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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 22, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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our holding facilities or released into the united states. that's one way this administration has addressed this crisis. [♪] trish: president trump putting iran on notice that if it increases its aggression toward the u.s. and our allies. president trump: they are behaving badly and are saying bad things. it could go either way very easily. trish: all of that as president trump slams the squad and their far left policies saying they are bad for america. this video comes from august 2015. it's surfacing of an angry squad member being dragged out of a
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trump event. we are now just hours away from the most of massive change to our immigration policy in history. we'll tell you what you need to know. a spry guest crashing a d a surprise guest crashing a trump-themed wedding. we are live from our brand-new studio in new york city. "trish regan primetime" begin right now. a shocking video of iranian hef leweisary guard in masks breaching and seizing a tanker. joining us is edward lawrence with the latest. reporter: iran claims they
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arrested 17cia spies and sentenced some of them to death. the arrests happened over a 12-month period. iran says the spies were look for materials on their nuclear program and military. the president pushing back, denying the claim. president trump: i think very importantly, i read a report about the cia. they put out lies. it's getting harder for me to want to make a deal with iran. they behave badly and are saying bad things. it could go either way very eli. i'm okay either way it goes. reporter: the iranians are lashing out at the moment. iranian state tv released this video of a takeover of one of the tankers friday that was
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seized. iranians shot down a u.s. drone also. the u.s. in turn shot down an iranian drone flying too close to the u.s.s. boxer in the middle east. >> they understand america is powerful. you have seen us move resources into the region. we don't want war with iran. we want them to behave like a normal nation. i think they understand that and the whole world is waking up that the threat is real against all of us. reporter: some world leaders are trying to get the president to back off for some of the sanctions. president trump says he's happy to see the economic sanctions in place claiming they are crushing the iranian economy getting them to the table one way or another. trish: they are crushing the
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iranian economy. joining me is retired brigadier general, anthony tata. general, good to have you back on the show. we got him where we want them. economically. instead of meeting us halfway and making a phone call and sitting down with the president of the united states, they are out there seizing tankers from the u.k. what gives? >> iran is a baying animal, they are in a corner, they are surrounded diplomatically and militarily and economically. they are living out their ideology, and they want to have war. they at least want to bait us into a conflict. and what we have seen is a war of words escalate to the proxy war with hezbollah and the iran
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and israel. and now what we have got, we are shooting drones out of the sky. they shot down our global hawk, then we used electronic warfare to take down one of their drones. we are doing what we are supposed to be doing which is keeping the free flow of commerce in the persian gulf going. 30% of the oil to the world comes out of that area. that's key and part of our national security strategy. and what we see happening next here is what you have got is isolationists, you have got interventionists, and in between there realists. i think president trump is a realist and he'll continue to defend american property and interests and that of our allies in the middle eastern region. trish: i am familiar with some of what the iranians are thinking and have sources in
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iran that they are hoping president trump won't make it another term. they are thinking we can wait this out and this can go a few ways. if we are able to bait the president, my word, not theirs. if they bait the president enough and get him into a serious military conflict, that could be problematic for reelection. it would be the antithesis of what he said he was going to do in terms of keeping the peace. and they think if we sit by and wait it out, he'll be gone and a democrat will put the deal in that we had and all will be hunky dory. why is that a bad strategy? >> for iran that's not a bad strategy except i think president trump will win so they will have six more years of the trump administration. president trump is the worst
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nightmare for iran. they know they had a sweetheart deal. but you would have to assume some of the european nations that claim to be our allies and some of the former obama administration officials working with iran to implement this strategy you played out for america, sedition or treason. trish: you think they are in cahoots? they say they are our friend. if they are our friend, they need to be on our side in this one. >> this an economic deal for europe. they know they won't pay a price for any conflict in iran or the middle east. nations like germany and france and others. that they have huge economic interests to get that persian market going both way, export and import. that's what the iran deal was all about to begin with.
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it was an economic deal as much or more than it was a nuclear deal. trish: it was an economic deal for them, not for us. none of our businesses. trish: we had a couple companies interested but they couldn't do any business there. it was like failure all around. 360. >> they have always been the number one state sponsor of terror. they have never come off that list. why make a deal with the number one state sponsor of terror. trish: they are moving into our hemisphere. iran's foreign minister was in caracas over the weekend to court nicolas maduro, known socialist dictator. we have had many guests on this show who have been imprisoned as a result of nicolas maduro and
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his socialist regime. and also you have a russian-made venezuelan jet harassing a u.s. military aircraft down there endangering the u.s. military aircraft crew. what happened to the monroe doctrine. we have iran and russian aircraft hanging out in venezuela. >> we talked about the nexus between hezbollah, cuba, and maduro. you have got a lot of bad actors down there. that's a great strategy to have an offensive presence in the hemisphere. not like what the administration did with cuba 40-50 years ago. we are trying to keep the shipping lanes open in the
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persian gulf. trish: and we are doing it for the european benefit? >> for the world's benefit. kuwait and saudi arabia, all that oil that comes out of there fuels the world's economy. trish: time for them to step up. thank you so much. coming up, a couple holding a trump-themed wedding, and wait until you hear who crashed the celebration. far left freshman democrat rashida tlaib makes sure the whole country knows how she really feels about president trump. >> my son said bullies don't win, and i said baby, they don't. we are going to go in there and [bleep]. trish: she was just as agitated before become a congresswoman. we have the shocking video where she got dragged out of a trump
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president trump: i think they are very bad for our country. i think they are bad for the democrat party. they are pulling the democrats way left. nobody knows how to handle them. for me they are easy to handle. trish: the president renewing his feud with the four freshman members. he says they are actually the racist ones. in the him. he's flipping the tables on this. joining me, ned ryun and robin buy row. this is -- robin biro. are they in fact the real racists in all of this, ned ryun? somewhat is anti-semitism but racism by another name? these women are unabashedly anti-semitic by their words. they are completely unapologetic
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about it. when they were given a chance to apologize on television they said absolutely not. then omar and tlaib doubled down you offering a resolution supporting the boycott and divestment of israel. nancy pelosi has barely slapped these ladies on the wrist much less condemned it. she is now defending it. trish: why condone it and defend it? robin, you have been outspoken against so much of what he these womb convenient said. i know you don't like seeing them as the new so-called face of the democratic party. i think the democratic party needs to be more than themes four members of congress. what's your reaction and their
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refusal to take back tonight anti-semitic stuff they said. >> i think i see a strategy from president trump and i understand it. these fresh hemen congress women loves this attention and he gives it to them. he turns it around and makes us take ownership of everything they say and do. and it gives the media all this buzz and it just keeps going on and on. we have been talking about this for a week. trish: they love it. >> yeah, they do. i think it's. >> strategy, trish. trish: i actually agree with you have quite a bit on this. i think this wasn't just shooting from the hip. but that he game it out and was thinking this would can good if everybody would be talking about these four instead of joe biden. one member of the squad, she is calling out against president
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trump over and over again. she is calling for his impeachment. sheer she is. >> i'm not going nowhere. not until i impeach this president. trish: she kept it clean that time. i remember when she was elected it wasn't quite as sanitary a statement. she apparently has hated the president from the beginning. if you look at this video which just surfaced from august, 2016, you can see her being dragged out of that trump event for being a disruption. the weird thing about this is that is somehow okay. that that behavior is sanctioned. i just believe that everybody ought to have a chance to be heard, and you don't need to be disrespectful numbers no reason
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for that. but she has been consistently. >> she has been. part of the problem you are seeing is the political reality nancy pelosi finds herself in. these women are the end of toxic identity politics. nancy pelosi realizes she can't really condemn them because the base, the grassroots and small donors are more simpatico with the squad than nancy pelosi and the establishment. she can't condemn them because then she is in danger of dividing the base. nancy pelosi has embraced this identity politics. she allowed it to grow within the democrat party. now they are using it like a flame throw tore call everyone, including nancy pelosi, who oppose their ideas. trish: you say they are calling everybody a racist. they even called nancy pelosi a
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racist. so interesting sequence of events, i guess, to a certain extent, pelosi might know how it feels. the president announced on twitter this evening that there has been a deal on the budget and debt ceiling. he said i'm pleeftds to announce a deal has been struck on a two-year budget and debt ceiling no poison pills. success? >> absolutely. that's a tremendous success. i am glad to see we are able to work by part andly thank god. you will see mark stanford, republican former senator who will be saying this is anti-republican because it increases the national deficit. so there is an soming there for him. trish: i thought that's what
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trish: we are just hours away from the most of massive change in our immigration policy. it will deport anybody here illegally and arrived illegally weren't past two years. all this as the president says he wants to meet with senate minority leader chuck schumer to fix the border crisis. joining me now, texas congressman, babin. i guess you have to give the administration chops when it comes to creativity. but you aren't getting cooperation from nancy pelosi or chuck schumer or anyone else who has a d in front of their name. >> not at all. i'm glad senator schumer goes
11:27 pm
down to the border, but when he comes back with statements like they are being treated like criminals. some of them are criminals. 4:00 a.m. yesterday morning we had a bunch of illegals, obviously criminals, they charged against the border and injured a number of our border patrol agents. so they are criminals, senator, and i am glad you went down there. but this is not a manufactured crisis. this is a real crisis. it's been going on for a long time and it will continue to be a crisis until we start securing the border and start deporting the ones who have been ordered to be deported. trish: your point about how they say it's a manufactured crisis. that's what they said over and over again. then at some point somehow somebody got to them because it
11:28 pm
was like an on-off switch. then suddenly they were all over the airwaves. i include the media in this. they said this is serious. we have to do something. you saw that approval for money so we can provide people in detention centers with things like beds. necessities we needed in these places. i don't quite understand or accept or approve of in any way the pure raw politics of all of this. for nancy pelosi to go from manufactured crisis to a serious crisis, what happened in that span of weeks? is she realizing this doesn't play in peoria? >> i will tell you what happened. constituents of democrat members of congress were complaining to high heavens about what was going on in their districts.
11:29 pm
especially down in south texas and along the border. it's incredible what's happening down there. and i think it many very, very kind of -- ingenuous when they inject racism and xenophobia and calling the president out as being a racist. there is not a racist bone in the man's body, i can assure you. this has nothing to do with race. it has everything to do with being a sovereign nation protecting the american people and insuring we have national security. again, we are not going to stop this process unless we start two things. we have to have interior enforcement, and number two, we have got to have discussions between both sides of the aisle. i appreciate the president and
11:30 pm
mr. schumer want to go have a meeting. i am hoping something comes of it. that's the only way we are going to solve this problem. trish: they have been talking about getting meaningful immigration reform done. now is the opportunity to do it. this doesn't have to be in any way associated with race. you either have borders or you don't. pure and simple. there is some breaking knives got to get to. this coming into us right now. breaking living. you are looking at pictures in caracas, venezuela. there is a nationwide blackout throughout much of the country. we have seen this happen repeatedly in venezuela. there was a time when the nation suffered with a blackout for days and weeks in some parts of the country. and that caused all kinds of shortages with electricity and getting clean water. this is the nicolas maduro
11:31 pm
regime that has not been able to manage its electrical grid and quiep the technology improvements in its electrical grid. so the country faces things like this on not a regular basis. but this is a full-on blackout nationwidnationwide crippling te country. coming up, a couple holding a trump-themed wedding in new jersey. wait until you hear how they celebrated and who crashed the celebration. plus take a look at this video of tom brady and his 6-year-old daughter. find out what happens next and why people are understandably furious. it really isn't a raise. exposing hypocrisy next.
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trish: bernie sanders cave-in to capitalism. what do you know. he calls himself a democratic socialist. he's buckling under pressure his own campaign to increase pay for his field workers. the problem is the staffers will make 15 an hour because they will be working fewer hours. they wanted to make $15. he said we'll pay you $15 but you will have to work fewer hours. those quote starvation wages the field organizers complained to bernie about. overall they are still making the same. they are working less. isn't that how it works? if you make more per hour, oftentimes employers find
11:37 pm
themselves in a situation where they will say we'll improvise and we won't need you as much and oftentimes you don't get to make quite as much because you are not working as much. the laws of economics. donald lufkin, it's good to see you. maybe bernie has finally understood what it's like to run a business in a competitive market? >> reality burns, man. he just learned about the law of supply and demand. when the price goes up you have no choice but to buy less of this. we have field workers who used to be working 60 hours -- trish: they are the organizers in the field for the campaign. >> they are organizing in the field, i guess it. that's one rung below a
11:38 pm
community organizers. so these zealous young people in this crusade for feel the bern, bernie sanders. now they will only be working 40 hours a week instead of 60 hours a week. what if they have the passion for this guy and they want to work 60 hours a week? no, you can't do that because we have to create this fake cosmetic appearance you are getting paid $15 an hour. that's what bernie is telling these people. trucker * he's campaigning for higher minimum wage salaries but he doesn't -- start at home show a little love to your own campaign staff. now he has to because of the backlash. so he's upping the wages and he
11:39 pm
says i'll cut back on your hours. this ways happens in the real world. it's interesting it's taken him this long, he's nearly in his 80s, to figure this out. i want to get your reaction to the hong kong protests that are going on. they are continuing to get uglier and more violent by the day, by the minute. people are railing against china's controversial extradition bill. tell us what it means and why this is symbolic for the world and important for us? >> the residents of hong kong spent a century in one of the freest libertarian economies where they took a resourceless rock and turned it into one of the wealthiest places in the world. it's now controlled by the largest communist bureaucracy in the world. this new law is about to be
11:40 pm
imposed on them saying if you commit any crime at all you can be extra dated to mainland china and treated by the chinese justice system. china as you know has state-controlled media, state-controlled social media. they are now allowing images of the protests in hong kong to be seen by ordinary people in the mainland. this is 30 years after tienanmen square where you cannot see in china picture of the tanks like we can see in america. they are doing a dangerous experiment betting the people on the mainland will look at the rioters in hong kong saying they are bad people. but i don't think so. i think they will look at those rioters in hong kong saying we have got to do this, too. trish: when you open up that freedom of communication and open up the sources so people
11:41 pm
can see what's going on in the world, they might say why are they rioting like that. why is it so important to them. then once you start to ask those questions, you open up for the chinese government, pandora's box. people start thinking about it and they might come to the conclusion that they need more freedom in china. donald lufkin it's good to see you. coming up. a fun-filled fishing trip almost taking a deadly turn. if you could have anyone at your wedding, who would it be? find out who crashed this trump-themed wedding. robert mueller set to testify on
11:42 pm
capitol hill about 30 hours from now. president trump: the report said no collusion. the report was written and the attorney general based on the report was easily able to find there was no obstruction. there was no nothing. there was no nothing. they are wasting their can't see what it is what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car.
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>> the report presents substantial evidence that president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. we have to let mueller report those facts to the american people. the administration must be health accountable and no president can be held above the law. trish: that's house judiciary chairman, jerry nadler, already saying the president has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. so much for hearing the evidence. joining me, pete hegseth and alice reid. let's talk about the legal aspects of this first. from a legal perspective, why is it so dangerous and so wrong
11:47 pm
that people like jerry nadler, politics aside. let's leave that aside. why is it so wrong and so bad that they are willing to convict before they have heard the evidence? >> we learned just recently with justice brett kavanaugh that due process absolutely matters. you can't conflict the court of puck opinion. robert mueller does not need to go before congress and basically read a 400-page report. jerry nadler said the american people aren't going to read the record, they have to hear it. do they want story time? what are the democrats hoping for? for a $200 million box office when the american people sit there with their popcorn. this has been asked and answered. there was no collusion, no
11:48 pm
obstruction, case closed. all the democrats want to do is court the jury of puck opinion to convict trump so they will win in 2020. that's not how the rule of law works. and this is something that will be hanging on president trump. we saw this as well with the house vote to impeach. what is shock being that is 95 congressmen and women voted to impeach a president based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever or any constitutional legal basis. all 95 of them should be immediately impeached and recalled for failing to abide by their oath of office for failing to defend and protect the constitution. trish: i would just kind of like to hear from mueller himself because i feel like in the issue of transparency, i think it's okay for americans to hear from him. i read the entire report.
11:49 pm
you know what i concluded? there was no there there, pete. no there there. so we completely wasted everybody's time. we completely wasted taxpayer's money. it's a lousy thing to do to the american process and american people of and frankly the president of the united states. >> of course, that's why he says presidential harassment. this is a show. they want to put on a show. i heard democratic operatives say the american people won't read the report, we hope the movie is better. they are hoping for a slip-you have, they are hoping bob mueller makes an admission outside the report. whatever you think about bob mueller he testifiedified in front of congress as much as anybody. when he stood at the podium and said this report is my final word. the democrats won't take him at
11:50 pm
his word. one of the mistakes they are making is republicans get top ask questions, too. so they get to poke holes into the giant conspiracy and mueller pleased it up. 2020 candidates will attempt to make it a circus. trish: what else are we going to get? what else might be coming down the pipeline that would quash the fire. >> there are reports in the last couple days that james comey may have effectively been -- he knew of an investigation was ongoing, didn't reveal it to the president even more than we already know. so attempted to glean information from the president that he then shared with the investigation without letting
11:51 pm
the president know. so in many ways comey himself was surveilling the president. there were so many layers to this, so many people who should not want this to continue. but i say keep it going. middle america doesn't care about this floips voter motivated by it. it only per pet waits in a political sense -- it only perpetuates in a political sense that it's wasting everybody's time. no one is interested except for jerry nadler, schiff -- trish: and the squad. tom brady under fire again. this time a fun-filled fishing outing taking nearly a deadly turn. we have the terrifying video -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars.
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11:56 pm
trish: how is that for a wedding crasher. what do you think? >> this is just classic trump, i love this. he is president. he is also an entertainer, it was a feel good media opportunity, i love the reaction of the wedding, the bride and groom. this is not first time that trump crashed a wedding. he has done it many times at his golf resort, sometimes he takes the mic and makes a few remarks. >> love the audience. trish: it has a media lmentd to it, you know, i give him, people element. right? in my interaction, i have seen from him, he likes people, he likes it when people like him.
11:57 pm
like the wedding there. good for him. i'm glad that bride and groom got a little wish there,. terrifying video. of a great white shark nearly biting a boy in cape cod this weekend. take a look. >> here is one. oh, woe. >> i got it on video. trish: he got on the boat? he did not. he got close. so close. that is scary stuff. feet away. from the boy's face. leaping out of the water, right today him. in our neck of the woods, i know you are from new hampshire, i am too. probably spent a lot of summers in cape cod, you have to be careful of the sharks. >> i have a lot of family that live on cape cod, the shark problem is becoming scary, a
11:58 pm
pledge kid died last fall -- college kid died last fall while body boarding, researcher found 12 grad great whites just off te coast this june. it is scary stuff. trish: so, this weekend, i hope you were careful, you stayed out of the heat, we tried, i have their little ones, i tried to see the lion king with them, that needed to get booked way in advance, they were tough tickets on a hot weekend. i could not get them, they were sold out, makes sense we learned in opening weekend it earned 185 billion in sale, in new york. this was millions, not billions. they are big numbers, that great of a movie. anyway. quite the thing to see.
11:59 pm
did you see it? >> i have not seen it yet, it is hard to get tickets. i'm glad to is doing well for disney, i heard the remake does not have same emotional pull or narrative as the 1994 original, i grew up on disney classics like the "lion king." i love them, disney just keeps remaking their own movies, they come out with ph 5 remakes and sequels this year. they are good but i would love more original concept coming out of disney. it seem like creativity is dead in hollywood, sadly disney is no different. trish: maybe next weekend. christian good to see you. we didn't get to talk about tom brady, we'll do that tomorrow night, thank you. >> thank you. trish: breaking news out of venezuela. right now we're monitoring it. nationwide blackout, we'll have more tomorrow night, stay with
12:00 am
us, we'll see you right back here tomorrow, as always, 8 p.m. eastern, kennedy begins right now. new studio everyone. kennedy: thank you trish. bernie sanders is a laughingstock, his deloved socialism once again shown to be a scam, sanders feeling the burn of basic economics and running into the brick wall of unintended consequences he was warned about forcing country to 15 an hour minimum wage, paying his field workers annual 36,000 a year salary, if they are knocking on doors and canvassing neighborhoods in tevas and cargo shorts, they have to put in closer to 60 hours a week, that means their average pay wil


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