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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 19, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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lower for the week. not a bad picture overall when you stretch it out. [closing bell rings] the question next week, is a rate cut imminent, by how much? that will do it for "the claman countdown." thanks for all of you who have donated and will donate for "building homes for heroes." connell: provocations from iran hitting the market. the revolutionary guard announced it seized a british oil tanker in the straight straf hormuz. reports are a second tanker followed. the dow closes negative 65 points, turned negative in the final hour. things were stronger earlier. we had pretty good earnings. we had optimism over rate cuts and the rest. we were in the green for most of the session. not at the end of the session. we'll cover it all. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." the s&p 500 and nasdaq both closing in negative territory as you can see as well. for the week all major averages
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down slightly snapping a two-week winning streak. the dow, s&p, nasdaq hit all-time highs on monday. we're close to the record territory. connell: still a little bit of a pullback from that perspective. boeing and microsoft jumping on the news we brought you here first on yesterday's program, the plane maker will take a 5 billion-dollar hit because of 737 max crisis. investors were happy that number was not higher than it was. microsoft the only company worth a trillion dollars in the market. it is up hitting an all-time high from the earnings beat. leads the dow for the year, microsoft up 34% in 2019. melissa: president trump in morristown, new jersey, with a meeting with supporters and a fund-raiser. he spoke a short time ago. we'll have some of that as well. connell: fox business team coverage. blake burman on top of all that from the white house. wills wells on floor of new york stock exchange. we will get to phil flynn on the
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iran news, watching reaction with oil in the cme. start with you, blake. reporter: escalating tensions in the strait of hormuz, the waters off the coast of iran, has continued today as iran seized two more oil tankers. one of them british based, another one operated by a british company. a senior u.s. official telling fox this apartments in their estimation to piracy. the president left the white house in the last half hour for a weekend getaway in bedminster, new jersey. he was asked about the ongoing situation there related to iran and the president suggested if need be, the u.s. would come to the backing of the uk, watch. >> we'll talk to the uk. we have no written agreement but we have an agreement. they have been a very great ally of ours. so we heard about it. we heard it was one. we heard it was two. reporter: there is an issue of the u.s. shooting out of the sky an iranian drone. u.s. officials say it was shot
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down by an electronic jamming device. iran is denying that the u.s. did so. its deputy foreign minister tweeting out following earlier today, we have not lost any drone in the strait of hormuz or anywhere else. i'm worried that the uss boxer, the ship, the vessel in this case shot down their own uaf by mistake that is the take from iran, connell, melissa. but in the oval office earlier today the president's national security advisor john bolton assured the president before the cameras for all of us to see that indeed the u.s. did take down that iranian drone. you have that in the strait of hormuz yesterday. now the two oil tankers seized today. connell: thank you, blake. to the price of oil on all of this. for the week oil was down more than 7% but as we bring in phil flynn, certainly late in the day we saw that spike on the iranian news blake is talking about? >> we really did and this is a market, an oil market that has
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been flip-flopping back and forth on iranian news all week. early in the week the reason we were selling off that the u.s. and iran had back channel discussions that they would possibly discuss the iranian nuclear program to decrease tensions. that was yesterday. that all changed with these increasing tensions. we saw the oil market earlier in the day down pretty hard, when they to the the headlines they reversed to the upside. this will be very critical, as you know, connell, the strait of hormuz is still one of the most important oil choke points in the world. at one point over 30% of the daily supply went through the strait. the tensions can dramatically add to prices. people are saying why aren't prices up more? u.s. oil producers provided a buffer but that will not last forever. if these tensions to up, so will the price of oil. connell: fair enough, phil flynn on top of that in chicago. melissa: the maker budweiser
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announced plans to sell its awe trailian unit. let's go to gerri willis with more on the story. >> it is an $11.1 billion beale. selling to japan, a distributor of schwepps. this is $11.3 billion. this will help pay off the company's debt. they have $100 billion in debt. they said they would spin out an a unit with ipo. now they're not doing that. now they're saying they're still considering an ipo of the asian business. this isthe side. this is the new news, selling carlton, united brewers as well. ab inbev raising money to pay off debts. shares up 4.9%. melissa: thank you. connell: desperate for revile. netflix shares down 15% for the week, following disappointing subscriber numbers we brought
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you earlier in the week for the second quarter. perhaps the streaming giant is making a big bet on comedy. eddie murphy is reported to be in talks for a massive stand up special on netflix. "tmz" with the reports about eddie murphy as we bring in our panel on the markets. carol roth, investment banker, creator of the future file legacy system. it was interesting we talked so much this week about what was the future going to hold for netflix. when you get into these conversations, inevitably someone says content is king. if "tmz" is right, content might be expensive. eddie murphy might get a 70 million-dollar deal. what do you make of the move if it happens? >> big thing word is talking about the pay day and talking about getting kevin hart, jerry seinfeld. they will want $70 million, at the will want $80 million. you are starting to feed into your own civil you drive your
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prices higher. hbo used to be $10 million a special. 70 million is a lot of money. i say netflix spends cash like congress. they call them debt flix. melissa: i like that. they spend a lot of money to the get the content. connell: we've both taken note of that comparison, analogy, deion. melissa and i will be using it going forward. >> as long as you give credit. connell: i was going to say without giving you credit. carol, whether on original series in this case content that involves talent and comedy if this happens, they have gone down the road similar deals in the past. this type of thing is expensive. netflix is losing some old legacy shows from other networks. "friends," "the office," what have you, what do you see as the future for this company? >> they have to invest very heavily in content and obviously you're seeing this with eddie murphy as well as some of the other comedians they have
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invested because they don't have a legacy library to draw down. think about hbo, disney, coming online, they have their own libraries of very well-known content. so you can't depend going out to "friends" or "the office" owned by somebody else, going to the highest bidder. you have to invest in your own content library. that is very, very expensive. it will not get any cheaper. they need that to draw in people. it is great for content creators, not so great for netflix shareholders. melissa: beyond meat shares soaring since the ipo in may, perhaps even more good news from the company, 95% of diners who order vegan burgers are carnivores according to a study by npd group. carol, i don't get this. basically the same calories as beef, 270, versus 287. 20 grams of fat?
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just like, a regular burger, 23 grams. it has more sewed july by a lot, 380 milligrams, versus 75 milligrams of sodium for a burger t has a a ton of carbs. 95% of people eat these, what is the advantage? >> hmmm burger. i like things natural. only 2.3% of the population is vegetarian. they have to capture people that eat meat some of the time. some. people probably think this is helpful towards the planet. maybe people don't love idea of eating animal or novelty of technology. melissa: but they eat meat. i thought the only advantage i could see because it is not healthier, the only advantage i could see -- >> it is perception that it is made from plants. people, they think that because
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it is low-fat but good for you, but filled with sugar, whatever the marketing. i know. the markets says it is plant based. people don't get into details. you know this. melissa: the only reason why you would eat this thing because you're not a carnivore. they say 95% of the people that eat them are one. does this make sense to you,. connell: answer me. >> hell not. these valuations? melissa: we'll have one in the break. thanks, guys. connell: we are? melissa: no ex-you get fired up about it. contradiction in something or other. connell: we have to get back to iran. that is the top story of the day, escalating tensions. more on the latest provocation from iran. what it means for u.s. relations on the world stage. still a developing story. melissa: fighting for its reputation. authorities in the dominican republic announcing new safety measures following the deaths of at least 14 american tourists in the region but is it enough to
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reassure the traveling public? connell: apollo 1150 years later, the legacy of the first manned mission to the moon. president trump says they set their sight on mars. we're talking to an aspireing astronaut coming up. >> that is one small step for man, a one giant leap for mankind. help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman? hey, ian. you know, at td ameritrade, we can walk you through your options trades step by step until you're comfortable. i could be up for that. that's taking options trading from wall st. to main st. hey guys, wanna play some pool? eh, i'm not really a pool guy. what's the hesitation? it's just complicated. step-by-step options trading support from td ameritrade content on their endless quest, to nowhere.s, run hopelessly in their cage.
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♪ connell: foreign secretary of great britain confirmed to fox there was second tanker seized. we told that a second tanker was solved but there was dispute it was british. melissa: the drone taken down by the u.s. was iranian, was iranian u.s. said even they iran denied it. rebecca heinrich, hudson institute senior fellow from washington. now what, rebecca? >> the iranians claim it was not their drone that the united states shot down. they claim maybe it was our own drone which is ridiculous. connell: right.
4:16 pm
>> the iranians are in a tight spot. they continue to act out aggressively they're cornered. the pressure campaign that the trump administration has been imposing on iran is working. it is hurting the regime. so they're trying to, sort of low level acts of aggression where they're not inflicting casualties but are really provoking in such a way because they're playing with fire. one of these times either the brits or the americans, they are going to respond in a way that will make the iranians regret what they're doing. connell: we're learning two british ships. there were two tankers. we're working to confirm, either the origin of the second tanker. they were flying a liberian flag. according to foreign secretary both these are uk ships. would you assume that the united states and the uk and other countries maybe in europe start sending more assets at least to this region. does this, from the math of it, doesn't that, you know, increase
4:17 pm
likelihood that even if it is accidental, that something goes wrong? there is some sort of a military conflict of greater consequence? >> the concern there will be a miscalculation what you're getting at. connell: yeah. >> you put more forces in the area. something will, there will be a misunderstanding, somebody will do something that could escalate. right now the iranians understand the united states especially, if you take the united states and our allies the brits, especially the united states, we have such superior i don't remember military advantage, it would be beyond foolish for iranians to think they escalate this to the point where they have the upper hand. remember the united states took out saddam hussein in three weeks. the iranians could not take out saddam in almost eight years. when it comes to military versus military, we clearly have the advantage. just iranians are doing all they can because they feel cornered. connell: i understand that, that they feel cornered, if they know all of that, right, they know
4:18 pm
all we know about the capability ies of what is the actual goal short term? >> they hope the resolve of gull partners from the united states pressure campaign will decrease. you will have emiratis decide maybe this isn't worth it. we can't afford miscalculation or broader conflict in the middle east that they look for deal with the iranians. we have the gulf on our side. the rainians are trying to get the united states and our partners to back down. they think they can wait out the clock, somebody else in the white house, not tough like donald trump. that is where we are. connell: similar to china, maybe there is a hope you get past 2020. people told us with that with regard to china. they're hoping to get past the election, somebody else takes over, they get easier -- logically from iran, they would say to themselves, if joe biden for the sake of argument were to win, this is someone who was
4:19 pm
involved intricately in the iranian nuclear deal. >> that's right. connell: that is how they look at it i guess? >> that is how they look at it. they will get the sweetheart deal they had during the obama administration. if trump wins a second term, nothing happens until then, the united states continues to act with restrain, iranians will be forced to negotiate. they will have a deal that will be not as favorable to them as it was during the obama administration. that is the way it is going to go. they're trying to aggravate at this point to get our allies and partners to lose resolve. we need to keep everybody together, stick with us. connell: we'll keep following it as news breaks seemingly on day-to-day basis. thanks for coming on. melissa: president trump taking aim at the so call "squad." he calling comments from congresswoman omar a disgrace to our country. 200 million people are bracing for record temperatures. what you need to know. that's coming up. ♪
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melissa: breaking news right now. the british foreign secretary is saying that he is extremely concerned by the seizure of two ships by iranian authorities in the straight of horrible muse. here is byron york, amy fox, fox news contributor this is breaking news, not what we were supposed to talk about but let me ask you what is your reaction to this escalation? two different tankers? >> seems the iranians are testing people. they are under extraordinary pressure from these continuing, increasing united states sanctions. you know, there was talk before the united states pulled out about whether u.s. sanctions alone could cause this pressure on iran. they really have. they were testing us when they shot down the american drone. they were testing us when they were pushing close to the boxer, troop ship, which by the way had 2,000 marines on it.
4:25 pm
the united states took that drone out. now they're doing it with britain. now britain is still part of the nuclear agreement. iranians need europe to stay in it. so it is not clear what their ultimate strategy is. but they really seem to be under pressure now. melissa: you would tie it to the fact that the british did seize a tanker that was iranian they said was smuggling in, breaking sanctions. >> right. melissa: just a few more details we're getting for our audience. they were seized 30 minutes apart. this according to the foreign secretary. the crews have a range of nationalities. we understand there are no british citizens on board either ship. the ambassador in tehran, the brits speaking is in contact with the iranian minister of foreign affairs to resolve the situation. these seizures are unacceptable. i mean this is, very aggressive action. it seems like it is moving quickly. they are, i mean there is
4:26 pm
two-ways to look at it. they're either daring the united states or the west to respond, sort of hoping that they overreact, or, it is a bit of a breakdown in communication. i mean for example, the foreign minister from iran here in new york did an interview made it sound like ballistic missiles were on the table in terms of a negotiation and apparently reported back home, you know, the ayatollah was furious at that, did not agree with that. he had to walk it back. so maybe there is a breakdown in the top ranks? >> there have been reports of that. for example, in shooting down the u.s. drone that perhaps a commander did it without having approval all the way up but, on this freedom of navigation is a pretty sacred principle that there would be substantial international support in maintaining. this is not just an issue, especially in the straits of hormuz.
4:27 pm
this is not just an issue between the u.s. and iran or between britain and iran. this is an international issue. and, i would think that not only the united states, the brits, lots of other people would want to insure there is in fact freedom of navigation in that critical area. melissa: what could their endgame possibly be with this? >> don't know. melissa: yeah. >> they said they were starting to enrich uranium over the limits in the nuclear deal. melissa: yeah. >> not clear what they're doing but i mean, obviously the united states position is, stop enriching. don't do it. melissa: yeah. >> we can actually have another deal you can get out of thization schuss but you got to do this. so far, no luck. melissa: before you go let me ask you quickly, we asked you to come on to talk about the feud going on between "the squad" and the president. if you could give us your hot take why you think this is going on. is this president sort of
4:28 pm
setting up what the choice is ahead of the next election between the extreme left and himself? >> no doubt the president and other republicans would be very happy to make "the squad" the living logo of the democratic party going forward. i think members of the "squad" will help them do that going forward. in the past couple days you have seen the president walk back from the position he took in those original tweets on sunday, go back home tweets. on wednesday before he went down to north carolina for the israeli there, there was chanting, all that before that, he had tweeted about "the squad," they're entitled to their opinion, they're americans. very different message what he said before. he also by the way added i'm entitled to my opinion too and i think they're a bunch of of left-wing cranks. you're seeing him criticizing what ilhan omar said, what
4:29 pm
rashida tlaib, what other members of "the squad" have said, criticizing that, not go back to where you came from thing which was so really, really unacceptable to many people. melissa: byron, thank you for rolling with us. we appreciate it. you're always brilliant no matter what we throw at you. >> thank you, melissa. >> the dominican republic rolling out new safety measures following multiple deaths from tourists there. is it safe enough to visit though. we'll tell you what you need to do as you plan your next vacation. we're live on the ground coming up in puerto rico as protests grow more violent there by the day. that is coming up as well. then have you seen this? [bell ringing] >> whoo! connell: that is darla jay from texas. she was celebrating the end of her radiation treatments. was so excited to ring hospital's cancer-free bell. she broke it, broke the bell.
4:30 pm
harris posted this video on social media accounts. it has been viewed thousands of times. battle over with the disease after under going 30 radiation treatments. melissa: good for her. connell: we'll be right back. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star.
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4:34 pm
the largest protests in its history. the embattled governor is rejecting calls to resign. jeff paul is in san juan with the latest. jeff? reporter: connell what is happening behind me has been a constant over the last few days. large groups of people gathering out front of the new entrance where the governor lives. these people are not only upset about the leaked emails from the governor and general administration, general distrust for anyone involved in the administration moving forward. [speaking spanish] reporter: now the governor meanwhile active on social media today, he tweeted out a picture of himself surrounded by some of his cabinet members but made no mention of any ongoing protests or plans to resign. we will likely see a lot more
4:35 pm
people once the sun goes down at nighttime. it has been raining a little bit. that doesn't seem to stop the people out here who are all unified under the message they want the governor to go. connell? connell: so far he hasn't gone anywhere. thanks, jeff paul, san juan, puerto rico. melissa: rolling out new safety measures to calm tourist fears, good luck with that, the dominican republic responding to mounting pressure with 14 americans who have died since visiting the island since june of last year. jacqui heinrich in the newsroom with the latest. reporter: tourism is way down in the d.r. the hope this boosts confidence. multilingual emergency tourist center, double inspections of hotels, booed and beverage suppliers, a mandate to display emergency information to guests upon check-in and guest rooms. they're auditing doctors and
4:36 pm
nurses at facilities with a wave of people with dengue fever improperly diagnosed. four died after having a drink from the hotel mini bar. the reports spurred a lot of media attention. at least 65 reports of near fatal incidents. theories about illicit alcohol or misused pesticides as cause. authorities say they are not related. telling fox news, additional time is required to complete toxicology tests and as such the results are still spending. the wait is having an impact. as for last month, flights for july and august were 74% lower than last year's numbers according to travel research forward keys. tourism makes up nearly 1/5 of the dominican economy in total employment, but the country's vice consul general says the plans were in place even before the negative publicity. >> since we've been doing since the beginning of the year, the president ordered an integral
4:37 pm
tourism review back in january. these measures we're announcing communicating to you today have been in the works since then because -- reporter: the state department says it is pleased that the dr is stepping up safety. tourism advisory has not been increased. one prominent american is not deterred. bill clinton is on vacation there right now. melissa. melissa: thank you for that. connell: a lot of people talking about chevy and the corvette unveiling the newest model of this iconic car. melissa: wow. connell: gary gastelu gets to see the cars, drive them. melissa: his job is ridiculous, it is ridiculous. connell: we should talk to someone. talking about a never-before-seen feature in the 2021 feature. a piece of americana turns 50. all the pom many and circumstance on that. meet meet the woman who wants
4:38 pm
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♪ connell: revved up ready to go,
4:42 pm
chevrolet unveiling its newest corvette. for the first time since the car hit the roadway back in 1953, its first mid engine model. that is the reason a lot of people are talking about the car. including gary gas little lou, the automotive editor. what does that mean for people that don't follow cars closely as you do? why is the mid engine design important? >> corvette was looking to do this for a few years. this is how exotic cars are designed, lamborghinis, indy cars. the mode tore is in the middle, better traction, weight balance going around turns. big change. corvette has always been a front engine american sports car. now it is going after the exotic cars. not everybody was thrilled to hear it happening. this is the problem with mid engine cars, they're usually
4:43 pm
expensive, impractical. they kept the price down, under 60 grand where the current corvette is. they have big trunk in the front and one in the bag, holds the requisite two golf bags. which is what golf ownership -- >> i guess that is the idea. you're telling me this, car for under 60,000, this corvette can compete for real with ferrari or lamborghini? those are 200 plus cars? >> that is more than that. cheapentry level version, 490-horsepower v8, zero to 60 under three seconds. not just ferrari and lamborghini going after. the ford has the gt supercar, $450 million, isn't much quicker than this. there were more powerful
4:44 pm
versions coming in the next couple years. connell: you heard talking before the break how unfair your job is compared to others in building. melissa: or anywhere. connell: anywhere. you probably have driven it, how does it compare if you have seen it to some of these other cars? >> it will be a couple months before anyone gets to drive this one. just looking at it, you can this will be much better performer. connell: they get a good job with it? >> absolutely. connell: that is interesting, at the price point especially, if they can, i always think chevy wouldn't like to hear it, i think corvette as midlife crisis car, that fair? >> that is exactly the image they have had a long time. people moving away from that. they buy cars from import brands. saying you know what? we're doing something completely new. something wrung people will be able to enjoy as well as traditional customers. it is practical. it es is at the right price point. whether the old time boy buyers
4:45 pm
move over to this or start buying camaros instead. it has reinvigorated this car. connell: we'll talk to you when you get a chance to drive it as you always do. gary, good to see you. melissa: definitely come back. you remember 1969, connell? >> sure do. melissa: no you don't. 1969 was a good year for corvette but with americans landing on the moon. it all started with this. >> i believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out and landing a man on the moon and returning him civily to the earth. melissa: more than half a century after that challenge, president kennedy, president trump is challenging the u.s. to plant the american flag on mars now. fox news's kristin fisher is at kennedy space center in cape canaveral, florida, on the eve of the 50 year anniversary of the moon landing. kristin. reporter: melissa, one of the great legacies of the apollo program was the ability to
4:46 pm
inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and astronauts. this weekend, tomorrow, thousands of people will come here to the kennedy space center visitors center complex to mark the moment manifester walked on the moon including the vice president. the vice president will come here to make a major announcement about artemus, the trump administration plan to put american astronauts back on the moon by 2024. it is a rapidly accelerated timeline but nasa is confident they can to pull it off if congress gives them the money to do it. it is estimated to be 20 to $30 billion. president trump was in the oval office with the nasa administrator and two apollo xi astronauts, mike collins and buzz aldrin, despite the promise of artemus, buzz aldrin was disappointed it has taken so
4:47 pm
long to get back. >> 10, 15 years, we have the number one rocket now in the u.s., we have the number one spacecraft and we cannot get into lunar orbit with significant maneuvering capability. >> right. >> that is a great disappointment. reporter: now tomorrow i'm going to be digging into that sentiment a little bit deepwer buzz aldrin and the vice president. i'm going to be hosting a two-hour special from 12 to 2:00 live at the kennedy space center. we're going to be broadcasting from inside of the room where buzz aldrin, mike collins and neil armstrong suited up right before heading out to the launchpad. it is a very historic room. so i'm interested to talk to buzz aldrin what he remembers from that moment 50 years ago, but what hopes nasa will accomplish in the next 50 years. melissa. melissa: kristin, we're looking forward to that we'll all be watching, thank you. here to react is the
4:48 pm
cofounder and president of the mars generation. she is an aspiring astronaut who wants to be the first to set foot on mars. she joins us now. thank you so much for joining us. what made you want to do this? i understand that you knew as early as 13, if not earlier that this is what you wanted to do? >> yeah. i've actually wanted to be a senate for as long as i can remember -- astronaut. some of my earliest memories when i was four or five years old. i remember looking up at the night sky, filled with this sense of you a and wonder, not what we knew but how much we didn't know and how much there was left to explore. even before i knew the words for astronaut or knew anything about space exploration i knew i wanted to be a part of making those discoveries, pushing us farther into our solar system and the universe as a whole. so that passion stayed with me as i grew up.
4:49 pm
melissa: you have done a lot along those lines in order to make the dream come true, right? where are you now in the process? >> i just graduated from wellesley college. i also just got my pilot's license. i am a scuba diver, a skydiver. i speak mandarin and russian. i've done research at nasa labs for astrobiology and research in siberia and right now i'm taking a gap year before i go to graduate school for a phd. i'm planning a whole bunch of exciting things during that year to help me become an astronaut. melissa: you're making me feel lazy. let me ask you, your dream is to go to mars, is there any physical reason why it would make sense to send a manifester or in sports, there is big difference between men and women and their strength and speed. is there anything about being a astronaut makes one gender better and more suited for survival than the other?
4:50 pm
>> not really. so i'll be the first one to admit there are physical differences difference between population of women and men. saying you can't have women or men who are difficult but when it comes to space both sides have pros and cons that make them more suited, more well-suited for space travel and when you look at it, it does kind of equal out however i will say in general, women are smaller, which means we cost less to launch to space. >> i love it. >> using less resources. >> yeah. smart. >> a whole number of reasons. to be serious there is no reason for one or the other when you equal out the pros and cons. melissa: would you be nervous being the first person to mars? the fact that we haven't been there yet? obviously you understand all the science around it but would you be nervous and why is it important to go to mars? >> absolutely i would be nervous, anyone who says they're not nervous or scared of space
4:51 pm
travel is either lying or crazy because it is an extremely dangerous thing to do, especially when we're doing something we've never done before. that so far outside of our realm that we, like going to mars, almost unimaginable, but close enough to be possible. being nervous is normal. it is recognizing that nervousness, having the courage to step past it, saying the reasons that we should go to mars are important enough that i will put that fear and knows nerves behind me. those reasons are numerous. one of the reasons we need to push ourselves in space exploration. we need to ask ourselves what is the next big thing we can do in space? how can we improve? improving not just in space but here on earth. everything we do when we push our abilities space makes our
4:52 pm
life better here on earth. melissa: i wish you luck on your journey. great to talk to you. >> thanks so much. connell: good for her. another historic landing, this comes right here. melissa: right, yes. connell: oreos put together a special edition, marshmallow moon cookie. melissa: i love it. i love it. connell: this is the for the apollo xi 50th anniversary. melissa: keep reading. you're reading. i'm eating. you have a lot of reading to do. connell: it is filled with marshmallow frosting they tell me. how is it. melissa: it is really good. purple on inside. marshmallow. no you need to read now. i'm eating. connell: just a second. melissa: we have a sizzling weekend ahead of us. doctors are warning that temperatures are sweltering. connell: oh, man. melissa: we could have serious complications. these are really delicious. what you need to do to stay safe.
4:53 pm
now this. newest film adaptation of andrew lloyd weber's long running musical leaving viewers scratching their heads. this is so bizarre you have to see it. we'll show you the mystifying trailer next. connell: that is really weird. >> it is so weird. ♪ at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ >> get ready to roast. record heat expected to bake the eastern third of the country. it was so hot in nebraska the national weather service successfully say my baked biscuits on the dashboard of a car after only 45 minutes the biscuits rise. eight hours later they were edible. according to the team the pan reached 185 degrees. how hot will actually get this weekend. here to bring it down. it will be bacon. >> inside your car, against
4:58 pm
someone totter and also very dangerous. if you have anything left in the car keep the mi. really bad, it will be so bad all week long right across the plains. the court releases a lot of moisture and make things humid and hot across areas of the corn belt. tuesday, that is when things get really better for almost everybody. we will have the humidity the way down, that is by tuesday into wednesday. i am giving you something to look forward to. you will need it. we have a really rough number of days to get there. we saw the excessive heat warnings and parts of the plains, spreading out across these. the elevation is keeping things cooler. this is current, feel like 111 in minneapolis. the heat is on. this goes away a little bit tomorrow in the northern plains, we started to confront event and improve things a little bit. the eastern seaboard will bake.
4:59 pm
everybody in the triple digits. a lot of places over 110 so that he is with us in a really big way. air temperature across the plains, using 100 degrees and tamara 70. things do improve and we start to improve someday in the eastern seaboard and monday and tuesday then we will look good. stay inside this we can. >> thank you. >> finally, a memory. some might like to lose. the internet went not reacting when we got our first look at the adaptation of cats. the calls are out. mixed reviews online and one twitter user called the film cgi, tragic. it is scheduled to come out on december 20. >> if you watch it, it is like this person has never seen a cat. whoever made it has never seen a
5:00 pm
cat. they are not shaped like that. the proportions are all -- everything is too big and too small. why are some of the animals were in close and others not. >> our country is facing -- >> "bulls & bears". >> when i talked about raising minimum wage to $15 an hour i was told it's a radical idea. the seven states of redundant. it is time for the federal government to do it. >> good evening a "bulls & bears", bernie sanders pledging to raise the minimum wage. but the 2020 democratic refuses hypocrisy by his own campaign staffers. good evening i'm jackie. during the on the panel, john burnett, great to see you guys. bernie sanders facing heat as the washington post reports. some members of the own campaign are claiming they are not being


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