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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 22, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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this morning maria exclusive interview is on deck with bank of america chairman and ceo brian they talk about everything from the debt ceiling to trade and more you don't want to miss it and joining conversation this morning pollster and partner president lee carter and mitch rochelle and market strategist at third seven advisors michael bloc much to discuss. mike already says that he has something outrageous to says on china trade so hold that thought. we're going get to it shortly. okay. futures are pointing to high per open this morning, we have gains across the board at 52 point gain on dow futures investors are waiting for business yi week of the earning season last week losing week per markets real whiplash whether federal reserve will cut quarter of a point half a point again seems like markets are trading all on monetary policy. but what about earnings? ten of the 30 so one-third of the dow components more than within quarter of the s&p 500 report this week, and big names
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to watch facebook, and tesla coming out on wednesday google parent alphabet amazon on thursday. mike block what are are you expecting? >> we have some big names reporting this week and for much of this year i've been saying that it is all about growth. well this is some of the big company chances to sew that can facebook and amazon and alphabet really answer some of the concerns? last week we saw netflix blow up because their non-u.s. ads weren't good but we saw microsoft excel on cloud and what's it going to be for amazon the growth in retail sales? is this going to be about cloud and alfa bet respond from last can't and continue to be the leadership here? and would that be novels for the overall market a good thing when four stocks are -- are amount for all of the gains in the s&p 500? >> right so to your point this is the front page story in "the wall street journal" above the full story i'll hold it up right there. i'm a nerd i have newspapers.
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so it is microsoft apple amazon and facebook accounted for 19% of the s&p 500 total return this year, and i think it's the best performance so far in 2019 biggest gain since 98 so bubbly. >> what's interesting when all of the noise geopolitically china, trade, and concerns about global economic growth those are the companies that investors are sort of flocking to but what's interesting is treasury is flight to safety clash as are big names and interesting how the market transformed from being 500 stocks to four that people run to when they're worried about what's going on around world. >> we talked about fed i mention briefly that federal reive decision and whiplash in markets last week what was it, it was williams from the new york fed on thursday. >> williams getting academic on pus talking ab half percent neutral rate freaking everyone out.
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he's doing this his entire career what he does. >> they have to sending out a balloon on friday saying wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute -- right only going to be a quarter of a point. >> comedy by the way i want to upon the out when we talk about pang fang stocks that's fama for us finance geeks is funny because that is guy who told us to buy small cap value opposed to large cap stock. >> and french. didn't mean to lead you out. we want to talk about economic numbers. ahead of the federal reserve decision next week so question get first reading on second quarter growth out on friday. ahead of central bank decision next week and again we were talking about interest rate cuts but in terms what's coming out this week new home sales numbers also durable goods scheduled on thursday and second quarter so what about second quarter growth what are we expecting at that 3.1% growth in first quarter? >> gdp atlanta fed at 1.6 which
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they sometimes have been wildly inaccurate but i have a good feeling about second quarter because if you look at the earnings the banks all talked about how the consumer was really, really strong and drove their business. you look at the retail sales number that came out last week that number was strong i think the consumers driving this economies and consumer fairly confident so i'm -- fairly optimistic about second quarter gdp higher than that. >> interesting to see what will happen with wall street, though, that's a different. we've got so many great number and consumer confidence and we're seeing -- real estate not doing as well. so i'm curious to see how that's going to play out. >>confidence holding new this environment because again i have a moment and we're going to talk about continued fight with the squad between president trump and the four young congress women. but i'm driving around throughout this south and roads are just wall to qawl traffic. it is bumper to butcher traffic
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people are out, they're spend. and i thought you know what, i wonder how many of these people who are out enjoying like the lowest unemployment rate that we've had in nearly a half a century, and these incredible wage gains preem out, they're driving they're enjoying their summer despite hundred degree temperatures, they're not paying attention to that. now i wondered how confidence is reacting to just the feel good vibes about the economy regardless of what's come out of washington. >> consumer confidence set all time high when you look at i'm not it is all time high but continues to increase, and despite the fact that people are saying there's a recession coming that numbers are inflated that we're above all things that you hear other and over again that's not what consumer is saying but spending feeling good and better in the economy and number of 201 where we are today unbelievable how much better people are feeling about where we are as a country and about our future. >> despite fact that some of the candidates on the democratic side and campaign frail are trying to talk to this country
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into recession. >> that i think is one the most fascinating thing line trying to talk us out of feeling good so if you look at messaging elizabeth warren others are doing and it is myc growth it is not working for the man but that's what they're trying to say that working for you. it is working for wealthy and working for companies. but when you survey people and talk to people that's not how they feel but the best economy that we've ever had, and you know, and nonsupervisor wages have been growing faster than wages of manager that lower skill individuals in this country. their wages areing fast e than people in some inabout stances that have college degrees or higher. so again you have to be very careful when you tell somebody -- about up you don't really feel as good as you -- as you think you do. >> talk about you feel that they could come across like they're not telling the truth to people. >> that's right ting the thing they need to understand is there's different you say it all of the time a policy versus politics, and that i think
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people don't like the politics they're not optimistic about tone and tenner of our environment right now but they feel very good about the economics and their pocket book. >> the president still still tweeting about these four female lawmakers saying this he doesn't think he said this yesterday morning i think it was about 8:00 in the morning that he doesn't think they're cape aable of loving our country so this continues. i'm going to talk to you later in the the show about what's the method to this madness here. so what's the -- there is one. because again people would come up to me -- [laughter] and ask me to explain what was going on. like you know, not today. [laughter] so well this is on deck this week in washington wednesday former special counsel robert mueller testifying before the house jew dish about area and intelligence committees, maria bartiromo sat down with ranking judiciary committee member georgia congressman about what he plans to ask robert mueller
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i'll get everybody's reaction. >> are you asking specifically if he looked at the origin of that investigation why they started to investigate donald trump in the first place? >> we've got great guys on our side and gals and have pointed questions to make sure that american people understand this is not a vacuum that democrats have completely to say that president wases doing something wrong. we're going to also go back to corrupt ball and others i think as you look at it in general need to be part of this pirp. remember the mueller report is a one sided report. that is not been questioned from other side. this is our chance to do that. >> lee what do you expect? [laughter] what? >> expecting a mess. [laughter] you know, i also wonder a lot of timeses e me to do about nothing and anticipating so much. inthat we're going to hear had a lot more from sidelines that we're going to see when you get down to it. >> does market care? >> i don't think market care what's interesting is so much time passed since this dust up last time. i think redusting it up -- not only market but i think vote
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reverse just going to say -- getting people made up their minds. >> so we're saving this to the end you have a bomb you're going to land about the china trade tell us before we go to break. >> yeah hit me. i'll say this quickly what's going on here is this -- fact of the matter is and we can grow and disagree and how we feel president xi in china doesn't trust donald trump full stop he lookses at iran deal and we can say that was a terrible deal, of course, trump did away with it. the chinese look at this and they're saying he breaks deals we can't make deal with him and that's kind of mindset now. there are of the mindset oflet wait this out until next year and lose election and no hurry because we don't trust him or deal we make with him. all of us can with that renal and that's what's really happening in russia. we went this not trusting chinese because of the threat of intellectual prosecute and force to render a technology, and again, using huawei to
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essentially as a trap door to spy on the world. the united states and other nations, so all of that is irrelevant. thing i'm saying is everything -- >> it is not irrelevant. it is relevant not irrelevant. go ahead. >> saying this thought that both sides play nice shake is hands and make some deal that's going make markets go higher whether it works or not is remain to be seen but i'm telling you about that mindset going on in china from what i'm getting from high place people is they don't want to make a deal. >> but if nothing changes in terms of where we are right now, mitch that's necessarily bad for market you have a market you have investors and corporate executive they are graping with existing tariffs that we have on chinese goods so status, quote, from here until even after the election would be okay. for the economy and markets. . most likely i think as time goes on corporate managers are less and less convinced that
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anything is beginning to happen and they're just moving forward. dges moving production. there's a lot going on and china and samsung moving more production here to the u.s. eve this a big chip facility in austin texas and moving more and moving parts here and yes there could be adaptation there's no deal and no progress, let's see how it works out many my point is there's an expectation they'll get a deal done once summer is over. i'm not seeing it. >> okay. how about ratifying that -- new nafta we'll take that -- get through that. let get the infrastructure open the desk drawer. open the desk drawer take it out. move it to the floor. >> no we're too busy fighting with each other. and tweeting sack on a tear major technology companies powering the markets recent gains what it means for earning season straight ahead plus lion king roars at box office disney
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liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, hmm. exactly. so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ massive protest expected in puerto rico today as governor refuseses to resign cheryl casone has more details. hey, cheryl. >> dagen good morning hundreds of thousands of people are expected to takes over one of the island's busiest roads today. they're homing to convince governor to step down. overnight he announced he will not seek reelection, but he also woapght quit over a leaked online conversation showing him mocking women and hurricane victims. today will mark tenth straight day of protest there. well e-i fax pay around 700 million to set with the trade commission at 2017 data breach.
6:16 am
wall street journal is reporting that the deal would resolve investigations by the ftc the consumer financial protection bower row and the state. but also resolve a nation wide consumer quest action lawsuit. the breach one the large pest affecting private information. >> and disney lion king devoured competition at the weekend box office. >> must take your place in the circle of life. ♪ >> the remake grossed 1485 million in the u.s. roaring -- past expectations and trying its monday already earned more than half a billion dollars worldwide and then here's some news the avenger end game which didn't make top ten doesn't matter at this point. it was 1.5 million globally added over the past weekend, and now it has finally surpassed avatar all time record reaching 2.79 billion dollars.
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dagen. >> that's incredible. thank you so much cheryl who went to see it? do you have a young daughter? >> start our story for yesterday. was it awesome disney pixar fantastic, yeah. that's my first toy story movie i never saw. >> i'll take james earl jones joyce is my mother's name that's why i said that. voice over tom hanks, though, any day. just saying. >> buzz or woody i'm in the a woody guy sorry audience. if you e see the if new one, forky. it is very clever. we'll leave it at that. hard news here. >> i don't know. i never quite understood the need to make the remake the lion king. but that i think that that speaks volumes about the need for that. >> put a record i was laughing hard with my daughter. major earnings on tap and
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recording this week ahead of the fed possibly cutting interest rates how the market is reacting and july heat wave -- million of americans sweated out this weekend dealing with blistering temperatures. but there is finally some relief in sight, and a surprise for a lifetime for one family when uninvited guest yep. gets in the middle of their day of fishing. more ahead.
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market last week. but will earnings turn it off around? we have megaearns on tap economic numbers, out and then possible rate cut joining me now wealth portfolio market strategist mike lee i think it is about the feds and what federal reserve is going to do you saw what markets did last week it is like quarter of like half a point yay. oh it is only a quarter of a point. what about earningsings here? >> i would say expectations of this quarter are superlow. we're looking at right now it is down 1.8, 1.9% in revenue up over 4% and big miss and get rewarded and you know, take it down. respect iively but everything is about the fed right now do question get a rate cut i think we're 25 basis point won and done i am i'm not 00% sure at ts next meeting but fed can throw us for a little bit of a curve ball and reward us later because
6:23 am
it is ahead of the ski tips here to get 50 or 75 basis point in this meeting or by the end of the year is insane. over the last few week let's look at data that we go a blowout jobs number we've got new york fed -- you know, "empire" state manufacturing blowing away estimates, the philly fed coming in four times estimates. retail sales beating inflation data higher there's no reason to cut rates now other than to stop the dollar from appreciating if substantially against the rest of the world. >> mike. just one thought i'm still bullish on dollar rate cut or not. you know to ecb is is still cuts factors take the dollar down but a matter of run so far ahead that it is going to come in. >> yeah. well -- i agree with your thesis to helicopter to get stronger and a lot of that has to do with tax cut and regulatory reform the u.s. is a much more tractive
6:24 am
investment than it was years ago. because it is much easier to do business. and what's happening is a lot of growth in the rest the world is getting sucked back to noshing so as long as we are the best game this town and that gap continues to widen i don't see how dollar cannot continue to get stronger and fed is not going to zero. >> if dollar continues to get strong that continues to weigh on corporate earnings but half of the revenue of the s&p 500 earned abroad right? so -- about yes and i think that's a largely baked into expectations and make it is more difficult to say, you know, to manufacture and kind of remake rework base here, but the flipside of that is a lot of tech companies right that are continuing to be tbroa grow like that is dollar irrelevant and that had i think markets go much, much higher here because we're at 17 tiles forward earnings the economy -- like you were just saying about i think gdp estimates will be too low for this quarter as they were or for the first quarter
6:25 am
and things continue to pick up through next half of the year into the year. >> even if fed doesn't deliver majorities will be disappointed if fed doesn't cut. >> i think you're going to continue to get this language may be too aggress i-why they came out so expect to get something here. either by the way of transparency or rate cut right here but i think we're one and done hard to ration allize that you're cut rates. >> three months ago on this show that market was trying to bully the fed by their behavior and in the fourth quarter last year to say you've got to be more accommodative so if they don't get the cut they're looking for how do you think market will react and start bulling fed again? >> selloff for investors out there sitting with cash that is your opportunity coming in. so i think at this next meeting no matter what we get, you're most lukely going to get a selloff because hype thetically
6:26 am
get 75 basis points i don't think we are. market will sell off because they sell the news and what does fed know that we don't, if you get 50 basis point of kind of in line with expectation so that's saw the news get 25 basis points that's a huge disappointment so ting this is a sell of the news type trade event for an entry point. but for those of us that are sitting in this for a -- long line, like just this threw this is business cycle continue to go and go, and go you don't have a ton of leverage in a economy and get a little bit elevated there but on consumer side if you look at debt service as percentage of take a home income it is lowest level in 30 years. you -- you look at consumer confidence sediment all near the high fest levels ever 1.3 million more jobs looking for work really unbelievable shape right now. >> i want to point out the dollar does stay stronger what
6:27 am
sector benefit one of they will is u.s. e retail. u.s. consumer has more purchases power everything else help constant. you left out in materials of investor pushing fed to cut rates, and -- who use the world bullying. we left out how the president might react to a dollar that continues to be strong and a fed that doesn't cut rates aggressively i'll leave it at that. but afraid to follow zero hedge should make policy based on price of the s&p 500. but it seems like that plays a much greater role than it should and in this day and age. >> dependent full step. >> mike good to see. coming up maria exes collusive sit down with bank of america brian covering topics from debt ceiling to trade negotiations plus a real live jaws moment caught on camera. ♪ >> he's one.
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. welcome back i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo july 22nd your top story ises at 6:30 a.m. eastern. futures are showing gains across the board 57 point gain on the dow futures. the the dow nasdaq and s&p 500 winning ending week down, for the first time in three weeks. see the loss it is there. looking for rebound this morning, what's happening europe at the moment we have slight gains across the board in england france and germany in asia overnight red across board
6:32 am
for all major market there is as expectations were a deep interest rate cut by fed e here in the u.s. diminished so following through on our friday. here in the u.s. -- the big heat wave is deadly impact and the call for help made by some police. and a fishing surprise the incredible video of a real life jaws wait for it encounter. yep. and millennials on the move find out top cities they are flocking to and a bull riding cop find out the call that led to this officer well -- giddy up our top story this half hour house speaker nancy pelosi looking to wrap up a deal with the white house to list the debt ceil for congolese recess at the end this have week. now it was one of the many topics maria discussed with exclusive sit down with bank of america chairman and ceo brian
6:33 am
mornhan. here we are in the longest expansion anybody has ever seen and we're dealing with potentially another government shutdown. will that end the expansion will markets get disrupted by this ?fnt i think first i think everybody agrees it shouldn't happen. the problem is 18 month ago everybody agreed it shouldn't happen and fall of 17. and it happened and so ping we have to be careful that unintended consequence can happen and environment is not as strong as remember coming in early 18 we have tax form capacity and thought it would happen so tremendous enthusiasm in the business community it is at different now so ping -- i think that's why secretary mnuchin and speaker plea sew working hard on it and best intention not to have an issue but defected economy and debate it could be affected again and i think that along with three or four things are needed to get resolved -- the correct way in order to keep this expansion going and in the united states and ping all of them are solvable and they got
6:34 am
to get it done. >> what else needs to get done? >> first you have to get u.s. mca through and they have to stabilize that relationship between north and south partners because it is good for all of the countries they have a deal worked out but they have to push it through. >> if we can't get a deal that's agreed upon with our friends imagine getting deals done with others. because that brings it so you have debt ceiling that's fall issue to make sure they get it done because i think that will send a signal that united states is pushing forward with agreement on trade i think then next couple of issues one we have to get through brexit is in general economy make sure it doesn't disrupt too much and then we've got china to keep it from blowing up. but you know there's very difficult issues this, and the business community around world knows that this has to be resolved it in -- it is with the administration and others clearly saying you know these are difficult issues. but issues it blows up it could be a detriment so they need to
6:35 am
keep it going along with a positive result but i think if you take three or four things baskly u.s. mca, the debt ceiling, brexit, china, if we can keep those in right place i think the economy and u.s. will continue to progress well. only really okay so how does back drop feel to you right now you reported 7 billion dollars in net income last week. what did that tell you? what did quarter highlight for you in materials of the strength and weakness in the economy today? >> what driveses our earnings it is all of the -- american economy in our great teams working so our consumer made 3 billion it shall our global bank business which is company, you know, corporate banking made $2 billion and made a billion of market so spread around all good performance. but the consumer business even is talking about, because in that you've seen consumer strong in the united states spending money borrowing responsibility and employed wages are growing faster than people thought you
6:36 am
see 3% handles on that, and their expectations are highs. their confidence although not quite as high as highest point but still very high and end of the day two-thirds of the u.s. is economy by people spending money and if you do spend money small business will be successful, and we'll go on. if you look on business side small business loans outis standing are up from 35 to 37 billion a year about 6% small business of borrowing again they're confidence tip down a little bit but that's because the world got more complex and if you look at mid-size companies they're spending a little less oncap pex because incentives are -- sort of through the system now. but they're very solid everybody is fine and brace for please and move unserpght and be more aggressive. i'm glad you saidcap x is because there's a attack about about uncertainty over china, u.s. mca now keeping sitting on cash. but they're spending on
6:37 am
technology i know you're spending a lot on technology i'll get to that in a second. but businesses are allocating money to important issues that they need. >> it's slowed down about half of the rate. but still there, and the real question is could be faster with that certainty. but people sort of adjusted to that issue of the moment. and if you look at companies you talk about to company anybody in china seen a slowdown affect 20 wsh 30% of the business and slowdown yet 20% so not impact across the whole platform but that impact they're worried about but business is saying about what's going on and amazing ow efficient business has become in terms of the ability to ploy modest amount of expension get a lot of pop out of it. 300 billion in technology and we have with flat expenses in our economy for four years in a rose and if you think about that with multiple transaction growth six, 7, 8, 10% with sales forth growth in materials of new
6:38 am
people we can pace for that by investing technology and both for customer and for ourselves to keep improving the company. and our efficiency ratio has gone down that's what business is doing around world they're learning how to become incrementally more efficient through all of this wonderful technology and capabilitieses that they have. >> well that's one of the ways you were able to turn company around in last decade because of your focus on keeping expenses tight or investing in technology. more of maria exclusive interview with bank of america ceo brian coming up next hour. but first, a if dangerous heat wave covering much of the country cheryl casone has more. hey, cheryl. >> l dagen so an extreme heat wave is blamed fors at least six deaths. from the carolinas to maine daytime highs reach pupper 90s yesterday. here in new york city coned reported that about 50,000 homes and businesses lost power and expected to cool off, though, as cold front is lowly going to
6:39 am
shift across the northeast and hold off on criminal act until today. there you have that. [laughter] rob that bank today but we'll arrest you. we have jaw dropping video for fisherman on page okay just one of a great qhiet shark out of the quarter in nearly biting boy on fishing boat look at this. [inaudible conversations] yeah. this was a very close call as you can e see this happened cape cod the shark jumped out of the water to steal a fish reeled in thankfully nobody was hurt wow. there's this millennials are packing their bags for west coast they are moving to cities with high home prices a high things but also high per wages according to a new study forth land oregon is prime destination followed by seattle and denver
6:40 am
and san francisco and austin round out the top five. i will send it back to you dagen, of course, fish fisherman next to you who i know was on a boat yesterday. i grew up fishing she's a fisher person. >> you're a fisher person. fill disclosure trying to figure out what fish is pulled into that the sharks was going after. i thought it was a cod because it was on cape cod but it was a kod that was my guess but audience will probably tweet at me tell me i don't know what i'm talking about. but that was any working near rei. the massachusetts stories very great you know the -- police department that cheryl was referring to is brain tree massachusetts that was great because there was this great tweet that said it is, you know, you have to say in boston accident like it was hot per than soccer balls out here. [laughter] mayor from the act. >> you didn't sound like kennedy
6:41 am
or hey chuckie. >> mark wahlberg -- coming up, the busiest week of earning season halliburton kicking things off today bring you numbers as soon as they break. and this is not his first rodeo. a come takes ride on a mechanical bull at a house party. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom?
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headlines across america this morning the pittsburgh post gazette reports this dispute poll cbs off the air for directv customers cbs went to black on satellite systems owned by at&t and new york l.a., chicago, and other cities across the u.s. including pith burg. the network in at&t mudslinging over the failure to agree on cbs is fade for programming. the network warning this could be -- this could last a long time. the america renews says that google big plans for downtown san jose answer for all of your questions plenty of questions and now some answers. to how and when had google takeover of san jose had commence, those plans include overhauling the city so-called sleepy downtown train station, and then this. ozarks writes texas
6:46 am
police officer responded to a noise complaint and wound up riding mechanical bull this was not his first rodeo cop answering this call did did improve climbing at bull in house party in east texas riding effortlessly for about 30 seconds. before falling off -- he was rewarded with cheers and plenty of high-fives a three-year-old could ride that bull, though. [laughter] just saying. but we have breaking news for you. halliburton earnings are out and deirdre mas everything you need to know. >> if you log at earnings you have a clear beach so seeing halliburton move higher in premarket so instead of 30 cents share what wall street was looking for company posting 35 cents share so clear beat stronger. the problem for the company as day goes on, is going to be revenue a little light so wall street looking for 5.97 billion in revenue.
6:47 am
halliburton post hg 5.93 billion so almost there not quite but as we can tell from the premarket it seem like most investors are focus on that profit number so watch halliburton also watch large per competitor and be off to race. back to you. >> deirdre thank you so much. on fernings for us coming up, the deep dive into deep fakes. we take a look at the technology behind bogus videos and potential political impact . next. this is the couple who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. expedia. can't see what it is what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer?
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something you might have heard of the technology allows anyone to create a video of an event that never happenedded and now that it is posing threat to business and our political system joining me now morning anchor for fox news headlines 24/7 on siriusxm is 15 brett larson. >> terrifying right we've seen the videos there's a video of president obama, i believe he's praising president trump. there's a video of mark zuckerberg saying i'm going it take facebook off the interpret because that's right thing to do, obviously, if you watch that video you would think wait what now? but you might catch you offguard and think it is real. now we're hearing reports that they're using this same deep technology to impersonate people voices so high profile ceos, to call their other executives and ask for money to help they will out because they're in some sort of danger. it is a similar situation to -- that if this is something i've
6:52 am
experienced where a friend messages you on facebook and says hey, i'm in, traveling through europe and if i lost my passport and i need cash because i'm at hotel and all of my stuff is stolen and for a second you might fall for it and think that's interesting time it happened to me i had happened to be in europe and my gosh convenient i'm in paris. you know where are you? but i have to point this out you were just in new york yesterday. so how is it that you're already in europe and you've lost all of your stuff in so, obviously, the person who hacked into that account can can was then on to me and if i got blocked but what these guys are doing is taking speeches that cross-examination ohs have given ted talk as putting it into artificial intenls and like alexa like siri google home voice has ability to speak like another person and say anything you want. >> who is behind technology and more importantly the abuse of the technology? >> these are going to be some hard-core hack percent who have figured some stuff out. >> domestic or firm?
6:53 am
>> i would say probably foreign. probably from the countries that we like to spar with. that, you know, computers are they work everywhere. anywhere you can plug them in and access internet you can do this kind of stuff. >> scary because they can predispose to believe and perpetuate itself and this is supersuperdangerous stuff and people can't difference in precinct stories but you see video and audio it is real. >> especially if it plays to your existing confirms bias so we're talking about, you know, imagine if you the a presidential candidate's voice inters impersonated go through entire interview who may be not in the joke and we live in a -- 24 democratic candidate and run who happens to be in the white house. imagine if you -- if you know you have a talk show and somebody says the president
6:54 am
was united states is on the phone and wants to talk to you you're not gong to say no and you hear it and think well it sowpgd like the president. >> you only need to make that mistake and get buoyed. it -- that is absolutely true. and that happens but with what love howard stern no disrespect to howard stern. . but you know it is an interesting hate to say interesting time by kind of a frightening situation where you can do this. >> what are social media companies doing about it, though, ahead what of the election particularly next year? the election is -- the campaigns are whatting now. what are they doing about it now? >> what are they doing about this? >> nothing -- facebook did the the war room for the 2018 midterm elections where they trieded to stay on top this stuff. this -- to me this feel like a toothpaste out of the tube situation where it is going to be -- we're just users now it really fall on use reverse going to have more more salve city about
6:55 am
what they hear. candidates hearen you know protecting their messaging. >> i guess if it goes viral then they can shut it down but the one that seems real that influences a small group of people that's the danger. exactly. or the, you know, question use this in a campaign phone call. we use fake audio. >> the more this goes on and more that social media companies have allowed, it is not just a opinion it is literally fake manufactured news. it makes the -- the real media companies and the old newspapers much more relevant because more and more people are going to lean on them to again it is the reporters responsibility to vet and vet and vet and make sure something is -- is real and accurate. i think it benefit the real media companies in this environment. >> absolutely. and i've gotten a lot of flak for saying this in past but it is rules of journalism we have a
6:56 am
gate keeper there's somebody who sit there and says hold on a second they said what in a telephone interview let's fact check double check triple check before we with go through that whereas if you're -- no offense to bloggers or twitterers, you put it out there. you know did you double check, did you call? simple rules? 101 rulism. can you having ton high school. take a class. the kids you know who i would -- because you're on there again it is like i need to get in on app no i'm not. putting my phone down because that doesn't look right like there's a lot more to that story. : wait until the story is fully told. fox news headlines every morning siriusxm 115 thanks, brett still ahead major earnings on tap a ten dow component this is week out with earnings ahead of the fed possibly cutting interest rates next week. is welcome wedding crasher president trump drops in on a new jersey couple saying their vows over the weekend.
6:57 am
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they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, july 22nd. earnings in focus, it's the busiest week of the quarterly earnings season with big technology names including facebook, twitter and google's parent, alphabet, all reporting. what you need to know before the numbers come out ahead. halliburton reporting earnings moments ago, it beat on earnings but missed on revenue. the stock still higher by 1%. the company says momentum is building internationally. futures show gains across the board this morning, 62 point gain on the dow futures. this after the dow, nasdaq and s&p ended the week lower for the first time in three weeks. so a loser week, a selloff on
7:01 am
friday, again hopes dashed as a half point rate cut next week from the federal reserve. in europe we have slight gains to report in england, france and germany. asia was a different story, declines across the board. growing tensions with iran, prime minister theresa may holding an emergency meeting following the seizure of a u.k. tanker by iran's revolutionary guard. iran reportedly detaining 17 of its own citizens, accused of acting as spies for the cia. johnson sanjohnson & johnson fig claims that baby powder causes cancer. a closer look at that legal battle. the tight job market hitting restaurants. restaurant owners are serving up big perks to keep employees happy. and ja j-lo's famous dress inspiring sneakers. we take a look at the latest
7:02 am
dress inspired by the pop star's big birthday. here to break it down this morning, lee carter, pwc partner mitch rochell and market strategist and third seven advisor's michael block. welcome one and all. what say you? what are you watching? >> earnings, this week it's all about earnings. you also have economic data. the pmi, purchasing manager's index, also comes out for services and goods. i'm keeping an eye on that. i think the fed will be paying close attention to more economic data as they make their decision next week. >> we'll see what the drivers are in this gdp number on friday, whether that confirms how strong the u.s. consumer is and of course these earnings, the same thing. amazon, facebook, can they transcend some of the issues that some of the other companies have had. dagen: i'm going to talk about the thinking behind the messaging out of the white house or out of president trump, rather. that there is a strategy to it. >> there's absolutely a strategy
7:03 am
to it. i didn't think when it first started happening. now i think it is. dagen: when it's still going on, when it's an 8:00 a.m. tweet on a sunday morning. so much more coming up on maria's exclusive interview with brian moynihan, weighing in on the federal reserve's upcoming interest rate decision. tensions soaring in the middle east, iranian officials confirming the arrest of 17 nationals accused of being part of a cia trained spy network. iran is reportedly set to execute several of them. this comes amid heightened hoses tilt in the strait of hormuz laying the prospect of -- delaying the prospect of working with the u.s. and iran. theresa may will host an emergency security session to form a response, one day after the u.s. confirmed it shot down an iranian drone despite iran denying it happened.
7:04 am
joining me now is pennsylvania congressman and member of the house judiciary and armed services committee, guy reshenthaler. what is the u.s.'s next step in taking on iran and ending this hostility. >> thanks for having me on. i appreciate it. when it comes to iran, we've got to look at their actions. air acting out because the trump administration has been a applying maximum pressure to iran. so what they're doing is they're acting out. i think they're even trying to manipulate the cost of oil because they know that the economic sanctions are hurting them and they need to make up for that somewhere. >> congressman, good morning. mitch rochell. many of the military analysts who have been on this network have been talking about iran potentially just punch themselves out, this is all they have and they're going to keep doing it until they can't do it anymore. what's your reaction to that? and whether or not this is going to continue or just be something that's short-lived? >> i think they're going to
7:05 am
continue to act out because as the economic sanctions are hurting the iranian economy, the regime's having a hard time staying in power. they're really acting out, they're trying to get attention especially from the europeans. we have to make sure that we continue to apply maximum economic pressure, make sure the sanctions remain in place and make sure our allies stay with us. great britain has done a great job. we have to make sure the eu stay with us and we continue to amp up the pressure. the trump administration has done an incredible job and the iranian regime is feeling the pain. dagen: i want to move on to digging deeper and investigating the investigators, something that will surely come up when former special counsel robert mueller testifies on wednesday in the house. judiciary committee chair jerry nadler slamming the president with new accusations ahead of the hearing, saying the mueller report presents, quote, very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.
7:06 am
maria bartiromo sat down with congressman doug collins, the ranking republican on the judiciary committee yesterday, and he late out -- laid out his expectations for the testimony. congressman, listen to this and we'll get your reaction. take a listen. maria: what are you expecting from the mueller testimony on wednesday? >> what we're expecting is another round of was we already know. it's like going back and finding a book on the shelf that looks new and all of a sudden you begin to read it and you find out i already read this before. this is the democrats' time to make the case that they've not been wasting our time and millions of dollars, with hearings going on where they're harassing the president and trying to make pree press releae headlines. maria: what else are the democrats trying to get out of robert mueller and what's the strategy on the republican side? >> well, i think the democrats, what they're trying to do is revive this and make something of it that after being three months out in the public, everybody is wanting to know about the mueller report has
7:07 am
looked into the mueller report. people are beginning to tire. the whole investigation started from the discussion of russian interference in our 2016 election. it's like they forgot about it completely. the republicans have not forgot about where the investigation started. dagen: congressman, what are you going to ask robert mueller? >> i'm a military man. i would never telegraph my next move. [ laughter ] >> what i'm really interested in with mueller is just the start of the investigation. i'm very troubled by the fact that the obama administration weaponized the fbi and they used the fbi to spy on a political campaign. that's really troubling to me and that should be troubling to every american. so i want to focus on that. but i'm not going to telegraph my next move. dagen: right. and the fact that p opposition research pay ford by donald trump's opponents wound up being used to spy on a member of his campaign. the fact that that is
7:08 am
astonishing to most americans. after robert mueller took over as the special counsel at what point did he know that there was no conspiracy with russia, there was no collusion, because the last fisa warrant was renewed in june of 2017 so it was sometime between then and when the next renewal would happen in the fall, but then there was another year until the midterm elections. so why did it take so long? >> right. exactly. mueller had over two years, literally millions of dollars and he produced a 400 some page report. i'll tell you, in the navy we talk bluff, bottom line, up front. here's the bottom line. there's no obstruction, no collusion. the democrats are dragging mueller to the judiciary committee for just political theater. they don't want the american people to know the far left agenda that they're undertaking right now in congress. they don't want to talk about
7:09 am
the green new deal, don't want to talk about taking away private health insurance. so instead, they bring out mueller and they engage in political theater. dagen: i want to get to -- speaking of theater -- [ laughter ] dagen: the war of words continues. president trump stepping up his attacks against the four democratic congresswomen demanding they apologize to america. he tweet ted this. i don't believe four congres congresswomen are capable of loving america, our country. they're destroying the democrat party. they are weak and insecure people who can never destroy our great nation. i'm going to let lee carter get in here. again, the words used to describe even the beginning of this, racist, offensive, glee xenophobic. the president seems to be trying to paint these women as the head of the democratic party and
7:10 am
there's a method to that going into the election next year. >> i think that what started maybe as something that was pretty horrific has turned into something different. i think that what the president is trying to do is define the party as these four women which means that they are far left, that they are very, very progressive and that should be the democrats' worst nightmare. even the new york times had an op ed last week that said donald trump is going to win again if we go too far left, right. that is what he's trying to do. and now the democrats are going to have to define themselves around that and they'll be reacting to donald trump rather than the other way around. so i think it's a very interesting strategy and my question is to the congressman, do you see it that way? do you think democrat party is this party of the squad, of those four women, that's very, very progressive, that's very far left, that has very far left ideas on healthcare and other issues that are very important to the american people? >> i absolutely do. i'm on the floor and i see how
7:11 am
the democrats are operating. i'm in committees and i see how much is controlled by the far left and the four freshmen that get all the attention. i can tell you that someone that paints them as just the squad, they're not the squad, they're the new democrat party. this is no longer the party of jfk. this is the party of aoc. they've taken the democrat party to a very far left, extreme position. just read the green new deal. that want to up end our economy. they want to move us to a socialist system and just read their own words. so this party has moved drastically left. nancy pelosi might be the speaker, but the real leaders are the four freshmen, the squad, they're the ones that are leading the party and they're pushing it in a drastic direction. dagen: i will point this out. before president trump belly-flopped into the middle of what was an intraparty fight where these four congresswomen were fighting with nancy pelosi and they were figuratively
7:12 am
eating each other alive, he belly-flops into the middle of it the friday before this started, enough democrats joined the republicans to block an amendment from alexandria ocasio-cortez, blocked her amendment to a defense bill that would have banned president trump from sending u.s. troops to the border. it was the democrats lining up with the republicans, potentially in reaction to her, but now that's all over with and you've now -- all the democrats have locked arms with each other. >> right. we have to remember that we're still getting things done as republicans, we're moving forward in an agenda and there's other democrats that have joined with us so we can overcome the far left agenda. anybody that wants to minimize the freshman as a squad of four, look at every bill they put forward. the green new deal last time i checked had over 70 co-sponsors. every time aoc or someone from the squad puts forth a bill or
7:13 am
an amendment, they usually have 90 or more co-sponsors. so they have moved the party in a far left direction and that should alarm all americans. dagen: thank you, congressman. good to see you. take care. we'll be watching wednesday. coming up, johnson & johnson in the hot seat, the company facing a keyle key legal battle in ct today. plus wedding crasher in chief, president trump making one couple's vows national news. his impromptu drop-in. [ laughter ] dagen: they were -- this couple was very excited to see the president and clearly based on their physical interaction with him, they were well into their evening. let's just leave it at that. [ laughter ] dagen: more of this, next. usa! usa! usa! ♪ this is the part when i say i
7:14 am
don't want it. ♪ i'm stronger than i ever thought.
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7:17 am
dagen: police firing tear gas and rubber bullets during another round of he protests overnight in hong kong. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl. cheryl: l dagen, thousands of anti-government demonstrators took to the streets for a seventh weekends of protests from a proposed law that would allow people to be sent to china for trial. dozens were hurt after suspected gang members assaulted pro-democracy demonstrators inside of a train station, look at this. also, just breaking a few moments ago, turns out that apple has closed its stores in hong kong. earlier than expected, following those protests. stocks surging as china's new market for home-grown technology companies opens with a bang on its first day. 25 companies made up the shanghai stock exchange's science and technology
7:18 am
innovation board. they've dubbed it the star market. chinese authorities are calling it that. some of the stocks climbed 400% by the end of the trading day. then there was this. a surprise guest at a wedding in new jersey over the weekend. yep, president trump dropped by unannounced at this folks' reception, these people's reception saturday night. it washeld at the trump -- it was held at the trump national golf club. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! cheryl: secret service agents kept most of the guests at bay except for the bride, as you can see there. they both hugged their welcomed wedding crasher, the president. dagen: there is a lot of affection from the bride and groom. [ laughter ] cheryl: this was later in the evening. dagen: the president -- this is not breaking news.
7:19 am
the president really has an issue with germs and he used to not shake peoples. cheryl: that's true. hillary:.dagen: it was a astonn the campaign trail, he overcame that. >> this is a whole new level. dagen: welcome to the northeast. he was born and raised in queens. he knows exactly what this kind of affection is about, right? cheryl: the president doesn't drink alcohol but i think some of the people there might have had a little bit. >> i would guess all of those people. [ laughter ] dagen: lots of hands, lots of hands and hugging happening at that wedding. [ laughter ] dagen: as i said, they were well into their evening, i would suspect. but congratulations to that happy couple. that's a dog-gone big deal when the president shows up at your wedding. >> i would go out on a limb and say they're trump supporters. dagen: there are a lot of trump
7:20 am
supporters in the tri-state area. watching the fed, maria's exclusive interview with bank of america's ceo brian moynihan, he weighs in on the central bank's upcoming rate decision. and sweetening the deal, what restaurants are doing to attract and keep workers in this tight labor market. ♪ that would be all right. ♪ that would be all right. ♪ if everybody everywhere had a lot of room to square and a little bigger piece of the pie.
7:21 am
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7:23 am
dagen: the fed reserve signaling it's ready to cut interest rates. bank of america's ceo brian moynihan weighing in on the significance of that and the realities of cryptocurrency in part two of maria's exclusive interview. they started the conversation with how technology is
7:24 am
transforming the banking industry. maria: tell me what you've done in technology. you were among one of the first banks to implement tech in a big way. what's most striking in terms of tech, in terms of aeffectiveness. >> everybody feels the consumer side. if you go on the market side and you've been around the capital markets a long time, we are now completely electronic on all the equity side, getting more and more electronics on the fixed income side which is less homogenous in terms of -- we have one common stock and 400 fixed income issues or something. if you think about that. if people think about that side, it's all going straight through, 90% plus, fx is high 90s plus. a decade ago it would be 50%. a person is involved, a piece of paper is involved. on the consumer side, that's what everybody talks about. think about mid-2000s, we just started the real mobile banking takeoff. when i became ceo we had a
7:25 am
5 million. we have 28 million customers using mobile banking today. digital banking is 38 million. you think about our activity, more than half the payments, we talk about cryptocurrency, half the payments made by consumers, by bank of america, already made digitally today. maria: half? >> 53% actually. that technology has taken off, the ability for customers to set travel alerts, to get a new card, to load a car in a digital wallet, to pay digitally with smartphones, all of these are magical things. the real next frontier is around a thing we call zelle. we started it a year ago. a 5, 6 million people are using it. 50 million customer interactionses. you can get your balance, pay a bill, it will come up how much do you want to pay and you pay it. it's basically learning about you with artificial intelligence, voice recognition. maria: that's interesting.
7:26 am
>> that's kind of fun. where it takes us, we use it internally to allow teammates to work. those are huge impacts in the future. but most of the people would be real excited about what's happening with the consumer. maria: it sounds like it. can't believe so many of the payments, 53%, that's incredible. cryptocurrency, are you a fan? a lot of debate around crypto and digital currencies. >> i think you have to separate cryptocurrency into component parts. you hear a lot of people talk about this. there's anonymous currency and there's block chain and enablement of transactions and messaging with verified records. we hold 50 odd block chain patents today. we're trying to apply it in a lot of places towards having payments, especially payments which have both information and money moving across border, that's the real application we see. when you go to digital money,
7:27 am
digital -- 53% is digital already. that doesn't include when you stick your plastic in an atm or point of sale credit card. if you added that, the number would be like 60, 70%. maria: wow. >> 75% of our transactions, check deposit are atm or phones now. you're seeing digitization. amonday musanonymous currenciesd because they don't require verification. if you drop a 10-dollar bill -- maria: you don't know who is behind the transaction. >> it's very important to digitize movement of money to make it more fair, especially small dollar, cross-border, lower the cost of that. we have a tremendous efficient payment system today. and all this is about making more convenient for you as a customer. maria: the federal reserve is
7:28 am
going to cut rates in the next two weeks what should people be thinking about that. is it going to get better for people? are they going to feel an impact? >> i think for people that have debt which is based on floating rates, it will come down a little bit. mortgage prices are already down dramatically. from the time last quarter closed to this quarter closed, the 10 year rate which sets the mortgage rates went from 2.6% to 2.05% or something like that. maria: okay. >> mortgage rates have already fallen. i don't think to the average consumer there will be a huge effect. to the markets and to the companies, they'll receive a benefit instantaneously. lie bore'-- libor's already fal. that makes things cheaper. i think the fed would signal a message to the market, we're here to make sure the largest economy in the world, which is the only one growing of this size growing with this substance to it, we're here to make sure
7:29 am
that keeps going because that's very good not only for the united states, but good for the world. maria: so this is a positive thing. i know that rates are so low that i feel like the fed doesn't have a lot of wiggle room. they'll cut now but -- >> we'll see all that. they've got other tools and techniques and there's a lot to talk about. if you think about it, the current rate structure irrespective of the fed cuts coming or not coming is accomodative to activity and you've seen that. you've seen the issuance of corporate debt have gone up, largely because the carry cost is cheaper. if the rate they're paying is cheaper, they can incur more debt. things like that. so i think they have to worry about the excesses and stuff and they do and chair powell and many others talk about it. they're really worried about the global economy which ha is predicted to be down to 3.44 this year. we talk about wha what's going n the middle east and china. all these issues are on their mind. they're trying to say we're here
7:30 am
to make sure this economy grows. you can't complain about that. technical aspects, the u.s. economy are fine. maria: very strong. great to have you on the program. thank you so much. dagen: a special thanks to the chairman and ceo of bank of america, brian moynihan. coming up, costa rica rocked by tainted alcohol deaths. what's being done in the tourist hot spot, next. and johnson & johnson facing a keylee gal bat -- key le legl battle. a hearing today will determine whether the company goes to trial over powder safety. ♪ i'm a hazard to myself. ♪ don't let me get me. ♪ i'm my own worst enemy. of yo. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. most people think a button is just a button.
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7:33 am
dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, july 22nd. futures are showing gains across the board, 52 points on the dow futures, same story for the s&p
7:34 am
500 and nasdaq, this after those three major markets fell last week. down for the first time in three weeks. checking global market action in europe, we have gained to tell you about in england, france and germany, volume picking up a little bit of steam as the day goes on and losses across the board on all four major markets in asia. moving on. let's keep moving. thank you. earnings this week, let's talk about some of the big earnings in the united states. we have reports from facebook, twitter, google's parent, alphabet, all out with quarterly results. ten of the 30 dow components report this week. tech and your privacy, from the office to your home, the rise of devices raises questions about who could be tracking you, what you need to know. and beyond the dominican republic, a string of tourist deaths being reported in costa rica. find out what is to blame and what authorities are doing about
7:35 am
it. and the tight job market hits restaurants, restaurant owners are serving up some big perks to keep employees happy. and jay dasand j-lo's dress insw sneakers. a look at some footwear designed by versace in honor of the pop star's birthday. that dress is from 30 years ago. >> looks just as good today. dagen: let's focus on legal issues, judge napolitano is on-deck. the top story this half hour, the legal battle with johnson & johnson. johnson & johnson defending itself against more than 14,000 legal claims penned against it during a hearing later today. the lawsuits claim that the company's baby powder and other products cause cancer. joining me now, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. what happens today. >> >> what happens today is the
7:36 am
beginning of what's called a bellwether, a phrase for a mini trial to determine the like outcome of 14,000 other trials. there are 14,000 cases filed nationwide. the chief justice of the united states assigned all 14,000 of them to one federal judge in trenton, new jersey. obviously, she can't try 14,000 cases. so they pick the standard and the best claim among the 14,000, versus the strongest and the best defense and they have a mini trial. this week, the mini trial will focus on the experts because johnson & johnson has argued that the plaintiffs' experts are using junk science and if the plaintiffs can persuade judge wolfson in trenton that their experts are sound, these cases will settle and it will cost j & j a fortune. no way will 14,000 cases be tried. if j offend & j can persuade jue
7:37 am
wolfson that the plaintiffs' experts are using junk science, a lot of the cases will go away. some of the came cases have been tried, in st. louis missouri 22 plaintiffs used the same theories, same experts, $4.69 billion against j & j. multiply that out versus 14,000 plaintiffs shall obviously it's a number that is staggerin stagd would put j & j out of business. no way to know which way judge wolfson is going to go. >> obviously, there's a lot of money involved. it would be a huge financial penalty to j & j if this happens. is there anything that could happen in a settlement in terms of behavioral type remedy where j & j would take certain steps to make sure something like this wouldn't happen again? >> there's a lot of creativity in settlements like this,
7:38 am
remedial for those that have been injured as well as changing the product. quite frankly, what do the plaintiffs want? they want money. they made very serious arguments that they've been injured and the injury is permanent and that j & j caused the injury and j j& j knew of the problems. their arguments is the opposite, we're sorry they got hurt but we didn't hurt them. >> is this binding at all? it's a federal judge. many of the 1400 cases are state -- >> 14,000. that is a great question. it is and it isn't. it is isn't because if you reject what judge wolfson says and rules today, you're going to be at the bottom of the line, at the end of the line of 14,000 cases. god only knows when your matter will come before whatever judge to whom it was originally a assigned. >> even if it's a completely different state and it's not federal. >> correct. if she crafts -- she's very smart. i know her well.
7:39 am
if she crafts this properly, she could probably bring about the rapid resolution of the lion's share of these which is best for everybody. it's best for the plaintiffs and it's best for j & j. j & j is not in the business of defending 14,000 lawsuits. the plaintiffs want some money and want to get on with their lives. they don't want to stand in line waiting for their turn to try the case. they might be dead by the time that get to the head of the line. dagen: it's not the plaintiffs, it's the plaintiffs' attorneys. >> you're right as well. whatever she crafts by way of a settlement, she's got to put aside a big chunk for the plaintiffs' lawyers. >> i was going in the direction of damages, so we can move on. dagen: let's move on. because privacy, again, this is right in your -- >> that still exists? dagen: no, it doesn't, actually. that's a good question. u.s. companies are stepping up the monitoring of employees' data, according to a new report
7:40 am
by the wall street journal. your boss may have access to your e-mails and when they were sent along with text messages and phone calls on company-owned devices. >> all right. so we all have these. this is issued by fox. can fox access this and know not what i've said, but to whom i've said it and where i am and when i've said it? answer, yes. fox has software, can acquire software -- i'm not criticizing our bosses but they can acquire software like any large corporation that will allow it to monitor the comings and goings of its employees. wall street journal had a long, detailed, fascinating piece about this over the weekend. they can even tell how much sleep you've had the night before by listening to your tone of voice speaking to your colleagues first thing in the morning. now, that's not to say that they do this. because they're running businesses and have better things to do. your employer has hired you to help produce a product or deliver a service.
7:41 am
but can your employer do it? is the technology there? can your employer access it? yes. there's one employer that does this and can't do it legally. dagen: government. >> because the fourth amendment restrains the government. doesn't restrain private entities. it restrains the government. >> i think one of the interesting things is how different generations view privacy. younger people are totally okay having no privacy. older people are not. i wonder when it's going to become that they realize, younger people realize the implications of all of this. >> i feel like i'm against the tide. dagen was teasing me earlier. we've done this type of story many times when i defend the fourth amendment right to privacy. my argument is i can avoid google. i can't avoid the federal government, i can't avoid the state government. now this is so pervasive that it's almost as if privacy is a myth. >> that's right. >> as you point out, if the millennials think it's a myth, who will be left to defend it.
7:42 am
>> so many millennials walk around with two phones, one the employer gave them, and their personal one. >> that is the only way to avoid your employer's prying eye is to get your own cell phone. dagen: it's the issue with privacy with doorbell cameras, for example. listen, i've been in -- with my mother a lot recently and so we watch a lot of 48 hours and date line on the dvr and more and more you will see -- like looking for missing -- trying to find a missing person, they have -- they just collect camera, even doorbell camera information. with jussie smollett, that's how the police tracked down what happened. >> there's doorbell cameras, there's some doorbell cameras in small towns in america, usually upscale small towns that are connected directly to the police department. anybody in the police department that knows how to access it can
7:43 am
get a view of what's happening in front of your front door. can they get a view of what's happening on the inside? we don't know the answer to that yet. the other type of doorbell cameras, it's you and your service provider, can police get a copy of that? most courts say they need a warrant for that. some service providers give it to the cops when they ask for it. where is privacy? >> dagen: i don't think young people understand what they're putting at risk until it bites them in the you know what. >> if you read 1984, orwell's novel, is beyond what he predicted. he wrote it in the 1940s. he predicted a lot of things. the doorbell camera is terrifying. dagen: i agree. >> can we talk about something happiehappy onehappier one of t. dagen: we'll talk about j-lo's dress.
7:44 am
you can get versace sneakers with that pattern. we'll have that story coming up. sweetening the deal, what restaurants are doing to attract workers in this tight labor market. and remake it -- show it for the judge -- remaking that iconic versace dress as kicks. the price tag, next. i'm really into this car,
7:45 am
but how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar.
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7:47 am
dagen: a national alert issued in costa rica where at least 19 people have died after drinking
7:48 am
tainted alcohol. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl. cheryl: dagen, the victims apparently range in age from 32 to 72 and they reportedly drank alcohol tainted with methanol. about 30,000 bottles of the bad alcohol has been confiscated as of now affecting several brands. well, restaurants are being forced to get creative to find workers in a tight job market. wall street journal is reporting they're offering higher pay and enhanced benefits, maybe like flexible schedules, even college scholarships. the latest challenge on the heels of news that the quit rate among hotel and restaurant industry workers has hit record highs. well, jennifer lopez's famous versace dress has been redesigned as a special set of sneakers in celebration of her 50th birthday which is this wednesday. j-lo's dress is credited at the inspiration behind google image's search. versace will unveil the sneakers
7:49 am
this wednesday at the bargain basement threat of $1,075, per pair. over $1,000. cheap. dagen: what you could do with that money. here's my prediction. this is the mark of the end of the expensive sneaker trend. it is the end of the expensive sneaker trend. every european designer, every high end american designer, they all make $1,000 sneakers and they're all ugly. all you ladies walking around with giant sneakers, they're hideous and they make your feet look like cookie sheets. [ laughter ] dagen: big, flat, wide, cumbersome cookie sheets. >> not flattering to the legs. dagen: no, they're not. no, no. coming up, artificial intelligence heading to the olympics, japan rolling out robots for the 2020 games.
7:50 am
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dagen: another fan injured by a foul ball, major league baseball players now pushing for more protective netting. jared max has the details. hey, jared. jared: again we see how reactive, not proactive, most teams are who wait until one of their customers gets drilled by a baseball before they say maybe we need to add more safety netting. after francisco madure hit a foul ball yesterday, struck a 3-year-old boy in the head, sent him to the hospital, he said he encourages every team to move the safety neting to the foul
7:54 am
balls. like the kc royals who said they would add safety netting one day after a fan was struck by a ball, the white sox made the decision last month after a fan there got struck at a game. well, the large-scale netting makes its debut tonight, like safety insurance for fans at the white sox, marlins game. the only player to be on every to the hall of fame, haired baines, lee smith and the late roy holiday. one year after he sat in his car and cried, missing the cut of the british only for a fourth straight year, shane lowry in northern island won the british open yesterday, the third in 40 years to win the open by six shots. he was 15 under, wins $1.93 million. the barbersol championship in kentucky, jim herman the winner,
7:55 am
former assistant pro at trump national, he credits the president fors his latest win. three years ago he got his first victory after he played with mr. he gave him putting advice and confidence. herman said i took his advice and couldn't have played any better this week. hello, robots. at the summer olympics next year, tokyo, we're going to see these created by toyota. their purpose to fetch javelins and discusses during track and field events. it's modeled after the pair olys mascot. dagen: i listened to the rewatchables all the time, i listened to a podcast about major league on its anniversary. so i'll give you this time to do your best bob euker from that
7:56 am
movie. jared: just a bit outside. dagen: i needed a laugh. so jared max, i thank you for that. everyone go home and watch major league. it really is awesome. where the dennis heysburg character hits a home run and care reefers hicarries his bat e bases. why doesn't every player do that if they hit a home run. jared's sports reports on fox news headlines, 24/7, sirius xm 115. i put him on the spot and he pulled it out like that. jared: nailed it. dagen: i can't do it. jared, thank you so much. bipartisan hope for the border crisis, president trump tweeting about a meeting with senate minority leader chuck schumer. it could happen. next hour, "mornings with maria." ♪ baby you can drive my car. ♪ yes, i'm going to be a star. ♪ baby, you can drive my car. ♪ maybe i love you.
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maria bartiromo monday, july 22 top stories 8:00 automate eastern, another big week of earnings, the biggest week including tech names facebook twitter and google parent alphabet routering 10 of the 30 dow components out with quarterly results this week, halliburton a beat on earnings, a miss on revenue, the stock flat. company did say momentum is building internationally. futures showing gains across the board. a 358.gain dow s&p, nasdaq up as well this afrpt a losing weaning three major market gauges in the u.s. 1st down week in three. >>s check on global market action, in europe, we have gains across the board, up about a quarter of 1% a thirds of a per cent gain on ftse 100
8:01 am
in asia overnight it was red across the board in japan shapg seaning hong kong south korea prime minister theresa may holding emergency meeting following seizure of uk tanker truck. >> iran reportedly detaining 17 of its citizens accused of acting as spies from kri reaction from trump administration later this hour a border battle president donald trumps expending invitation to chuck schumer following trip to the southern border, the president sighing large group of illegal immigrants rushed the border during the trip, the big heat wave, it is deadly impact a look at when relief is coming to break it down, pollster, lee water pwc partner mroschelle third seven advisors michael what is biggest news this week that -- whether earnings or even some of the economic data out of
8:02 am
the fed decision next week? >> comes down to earnings, first we've amazon, may hear more how prime days went u.s. consumers how cloudy business doing after microsoft ibm blew expectations in that part of the business last week second thing facebook albert how well they monetize that data they find new mousetraps to do well with it in ad. >> we hear about u.s. consumer concerns about global xhooern, starbucks mcdonald's reporting lat er part we are getting a good picture what u.s. consumers are doing in terms of -- those businesses, and global growth as well. >> to point on technology earnings, top story in the journal today is that microsoft apple am phenomena facebook made up, almost one-fifth of the s&p total return this year, but, again, that is that is best return for the s&p since this time of
8:03 am
the year since 98. >> large-cap names driving it look at other side of the coin small caps doing terribly relative to large caps the question is as investors try to sort all this out are there bargains in this small cap mix. >> or is small caps telling us something that people investing in big cap stocks don't know or ignoring, because again if are in a trade war a trade fight you would think small cap would do better more domestic oriented not you who it is playing out not this year. >> four names ask how strong is undergo trend here. >> well said, to top story this hour chuck schumer making a weekend visit to detail conditions at the detention centers what he said. >> -- makes you feel awful. they let us see, whatever we
8:04 am
wanted to see but we were told that they tried to make things look better the day before, awful, awful, awful so see how people are being treated. dagen: president trump tweeting about visit last night saying this, senator chuck schumer has finally gone to the southern border with democrat senators this is a great thing, nearby he missed a large group of illegal immigrants trying to enter usa illegally they wildly rushed border patrol some agents badly injured based on comments made by senator schumer must have seen how dangerous bad for down the border is it is not a manufactured crisis as the fake news media and democrat partners tried to portray, he said he wants to meet, i will get up a meeting asab. >> former border patrol chief good to see you thanks for being here. >> great to be with you -- >> what comes out of this? >> hopefully something good they finally, the minority
8:05 am
leader takes the time to go down to the border, now he can stop ignoring or stop claiming that there was a manufactured crisis going on, he saw firsthand the the conditions at the border, and complained about it basically and essentially accused of people making it look better before he got there, if they spent two months trying to get this supplemental through the house and senate, so they ignored it whole time they jerked around with supplemental two months, then finally go down to the border talk about how terrible not one word of praise for the men and women in department, and families that are going through this cries have been since last fall they grd this whole time now finally he has eyes on, a problem that lasted quite sometime. dagen: socio4.6 billion dollars, in humanitarian aid more than half goes to health and human seniors, and the alien children program there to contagiotake care of childre unaccompanied in this country is more needed because in
8:06 am
terms of of fixing the immigration system in this country, i don't think anybody is counting on that happening but in terms of taking care of the people who are at the border who have come into u.s. illegally, is more money needed? >> yes this money will be put to good use they have reduced the number of children in custody at the border stations were they visited yesterday short term holding facilities people are only supposed to be there to go through booking process so adding money at hhs, means more shelter care the appropriate place for these kids to go, after detained for a short sometime, at border patrol, they also have more resources at those locations, to make it easier for families, that is not that is -- secretary test last week to the 453,000 families and children have been put through the system just since october, that means they have all been with the border patrol short time then released into the country. >> is anything going to happen though, to discourage people
8:07 am
from trying to enter the united states illegally? >> is anything going to change in washington? again, make it easier to deport or make it more -- make it speedier to deport children back to noncontiguous countries reversing a law in 2008 before president barack obama took office, more judges to hear these cases? even changing the way that you claim i asylum, in this country, is anything -- what needs to happen will anything happen frankly? >> i don't know if anything will happen but congress has the keys to reduce this crisis, to stop having 40% border patrol taking care of families and kids, and put them back on the lines to protected our border congress needs to act to close loopholes to arrange framework so that people can come in custody be turned into go
8:08 am
longer term detention appropriate settings for families have immigration hearing if asylum fine we well come them if note they are sent back if we don't close this loop we continue to have this problem next spring will look just as bad as it does right now. >> are you saying congress has keys who is likely to do that? what kind of things are you expecting to see them do or do you think anything is going to happen until the election or this is very much he finger pointing republicans saying democrats not allowing stronger security democrats saying republicans antihumanitarian basically terrible people. >>gl something needs to changing the way the law works right now all the children, and their families are being released. that is encouraging more people to come. if they don't close the loop on that scenario we are going to get more of this. >> itself there anyone you think can do it any congressman you are seeing going to put something forward that is going to address this issue. >> i think legacy in the judiciary committee, on the senate side lindsey graham put stuff forward i haven't seen
8:09 am
details of that but they got to fix the framework otherwise this will continue, and going to get worse. >> mmitch. >> one thing interesting we haven't heard the word four-letter word "wall" in sometime what is going on p wall and construction second part is debt ceiling debate upon us later in summer and into september, is the wall funding going to get rolled into that do you think as well? >> probably should. well what i know about with what's going on wall action plans in '17 and '18 new capabilities the finding for '19 tied into existing bill and those projects are under way the president tried to access other funding under emergency powers act, so those processes ongoing wall should be configured we need to do better on security regime at border but in will they fix what this problem is, the roots of this problem, need
8:10 am
legislation to fix it -- you are going to have this problem so probably should be put together, as relates to the discussion that is ongoing this meeting that the president forecasted with minority leader. >> i will say this at peak during president obama's administration, they were deporting more than 400,000 individuals, i know that was a different immigration issue, back then mostly adult men coming into this country but more than 400,000 and i don't think during the trump administration, that deportations have even hit 300,000. based on the most the numbers through most recent fiscal year people get upset when you talk about ice raids trying to deport individuals, who are who have had their day in court should not be in united states again, president trump isn't deporting near the number of people. that president obama did. >> this is a good point, in 2014 when president obama declared crisis on borrowed because of many families children coming, that problem is five times bigger today
8:11 am
than in 2014 when he declared an emergency. >> juan good to see you. thank you so much being here. >> thanks for having me. >> president trump just tweeting get ready mike block, looking at his phone on federal reserve, here we go. >> almost no inflation our country is needlessly being forced to pay a much higher interest rate than other kinds, only because of a very misguided federal reserve. in addition, quantitative tightening is continuing make i go it harder for our country to compete. as good as we have done it has -- it could have been so -- let me read -- so much better. >> interest rate costs should have been much lower and gdp in our country's wealth accumulation much higher such a waste of time and money. also, very unfair that other countries minute their currencies and pump money in he wasn't done then went on to say far more coastal for the federal reserve to cut deeper
8:12 am
if the economy does in infuriated turn down very inexpensive productivity productive to move now fed rates toot favt they missed it big exclamation point don't miss it again. >> your reaction, again, it is a -- a lesson about monetary policy three tweets tucson, arizona about quantitative tightening. >> what is interesting let's look at december hike it was based on scaled data it was a mistake, we can argue whether true or not maybe a lot of hindsight i can tell you a lot of large institutional investors i count as clients friends tell me, we need to undo that, that is a lot of what he is saying right here it was a mistake, the other thing -- >> he has been right, the presidenti president has been right we might not like the way he communicate he was right about federal reserve making a mistake. >> big thing called bond market saying he is right what i said is right my clients are
8:13 am
right, [laughter] >> five year noted telling us yes this is coming in, when trading at some -- this inversion 25 -- 20, 25 basis points lower than three month rate is telling us that something is wrong with curve it needs to be fixed see if this works out the a loft what is going on here. dagen: and the president did say, and he made the point that his administration in terms of of the economy has had big headwind of rising interest rates the reduction of the balance sheet, and the economy has still been able to grow, great guns, and so he has had that headwind that president obama did not have that is that actually goes back to a very real argument, that it was a federal reserve, that was carrying all the -- the weight and the water for the obama administration, and gave them room to -- introduce destructive policies in terms of regulation, and the president has had exact opposite been fighting this headwind delivered on silver platter by the fed. >> everything he has done has
8:14 am
been with fiscal poly no help from fed, monetary policy if you want to extend rally in markets in economy lighten up a little bit be more dovish. >> protective, again, the fed interest is the same as the president, insurance policy again 98 what fed did an incredible run that continues until the recession of 2001 there you go the market did collapse in 2000 i will add that coming up, big week for earnings, heavy hitters boeing tesla facebook, twitter all set to report we take you to trading floor for the latest, and scorching heat wave relief on the way following a weekend of fatal temperature what you need to know. stay with us. ♪ ooh ♪ ♪
8:15 am
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8:17 am
composite. . dagen: equifax reaching a
8:18 am
settlement with federal trade commission over a 2017 data breach cheryl cher. cheryl: equifax a -- 75 million dollars -- to resolve investigations by the ftc consumer financial protection bureau most states. this settlement resolved nationwide consumer class action lawsuit the breach exposed names dates of birth sz numbers 147 million people, equifax will offer credit services. >> well, the weekend heat wave blamed for at least, six deaths carolinas to maine daytime highs skyrocketed over weekend the utility conn edison reported 50,000 homes and businesses lost power massachusetts favor from residents could you hold off criminal activity while heat wave is over?
8:19 am
a cold front slowly shifting across the east, hallelujah. >> great way to cool off eyes ice cream. >> do you eat ice cream. dagen: not anymore would chocolate straw ber. >> mint chocolate chip. cheryl: vanilla chocolate strawberry passé look about what number one mint chip cookies cream butter pecan, birthday cake -- wisconsin eats most ice cream a shocker. >> [laughter] >> i am a big coffee ice cream guy. >> i can we explain what birthday cake ice cream is. >> cake batter. >> sprinkles in it. >> i have had it not a fan.
8:20 am
>> just saying. >> basics. >> ice cream with dairy substitute is fun making a face. >> chocolate -- >> chocolate. >> chocolate with some -- >> psychological up talking about something serious tehran tensions what is at stake for diplomas with iran highlighted hostility in strait of hormuz all eyes on earnings, big names like boeing tesla facebook, twitter, all set to report, we have the latest. ♪ ♪ it all started under this buttonwood tree. twenty-four people came together to sign an agreement
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federal reserve bank of america ceo brian moynihan peak speaking about a potential rate cut despite a strong economic background. >> we've got unemployment 51-year low growth 3.1% first quarter the federal reserve is going to lower interest rates in two weeks, do you think the fed cuts rates? >> the market says they do, i have -- thought they wouldn't because data so strong. >> exactly. >> and i am -- going against city hall o so to speak i think they are thinking about -- chair powell clear about the external factors as opposed to u.s. itself the u.s. is fine u.s. relatively strong fenltz right it is outside the united states reverberation of that impact back to united states, so we will see what they do, but -- people ought to understand they are doing it we are for that reason as they've said in reality is u.s. economy is fine. dagen: joining us, director of market strategy investment
8:25 am
management elizabeth young thank you for being here. >> what do you make of what happens with fed really the market reaction, investors seem craving something more than a quarter point cut at this point. >> right i think it is two different he forces i will start saying if they don't cut i won't be upset, i don't know that we can really make a fundamental case for needing a cut we continue to talk about this as insurance cut what the market wants, as far back as i can remember we don't do insurance cuts so the big risk here, though to the downside for the market is that if they don't what what market wants we're doing to see retracement in prices. >> what would just a cut based on your you know the way you view things. >> yeah, i don't want to too black and white the fed mandate full employment stable surprises we are at full employment nothing in labor market telling them they need to cut rates they are trying to i think adjust inflation expectations and inflation has
8:26 am
been below target sometime, but not dead, and i don't know that parts are even sleeping it is there but not growing as quickly as we would expect so there is other things that i think, they are trying to do preemptively with cut that would help maybe down the road. >> how much of this is political? how much is this really factual? >> i think jerome powell is doing everything in power to stay independent i think important piece we should remember he the market should remember that i think congress is behind him in that feat. i don't think that this is going to be a cut that is simply political, there does needed to be data that backs it up because if you are a fed you lose credibility if you are making moves without the data that actually sports it. >> could date be overseas data the point earlier domestic date doesn't make a great case for a cut. >> sure the fd is most important congressional bank
8:27 am
in the world granted united states but most important central banks other traditional banks are going to watch react to that we do expect there more easing in europe japan asia more than here those economies are pretty weak if those banks easy and we didn't move, at the collateral damage are a dollar continues to strengthen hurts some comps. dagen: some of what fed is looking at trade policies and trade fight by this white house if it weakens vest enough will slow growth the calculation they are making. >> preemtive move if trade war escalates goes on long enough that we can't reverse some of the negative consequences that have already happened that is what i think the fed is trying to prevent so if you are a ceo of a firm, you have made some changes, throughout this year, might be you adjusted supply chains maybe you hit pause button on capex some degree they can't change decisions
8:28 am
overnight flip on a dime even if we get a deal with china the end of the year. >> mick bloc doesn't think we get till after election with credit to the federal reserve reporter at "the wall street journal," i was -- kind of borrowing from his tweet so he is tweeting -- live time in reaction to this the president's, et cetera, tweets this morning good to see you. good to be here. >> mes come back soon coming up, ter ran tensions diplomacy delayed aggression intensifies over strait of harm u.s. live the wisconsin oshkosh our own jeff flock puts on a show, always, yes, that is jeff flock mitch roschelle when we come back. ♪ ♪ -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town.
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so, how can we change what's possible for you? dagen: i am dagen mcdowell for mar mar. monday, july 22 top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern, futures showing gains across the board. a 69-point gain on dow futures we have green across the board despite losses on all three major market gauges, last week. checking europe, england, france, germany we have buying to report, we have gains of a third of 1% -- a half of one percent gain on dax in germany asia overnight declines across the board japan hong kong south korea reaction to u.s. markets friday. >> 10 of 30 dow components with erjz biggest facebook, twitter alphabet reporting this week. >> growing tensions with iran prime minister theresa may holding an emergency meeting
8:33 am
following the seizure uk tanker by iran. >> iran reportedly did he containing 17 of its citizens, accusing them of acting as spies for the cia. >> cbs dark on directv failed to reach agreement levying mills unable to watch hit shows, like ncis, and young sheldon, or -- the "the young and the restless" and sky-high fun a trip to the world's biggest air show, go live to osh koroshkosh jeff flock get down jeff hang on a to your hat top story this hour, about half hour tensions this gulf iran under fire reports company dismantled cia ring sent some members to death. >> these are are claims this morning from iran that it has
8:34 am
arrested 17 people, who were crowd the by -- rekrooutsdz as space iranian state television says some of the 17 have already been sentenced to death the details are very sparse barrests within last few months former cia director secretary of state pompeo appeared on "fox & friends" this morning when asked downplayed that report. >> i can't add much to it specifically, having had the chance to lead that great organization central intelligence agency i would urge everyone reading that waking up to understand that the iranian regime has a long history of lying. >> iran's claims at heightened tensions between u.s. iran iran attacked oil tank inners region the late friday involving british ships pompeo put onus on uk to protect its
8:35 am
tankers. >> responsibility falls to united kingdom to take care of their ships you know the story, this isn't because of american sanctions this is because the leadership in iran, revolutionary za rary zee conducter continues. >> the u.s. does not want war with iran but dagen also said of that nation quote, we want them to behave like a normal nation. >> dagen. dagen: thank you, blake burman at the white house, joining us now, former german defense economic minister under angela merkel kt gutenberg where does this go from here again, if our goal is for iran to come back to the table and renegotiate a deal negotiate a new -- nuclear detail it would require us locking on for allies -- >> that is tdifficult part
8:36 am
never as disunited on topic as right now that is one of the realities we have to face, we have on one hand, iran -- that is reality absolutely, iran that in my opinion wants to come back to the negotiations, negotiating table using every single opportunity right now to -- existing within group of six specifically, between the european part of the group of six and u.s. the coordination to be honest quite poor across atlantic at the same time, the russians an chinese do understand that, as they take most out of that so the group of six, is such currently in my opinion nonexistent plays into toxic combination where on one hand, a couple of people say, this is -- closer to risk of military confrontation than ever others say will never happen, and, i am in camp who say well, i
8:37 am
don't see anyone wanting a military confrontation right now but sliding into accidental situation, that could escalate something that could very well. >> if something awful happened beyond -- bordering on awful does that force another nation like uk to have to respond militarily. >> getting close to that. >> i don't think they will do it alone, it is extremely complicated region i had a chance to sit together with a couple of middle eastern leaders last two weeks now, and, yes, reaction was it has never been as dangerous. but they also said it is there is no chance to confront iran -- the way temperature pefrd militarily just with the country there has to be alliance alliance has to be based on common understandings where to go where not to go we are back of that kind of
8:38 am
muddle the very moment when it comes to coordinating our sneefrts does it seem alliance coming together we know muddled right now if uk was going to reach out do they need help who is most likely to go arm in arm with them. >> difficulty in the game uk -- >> boom that was my next question. >> on verge is on the verge of tipping into new leadership, so it is always very hard to predict first step quite as unpredictable when i talk about boris johnson to move boldly into a military confrontation or or will he try to first of all, convince those who he has to convince for staying in power, and that is one thing, up germany is also as part of this group is also somehow in a limbo regarding leadership. >> what is going on there? >> has there been questions about angela merkel's health have there not. >> dagen put it this way. >> i don't want to speculate.
8:39 am
>> i can't speculate as well i know her many years, and the most diplomatic sense -- a summer break right now she has been in if tough positions over 20 years, and i followed her very closely over a couple of years i have worked with her never seen anyone who could just sleep four hours, and then keep that rhythm alive he i would have been deed after five years she has been there for 20 years i might tremble in a situation she is absolutely on point focused i can't say what it is right now some -- >> right. >> kt we don't want to give best benefit of the doubt to angela merkel the successor, and -- you know i think. >> -- first -- spell name correctly hard for german to spell correctly. >> i tried, we are hearing
8:40 am
stories if a hard brexit may be more likely boris johnson comes in eu might offer a aide to ireland i am going we are looking at europe teetering on verge of recession what is chance germany can turn around start doing something in terms of fiscal policy leave eu to do something good for that economy which. >> don't expect it for next two months i don't see angela merkel stepping out right away you have with akk -- you have sounds like a -- she is exactly the opposite of it. >> a pastry cake -- >> don't expect don't expect a bold move next two months from now, again europe has to stay together, and stick together regarding the brexit strategy, and it is an odd day 31st of october the date a change in commission, and so in between,
8:41 am
nothing really will happen. so we are that is exactly reality. dagen: except that iran will clearly exploit whatever it sees weakness in europe and between us, and our allies there, kt great to see you. thank you so much kt kt. >> front-page story yesterday fake news advisories wrote talking points handed rear-view mirrors of opposition research on four congresswomen does that sound like me what advisories there were no talking points except for those stated by me reams of paper, were never given to me. it is a made-up story meant to demean and be little post has no sources faction remain the same we have four radical left congresswomen said very bad things about israel in our country wrote this mainstream immediate out of control
8:42 am
constantly light and cheat to get their democratic views for all to see never been this bad they have done bonkers no longer care what is right or wrong large scale false reporting is sick. >> halliburton higher in premarket second quarter earnings season ramps into high gear kristina partsinevelos on the floor at new york stock exchange with the details. >> that is right ramping up you saw earnings, fall we are seeing profit down for the company, 85%, literally net income nine cents a share versus last year 58 cents revenue down 3% like you mentioned shares a lot higher what is going on in international demand for the oil services climbed for the second quarter international revenue, is up 6% so a lot of that a lot of servers like that, hence uptick also repurchased 4.5 million common stock, switching gears
8:43 am
completely there is drama between cbs and at&t, if you are watching cbs directv you now and direct now, you saw maybe your channels go dark because they cannot agree how much at&t should pay cbs for to its broadcast channels trying to work it out drama going on, so customers don't have access to cbs stations back to you. >> thank you, for that, kristina partsinevelos, coming up futures higher this morning -- mueller testimony border cited war of words between presidents progressive investors in unfazed, live to the largerest air show oshkosh and jeff flock does it get any better? stay with us.
8:44 am
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fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with.
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and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right - by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right. with sofi. check your rate in 2 minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. on dow futures we bring this report, from the south china morning post that is reporting that u.s. trade negotiations are likely to visit china next about week.
8:48 am
>> optimism. >> robert mueller upcoming testimony mainly tapes in washington seemingly no effect on investors. >> the host of "varney & company" stuart varney what say you sir. >> oh, i think you are absolutely right look what is coming up in terms of politics d.c. politics this week, wednesday, we've got mueller hearings, we just had a visit to the border by senator schumer comes back says it is heartrendg wrong has to end mr. trump wants a meeting about that aoc weighed in wants investigation to figure out how to get rid of department of homeland security all political stuff, in washington, d.c., nonhaving any serious impact i don't think on the stock market. as you just said, dagen we are near to record highs on the three averages, going to be up when market opens this morning, i think i --
8:49 am
investors just don't care about politics. same old, same old politics where, am i going wrong do you agree with me here? it is all about profits isn't it that is going to motivate this market surely. >> profit i agree with you one hundred percent. and even anecdotally you drive around this country, the roads are packed we have the he lowest unemployment rate since i was born wages growing for lower skilled workers for nonsupervisory workers growing faster than bosses. people feel secure in their jobs, they are out driving going to the water park going to visit their uncle's swimming pool a dip over hot weekend you know what they are not talking about aoc and the squad, and robert mueller if interested in mueller report would have read it. >> don't forget it is summer it is summer. and it is hot it is a sunny, nice out for most of the
8:50 am
country. you don't want to be dwelling on racism impeachment aoc not what americans are thinking about summer, they are going to tune in when that market hits record highs, and when all these wonderful profits come through, from these big tech companies, that is what they are looking at not politics, that is my point dagen: profoundly company means you work for a company that is in good shape workers and investors understand that stuart love you much can't wait to see you, less than 10 minutes monday through friday 9:00 a.m. to noon eastern time "varney & company" coming up, transforming air travel we take you live, oshkosh and jeff flock stay with us. ♪ one fine day, you are gonna want me ♪ ? i need tech that understands my business. ? i need tech that works at scale.
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dear tech, dear tech, dear tech, we're using ibm blockchain to help make sure food stays fresh. we're exploring quantum to develop next generation energy. we're using ai to help create more accessible health care. we're using iot to create new kinds of digital wallets. let's see some more headlines about that. let's expect more from technology. let's put smart to work.
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8:54 am
>> it is he largest gathering of aviation enthusiasts the experiment aircraft association show taking off a in wisconsin jeff flock in oshkosh, will fly with two trained air force fighter pilots coming up. >> i should hope so. . you have a got me. >> have take it away. >> do you. >> yes. >> so sorry, that is a t28 right there, because i got two headsets on about to take off with what is called the wild blue rodeo. >> right. >> -- [laughter] >> josh, tater they call you why tater. >> i can't tell that you. >> okay very good, not on live tv we are i am getting in this a parachute on hope i don't have to use this parachute but i did use a par, as we go ahead climb here take a look
8:55 am
last year we jumped with with patriot parachute team jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft, and this one hopefully will be a good aircraft. >> it will be a great aircraft might be best ride ever. >> what plane are we looking at rv81, 830 horsepower propeller driven light going up doing loops rolls ham er heads all kinds of aerobatics why the parachute dagen be will be back an varney program you know i one time flu with thunderbirds, and -- josh kurlgs enough was thunder bird pilot many years you know whooped when i came back from that train? it was not pretty. so i think they are hoping for a similar thing but i am not. dagen: jeff, i flew with thunderbirds and i threw up
8:56 am
entire time big nap on tarmac after i got out of the jet went to sleep on tarmac incredible men and women from the thunder boards team pefl dressed i was taking a snooze on tarmac sick 12 hours after that loved every minute of it. >> yeah i sleep about three days you are tough you can happily it. >> anybody named tater boudrow is probably a member of my family down the line. >> jeff flock thank you, sir. . >> i don't doubt it. >> -- you can tell tater i said that final thoughts from all stars. we'll be right back. ♪ . $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar.
8:59 am
dagen: thank you to michael black and mitch rishel but lee carter gets her final thoughts. >> i think in this war on messaging it's important for voters to be vigilant and focus on policy issues because it's so easy to get distracted by this
9:00 am
personality. focus on the economy, health care and immigration and really make your decisions based on that because it's so easy to get lost with what's going on here. dagen: thank you and the markets , focus on the markets, mr. varney it's all yours. stuart: whatever you say. good morning. you caught me by surprise. dagen: i gave you two extra seconds. let me say good morning to everyone. stuart: this will be a good week for your money with the biggest names in business telling us how much profit they will make and how much they expect to make in the future, all of that is me and potatoes for stocks. profits are up over 80% above last year keeping stock prices closest to record level in this week all eyes are on tech. tessier-- tesla reports wednesday, amazon google thursday, the twitter friday and i think we are starting out this monday morni


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