridiculous project i have ever been involved in. the resolution -- hug how stupis that on prim impeachment. i want to thank the democrats, they voted for it. it was lopsided.
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332 to 95 to 1. >> all right, do polls on racism controversy show the president is teflon donald in joining me, father of many, many young people, and bright minds sean duffy is back, welcome back. >> good to see you, i say magga, that the maga. kennedy: i don't think it matters to those who feel the fire burning in their political lines, let's -- loins, let's talk about you and fellow congress ladies, we have a rift, one between squad and president and other between the squad and nancy pelosi, how does this look from your perspective. >> we see fight right now with president, he mentioned quad tonight in the speech.
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but nancy pelosi once lost a speichespeaker. he more moderate members lost their races to people leak m li, she does not want that to happen again. she said, i know you want to go socialist, but we have 27 democrats that hold trump winning seats, if we lose them, i lose gavel again, and republicans will take control of the house, she is trying to tamper down the squad on far left, but because of their media prowess, they will not be silenced. kennedy: no. >> they will primary moderate democrats with left wing candidates. >> let's take healthcare, some policy issues out. every time the 4 congresswomen go before the national camera, they raise a bunch more money. as you know money in politics is
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power. you have to run for your seat every two years, you are constantly in reelect mode that is a valuable resource. so, having money, means they can spend that money helping the like minded progressives they know and grooming, defeat more moderate democrats. >> right. >> that is -- the biggest issue between speaker pelosi and these women. >> that and i think nancy pelosi wants to run the democrat conference, be in charge of the party. she lost control. and she lost the narrative to the left wingers, when they talk on national television, you are right they raise money, so do republicans, most of america looks at their ideas say oh, my goodness, i have to give 5 or 10 dollar to a republican to make sure this is not the future of my country for me, my kids or grand kids. >> do you think that the dccwill
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run more moderate democrats. >> i think they are too powerful, they have too much of a media following, energy on left with with these 4, socialists, if nancy pelosi did that, she would be destroyed. she has to walk a tight rope, try to push them to the corner of the room and preserve a majority with more moderate and trump seats. i am a friend with a lot of democrats, you hear their commentary on these 4, there is a lot of frustration, we want to get some things done, you have to focus on policy to do, that these fights are distracting, we're wasting our time. >> that the point of them, people love, that they don't really have to work. it is -- >> no. kennedy: easier and more satisfying if you are a narsistic blow hard to pollute atmosphere with this hyperbole, do you pull al green and maxine
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waters aside and just wait until president pence gets here. >> you are on my committee with al green and waters, a personal level, i like them both. they are good people, i just disagree with them. but you are wrong in sense most member -- they leave their family, they come to washington they don't see hockey games they come here to make cur -- country better, they come here to compromise with other side, but if you are distracted with publicsly and our own twitter account. and a resolution to condemn or impeach the president that is a waste of time that does nothing for the american people, democrats need to win, they see, that have you not made my life better or paycheck bigger or future bright sneer i want a bright futear an future and a bg
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paycheck. >> thank you. >> i love you -- >> thank you. kennedy: this morning 4 progressive congresswomen, they reignited that feud with speaker pelosi, they sat down with cbs this morning to discuss their battle with president but asked about their relationship with the speaker. >> are you speaking to nancy pelosi? >> our teams are in communications. >> should it be a face-to-face. >> she is the new member not the speaker, she has every right to sit down with her any moment, any time with any of us, she is speaker of the house, she can ask for for a meet nothing sitn with us, acknowledge that we're welcome of color -- women of color. kennedy: is the far left divide going to hurt the democrat party or will two come together to
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take aim at president instead. battling it out. ned ryun, and fox news contributor, richard fowler. welcome back. >> good to see you. >> so, this is interesting. they were sort of unified for a couple days there. but then the squad reloaded. taking aim at nancy pelosi. >> i would not say reloaded, they ask a logical question, they want to meet with a speaker. you see from democrat they will unite and reasonable americans, after this rally that we saw from president he allowed this crowd to engin engage in bigoted rhetoric of sending her back, they were talking about omar who is a american citizen. you are sending her back to her district. >> i'm sure there are voters that would like to do that.
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>> the language that president uses, someone who is from -- mother is an immigrant, this electrilanguage is hurtful. kennedy: also unnecessary and so interesting thing, we have seen this over and over. the story manifests in different ways, ned, but it never hurts the president, that is the strangest thing, his numbers stay the same, when does president go too far? >> i -- he has not gone too far, he is pied piper of democratic party, he calls tune they snap, he threw out bait, they took it he knows that knife fight between pelosi and squad will continue, he saw maybe a little separation, he said no i'm going to make you own this.
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own the. for their antisystemmistic language and -- antisemitic language and far left ideas, now they own everything, that is what kennedy does not seem to understand, he is trying to frame the debate and harden narrative for 2020, saying these 4 radical freshmen, that is the face of democratic party coming to 2020, now he gets to have that debate he wants, do you want free market capitalistic system or far left ideology. kennedy: hold on, i think it is an interesting point. president wants to make the women the face was party, -- of the party, they are more progressive. there are many put off by personality and ideas, they want to be the face of the party. are they quacking int walk -- w2
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president's trap. >> you see from white house and from ned, they are trying to shift the argument. kennedy: they are talking about race, only. >> president was one who brought race into it he told them to go back. kennedy: reset the conversation. remind people of the historical challenges that we have in this country, but on other hand, you have to be careful not to be too divisive. >> here -- let me finish my point, when they try to shift the conversation. what makes america great, we can disagree on ideas. kennedy: why are the ideas? >> we're putting out ideas, we're passing bills each day, we passing a bill this week. >> that are socialist. >> raising minimum wage? the house. kennedy: i know you are trying to look busy. nothing is getting done, you are passing stuff that the never
12:13 am
pass in senate. >> follow that we're elected on. kennedy: sean duffy made point that difficult work is incremental, that is little things that people from both party have to do to come together make small changes to have a bigger impact. >> i agree. kennedy: i don't think these democrats are capable. >> pelosi and schu schumer. >> the fact that these women want to be face of the party, i think they are more reflective of the current status of the democratic party than nancy pelosi. the question in my mind, what at what point does far left actually fully take hold of leadership of the democratic party that is the big question. kennedy: that is the big question. all this could implode before we get to that point. everyone wants power, no secret to that, stop acting like you are benevolent.
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we're out of time but not out of love. >> thank you. kennedy: bernie sanders is his medicare for all plan. claiming pollsters, media are trying to put him out to pasture, poor bernie. does he have any chance of
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>> hey, bernie, let me save you time and effort, you misyour mir time, it got taken from you 4 years ago. kennedy: that is the saddest thing ever, but so true, president trump giving bernie sanders the business for his big government give aways, bernie trailing joe biden in the democrat polls, but that does not stop him from joinings veep on stupid train on a ride toward socialize medicine, a couple days after groping joe unveiled his healthcare plan, bern, renewing his own push. >> that i have offered, every family in america would receive comprehensive coverage all basic health care needs are covered.
12:19 am
and in the process middle class families would save thousands of dollars a year by eliminating their private insurance costs as we move to a publicly funded program. kennedy: then bernie poked all photographers in front row with his growing nose, including details on everything, except how you pay for it. he tells hill that kronk -- sagging because media is blackballing him. are democrats just getting better at math? we meet tonight a panel to decide, senior policy analyst, ynez stepman and jason meister.
12:20 am
welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: stuff is changing every day but one thin not changing is bernie sanders' poll numbers. as joe biden goes down, the numbers do not go to bernie. >> he is maintaining not losing but not growing, as you said abide ep is losing numbers, they are not going to him. if you are sanders campaign manager at-this-point, you have to be concerned that you are not growing. he has to make up ground. he is not. kennedy: president touched on something. this really gets under bernie sanders' skin, idea that 2016 was his moment, it has passed him, joe biden suffers from same thing, bernie flames media for -- blaming the media for his sagging polls, is he right?
12:21 am
>> he was the outsider, we had that outsider successful presidency with president trump. i don't think that sanders brings ou -- outsider present ay more, he is looking older. what is interesting withed by er--with biden and bernie, obame was a failure, now bernie puts this medicare for all, that would go further in that direction, destroy the middle class tax hikes to pay for it. kennedy: this is no way you can do it without hiking taxes. >> 200 million with employer based healthcare would lose it, it is a nightmare, he is dragging all others to left. kennedy: more plans we get, i feel like less popular bernie will become for different reasonses, question that people
12:22 am
have about joe biden, they have a different set of questions about bernie sanders, if you are one of the more moderate candidates like klobuchar or john delaney or hickenlooper, is there and way to capitalize on healthcare chaos. >> health care is important issue, it is an issue they don't trust either party in part. we have moved so far from a free market system in healthcare, we have a hybrid monster that everyone pays a lot. kennedy: all set on a government model, there is not enough free market, too much regulation, and putting more regulation on the system over regulated, would make it implode, there is no other alternative. >> medicare for all is socialize medicine. bernie, he got his plan hijacked by the rest of the field, they
12:23 am
play same fame he was in 2016, they took his policies, he is just not most energetic character to sell the policies. kennedy: they are figuring out, like tiger woods, they are figuring out a new way to play his game. and some of them are playing it better. >> if you like your president, you can keep your president. kennedy: funny. the hill today reports that democrats are fretting over massive trump cash machine, and whether the democrat nominee will be able to catch up. raising combined $108 million, more than top 5 de democrats combined, should they be worried. >> that is a staggering aim of money, compares trump now to trump 4 years ago he is bringing on a whole slough of new people who writing small check, hillary
12:24 am
out raised and outspent him last cycle, money is not everything, but trump from where he was 4 years ago. brought in a lot of small dollar donors that has to scare tom perez. kennedy: right. if you adjust it from 7 years ago or 8 years ago when president obama was kick-starting his reelection campaign, president trump raising more money. what does that say? >> i think it says there is a grass roots that very sprong, all small donors -- they are going offering the squad, and radicalism on debate stage last month, people saying how do we protect our family from those radicals, only way is the fire line between radical socialism and america. kennedy: president is actually
12:25 am
improving with republicans. point that out at top of show, gained traction since sunday tweet that set off a new firestorm. but he is not getting same kind of support from moderate democrats and independents are they still the key to this election. >> this same problem democrats have, you excite base by doing thins that moderates and independents are not thrilled about. kennedy: they have to run against that to win. >> they -- the squad is extremely, i can't say that without air quotes, squad is unpopular with moderates, president trump's tweet is also unpopular with moderates, but. almost half of republicans express disfavorable opinions of the tweet but they you'll not say that president trump is a -- would not say that president trump is a racist. they are on to sort of the game,
12:26 am
where president trump tweets something that is on that is ono some left tries to blow is back but they are on to the game. >> the squad loves this happening. we're all squabbling about this, they don't have to talk about heel carehealth care. >> you look at squad poll numbers. ilan omar and aoc, they are not common rat -- commo commence r u on loud they are. nancy pelosi in my political pick glel than glel thank you. >> coming up, brutal sociopathic
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kennedy: i was there today in the packed brooklyn federal courthouse for se -- sentencingf whining el chapo, i got to went the whole tragic story come to an end, guzman, he escorted into arena, his saucers darted to back of courtroom looking for his wife, whose mask of former fawning has turned to calculated indifference, she does not requite same level of desperate
12:32 am
affection. 5 courthouse sketch artists trying to glean any hint of change or emotion in his immovable face. her hair highlightyier, for most part she seems like a widow post mourning, looking for her first gal's trip. would he stick a schiff in his enemies in's swan song, nope. he pissed and moaned about yucky new york city tap water, and claimed he had to stuff toilet paper in his ears and referred to his time in american confinement as torture. no, sir, torture is beating someone within an inch of their life, shooting them, then
12:33 am
burying them alive in a shallow grave, or breaking every bone in their body and then throwing them in a bonfire. el chapo is only one who teared up in court today, lead away for last time, perfect villain in era of victim hood, wasted his last public breath bemoaning the inconvenients of his fate, court courtroom brought -- employees who embraced and smiled as this fizzling ep log. as a official told me, el chapo's permanent incarceration is not a victory, it is an accomplishment. another body will grow in its place. as war on drugs brings us black markets, certain death, and many el chapos to come, that is the
12:34 am
memo. el chapo trial revealing terrifying detail about his three decade rein. with me now. fox news correspondent. bryan llenas. >> amazing, a 3 month trial, 56 witnesses testifying, thousands of hours of evidence, 300,000 pages of evidence. and i think you really touched it on, when he came to courtroom today, spoke for about 10 minutes he talked about fact he was over tortured, you highlighted well how ironic that is. he talked about how this ask not a fair trial, somehow the jurors were tainted, his lawyers are
12:35 am
really upset about this vice news article that said 5 jurors were consuming news conrage about the -- coverage about the case while trial was going on, they saw unsealed detail about how he raped 13-year-old girls that somehow tainted the jury, they are asking for a new trial, u.s. -- he said corrupt as other corrupt nations. you know, his lawyers will try to appeal this but, does not seem like it will be anything. kennedy: his lawyer jeffrey lichtman said he would rather be in gitmo, it would be a step up from the confinement in new york city, i thought that was laughable. is the drug war any better because el chapo is arrested? >> no last 3 years 2 deaths in mexico rise, this year up 10% more than last year.
12:36 am
last year, broke a record over 33,000 people dead because of the drug war, whether you remove head of a snake another one comes up, sinaloa cartel, he has two sons working in tandem with another mantle -- el mayo who worked with el chapo there is a group of people in charge, they call them el chapitos, there is inner fighting within the cartels. obama -- be o obrador saying wee not going after the head any more. that did not happen, what happened today. >> likes like "new york post" reports that he is on his way already to the super mack prison
12:37 am
in colorado. al talcatraz of the rockies. he has escaped twice from mexican prison. kennedy: maximum security. >> in a landry cart and underground tunnel,. kennedy: what strikes you most about this? your main take away. >> i think this shows that united states, is showing to the world that this man who somehow was able to corrupt hundreds of officials, united states saying, that you are not going to do that here, that was a strong message. other message, is that we were able to find out a lot of intel to how drugs are brought jot country. -- are brought request country, the 57 witnesses, gave us an understanding not just drugs brought over in secretive ways,
12:38 am
they come over our ports of entry in trucks, most of the drugs under our nose. >> with 12 billion dollars in asset that u.s. government wants to seize, they can be crafty, bryan llenas thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up america celebrating fifth years since --nis -- 50 years cinnamo since, man lann moon. -- i'll have him in a new episode. of conspiracy theories next. ♪ it's nice. ♪ you got this! ♪ woo! ♪
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♪ saturday marks 50 years since apollo moon landing, but some say it never happened. my next guest, a self taught
12:43 am
rocket scientist. and a flat earther, he is so sure that earth is shaped like a frisbee, he will larg launch hif to space in a homemade rocket himself, take a look. heck, will be his third attempt to prove the crazy globe people wrong, he is joining us on latest episode, ken-spiracey theories. welcome. >> i am here in southern california. kennedy: all right, a great place to be. mad mike, you don't believe in science, i love skepticism, did you ever believe in science.
12:44 am
>> not really. my whole life was involved with racing, and rockets. and then, you know you study these different things, one day i said holy moly. >> holy guacamole. >> after about 4 or 5 months, i could not dismiss it. >> and here is thing. a lots of flat earthers trying to take attention from you are they ruins the cause in. >> i think so, i'm only flat earth believer and truther in world with a network tv show, calmry coming out, a book. and i have 4 cats. kennedy: oh. god. you ruin -- 4 cats? >> yes, crazy point is 6, if you get 6 you are crazy. kennedy: it is two, one, maybe you walked past a cat adapt --
12:45 am
in 't that, earth being frisbee shape, i think there ising? to this, they are round but not globes, then ice wall. how does that work? >> you know. as i tell everyone, i do not have all answers, that may surprise a lot of people, like a bull's-eye, there is land outside of different circles, we don't know how big circuits going, like a pizza that keeps growing,. kennedy: i have conner didded, people -- i have always wondered people in australia, how did they not get a head rush. >> they are upside down right now. >> how does that work. >> i don't know. here is the deal. there no way that sun is 93 million miles away. kennedy: too far. >> too far.
12:46 am
kennedy: no one has been there, how close is it then? >> something 3,000 miles. i don't know. kennedy: good to me. >> yeah. kennedy: i don't know, man, i think that -- >> kennedy. kennedy: i went to hawaii i had to wear a lot of sun screen, if something that hot were 93 million miles away, i don't think i would have had to wear spf 50. >> some people asked me about what brought me to that point, my goal in life was to be manager of spice girls, they probe broke up. >> some spice girl would you be. >> baby spice, he did it for me real bad. >> you are a weirdo. lock him up. okay, i have some -- >> wow. kennedy: friends on twitter with questions for you. fun with paul -- >> i don't believe in twitter.
12:47 am
kennedy: that you don't have to. still from twitter. is the mea moon also flat. >> i don't believe so. >> the moon is a sphere but we're not. >> hey, i don't haval of the answers,. kennedy: you can't make these outrageous claims without most of the answers. >> who does. kennedy: the moon landing, was that fake? >> i don't believe any one has stepped on the moon. kennedy: i think buzz aldrin has a hey maker aimed at your jaw. kennedy: they are free masons and were in military. -- >> there we go. kennedy: you need too work for
12:48 am
nasa. would you like to apply? >> no. i know people that worked for spacex, i could get a job there but no, elon musk creeps me out. kennedy: i think he smoked a lot of reefer, not you mad mike, thank you, you made my night. >> great, thank you. kennedy: thank you. >> earth is flat as my woo. topical storm is next. that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. uh-huh, where's the camel? "mr. big shot's" got his own trailer. ♪
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kennedy: a broadway musical about songs of meat loaf is coming to new york in august. we have not have mee meet meat n broadway since they closed michel moore's play. >> new jersey sales take a dip, wee. a slip and slide, a woman bought herself a mercedes. making quite a splash, cops say woop see, he left the car wash, we believe them. not like new jersey women can text and drive with their giant press on nails, luckily no humans were hurt, but her daughter and her lost their spray tans in the water.
12:53 am
it turned orange. no charges filed. internet is hammering her driving skills we'll layoff, given it is a new car, she is still wet behind the ears. topic two. >> maryland. amazon treatment prime day deals were a steal, porch pirate stole a package, face 5 years in prison, or three if he is a prime member, baltimore police have been unable to catch the box stealer, no one has been able to catch anything in baltimore this season. people who bought season tickets to orioles bought a toaster for bathtub. >> two million people watched video of package pilferer, amazon workers were happy to see
12:54 am
a picture of a package that was not sent by jeff bezos. topic three. l.a. lakers, signed big stars this off season, now they landed new player, who will only see court during garbage time. baby raccoon. stuck up here, i'm hamstrung. a monster jam. got called for a three second violation after getting stuck in the net. trash panda stuck for two hours before rescuers cuts him free, authorities warn of a possible rabies scare, hopefully, it won't catch anything from the people of los angeles. >> and lebron james "space jam" sequel. if we don't.
12:55 am
only time colbert hits both sides when he is busy kissing elizabeth warren's bony old tu tuckous. >> this next one might be most hair brain scheme, a man busted today, with 34 thousand dollar worth of cocaine under his toupee, you should never buy a powdered widt wig from el chapoa drugs dog alerted to his hair, it is a terrible toupee but it is nice to see someone else sniffing hair behind joe biden. it is unclear what airline he was flying, but judging by this outfit, we're guessing virgin
12:56 am
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while managing your type 2 diabetes- why think about your heart? because with my type 2 diabetes, i'm more likely to have a fatal heart attack or stroke. lower a1c helps, but type 2 diabetes still increases my risk of a fatal cardiovascular event. because type 2 diabetes is more than a1c. wow-these are great answers! and that's why there's jardiance- the first type 2 diabetes pill that offers a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit for adults
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who also have known heart disease. because jardiance can reduce my risk of dying from a cardiovascular event. and it lowers my a1c, with diet and exercise. and-it's the #1 prescribed pill in its class. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. so, now what do you think? while my a1c is important, there's so much more to think about. ask your doctor about jardiance today.
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there's so much more to think about. ♪ ahhhh! ♪ we're here. ♪ ♪ kennedy: thank you for watching the best hour of your day, follow me.
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tomorrow night, emily and anthony scaramucci, and molly hemingway, i will be. good night to you. video collection. welcome to our first show that we're doing. i'm real excited. careful, you'll smear my lipstick. (laughter) (lively music) good evening, sir. ♪ (laughter) my goodness. ♪ millions of people are demanding my return to the screen. -what's so funny? -we are. (tarzan yell) (applause) why the hell don't the two of you go on home and let me watch my tv? (goofy laugh) (tim) mrs. wiggins? hello? goodnight, thank you. (applause) well, hello. i'm carol burnett,


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