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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 23, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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recalibrating, is very important. he has done it successfully. [closing bell rings] >> liz: frank holmes, great to see you. that is his company. just below a new record for the dow jones industrials. that is it for the "claman countdown". connell: trade optimism working in with fox confirming u.s. trade negotiators head to china for face-to-face talks on monday. earnings reports fueling the rally in stock along with coca-cola, united technologies helping to lift wall street higher. at the close the dow is fighting for a record high. it is a little short. we need it up 187 to be a record. that is pretty good up 178. the s&p 500 and nasdaq ending the day in positive territory. the second day in a row they have been higher. there you go, good to be with you, i'm connell mcshane.
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melissa: i'm melissa francis. we have more on the big market movers but here is what is happening this hour, president trump sitting down with republican senators in the state dining room to discuss possible sanctions against turkey. we'll bring you any breaking headlines from the president this hour. on capitol hill the senate passing the 9/11 first-responders bill which will give a financial lifeline to thousands of american heroes. the latest on the state of play, what happens next. plus a new prime minister for the uk. the challenges ahead for bore rest johnson amid heightened tensions with iran and increased pressure to finally pass a brexit plan. we'll see. i have my doubts. what about you. connell: everybody gets a shot at that. fox team coverage, blake burman at white house, wills wells on the floor of the new york stock exchange and edward lawrence on capitol hill. with breaking news on china talks, edward's let's start with you.
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reporter: senior administration official tells me the face-to-face talks are on next mopped and wednesday with the chinese delegation. this is the 12th round of talks. robert lighthizer and treasury secretary steve mnuchin will meet their chinese counterparts, vice premier liu he. and they have asked it to be in shanghai, not beijing. this is from two conversations on the phone, one on july ninth, the other on the 18th. larry kudlow, white house economic advisor is optimistic this will be a good trip. >> i think going over there, is a good sign, what i say, ambassador lighthizer emphasized, that is we want to go back to where we were in early may when we had been moving very nicely, whatever, perhaps only 10% left to be negotiated, that sort of thing.
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reporter: the u.s. trade representative told me he is unwilling to go back to renegotiate the last year's worth of work. kudlow is looking for the chinese to buy agriculture. the chinese want to see technology sales to huawei start again. china want huawei to be removed from the blacklist all together. that is something the u.s. is unwilling to do so far. signs are showing further weakness in the chinese economy where our economy here in the u.s. shows fundamentally being strong. also reports that roughly 50 companies are moving out of china, or considering to move out of china with their supply chains, moving to other countries. we heard that from federal reserve chairman jerome powell and treasury secretary steve mnuchin. we're talking about big companies like apple, dell. also other companies like skechers. back to you, connell. connell: let's talk about this with columnist liz peek and kaltbaum capital management president gary kaltbaum, both fox news
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contributors. we had a jump in the market when the news came out this afternoon. i don't know by the fact that these guys are heading to shanghai next week makes it more likely we'll get any deal anytime soon, how do you read it? >> i think you have month and months before a deal gets done but it is good to see but, i don't think china will give away anything at this point in time. it has been, what, 15 month. all we keep hearing they're weaker than us, they have to do something and they haven't. i think all said and done before the election, we'll get a deal done. it will be more after truce. people will feel better about it. connell: gary brings up a interesting point on timing, liz, right before the election we might get a deal done. what about the president's motivation? on one hand there would be motivation to do that if the economy were slowing down and this might help. on the other hand if you're president trump, maybe you want to delay it, some would argue until after the election so the democrats can't hit you for
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being too soft on china? >> they will hit him for that no matter what he comes up with is fair to say, right? in fact the white house was cautioning today this will take months up to a year to get any kind of a deal done. i don't think gary is totally wrong. i think there will be a kind of a political calculation here. meanwhile though, the white house is also signaling it will focus on the usmca, the trade agreement with canada and mexico. i think for a lot of people that is more important. let's think wisconsin which turns out to be the tipping state. what do you think of? cheese. what is good for them? getting this deal done. there is a lot of politics at steak here. by the way the imf came out up graded u.s. growth to 6.8, sorry, 2.6% from 2.2%. that is a whopping increase an downgraded china. melissa: great point. >> who is hurt here? i think it is not the united states.
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melissa: breaking news. president trump meeting with gop senators right now at the white house. fox business's blake burman live on the scene. blake? reporter: president trump is expected to meet at this hour at the white house with republican senators to discuss potentially leveling sanctions against turkey. this stems from turkey who is of course a nato ally, buying a missile defense system, the s-400 missile defense system recently from russia. those same group of republican senators earlier up on capitol hill were joined by treasury secretary steve mnuchin who was trying to pitch them on the budget caps deal and the debt ceiling deal that he cut just yesterday with democratic leadership. as part of that deal defense spending will jump $22 billion next year while non-defense spending will rise $27 billion but many republicans are already expressing reservation about more spending. keep in mind the deficit this year is expected to hit $1 trillion. the white house is predicting trillion dollar deficits for
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years to come. earlier today i asked larry kudlow how that equate to fiscal conservativism. listen. >> the spending increases are very modest, 20 billion, some odd both sides. so that's okay. if your 10-year treasury is running at 2%, that tells you the bond market is really not concerned about the fiscal situation at the present time. reporter: this afternoon president trump filed a lawsuit against the democratic-controlled house ways and means committee along with new york's attorney general, new york state and a top tax official there. the president and his private lawyers contend that a law called the trust act, which was passed in new york which would allow the ways and means committee to obtain his state taxes is outside of the jurisdiction of the committee here in washington. melissa. melissa: interesting, blake, all right, thank you. doubling down on a campaign promise, democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren
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issuing a bill to cancel up to $50,000 in student loan debt in households earning less than $100,000 a year, a move she says will provide debt relief for 95% of borrowers. liz, gary, are back with this one. liz, who is going to be on the hook for that money? do you think it is taxpayers or universities will have to pay it back, they priced degrees what they were worth and priced the degree, couldn't pay the money back, obviously they paid too much for the degree? >> the debt is not being expunged or eliminated. it is basically landing in the plop, in the lap of taxpayers who will pay this. people for the most part who have not gotten a college degree. who have not taken advantage of taking out this borrowing. i don't think this goes anywhere. we're talking about a trillion dollar deficits, i wonder if
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approaching the 2020 election people aren't going to be a little more sensitive to the cost of some of these programs. melissa: yeah. >> i do think that drives home that we don't have just an open pocketbook. melissa: gary? >> self-described capitalist elizabeth warren want wealth taxes, control wide swaths of the economy, just complete redistribution of wealth. people that took out loans and signed contracts, oh, don't worry about it, that doesn't mean anything anymore. make all mortgage loans now, let's pay them off. let's just -- melissa: gary, i'm sorry we have to jump in. right now we're hearing, breaking news, jon stewart making remarks at a news conference after the senate passed bill. >> we can all agree i'm the real hero. [laughter]. hard not to see it that way. it has been the honor of my life
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to work with the men and women behind me. today it is about the heart james, joe, and integg grit of ray pfeiffer and courage of lou alvarez and tenacity of john thiel. they, they lifted this 9/11 community on their shoulders and they carried them home. i will always be so proud to have been associated with it and we can never repay all that, the 9/11 community has done for our country but we can stop penalizing them and today is that day, that they can excel because unfortunately the pain and suffering of what these heroes continue to go through is
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going it continue. there have been too many funerals, too many hospices. these families deserve better and i'm really, i'm hopeful that today begins the process of being able to heal without the burden of having to advocate. i will follow you, whatever your next adventure shall be. [applause] melissa: we're hearing from jon stewart there, at a news conference after the senate now has passed the 9/11 bill. moving on from here for these heroes. connell: 97-2 the vote. rand paul, mike lee, senators voting against. in a moment a looming medical risk. how a daily dose of this over-the-counter drug might do
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more harm than good. we'll be talking about that. melissa: disrespecting our men and women in blue? have you seen this? this is hard to watch. it shows the nypd doused with water. the responding to calls, the widespread outrage of the viral video is now coming up. ♪ interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros
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connell: breaking news. visa reported the third quarter earnings results. gerri willis following that. tell us what we have, gerri? >> a double beat for visa coming in $1.37 a share, a nickel better than expectations. revenue beating coming in 5.8 billion, compared to 5.7 billion as you can see in the full screen. the stock is down after hours. i don't know what it all takes. they're firing on all cylinders. international volumes are up 7%. these are two metrics that investors pay attention to with visa. they returned $2.7 billion in dividends to investors. they're processing transactions, 12 billion. international transactions, two billion. we're seeing a double beat on earnings for visa. those earnings coming $1.37 a share against expectations of
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$1.32 yet the stock is down. the stock has been up 30% year-to-date. they have had good results. so maybe people are taking some kind of profits here. back to you. connell: thank you, gerri willis. melissa: the senate just voting to replenish the 9/11 victim fund for first responders. hillary vaughn on capitol hill with the latest. reporter: the legislation is headed to the president's desk. it passed 97-2 in favor in the senate. openly two lawmakers voting against were senator rand paul, senator mike lee, citing concerns about approving spending bills without cutting spending elsewhere. >> we're just so glad that we're at the very end of this long, long travail, that will recognize the needs of these beautiful, wonderful, brave, first-responders. >> we've always acted on a bipartisan basis in a
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compassionate way. reporter: comedian jon stewart on capitol hill, with surviving 9/11 first-responders to see the bill across the finish line. they across with stewart have been lobbying congress tirelessly, courageously over the last several months, to get an extension, to pay for a lot of health issues that arose from these, from the time that was spent on ground zero. it was set to expire in 2020. first responder john thiel on capitol hill today hugged stewart and very tearfully shared an embrace, once that bill was announced it had passed. >> everybody from every state came to ground zero, pentagon, shanksville. that is what america is about, the spirit of american people. humanity of the american people. we all came together. now today the senate is going to come together and take our worst day, worst weeks, worst month, certainly our worst 18 years.
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reporter: this bill finances the fund through 2090. now all the president has to do is sign it. melissa: hillary, thank you. connell: a big test on the world stage, iran's warning for britain's prime minister amid escalating tensions. how should boris johnson respond. the fight for 20. democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib calling for a bigger boost for the minimum wage. why critics say that could put millions of jobs on the line. we'll talk to "wall street journal" james freeman next. at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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melissa: 20 apparently the new 15. congresswoman rashida tlaib a member of the so-called "squad" on capitol hill wants to wage the federal minimum wage even further than proposed $15 per hour. take a listen to this. >> allow people living --
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[inaudible] whatever they call it, income. this is not enough to support our families. $20 an hour, 18 to $20 an hour at this point. melissa: james freeman, from "the wall street journal." a fox news contributor. why stop at 15, it will go to 20, elizabeth warren will be at 25. pretty soon we'll not have part-time workers, we'll just have bots and a few full-time people. >> no service industry. people in this city make a good living off the tips. maybe they are the jobs they want. i don't know why the congresswoman saying we shouldn't have those jobs. you're right, basically an attack on service jobs and entry level jobs. if you raise that, that minimum wage, we saw lastmont, congressional budget office said going to $15, their median estimate you kill 1.3 million
4:25 pm
jobs. higher end estimate you kill 3.7 million. if you're talking about $20 instead of 15, probably closer to the 3, 4 million range. melissa: yeah, without question. it is incredible when you talk to business owners, they say especially in the fast-food industry, they don't have that kind of march fin to support that. they would just be getting rid of that many jobs. i wonder if she wanted to be the one to stand there to choose who will get $20 an hour, who bill will no longer have a job. at the same time we're hurting for workers around the country. you see businesses increasing compensation in smart ways that helps them target employees they want. for example, mcdonald's, taking $150 million they got from the tax code changes to pay for college scholarships for employees and their families. walmart, s.a.t. classes, online college courses, other companies like popeye's, others going
4:26 pm
we'll pay you faster. you can have half your pay the next day. they're doing creative things. do you think that is better or worse than having the fed mandate it? >> they're competing for workers. that is great. the event where congresswoman tlaib called for $20, the usual 15, it didn't happen in front of a fast-food joint, as the press conferences normally do. usually when you listen to the whole speech, there tends to be a rant how you can't support a family on a minimum wage job at a burger chain. the burger chains never said you could. i don't know where we got this idea that entry level jobs are supposed to support entire families. it doesn't make any sense. but if you outlaw them, people can't gain experience. they can't start rising the economic ladder. melissa: we should see, take a bet when they will move to 25, now they have bonn gone from 15
4:27 pm
to 20. thank you, james. >> thank you, melissa. connell: snap, another company ied @after-hours, added more users. snap shares up about 11%. chipotle is gaining ground in after-hours trade, following a beat on same-store sales estimate thanks to the restaurant's aggressive invests in delivery and advertising, nearly 4% advance for chipotle shares. we're keeping an eye on boeing. it was down slightly in the regular session ahead of the earnings report coming out tomorrow. the company announces it will take a charge, $4.9 billion worth, tied to the grounding of the 737 max jet. the shares are down since march about 15% after the second deadly crash involving those planes, 737 max. melissa. melissa: a date for the history books. former special counsel robert mueller's appearance before congress tomorrow will
4:28 pm
mark the very first time he anticipates questions on the russia probe. so what will he say? we will speak with judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst after the break. connell: aspirin a day might not be so good for your health after all. what you need to do to ask your doctor on your next visit. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
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connell: nearly mueller time. after two years of silence with that one brief public statement, special couples sell robert mueller will indeed testify before lawmakers tomorrow. the judge is here, judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst, the host of liberty file on "fox nation" for a preview. you put together some questions you think lawmakers might want to consider asking. i'm sure they will have their own list. one of them struck me from the democratic point of view, would you have indicted the president if he were not president? i wonder whether or not mr. mueller will answer that question? >> i can't predict which way it will go, if he says yes, that is fodder for the democrats mill. if he says i'm not going to answer that because we didn't address it in the report. it is sort of neutral. i don't think he can say no, because he did reveal the existence of some evidence of obstruction of justice. so how much of a marine is bob mueller? is he going to comply with the
4:33 pm
rules that have been imposed upon him, even though he is not in the justice department and the rules are not enforceable and there will be little to no consequence of violating the rules. connell: the rules we're talking about, the department of justice written a letter to mr. mueller which suggests anything outside the report would be covered by presidential privilege, that correct? >> that is correct that is what the doj said. he can answer questions like, 13 talked about it, nine thought we couldn't indict and 3 said yes and one couldn't make up his mind. i don't know where that goes in terms of the narrative. the democrats are looking for a smoking gun, gotcha, ah-ha they can run over and over again. the republicans are looking for a dud, there is nothing new here. connell: in terms of another angle for the republicans that you brought up, the idea they may look into the origin of the investigation. how might they word those
4:34 pm
questions. what might they accomplish that is off the path of, you know, whether or not the president should be indicted? >> if bob mueller answers to the democrats if he would have indicted the president if he was a private citizen. then they have to undermine mr. mueller. mr. mueller you found out in this investigation, that it was started by frau and deception to the vice is a court? did you do anything to correct that? you inherited a investigation that was inherently flawed. by the way, mr. mueller, did you know before the midterm elections in 2018 that the president was not going to be charged with any conspiracy to subvert the election laws? did you know on day one that you started the whole investigation you couldn't investigate the president, if you did, why did you go through the investigation? connell: both sides could be interesting whether he answers. if he uses the doj guidelines per questions like that, he is caught on the other side as well. if he starts to answer some of these questions, he has to answer both sides, right?
4:35 pm
>> yes. let me say this. i think he is intellectually honest and probably the smartest lawyer in the room. even though we will have his own lawyer with him, which is not uncommon, that will be apparent. by the way, he has testified before congressional committees in his life, he is the king, 89 times. >> right. >> i don't think anybody has been there. connell: is that the record? >> yes. this is not novel to him. this environment. connell: been a while but lots of practice. >> right. connell: anything as a final point that comes out of tomorrow changes the big picture? >> it would have to be something we don't know about already, to change the big picture. otherwise people have dug their heels in. you love the president, you think this is a fraud. you hate the president. you think he is a crook. connell: we'll watch a good part of the day. two committees. starts 8:00 in the morning. melissa. melissa: stepping up the investigation. puerto rico's justice department issuing search warrants for its embattled governor and his top aides as the largest protest in
4:36 pm
the region's history. fox news's jeff paul is in san juan with the latest. jeff what is scene like there? reporter: you can hear the protests behind me. i want to get to up with other thing first, after the first one-on-one interview the governor did with fox news's shepard smith, we got a chance to pull him aside, ask him if there is anything over the edge at that would force him to resign? he was very vague. the people elected him as governor, he wants to finish out his return. we reminded him, many people that voted for him are out in the thousands protesting his administration. so we pressed one more time, said is there anything that would make you want to step aside? here is what he had to say. is there any point, you will take a hard look in the mirror, maybe it is time to resign? >> i'm always, you know, i'm committed to the rule of law and i'm committed to the continuing government. that is what is driving me.
4:37 pm
reporter: would you ever considered it? >> i know, i made the consideration aware. i will do whatever is in the best interests of the people of puerto rico. i made the consideration where i will not seek office again. reporter: that response is not good enough for thousands and thousands of people who are calling for the governor to resign. they continue to protest. in fact, take a look, this is from last night t was an all-day process. no major clashes with police and protesters. right around 11:00 things got out of hand. tear gas was fired from police. police officers saying objects were thrown at them like rocking rocks, eggs, things go so bad that a tear gas canister was fired into one of the guys that lives here in old san juan. the car caught on fire. bryan llenas talked to the man about what happened. >> it is what it is.
4:38 pm
the thing going on right now, it will have side effects. unfortunately, this is one of the side-effects. reporter: there is another protest planned for friday. we're told there will be a human chain formed by many protesters to block highway access. there will be a march on saturday. maybe something else on sunday. these protesters showing no signs of slowing down. they want one thing. they want the governor to resign, melissa. melissa: the interview you asked him was really incredible. he said well, i'm not going to run for re-election. unbelievable. jeff paul, thank you. connell: all right. a growing outrage, stunning video surfacing online how police officers are being treated on the streets of new york. we will bring all the details on this story after the break. ushering in a new era, boris johnson is set to take over as britain's next prime minister. he will be in office as of tomorrow. what does it all mean, in terms of relations with the u.s. and also right away for boris
4:39 pm
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that could reveal what your body isn't telling you. i'm gonna tell you that was the best $150 i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. connell: breaking news. in the last few minutes, the justice department will open a broad, antitrust review of big
4:43 pm
tech companies, facebooks alphabet, amazons of the world, whether or not these companies are unlawfully stifling competition. the dow jones thought he made his way out of the studio. he did but we dragged him back in. this just broke. something we talked about a lot. what do you make of it? >> i think you are correct when you analyze it, connell, as anti-competitive behavior. there are rumors from a justice department investigation for a long time. the investigations are sending subpoenas from a grand jury, sometimes it makes announcement. we now know officially that the four big high-tech companies are being investigated. probably the allegations will be buying up competition and attempting to become monopolies. technically, technically they are not monopolies. a monopolies means the government authorized you to be the king of the hill but the argument from the doj will be that they dominate such a
4:44 pm
substantial portion of the market both with respect to revenue and percentage of customers that effect testifily impossible for anybody to compete with them. the consumers are suffering. the doj will have to show consumers are suffering. if there is no consumer suffering as a result of this. there is no case. connell: how would they show that? a lot of political momentum should be pointed out. president suggested in recent comments, think about, he said something like, suing some of these companies. now we do have reports of this doj investigation? how do you look at consumer suffering? >> it will be very difficult for the doj to show that. facebook is for free. google is for free. amazon produces products cheaper than if you buy it off-the-shelf. it will be hard to show as a result of what they did they're keeping prices up, rather than lowering them, expanding their base. connell: you see this as an uphill climb from the government's point of view from the get-go? >> i do. can i make political comment?
4:45 pm
allegation more likely to see in the obama doj than the trump doj but here it is, things get flipped whatever in this day and age. good to see you. the department of justice looking a broad new antitrust review. new tech companies. we'll stay on top of it, meantime overseas, big story, new leader for the uk. he was born in new york city, boris johnson but he has been chosen by members of the conservative party to be the next prime minister of the united kingdom, vowing to get the country out of the european union by the halloween deadline. deal or no deal. >> some waggles pointed out, deliver, unite, defeat was no the perfect acronym for an election campaign since unfortunately it spells dud. they forgot the final e, my friends. e for energize. i say to all the doubters, dude, we are going to energize the country. we'll get brexit done.
4:46 pm
that indeed is boris johnson we're joined by nile gardiner. brexit chewed up two prime ministers. it strikes me as the first challenge for the new prime minister, won't necessarily be brexit, right? it has to do with iran. i wonder how he will handle those tensions? how do you think boris johnson will take on iran? >> it is a very big question. it will be the biggest challenge for the new prime minister. certainly a very tough challenge facing boris johnson. after all, the approach taken by his predecessor, theresa may, has been extremely weak-kneed. i think the iran issue has been very badly handled by the british government. it has been very badly handled by most of the european governments as well. france, germany, in particular, the eu as a whole. right now europe project ad lack of strength and resolve on lack
4:47 pm
of a front. british tanker detained by iran, biggest sponsor of terrorism, 23 people are held by the regime and britain has not really responded to this. we need more british warships sent to the region. the iranians have to understand there will be a price to be paid if they attempt to seize a british tanker. in this case, this tanker was not protected by the royal navy at the time t was a very easy target. and so we don't have enough british military infrastructure in the region. we need to see the uk joining the night in the policy of maximum pressure against iran. that includes applying sanctions against the iranian regime. connell: okay. sanctions on the iranian regime. boris johnson seems more allied with the u.s. it seems on that issue and i would think some others. i want to get your thoughts on,
4:48 pm
we're seeing the next prime minister together with the current president of the night. been a lot of comparisons made between the two. i get all that. but as i said in the open, david cameron, theresa may, brexit caused some issues, to put it mildly for prime ministers in the united kingdom. why will boris johnson. do you think boris johnson is the guy to get this done? how does he do it? >> boris johnson campaigned for brexit. he was one of the leaders of vote leave campaign. brexit is in his blood. this prime minister pledged to take britain out of the eu, deal or no deal. theresa may refused to take britain out on no-deal scenario. she had two opportunity to do so. she refused to do so. boris johnson contrast, pledged wholeheartedly taking britain out by october the 31st. he spoke to the 1922 committee of back bench conservative mps. he reiterated that pledge.
4:49 pm
he made it 100% clear, britain was leaving. brexit is real. it will happen. there is nothing the eu can do to stop brexit. it is time for the european union to make major concessions if they want a deal with regard to brexit. or britain will leave the eu under a no deal snare crow. britain will do fine. boris johnson a big picture thinker, admierer of margaret thatcher, winston churchill. he is determined to see the authority of the british people delivered and the will of the british people respected. that is a huge contrast of theresa may, an absolutely appalling leader on brexit issue and. connell: she will deliver her resignation to the queen tomorrow. boris johnson will hit the ground running. >> thank you very much. >> new warning for heart health. you might rethink some
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it's a combination of cholesterol was something called platelets in your blood. carry oxygen for nutrients to her heart or to your brain. if it gets blocked, everything gets backed up and you're not getting things where they need to be. it will die very quickly. what aspirin does is by preventing those platelets from attaching from preventing lot,
4:56 pm
it is saving her life. let's say you're not at risk for heart disease, or heart attack or stroke, if you take aspirin, but preventing that performing, it's preventing got caught. if you cut your skin, it's all the little particles that form, aspirin prevents that from happening. in your gut or other areas where you could get an injury and you might start bleeding, aspirin will prevent that clock. you could potentially have internal bleeding, or bleeding in the school, that can also be a type of stroke. >> how do you know which category you are in? wasn't aspirin harder on your stomach? >> so you mention two things. first, it's important to talk to the doctor. if you have diabetes or high cholesterol, or family history that put you at higher risk, you should talk to your doctor about
4:57 pm
whether he should be on aspirin for prevention. let's say you drink regularly, you have heartburn or other things that might put you at risk for gastritis or other pleading, aspirin has that side effect. combining that together, you could be a higher risk. it's something to talk to the doctor about to see if you're more at risk for caught work bleeding. >> any other advice? when you think about it for example, some say with advil, if you take it too much, it damages your kidney or liver, people think of them as relatively harmless. then you hear about these things that can happen. >> over-the-counter pain relievers in general, they state that way. that doesn't make them safe though. i see that a lot with aspirin and anti-inflammatory. for procedures like performing
4:58 pm
once, people might be more at risk for bleeding or kidney disease, they could have other issues, not necessarily all bad but can't get more affordable, they are over the counter -- >> thank you so much. >> back to breaking news. justice department announced a new broad review and tech companies and what we have seen as the d.o.j. looking into whether they are anticompetitive practices, is the stock price of? the big ones on the screen right now start to move lower. facebook down 1.3%. amazon and apple are also falling off. on the government, it is pretty large here. it sounds good, you say they are
4:59 pm
huge companies and they take over the marketplace, there has been some, consumers have gotten hurt. >> one of the big arguments i feel like carries waters, the company that is the competitor and kill off, when you talk about things like twitter or facebook or google, toward a particularly opinion, was another product or similar platform like facebook that would come out and challenge it from the other side, but often times when a new report comes, you see them up the competition. they can keep it or until. >> the by until strategy, you see it in under industries as well. one of the big food companies, this can be a lot of politics behind it.
5:00 pm
going after these companies as well. >> without question. that does it for us today. the dow closing at 177 , what we need, 187? breaking news happening this hour. first time in seven months, there will be defense secretary, home of the pentagon. president swearingen infantryman mark, we will bring that to you live as soon as it happens. first, $15 an hour, the new push is for $20 an hour. >> forty dollars an hour. it has gone up.


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