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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 18, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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tapping eugene scalia as his next labor secretary. the son of the late supreme court justice an t antonin scal. trish: the u.s. navy downing an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz. president trump defending and applauding the move just a short time ago. president trump: the united states reserves the right to defend our personnel, our facilities and interests and calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation and global commerce. trish: with new information coming in, we'll have it in just moments. president trump atelling to disavow those wild send her back
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chants that resonated from a large crowd. is this his strategy to pull the democratic party farther left? forget the homeless crisis in california. disease-infected rats are running wild in many cities in the u.s. you will hear from one doctor sounding the alarm. "trish regan primetime" begins next. the u.s. navy destroying an iranian drone over the strait of hormuz. and the president saying this was an act of self-defense. general -- jennifer griffin is joining us with more. reporter: a jamming device was
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used to bring the drone down. president trump: the boxer took an offensive action against an iranian drone which closed to within 1,000 yard, ignoring multiple calls to stand down, and was threatening the safety of the ship and the ship's crew. the drone was immediately destroyed. reporter: the incident comes after the iranians shot down a u.s. drone they claim had entered iranian waters. president trump called off a military counterattack minutes before missiles were to launch. >> it's a dangerous situation. reporter: the u.s. s. boxer is an amphibious assault ship. a spokesman says the assault
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occurred at 10:00 a.m. local time. president trump: this is the latest of many hostile actions by iran in international waters. the united states calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation and global commerce. >> the incident comes hours after iran's revolutionary guard admitted easing an oil tanker belong together united arab emirates, accusing the vessel of smuggling. the head of u.s. central command is in the region trying to form a coalition of allied navy vessels. iran's foreign minister said
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iran and the united states were just a few minutes away from a war last month after iran shot down an american spy drone. he added he remains hopeful tensions can be eased. trish: joining me with reaction. daniel davis. it's good to see you, colonel. let me share with you what i got from a source of tehran just this morning before we got news. the source says it should be crystal clear, our currency improved 10% last week. there is a feeling in iran that america is out of bullets. he thinks america is out of bullets and the drone goes down. what do you make of this? >> i don't think anybody better think america is out of bullets. what this done is illuminates
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the growing tensions where the risk of war is gaining. when president trump got us out of this jcpoa last year, it was with the express purpose of getting a better deal where iran would have less of a chance to get a nuclear weapon. so far this maximum pressure campaign is producing the opposite effect. it's causing iran to go toward a nuclear bomb. trish: we are not going to let that happen. >> that is what's happening. trish: we are out of the deal. if we are in iran, wouldn't you say i should pick up the phone and negotiate with this president? they are thinking if he just doesn't get elected we'll get a democrat back in there as president of the united states and they will renew the jcpoa, the deal the president before this one, president obama truck
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with them and all will be fine with the world. the only problem is i don't think you can bet on this president thought getting re-elected. >> there is definitely month until the next elect. they can't afford to wait that long. these sanctions are having severe pain right now. trish: when you say they can't afford to wait. i agree with you they can't afford to wait. it's bad for the people. but how bad is it really? does this regime know if it continues to wait this out so to speak that it may be the end of that regime in iran? >> that's the risk. if they come to the conclusion it could be the end, then they will take more and more provocative action in an atell to reduce this. but we keep talking about president trump said he's ready to negotiate. if you negotiate, that means you
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have to be willing to give and take. if we are going to negotiate a better deal, we have to be willing to give more than we gave last time. that's something many people won't consider. trish: i'll tell you what we can do. i think we need to be very explicit in terms of cutting down any terror activity anywhere in the world. they need to stop that. but here is the carrot, colonel. we can offer investments in iran, badly needed investment. don't forget, in barack obama deal in part because he didn't understand the business community, as well as this president does. american businesses were not allowed to reap any of the economic reward they could have reaped out of iran.
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those were the rules put in place. that's what president trump agreed to. so get rid of all those rules, let american businesses reap any economic benefits we can out of the place, and shut them down on the tariff front and nuclear bomb threat. then what do you know, you have got something. >> i am all about anything that will reduce the tensions and increase economic opportunities. president trump said with north korea and iran there are opportunities there. as long as we understand we do have to give something in order to get something, then we have a shot to make something happen here. >> most of of all, i think he probably gets the business opportunity. something that president trump never got. but could be very rewarding for american companies unless they are for it. iran gets the sanctions released. we'll see what happens on it. this shooting down the drones is
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not getting us anywhere. trish: the latest cray taking over social media. i have got to say, it was really neat. i had it on my phone. before you jump on that bandwagon there is a washing why you may want to refrain from downloading it. did our government use particulars to i tension alley spread lyme disease? guess which state has an explosion of disease carrying rats. ilhan omar. watch. [send her back] trish: the president says he does not agree with that chant. president trump: i'm not happy with it.
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trish: president trump on defensive after the crowd at his north carolina rally erupted
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into chants of "send her back." referring to congresswoman ilhan omar. president trump: o omar has a history of launching vicious anti-semitics. [crowd chants "send her back"] president trump: i felt a little bit badly about it. i started talking quickly. i was not happy with it. i disagree with it. but i didn't say that, they did. trish: he did say go back to where you came from in between. do you think he agrees with it a little bit?
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marc lotter, good to see you all. that was sort of what he meant in his tweet, right? you don't like america you don't like what we and for so go back home to where you came from. how is that different from send her back. >> the president has been promoting the fact that the so-called socialist squad has been saying scandalous things and he said they are americans and elected members of congress. but he's going to make sure people know they are the face of the democrat party so you are going to own the anti-semitism because you couldn't call it out. and it blames american foreign policy for terrorist acts. but he said the language used in
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the chant last night was something he was not happy about. trish: are these women the face of the democratic party? >> nancy pelosi is the face of the democratic party. will he disavow the tweet? the tweet that inspired this where he did say send them back. will he stop future rally that do this? trish: i'm not crazy about the tweet. but i don't think it hurts him the way you are suggesting it does. if anything, it forces nancy pelosi and joe biden to rally around them. and increasingly they do become the face of the democratic party. and if that's the face of the democratic party many americans will say that's not who i am. >> i think the president is trying to shine light on the crazy policy ideas the quad has.
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but he's giving the democrat party ammunition against him. the economy is better than ever. young people are graduating into a fantastic job market. trish: so why would we want to go into socialism. >> that is something we could focus on. trish: mark, you have got to level with me. my theory is he doesn't do anything in a vacuum. he knew what he was doing when he sent the tweets. i think they are everywhere. if you make these women with their anti-semitic and in some cases very seemingly anti-american ideals, a lot of them blaming america. if you make them the face of the
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party, then i think a lot of people will say how can i vote for a democrat? is that the mark? >> you are right. last week the democrats were trying to distance themselves and marginalize and throw at squad off the bus. they were getting into fights with the leadership. they were leaking internal democrat polls showing how unpopular the squad was. now they are dominating all the coverage. not a single democrat candidate can get on tv right now. they are all being overtaken by the squad and their craziness. trish: from a political strategic standpoint. it actually might have some ammunition. it might have been a good move, david, nobody else can get on tv. if the election were next week it might be different. but he's got time.
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now these women are all people are focused on. >> it's a rebranding exercise, it's temporary. rebranding the country is not going to get donald trump re-elected. all of the campaigns have been won on the moral, side of the battle. donald trump is on the wrong side. when you have this sort of division, even the supporters get nervous according to the research we have seen. trish: emma, some of the things the democratic party have said. i think both side love it. the democrats love it. these women love it because they are elevated in perhaps a way they never envisioned. that's aside for a moment. but when you flash forward to
8:20 pm
2020, you have got a good economy and a good stock market. you have got people feeling excited about the future. does this help or hurt him? >> i think that economy message is a winning message. that's a huge thing the trump campaign has in its favor. i think a lot of people are feeling those effects. it comes down to whether we are going to talk about ilhan omar and her country's origin or talk about our prosperity we enjoy because of our viewpoint of different cultures living together in harmony. trish: the latest social media craze. an app that lets you look younger or older. before you jump on that band wagon, there is a warning.
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he's the face of nike's just do it campaign. wait until you hear what big war this commercial has just been nominated for. ms-13 gang members in this country illegally being blamed for the murder of seven people. guess where the heinous crimes took place? los angeles,ing a sanctuary city. >> we just picked up these 22 monsters in los angeles. sanctuary city. jardiance asks:
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scalia to be the next labor secretary. he worked at gibson dunn and is known for having argued against walmart. he is likely to be named by the president -- is going to be named by the president. the president tweeting it out. shifting gears. the brutal slaughter of seven people in los angeles drawing attention to our southern borders. gang members using machetes, baseball bats and knives to kill their victims and dismember their bodies. 19 of the two dozen suspects are in this country illegally. joining me right now is the host
8:27 pm
of "the next revolution," steve hilton. soon to be an american himself. congrats on that. why does nobody care about criminals here illegally? why is it we have to defend these people who are here illegally and committing heinous crimes? >> one thing, trish, with this particular crime and on thers like it, for all the outrage protestations of progressives on the left in places like hollywood and silicon valley and entertainment and our culture. they are the ones being affected by these crimes which are exactly the people those elites say they want to protect, hispanic and african-american communities, people with low income. it's those communities that
8:28 pm
particularly suffer at the hands of this kind of atrocity. they are not speaking up for them. what i find really offensive is when they say -- when you make these points, they go immediately to the argument that it's somehow you are demonizing all immigrants, you are demonizing decent people to cross the border and get a better life. no, you are not. these crimes of all the crimes we can imagine in our country are totally preventable. they are people who shouldn't be here in the first place are committing them, they are completely preventable. the ones who are illegally here, those crimes we could stop if we had proper border control.
8:29 pm
trish: in immigrant communities, having these people there who are gang members. and then the wage earners. if you are here illegally and you are willing to work for a lot less than somebody who maybe came legally, but is of a similar back ground and is trying to earn a regular living, suddenly there is more competition in the marketplace for them, too. when you talk to a lot of people in these communities they feel like they have gotten the shortened of the stake because they have got the violence and the competition on the maybe front. how would you solve this? when you look at it right now, i know your back ground having served as an advisor to david cameron. you have got a lot of ideas. what would you do to tiks this?
8:30 pm
>> there is a good first step in that direction. it would apply to another area policy. an immigration plan put forth by the president which is a reasonable thoughtful reform of the current legal immigration system to favor merit people who have high skills and are in demand and will be boost our economy. trish: not everybody should have to have a ph.d to come here. aren't there hard working people that week allow to come into this country that main won't have those high-skilled jobs. you need dishwashers and plenty of other people in this country. >> i don't know about that. we have very low unemployment, and that's great news. but there is another piece of
8:31 pm
the employment data that isn't shifting that much in the right direction. that's the labor participation rate. you have got historic lows in terms of the participation rate at 60 per or so. and you have got millions of people of working age, americans, who are not work. they are able to work on the combination of welfare -- trish: maybe they don't want to be dishwashers. >> okay, i'm sorry. but you need welfare reform that says if you are able to work, you shouldn't be able to live on welfare or support from a local community. it's not just punitive. if you have been out of the labor force for a long time, you need careful help. it's simple things. there are people who don't even understand the concept of
8:32 pm
getting up in the morning and having an alarm clock and getting ready for the day. you need to help people. we have people who have been out of the labor market for decades. those are the people actually that we need to help rather than importing workers. trish: i could talk to you all night about this. we just scratched the surface. steve hilton, thank you. you can catch steve hosting "the next revolution" next sunday. did our government use ticks to intentionally spread lyme disease? some lawmakers think so. everyone loves to ma line and shame millenials.
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trish: tonight america could be headed for the first minimum wage hike in 10 years. controversial issue here. when the president, when i think about him on the 2016 campaign trail, he sounded like he was in favor of a hike in minimum wage. i will be curious to see how the white house reacts. do you think less jobs if it's $15 an hour nationwide? >> it sounds like a populist
8:38 pm
move. you are helping the people. the road to hell is paveed with good intentions. we have a situation by increasing the minimum wage we are going to make it more difficult for young people to gain a foothold in the labor market. most of of us -- our first jobs were at the minimum wage. and we learned how to work. we developed the habits we carried with us through the rest of our lives. most of people don't keep working at a minimum wage-type job. trish: i hear you. on the one hand you want to help people. nobody can support a family on minimum wage. but studies show not all minimum wage earners are supporting families. >> that's what you worry about
8:39 pm
more than anything else. employers that want low-cost labor have a stronger incentive to cut back on staff. it's not shut equipment for labor. trish: president trump tweeted out he's nominating eugene scalia, the son of the late supreme court justice is antonin scalia. he's a partner at the law firm gibson dunn. he specializes in labor and employment cases. one thing that will drive the left wild is he represented walmart there its efforts to not provide healthcare for its employees. what could he do to continue goosing this economy and get people back to work.
8:40 pm
>> i'm not sure what he has over. but one thing that would help is welfare reform. you want to provide people with incentives to work. but doing so might involve individuals that aren't working giving you have government benefits. it makes sense for them to take a job. trish: why is the government effectively keeping people of down? >> i think more importantly they are robbing some of these people of the dignity of work. you might be a single mother and have children. and that's a big job. that's perhaps more important than flipping hamburgers at a fast food joint. trish: does the government pay you for that, being a mom? >> in a way, that's what they are doing.
8:41 pm
the incentive is you don't take the job, you stay home with the kids. but you want to get a job and get exposure to the maybe market. i think younger people, this is what hurts. they have to get that experience and develop those attitudes that will help you develop. >> you mention that about the single moms. i think -- i'll probably get into trouble with some groups saying this. part of the problem we are dealing with here is the fractured families. it would be good to see policies that encourage a family unit. taxes for one. there is a lot of single moms that say i can make more or just as much effectively living off the government than if i were to go to work and try to take care
8:42 pm
of my kid that way. >> sometimes we forget behind every single mom there is a father some place who maybe should be doing more to support this family and is not doing so. it's very important to realize the importance of a male in this type of situation. trish: it's all intertwined. it really is. you think about what our government did to discourage family units and keep the single moms dependent on government welfare checks. there is a whole history there. we are getting into the meety issues i love. they are the most of hated generation, the any lynnalls. and disease-carrying rats are taking over an entire state. lawmakers are demanding answers following reports our government
8:43 pm
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trish: is the government behind lyme disease? we know tick bites cause the
8:47 pm
illness. one congressman says beginning in the 1950s significant research was done in an effort to turn ticks into bio weapons, and perhaps that research is what caused the spike in particulars and thus the spike in lyme disease infection rates. there is an estimated 450,000 new lyme and tick-born diseases way up from the si 60s and 70s. the u.s. house of representatives is ordering the pentagon to reveal on whether the military had an effect on spiking infection rates. joining us, dr. marc siegel. walk us through the orjibs of this. why is it people are concerned the military may have had a little. >> chris submit need a
8:48 pm
shout-out. he's doing a lot of great work and lyme research. he's saying where did lime disease come from. it's not as far-fetched as it sound. dr. bergdorfer was work for the department of defense to bio weaponize insects, including ticks. they don't know if one of the things he did was create lyme disease. lyme disease is hard to treat, hard to diagnose. it causes a lot of crippling problems in people, especially in places like eastern long island. guess where the we search was going on? it's a possibility it's one of the things that could have happened. we need to know this.
8:49 pm
the reason lime disease is burgeoning is because it was or wasn't created by the dod. it's burgeoning because we have too much deer. we don't have natural predators and they are walking around our streets carrying particulars. trish: you are saying lyme disease didn't exist before the 1950s? >> that's when bergdorfer first coined it. trish: the questions they want answered is whether this particular scientist working on behalf of the u.s. military to develop biological insect weapons mutated the tick? >> not the particular. they said the particular is a weapon. they are floating around. there are very, very tiny.
8:50 pm
you can't see them. that's why it's a good bio weapon. but lyme disease is carried by a bacteria in the tick. it bites you and you get the bacteria. trish: you are hoping you see it. >> somebody says i have fatigue, i have muscle aches. i test for it and give an antibiotic. trish: rats. this store question appears to be dire. a report in california is reporting the state is overrun by rodents. experts say the population surge is linked to the spike in homelessness and california could be in for a slew of terrible diseases like what? >> we are starting to see typhus in los angeles and
8:51 pm
san francisco. that's a flea-borne disease that ride on rats. the middle ages. you get a terrible headache, muscle aches. the playing, bubonic playing from the middle ages too is also on a flea that rats have. you know what's really ironic here? california has a rat problem, la specifically because of all the homeless. they don't have shelters. rats love garbage. rats are running around spreading diseases. california is such a green state, they are passing legislation to say you can't use proper rat poisons to kill the rats. we are so afraid of the
8:52 pm
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8:56 pm
lightning round, brit mchenry joining me, first up, nike, a controversial ad, a controversial guy, colin kaepernick. an emmy award for ou outstanding commercial. >> it is confounding to me, he has not laid in nfl there are 3 years, he does not speak on these issues, he got a large settlement around 10 million, he is a hero for the left. i don't understand the fascination with him, i think some other people in the commercial serena williams lost in wimbledon final, asked, is there a point you should focus more on tennis as opposed to actisactivism.
8:57 pm
trish: i think he is better known for his political activism than any actual athleticism. >> yes. at one time he was a mobile quarterback, he is not on that stage any more. i wish he would put his money where his mouth is, creates more of a martyr figure, he gets emmys and cover attention. trish: creator of facebook page calls for a public invasion of area 51. that facebook page. he come forward said, guess what, it was a joke. just kidding. the events gathered million plus people. creator is worried because the fbi is coming to knock on his door. trish: probably. >> we talked about this on fox nation, i was out numbered, they thought this was a hoax, i love it, i may not show up because there are armed guards there but
8:58 pm
i think there is something there. trish: area 51. >> yeah. i am a sci-fi fanatic. >> we have new planets every day, who knows. >> say hello to the aliens. trish: coffee shame on rise, older gren generation, millennials waste too much time and too much money between lines, and over price latte, they complain about you know not being able to really find their finance future because, but employ say stop buying that 6 dollar latte. >> i'm not stopping. trish: come on, if buying overpriced coffee is wrong, i don't' to be right, we waste your money on many other things than just coffee. trish: they complain about student debt. i got in workplace, i was a victim of the $5 latte thing, at
8:59 pm
some point, i was wait, i'm waiting in line for this let he buy some good italian coffee and make it at home. >> my opinion that is cuban cough that's wilcoffee that wile you up. >> calling on russian government has access to your data. you let them go to your phone, i am guilty, i love that app, i love that app, i deleted it. >> i'm not about this, i do not like it aging is coming for us all. >> you can be younger or brunette and blond. >> it does all that. trish: all keeps o kinds of thi.
9:00 pm
>> good to see you, thank you. kennedy begins next, see you back here tomorrow. kennedy: thank you, tritch, president standing firm in his belief, if you don't like the country, you can leave, don't let the lord hit you where he split you. hes disagrees with supporters last night who were chanting at the rally. you remember tweet sunday, she and her fellow progressive squad should go back to where they came from. last night the crowd doubled down on that. >> send her back, send her back. >> if you can't hear it, they were chanting send her


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