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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 21, 2019 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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oh. i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. i'm gregg jarrett from new york. trish: iranian forces ramping up their aggression. the president quickly resporntding to this report. president trump: iran is in big trouble. it's easy to straighten out or make it a lot worse. trish: mike baker. a nightmare. the far left congresswoman ilhan omar says she'll be to president trump. tonight he responds.
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one word that need to be changed, manhole is going to be called maintenance hole. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. iran's revolutionary guards lashing out, capturing two oil dankers in the strait of hormuz. hello, edward. >> the president saying this means his policy is work. the president saying that, you know, iran lashing out. this time seizing two oil tankers with connections to the united kingdom. the u.k., and foreign secretary says there are no british citizens inside that ship. the president measured his response when he talked about what happened.
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>> iran will work out very nicely. iran is showing their colors. they will work out nicely. iran is in big trouble. their economy is crashing. it's coming to a crash. they are trying to bring soldiers back home because they can't pay them. a lot of bad things are happening to them. it's easy to staten out or easy to make it a lot worse. reporter: the defense department says u.s. ma reerns used an electronic jammer to bring it down in the strait of hormuz when it came within and half mile of the u.s.s. boxer. president trump spoke to french president macron to work out a deal. secretary of state mike pompeo says the iranians know how to help themselves. >> president trump will make the decision how to proceed. we are prepared to conduct
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negotiations with no conditions. we need them to come to the table. reporter: the iranian foreign minister is in new york. he's talking to the media, posting and twitter. he's not talking to the u.s. government. joining me right now former cia covert operations officer nuke baker. good to see you. he's talking to some people. my sources tell me it was indicated to president macron in france that we would be welcome to join in negotiations that iran very much wants to negotiate p-5 plus 1. it wants us there to participate in a peace strategy going forward. but they have a funny way of showing it. >> they are talking out of both
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sides of their mouths. everything he's doing d out of their mouths. he's trying to convince the e.u. to figure out ways to break the sanctions. they have not forced this type of economic pressure since the fall of the shah. everything they are doing, seizing the oil takers be threatening more provocation in the strait of hormuz. all of that is down to the fact they are concerned about losing control of their population and control over this regime. we have to worry about one thing, though. people are getting twitchy right now. the more provocation you have. more incidents you have like the seizure of these tankers and the shootdown of the drone by the u.s.s. boxer, the higher the potential forness calculation on somebody's part.
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>> i'm going to come out and say it. that's my impression judging from everything i have heard from the iranians. all the indications i have seen. they want this president out of office. they think having war with iran would actually create an environment that would make this president far more disfavorrable to the united states -- disfavorrable to the u.s. voters. it would be bad for the u.s., it would be bad for iran and bad for the world. >> they want to get right up to the line. they want to get right up to that line. and they don't know where that line is. there is concern about how people miscalculated a particular decision. the primary reason for that, i think they understand this is not just about us. they seat british tanker, they are threatening global order. and they are threatening a
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reactional shift. and i don't think they are going to go that route. they definitely want to have negotiations. right now they are trying to play both sides primarily us against the e.u. we need to maintain those sanctions. we need to keep working on the e.u. not to bend at this point. we are very close to actually getting them to sit down and make something meaningful concessions in their programs. then we have to also be diligent insuring the russians and chinese in particular are not trying to break these sanctions. the bottom line is, unless they make meaningful concessions, that deal we got out of. the reason why it was such a bad deal, there was a lot of conflicts. the reason why it was such a bad deal is we had no verification ability, no inspection ability on any military facility.
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the obama administration because they were desperate to have this deal agreed. when people talk about the verification process was working. yes, it was working for the sites the iranian government allowed to have looked at. trish: you heard secretary pompeo and the president saying i'm here by the phone, pick it up and call me. they say they want to negotiate. but they don't really. where are we heading? >> i think we are heading to an actual negotiation. i am trying to be optimistic about this. with the caveat, the potential for that risk for something to go sideways because of a miscalculation or miscommunication on somebody's part. we are going to a negotiation. once the regime understands -- trish: where are all our allies
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in europe right now. >> macron in france is despite some of the things he's saying is getting there. he's getting on our side in a stronger way. the e.u., their desire to stay in the old nuke deal was a financial decision. they were out of the gate and in iran doing business as soon as that was signed. and getting out of there -- >> i have said this before, lousy financial deal for us and american businesses. >> i think we are getting to a point where once they understand that they could lose control here. once the revolutionary guard in particular who controls a great deal of that economy. they don't have money to fund their proxy organizations and don't have money to hand over to hezbollah. the administration has been clear, they don't want military
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conflict, but the economic sanctions and the diplomatic pressure in connection with what we are doing with the e.u., it's work. we just have to be consistent and we can't blink. trish: i don't think we'll. mike baker, good to see you. one california city waging war on gender specific word. apparently it's offensive to use word like manhole and manpower. the bizarre story for you. socialist bernie sanders pushing for $15 an hour in minimum wage. >> the american people want that debate. they know so many people are working at starvation wages. and i think that want that to change. >> oh, yeah? why don't you use some of it at home. pay your campaign staffers the
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$15 an hour they want. first, president trump blasting the squad and their far left policies. why he says they are a disgrace to our country and the democratic party. all of that when we return. president trump: these women have said horrible things about our country and the people of our country. our country. nobody should be able to do can't see what it is what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp.
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>> we are going to continue to be a nightmare for this president because this policies are a nightmare for us. president trump: i'm unhappy when a congresswoman says she is going to be the president's nightmare. she is lucky to be where she is. the things she has said are a disgrace to our country. trish: the president not backing down on ilhan omar. this tit for tat with far-left congresswoman omar. seemingly he's doubling down on them going back to where they
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came from. antjuan seawright and niger innis. she is saying i am going to be the president's worst nightmare. i feel like both side are enjoying this too much. >> there is no doubt there is a reinforcement of the base, if you will. but i have to tell you, i'm african-american, obviously, but i have african family. some of whom were political refugees. i must tell you they see ilhan omarer night and they see her as an absolute disgrace and a personal embarrassment to them. they come from east africa, a region not that far from somalia. after all the united states has done for this lady and her family, for her to operate this
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way is a disgrace to herself, to somalia and to them as well as political refugees. trish: that's the party line. antjuan, how do you respond. >> the bottom line is -- trish: i say this is the party line because that's what the president is saying. you heard niger saying his family is from similar parts of the world as ilhan omar. and he's saying she doesn't get it. she doesn't understand the opportunity she has been given in america. she doesn't appreciate it. how do you reupon to that? >> that's one perspective. she was elected in a district that does not look like her. obviously people who live in her district have a different perspective. the political point is donald trump is a master of knowing how
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to move his base. and the fact of the matter is the squad, including representative omar moved the base of the democratic party. the one thing i warned democratic members of congress. we cannot get toib a personality war with donald trump. let's focus on his policies. he'll win those arguments every single day of the week. let's focus on the policies. trish: the personalities, policywise, he has won that game, sir. take a look at the stock market and economy. we have policies in place that are benefiting our country in a way we haven't seen in a decade. >> that's not true for everyone. we have people in this country who are called the working poor. trish: i guarantee you they are
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doing better than they were unbarack obama. this is not falling on deaf ears. the middle class is getting squeeze. i don't disagree with that. however, i think the middle class and america is way better off. so you want to talk about policies? i agree the democratic party should be debating him on policies. the reason they are not is because they are not going to win on that. they are grasping for anything they can. >> peace and possible pair it lead to political victory. and to a landslide reelect for donald trump. let me say this to antjuan and his fellow democrats. i think nancy pelosi made a fatal mistake when ilhan omar
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was embarrassed by saying some anti-semitic statements that are over 100 years old. nancy pelosi had the opportunity to discipline her freshman member of the caucus and she failed miserably. instead of having a resolution that condemned omar, there was a mealy mouthed mismatched nonsense of a resolution. when steve king went off the rails not only did the republicans have a specific resolution condemning steve king, steve king voted for the resolution. that's how you discipline the members of your caucus. >> we are not taking cues from you obviously. we know how to win. we did in 2018 when we beat president trump at the ballot box. that's why we have the majority now. if we have a true policy debate
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we'll prove in 2020 donald trump has fail the american people. trish: what is the policy that you think will win? >> number one arm is healthcare where the republicans have failed. ism each, lower prescription drugs. >> free healthcare for everyone. >> i talk to my republican friend all the time and they are scared about the idea the republicans have failed on healthcare. you can laugh or brush it off. >> it's a recipe for disaster. a free healthcare for illegal aliens and de facto open border. >> what nominee said that is going to be the policy for our
12:21 am
party. trish: pretty much every single one, antjuan. we have some sound object tape we run weekly. i don't know if the producers can call it up so quickly to aid you in who exactly has promoted this. but pretty much every single one. antjuan, don't argue that one. we are not hearing that. >> we are not hearing it because of the oxygen trump has taken out of the room with his treat. trish: he's smart on that front. thank you so much. coming up. the newest movie in "star wars" franchise set to hit theaters this season. find out why one actress plans
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to kip this movie and why her decision has many people angry. officials warning the heat wave across' of the country is only going to get worse. plus the warning signs of a heatstroke. democrats condemning conditions at detention centers. can my side be firm?
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trish: senate democrats getting a first-hand look at the crisis on our border. they are going there to quote investigate the conditions. >> it's awful to see how these
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people are being treated. >> it's not supportable under any world code or set of ethics. what i saw today is a stain, a dark chapter in the nation's history. trish: a short time ago this was a quote manufactured crisis. remember? >> this president just used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis. >> president trump must stop holding the american people hostage and manufacturing a crisis. >> the crisis on the border is a manufactured crisis. >> they are engaging in a manufactured moral crisis. >> the so-called crisis at the border is fake. this is a crisis of his own making because it was a campaign pledge. trish: kind of interesting when we have tape on these things. we know when they said one thing and then when they say another. talk about him cite i.
12:28 am
let's bring -- talk about him cittalk let's talkabout him talk about hitalk.all these democrats went down there to look at something they said didn't exist. they want to push their false narrative. there wouldn't have been family separation if they would have figured the loopholes. there won't be this type of detention if they would have given the money they asked for months ago. this is their failure and they are spinning the whole story making it about conditions of detention. trish: they failed a while back. we can go back to president trump's years when the cages were put in, right?
12:29 am
>> if you look at fy-14 and 15, the numbers were just as bad. why didn't they rush down to the overcrowded facility back then. they gave us money to build the so-called cages. but they weren't down there saying look at the overcrowded conditions. they just shoved money that it and they were quite, not a people out of them. this i.c.e. operation, i did it in 2015 and not a people ou outoo -- not a -- and not a peep out of them. trish: the democrats should welcome him because he agrees with them object several positions. they try and block him however they can because they don't want him to see any success at all. the acting homeland security secretary was on capitol hill
12:30 am
this morning. eli gentleman cummings is d elijah cummings is leading the way. >> you feel you are doing a great job? >> we doing our very best. >> what does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces, can't take a shower. come on, man. what's that about? none of us would have our children in that position. they are human beings. trish: wow! pretty explosive why elijah cummings. the democrats used some similar tactics on you. walk us through it. >> it's political theater. they didn't want to hear the truth. i said numerous times you don't want to hear from me. they would spend five minutes
12:31 am
demeaning the men and women of the border patrol. they would shut me down. and i did things a little bit different. i made it clear during this hearing, this is your fault. congress, this is your fault. if you don't like what's going on, you fix it. you have failed them. they should be apologizing to the men and women of the border patrol for the attacks on them. they put them in this position that's a no-win situation. >> the border patrol have been asking for months, warning them. we are at dire straits. the system is broken. we are getting overcrowd. we need more money to put these people in facilities that are more appropriate at hhs. and they didn't do it for months. so the conditions kept getting
12:32 am
more and more. they are putting 500 people in a facility built for 400. there is no way to prevent the overcrowded conditions where the temperature rises. they did the best they could. if congress would have addressed the crisis when they were asked, this would not have happened. trish: interesting. coming up on tonight's lightning round, a taco bell themed hotel? my 7-year-old son is quite interested in this one. and an oscar mayer room. $15 an hour. but it turns out, mr. sanders doesn't even bother to pay his own campaign staffers $15 an hour. >> they have to raise the
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trish: bernie sanders' campaign is in hot water for not paying minimum wage to his staff. hypocrisy on full display. he's a democratic socialist. union members on sanders' campaign know that and they are fighting back. given our campaign's commitment to fighting for a living wage of at least $15, we believe it's only fair the campaign would carry through this commitment to its own field team.
12:38 am
south carolina republican congressman ralph norman. congressman, good to see you. hypocrisy at its best. bernie sanders says everybody should get $15 an hour. shouldn't charity start at home with people who work for you on your campaign? >> can you imagine he would advocate for that and not to pay his own staff. he's trying to walk it back or explain it by saying he pay his senatorial staff minimum wage and more. but he forgets to say that's government money. but coming out of his campaign staff, he has to raise that money. the fact that he would take that position and not live it is typical of liberals.
12:39 am
the whopping $2 an hour. i'm a red-blooded american capitalist. and i believe people should imoashate their pay and paid accordingly according to market circumstances. that said, in this particular case it's a particular kind of market. he's running for president on everybody making $15. he would think the least i could do is believe in what i say. believe in it enough to make sure i pay the people working for me in some cases it looks like 60 hours a week. is that $2 an hour more? >> it will be interesting what he does now. the cbo estimates if this passes, which the senate is not going to consider it. you are looking at $1.3 -- 1.3 million people losing 'jobs and
12:40 am
at its height 1.7 mill losing their jobs. it's liberals wanting the government to run everything in our lives. particularly in the house under pelosi. big government here, big government there. and they have never been in the private sector. what business has bernie sanders ever run? he hasn't. for him not to pay his staff what he has been advocating for -- trish: i think it's a campaign platform. but if he really believed tonight, i think you would do the right thing by the people working for you, trying to help fiction the world. >> and trying to explain it any other way with the government paying it on the senate staff is no excuse. like most of liberals he'll try to ignore it and just not pay them. trish: are you worried about the direction bernie sanders and the
12:41 am
so-called squad are trying to take us in? >> socialism. the president is right. it's socialism. why have you heard any solutions come out of any of this crowd. with aoc and omar it's all criticism. this country, if you are in the private sector you may recognize your problems. but then you offer solutions. one solution any of the liberals have had. you keep taxing anybody who is earning money and you redistribute that wealth it's bingo. they want to fix it all. but the american people see through it, and i think they are going to reject it. and it's something that's not sustainable. what country has socialism ever worked in. none. trish: i think you can historically look around the world and see the most of recent example of utter failure in
12:42 am
venezuela. thank you so much. coming up. the p.c. police in full force in california. why the super liberal city is banning word like ma manhole and manpower. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely...
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trish: 200 million americans are bracing for a heat wave this weekend topping 100 degrees. doctors are warning stay hydrated and check in on your family and friends. i got a warning from my mom this morning at 5:00 a.m. make sure you stay cool today. it's good to have you here. it will be like 100 degrees plus in this area. what do you tell people? >> we have got to remember, heat is the number one weather-related killer in the united states. it can be very dangerous. the temperature rise, it becomes brutally hot, our body overheats
12:47 am
it's called hyperthermia. normal live we sweat. that's the body's cool mechanism. but when it's too hot and too humid, that doesn't happen. you can't cool off. the sweat doesn't evaporate rate. so that's when the symptoms of headache and dizziness and nausea and vomiting. sometimes you get muscle cramps and people get confused and delirious. if action isn't taken it can turn into a heatstroke. trish: how quickly is that? >> everyone is different. you can be outdoors and in a matter of minutes you can become overheated. get indoors where it's air conditioned. stay hydrated. wear light, cool clothing. and you have to be careful with certain medications. there are certain medicines that can exacerbate your system. >> i remember when my little ones were really little and i
12:48 am
was so worried about temperatures like this. infants, because they can't actually even sweat to cool off. so babies are at risk. >> those who are most of at risk are infants and toddlers and senior citizens. if you have medical problems such as obesity and heart problems and lung problems, you are more at risk to develop heat exhaustion. that can turn into a heatstroke. if you know who is most of at risk and take preventive measures we can save a lot of lives. 700 people die every year from heat-related injury and it's preventible. there is research that suggests tick-borne illnesses like lyme disease are being reported more
12:49 am
and more, especially during the summer. 400,000 new cases a year. dr. siegel was here talking about how a congressman from new jersey is demanding answers on this. it appears the u.s. military may have engaged someone in the 1950s to deliberately use lyme disease in ticks as a biological weapon. lyme disease when i was a kid, you didn't worry about this stuff. now you have to. >> i think use it as biological warfare is inhumane and unethical. we couldn't use measles or polio as biological warfare. 30,000 people are known to be diagnosed with tick-diseases like lyme disease. it can cause of severe
12:50 am
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12:51 am
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♪ trish: welcome back, everyone. it is time for our lightning round. joining me tonight is trump 2020 advisory board member, madison -- >> good to be with you, trish. trish: berkeley, california, banning gender-specific terms, making the claim that somehow manhole is an offensive term,ing among others, terms such as manmade, master, pregnant woman and even the term man and women -- woman, forgive me, will be removed from the city code. what do you think of it? >> this political correctness at its worst, of course, a complete waste of money. they're saying, oh, it'll only cost $600, i think. well, that's $600 wasted. [laughter] trish: some of it kind of cracks me up. manhole? the i mean, really? >> i don't think that people are going to even start using the new terms in place of them anyway because if they correct them, so-called correct them in their city code.
12:56 am
trish: yeah. let me ask you about something else. award-winning actress margot robbie, for some reason i'm tempted to pronounce it roby, she reveals she has never seen a single "star wars" film despite the popularity, and she goes on to say it, quote, infuriates people that she hasn't seen any of the films. i don't know if she's missing much but, you know, that comes from someone who's not necessarily a big "star wars" fan herself, shall we say. madison? >> i'm not with you on this. i hike are "star wars" -- [laughter] growing up i loved attack of the clones, it was one of my favorite movies, so i hope she changes her mind and sees one at least. trish: i think i saw the first one, and i was so little that it was completely lost on me, and i just never got into it after that. >> we need to send you back. trish: apparently.
12:57 am
[laughter] taco bell revealing a sneak peek at some of the dishes it's going to be serving at its upcoming pop-up hotel. palm springs resort. it's going to be featuring menu items exclusive to the hotel, including an avocado toes tad a da -- tostada. it sold out its 70-plus rooms within minutes of going online with it. i guess everyone wants to stay at the taco bell. >> i think a lot of people watching your show tonight are going to be mad at me for not eating taco bell. i'm going to hope that it's kfc $5 fill-up, it's chick-fil-a, the dollar menu from mcdonald's, i'm not a taco bell fan. trish: do you know i've never had taco bell? viewers are going to say, wait a second, is she really american? she's never seen the "star wars"
12:58 am
franchise -- actually the, i did see it when i was little -- and she's never had taco bell. my kids have. i have never -- >> but you've had mcdonald's. trish: yeah. plain hamburger. >> you're american. trish: if you are able to book a room at the taco bell hotel, well, oscar mayer wants you to come to their hotel too, because the hot dog company is now announcing that you can use airbnb to book a night to stay in the famous oscar mayer wiener mobile. who knows what that is, i have to look over here at the video to see it. the camper, apparently, has no bathroom, kitchen, heating or wi-fi, but they give you a mini fridge full of wieners. and it comes at the bargain price of $136 a night. who do you think can would book this thing? >> you know, i actually think this might be a hit. it's only going to be three days. i think it's the first three days in august only that they're doing this, so we'll see what happens. i bet you it'll be sold out.
12:59 am
trish: okay. so no on the taco bell hotel, i just want to be clear on things, but yes on the wiener mobile. >> i'm probably not going to be booking it, but i think a lot of people will. [laughter] trish: and they will be going to see "star wars" up like margot robbie and myself. >> exactly. madison, oh, wait, one more, one more, one more. right? because, well, you're working on the advisory campaign for donald trump, so i have to ask you about this. the campaign, apparently, is selling ten-packs of plastic straws branded with president trump, and they're selling them for $15, the online store says they began selling them because, quote, liberal plastic straws don't work? i have to totally agree with them 1,000%, they make everything taste bad. or, rather, paper straws do not work. so now these are plastic ones, and they're going at a premium that you can donate to trump campaign. madison, whose idea was this? >> these are going to be a big
1:00 am
hit. people are going to be able to donate to their favorite president and get straws, good straws back in their lives. i was out in california visiting my sister in college, had paper straws, it was a nightmare. trish: long live the plastic >> a man who can have anything... >> he'd lay awake nights trying to think of a way to make a dollar. >> ...throws nothing away. >> you must have said to grandpa, "this can go, can't it?" >> yes. and we told him that a million times. >> one strange inheritance. >> wow, and it's packed! >> one heavy burden. >> how much do you have? >> oh, about 3 million pounds. >> one heck of a yard sale. >> this has got to be the largest i've ever seen in my life. i said, "if you can organize it, we can inventory it, and we can sell it." >> [ auctioneer calling ] [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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