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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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next labor secretary. the son of the late supreme court justice an t >> it is 5 a.m. here are your top story this is hour, tensions rising with tai ron iran denying that awe pus warship shut down one of its drones in the strait of herr muse what it could mean for pus iran relations going forward. >> 2020 hopeful, bernie sanders has been a champion in the fight for 15. but now his own campaign staffers say they don't make that much money how they are turning bernie words against him. >> microsoft has a blowout fourth quarter beating by a million dollars as netflixables into upside down losing 17 billion in value . >> i feel the need, the need for speed. maverick makes his run, the new top gun sequel trailer is out
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and fan are flying high. it is friday, it is july 19th fbn:am starts right now. ♪ for a minute i thought that heat outside took the music out of the show but it is back and hot outside. >> welcome everybody to fbn:am and good morning i'm cheryl casone. >> did you have a great birthday? good morning after the big day. good morning everybody happy friday i'm lauren simonetti. >> let's take a look at how money folks is moving on this friday. the heat so on for the markets look at this. the dow is up 108 in the
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premarket and looking for the rate cut and nasdaq is up 35. officials saying they might act fast in cutting rates and yield on tenure treasury up two basis points 2.04%. >> as we were talking about more develops overnight with iran let's fake a look at oil right now. we are high per we're at 5585 that's a gain of 55 cents. >> stocks in asia closing out the week. in the green look at this nikkei in japan gaining 2% other markets 9%. imf and in u.k. green across the screen over in europe. let's get to our top story that is iran. the country denies that president trump said that u.s. military shotdown iranian drone in strait of hormuz i am worried that a uss boxer has shut down their own uas by mistake.
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>> blake berman is at the white house we've got more. blake good morning. >> commander in chief say it is that they destroyed iranian drone president trump saying that incident took place in straight of hormuz as that drone was flying about a thousand yards away from the uss boxer and ignored multiple calls to stand down. >> this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by iran against vessels operating in international waters. the united states reserves the right to defend our personnel our facilities, about and interests and calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation. and global commerce. >> the president also expressing his reservation thursday about a only 10 billion cloud computing contract that will be handed out by the pentagon. amazon is seen as the leader to
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win that contract but the president says he's been presented with many concerns. >> we're getting tremendous , really complaint from other companies and from great companies some of the greatest companies in world to complain about it having to do with amazon and the department of defense. and if i will be asking them to look at it very closely. president also met thursday at the white house with executives from airline industry that included the head of airwaves along with united jett plus, and american. the white house says that discussion was on transparency and competition. back to you in new york. >> blake, thank you let's stay with the white house because president trump is planning to nominate eugene he tweeted last night gene has a great success in legal and laicial field highly rpghted as a lawyer but with great experience working with labor and everyone else. the 55-year-old is the son of
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the late justice angt antonin and step down from the position just last week costa after rules of prosecutor negotiating plea deal with jeffrey epstein. >> there could be some movement on a budget deal in wag. the white house reportedly has been house speaker nancy pelosi a proposed list defending costa part of a deal to raise the debt limit. proposed cuts of at least 574 billion dollars would be used to offset cost raising spending cap. pelosi wants to file a bill this week so house can vote on package next week, of course, washington needs to raise the debt limit before the treasury can no longer pay its bills. possibly in early september. >> all right all eyes on her and all eyes on this. u.s. and chinese trade officials have spoken over the phone we've learned it this called by pus trade representative robert lighthizer and steven mnuchin is second one since the u.s. and
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china e agreed to a truth in a trade dispute. but huawei remains a major sticking point as trump administration is weighing a response to china's demanding that the pus ease trade restrictions on the company. senator mitch mcconnell spoke to our own march yesterday on mornings maria about it. >> huawei represent a national security risk and i don't think we ought to do anything to make it easier for them to operate and do business here in america. or in europe for that matter we're talking to them about it as well. >> one said he and lighthizer would travel to beijing for more talks these phone discussions are productive watching this. meanwhile boeing planning 5 billion dollars to compensate airlines that suffered because of the grounding the 737 max airlines around the world canceling thousands of flights since march when regulators grounded the 737 max falling two fatal crashes.
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boeing is also facing litigation seeking compensation for families of the 346 people who died in those two crashes. >> well let's take a look this morning the shares of microsoft stock and premarket is jumping and it is reaching new highs up about 3% as you can see 3.5% now and premarket all of this a reaction to the company bhoaing out those earnings after the bell last night they earned a dollar 37 for share in the last quarter that fiscal quarter 16 cents better than the the forecast -- total revenue of 12%, 34 billion much of that profit, of course, coming from strong sales in its cloud business we're going to have more on this in a bit meanwhile last 24 hour it is not good to netflix the company lost 17 billion dollars in market cap yesterday after they reported disappointing second quarter subscriber growth a lot of analysts now cutting their forecast on this stock. netflix stock helping 10% yesterday that's the worst single day drop in three years.
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a little bit life for it this morning many premarket up about a quarter percent. we're going to have more on this later in the show. that's nothing after 10% drive. secretary of state mike pompeo arrives in argentina first stop on tour of lath opinion america. >> tracee carrasco has those it also. good morning. >> good morning the secretary state visit coincides with the 25th anniversary of the buenos aires bombing 85 people killed in the attack that's been blamed on the group hezbollah and will attend a counterterrorism summit in hopeses of forming a common front with other-of-the- goes to fight against militant groups in the middle east. and jeffrey epstein will not be leaving jail any time soon a new york federal judge denying him bail yesterday saying no bail package can overcome l danger to the community. this 66-year-old has been in custody since his july 6th arrest on sex is trafficking charges. he pleaded not guilty in an
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court appearance. we work cofounder adam newman cashed out 700 million dollars from the company ahead of its initial public offering. "the wall street journal" reports a newman sold some of his had stake in the company and borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars against his holdings. that transaction are unusually large given that start of founders specifically wait for ipo to cash in holdings newman remains the company's largest share shareholder. mcdonald's is sweetening up breakfast lineup testing blueberry mcgriddle sandwich of fans clambering for a more cravable breakfast option on the go for now it is limited to restaurants in washington, d.c. and that's what's happening now. so it's salty. sweet probably a lot more fat content. but it's got blueberries and they're healthy. always a justification. thank you.
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>> we've got a lot more coming up our top story this morning just hours after president trump announced that the u.s. shot down an iranian drone tehran denied it ever happened. what really went on what does it mean for rising tensions between two the countries? lauren: a new study proved what we kind of knew already here on fbn:am. [laughter] lauren: women are smarter than men but maybe not everything. you're watching fbn:am. ♪ to help them get the things they love instantly. our data provides insights into what your shoppers have already bought.
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so you can offer them what they might consider buying next. our financial and tech solutions are changing what's possible in all sorts of ways. so, how can we change what's possible for you?
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about a month after iran shot down a u.s. military drone, president trump says that uss boxer warship is destroyed an iranian drone in strait of hormuz. boxer took defensive action against ran i iranian drone whih which closed into a very, very near distance approximately 1,000 yards. ignoring multiple call as to stand down and was threatening the safety of the ship. >> also happening hours after iran ceased tanker claiming it was smuggling oil out of iran. lest bring in james the vice president of national security and foreign policy at the heritage foundation, james, these are mind games, how can
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iran say and why would iran say that we didn't take out their drone? >> other evidence got to go with the simple list explanation this was a tough neighborhood. and neighborhood where countries want to look tough. and so iranian simply deny it happened then they don't have to respond to it and face, it looks like a face saving on iran airport but i think another indicator that they're not really interested in escalating a confrontation with the united states but looking for ways to avoid that. >> i hear you. they don't want to escalate tensions in that area. but how do you then explain all of l that you are ore provocations in this area and recent months? >> well, you know, that's easy i think. but i actually wrote a piece on this on fox news. if trump gets reelected, and the iranians have no choice but to negotiate request trump, they have to have cards to play. so if they do provocative things now like increase the enrichment
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of their uranium if they are antagonistic to freedom of traffic in the gulf then when they go back to the table, they actually have something to negotiate with. that's a veryic iranian position. >> so sthept something to trade -- and they want the sanctions off that's their whole point here that the sanctions are hurting them but the administration shows no signs of pull anything back and upping sanctions a little bringing enhancing our military presence in saudi arabia. how does that change the situation in the military buildup? >> i think it is a strategy that works both ways for iranians if trump loses we've already had had several xaingts on left say well we go back to iran deal then, then they will get bribed to play nice if trump wins they have something to negotiate with. look they said maybe we can just add some additional protocol to address some of trump concern and go back to plays nice again.
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>> why toangt we do that? >> that's a potential possibility that might be offramp for iranians if they address some of the additional concerns that the pus has, include not just on the administration program but also on ballistic missiles in some of their own behaviors that's a potential pathway forward. >> as we look at the conflict in new escalation almost weekly at this point price of soil moving higher but not insanely higher as it would in years past. james, thank you very much. >> well right. general final point go ahead. >> i think that markets are reacting to what they're seeing which is -- the situation is actually far nor stable in the media portraying it. >> james thank you have a good weekend sir. let's take a look the u.s. futures right now on your friday we have got green arrows across the screen investors really banking -- baking? baking in. how about baking in that rate cut from the fed? we're going talk about that coming up. also l this, elizabeth warren
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has a new target. wall street vampires -- but critics warn the plan for 20 to hopeful could backfire on the american economy. bernie sanders fight for 15 is backfired how the -- that 2020 hopeful own staff is now calling him out. we've got details, coming up. on fbn amy. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> did you hear this? democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren unleashing sweep new attack on wall street she said big banks are making record profits and
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hand out huge bonuses as average wages barely budge. so her new plan is expanding on her vision for what she calls economic patriotism by imposing several restrictions on private equity firms she compares them to vampires ultimately hammering home her talking point of income inequality in the u.s. saying main street wage have barely budged. >> all right well u.s. stock index futures are higher this morning we're looking at dow that's up 99 point right now. s&p is up 7 and quarter nasdaq up 31 and quarter now investor grew much more confident but the federal reserve was going to cut interest rates at it meeting later this month from vice-chairman richard who talked to our own liz claire man yesterday watch. >> reality is that in the past central banks have found it appropriate to take out insurance policieses and good times so that's part of the tool kit. it is if you need to use it you
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don't need to rate for dramatic series of rate cuts. >> portfolio manager joins us now and we heard from some of the banks and jam knee diamond therm looking at three rate cuts this year and fed futures jumped on that comment and half a point rate cut on the 31st of july what do you think? >> i don't buy more than 25 basis points and i'm -- i have data that keeps coming in struggling to see how fed will rationalize this. they have talking heads out there yesterday. but you have a snap back in the new york -- of the empire manufacturing survey on sunday philly fed yesterday business expectations and way above where expectations were plus you've got good payroll data and this week. >> your point is basically economy isn't telling us that we're going to get a half a point and economy maybe these guys are saying a quarter point that's more realistic. >> i would say economy is is saying we don't need rate cuts at all perhaps other side.
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and then feds out there saw i'm wondering markets are like it is getting set up to let down here. more than 25 basis point here. >> on tape we have to bring you back on 31st. let talk about couple of story stocks we're following first netflix lost 17 billion dollars a market cap yesterday. the story continues today the stock is slight higher in premarket analysts have been cutting cutting, cutting their profit excuse me price targets for netflix and it is really struggle to tell the street how he's going to deal with losing subscribers and competition what is is your forecast for this month? >> for netflixs what happens to all of the growth names is as soon as that growth expectation gets rerated, the states in ugly period for the stock. i would give netflix another quarter or two, to figure out to see if this whole story sofer but if they keapght figure out how to get in front of this to keep this grow, subscriber
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growth growing at record levels it is a different thing, though. smg maybe not the time to netflix today barely up. real on microsoft cloud computing quarter not sure what else to say other than they own linked in the and skype and they've got businesses, you know xbox anything you don't like this morning. >> what i don't like that is being talked ab clear beneficiary of the tax cut for corporations because a lot of this money that is saved by corporation is back in the business and through software and so spending money in the cloud upgrading windows upgrade office, you saw rise in pc shipment of all things over last year so it is -- it microsoft is a good story for a company to grow that much and expect double digit revenue in earnings groat for next year that's spectacular. smg that's what they forecast cfo did her name on that one. mike lee great to see you lauren over to you. >> house democrats a bill to raise minimum wage to 15 an hour
5:25 am
more than double the current rate it would be fazed in over six year period but allow for increases to stop if jobs are lost as a result and you remember the congressional budget office estimate. that increase could cost 1.3 million jobs. the house bill unlikely to become lost since it needs to pass the republican led senate and a champion in the fight for 15, bernie sanders reportedly receiving some backlash from his own campaign. stats say long hours working on half of sanders drop their actual pay to about 13 dollars an hour. sanders campaign manager says they offer wages and benefits competitive with other campaign. cheryl. cheryl: a lot more coming up folks firework on capitol hill. is acting homeland security kevin gets grilled by the democrats. >> none of us -- would have our children in that position. >> do you think policy of child separation could have contradicted to a dehumanizing
5:26 am
culture within cpt? >> more on fiery hearing in shocking new numbers and the fight to secure our borders and -- general motors unveiling most radical resign of a core vet in its history and it is coming in a bargain price and it is a hot car there it is we've got details coming up on fbn:am. your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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rate cut continue to power our market taking a look at u.s. future this is morning all in the green, again dow up 93 s&p up 6 and a half, nasdaq up 28 and a quarter over to asia as you can see on your screen. markets all there higher overnight. craig waiting to see a market analyst here from london craig good morning what are you looking for? >> i'm in a thing they think today is about the feds that is
5:30 am
going to be about about what's the final two policymakers speaking and most important cost is james. he's typically the most member of the fed and he -- if he l ?as that there could be two rate cuts or 50 base rate cuts i think that's going to get people very excited. >> we're looking at green across the screen craig thank you so much. we appreciate your time. lauren. >> acting homeland security kevin gets grilled on capitol hill. griff jenens was there joins us from washington with the details. griff, good morning. >> good morning lauren and cheryl it was the hot fest seat in washington yesterday. the acting chief kevin pushing back on democrat attacks making the case that dispute overwhelming challenge in lack of congressional support dhs made significant triads? securing the border and protecting migrants but the unsatisfied chairman cummings lashed out.
5:31 am
>> what you're saying? >> we're doing our level best drk >> what does what mean when a child is sitting in their own feces care take or sour. come on man. what's about that? none of us qowld have our children in that position. >> informed mote that more than 800,000 migrants apprehended or crossing illegally this fiscal year and reduced unaccompanied children from 2700 down to under 350 with an average of fewer than 35 hours in cvp custody. there's no one in a blanket we're taking care of children thanks to resources that we have. they're moving quickly through our facilities to have a better situation and i would be happy had to show you at the border of the mr. chairman. >> afterwards we caught up with chairman who express cautious optimism that things are moving in the right direction. >> i think that secretary is now
5:32 am
got in the picture we must do better. we have no choice but to do better. next pup expecting hear senate democrats leading delegation of more than a dozen democrats to tour the southern border in migrant facilities the day in the texas they have a press conference scheduled this afternoon. lauren. cheryl. >> griff, thank you. >> two members of the squad were among lawmakers grilling maclinen and four telling them to go back to home country he is is mostly the united states as dominated the news cycle prevented some 2020 hopefuls from getting attention. while the president is now dismissing thims from the chance at the rally on wednesday the send her back chance saying he wasn't happy with the message but is damage already done we bring in cliff of you know americans for liberty and howard franklin a democrat strike that strategist thank you for joining us. good morning. >> good morning. lauren: is the damage already
5:33 am
done, cliff? what do you think? >> i think the damage here is really going to be more in the conversation as this moves forward. i mean the squad they're getting a lot of air time they're getting a lot of attention and to me somebody who is looking to advance free markets -- i think it is going to a welcome conversation with the squad really putting forward this idea of what i would call radical leftism or socialism so i think when you look at it from a perspective of, you know, this conversation is going to continue. ting this is just getting started. but i think it is an opportunity for them to really have a real conversation about these radical ideas and they are right front and center right now. >> howard that seems to be strategy as of now the president is saying that democratic party is controlled by these four loud voices. they are anti-american, they're going to ruin the american dream they're going to take over country that's the strategy do you think it is gong to work? >> i don't know that i think it is going to qok i think there are a lot of variable it is that are still at play at this point. but i wouldn't go so far to say
5:34 am
much to do nothing but in absence of democratic nominee for president when you have a singular voice speaking for republican party, marshaling all of the talking point, and really serving as tip of the spear, it is a different scenario than having two dozen democratic candidate i think right now, we're seeing the a lot of air time to be had any anybody who got an idea or ready to put something forward into the media into that space but i think once we narrow field of democratic candidate you'll see a lot less attention on the 2% or four members out of the 220 that's getting attention now and more attention on who will likely become the democratic nominee for president. lauren: those 2020 hopefuls might get some air time in the midst of all of this at the end of the month when we have the debate night one in detroit cnn is hosting -- the main players of the elizabeth warren and bernie sanders but i want to talk about night two for a second cliff. because you have center stage joe biden and kamala harris,
5:35 am
this is basically going to be a rematch he tack beating from her in that first debate. what do you expect to happen? >> i expect this to be a forgiveness tour and what i mean by that is you have two folk who is right now are trying to reach the democrat base trying to reach this base say look i should be the nominee but both of them have records especially when it comes to criminal justice reform. they just aren't only with mainstream democrat but mainl stream americans so i expect to see a lot of them trying to correct the record and i'm expecting fireworks because you're going to see them going head-to-head trying to distance themselves and make themselves more radical left i just don't think that's a good result for either of them but that's what they're trying to lock in the base moving themselves further away from mainstream america. >> howard if you look at optic on night two all of the candidate of color, in addition to joe biden are on night two, how it was that going to play for or against joe biden the
5:36 am
front runner? >> i think joe will have a better stronger performance than first time around the. but i think it is impossible to predict what happens when you get ten kaingts on stage and they're all scrambling for an opportunity for that repeatable moment that viral moment. : yeah cliff howard franklin thank you gentlemen have a good weekend. >> thanks so much. all right. well more than 2,000 federal inmates are going to return to their families from behind bar this is month this is large fest group to be freed under first step act that reduces sentences due to earn good time. and also hope to get employment opportunities under the second chance hiring program. new york post is reporting by the way that the white house has secured better jailhouse conditions for rapper rocky he's a hip-hop star locked new a swedish prison for more than two weeks after he got in street fight with two men president trump's son-in-law jared kushner lobbied for kanye west and kim
5:37 am
kardashian. dominican republican has details. >> minister of tourism said it will set up a lingual emergency center staff with specialist to connect tourist and families with the government and to see that they would like to speak with. on top of that country hotel will be required to provide inspectorses to ensure save the of foods and drink, hotels will also have to provide information on all of their suppliers, the the new measures cool as former president bill clinton made a visit to the island. a pair of newspaper publishers would be combining "the wall street journal" reports usa today publisher is e nearing deal to merng with rival gate house media, the deal join the two nations large fest newspaper groups by circulation together they publish 265 daily papers. no word on how much the merger will cost. a small legal win for a founder elizabeth holmes her lawyer is convinced that judge to grant them access to fbi documents the
5:38 am
lawyer say they are key to their defense did not know her technology was producing inaccurate results. holmes has been charged with conspiracy and fraud. and a new study shows people now view women as more confident than men. something we knew. according to an analysis published in the journal of american psychologist, women are seen as just as capable as men if not more so but they are still viewed as less ambitious which is hindering them from breaking glass ceiling and seen as emotional. that's what's happening now. somebody studies show that women are -- just as qualified but we e don't ask for raise ares we don't think we deserve say a 5,000 raise and man is asking for 20,000 extra we've seen that a lot. >> i have so much to say about this topic i'll keep my mouth shut. anything tracee? >> we'll talk later. that's how if i feel it gets
5:39 am
heated still ahead dangerously hot for of the country this weekend but headed to the tbeach to cool off. you might not be much safer. we'll explain and talk about a baseball error. this kid he threw a home run baseball back on to the field. wait until you see what his dad priceless reaction. coming up. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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nasa celebrating apollo 11, 50th an verse by with web cast saluting mission hero and future projects back in washington the smithsonian will unveil recap of that mission projected on a 40 foot wide screen and washington memorial. this show will be held tonight and tomorrow. how beautiful. and those attending events better hydrate a heat wave on the way for the most of the country. >> janice is here with what we need to know. >> everybody is aware that there's a heat wave that's happen today through the weekend to flirt with record highs not going to get there for cities but d.c. we have to watch forecast today for 98 record is 9 now with the heat indices what it feels like with humidity well over 100 degrees in some cases 1
5:43 am
10 degrees that is very dangerous not only today but for the weekend on saturday, look at new york city in and around new york city area close to 110 degrees all the way up to boston as well heat advisories are in place so people need to take care of their pets and elderly and watch their kids i advise staying inor doors. and air-conditioning know where cooling centers are. >> it is dangerous you know fox business always sponsors the new york city triathlon they canceled it because of the heat it is out. >> very smart. janice, thank you you've got it ladies. >> thank you janice something to keep in mind. if you plan to head to the beaches this weekend to escape what janice talked about that hot weather some are getting sick or dying from a flesh eating bacteria let's bring in mark seeing physical fox news contradict tore, and dr. siegel there's nine people that have died so far this year from this flesh eating bacteria have we ever seen numbers before with this type of disease? >> l seen these number but what's had changing is starting
5:44 am
to come up north more. so saw a case in maryland we generally we see it in the gulf coast states but starting to see it up here more an you heard reason why if it is over 55 degrees in the water you can have this bacteria that kind of bacteria that causes a skin infection that spreads wildly and we have to catch early we have to treat it early. we can save people for this not everybody dies from it only one out of four but we have to catch it early and sometimes we have to do surgery. >> three deaths have already occurred and one was a young man many of these down in the gulf of mexico so you're say warmer water and isn't there an open wound component to this? >> absolutely that's a very good point and you're only going to get this into the water with a cut or open wound. and it is festering and it's a breeding ground for it not the bacteria itself that causes it and a it is several different bacterias that can cause it and toxin that bacteria makes so you
5:45 am
can't tell from initial infection. >> what i've read a lot of folks didn't act fast enough. what am i looking for on my body? >> itchiness and burning and redness you're looking for some pus. you're looking for changes in the skin surface and you're looking for areas of open wounds. that's what you're having to think about most. >> certain people at risk with diabetes and other chronic conditions is that true? >> those are people most at risk for worst complications of that compromised with diabetic, anybody with underlying condition a chronic condition cancer, somebody that's auto-immune someone with that kind of treatment you can prevent this not just by covering your wound when you go into the water but by showers afterwords make sure when you're in waters, or not just there. but bet it in a hot tub or pool not just the ocean but ocean are cases we've seen this year the deadly case. >> really good advice and folkses going to the weekend. you heard how hot it is
5:46 am
beginning to be. even in the pool. let's take a look at futures this morning because for the week, stockses are down first down week for all three major averageses in three weeks. dow futures this morning 93 nasdaq gaining 29 and british open just teed off a look at the leader board is coming up. and maf are rick makes comeback. the end is inevitable maverick kind of headed top extings. >> thank you, sir. but not today. trailer is here and tom, he looks good. tom cruise play on his name. cruz.
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this is hot general motors unveiled brand new corvette the 2020 model with the engine get this, behind the passenger compartment that is so rare the biggest change a since corvette inception in 1953 exact price hapght been announced but gm president said it would start under 60,000 former nasa astronaut scott kelly introduced a new corvette at last night event tell fox business why he loves the car. >> some similarities with spacecraft i think in the engineering that design, of, you know, the engine and just the technology in general. it's, you know, very high-tech car. so ting there are parallels with space flight a little bit with the rockets. you know like a rocket this version of the corvette engine is in the back where it should be. like a rocket scott kel lis on "varney & company" at a.m.
5:51 am
eastern this morning. cheryl. only speaking of hot, the second round of the british open tee off just hours ago jared max awake for it how's the leader board looking? >> ireland and american one shot better than fleet with two and through eight is even today three behind. tiger woods oh, well he won't be winning this major he won masters first manage this year but since -- unmasterful feeling age affect of multiple back procedures appeared to winston paine off opening tee shot a 78 worst round ever for tiger at the british open. in a start for the favorite to win northern ireland his first tee shot out of bounds struck a come in her stomach that smashed her cell phone screen. rory bogey hole and finish eight over par e he's 149th -- of 156 score an eight not a fast start for phil mickelson who
5:52 am
didn't eat for six days to lose 15 pounds to heal he said while his golf game is still looking somewhat sick. five over far yesterday 76 phil tees off in two hour. rough start to the british open for some of the big names. watch new york yankees brett responding to get called out for third strike yesterday. it is called strike three. shaking his head no. he is not afraid to say thing to the umpire. right now -- let go. yeah. yankee manager gets ejected and laced into a young up fire told hill he was start out like a bleep of a game and a rough stat and you know he got eject but yankees did win double header and then there's this. when a visiting team hits a home l run, in the park usually the tradition you take ball you throw it back in the field well these kids, the father and son
5:53 am
father catches ball and son throws back ball but only problem there in los angeles they're wearing astro jerseys did his father want to throw the ball back everyone saying -- no, no, don't throw it. should have kept it. it is trtion if you throw it back. i don't know i want to know if that said throw it back but angels say we have another ball so that's cool. >> very cool. happy friday. happy friday. jared happy friday 24/7 on siriusxm channel 114. lion king may be big movie at the box office this weepgd but everybody is talking about -- the new top gun trailer. >> you're talking it be. baby. we're talking top gun but why that trailer yous just saw is
5:54 am
making moviegoers run for hill. keep it here on fbn:am. -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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lauren: well, lion king maybe movie at box office but everyone talking about top gun. >> this is coming up. >> biggest opener ever for the month of july. let's back to it. maverick is back, baby, tom cruise, tom cruise surprising fans yesterday in san diego comic con, movie in june 2020. he's back, fighter pilot and val kilmer will look back.
5:58 am
awesome. it's actually more of a nightmare. >> everyone is excited about top gun, this trailer is terrifying, horrifying, it is a nightmare, you see them running around there, steven spielberg directed this and i feel he might regret it because it is getting slammed on social media. >> jennifer hudson is in it. >> it's freaky. cheryl: it's bothering people that they look too human? >> comes out christmas of this year, i don't know. cheryl: i loved it. it's a sad show, we should say, it does break your heart.
5:59 am
>> the content is king right now in streaming site but the box office is looking pretty hot based on triggers. >> absolutely, here is the thing, the story of hollywood this year and seems to happen all of the time, sequels and remake, you have avengers end game, that was great, overall box office not doing as good as last year, avengers, lion king will help get some of the figures. lauren: happy weekend everybody, mornings with maria begins right now. maria: happy friday, i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday july 19th, top stories right now before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, driving global markets this morning, doveish comment from new york federal reserve president john williams getting investors pumped up this morning, rally underway, new york fed wacking back some of the comments this morning. futures off of the highs, still showing double-digit gain at the start of trading, this after the
6:00 am
dow, nasdaq and s&p finished day in groan yesterday, take a look at the numbers as you see it was higher. tensions with iran, u.s. warship destroyed iranian warship in strait of hormuz. that's what it could be for the box office. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪


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