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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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star. >> remember, he's 20 years past -- eddie murphy is in the hall of fame of median of shall -- of comedians. liz: republican senator marco rubio slamming the chant at the trump rally of send her back as grotesque and wrong. israel now says yes, representative omar and tlaib will be allowed to visit israel, despite their support for the big israel bill that backs the boycott and sanctions a push to destabilize israel. while half of all u.s. states have outlawed this bds movement.
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which top democrat has roundly condemned what these two congress women support. for the second time in a week iran has starringr targeted -- has targeted iran with violence. a liberian franker, oil prices rising. it's gloves off. a big fight between joe biden and bernie sanders. bernie is saying biden is mislead being his single payer. but new details on why you cannot trust democrats with healthcare reform. you won't believe his plan costs way more than what americans already spend annually. this as a do as i say, not as i do socialist millionaire bernie sanders known for lecturing corporate america. bernie not spreading the wealth with his campaign workers.
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we are talking poverty wages even though bernie has raised the most of money so far. democrats leaking anonymously to the press about the upcoming mueller hearing. you won't believe what they are saying. the democrat strategy to get what they want out of mueller. chuck schumer used to be one of the biggest hawks on borderer security. -- on border security. thanks for joining us, i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. welcome to the show, a jam packed hour ahead. let's start with edward lawrence at the white house.
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reporter: the heat raised on all the issues surrounding the white house as the actual temperature goes up. president trump responding to one of the congress women in the squad saying she'll be his worst nightmare. president trump: when people are speaking so badly and call our country garbage. that's worse than deplorable. you have can't talk that way about our country. not when i'm the president. reporter: on the debt ceiling house speaker nancy pelosi turning down a proposal from the white house that included $150 billion in spending cuts. she says she does not want a short-term deal but something longer. president trump not worried. president trump: i can't imagine everybody thinking of using the debt ceiling. reporter: president trump saying. * and chuck schumer said they
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would not use the debt ceiling as a negotiating tool there. even though the treasury secretary saying the markets should not be worried about the debt ceiling deal, even though he says congress is on the clock. mnuchin says congress could run out of money before the house comes back from a break. we are still at a stalemate over a chinese trade deal. but they are working stop an agreement of reached between the two presidents at the g20. that is china buying agriculture from the united states. the chinese have so far not bought any agriculture. liz: to the "send her back" chants widely could be demed satisfaction racist. president trump disavowed it.
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he was dialing back on that a little bit today. republicans rattled and criticized for being mostly silent about it. republicans are frustrated by the democrat squad. marco rubio is slamming the chant as wrong and grotesque. >> the hypocrisy, the self-righteousness outrageous people. on top of it, we have four members who are americans but they are also bullies. when you hit them back it's because they are women much color. sufficient to immediate live respond. it's a game i'm not going to play. liz: hundreds welcomed representative omar when she returned to minnesota. she is promising to continue to be president trump's nightmare.
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president trump: i'm unhamy when the congresswoman says i am going to be the presidential temperatures nightmare. she is lucky to be where she is. the things she has said are a disgrace to our country. liz: joining us, bill mcgurn. >> president trump backed off. the democrats had their resolution on trump. what's interesting is these four women have said pretty repellent things against the united states, for the bds movement against israel. they haven't apologized at all. they expressed no regret for any statement. liz: israel says they will let representatives omar and tlaib visit israel despite their support for bds. 27 states in the u.s. outlaw bds
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as discriminatory. here is the thing. omar is mixing up free speech with discrimination. >> right. >> and we have something else going on. omar believes sanctions 20s venezuela's dictatorship is bullying, but not this against israel? >> previously i thought been net's great gift to donald trump was naming that village on the golan heights after trump. this is a great gift. these two congress women going there, this is thelma and louise. you are giving them a big stage to say incendiary things that will come back to haunt the party. nancy pelosi is also on record attacking support for the bds. liz: she said bds is un-american. it's really about economic warfare against israel.
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watch nancy pelosi here. >> can vigilant against dangerous ideologies massacre raiding' such as bds. it's un-american and has no place in our country. >> remember how thelma and louise ended, gone off the cliff. liz: you are talking about the party. >> the party. they don't want committee aseen itments or legislation passed. they want to make a statement and disresult. these people attacked mrs. pelosi and moderate democrats for settling on a humanitarian bill for the border. they didn't support that. they are just going to cause trouble. they have done what done there are wants, they have become the
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face of the party. liz: do you think it's a swamping of the 2020 message? >> i would say the media now is donald trump's friend because though it attacks him all the time, it's a double standard. a lot of people discount that. what they will see is they are going to give these women attention because it generates headlines. liz: the house rules to push bark on this. listen to what he said last night. >> if they wanted to come to the memorial for the jewish holocaust, then they would be able to come into israel. >> i don't see any way this trip is anything less than a disaster for the democratic party.
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even if they temper their statements. liz: can you explain bds. >> it's to treat israel as a pariah state, to boycott and destabilize it. mostly to declare it illegitimate. to make it difficult for people to do normal things with israel. it's interesting israel is one of the few democracies singled out for this. i don't think most of americans support that. it's a radical stance, and it's become so high profile, largely because these women are pushing it. it's not going to pass. but they don't want resolution. they just want to create i could and get attention on themselves which they are successfully doing. liz: iran has targeted the u.k. with violence.
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iran seized a british oil tanker and a liberian tanker was seeds. powell prices are jumping on that news. reporter: a senior american official says the seizure of these two tankers represents an acts of piracy. the ship was sailing through international waters in the strait of hormuz. the company says unidentified small craft and a helicopter approached it. the company cannot contact the ship and it's heading north towards iran. he says it's essential freedom of navigation is maintained and all ships can moved safely and freely in the region. the ambassador this contact trying to get those ships back
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and the president is warning iran again. president trump: we are hoping they don't do anything foolish. if they do, they will pay a price like nobody has paid a price. reporter: iran violated e.u. sanctions trying to deliver oil to syria. 100 different diplomats discussing this very thing, trying to make sure the strait of hormuz is secure. the point that the administration is making that while a fifth of the world's oil supply is traveling through the strait of hormuz, much of it is headed towards asia. they are looking for taken international presence to make sure these ships are passing through the strait. a senior administration official says the countries will continue to meet to reach that objective. liz: the gloves off big time
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between bernie sanders and joe biden. we are going to show you why you just isn't trust bernie. bernie admitting after the months of refusing and -- refuting and dodging this question. his plan will cost more than what americans spend annually on healthcare. first the 202 some democrat elizabeth warren and her new plan targeting wall street fat cats. >> we now live in an america where wall street is sucking value out of the rest of the economy. and we have got to put a stop to that. [ dogs barking ] what about him?
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>> we live in an america where wall street is sucking value out of the rest of the economy. and we got to put a stop to that. anyone remember shopco? you know why shopco is closed? private equity. anyone remember sears? private equity. toys r us?
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gymboree. it's not just retailers. they have done this to nursing homes and grocery stores. liz: senator warren out with a new bill. companies load up companies with a lot of debt leaving a lot of retail companies bankrupt. senator warren would force this crowd to put some skin in the game. >> senator elizabeth warren says private equity firms are like vampires. she has a plan to drive a wooden stake through wall street and rein them in. she said they bleed companies dry and walk away enriched. my new plan reins in these monsters. it would block them from selling the company's real estate and
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leasing it back to them. it would also block companies from taking transaction fees out of the companies they hold. and it would hold them responsible for debt. >> private equity get a lot of subsidies from the government. and for years and years now it's been a case of they show you have, they have get what they want and congress gives it to them or the regulators give it to them. that has promoted real abuses in that system. reporter: the american investment council issuing this statement in reaction quote. private equities an engine for are growth and innovation. extreme political plans only hurt workers, investment and our economy. warn is also singling out sun
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capital. she blames sun capital for how they have treated hop co -- shove co, saying -- shopco saying they have drove them into bankruptcy and didn't give them receivthem servethem. >> chances are your social media feeds are filled with old people or friends and family who downloaded face app and shared what their older self might look like down the road. but is it all fun and games? >> you gave the organization unfettered access and rights to your image. the second you did that you gave
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them ability to sell it, use it, do whatever they want. you click that away. >> how risky is this. everyday apps we use have similar guidelines. but there is added concern concerning face apps. >> government airports and stadiums are starting to use facing recognition. to think how you could leverage the facial data to trick systems, create crimes. we could sit here and talk forever about the different uses of face. but it's scary. liz: we'll bring you have any further developments. we have other stories we are staying on, the stories for you in this hour. a big recall. watch out. the chunks in your ragu
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spaghetti sauce could be plastic. there are concerns the sauce does have pieces of plastic. clunky tomato garlic and onon, sold world style traditional and old world style meat. there has been aweird up-tick in recalls for plastic in meat. flowers foods recalled hamburger and hot dog buns. they were sold at walmart, public liks and other stores. 195 million people under an extreme heat watch. temperatures may hit 110 degrees. many areas declaring a heat emergency. lots of races canceled, including the new york city triathlon. a man scaled count side of a
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19-story apartment building. he was desperately fighting to escape sapphire. he's a real life spiderman. he made it to the ground in three minutes. now this. three police officers treated for smoke inhalation reported to be okay. mini baby boom in san diego, california. 17 women who work in the pediatric icu all pregnant at the same type. one of them just had her baby. two are doctors and two are respiratory therapists. congratulations to you. thousands are expected to make the trip to the kennedy space center this weekend including vice president, mike pence. president trump met with astronauts buzz aldrin, mike collins and the family of neil
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armstrong in the oval office. reporter: one of the great legacies of the apollo program has bent ability to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and astronauts. this weekend thousands of people will be coming here to the kennedy space center complex to mark the moment man first walked on the moon, including the vice president. he'll be making a major announcement tomorrow. that's to put astronauts back on the moon in five years. that in partnership with boeing and spacex has put the entire kennedy center back on the map. the vice president was in the oval office with president trump. the nasa administrator and two of the apollo astronauts. and despite the promise of
6:25 pm
artemis, buzz aldrin is frustrated that it has taken so long to go back. >> we have the number one rocket right now in the u.s. and the number one spacecraft. and they have significant capability. that's a great disappointment. liz: coming up. the democrats' anonymous leak and topspin is going full tilt. now beginning just ahead in the mueller hearing. we'll bring you what they said coming up. but first, bernie sanders says biden is misleading america about his single payer government-run healthcare program. we'll show you why you can't trust the numbers. we found out the cost is way more than what america spend
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liz: democrats divided. bernie sanders finally after months and months of refusing to do so and denying the lower estimates for the cost of his plan. he finally admits the astronomical cost of a single payer government-run health plan. >> $40 trial which is much less expensive. reporter: joe biden is basically saying there is a reason he's the reason he's the only democrat polling in double digits. >> bernie is the on guy -- only
6:31 pm
guy honest about raising taxes. but he says it has to be a different plan. get off the plan that exists now and get on another plan under bern d bernie's medicaid for all plan. it doesn't mean it's good or bad. it just means it's different. the point i made before. under the proposal i have, you would be able to keep your understand with your employer if your he moyer is prepared to pay for the understand. reporter: but derby is asking the candidates to sign a pledge to not take money from pharmaceuticals. bernie says i am disappointed in joe, who is a friend much mine, distorting what medicare is all
6:32 pm
about. medicare is something that would impact both sectors and bernie sanders and joe bide be are on complete opposite sides of it. liz: peter ducey. thank you so much. bernie sanders was always chastising, lecturing and shaming companies. the socialist millionaire blasting them for not spreading the wealth. >> the minimum wage to a living wage of $15 an hour. >> ray the minimum wage to a living wage. >> we'll raise the minimum wage to a living wage. $15 an hour. liz: bernie's own campaign workers sent a letter saying they work 60 hours a week and
6:33 pm
bernie pays them poverty wages. reporter: "the washington post" claims they received emails between the campaign manager and several bernie staffers complaining about their pay. they received roughly a salary of $36,000 per year but they are working 60 hours a week. that equates to $13 an hour. "the washington post" said several union members and staffers are working on a new proposal to increase their salaries so the field staffers would receive a salary of $46,000. i reached out to get comments. they said they wouldn't comment on the wash post -- the washington story. but they say they have a one of a kind union contract to
6:34 pm
democratically address any number of ongoing workplace issues. i would like to point out that bernie sanders staffers were the first ever to unionize within a presidential campaign. but we have the issue of the minimum wage, can it be $15. this shows how several candidates are pushing within their own platforms progressive issues. and that's the reason why this pay situation is so contentious within the bernie sanders campaign. it's still an ongoing issue. liz: let's bring in for his reaction. let's show the stunning bernie admission again. after months and months and years he denied the cost of a single-payer government plan. now he's saying it's $40 trillion. we can't do it again.
6:35 pm
let me just back up. that's $4 trillion a year for bernie single-payer. '. americans spend $3.6 trillion. this is more than what's spent annually already. >> he's talking about double the federal budget. the size and the scope and influence of government in your life is directly indexed to how much spends. let's be very clear about this. he's talking about more than doubling the federal budget with the stroke of a pen. that means more than doubling the footprint of the federal government in everybody's life. >> another social yiflt alexandria ocasio-cortez said nobody is heartbroken when they lose their private health insurance. >> that's the second biggest lie
6:36 pm
in the world. the first biggest lie was if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. she weenlts make that mistake. she can say you can't keep your plan, but it won't break your heart. i don't know how she interviewed 300 million americans. she just says stuff. it's all lies. liz: when will the politicians enroll in the va before they start talking about single-payer. that's an idea. >> it's a great idea. the earlier segment showed you another way they can repair their hypocrisy. you want to be about a so-called living wage? pay your own people that. what a shocker that bernie sanders takes the high road. for the first time in the history of a presidential campaign allows his workers to unionize. what did he think was going to
6:37 pm
happen? he just learned a lesson in human nature. they got together and demanltded higher wages. why would they do that when they signed up on a children's crusade to support this great man. i guess they don't think he's that great. i guess' in it for the money like everybody else. if he can't inspire his workers to show up 60 hours a week, how is he going to inspire us. liz: we have a republican at the border ready to fact check and rebut senator chuck schumer and other democrats at the border. house democrats anonymously leaking to the press about the mueller hearing. just this afternoon president trump weighed in. president trump: you know what? at some point they have to stop playing games. they are just playing games.
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liz: 3,100 federal prisoners released today thanks to a crime bill signed by the past last december. it cuts back sentences for non-violent offenders. but the only justice news on most of lawmakers' mind is the mueller hearing. nearly 1,000 have already walked free. what's your reaction to the reform bill? >> this is a great bipartisan measure passed last december. it shows an effort to get folks who are non-violent offenders with a low recidivism.
6:43 pm
it focuses on the minority population. liz: that's the key there. let's get to the anonymous leaks from the democrats in the house gearing up now. anonymous leaks on the mueller hearing. they said it's not that there would be a big dramatic revelation from the hearing. what's your reaction to that seemingly contradictory statement? what do they have that's not in the mueller report? >> i think the dems plan for the mueller hearings next week can be summed up like this. the hope of him saying it out loud has more meaning than having it in writing. it's whether saying it out loud has an impact. liz: one word the media will take and run with.
6:44 pm
one house democrat staffer says they can get impeachment from the hearing because people may not have read the full mueller book, but they will watch the movie meaning the mueller hearing. president trump has not been charged with any crime. >> right. absolutely the truth. mr. mueller said he was refusing to reach conclusions about criminal misconduct regarding the obstruction. we should expect he'll maintain that next week. he'll dodge questions about whether he thinks it is or isn't obstruction. because he says mr. trump doesn't have a forum to defend himself. liz: republicans plan to zero in on the bias in the probe. but democrats want to zero in on five of the 10 instances of obstruction in the mueller report. are democrats going to hit the
6:45 pm
impeachment lottery with this hearing? >> they may get some quotes that play well on some news channels that show some sort of conclusion that's have much like the headlines in the written report. there is some room for them to gain that. but is there not going to be any sort of revelation that the american public hasn't been exposed to. because of that, you don't think there is going to be advancement in the calls the dems have for impeachment. liz: republican todd reid at the texas-mexico border. he's ready to fact check senator chuck schumer. he'll tell us what he saw next. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> illegal immigration is wrong. and a primary goal of comprehensive immigration reform mist be to dwra plattically curtail future illegal immigration. liz: that was senator chuck schumer in 2009. he was tough on border security and immigration. so were many other democrats including hillary clinton and then senator barack obama. senator schumer was at the
6:50 pm
border with 15 other democrat senators. senator schumer tweeting this. the conditions at the facilities there are quote inhugh main. -- are inhumane. you toured the facilities. what did you see? >> we put this together. that description of what i saw today, the exact same facility is completely inaccurate. i see a crisis. i see border patrol agents doing the best they can under the circumstances. rather than call this out for things it is not. we should be coming together to solve the problem and take care of these people and stand with the people trying to deal with it. liz: chuck schumer has been in office since george h.w. bush. this problemfesterred on their
6:51 pm
watch. what would the process looked like if you were president? what would you do with migrants who cross the border illegally. what would you do with people who don't show up to court and have deportation orders. >> stop the rhetoric and solve this problem. this is not a democrat or republican problem. it's created from our broken immigration system'. and you have to deal with the threats that are here. you have got bad people involved in this process coming into america. as well as the people exploiting illegal immigrants. >> people are thinking they are entitled to cross the border illegally between ports of entry. they are not filing for asylum
6:52 pm
from their home, they are choosing to step over the border then file. it doesn't matter what the country is south of the border. it matters that they are breaking the law, period. we are a nation of laws. polls show voters think immigration is the most of important problem just behind the government. that's the highest rating since 1993. >> i would not recognize that the immigration system is working and functioning properly. it is broken. if it is broken at the base of the law, we need to fix it. that's a concern i have. i hear the abuse of asylum seekers. but this system and the people involved tonight, both illegal immigrants and the agents, to fix the problem. it's a piece of the puzzle that needs to be addressed. liz: thanks so much.
6:53 pm
really appreciate it. two republican senators standing up to antifa. they want to label them as domestic terrorists. andy ngo is coming you have next. (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: republican senators ted cruz and bill cassidy
6:57 pm
introduce a resolution to formally name antifa as terrorists. andy, how do you feel ant this resolution? -- about this resolution? >> it's a great first step. it doesn't change the law, but perhaps it can put pressure on authorities to more aggressively handle and deal with antifa. they wreak havoc in different cities, and it's in portland particularly where things are particularly, a lot of chaos and anarchy, and portland has repeatedly stated that they will refuse to work with i.c.e. law enforcement to deport foreign nationals who have had due process. however, they will not uphold the first amendment rights of law-abiding citizens such as myself and others who have been beaten on the streets. elizabeth: you were seriously injured with a brain hemorrhage. your reaction to officials in
6:58 pm
portland, oregon, where you were attacked by antifa, they're now considering banning protesters and rioters from wearing masks. both the city's police chief and mayor commenting on that possibility. your take on that. >> yes. so there's some 15 states and counties and cities who have outlawed masks in some form. in portland the police chief proposed masks should be banned in the commission of a crime. that, to me, sounds like a no-brainer, but the mayor couldn't even support that. he has to think about it. so, to me, i wonder what is there to think about? if you're committing a crime, it should be an additional charge if you're wearing a mask. elizabeth: that's right, because it's basically to hide your criminality. antifa's stated purpose is, quote, physical confrontation, meaning violence. so the aclu is firing back on the possible anti-massing law --
6:59 pm
mask law saying it'll chill first amendment free speech rights. doesn't public safety, doesn't getting attacked like you were attacked, shouldn't that preempt that? >> well, it's, i mean, it's a nice platitude that they issued there. i wondered why they didn't issue any support on my first amendment rights when i was attacked three weeks ago which, by the way, there's been not a single arrest. so right now i'm having to depend on a legal crowd fund to support that, which people can find on my twitter -- elizabeth: are you going to sue portland, oregon? >> if evidence leads there, we'll see. elizabeth: what evidence do you have so far? >> well, the evidence is a pattern of neglect by police to enforce the law when citizens are being attacked in front of them. elizabeth: that's really a shocking development. andy ngo, conservative journalist, physically assaulted
7:00 pm
by antifa. andy, come back soon. we're going to stay on your story, okay? it's good to see you. thanks for joining us. and thank you so much for having us in your homes and thank you for watching. we hope we helped you tonight. gregg jarrett is in for lou dobbs next right here on the fox business network. have a good weekend. ♪ ♪ gregg: good evening, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett in for the vacationing lou dobbs. well, president trump coming out swinging against the radical dems and the left-wing national media, blasting them for having what he calls a sick partnership. their never ending hate and hysteria unable to faze the president as he moves forward with his america first agenda. and the dems' 2020 hopefuls are facing opposition to their radical proposals from within their own party. plus, a pivotal weekend of immigration talks in store between america and


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