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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 22, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thanks so much for watching. and remember, you can't take it with you. >> it is 5 a.m. top stories at big tech earning season kicks into high gear some of the biggest names report hear from amazon and alfa bet will you had fallout from antitrust ageses in trade war with china weigh on the markets hottest sector. that is a big question. iran now blaming national security advisor john bolton after rogue nation season of british oil tanker. how should u.s. respond? take a look. >> here we go. all eyes on robert mueller an highly anticipated testimony this week will he say anything different than he did two months ago and will democrats turn it into a 2020 campaign event? >> and how one study says teamwork can actually be bad for your health.
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it is monday julynd fbn:am starts right now. ♪ good morning i'm cheryl casone. >> i'm deirdre in for lauren simonetti. >> great to have you here deirdre. monday moving on this monday we have green arrows across the board pickup continues with dow up by 66 and s&p up by eight and quarter and the nasdaq up by 30 and a quarter. >> taking a look at the bond market with tenure treasury yield you can see 2.04%, of
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course, a lot of that a lot of traders focused on had head meeting july 30th and 31st. absolutely. also, of course, we've got this british tanker that has been ceasedded near iran by iran, we're wapping oil and again, it is up. 5*6, 79 a gain right now of a dollar 16. >> and overnight in asia, take a look you'll see nikkei shanghai hang seng and all lower across the board. finally over to europe taking a look at markets there as you can see green arrows across the board. >> and to our top story there will be no shortage of economic data this week so we're going get a fresh look at the state of the housing market that's tomorrow existings home sales for june followed by new home sales on wednesday. deirdre orders for june come out on thursday with weekless jobless claims with a friday on a second quarter gdp economic slow from the first quarter pace of 3.1%. some of the biggests names in tech reporting this week as well facebook and tesla on wednesday.
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amazon and google parent alphabet on thursday, and a twitter on friday. >> it is a big week for the markets absolutely. all right we've got breaking news overnight to bring to you. police fired tear gas and rub or bulleting during another round of protest in hong kong. thousands of antigovernment demonstrators took to streets for a 7 the weeknd. to protest proposed law to people to be sent to china for trial. demonstratorses occupy main roads and threw eggs at china office in hong kong and dozens of people were hurt after suspected gang members assaulted prodemocracy demonstrators inside of a train station. >> and also a massive protest expected in puerto rico today. the governor refuses to resign hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take over one of the island's busiest roads today homing to convince the governor jan brewer ricardo to step down. overnight he announced he will
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not seek reelection as idea of compromise i suppose but he will not quit and, of course, the large per context here a leaked online conversation showing him mocking women and hurricane victims. today will mark the 10th straight day of protesters. >> compromise indeed right? good point. well british prime minister theresa may is set to chert emergency security meeting after iran ceased a british tanker in a straight of hormuz the audio recording reveals that there was a tense exchange between the british navy and iranian forces. >> you will be saved you're all day you will be saved all through your court please concern that you are not intending to violent international law by -- >> is in d.c. with the latest. garrett. >> iran bad behavior came on saturday just a few hours after britain foreign secretary warned rarn was on a dangerous path.
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new video released by iran revolutionary guard proportedly showing commando and black ski mask propelling on british oil tanker ceased in strait of hormuz on friday. on saturday in ecuador secretary of state mike said despite increasingly aggressive actions u.s. is ready to sit down with with iranian leadership and negotiate. >> today we've seen no indication that the iranians are prepared to fundamentally change the direction of their nation these are not actions of a country that looks like it is headed in the right direction but we hope as president trump has said they'll sit down to discuss these items with us. >> president trump has said he doesn't wanting to go to war wran but ben says while that may be the case, tensions are reaching a point where either side could be fulled into war. here he is on sunday morning futures. ivetle it is very serious. the tensions couldn't be higher with the iranians did -- this past few days and -- stopping vessels air national
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water, the towning of our drone, these are extremely dangerous situations. that could pex explode there could be a miscalculation which could lead to a military conflict. today iran foreign minister threw fuel on by blaming john bolton for iran tweeting make no mistake having failed to lure donald trump into war of the century and fearing collapse of his b team john bolton turning venom against u.k. in hope of dragging into a quagmire and iran has been trying to pressure european leaders to offer more economic support to make up for the total of u.s. sanctions, though, many pus lawmakers say iran's antics are only uniting the world against it. in washington, i'm jarrett, fox news. >> thank you. well financial news out of china today some chinese companies are seeking to buy u.s. agricultural products and are asking for
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exceptions to tariffs. china official news agency says that chinese businesses have applied for exceptions from tariffs by beijing report also says a panel of experts from government will review application but didn't say how long reviews are going to take. meanwhile trade dispute is causing chinese investment in the u.s. to dry up according to an economic research firm direct foreign investment from china found nearly 90% to 5.4 billion in 2018. and china new market for home grown technology companies opening with a bang, with stocks surging on its first day shanghai stock exchange science and technology innovation board, dubbed the star market by chinese authorities open today. 25 companies some of them rising 400% eat closing. >> well, prumple is vowing to meet with senator chuck schumer as soon as possible after the senate minority lead percent visit to the southern border. >> rick is live in d.c. with the
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latest. good morning what's going on? inch good morning deirdre cheryl well it seems mexico is doing their part at the border question now is will congress come to table. the president tweeting this last night in reference to a trip democrat it is took to the border last friday saying senator chuck schumer is gone to the southern border with some democrat senators. this is a great thing. nearby, he missed a large grouch illegal immigrants trying to enter the usa illegally. they wildly rush border patrol and some badly injured he continues based on comments made senator schumer must have seen how dangerous and bad for country the border is not a manufactured crisis as a fake news media and democrat partners try to portray he wants to meet i will set up a meeting asap now this comes as mexico appears to have avoid today deadline threat of tariffs remember mexico had 45 days to non strait significant progress assuming tide of migrants over negotiations designate as safe third country and pike pompeo
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you see here meeting yesterday in mexico city they were highlights mexico efforts which included deploying 21,000 mexican national guard troops in accepting nearly 20,000 migrant under remain of mexico policy began in january. now after the meeting pompeo had this to say. >> but we've got a long way to go yet there's still much more work to do for next set of actions, i'll talk with the president and the team back in washington and we'll decide exactly which tools and exactly how to proceed. >> negotiations over state fair country would require sound speakers to apply in mexico not the sousse we're not exactly sure where things stand between pus an next perhaps find out more when secretary pompeo appears on fox and friends this morning. deirdre, cheryl. >> thanks so much. well the outlook chance to pay respects to the late supreme court justice john fall steven today. >> tracee carrasco has all of the details. tracee.
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>> good morning yeah late associate will lie in repose in great hall of the supreme court, a day before his funeral and burial at arlington national cemetery beginning at about about 10:30 this morning, members of the public will be invited to view the casket stevens who served nearly 35 years on the high court dieded tuesday after sufficienting a stroke. he was 99 pakistan prime minister will visit president trump today at the white house. the meeting is intended to mengd regulations between the two lead percent in a twitter battle. president trump last year cut off financial support to pakistan accusing the country of not doing enough to fight terrorism khan has been outspoken criticism of u.s. tactic known as drone strike pps disney liceon king devouring competition at the box office this weekend. must take your place in the
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circle of life . >> the remake grossing 185 million dollars in the u.s. roaring fast expectations. it is already earned more than half a billion dollars worldwide. and then there's the avenger end game didn't make the top ten but partly matters because with is is.15 million dollars globally added this weekend it is surpassed avatar all time record reaching 2.79 billion dollars. meanwhile avengers is get new female member, natalie portman will swing hamper as lady thor to star in the fourth stallment of the franchise titled thor love and thonged ire released in november 20 11:and that's what's happening now. >> all right tracee thank you very much. let's take a look at futures on this monday as you can see we've got green arrows across the screen to kick off your week a lot of earnings are coming out this week. dow up 51 s&p up 6 and a half nasdaq up 26 and three quarters.
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>> equifax pay 700 million to settle with the federal trade commission over a 2017 data breach "the wall street journal" reporting deal would resolve investigations by the ftc consumer financial protection bureau and a most state also resolve a nation wide consumer class action a lawsuit that breach was one of the large fest affect aing people's private information. johnson and johnson facing key test today changing safety of its baby pout per federal judge is in new jersey is holding hearing to determine whether there is enough scientific evidence behind claims that j&j powder can cause ovarian cancer. more than two dozen lawsuits have already gone to trial in state court with mixed results. j&j says tailing products are safe. >> earning season shifting into high gear this week as investors
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will be looking or for results from big name tech companies amazon, google alphabet financial marketsing for next week federal reserve meeting and ceo discuss back with maria bartiromo. prchl federal reserve will cut rate infection two weeks. what should people be thinking about? is it going to get better for people or are they going to have feel an impact? >> you know, i think for people that had is based on, you know, floating rates it will come down a little bit mortgage rate is down dramatically from the tombst last quarter close this quarter close, that tenure rate which sets the mortgage rates went from 206 to 2.05% or something like that so march rates have already fallen i don't think think to average consumer this will be a huge affect to market tone and to companies. you know, they'll receive a benefit instantaneously. david nelson here chief strategist with bell point asset
5:17 am
management good to see you what a do you think? we heard from brian we know that wall street is all but pricing in at 100% i think safe to say 25 basis point cut. what do you think? >> well, obviously, going to get it at this point and i look for myself away from the u.s. economy and overseas, the yield curve demand it you look close to europe rate are negative all the way out to 16, 17 years and you look at -- you're pay for the right to loan the government your money. >> right. and here in the united states ten years pretty attractive at 2% compare to the rest of the world so we're going to get a cut not had the 50 because economic data is pretty strong and retail number that was a monster number to show they were spending and 25 is a law. >> we need 25? >>i think we do and fix the problem with the yield curve right now and if we don't get a cut of 25 you see a harsh reaction of the market. >> speaking of reactions in the market we've been watching the energy market, of course, after
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the activity in strait of hormuz this weekend. what do you make of where oil goes from here? >> look, you know, investors have focused on this 20-mile wide strait one-third of the world passes one hired of the world sea born passes through that strait. energy prices affect a lot of things so if oil goes up, then, obviously, it cuss into the bottom line for companies but we don't live in the same world we did a half century ago. the united states is aformidable world producer i think energy prices affects spike, smart money will sell into that because opec dictate oil pricess that no longer exist. >> we're energy independent. >> i think we are and you have the event that mineset that alternative energy is slowly taking over, and continues to take hold. and frankly we're drowning in oil right now. that technology is changed it that dynamic we can pump almost at will. >> so you don't see and i'm barring dramatic escalation physician. but if things stay at their
5:19 am
current level of tension you don't see a big effect on the market in energy or other products? >> you can see, you can see initial knee jerk reaction spike and if it could be pretty severe. but like i said, smart l money will sell into that, and i think it will subside quickly look back to iraq war the second iraq war, oil was falling right into the face of that. that war i think the same thing would happen here. >> dade, thank you. >> thanks for having us there on a quick programming note brian will be maria guest at 6 amy eastern time, on mornings with maria. >> all right let's take a look at house where are money smoffing on this monday. as you can see futures are all in the green. dow up 53 s&p up six and a half. nasdaq up 26, and three quarters. still ahead, as iran pushing back against u.s. sanctions by ceasing an oil tanker and stepping up a new war of words request national security advisor john bolton, how should the united states respond? and bernie sanders mocked for his latest campaign move, the
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>> fighter jet aggress i havely shadow u.s. navy plane in the caribbean sea. the pus military is released it this video calling the move by the russian made jet quote unquote unprofessional. the u.s. navy aircraft was flying on a mission on friday in international air space. but venezuela claiming plane entered its air space without notification. >> well with tensions are escalating in a persian gulf after iran revolutionary guard ceased a oil tanker in strait of
5:24 am
hormuz. you will be saved. you will be saved all through your court please concern that you will not intend to violent international law but unlawfully attending to build -- >> ben and blue senior research fellow at the defense of democracy ben, good morning. >> good morning good to be back with you we're getting breaking news cross on roit terse this report and this is all we have is that iran state media is report they have captured quote 17 spy working for the central intelligence agency the cia and that they're sentencing some of them to death. that's all we know. if as a country that want to go to table to have democracy this is maybe not the way to do it. >> no, i think regime understands that it wants to push become on anything related to the u.s. full force here. and it has tried true tactic to taking -- iranian as thes off innocence but in this case we don't know because the story is breaking.
5:25 am
and claiming that there are fifth agents of a foreign power, and doing what they do best had is aggression abroad repression at home and it looks like yet another tool in iran tool kit that they've brandished many times and if want to look strong and do this at home. >> here's what we know is that british prime minister theresa may is holding an emergency session. this afternoon to discuss this oil tanker that, obviously, was ceased on friday these aggressions continue. what is do you think is there -- state of play here with the europeans? because as they target the united states or is there target to europeans? >> that's a great question and i think it is both one is tactical l one is strategic tactically they gamble here because europe is to nuclear deal which is restore sanctions because of that europeans will do everything to kind of stand against america and to entertain iran's narrative of events here and that would give iranians launch to keep doing this kind of they think and they're going
5:26 am
to gamble european particularly u.k. is not tough enough to respond to highly provocative actions in international waters may be misproven and longer material to get u.s. to change its max pressure strategy and to force the u.s. policy to become premature dmom city replicate conditions that got us into pately flawed nuclear deal in 2013 and 2015. >> what do you think senator rand paul role is going to be all of this he asked president to get involved and president said that question he can. what considered a poll duty do you think? >> i think there's two ways to look at this here one, of course, there's a lot of people lining new krpghts that want to mediate between iran and u.s. and looking to have the far left and far right converge on iran policy to america. never before has iran been so cognizant of american politic while i certainly respect the senator and i think diplomacy is a net productive thing here, those who have been much more dubbish on iran finish willing
5:27 am
to look past the afnghts and blame some of them on the u.s. are voices that iran is looking to amplify be it on social media or be it elsewhere. so what i think it is a noble effort at the same time, i think it is something that the iranians would welcome more than the u.s. qowld at this point. >> well we're following developments, obviously, out of iran and britain today. ben thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> there is axon wall street this morning if you look at futures you will see up across the board the dow, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq all poised to open higher in a few hours. the feud between president trump and the squad reaching a fever pitch over the weekend the trump administration gets grilled over that controversial chant. more on the fiery exchange and response, coming up. and from text messages to movies, emojis are everywhere should you be using them at work? we'll tell you the results of run study. keep it here on fbn:am.
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>> there's imroabl market action right now stock indicating higher open you can sigh that on your screen green across the board in asia, though, stocks down you'll see all of the major indices nikkei, shanghai hang seng and lower, european stocks up britain waiting for outcome only election to choose a new prime minister. michael houston chief market analyst with us now. mike tell thanks for the time in advance. how could the the outcome of this pm position affect britain's brexit which we have been following for the fast 18 months quite closely. >> yeah. good morning ladies i don't think it is going to change much from a policy point of view from where we were a week ago ultimately mathematic is extremely the same and any prime
5:32 am
minister boris johnson orn jeremy hunt smart money is on boris johnson find out for certain tomorrow. we'll face exactly the same mathematical that theresa may faced in trying to get her deal her brexit deal across the line. the position remains to the u.k. leaves the european union at the end of october in the absence of a revocation of article 50, or the acceptance of this deal. anything else above that is all political noise. >> seems halloween which is why we celebrated for here spooky i guess for investors on both sides of the quarter what else are you watching today and this week michael? >> this week primarily focused on the european central bank rate meeting i think there's a widespread expectation that either we get a further easing from the european central bank or a signaling of further easing at the september meeting. nonetheless i think it will be most important aspect of this
5:33 am
thursday decision. >> and then of course we have our own fed next week mike tell thank you so much. >> thank you. appreciate it. michael -- well the trump administration is still being grilled over this controversial chant at prumple's rally in north carolina. [inaudible conversations] >> on fox news sunday chris wallace pressing senior white house policy advisor steven miller on the controversy. >> if you want to have a colorblind society it mean you can criticize immigration policy and not have it be seen as racial can you also say go back where you came from? >> president was clear that he would disagree with it. if clear after the fact and let it go on for 13 seconds and nothing aware, about but at least nothing in his tweet as an american jew. i am profoundly outraged by the comments from cortez those are
5:34 am
comments christina we need to be focusing on. >> did disapprove of the chant saying he was not happy about it. well the deadline is looming republicans and democrats looking to reach an agreement on about increasing the debt ceiling. if there isn't a deal this week it could put social security and veterans benefits in jeopardy come september. and now there are fractures showing within the republican party over what kind of agreement to make. because we're looking at next government shutdown debacle. good morning. >> good morning. there's a group of conservative republicans led by representative mike johnson from louisiana. they want to see additional spending cuts if there's going to be any extension a two-er year extension of the debt ceiling how strong, powerful in d.c. is this groove? >> well, i mean there are some conservative republicans that can definitely dictate what happens with the budget and some instances.
5:35 am
but at this juncture the white house is not behind them right now, the white house wants to deal with the debt ceiling issue without having spending cuts they've talked to nancy pelosi about that. and so if this could be interesting to see, there could be a chance of the democrats and republicans not reaching an agreement because the republicans would not have the votes to pass an extension on the debt ceiling. alone -- they want it to be tied with some budget cuts in restrictions. so -- >> johnson says, i mean, that this proposed deal includes 320 billion dollars and if that's increase above the limit and that has a very large figure. and a very debatable figure if we need to go down that road if you will. >> certainly, and another issue that could be troublesome for republicans is if debt ceiling increases just a little bit but not through after the to 20* 20 elections because if that doesn't happen had then this could be an issue that comes up
5:36 am
for republicans again, and they'll have to keep on face those tough questions. >> okay let's talk about debates that are coming up for the in thes we're looking at the real politics ranking right now where everyone stand joe biden is still in the lead kamala harris is still in there and elizabeth warren show numbers to ourers but do we see another repeat of joe biden versus kamala harris? >> well kamala harris and joe billedden will be on the same debate stage again, and a faceoff again on the to be determined whether it was issue about joe biden history with segregationist and buffing will come up again, but they -- the big thing that candidates are talking about over the weekend are divisions over medicare for all, and joe biden has been criticized by bernie sanders for being too conservative and kriz site for talking points about medicare for all and socialism so that is something a that -- moderates will certainly get attacked for on the debate stage.
5:37 am
>> quick before i let you go dnc they raise 8 and a million dolld republicans raise 27.7 this raise is about money. the democrats don't look real strong right now. >> firmly there are some within democratic sierk l and leadershippings toes worried about this because this matters not only for the cial election but ballot race we need help from the national party committee to be successful in 2020. >> helply larson, emily, thank you. >> bernie backfire presidential candidate bernie sanders announcing cuts to staffers hours so that they can all be paid a minimum $15 per hour wage. the move then response to criticism that the champion of the high per wage was pay his staff quote unquote poverty wages and it didn't go over so well columnist steven miller wrote for the first time in his life social fist, bernie sanders practices economics and buddy
5:38 am
the results are hilarious. one user too took twitter with the point of the raise are the minimum wage so that school people make more money, not make the same amount of money and just have three days off a week you -- >> all right well it is expected to cool off nearly 200 million people dangerous heat wave is coming finally to it an end that it heat wave blamed for at least six deaths extreme heat is lynxed to major power outages. one forcing evacuation and in a philadelphia retirement community. the other leaving more than 15,000 new yorkers in the dark. the extreme heat even leaving roads buckled in south dakota. >> janice dean live with your forecast good morning janice. >>good morning ladies yes good news on folks on horizon across the east coast you can see where we've got that cold front right 60s in minneapolis and des moines and chicago.
5:39 am
wow that is on the way. but we're also going to see potential for showers thunderstorms even some severe storms flooding concerns as this cold front moves through. we have reports of high winds and hail, and lightning reports as well that could be very dangerous as cold fronts move through. flood advisories in place where we see the red shaded areas those are flash-flood warnings as this front moves through we could see several inch was rain in the short period of time. so that's going to be the flipside of this is cooler air is coming. but we could see some stronger storm with the potential for some flooding. this time tomorrow be like 20 degree cooler so can't wait. qk news thank you very much, of course. grab your popcorn both sides of the belt wage getting ready for testimony of the century. robert mueller prepares to testify on wednesday, what will he say will the democrats be satisfied? we'll find out just call him the crasher in chief. one happy couple gets a visit
5:40 am
from the guest of a lifetime. details ahead on fbn:am.
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5:42 am
report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and we have to present or let mueller present those facts to american people
5:43 am
and then see where we go are from there because administration must be held accountable and no president can be -- can be above the law . well, it promises to be must see tv robert molar is going to testify wednesday before the house judiciary committee on his report on russian meddling and presidential election. chairman representative jerry knadler as you heard on fox news sunday talking about what he expects what can we expect let's bring in attorney misty good morning. you and i talked about this before. mr. mueller and that press kfns was very clear this is all he wanted to say he's been now subpoenaed to appear in fropght of this now, of course, he's going to testify do you expect him to veer off far from what's in the report or stick to four corners? >> stick to four corners he's made this very clear he's said this report is my testimony. so realistically i don't think either side the democrats or republicans really believe that
5:44 am
any new information is going to come out of this testimony. what dems are hoping is that somehow by having mueller himself read this report they're going to garner support for impeachment but my feeling is that's probably going to fall flat. >> they're going to ask him i don't think but going to ask him did your investigation exonerate of obstruction ailses how do you think he would answer that from a legal perspective? >> look i think he's to go back to the con cliewg on that point and that they left that for congress to decide what to do. i think he's going to stick to that language. what i'm interested in cheryl, is question from the republicans about beginning how this investigation actually came to be. looking into how it all began steal dossier i don't know if we're going to find anything out because begin, he's been so clear that he's sticking to four corners that report but i think
5:45 am
it will be interesting to hear what he has to say about that. >> there's been a lot of analysis that this could actually hurt democrats because they're overpromisings underdelivering with this hearing. >> probably true although i'll be there with the popcorn to hear every minute of this. i'm ready to go. musty television. thank you. >> thanks, cheryl. >> a national alert issuing in costa rica where 19 people have died after drinking tainted alcohol. tracee carrasco has got details tracee. >> health officials say that victims enrages from 32 to 72 the death against slowly with three in june and increase to 16 so far in july. the victims reportedly drank alcohol tainted with methanol about 30,000 boltses have now been confiscated involving several different brands. the tight job market is benefiting restaurant workers, "the wall street journal" reports restaurants are sweetening pay packages adding parks like more schedules plus
5:46 am
stability to attract and retain workers. with unemployment at the lowest level in decades restaurants are finding fewer students and lower skill workers willing to take those jobs. and one couple had a wedding guests won't soon forget president trump unedly dropping in on wed saturday night at the trump national golf course in new jersey and guest broke into chants of usa in video posted to social media, secret service agents were seen keeping most of the attendees back while bride and groom approach president trump and hugged him. emoji are gaining in fop lairty as work more companies are encould remembering flows to use certain emojis in their internal communications. neurological studies show that emojis can lead to better corporation that's what's happening now. coming up the president former gulf partner is celebrating a
5:47 am
pga tour win the advice he says helps him to victory and the dress made famous for being the inspiration for google images. we will tell you what j.lo's grammy dress is inspiring now. nearly 20 years later. you're watching fbn:am.
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jennifer lopez 2,000 grammy dress is credited as a inspiration behind google images search and nearly two deck decades later the dress is inspiring and special pair of sneakers in celebration of the 50th birthday had is this
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wednesday. partnered with lifestyle brand concept on special pair of kicks there they are that will be available on july 24th they're a going to be available on both men and women sizes and pretty expensive 1075 a per pair. well if they make us all look like j.lo i'm in. final rounds of the british open it was not even close jared max we have a first time major champion. >> about that it be an irish man wishes in northern ireland what a great story you can't beat that like nobody can beat shane lowery did not shoot lights out sunday three shots divorce than tommy but look at that crowd cheer him on lowery 6saturday finishes 15 under good for 1.35 million dollars and get this since inception of the world golf rank physician average of a winner is 33rd lowery ranks 33rd and since apollo landed on the moon average age of winners is right rei lowery 32 and in ky
5:52 am
jim the winner accredits the president for his advice on putting yeah get this played with president trump as he had prior to first tour win in 2016 used to be assistant pro he won yesterday and he says that president puts me e in a spot i don't know what it is about him but he gets me going in the right direction in golf. congratulations. we've got a new putter it was the difference. only player in the baseball hall of fame to get voted in unanimously rivera inducted sunday the long time new york yankees closer got to share the table and coop percenttown, new york but former teammate mike along we had gar martinez lee smith howard and life of holiday so showing off muscles sunday look at this in the dugout they're celebrating their 150th season of variety jersey this is some of the guys decided to flex some weights in the dugout and yes it really can make immediate
5:53 am
difference if you do that so if you want to show it off that's what you do. push that -- >> also korea. pushups and there's a immediate difference. [laughter] all right noted sharon max thank you very much. of course catch jared sports reports on fox news headlineses at 24/7 on this siriusxm channel 115 a and coming up, if you are tired at work -- there may be a reason. you might have to blame your coworkers. >> and how one shop is embracing unseen as best policy. keep it here. fbn:am. your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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>> evaluately advantage to being alone at least in the office. >> mike is here with the it also on this one. mike. good morning. >> good morning everybody this one is great, obviously, so work can be stressful it can be tired all of that now psychologist are say that one of the reasons you're tired at work is because of your coworkers all right and their solution is to just not talk to them. they say what when you con very sate or answer questions for that one coworkers you don't like to begin with that it makes you more meantly exhausted that take as 25 minutes to refocus
5:57 am
your attention. so they say don't talk to them at all and one of the -- a tip on how not to is walk around and wear headphones who else time. but we've all been there that one person that comes up like no please don't talk toe me but now an an excuse like you exhaust me i love that idea. >> head is pretty blungt. you exhaust me. not good for mess on more mental health let's not talk. so a story you've got a shop that rely on people's honesty. rt will the so you know during halloween families that are leave candy bars on front porch and one in the honor system and there's a food kiosk and they're doing same thing. there's no workers there. they just have a tablet for your credit card or box of cash. and you're supposed to take sandwiches and just pay. now so far -- that i think only works in canada right? >> one place that won't work
5:58 am
laguardia i can guarantee that. so far, though, they said that everyone has been honest with this. but i don't know. maybe up there not here. i don't think. >> what's point of that besides what is the point? >> you don't pay for workers i think or maybe just see a study on how honest humans be. i don't know hopefully it doesn't continue, though. >> well hats off to canadians -- in new york. not for us. all right guide thank you very much. you can check mike, of course, fox headlines at 24/7 throughout the day. that is it for fbn:am let's sending it over to megyn mcdowell mornings with maria begins right now. >> both of you ladies cheryl casone and deirdre good morning everyone. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo monday july 22nd. your top stories at 6 a.m. eastern. another big week of earnings, this time we've got big tech names including facebook, twitter, google parent alphabet all reporting this morning the focus is on halliburton we have
5:59 am
the numbers coming up. futures reporting to a higher hope this morning growing tensions with iran prime minister troughs may holding an emergency meeting following the seizure of a u.k. tanker by iran revolutionary guard this latest oil and prices higher. lion king roaring at box office. but it is not the only disney film breaking records this weekend. the details straight ahead. mornings with maria starting right now. we have a big show coming up this morning maria exclusive
6:00 am
interview is on deck with bank of america chairman and ceo brian they talk about everything from the debt ceiling to trade and more you don't want to miss it and joining conversation this morning pollster and partner president lee carter and mitch rochelle and market strategist at third seven advisors michael bloc much to discuss. mike already says that he has something outrageous to says on china trade so hold that thought. we're going get to it shortly. okay. futures are pointing to high per open this morning, we have gains across the board at 52 point gain on dow futures investors are waiting for business yi week of the earning season last week losing week per markets real whiplash whether federal reserve will cut quarter of a point half a point again seems like markets are trading all on monetary policy. but what about earnings? ten of the 30 so one-third of the dow components more than within quarter of


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