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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 24, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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we'll be here tomorrow night. along our guests will be christian whiton and congressman matt gaetz. good night. president trump: this has been a very bad thing for our country. and everybody night was a hoax. especially the democrats. trish: president trump blasting the witch hunt and rightfully so. despite the five-hour spectacle, we have no idea what prompted the investigation to begin with. >> the president was falsely accused of conspiracy. maybe a better course of action is to find out how the false accusation started. that's exactly what bill barr is doing. trish: what if i told you the
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man who set next to mueller today, the man who worked very, very closely with mueller on the russia investigation actually has ties to hillary clinton. might that be a little conflict of interest? just a little? we are on it. should emojis be used at work? we have corey lewandowski, congressman andy biggs and kayleigh mcenany. a sad day for the country as democrats and republicans hammered a reluctant former special counsel, robert mueller who at times struggled to remember details about the case he investigated. even telling congress he was unaware and you can familiar with fusion gps. that was the opposition research
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firm that was set to dig up dirt on the trump campaign. in some ways, vladimir putin has won this round, and he won this round because we are as a nation are sitting here questioning the foundation of our democracy for political reasons. listen to congressman elijah cummings. >> they say you are messing with the president because you don't like the president. it's about loving democracy. it's about loving our country. i'm begging the american people to pay attention to what is going on. trish: loving our country? you think it's american, sir, for obama's fbi to go out and get a warrant in a secret fisa court to spy on an innocent person or failing to highlight to the fisa court judge that it
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was political research from fusion gps, a company robert mueller seemingly has never heard of as evidence? that is american? let's forget war our fbi and justice department was doing. what spurred this entire thing. but the left thinks only politics matters in this. think about how sad that is. this our country we are talking about. nancy pelosi sounding like she wants to pursue this whole impeachment thing in her news conference just hours ago. it will get her nowhere. putin has won this round. we are divide. and while divide, our congress led by the democrats can't find its way out of a paper bag let alone engage in meaningful international foreign policy that may be just what russia wants. we have our very only edward
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lawrence. what a day. >> president trump in west virginia for a fundraiser. no doubt he's repeating his frustration from what he saw on capitol hill. president trump: they should be ashamed of themselves. you know who knew of it was a phoney cloud more than anyone else? schiff and nadler and schumer and pelosi. people see what's going on in our country with this whole thing. i have been going through it for three years. reporter: democrats say they will not give you have the investigation. saying the office is the only thing keeping the president out of a courtroom. >> mueller made clear that the president is not exonerated. mueller found evidence of obstruction of justice and abuses of power by the president. the report said the president could be indicted for obstruction of justice after he
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leaves office. reporter: during the hearings democrats tried to get former special counsel robert mueller to say the president obstructed justice. he didn't bite. >> as we say in the report and as i said in the opening. we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime. reporter: one exchange does not appear in the report, and that's the firm that was hired by the dnc, contracts the steele dossier and started the russia probe which mueller headed. >> mr. mueller, did anyone ask you to exclude anything from your report that you felt should have been in the report? >> i don't think so. but it's not a small report. >> no one asked you specifically to exclude anything you thought should be in there? >> not that i can recall.
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reporter: democrats gave a clue as to how they will attack the president in 2020. >> the difficulty is we are all left to wonder whether the president is representing us or his financial interests. reporter: the bottom line is this is over for special counsel robert mueller. but the democrats, it appears, will be a renewed push for impeachment. >> good luck with that one. former campaign manager corey lewandowski knows a thing about the trump campaign because he ran it. >> i think bob mueller was a very reluctant witness. he was either not well verlsd or briefed on what was in the report or he didn't actually oversee this investigation. his deputy, weissmann who
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clearly ran this. every time a member of congress asked him a question he said i can't talk about that. and they said it's on page 97 or 95, and he said i will refer to the report. a member of congress asked about me and the supposed interaction i had with the president and he said i don't know who this is. if there are only 10 potential incidences of obstruction that the president was potentially involved with, bob mueller didn't know my name which i appreciate and i am grateful for. but he didn't steam clearly versed on what took place. trish: clearly he wasn't watching television. we have a cracker jack team. here we go. let's run it for the viewer. >> the president asked others to help limit your investigation. >> correct. >> was corey lewandowski one such individual. >> can you remind me --
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>> corey lewandowski is the president's former campaign manager, correct? >> correct. >> he clearly can't buy my books. trish: he didn't know who you were. he didn't know fusion gps. this was kind of strange. he's the guy that ran the investigation. >> i think what this shows is he was running the investigation in name only. the 12 angry democrats serving under him had complete control. when you look at the amount of money he spent, the time and effort the federal government put into this. bob was the person they chose. there was an interesting interaction. one of the congressmen asked him did he speak to he rod rosenstein on this dictate, and he said i don't know. then they said did you talk about being appointed independent counsel. he said i don't know. he didn't know if he had those conversations.
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if i were to give those answers the congress and other networks would be saying i'm illusive. mueller was not very well versed on the outcome of this report. trish: he had a team stocked with hillary clinton supporters. if you are randomly selecting people and he said i didn't ask them about their affiliation. but he had a lot of democrats who worked for hillary clinton. >> and that animus came through. one of the members of congress asked him when did you find out that peter strzok hated donald trump? he said about the time the text messages were revealed. how is that possible? they supposedly ran counter
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investigation into collusion. he was asked about the beginning of this thing. how come you didn't prosecute that person? and congressman jim jordan went down a line of question where bob mueller didn't want to get involved in. saying why didn't you indict this person when every other person who lied to you was indicted. congressman matt gaetz said that precedes my time. but bob mueller didn't have answers to simple questions. i think what came out of this was the american people said this investigation is over. this is done. there is nothing there there to see. and it's time to put that behind us. trish: tell this to nancy pelosi. you heard from her and elijah
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cummings saying we are just getting started. >> that's the aoc plus 3 talk. there was a part of this conversation back and forth with the independent congressman from vermont and it took mr. mueller 45 seconds to come up with the word collusion which he couldn't come up with. if the democrats think they are going to hang their hats based on the findings in the mueller investigation they are sadly mistaken. not on do they know they don't have the votes in the senate to do that. and it will insure that the democrats lose the house in the 2020 elect. trish: i think you are right. they sent them there to do something and they are not doing anything. remember when hillary clinton wiped her private server than joked about it. >> did you wipe the server? >> like with a cloth or
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something? >> i don't know. you know how it work digitally. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. trish: sitting next to mueller defended the aide who set up hillary clinton's private server and smashed some of her mobile devices with a hammer. far left congresswoman loves to aaccuse our president of racism. >> the inherent racism and how much he always takes an opportunity to others to vilify them. trish: in newly discovered video. the far-left congresswoman, she says our country should be fearful of white men. it sound racist against white
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i shall * fireworks in dc with the left and right viciously on the attack on whether the trump
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campaign conspired with the russians. joining me right now to reflect on it, fox news senior strategic analyst retired four-tar general, jack keane. my thesis which i outlined in the beginning of the show is vladimir putin wants this. he's delighted by this. i think this is a president who is not easily distracted by all this stuff and he's able to do a heck of a lot on the interest thanksal and economic front. but that said, we have a congress who can't do anything. they can't come up with any policy and get it through because they are freaked out by this and this is consuming them and the left is with divided as a nation. if you were vladimir putin wouldn't you want us in that
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spot? >> he succeed beyond any expectation he may have had. he has been undermining western democracies. he's trying to get people to lose confidence in it. he resents the united states global hegemon we have had for a number of years. for a modest effort, even thought it was systematic he was able to achieve just that. we have had half a dozen special investigations. we had a special investigation that hung over the presidency for 2 1/2 years. he has managed to increase the political partisanship that existed in the american democracy. that's why he came again in 2018 and did not succeed. but our defenses are so much better now give what we
8:19 pm
experienced in 2016. trish: this world order you are talking about that he would like to see realigned, how much is he trying to cozy up to china in your view so it would be china and russia and iran and any other bad actor you can come up with thrown in there against the u.s.? >> there is something to what you are saying. for a number of years, they always had a relationship of convenience so to speak because clearly they have a common adversary. and that's the united states and secondarily the west. but what has been happening is significant. they are moving closer together in terms of military exercises and moving together dip make theally and politically. they have seen each other 30 times. that's quite remarkable. over the last 5 or 6 years.
8:20 pm
that is as concern to anybody who looks at china and russia in terms of what their strategic objectives are. trish: when you think about china, 1.4 billion people, a massive economy and population and goals that are quite explicit that they want to be the dominant player in the world, how should we be thinking about that? does china need to go the way of the soviet union? does china need to be broken up and become less powerful? >> i think the fact that they are working together we have to look at it coldly for that reason. this administration has seen the strategic framework and described it accurately. a competition with the united states against russia and china. a long-term strategic threat. a much nearer threat with russia
8:21 pm
with you continues ambitions. it makes our task much more necessary and also moyer challenge -- also more challenging. trish: a crazy video of a man caught riding this scooter on a busy texas highway. >> bro, what are you doing? coming up, you won't believe the detailed. we'll discuss it in our lightning round. it turns out that attorney sitting next to mueller today, he testified the liberal aide who set up hillary clinton's private email server. more on the mueller team's liberal bias coming up after this. beep goes off ]
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trish: robert mueller's team was riddled with conflicts of interest. >> you and james comey have been good friends for many years, correct? >> we were friends. >> doj official bruce ohr whose wife worked on fusion gps top investigator and lover. another top fbi official constantly texted about how much they hated trump and wanted to stop him from being elected. >> our side will not be directing questions to mr. zebley. we have concerns about his prior representation of the hillary clinton campaign aide. trish: former federal prosecutor doug burns and john, does nobody
8:27 pm
care about the appearance of conflict of interest anymore? >> i think things have changed so much in washington. with director comey talking about the hillary clinton and how we have all this evidence but we are not going prosecute. i think it changed the tenor of things where people can work for whoever and it doesn't matter any more. trish: my dad was a lawyer, small town trial lawyer, and he was a big believer in the process, and everybody is entitled to a defense and innocents until proven guilty. he might stay as long as you are a good lawyer doing your job, your personal bias isn't going to creep in. but in washington, especially
8:28 pm
these days -- >> they said, you can't automatically say this person is actually biased. but fit appears there is a bias and there have been legitimate allegations that the investigation seemed fairly overtly political. i have to call it the way i sight. it's been a legitimate complaint starting with andrew weissmann all the way down the pecking order. they definitely had a biased which caused them to take prosecutorial steps, it's possible. but i am saying there are appearances of impropriety because of all these relationships. trish: right. >> peter strzok and lisa page.
8:29 pm
>> emails and texts that were blatantly anti-trump. trish: the man seated next to mueller today. why do you think he had him there. and him of all people who defended the aide to hillary clinton when he got rid of her server. wiped her server clean? >> i think they needed somebody there. when you look at what came out of the mueller hearings. the one morning had the most of to learn from the mueller hearings appeared to be bob mueller because he wasn't familiar with a lot of what was going on. trish: what was that about? >> clear bob mueller wasn't deeply involved in that. he's a deeply respected man and when it comes to this actual report, it's the persons on the committee that put it together, much of which had a lot of bias. i think the other gentleman is
8:30 pm
there to answer the real questions or at least let bob mueller know what's in the report that needs to be answered. trish: isn't that crazy? you are using him as a figurehead? he's a puppet on a string? does it look like he's in charge because he has a respected reputation? >> people throw around some different terms. i'm a trial lawyer. i have been watching witnesses for 34 years in court. sad to say, and i'm serious about the sad part. it came across very poorly today. he didn't seem to know the contents of his own report. he seemed confused and befuddled. trish: he didn't even know what fusion gps is. he didn't know who corey lewandowski is or was. the man running the campaign for donald trump at the time in
8:31 pm
question. it's like he's been living in a bubble and didn't watch any cable news for a year for read a paper. >> the democrats have a way of using people and not care about what they look like at the end of the day as long as they accomplish the mission they are expected to accomplish. it was not one of bob mueller's better days and i think he was used by the democrats. trish: it's a sad thing for our country that we are left in a position where people don't trust the foundations of our democrat sit and we are so -- our democracy. and we are so divided. good to see you, thank you so much. coming up, a man caught riding his scooter on the highway. >> on the highway?
8:32 pm
bro! what are you doing? bro! what are you doing? trish: coming up, you are not going to believe the detailed on this. this is newly discovered sound shows her telling everyone to be fearful of white men. white men. reverse racism. the sound is coming up next. >> the presidency, the inherent racism that's always been part of him. and how much he always takes the opportunity to others to vilify them. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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trish: the president's feud with the squad only escalates. first ilhan omar in 2018.
8:37 pm
>> our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually crossing most of of the deaths within this country. we should be profiling, monitoring and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men. trish: can you imagine if somebody said that about a black man? can you imagine and she is just allowed to say that? this rashida tlaib saying deport this blank after candidate trump proposed a ban on countries like syria and iran, countries that harbor terrorists and don't have any idea who is in them. it pokes a few holes in the
8:38 pm
squad's quote go back to where you came from comment. kayleigh, they are saying he's racist for saying go back to where you came from. look, if they were complaining about switzerland and you said go back to where you came from i guess it wouldn't be the same issue. but they are touchy and sensitive. but they get to say that about people that are caucasian. but other people can't suggest that maybe, you know, they think long and hard about the values that are considered american. if they don't like them, maybe relocate. >> that's right. the president said relocate if you don't like being here, and you can come back and show us how it's done when you fix all these countries that are a
8:39 pm
wreck. what was not taken out of context was the clip just played by ilhan omar that was despicable. but what was not taken out of context was ayanna pressley saying we don't need someone with black and brown faces. trish: doesn't it bother you that your party continues to define you just by that? >> that's not what they are doing. ayanna's community we have far too many people on the democrat side of the aisle who don't advocate for their own communities.
8:40 pm
democratic representatives have been in those seats not being voiced for the black community. trish: what about ilhan omar's comments? >> you have to plate first half of the clip. she is asking to defend al qaeda, and making a statistical point that you are more likely to be committed by a white man. trish: kayleigh, i will give you that on pressley because i think the democratic party and so many politicians that are out there professing to care about african-american community have done squat, honestly, zilch, to
8:41 pm
actually help those communities. the reason is none of them understand the economy, none of them understand capitalism. and you run the serious risk, robert of continuing those stupid dumb, socialist-style policies that left you suffering, the community suffering as a result. >> i was just at the president's rally last week and i talked to an amazing black supporter of the president who said he has done great things for this economy, he's delivering on his promises. she sees what the president has done for historic black employment. you want to talk about context, i'm happy to talk about contact with ilhan omar advocating for isis defenders to get light sentences and saying someone did
8:42 pm
something in response to 9/11. trish: robert, i'm with you in that your party has not done enough to help minorities or to help women or to help anyone really who need it. there is a sense we'll give you just enough. we'll give you just enough but we never give you have enough to really help to you help yourself or dream bigger. and you have government effectively supporting too many people in these communities without really giving them real support. >> on that point, there would be nothing better for minority communities than to have an equal bargaining partner on both sides of the aisle. i would love for republicans and democrats to compete to see who can do the best for the african-american community.
8:43 pm
that's what comments, send them back are so hurtful. why step on a hot-button issue like that. trish: i didn't like the tweets, but from a political standpoint it's playing well for him. any possible contender for 2020, the democratic party has become these four women. the squad. americans are not there. they are not where those women are. so it may work out well for him. thank you so much. coming up next. republican congressman biggs stopping mueller in his traction today. >> the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or
8:44 pm
coordinated with the russian government? >> that's accurate. >> when did you personally come to that conclusion? trish: congressman biggs is here. he's talking all about that moment next. my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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>> when did you reach the decision with regard to the president himself. i don't find anything here. there are various aspects that happened. but somewhere along the pike you come to the conclusion there is no there there for this defendant. >> i can't speak to that. >> you can't say when, fair enough. trish: joining us, arizona republican congressman andy biggs. welcome. well, that was quite a day. what's your thought on what roles mueller play or didn't play given he didn't know the answers to so many questions. didn't know basic things you would think you would know if you ran this investigation. >> i will tell you if i was on the other side wanting to impeach the president which many of my colleagues on the other side want to do, i would be down
8:49 pm
in the dump today. because i thought mueller didn't play very well. there is no reason in the world that he shouldn't know when they came to the conclusion that president trump was no longer the object or focus or target of a collusion charge. when you think about it, they quit -- they can't renew the fisa warrant for carter page, then he testified elsewhere that they had changed the direction and focus of their investigation. they changed the focus about that time. that means they started looking at obstruction of justice. they knew president trump did not commit collusion and they should have put that out to the american people before the 2018 elect. trish: was it political? >> yes, i believe so. trish: what's bizarre to me, if
8:50 pm
you know there was no collusion, why would you ever continue? it sort of feels like -- and i'm not even the right legal term. but you are trying to effectively frame someone or entrapment comes to mind. you are sort of setting someone up. then they are trying to defend themselves saying yeah, yeah yeah. and you keep searching. it creates. zwhrient waste of intellectual capital on behalf of many people. but it sounds like they wanted to take president trump down. this was the way to do it. and robert mueller was effectively the rubber stamp until they didn't get anything? >> the way i look at it. everybody on the team was a democrat. many of them have conflicts.
8:51 pm
including the gentleman sitting next to him today, mr. zebley. he was the attorney for coopers, the guy who set up hillary clinton's private email server then destroyed the evidence. this gentleman represented him and he was on the mueller team. i look at it quite simply, they wanted to take down this president. he set it up to do so, and the term you were looking for, they placed president trump in jeopardy deliberately. they -- there was no collusion, no conspiracy, right? if you don't have conspiracy, the investigation should have been over. they instead decide to say, well, let's see what we can get on this guy, president trump. in so doing they actually went after manafort. they didn't get manafort on thinking related to collusion.
8:52 pm
they got him on a tax beef. and flynn for not telling the truth. jim jordan brought up three times the guy who actually started this and there was no prosecution or referral from the mueller team. that to me shows this incredible bias that existed in that team. trish: congressman. impressive job from you. i wish mueller had been a bit more articulate. it would have given me perhaps a little bit more faith in the system. but that has indeed been challenged which i get right back to vladimir putin has what he wants in terms of americans feeling very insecure about our democracy right now. a lot more coming up, including a story about the man riding on his rental scooter. what was he thinking?
8:53 pm
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trish: welcome back. time for our lightning round our fun stories of the day, stephanie hammel is back. >> thank you. trish: facebook in trouble, paying 5 billion find over privacy concerns, what is going on. >> you may remember cambridge analytica stand call -- scandal,
8:57 pm
tens of millions of americans information leaked, then facebook decided to not let them know it was leaked. facebook can handle it, they made about 22 billion last year. trish: yeah, that is kind of scary, facebook in general is kind of scary, there is concern about monopoly, and antitrust. i think that administration is doing a smart thing investigating that. there a new book, on facebook, really suggests it is a threat, if you would to our democracy because it really stifles the ability to have different now thoughts. i digress. big story, to get to, whether or not it is okay to use emojis at work, this is suddenly up for
8:58 pm
debate. i'll weigh in say, i love emojis i'm never going to stop using them. all my team members get a lot are emojis from he, d me, do yoe them, it he may be unprofession. >> i am guilty of using emojis, i thought i was maybe the only one or over using them, but people surveyed say the that 80% say the that increased your likability if you use them at work, and 60% said it made you seem more credible. people ask me, i say, i speak english, spanish and emoji, i do. trish: the problem with e-mail or text, they get lost in translation, i may say something, thinking i am funny, someone they get that, not think that was funny, but the smiley
8:59 pm
face breaks the ice then variety of smiley faces. crazy video of a guy riding an electric scooter on a texas interstate. >> it happened in dallas during rush hour. he was weaving the scooter through traffic, it was caught on dashcams this is dangerous expilling well. so, governor abbott chimed in on twitter said, i am not for big government but i will probably have to step in, the guy looked like he was on a suicide mission. as someone that uses a scooter to get to work, i am not weaving in and out of traffic. trish: you do? >> no one believes it, they think i am a diva. i use the electric scooters, i put my back pa pan-pac on of --
9:00 pm
backpack on. trish: stephanie thank you, we have another big show tomorrow, good night, kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you trish. democrats had nothing, now they have less than nothing, that say direct quote from the president after today's hot leeanne it is pay thed -- anticipated robert mueller hearing, about as exciting as a room temperature cream of wheat. after months of doing his best to avoid the circus. first democrat thought they had president right where they wanted him. >> director mueller, president has claimed your report found there was no obstruction and it exonerated him. that is not what your report said, is it? >> correct it not what


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