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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  July 22, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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them cautionary yellow flags, not red flags, because the rally, we both agree, probably will continue. there's a lot of things that do look great. but those two things scare the hell out of me. thank you very much. appreciate it. hey, guess what? i'm going to hand this over to liz claman. the dow is up a whopping ten points. liz, lot of anxiety. liz: ten points. that's like jumping off a pancake. not very much at the moment. hey, we're watching a wide swing here, almost about 100 points i want to say on the dow, both up and down, peak to trough. breaking news, call it the silicon white house. a flurry of activity in the last hour on pennsylvania avenue, as a meeting takes place between the administration and google, intel, micron and more. what's that about? we are going to tell you and it is happening, we should tell you as well, as a possible budget deal before thursday's deadline comes to light. we will take you straight to the white house for all this breaking news. president trump, by the way, just made an offer to the prime minister of pakistan, saying he would be happy to mediate a
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peace deal between pakistan and india and he also dangled a better trade relationship between the u.s. and pakistan as well. the former u.s. ambassador to that nation is here exclusively to tell us if peace and prosperity are really at hand. plus the federal reserve now in blackout mode ahead of its huge rate decision next week. as wall street hopes for a big 50 basis point chop, is that what's really going to happen july 31st at the announcement? investors hang on that guy's word. mohammed el-erian of allianz is here on what should happen and what will happen. they could be two different things. as we all wait on what could be the most important federal reserve meeting in a decade, investors also have to focus on what is one of the busiest earnings weeks this quarter. with a third of the dow jones industrials names coming in at 27% of the s&p 500 set to report, it's touch and go for the dow jones. we were up about 20 points, now
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s&p better by 10, we've got the nasdaq up 60. plus with millions of followers, he made more than $15 million last year with his wild personality-driven youtube video. podcasts and merch, merchandise, right? internet superstar logan paul is here in studio live to talk about the business of being a cybercelebrity and the challenges of being an online maverick. plus, where does he stand, jump or punch, because that's what he does, moves all over the place or even do the splits, when it comes to the new social media battle between facebook and google's youtube? that and the gasparino report heard round the business world. t-mobile and sprint are we finally down to the real wire? less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start "the claman countdown." liz: we need to get to this breaking news.
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dow jones just now reporting that the federal trade commission is set to announce a $5 billion settlement with facebook over the privacy of its users' data. we have our eye on facebook's stock. it is at the highs of the session right now, up 1.75%. climbing up to about 2% as i speak. word could come as early as this week on this settlement and most likely it will be revealed ahead of the social media giant's earnings wednesday. the settlement apparently deals with revelations the company misused individuals' data without their knowledge and it would include the creation of a new board committee focused on privacy oversight as the company has, you know this because you have been watching this, has come under heavy fire for being lax with users' personal information. facebook heading higher on the news. that's really propelling the nasdaq as well in this final hour of trade. but you could say part of the gains for the nasdaq might have to do with chip makers as well, as executives from the entire sector are right now inside the white house meeting with the
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administration to discuss trade issues, including the trump administration's ban, the sales ban on huawei, meaning no one can sell into huawei or buy from huawei, but at the moment, they are saying that they would like to start allowing some of these companies to at least sell some product to the chinese telecom giant. you can see what the philly semiconductor index which encompasses a lot of chip names, up two full percentage points. it is also, note, at the high of the session as they meet. we will take you to the white house in just a second. let's flip it over to disney, widely held stock here. it's probably in a lot of your portfolios. it's holding on to its gains in the final hour, almost at the high of the session here as its studio arm does not have to wait to be king of the box office. first of all, there are a couple of news pieces here. number one is "avengers." "end game" now beating out "avatar" as the highest grossing movie of all time. the 2019 superhero film has now brought in nearly $2.8 billion at the global box office.
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so it beats "avatar" which held that for so long, right? "avatar" is like a hundred years old. despite the critics' comments about this, disney's "lion king" is a winner, breaking box office records including the best start among the company's own live action reboots. the film collected $185 million just over the weekend here. more to come for disney's tried and true formula. you have "frozen 2." the next installment of "star wars "reque" and its new stream service. so a lot piling on and pumping up disney. we are looking at disney's winning ways, despite all that movie theaters aren't getting much love today. they are moving slightly lower here. amc, imax and cinemark all down. to that sprint and t-mobile story or soap opera. as charlie gasparino reported, over the weekend, better than paying attention to his twitter feed, talks for the $26 billion merger will at least have an
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announcement lurking as possibly as soon as wednesday. sprint is todown a penny. t-mobile up 11 cents. whatever. slightly higher. but the deal, as charlie likes to say, could fall apart because there are reports of some renegotiation of price happening between the companies, the two leaders right there. john ledger. the deal hinges on the diffic t divestiture of dish's charlie ergen. regulators can be happy about the deal knowing if they give some of this or sell some of it to charlie ergen, then it's a fair landscape for the consumer. the condition is he does not turn around and sell those assets, those assets are spectrum, right, to some other big player. much more on this with charlie gasparino later on in the show. we put the question mark on deal done. let's get to this break news. an all-star meeting happening at
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the white house. at any moment now, between the trump administration and some of the biggest titans of silicon valley. while exact details remain murky at this hour, there are reports that president trump will drop in on this meeting that is supposed to include discussions of the u.s. ban on china's huawei, that telecom company that buys a lot of product from our companies. but we also hear chatter of a budget deal that could be announced as early as tonight. blake, is that what we're hearing? tonight? reporter: potentially. as they say in washington, they are working towards the finish line on that one, liz. you know, steve mnuchin has been handling that. he's been working with nancy pelosi, chuck schumer to try to hammer out a budget deal that would, at least we're hearing right now, extend the debt ceiling another two years. but also, lift the caps, lift the spending caps as well for another two years. for republicans, that would mean more defense spending but for democrats, that would also mean more domestic spending.
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the president just a little while ago when he met with the prime minister of pakistan, touted the defense numbers and the defense increases that would come along with it. watch. >> talking about we're having very good talks with the speaker of the house, with nancy pelosi, we're having very good talks with chuck schumer. if you look at debt limit, however you want to define that, but we're doing very well on that and i think we're doing pretty well on a budget. very important that we take care of our military. our military was depleted and in the last two and a half years, we've undepleted it. reporter: wonder how republicans will support this because when you talk about raising spending and raising the debt ceiling, you got to imagine as we speak to people across the city, that republicans might not, at least not all of them up on capitol hill, embrace that. by the way, speaking of steve mnuchin, he might be the busiest person in washington today because as he's sitting there negotiating with nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, the democrats, trying to hammer out this deal, he will also be at this meeting at the white house with larry kudlow as the tech titans will
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be sitting down to talk about trade, tariffs, i'm told, the job market and then of course, as you just laid out, all the complexities involved with huawei. liz: he's very much an important link when it comes to the chinese trade and the huawei story. blake, we will be watching it. interrupt us if you get anything. thank you so much. tech companies are not just hand wringing over when they will be able to do business with huawei again but dozens of mega-names in tech land are dotting the is and crossing the ts on their earnings reports set to release this week. here are the numbers. look how crowded this is. ten dow stocks and 138 s&p 500 names report results this week. coke, lockheed martin, chipotle, ford, boeing, facebook, tesla, starbucks, twitter, mcdonald's, all coming out with numbers but arguably thursday is sort of the bolt yourself to your trading account day. amazon, alphabet, parent of google, 3m, intel all reveal on thursday. now, we always say this, right, a single name depending on the numbers can move the markets if
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they beat, match or miss. we bring in our floor show traders to pick their brains on this. scott, i will start with you. which names do you think our viewers should most closely watch here that could move the market? >> i think this week we have to watch amazon. i know it doesn't come out until thursday and it comes out after facebook, which you also have to watch, but remember last week the bulls twisted an ankle a little with netflix when they missed? it took a little of the power out of tech. if amazon doesn't come in strong, if the guidance isn't great, that stock doesn't respond well, i would have to think tech loses a bit of its luster but if they actually come through, i think we can get back above 3,000 in the s&p and some momentum could cam back because we have been lacking momentum the past few weeks. liz: facebook is up just about 2% on that news about the settlement. amazon is up 1%. luke, give me your names that you watch. you being down at the nymex and in the oil space, you have a different perspective. >> yeah, well, just on the tech names, you are absolutely right. google, amazon and facebook. that's going to be really
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important. amazon is going to be important because they are going to tell you how people are shopping. you got to watch some of the other retailers and even grocery stores, and look and hear what amazon has to say. same with google, with their cloud service. but in the oil patch, there's obviously a lot of news. iranians, there's news that they have taken a british tanker and are holding it, and previously, the iranians even during the iran/iraq war never threatened or did anything with the strait of hormuz and the flow of oil. now they are getting to that point where they are starting to mess around in there. that's really big news. there's still a lot of oil in the world, though. the only reason oil is where it is now is because opec has cut back. there's plenty of supply. don't confuse oil supply with the price of unleaded gasoline or natural gas, because that's downstream and is a different story. there's limited capacity. liz: oil right now trading at $56.18 per barrel in the aftermarket. i think what's keeping the lid
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on this is that the international energy agency is saying they will be ready to act quickly and decisively to supply the market if the iranians somehow stop any flow of oil in the strait of hormuz. i think that's why oil isn't spiking like crazy right now. guys, thank you so much. good to see you. we have been talking a lot about facebook and that settlement, but facebook's also at the heart of the battle of the social media megastars. with the closing bell ringing in 48 minutes and with the brand new challenger games battle for charity coming up saturday, facebook is in this unusual position of lagging when it comes to global domination. the social media giant playing a furious game of catch-up when it comes to the race to nab online influencers. google's youtube has a ten-year head start that's very much in part to this guy on your screen, arguably the biggest breakout star of all, logan paul. the man with 20 million youtube subscribers himself, is live in
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our green room right now. we're about to ask logan paul what he thinks about that silicon valley battle for content creators. his secret to building gigantic audiences and whether he would ever go for a multi-million dollar exclusive deal. logan paul, the youtuber and businessman, coming up next. ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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research has indicated that when you're close to zero, it's also relevant to think about acting preemptively when you can, if you can avoid a more significant downturn later on. the u.s. certainly in the last financial crisis made the decision not to push rates into negative territory and that's certainly not something that's come up in my time, in my ten months at the fed. liz: fed vice-chair richard clarida speaking exclusively to "the claman countdown" last thursday, heavily hinting that an interest rate cut is coming july 31st. but by how much? so thursday morning, we want to back this up, morning, right, the fed funds futures were pricing in the odds of a half point or 50 basis point cut at 30%. by the time the markets closed that day, post-our interview with vice-chair clarida, that
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figure buoyed up to 71%, combined with the fact that new york fed chair john williams had also struck a dovish tone earlier in the session, but it was one he later had to backtrack on. that's why at this hour, the odds of a 50 basis point cut right now have also backtracked, now stand at 22%. what is really going to happen? to wall street's most closely followed economist, allianz chief economist mohammed el-erian here in a fox business exclusive. thank you for being here. what's it going to be? let's get your anticipation first versus what should happen. 25 or 50 basis point cut? >> so i think it's going to be 25, but let me stress that the problem today is that the fed is viewed by many as confused and confusing, so a week before the meeting, liz, we have an uncertainty about what they're going to do, why they're going to do it and how they're going to do it, and that is an unusual
3:19 pm
degree of uncertainty that's causing a lot of confusion, as you yourself just pointed out in terms of how the market is pricing all this. liz: you used a perfect word, confusion. i'm just wondering, forget whether the fed is confusing the markets, i'm wondering if the fed understands its role or whether it really understands the new role. is the fed becoming the world's policeman when it comes to economies? is it now the central banker of planet earth versus just the central bank of the united states? because clarida made it very clear the united states economy is strong, it looks good, and yet he said it's what's happening elsewhere that is pushing us to probably cut. >> yeah. what's new is not that the fed is the most powerful central bank in the world. it is, because we are the strongest economy in the world. what's new is that the fed is signaling that they're paying a lot more attention to what's happening outside. so you have this dichotomy as you just pointed out that we
3:20 pm
have a strong economy and yet, we are still talking about not just interest rate cuts, but will it be 25 or 50. i think the bottom line is they are looking for justification to take back the last increase of last year. they made a mistake last year. they shouldn't have hiked four times. they did, and they're looking for justification to take it back. liz: that's an interesting thought. as you develop that plan, you have at least one of the president's newest nominees to the federal reserve, judy shelton, telling "the washington post" just a few hours ago that the fed needs to cut by 50 basis points and then she specifically said july. would that be the wrong thing to do? >> i can understand why people want to push for more, but i think at some point you can have too much of a good thing. what do i mean by that? if they cut by 50, people will say wait a minute, what's going on, is the economy really in trouble, what are they seeing we're not seeing. if they cut by 50, we are going
3:21 pm
to have less ammunition, there would be a lot of worry. also if they cut by 50, they will be using up ammunition they may need later on. if they cut by 50, they are going to encourage other central banks to do even more and we may have a currency issue at the end of this. so my gut feeling is they will talk about it, they will end up cutting by 25. liz: okay. talk about it, then just cut 25. i'm very interested to know what you think of this news that elizabeth warren, the senator from massachusetts, has come out and said that we are looking at a possible crash for the economy. warren warns of coming economic crash. do you see anything like that? >> we would need a major policy mistake or major market accident to get an economic crash. the economy is in a good place. it has momentum. so in order to get a crash, you really need a massive policy mistake or a market accident. when you talk about market
3:22 pm
accidents, the risk is liquidity. you and i have talked about this. the system is overpromising liquidity but on its own, the economy's in a good place. liz: m goii'm going to end on t. i think that's exactly what we're doing here, yet the fed is trying to get ahead of something that's happening elsewhere. great to have you on. thank you so much. >> thank you, liz. liz: mohammed el-erian of allianz coming in on his holiday to give us a fox business exclusive there. a true maverick. with the closing bell ringing in 38 minutes, the dow up 22 points. social media superstar logan paul, oh, he has a serious look on his face earlier in our green room. look at this. he's expanding into the podcast world, adding to his cybercontent credentials as tens of millions of followers line his pockets watching his vlogs and snapping up his maverick merch. oh, yeah, strike the pose, ma don
3:23 pm
donna. director, musician, competitive athlete, logan paul walking into our studio for an interview you won't want to miss. the secret between his millions of followers. yeah, he's controversial. we will talk about that, too. "the claman countdown" with logan paul, coming right back. is where people first gathered to form the stock exchangeee, which brought people together to invest in all the things that move us forward. every day, invesco combines ideas with technology, data with inspiration, investors with solutions. because the possibilities of life and investing are greater when we come together. ♪
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liz: a steel cage death match kind of happening in silicon valley between google-owned youtube and facebook. the prize, big money cyberstars and internet influencers. this as famous youtubers are accusing facebook of taking money right out of their pockets. but while facebook courts new content creators and youtube rolls out a ton of glitzy features, we have this breaking news. the tick-tock, the fourth most downloaded app in the world is now taking a page out of instagram's playbook,
3:28 pm
experimenting with similar features including a grid style layout and discover page. our next guest knows a thing or two about jumping from platform to platform with his viral video content. he's a controversial 24-year-old megastar making crazy daily vlogs with more than 19 million youtube subscribers. 60 million followers across all social media platforms. he rakes in about $15 million a year. he's internet famous logan paul, host of the impaulsive podcast. >> yes, number one podcast in the world. i have to stop you there. you used the word controversial. liz: yes. >> just so you know, i am an ex-controversial youtuber. liz: i know that. i know that. we can get to that. what makes you in a way controversial is your megastardom and it can't be a surprise to you that you have this competition blossoming now with facebook trying to play catch-up with youtube.
3:29 pm
how do you see that battle? >> every big platform wants to be the video platform. video is huge now. i think it's statistically, you might know, one of the biggest things kids are consuming. i mean, i don't know, you're talking about a lot of stuff i don't really know much about. i'm kind of just like out here. liz: you are sort of at a pivotal moment, i'm sure. you're like, i'm sort of out here, you know, i'm in new york, i'm in california, i'm from ohio, right? >> ohio, right. liz: go, browns. >> cleveland, ohio. go, browns. go, indians. liz: let me tell you something. you got a cleveland fan here. we're at this pivotal moment where everybody wants to play catch-up because it's all about business. you're with youtube. i'm really interested to know, you're spread elsewhere too, right? >> i'm everywhere, baby. i'm everywhere and nowhere. i'm like a ghost. liz: but facebook is actually inactive. your facebook account is
3:30 pm
inactive. >> why you have to call me out live? what are you doing? technically, yes. liz: you got 16 million people still following an inactive facebook? >> odd, right. i don't know. i need to optimize that account. liz: why haven't you, is what i'm saying? >> can i say this? liz: you can say anything. >> [ inaudible ] does a better job of monetizing for the creators. that's the home free as a creator where not only can my content be seen, consumed, digested but also, they pay. i think facebook just got into monetizing content. i'm so sorry, facebook and instagram. but yeah. i don't know how much of an audience is there. liz: you are pretty much set on youtube, correct? >> for now. liz: you know how these things work. when upstarts come in, and they do have money behind them, they're not some little guy, they will try and nab you. have you been approached by facebook to jump over there exclusively?
3:31 pm
>> no. liz: are you lying or telling me the truth? >> that's the truth. liz: if they did, as a businessman, you have a payroll now, right? you're the one signing the checks. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i will say my expenses just surpassed my income for the first time ever. i just sat with my financial manager. he told me that. i'm definitely going downhill from here. liz: does that make you nervous? >> i'm terrified. i think it's the beginning of the end. liz: come on. >> i also have pinkeye. so this whole thing is like -- liz: don't touch the set. >> i'm so sorry. it's not contagious. no, it is. there's a two-week incubation period. i'm so sorry. liz: you're not interested in jumping ship. >> what's the incentive? you know what i'm saying? i think where do people watch content the most. that's where i want to post, to be honest with you. i'm slightly not so concerned with money. maybe that's why my expenses have surpassed my income and probably not the best thing. i want to be posting where my
3:32 pm
content is going to be seen and consumed. liz: then what's your secret, i'm asking you to reveal it, to building an audience? we have people watching right now who think oh, i could do a channel, too, i'm kind of quirky and funny. how do you build an audience? >> authenticity. i really believe it is authenticity. if you can be yourself and people like you, you're golden. the issue is sometimes when people are themselves, like what if you suck, you know, there's a good chance you're not going to resonate and be relatable to people. you got to be a good-hearted positive person and a lot of youtubers i met are. but yeah. liz: you know, you have had followers go everywhere with you, the good, the bad, the ugly. obviously the situation in late 2017 where, you know, you had some offensive content from this japanese suicide force, it's not this is how we feel here, it's not how people fall, it's how and whether they get up. you got up.
3:33 pm
you did a very compelling apology video. my kids had me watch this. i actually really liked it. i thought it was really good. >> thank you. liz: you didn't take any money from that. you didn't put your money where your mouth was. >> quite the opposite. liz: you put the dollars aside. >> exactly. liz: talk about what you're doing now, the challenger game. >> this is a great thing. if i'm being quite honest with you, i'm the fastest youtuber, the fastest entertainer on the planet. liz: talking about running. >> i could be the quickest man on the planet. liz: you played football in high school, west lake high school. >> i'm betting $100,000 i'm the fastest man on the planet. liz: i just want to ask our viewers, have you seen him do the splits? how do you -- i can't do the splits. >> i wouldn't expect you to. why can i do the splits. that's weird. i'm uncomfortable with myself, you know. but the challenger games, july 27th, this saturday, we are getting the biggest entertainers in the world, biggest youtubers on the planet, we will race and see who's the fastest.
3:34 pm
it's for charity. special olympics just confirmed. liz: excellent. >> good job. yeah. we raised a bunch of money. it's going to be livestreamed with a donation link. get your tickets. liz: you have the pay per view fight with kfi? g? i? l? >> kfi. liz: this guy that you fought. you made a lot of money there. >> i should have made more. i should have made more. liz: why? >> the stream was pirated illegally two million times. there's $20 million. liz: you will have a second fight when? >> end of this year. liz: where? >> i don't know. the staples center or the forum. liz: can fox business come and cover that? >> i think so. your daughter just nodded at me yes. i think so. hey, it's just like kfi. i'm going to beat you badly. liz: oh, boy. by the way, logan is going to be a guest on my everyone talks to liz podcast. >> oh, great. liz: he will have to teach me
3:35 pm
how to get a million views per podcast. >> which i can do because as you know, i am the host of the number one podcast in the world. liz: you sure are. congratulations. logan paul, the youtube sensation. thank you so much. if you have already listened to all 100 episodes of impaulsive, try everyone talks to liz, my new podcast. we'll be right back. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere. but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits.
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3:40 pm
united states. the u.s. war in afghanistan is a major issue on the agenda. pakistan is facilitating peace talks happening behind the scenes between the u.s. and the taliban on the ground in afghanistan. you keeping this straight? talks that could bring a nearly 18-year-old war to an end. here's how president trump judged pakistan's role. >> i think pakistan is going to do a lot. i really do. i think pakistan is going to make a big difference. i think pakistan will save millions of lives in afghanistan because i really believe they can -- they have a power that other nations don't have with respect to afghanistan, and i will say as of this moment, they're working very hard. liz: kevin munter was u.s. ambassador to pakistan from 2010 to 2012, a period that covered the u.s. mission into pakistan to kill 9/11 mastermind osama bin laden, a mission the u.s. did not, of course, as we know, get prior permission from
3:41 pm
pakistan to pull off. thank you for being here. >> pleasure to be here. liz: this is a complicated relationship, isn't it. that's when world leader can be predictable. these two are not predictable. >> maybe that's what's called for. in this particular case, there's pakistan fatigue in washington because of a sense that pakistan hasn't pulled its weight. that's what the president said a year or two ago. there is also american fatigue in pakistan where the pakistanis have thought for a long time america hasn't paid attention to their concerns. here's a chance for a fresh beginning. the fresh beginning could be such a prospect of working together to try to end the war in afghanistan, if that's possible. the president thinks so. that would be a good sign. another sign would be economic cooperation. that is to say, they have a fiscal crisis there, americans might find opportunities in pakistan. finally, there's the question overall about whether or not the pakistani people, 200 million people, could get back into the good graces of the united states and become a partner in things elsewhere.
3:42 pm
liz: well, let's just tackle trade for one second. that's what caught my ear. the president was very complimentary about pakistan and the products that they export. he almost dangled that as hey, we could have a much stronger trade relationship. but it's interesting right now, you have the president saying he would be happy to mediate between india and pakistan over the much battled over kashmir region. that's been going on for decades and decades. then you have the prime minister offering to play mediator between the u.s. and afghanistan. it's almost a trade-out. that's unusual, isn't it? >> it is. i see both of these people as similar in a sense. they're not professional politicians. they are very charismatic people. they are using this as a means to an end, opening the key to something very important in pakistan, the kashmir crisis which has been around since the '40s. khan offering to work in afghanistan, which has been a war that's been going on for 18 years with the united states. but the goal, i would posit, is both of them want to break out of the relationship which is
3:43 pm
geostrategic and get into the economics which both of them feel is their bread and butter. liz: as the ambassador to pakistan, i do know you have knowledge of the region. i have to ask you about what's going on in iran. the tensions are really ramping up. you know they announced today they captured 17 cia spies over the past 12 months. the president says that's not true. but they also seized a british ship. the british seized one of their ships. it almost seems like this is the temperature gauge is rising versus moderating. >> it seems to me, i'm not really an expert on pakistan, haven't been -- iran, having been in pakistan, but it seems to me the iranians have chosen to fight fire with fire. what they see as the challenge, the rhetoric that they see from the americans as wanting to see the change in the calculus of iran, they are going to play it back. the question is whether they are calculating correctly. the danger that many people fear is could there be a
3:44 pm
miscalculation that could lead to a problem. but what is perhaps a glimmer of hope here is that both sides are talking about the way in which they might begin to negotiate. president trump has sent rand paul to be his negotiator to try to talk to people like foreign minister zharif who is accustomed to western ways. there's a chance for them to begin to talk but right now they are really facing off. liz: thank you for stopping by on a very important day for these relations. >> really a pleasure to be here. thank you. liz: the checkered flag coming into view and focus. with the closing bell ringing in about 16 minutes, the dow punching up by just six points right now. t-mobile and sprint, potentially in the final lap of their regulatory indy 500. charlie gasparino is zooming down to our set right now with new exclusive details that actually got picked up everywhere in the business press over the weekend on what is
3:45 pm
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liz: breaking news. the senate is now debating mark esper's nomination for defense secretary. we understand a procedural vote will happen at 5:30 p.m. eastern time, then a confirmation vote will happen tomorrow. esper is currently the acting defense secretary since james mattis left the position. all right. i know i said that charlie's reported that the t-mobile and sprint merger negotiations with the justice department could result in an actual success this week, maybe even wednesday, but charlie gasparino just got here with breaking news on the target day. >> we are hearing now it's going
3:50 pm
to be thursday that, again, if they -- both sides agree to everything they said they would agree to, dot the is, cross the ts, we are hearing it is now, the justice department will come out with some sort of press release, an announcement about a settlement reached with the parties that would essentially say we're not going to sue to stop the merger and from what we understand, that will be on thursday. that's what we hear. now, again, this thing is such in flux because of the myriad of players here. you know, for all i know, they got it all done tonight and they say let's just roll with it. i don't think that's going to happen. that's not the word i'm getting. we should point out that tuesday -- liz: stock is moving on this. it was lower by a penny. >> okay. so we took it down. see the big leg down? that was my earlier report today that essentially said this, they might have to reprice the deal, okay, because there's so much asset divestiture.
3:51 pm
part of the deal that complicated this, they needed to divest assets, spectrum and other parts of the sprint/t-mobile combined company, to create a fourth carrier. that fourth carrier is dish and it's very, you know, street smart, savvy, very tough negotiator, charlie ergen. those negotiations, those three-way negotiations, have delayed this thing although now it appears as we reported last week, on tuesday, it appeared it was coming together, now it is like make or break time. so we are hearing this week, again, i want to point out, i have been told because of the weird nature of this, and how hard it was dealing with charlie ergen, getting him to get financing and getting him to agree on certain aspects including not to just resell everything to charter or comcast, right, which would really pose a competitive threat to the combined sprint/t-mobile because those are big companies that are not burdened with the same balance sheet that charlie
3:52 pm
has, in order to nail all this down, this deal blew up and looked like it was happening, then blew up, looked like it was happening about ten times in the last two months. so again, they are all telling me be careful with this, you know. it is -- it could blow up at the last minute. they also have to reprice it. why do they have to reprice it? i don't know how the repricing is going to go. there's a lot of divestitures here. it started out as a $26 billion merger proposed in april of last year, can't be a $26 billion merger right now. they are going to get rid of a lot of assets to create this fourth carrier. liz: the price should go down. >> it should go down. it's not that. you know, that's not exactly what i meant. yes, the price goes down but how many sprint shares do you get --
3:53 pm
how many sprint shares versus t-mobile shares. liz: charlie is killing me. come on. >> that's one of the issues. that is being worked out, i understand. so you can see gray here which could blow the deal up at the last minute. but again, i'm hearing that doomsday scenario right now really isn't on the table. what's on the table is almost imminent approval. the date i keep hearing is thursday from deal participants. if they move it up -- by the way, i don't think it can be wednesday because that's the mueller hearing. liz: the whole world stops for that? >> maybe not, but do you want that to step on your message? i think they want to message this right. so the date i'm hearing is thursday. obviously, if it happens tomorrow, i'm going to look to break the story tomorrow. if it happens wednesday, amid mr. mueller's comments, i will look to break it wednesday. i'm hearing thursday. look for the repricing. look for charlie ergen coming out, saying something finally. looking for me to shut up on
3:54 pm
this story. liz: our viewers are looking for that. shut up. >> very well. where shall i stop? liz: right now. charlie, thank you. we are coming right back. the dow is flat to slightly lower. red on the screen. ten-year yield 2.04%. how do you gauge the greatness of an suv? is it to carry cargo or to carry on a legacy? its show of strength or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain or breaking new ground?
3:55 pm
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♪ liz: we here at "the claman countdown" are used to a lot of volatility on certain days but this is an interesting day. we just heard from charlie brady upstairs in our assignment desk, up in our newsroom, that the dow crossed the unchanged line today alone, with three men's left before the closing bell 152 times. trade, the concerns about iran, not to mention logan paul being here saying, thinks youtube does a better job at monetizing. so much is going on. as the markets hover near invest highs, one is surging near
3:58 pm
record levels. u.s.-based exchange traded fund assets under management passed the 4 trillion-dollar mark. so far this year investors piled in 120 billion into etfs. what is the big appeal in etf world and what type of etf should you look to invest in right now? is this the perfect title for you tom? tom lyden joins us now. good to the ones good for your viewers? >> just because there is uncertainty doesn't mean there isn't good etfs. the fallen angel etf, going interest rates, going out on the yield curve a little bit more, greater duration or etfs bonds within the etf, from corporate down to high yield, from the downgrade, gives a better yield over time. liz: within these top holdings of fallen angle.
3:59 pm
>> sprint. freeport-mcmoran when they dip below from corporate to high yield, all the big corporations, all endowment have to september them. they have to go on sail. this index picks them up. they are not going away anytime soon. this etf yields 5%. liz: take that, while i'm waiting for the market to settle down. like the proshares that is interesting one, s&p 500 aristocrats. >> the noble. nobl. bull market will end one of these days. why not go into the top 500, look for those that have increased their dividend consistently over 25 year-year-old of time. liz: that is good record. >> if you pull those out, you have done quite well. five times better over that period of time, compared to the
4:00 pm
s&p 500. liz: you know how many recessions big moves we've had. those are interesting bets. put them up an facebook .com/liz claman. tom lyden. great to see you. we're squeezing out a win on volatile day. [closing bell rings] connell: pretty good for tech. to the extent we're higher as the dow had to fight for gains into the close. top administration officials expected to be meeting with tech executives at the white house. the dow is up 17 give or take as we settle n we do end up higher. s&p and the nasdaq ending in positive territory as well. good to be with you. i'm connell mcshane. ainsley: i'm melissa francis this is "after the bell." more on the big market move leers. here is what is new at this hour


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