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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 18, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> good to see you, thank you. kennedy begins next, see you back here tomorrow. kennedy: thank you, tritch, president standing firm in his belief, if you don't like the country, you can leave, don't let the lord hit you where he split you. hes disagrees with supporters last night who were chanting at the rally. you remember tweet sunday, she and her fellow progressive squad should go back to where they came from. last night the crowd doubled down on that. >> send her back, send her back. >> if you can't hear it, they were chanting send her back.
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president critics jumping all over him, claiming there is proof he is racist. and bigotry in the country. the president he didn't chant it, the crowd dtoday he said he was not happy about it. >> i disagree with it. of it quite a chant. and -- it was quite a chant, i fell badly about it but i did -- i started speaking quickly, it started up nast. -- fast. >> you will tell your supporters. >> i will say i was not happy with it, i disagree with it. kennedy: that is not enough for president's biggest haters, this morning house minority leader kevin mccarthy said that is not fair. >> has it become so far you want is dislike the president so much, you accuse him of trying to do something he did not do, from the places he moved on in
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speech he never joined in, you top holwant to held him accountr something had a big audience, you hole hi hold him accountablr protesters and too that is -- >> he is one who is joining them up. >> i think president put millions of americans in danger last night. his rhettic is endangering a lot of people. not just about individual members of congress. that puts anyone like ilhan, anyone who believes in the rightses of all people in danger. he has a republi responsibilityt environment. kennedy: the situation needs more hyperbole.
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some republicans seem to agree with -- scar scaramucci was disinvited from a fundraiser in florida, guess who is joining me now, anthony scaramucci, why are they mad at you. >> they are babies. i don't agree with aocon anything, i don't like the president's comments, but i love what president did this afternoon, he -- this morning walking it back. hopefully when you go to a rally someone starts that he will ask them to stop that would be a good moment for president, and a good moment for country, it will increase the likelihood of him getting reelected today was a good day. kennedy: surprising he had doubled down all week about the squad, by the way, they told that term from taylor swift, she has had enough taken away from
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her. >> i am old enough to remember the mod squad, i thought that was it. a good day for president today, walking it back is positive. a good day for me. kennedy: do you think -- >> a great day for me. kennedy: walk back their disinvitation. >> i almost tweeted out palm beach county, are they disain't streetin-- disinviting presiden. kennedy: do you still talk a lot. >> we have not talked in a while. kennedy: is he mad at you. >> he might be. kennedy: who are you mad at. >> i am having a great life. kennedy: g.o.p. >> no, i am fine. kennedy: i am not get -- you are not getting gout. >> i think they are babies for disinviting me, for me, love the president, want to see him do
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well. see him be reelected but don't talk like that. kennedy: you were not engaging in a lif love fest in last 24 h, you said president did not start out as a racist. >> yo can't do what he is doing, you might not be a racist, but if racists think you a racist, there is a problem, you have to not do that. a lot of people, just got their start in country, they are immigrants came here legally, and they like you they want to vote for you could they hear send them back, they don't want to hear that, but, it was a great day for president, and a great day for me. they are a bunch of babies, and moral cowards, i can't remember the guy's name. kennedy: mike barnette. >> he is a baby, i am a life
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long republicans, i support the president, i gave money to president, raised money for president. kennedy: got fired by the president. >> i got fired by president and stayed loyal, loyalty requires honesty, you can't say, i love everything about you and you do everything right, you see him running to a wall, you went. kennedy: is he running into more walls then before. >> i don't think so, i han i the has message from enough people. kennedy: who are giving him good messages. >> not something i'm sure of, but there are some people that i'm close to that i am confident of messaged him, knock it off. kennedy: people in administration? >> yeah. kellyanne? >> i don't don't to get into it he is getting message, he softened it up. kennedy: ned ryun. >> let's hope he continues to path he was on today, a good path, he has such an unbelievable economic story.
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kennedy: why -- this started sunday night be they did polling monday, tuesday, results of poll, this is not really hurting him not with -- >> no. kennedy: his base or with republicans. >> not right now. kennedy: and you know overall his unfavorability is flat. >> he will win the election. but why take the risk of that direction, that is against the whole concept of america and ideals of america, why do you do that, when you generally love people, and you took the job, made major sacrifice to take the job. kennedy: would you work for him again. >> never asked to go back to work for him. >> are being modest. >> no,. kennedy: president trump come on out, he is here with a giant check. >> he said on fox and friends, i should stay where i am, he is right, it was very good marriage
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advice, i like to stay married. kennedy: does your wife like the president. >> she would like him better if he would stop some of the nonsense, she is not a huge fan. kennedy: did she vote for him. >> she did, but maybe not again, she is trying to teach our kids about antibullying. there is enough people in country that don't like that nonsense. kennedy: he wife is a big proponent was not bullying. >> 10 seconds, stay on the course you are on. >> stay the course. >> very good. great economy, you will win reelection, you bring up nativeness stuff you lose. kennedy: even steefe esteve bans turned off. >> no, that is fake news. kennedy: imkidding. i'm kidding. >> we knocked him to europe. >> the guy from palm beach is a
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baby but ba bannon is a loser. kennedy: i hear bannon waking up every morning in a puddle of his sensown sick there. >> that would make me a tiny bit happy. kennedy: we're going to edit this. >> we're not live? kennedy: it is, man. >> darn, all right, god bless. kennedy: president found a defender in mitch mcconnell, today told maria bartiromo that president might have a winning strategy when it comes to one squad under god. >> he is right about the squad wants to turn us to a socialist country, he should have added a lot broa broader than just 4, at of others, including president at candidates they have all signed up for the green new deal that would take away your job, medicare for all, that would
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take away private health insurance, i think that president is on on something. kennedy: on something, what? cocaine mitch telling you know. will pushing battle against socialism change the conversationive in to protect the president? -- enough to protect the president, we meet tonight's party panel. fresh off tonight's 5, emily -- compano, and chris baron, and founder of ceo. of what happened. >> you too. >> happy thursday. kennedy: what do you make of mitch mcconnell's comments, carefully staying on side of president while remessaging conversation, socialism versus -- >> i don't know a more unpopular person in washington dc than mitch mcconnell.
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he is trying to flirt with whatever narrative keeps him in good stand with the president, he has a heated reelect coming up, and his party, in particular senate will be blamed for not dodoing anything. what i heard today, until he does something legislative -- it does not mean anything to me. >> what bill does it gradually increases wages with american people over 60%. hungry, and thirsty, they are called working force, time to do something different, time to move the ball forward. kennedy: you know how you keep them poor, pass a mandatory minimum wage law.
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>> >> milosevi merrill mitch mccone has done best job as majority leader during my lifetime. i was with republican members of senate this morning speaking kindly of mitch mcconnell, it makes him popular with republicans, that is what matters in kentucky, there is no chance for his opponent, i mean first off she needs to stay off tv, second no chance she will beat mitch mcconnell, unless she can figure out a way to pull off 30 points of trump voters. second, i think that leader mccancel right to try to focus this back on policies of the squad. at the end of the day if the election in 2020 is face of democratic party is the squad, trump wins, republicans win. they are not popular outside -- >> that is what we say, they
9:13 pm
need each other, the squad needs donald trump, and donald trump needs the squad, it is not going away. >> there was opportunity this past week, based on what happened for democrat to rally again the president, but they are attacking each other, they are failing at agreeing on a united front against him, he is succeeding with making squad face of democratic party, and creating that binary choice for voters, saying that is an unpalatable alternative. >> and the panel returns, a little bit letter, first up. michael avenatti is back. why did stormy daniel's former attorney crawl out from his rat hole. it has to do with michael cohen.
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contest where ever winner is a loser. president lied when he claimed he was not in contact with michael cohen -- stormy daniel, prosecutors were in a forgiving mood, to payments without bringing charges michael avenatti said, no one runs in 2020 should give the president's free pass. >> in my view. every candidate who seeks nomination for democratic party in connection with the 2020 election should be asked, if they are elected president of the united states, will they insist on criminals indicting each of these individuals including donald trump. this should be a litmus test. kennedy: celebrity ambulance
9:19 pm
chaser, future inmate, taking shot at his open nemesis michael cohen, is michael avenatti right? is he mad he no longer a part of 2020? joining me now. fox news contributor, coauthor brand-new fantastic book, justice trial, kavanaugh confirmation. mollie hemingway. >> great to be here. kennedy: first and foremost. these hush money payments, were they a campaign finance violation? >> i think it is important to note you should live your life in such a way you are not having to pay people hush money. kennedy: point taken. >> there is a big debate about whether this would be a campaign finance violation. we had outside rhetoric, people thought this is, donald trump will be impeached. he is a criminal coconspirator
9:20 pm
in this issue. last time government tried they failed. john edwards. it is a big debate about whether campaigcam -- nondisclosure agrs would be a campaign finance violation. kennedy: everyone knows that john edwards was not changed chd because he had a cute baby with the videographer. >> that is what happened. i feel bad michael cohen pled guilty on something he could have gotten out of. kennedy: what a bad fixer. if his gut tells him to make wrong decision. >> i don't know. if you your fixer is michael cohen, you might have problem. but we know he was squeezed
9:21 pm
because of his proximity to donald trump. a certain kind of aggressiveness in trying to impeach donald trump that is a little bit unfair, you don't go after people just because you don't like who they work for. kennedy: that is what politics is about these days that brings us to kavanaugh crisis. crisis. >> that also involved michael avenatti. kennedy: he is reason that brett kavanaugh of confirmed. >> right, we had sources told us there were few people who were responsible for kavanaugh gets confirmed, michael avenatti is one of them, he was this attorney, who was represents stormy daniel, he also claimed he had someone who was credible who knew that brett kavanaugh of a leader, a cartel leader of a cereal -- serial gang rape clan, that was so outlandish people were beginning to wonder if the
9:22 pm
allegations against kavanaugh were real or part of a political. kennedy: because the allegations never materialized it made michael avenatti not only look like a kook but him a target for further investigation, now he has dug himself a prison hole, looks like he may be going where sun don't shine for a while, in your book, leland kaiser, christine blase ford's friend she named. she was pressured by a number of parties to change her story and essentially lie saying she knew brett kavanaugh in high school. >> we interviewed more than a hundred people for the book. president, supreme court justices senators people close to ford, we revealed leland kaiser was -- did feel she was pressured too change her testimony about whether she grew
9:23 pm
kavanaugh, she came out right away, said, i would like to help my friend but i don't remember him, as she looked back over that summer in question, she lost confidence in her friend's story. she tells fbi about that. and how she was pressured to change the story. kennedy: and all this is in the book, you absolutely have to pick it up, mollie hemingway thank you so much. >> thank you. >> appreciate your time. kennedy: coming up liberal bastion that is berkeley now bending gender specific terms like manhole and man-made. and bar barry manilow, come on,, i'll tell you why we get to fight against the this madness, my memo, on california, and the pooh hole it has become is next. what's going on up here? can't see what it is yet.
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kennedy: berkeley, california as an insideious homeless problem, worst in bay area per capita but insped of tackling that, they are working on -- a few days ago we within to down los angeles be berkeley, arguably worse because local lawmakers don't bother wasting a moment tackling life or death issues in their feces farm, they are busy eradicating gender specific language from local register, i am sorry do you have a disease from the wallowing garbage rate, tough tetons, hobos, at least you don't have to worry about falling with a manhole, they are renamed maintenance holes, if you go to cal and live in a house with a bunch of instagram
9:29 pm
ready dummies, you live in a collegiate greek system residence, this would rather file down harmless phrasing then actually do something about the homeless crisis, but that is happens in a twee state with one party rule that lost touch, and the bags are bad, california banned them now people buying more small plastic bags there is a 120% spike making up for prohibition, don't get me started on the pc, freedom crushing plastic straw ban, and legal weed is a big economic boost, nope, tide of over taxation soaked the cannabis industry, has squeaked out about a third of projected revenue, but black market is thriving, as
9:30 pm
illegal -- condition -- cannabis farms are more productive. just because the government said so. city like berkeley and states like california are loaded with do-gooders who super fiberral sl policies are pushing more people out than moving in. >> kennedy: city councilmember who lead to brave charge said, they are eradicating a male-centric code, so is everyone safer now, they have on to say artificial not man-made, party panel is
9:31 pm
back. emily, you are from just over the bridge. >> just over -- over city line. from el cerrito. part of me loves they are true to themselves. i like they put it change code or whatever. kennedy: let berkeley be berkeley g. >> totally, more part of me files disappointed and not surprise another waste of tax dollars, and also it took time away from for example current discussion with police union with city of berkeley the amendment was tabled until next time they meet because they ran out of time. kennedy: police had tough times there you know some of these demonstrations against conservative speakers they have gotten very violence, and costly for the city.
9:32 pm
don't call firemen -- call the hot squad. >> get woke, you need to get woke. kennedy: i am sleepy. >> this not just confined to berkeley, today elizabeth warren god love her, put her preferred pronounced on her twitter file. kennedy: she did. >> o'rourke will be they and them, out -- i love it. >> they are never getting for them. >> yes. >> i love it. >> sticking to script and question at hand. look, i am not in business of distractions, we see enough of that from his president every day. >> he is your president too. >> i'm not sure what emotions are running high in that part of california, why they would to use words to change names, they
9:33 pm
have bigger issues, bigger fish to fry. kennedy: is it a mandate. >> [ laughter ] >> a person date. >> silly. >> and who knows, this could be a real problem we don't know, i don't live their there. kennedy: would you live there. >> i would not, i am a southern boy. i am from south carolina. kennedy: i would choose ill literacy. >> god's country. kennedy: you are running for offers. >> i am not. kennedy: he is he is running for lindsey graham seat. >> kennedy. kennedy: that is exciting. sometimes people need encouragement like jeffrey epstein is encouraged to stay in these his cell, a judge denied bail on sex trafficking charges, prosecutor calling him a flight
9:34 pm
risk, pointing to his financial resources be last week fed searched his home, they found cash, diamond, and a passport with his picture but a different name, and listed his residence in saudi arabia. his lawyers argue their client used passport decade ago to travel in middle east, he was at risk of kidnapping because of his wealth and jewish heritage. and judge citing compelling testimony from 2 women this we week. epstein will stay behind bars, he prepares for trial, will he see the light of day again? emily, is hic a flight risk. >> yes. also a number of compelling factors that i support that denial of bail. one is that he was saying, clearly, there will not be any more accusations, now that i'm under investigation again and
9:35 pm
prosecuted again. there will not be any more. there was. second, it not just about resources, he said, well, i promise you can extradite me from wherever i end up, ignores fact that country he is sitting in might not agree. kennedy: i heard he is going to ecuadorrian embassy in london there is an have a -- vacancy there. >> he will be safe for a while. kennedy: that is the end. so, who is to blame for this? sweetheart deal that former labor secretary gave him? >> i think that is part, you can't deny the fact that something could have been done different, you hear from republican party about law and order, they want to hold people accountable. i think he has to be responsible, bigger issue, still serving in capacity as a labor secretary here, we talk about this on the show, that --
9:36 pm
>> that so fishy, the deal, it was so crazy. >> but -- >> if you were not jeffrey epstein, and you had access, coerced allegedly, the way he did, with the young women, the number of young women, you were anyone else, you would not have gotten 6 hours or 12 hours a day, 6 day a week work we lease. >> and not be a labor secretary for president of the united states. >> if you offered that deal. >> people leak this get away is because it a bipartisan issue unfortunately, i don't think this is a political issue -- kennedy: not -- >> by the way, it reminds me of why we have not seen deal unseal in congress in terms of sexual harassment claims have been made by members of congress that remain anonymous, this is bipartisan. democracy and republicans are guilty, i say let's find out who. kennedy: i want to see what
9:37 pm
happened with prince andrew, and flight logs of bill clinton, too much time on pedophile island. >> to be clear. about what i said. i said there is no way he should be labor secretary for u.s. of america for a president, through background check, they should go through vetting process, i hear is intense, it should have come up, should have been a red flag. kennedy: for acosta? they knew about it. >> my point. >> he was -- >> so it was press ignore button could. >> i don't think they thought it would resurface, i don't think they thought southern district of new york would press more charges, and they figured because of double jeopardy it -- >> i have friends denied in previous administration for far less, any flag. no way jose. kennedy: i have friends in low places, the situation reminds me of weinstein. >> that everyone knew it it on
9:38 pm
paper, and across kitchen table yet it never made national heat the outcry coverage, this kind of the same thing, yet judge signed off on it, and multiparties signed off. kennedy: emily, chris, antwon a glorious. night. >> we have lineup for second round democratic debate, now, it will be 10 per night, who is debating whom, who will have advantage, will they mix it up or clump, charlie hurt has answers next.
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♪ dr. dre ♪ kennedy: all right, lineup to second round of democratic debates are in. first night july 30, heavy
9:43 pm
hitters, bernie sanders, warren, and mayor pete buttigieg. marianne williamson brin the love, and o'rourke trying to bounce back. action night, kamala harris, gibe gibjoebiden rematch. she raised a bunch of money after attacking sleepy uncle joe, who has most to gain and lose. joining me, fox news contributor. author of brand-new book still inning. why we must do it again. charlie hurt, welcome back. >> great to be with you. kennedy: let's talk about this lineup, i think it is fascinating, i had a great time watching the debates last time. >> did you get a lot of -- you feel like you were informed on the issues. kennedy: no issues, it was void of any issue filling. but you have to see some of the
9:44 pm
characters better fleshed out. >> but problem for them, it is like a 3 ring circus without a ridge leader -, ring leader, you don't know where to look, like a cnn panel, all over the place, problem is, there is not -- then there is really nobody that is able to sort of put a fine focus on those issues. i have said all along, that 2016 election was most issue-oriented presidential elect that i covered, you had two polarizing candidates, and all that was left people focused on the issues. kennedy: st. louis with -- >> that was detroit. kennedy: that was right after that access hollywood tape, they wasted a lot of time talking about that, it did turn into a circus. but, i feel like here the fox
9:45 pm
business and fox news debates we pushed those candidates, you got so much out of them with 17 people on two different stages, it is interesting, president trump emerginged because of his transformational personality, love him or hate him, there is no in between, you see the field shrink a little bit. but you don't have one clear leader, it keeps changing. it says joe biden is a top of poll. people you know two weeks ago, were not interested in kamala harris then in warren, now mayor pete getting some interest. because of his money in second quarter. >> a lot of ways. kennedy: there is no one person. >> like the republican nomination of 2012, massive field, all of these debates, and every week someone new would pop to the top. >> rick santorum. >> newt gingrich our next republican nominee at one point, you go through them all, everyone had a shot in
9:46 pm
spotlight, but at end of the day people, republican voter did what democratic voters did in 2004, and i suspect will do this time, which is, holy crap. we have to beat this guy, all crazy stuff that we're hearing democrat talk about, that -- i think this end will go out the window, they will go with only thing they care about, person who can beat donald trump. kennedy: is there someone who can? >> i think -- no, absolutely. you know, i don't, dismiss any of these people, all of the advantage is trump side. it -- you wind up two polarizing candidates it goes back to issues, then donald trump wins reelection in a walk. kennedy: people more able to separate personality from policy than they were in 2016? >> i don't know. and to me that say biggest question.
9:47 pm
but even when you -- joe biden, joe biden, i don't think that joe biden can beat donald trump. >> 2016 yes, 2020 a different story, still winning according who charlie hurt, buy the book. >> thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next, it is a good one stay right here you little rascal. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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kennedy: south carolina po -- south dakota police arrested a barefoot woman who climbed mount rushmore and tried to take a selfie with the presidents, it is a crazy story, but it is nice to see hillary in the news again. >> topic one, a southwest airline flight. you always have to jump through hoops to travel. employees, at lax held a hula hoop contest to figure out who should flying pilot took a seeing a dog on the vet. that is not true, they were killing time. they held a contest, let passengers decide the winner. a tricky proposition, if they said are good at making decisions that's would not be flying southwest. >> here a fun fact. hula hoops inspired by a hoop
9:52 pm
dance, a form of native american story telling they sold millions of them, but you google native american story telling every story is about elizabeth warren. >> topic two. to a florida mcdonald's. oh, my goodness. worker got arrested for throwing a soda pop at an unruly customer, floridaians were shocked to hear she did not use coffee. so much more effective when it is boiling hot, jordan chucked a coke out the window after a man demanded an extra straw. how dare you! conservatives are wondering why she got upset and progress ofive want to know whye used two straws. that did not sit well with police who took her to jail, and do not let her pass go in
9:53 pm
mcdonald's monopoly, she is now sharing a cell with el chapo and the hamburglar. she will need tommy john surgery next year. but the -- lu bud light. offering free beer to any alien who escapes from area 51 during upcoming september raid. why should et phone home when he can get hammered. and send you a bunch of you up text. yeah. they signed up to raid military base in search of intelligence life this is virgin territory only problem with free beer, no form of intelligent life would drink bud light. they would take a sip, consider it a hostile gesture, occur it
9:54 pm
full mars attack,akak. >> area 51 raid scheduled for september 20, but, can't wait that long 2 b 2 to be surroundea bunch of stoned losers, you could always hit a bernie sanders rally, 1%, crop circles. >> topic 4. >> ouch a former female porn star started a church helping people quit their porn addiction, what could go wrong, she put the dick in addiction. they know her name, h.r. department gave it to us after reviewing everyone's search history. >> britney de la mora partnered with founder of a christian cannabis church, like regular church but eucharist is a cool ranch dorito, they claim to cure
9:55 pm
your porn addiction, just send a bunch of videos to your computer watch them. all jokes aside, we applaud her work, other porn stars have turned to prostitution or something worse like michael avenatti, i much happier ending, some pun intended, get a baby wipe. >> she is stuck at airport after she mishe -- missed her pliet fe flight is over booked, but she offered to do anything on to get a seat. topic 5, internet spoken but a lot of you don't speak percocet and fire water, allow me to translate, view ar viewer mail. >> kennedy, you need to learn how to express your feelings, don't hold up so much spiem.
9:56 pm
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on up instagram. what a glorious time we had, good night. good evening. gregg: good evening, i am gregg jarrett in for the vacationing lou dobbs, the dimms in disarray, party radical idea, causing most left leans supporters to question their tactics. president enjoying the highest level of support since taking office. more corruption from the deep state judicial watch, uncovering new e-mails that show obama state department officials setting up a meeting to discuss a quote, russia matter. just a cup 4e8 els couple of moe


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