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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 22, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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david: the last mayor to lower taxes was ruleie. >> the fist d was rudy giuliani. [♪] liz: president trump talking iran, and hong kong. this after iran seized two british tankers. we have u.k. audio on this latest tit for tat. oil prices continue to rise. to the 2020 race. just three months into his campaign. joe biden out with his first policy flip-flop on a kitchen table issue that hits your
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family's pocketbook hard. to bernie sanders, the socialist millionaire who never ran a business, he's attacking his own workers for calling him out to the media for paying them the same starvation poverty wages bernie is always accusing and lecturing companies about. does the bernie campaign risk having that inflatable union rat in front of it in nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez will meet this week to stop their blood feud now. the democrats and progressives believe that trump is toast. tonight why they are dead wrong. we have a lot to bring you on that one. the democrats have yet to wake up to the president's strategy to insure an endless
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squad-related news cycle. the more they are talking about the far left squad the less they are talking about the 2020 democrats. the mueller hearings in just two days as the democrats are desperately trying to rustle up interest in the story. we have the democrats' last ditch big push to shift public opinion. we'll show you the latest on the biggest question knewer faces from both republicans and democrats. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. major developments in washington this hour. president trump declares there is a deem on the budget and debt ceiling.
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let's start with edward lawrence at the white house. reporter: within the last 15 minutes, president trump tweeting there has been a deal reached on the debt ceiling with house speaker nancy pelosi. and chuck schumer and the democrats. the tweet saying this is a two-year budget and debt ceiling bill with no poison pills. in a joint statement both senator chuck schumer and nancy pelosi are saying basically democrats are pleased to have secured the funding they need which is critical for the domestic parties in this agreement. it seems both sides have given up on the funding they received. democrats say they have $10 billion the next two years and given the authority to exceed the defense number of by $10 billion in the affect two years. this while the president was
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meeting with the president of pakistan. on the list with the prime minister of pakistan, talking bm afghanistan, also how to stabilize the region. the prime minister believes there is an option to ask a peaceful solution related to this. president trump says there are other options he's not willing to do. president trump: i could win that war in a week. but i don't want to kill 10 million people. does that make sense to you. i have plans on afghanistan, if i wanted to win that war, afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the earth, it would be over literally in 10 days. and i don't want to go that route. reporter: the president says he would look into reports out of the "washington post" that stay huawei secretly helped the north koreans build and maintain its
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wireless network. the president we are told dropped into the meeting to talk to tech executives. they talked about trade tariffs with huawei and what companies can sell to huawei. >> we'll keep the pressure on huawei but allow american companies to sell component parts that allow them to compete in that space. reporter: the president and his wife paid respects to the late supreme court justice john paul stevens. they walked past this picture standing in the great hall before they left. liz: to iran and the latest mounting tensions there. lucas tomlinson is at the
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pentagon with more. reporter: president trump pushed back on iran's claim and arrested four iranian nationals for the cia. president trump: i read a report today about the cia, that's totally a false story. they put out propaganda, they put out lies. president trump: we took down one of their drones. instead of saying it happened, they lied and said it didn't happen. there is a let of proof on the ocean floor. reporter: iranian tv showed this video of iranian men in ski masks rappeling from a helicopter on to a tanker.
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the same british warpship was an hour away and could not stop the iranians from seizing their oil tanker. the british defense minister says the royal navy is too small to handle its commissions around the world. today the british navy has less than half the vessels it had in the 1980s. the brits are stilled holding an iranian tanker they they say was dlirveg oil to syria in violation of u.n. sanctions. liz: let's bring in the u.n. ambassador. the president was tweeting on the squad today saying they are a group of trouble makers,
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young, inexperienced, not very smart. they are against humanitarian aid at the border and are now against i.c.e. and homeland security. so bad for the country. your take on what the president is saying. >> it's very troubling to hear what they are saying about jews in america and what they are saying to israel. calling to boycott israel. actually i'm happy they are coming to israel. maybe they will get a chance to learn something. when i read their tweets, they will see democracy in action when they come to israel. liz: what is the reaction inside israel to these two individuals? >> to allow them to come here or not. make a show, not really to learn, unfortunately. but allow them to enter the
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country. would be able to show them the best. but i think they would come and continue to incite against israel from israel. liz: does anybody in the media ask them why you are not standing up for democracy given they are vowrnltded by so many enemies. >> i think we should have a debate and they can learn something, they should read a little bit about the history of israel and the strength of our democracy before criticizing it. boycotting israel, we help so many countries, our technology helps so many americans. liz: representative tlaib and omar support the bds movement that just came up in congress. 17 individuals arrested, some of
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them sentenced to death in iran. the president denies it. >> don't believe what the prawnians are saying. they are -- what the iranians are saying. they are reacting and trying to get the attention of the europeans to speak to the agreement. i call on the europeans to follow the leadership of president trump. in the u.k., they just took a boat and are hearing it. they should apply more sanctions against the iranians. liz: the question is, is it tit for tat, tanker for tanker grab. here is general jack keane who says iran does not ever want to show weakness. >> the iranians, you have to stay focused on what's driving them.
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they are like the chinese and north korean communists. they have an audience at home they have their hands around their throat. they never want to show weakness. so the united states shoots down one of their drones. it's a fact, they deny it. they are retaliating against the brits. they want to dem crate not just to the region, but to their people at home, that they are still powerful. >> the iranians want to renegotiate. so that's what they are doing. they want to get the world's attention. eventually they will understand they have to change the agreement. maybe it's time to speak about guidelines for a new agreement. liz: a lot of this is for domestic consumption inside the country? >> absolutely. liz: ambassador, thanks for
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joining us. shares of equifax closing just a bit higher. they had a massive data breach. we are talking settlement now. >> a settlement to the tune of $700 million. but is that enough, especially if you are one of the 150 million americans who had their date a breaches. it's very, very difficult -- i'm not saying impossible -- but it will be difficult for customers to photograph they were affected. you have to link that you went to a lot of trouble and had a lot of concerns. but you could potentially make $20,000 should you have gone through heart aches or lost and had your information stolen. or you can opt to get back $125 if you are one of the people who
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also got credit monitoring. the settlement could be paid out over the next three years. this is earnings week. we are kicking off the earnings season with 10 out of the 30 dow companies reporting. i want to start with some of the more popular names. facebook is set to report on wednesday, what we are expecting for facebook is $1.87 per share. libra, you are seeing web bush putting out a perform rating for the company. there was news that hit the wire. there was news on the wire that the fcc reached a settlement with facebook over their user privacy. hopefully we'll get information about that this week in terms of what the fine could be for
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facebook. tesla is set to come out also this week. earnings per share supposed to be a loss of 42 cents. but revenues expected to climb quite a bit. 60%. and you have got amazon, alphabet and intel all expected to see revenue climb higher. liz: tainted alcohol being blamed for 19 deaths at a popular vacation spot. it's not the dominican republic. we'll tell you where did these deaths take place? a major policy flip-flop from joe biden. you have got to hear this. that story coming up.
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you can keep it. if you have private insurance, you can keep it. liz: politifact said that was the lie of the year in 2013 when president obama said it and 4 million people lost their coverage under obamacare. yesterday joe biden flip flopped. according to the "washington examiner" he said this, i can't promise that if the private insurance is kept by their company, but can't promise you actually keep your plan. a flip-flop already just three months in. >> i wish the other ones would flip-flop. i am praying for them to flip-flop. politicians are just this way.
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i remember read my lips, no new taxes. it's crazy how i won't say lie, they flip-flop. they don't know what they are talking about, and it's shocking. liz: you met john f. kennedy. this is not our parents' democrat party. what is your take on joe biden having a public option in there. it's like they are turning the constitution into an all you can eat buffet. and whatever the government can give to you, not what you can work for and give your country. >> i wish trump had been successful in abolishing the aca, repealing it, that would have been great. but they have a lot -- there is a lot of role for government. catastrophic insurance, everyone
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should have catastrophic insurance. no one is going to be allow to die in the streets. truth is, transparency is really important for all medical procedures, doctors or medicines. and it has to be even forced by the government. for those who don't have anything, we have homeless shelters and soup kich's. d soup kitchens. but those things -- trump is going through the transparency which is fantastic. if you get catastrophic it will be great. but that's all we need. we don't need the biden promises. they raised the cost of healthcare enormously and made it unaffordable for many americans. liz: the democrats had a big, big push to take down trump
6:22 pm
getting his tax returns. richard neil is not going to ask for trump's state tax returns from new york state. new york state passed a law saying yes you can get the state tax returns. democrats are upset with richard neil. they want to knock him out with a challenger. >> they tried to knock out bill graham. and they knocked off senators and crowned america rears. and doing that is not right. i don't think a person should have a statutory release if you don't want them released. this internal politicking of
6:23 pm
knifing them is not our style. democrats are great and so are republicans. we have differences in the world, but they are not personal. you can disagree but not be disagreeable. liz: the democrats are knocking out the moderate. richard neil is considered a moderate. >> they are trying to do that. liz: getting the president's tax returns is quite a move. we ran out of time. i wish we had more time with you. >> private tax returns should stay private, even if they are the president's. liz: whirlpool apologizing, recalling half a million tumble dryers. potential fire risk.
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this issue first came to light in 2015 and whirlpool did not issue a general recall. costa are you key issue offed aing national alert after 19 people were confirmed to have died from methanol poisoning. it's a poisonous alcohol found in solvents and anti-freeze. the victims range from 32-72. authorities are seizing 30,000 bottles of booze suspected of containing methanol. drug king el chapo appealing his prison sentence. his attorney said he got an unfair trial. he claims jurors allegedly violated court orders not to
6:25 pm
read news reports. el chapo is sentenced to life for 30 years. an update on a heartwarming story of we brought you last week. there was nothing this man wouldn't do to save his mother from a burning fire. that's what a 35-year-old man did. he says he tried to enter the building the normal way to check on his mom. authorities turns him back. he credits his work experience as a roofer and construction work for credit for scaling buildings. once he made it up to his mother's floor, she told him she was safe an went back count way he came up. no word yet on senator schumer
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liz: president trump invited senate minority lead tore meet after he toured the border facilities. the president tweeted this, nearby, the senator missed illegals who wildly rushed border patrol. some agents were badly injured. >> look how much things have transformed in just this year.
6:31 pm
we have seen some of those numbers come down. but those are still over 100,000. democrats have transitions from saying there is no crisis, that this is a manufactured crisis. the only crisis we have is one created by donald trump. you are seeing chuck schumer among the face of the actual crisis. the only people on earth who can fix it who cut off the magnets pulling in people who do not qualify for asylum in the united states. liz: critic say it's patently absurd to blame president trump for the border crisis. border patrol had to use tear gas and pepper spray as four dozen illegals tried to cross.
6:32 pm
they stormed a port of entry along the border with mexico by texas. here is what happened and i want your reaction to that. they had to shut down the foreign international bridge in texas. they came in three waves. they ignored commands to stop. they rushed the barricade, they were bending metal poles and disabling the concertina wire. >> is that civilized immigration or invasion. if you are smashing through to get into the united states, it's entirely reasonable to expect law enforcement will do everything it can to stop that activity. liz: there is nothing wrong with that happening. they want a super highway coming into the united states. the democratic position is the
6:33 pm
only problem we have is we are slowing people down from coming here illegally. castro wants to decriminalize immigration. you have some democrats and republicans who would love to see an amnesty for anyone here illegally in the united states. we have lawmakers creating magnets. it will get trump re-elected. all the places that matter to have trump win the electoral college, he's dominating. illegal immigration is one issue they are thinking about. >> the situation is just 13% of the people who claim a credible fear which is the first step toward asylum, just 13% of those people qualify. which means the other 87% who
6:34 pm
claim i have got a credible fear, they don't qualify. they are clogging up a system that should be dedicated to that 13% of people who need asylum. illegal immigrants coming into the united states and democrats do not want to fix it. coming up, it looks like speaker nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez are going to try to stop their nasty blood feud. that meeting could happen thursday. later in the show, a spry development. you won't believe what the socialist millionaire do as i say, not what i do, bernie sanders. he's doing what the economic experts warned will happen when you raise the minimum wage. that story coming up. >> i am not going nowhere.
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come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. liz: the race is object. which side can slam the other's approval rating even harder. nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez are going to meet thursday to stop their blood feud that is ripping apart the democrat party. president trump: i think they are bad for our country. the congress women, what they said about israel, and what they said about our country. when they talk about disgusting people, when they talk the way they talk. the one mentioned brown people should talk for brown people and muslim people should speak for muslim people. when you hear all this, that's not what our country is all about. i think they are very bad for
6:40 pm
the country and the democrat party. you see that and they are pulling the democrats way left. nobody knows how to handle them. i feel they are easy to handle. liz: your reaction to what the president has said. >> he's right, the squad is pulling the democrats toward socialism. i know this because my colleague at the daily signal attended an annual socialism conference that happens every year where people are sporting red shirts, honoring carl karl marx. i think the problem is bigger than nancy pelosi and the so-called squad. this is a larger trend that we'll see grow and become
6:41 pm
extremely problematic for any sort of democrat. liz: the president's strategy is to insure an endless news cycle. here is the thing. the real problem with the squad is. they are they think they are never wrong. it's like they know focusing on problems and i want to make it to this story. democrats in rashida tlaib's home district in michigan are upset with her. the chair of the democrat caucus said i want to get focused on the district rather than all the attention she is getting. stay out of the press. >> they are right. the members of the so-called squad are out there getting national attentionn instead of paying attention to the people at home.
6:42 pm
their job approval ratings are low. they have a hard time defending their policies. rashida tlaib moments before this show came out and called for a $20 minimum wage, believe it or not. i think they have a hard time confronting trump on the good policies he's putting into place where people at home are seeing the benefits of the economy in their pocketbook. they would rather have these so-called cat fights and feuds with the president where we are just doing a bunch of name calling. liz: we do know that there is video resurfacing from 2016 that shows private citizen tlaib disrupting and protesting an economic speech with then candidate trump. your take on that. >> when you hear these protesters interrupting aspeech
6:43 pm
by the president, you always wonder who are those people behind the tv screens. now we know it's actually a sitting member of congress. she is clearly incapable of having a rational discussion about policy differences. instead she wants to shout him down and distract from anything productive policywise for people at home in her own district. liz: we have a correction on the story we brought you earlier. the former drug king he'll happen oh is from members -- el chapo is from mexico, not colombia. the big push by democrats to shift public opinion at the mueller hearing. when the hot sun hits your ice cream
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liz: senator bernie sanders, a socialist millionaire who has never run a business attacking his own campaign workers for calling him out in the media for paying them the same quote
6:48 pm
starvation poverty wages he criticizes everybody else about. he's going to cut their hours. that's what economists said would happen if you raise the minimum wage. >> bernie sanders is a hypocrite. he wasn't even paying his own staffers what he has been traveling around the country screaming about which is $15 minimum wage. the staffers went to the media, they complained. bernie didn't like that. but he supposedly raised their wages, but he is cutting their hours. he's a textbook example to show mandated government minimum wage increases don't work. liz: is he going to have the inflatable union rat in front of his headquarters. he lectured walt disney, walmart
6:49 pm
and mcdonald's. the workers went to the media and said we are working 16-hour work weeks. that's an average of $13 an hour. this is bernie sanders. quote, it does bother me people are going outside of the process and going to the media. that is not acceptable. it's not what labor negotiations are about and it's improper. what's he talking about going outside the process? so now he wants to censor them, is that it? >> that's wait sounds like. he didn't like the fact they went to the press. now everyone knows what a hypocrite bernie sanders really is. and the fact what he's pushing for is not going to work. there is classic examples around the country, especially in california with restaurants that had to close their doors or let some of their workers go because
6:50 pm
they cannot afford the progressive hype the left is pushing for when it comes to minimum wage. >> restaurants in san francisco complaining about it. what you are just talking about. you wonder if he's going to get in trouble with this federal labor law that lets workers -- saying you have got to let workers exercise their street without interest force or retaliation. this a federal law here for that. >> sure. but we'll see if he does get involved in trouble with that. don't forget. two sets of books, two sets of rules when it comes to liberals, progressives, democrats. we'll see if the unions will side with the employees or back off from bernie sanders and not make it a big deal. but he's trying to stifle their voice. liz: this is the crowd that's going to fix climate change.
6:51 pm
>> sure. and they want socialist agenda. they want the green new deal which is an economic job killer. they are pushing for policies and ideas that are not in the best interests of americans, and not in the best interest of our country as a whole. especially when you look at the economic aspect of what they are pushing for. green new deal? come on. liz: deneen borelli, thank you for coming on. president trump quad resuming down saying no collusion. slamming democrats for what he says is a re-do of the mueller report. are republicans ready to take on robert mueller at the hearing this week? we'll bring you the latest. from. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech.
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but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ elizabeth: we have breaking news, a letter went from the justice department on robert mueller, expect mr. mueller to keep his testimony within the confines of the report, he must do that. he is to testify on capitol hill on wednesday. this is about presidential privilage? your reaction. >> it is interesting, i think that lawyers would call this technique suspenders, national reason why -- additional reason why mueller should in the
6:56 pm
deviate from his report. i think this is the white house's effort to adan -- an additional layer of protection. elizabeth: democrats are trying to russell up interest in the hearings that americans are not interested in, according to the polls, the biggest question that mueller faces is when did you know. speaks to why mueller did not shut down the probe sooner. we don't know if mueller will answer that with the new bombshell out of the justice department, saying to stay withins confines of the report. >> i would be surprised if mueller even answered that question, prosecutors don't like lifting up the hood and allowing public to look beneath it in terms of his methods and timing.
6:57 pm
i suspect we'll see a lot of questions on wednesday from the republicans on those lines, saying, if you concleuned that t president did not collude with russia how come you allows this process to drag on. elizabeth: that what they think might be one of the biggest questions, watch what former deputy attorney donald a earliers said on cnn. >> he needs to do now. draw the conclusion from the facts, when you do, it is clear that there is enormously powerful evidence of intent to interfere with the investigation. elizabeth: the white house not interfere with so much of what the mueller probe did, the
6:58 pm
question, if justice department, says that mueller you have to stay within the confines of your report, how can the democrats get answers to questions, would you indict president trump if he was a regular citizen. that was the confine with robert mueller. he says dictates of justice department said i'm not going to up diet a sitting president, now what. >> right. i think this is exceedingly unlikely that mueller would actually answer that question of his personal view. elizabeth: what is his answer going to be. >> i don't think he will answer it saying that is beyond the scope of my authority, i think from democrat perspective best thing to happen is to get robert mueller to repeat various factual findings he made, and democrats will use their time to wednesday to urge the american public to connect the dots. elizabeth: nadler is not mincing his words.
6:59 pm
>> president and attorney jeap y general and others have spend last few months system eb systey lying to the american people about what the investigation found, saying no collusion, no obstructtion, they are all lies. elizabeth: mueller is lying when he said there is no collusion? what is jerry nadler talking about. >> i don't think. if nadler has made up his mind about where this evidence leads, then what is the purpose of this hearing? i think most if not all democrats have already made the decision, the purpose of this hearing is just political theater, they know the conclusion they will reach. lou: just political theater? >> that is my take, i don't think there will be bombshell evidence dropped on wednesday. elizabeth: all right, tom dupree come on back. >> i will. elizabeth: thank you so much for having us in your phone, and watching -- in your home, and thank you for watching, lou
7:00 pm
dobbs is next right here on the fox business network, have a good evening. lou: good evening breaking news tonight, president trump announcing a compromise among the white house, the senate and congressional leaders on a budget that eliminates possibility of a government shut down this fall, a two year deal, we take it up in the show. and radical dimms and left wing national media refuse to accept the special counsel's vindication of president trump after 3 years of investigation by the fbi, and mueller. nadler, schiff and the rest of the radical dimms now pretending that mueller's upcoming


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