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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 24, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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spicer, brit mchenry, peter suderman. i will be on tomorrow. love you good night. lou: good evening capitol hill was to be a political battle groibattleground today, pittingd who lead witch-hunt again the president who worked tire leasel leslie to make -- tirelessly to make america great. it was no contest. the party of hate could only watch as former special counsel robert mueller came undone. just like his almost two year long investigation, that ended with president's vindication. despite the dimms hate the trump economy is great. the economy roars, market to bees to soar.
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nasdaq -- market continues to soar, nasdaq closing in record territory for 118 time, s&p 500 hitting a record close for 101 time since election day, 2016, been almost two decades since americans fell this good about the economy. on capitol hill, robert mueller, times was confused often bewildered, he ignored questions on steele dossier claimed he knew nothing on gps, we turn to catherine herridge in washington. reporter: 5 hour hearing was dramatic, and at times unpredict able. there was something in it for president's supporters and his critics. democratic chairman of house judiciary committee, pinned down former special count robert mueller on president trump's claims. >> did you actually totally exonerate the president. >> no.
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reporter: mueller testified he could not consider charging the president because of a longstanding justice department legal opinion that launched dime of diamond indictment of a sittg president. >> we apologize -- we'll return to catherine's respect whether e get it fixed. >> president trump was talking to reporters at the white house, president calling the hearings, a disgrace. and a devastating day for the radical dimms. >> there was no defense, to this ridiculous hoax. this witch-hunt, that has been going on for a long time, it is a disgrace what happened. but i think today proved a lot to everyone. this has been a very bad thing for our country. and despite everything we have done through, it has been an
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incredible two and a half years. lou: it has been. in this two and a half years president managed to build an unprecedented list of accomplishments creating almost 4 million jobs, cutting regulations and driving small businesses and boosting stock market to record levels, our economy grow 3.1% in latest mess messure, and a new trade deal with mexico, canada, standing up on china's theft of american technology, and turning the world to the concept of balanced international trade. confirming two supreme court justices, pressures mexico to crackdown on illegal immigration and the debtly drug cartels -- deadly drug cartels. the list goes on. joining us former reagan white house political director fox business political analyst, ed rollins. i have to say, i don't know what
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you expected but i never expected to see such a bumbling, bewildered former special counsel before the house committee today. >> first of all, i said last night, mueller, in his career has been before congress 88 times, they kept saying, if you don't want to read the book, go see the movie, this movie got a half star. lou: one of the silliest talking points. >> it was a flop, nothing new was this that. mueller was not in charge of this, he did not put it together, the staff that we talked about being democrat leaning, he must have been ceremonial, he did not have as much knowledge as we have of that document. lou: he didn't remember who the
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first president who appointed him. >> that like who married you. he stumbled on that. lou: this nonsense, this game, by the way they had among hearing -- mock hearin hearing yesterday, radical dimms on judiciary committee, still looks liklike a -- mock performance. nadler, did you exonerate in no i did not. listen to congressman john radcliffe, as he addressed this issue. >> which doj policy or principle sets forth a legal standard an investigated person not exonerated if they are not conclusively determined? can you give me an example other than donald trump.
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-- i cannot. but this is unique. >> you can't -- time is short. let's leave it. i'll tell you why, it does not exist. lou: it does not exist. a presumption of innocence is the foundin foundation of anglon law and defiled in this committee of radica radical dim. >> not only was mueller weak, but democrats, they practiced this thing, this was a kick oucf for their impeachment, nadler is not prepared to run this committee, the. the members therefore committee are not ready for a full impeachment, they should just wave the white flag, no mas. lou: he tried to put a good face on it, be clear, in my opinion,
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evens talk of prim impeachment l only further demonstrate number for democrats in 2020 elect. >> no question, the country saw their prime witness today. the guy who was going to carry the ball across the feel, it deflated when he first touched it time to get on with it. lou: they don't care about the country. >> we care. i -- lou: you talking about radical dimms, they hate this country. >> the more they try to run with this ball work that team they have and more exposure to american public, better for us and the president, this was a big day for the president, he got exonerated, totaly, i think. not that he needed it but you saw all evidence, it was not articulate or real evidence, and at end of the day you see nothing but partisanship.
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lou: two people that i reveled watching today, adam schiff and gerald nadler, exposed for the fools they have behaved as and working against this president and this country, relentlessly. the fbi -- it is -- we need to point this out. at every turn when we des discuss this story. >> only people found to be guilty and requiring accounting, have been the investigators, that department of justice, the fbi, the prosecutors, they are the guilty people in this, remember that it was almost 11 months investigation by the fbi. including his time as president at candidate -, presidential candidate, almost two years, and what happened, want to of the justice department and fbi been torn to pieces, yesterday we
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don't have a prosecution, and we still don't have that inspector general report. >> i have worked for three dvd different presidents, two different white house only donald trump, could have moved the ball forward as he have. lou: he has been winning and winning. >> a great tr tribute to him, at the end of the day it is time to move on. lou: yeah. we'll be lucky to have him. you know, idea of he -- at-this-point, i just can't imagine the democrats showing their faces, but despite the mueller report, and mueller appearance, you know that there is so much ignorance amongst those radical dimms there is no limit to their shameless potential. >> they are not an a-team.
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they will embarrass themselves. lou: president has handled it so well. pushing it aside, ed rollins thank you. >> thank you,. lou: up next, robert mueller's testimony. today, shocking the left wing national media. >> not defending his own integrity. >> he seems different here, unsure of himself. >> from democratic perspective to me so far, been a bust. >> kind of sucked the life out of the report. >> he was boring. >> he seemed lost at times. >> there are also times it seemed he was infamiliar with parts of the investigation. lou -- amazing to see cnn lineup 9 people to talk about what was
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to be a hist coul historic perf. i guess, surprised them. they seem to stay surprised. those are the same people who pusht dimms phony russia collusion narrative for years, we take that up with an all-star lineup tonight. all coming up here tonight. and we have a lot to talk about. after these quick messages, please stay with us. doctor bob, what should i take for back pain? before you take anything, i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu.
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lou: new numbers tonight showyoe beginning to catch on to the bias of the robert poe mueller witchhunt. they cannot even convince the democrats the radical dems of what they are trying to pull off, according to a new political counsel poll, 42% of democrats a mueller probe was handled unfairly. that is 15% from when the report was first released. they cannot even persuade their own party other nonsense.
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our next guest says his testimony was a total train wreck. joining us tonight vice president and republican national lawyers association and rnc committee woman for california. at 2020 by three counsel and that is a sample of the honorifics that she carries with her. it is great to have you here.. lou: i knew he did not write the report but i had no idea he didn't read the report. it was a stunning disasters performance by a man who has been trying either in concert or coincidentally with the radical dems to the president of the united states. >> before the break yet a montage of different level commentators talking about. they were actually soft peddling
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what a disaster this was. not only -- they said we did not learn anything new, we did, we learned that robert mueller had very little involvement apparently in the entire investigation and he was just a figurehead on top of it. it was a bruising, and painful to watch. the worst combination of defensiveness, evasiveness and familiar. it was very difficult to watch out. at the end of the day, what republicans have been saying all along is still true. no structur obstruction, no coln time for democrats to move on. one of the big winners, maybe nancy pelosi believe it or not. she has been against this whole impeachment thing and now i think she'll be able to tell her members that they need to focus on their agenda and of course republicans need to focus on ours as well. we need to solve infrastructure, healthcare, immigration and so many other things in this country. lou: i don't think a candy rock
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mountain is in our future in this country because we have serious battles to resolve. this is now, i struggle for the nation. we were president who is achieved historic status with his achievements, we have a democratic party that is become the party of hate, accusing him of being a racist because he objects to four socialist freshman congressman who attack the nation, its values and his traditions. and ignorant and countless national media that is complicit with the radical dems. >> we have come a long place in this country where we have this kind of division. it's really unfortunate but i think god every day that we have a united party which is supporting the president. i'd them to see more action from congress and move some of our
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policy agenda forward, but american people, these polls are showing 0% of them think that russia is a factor that they want to hear about in the upcoming election. they want to hear about making this country even better.. lou: if they were genuine, concern about electoral integrity, the democratic party would be at the forefront of efforts led by the republicans to assure that citizens are registered to vote and that all citizens will be permitted to vote. but they're working in precisely the opposite direction as you well know. this is a party of hate and expressed in so many ways, whether dismissing our borders or dismissing immigration laws, whether it's dismissing the integrity of our electoral system. and then these alligator tariffs
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form on their cheeks when talking about russian meddling or intervention in our election. it is all pure bull. >> you left off your list political violence on the street 74. which is inspired by aoc and her cohorts. i am very worried about the upcoming election and the absolute lies from the democrats. whereas divided as ever but i think the majority of americans will continue to support what the president is offering, the economic numbers are amazing as you pointed out and people are beginning to see some of the effects of illegal immigration and other issues. even some of the democrats are going to cross over. we just have to keep at it, we can't be deterred by the sideshow in nonsense. one thing that happened today, people are at awake tonight
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because impeachment died today and that's a great news for america. time to move forward. lou: it is on one hand great news. but when you hear al green talk about pursuing it, i am torn on this issue. i believe this is a fight that we are having. the ignorance of the democratic party and its leadership is so profound and pervasive within the party, not just the leadership. then i think the american people right now are learning a great deal about what was once the loyal opposition in this count country, it is absolutely not that. it is a party that is committed to hate and hateful acts, whether it be the violence of nt for or the efforts to overthrow our president to block an insurance policy candidate for president and the president of the united states, they did it
10:22 pm
with impunity and up into this point they've done it without consequent sprayed. >> i agree with you. they've expose themselves. the republican enemy and the political strategist says today's debacle was provided for the campaign for the advertising and upcoming campaign. but the patriot and me says it is time to return where we are working together and moving past this. i think you will see electoral consequences from the sideshow. even as a partisan watching today's questioning and seen some of the democrats stubble over the questions and knocking answers that they wanted, they over themselves and that the president superpower. he's been able to make them look foolish themselves. i hope that'll play out in the election. lou: this is a time of patriot
10:23 pm
and partisan lineup very well for the republicans prayed i appreciate it. i admire your outlook in all of this. for optimism encourage. thank you so much. up next, robert mueller taken to task by republicans on capitol hill. and by the way, clearly abandon democrats on capitol hill. what is going on at our southern border. take a look at the numbers, they don't always line up with the don't always line up with the narrativ all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients
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>> does the attorney general have the power for authority to exonerate? what i'm putting up his united states where the attorney general gets his power in the constitution and the imitated cases of these which we have searched, we would even went to your loss go.
10:28 pm
i thought your law school teaches the differently and we got the criminal law test book from your law school. mr. mueller nowhere in this, is there a process or description on exonerate, there is no office of the attorney general office, no certificate, would you agree with me that the attorney general does not have the power to exonerate? >> i will pass on that. >> why? this is the headline on all of the news channels they were testifying today. mueller, trump was not exonerated. stir mueller what you know is this cannot say mueller exonerated from. because you don't have the power to exonerate trump. lou: michael turner, schooling robert mueller on his legal power to exonerate which he did not possess and does not, there is no such authority within federal law. turner told mott under mueller
10:29 pm
that he looked through several law books including a tes textbk from his law school and none had any mention of the power to exonerate. which was well worth the lesson. the acting director of citizenship and services for dhs as border apprehensions will drop from 95,280,000 he says because mexico's assistance and are border, they are not mentioning the fact that 80000 arrest in july is still more than twice the number are your go for the month. last july there were only 31000 illegal immigrants apprehended at the border. a little early for anyone to be talking about declaring victory. joining us tonight, sidney powell former federal prosecutor, author attorney for former national security
10:30 pm
advisor. great to have you here. >> my pleasure. lou: that was an extremely performance by both the radical dems who had had a mock rehearsal and away in which they immerse themselves, the party, the nation and how they represent. it was awful. >> it was appalling from every perspective on every level. it was in a basement for mr. miller personally who allowed his credibility and integrity to be put behind us. lou: he loved the investigation. >> he was guilty of fraud. unfortunately he has to take responsibility for the fraud that he perpetrated with the witchhunt. we now know we know there was no collusion and no conspiracy with the russians and of the
10:31 pm
democratic party to steal the 2018th midterm election. there is no other way to look at it than that. >> i think he had to know it before he started the investigation -- because his lead lieutenant was running that channel on fabricating the field dossier into the hands of the fbi. lou: re-taken off when he said he had no contacts or gps are so much, that he obvious he did not possess or certainly did not want to acknowledge that he possessed and he would've expected would've been top-of-the-line for special counsel. >> particularly where it may well been russian disinformation that wanda in the field dossier into the bid within his purview which of course he used every opportunity to refrain from answering questions.
10:32 pm
lou: it's a hell of a no when a former operative permits himself to be a victim of a misinformation campaign by the russians. one would expect more talent and more sophistication than that. i think it is what it appears to be. and that is a straightforward effort. to tear up the president of the united states. >> and part of the insurance policy that they talked about. lou: where do we go from here? >> attorney general barr has their work cut out for them to restore any faith in the justice system at all in this country and to restore the rule of law they had to be serious criminal ratification of the people who lied on the abuse panel. lou: even those people -- >> who was subject to criminal referral for flat out lying
10:33 pm
under oath according to the expected general, nothing happened there yet and he still running around. the standard is appalling. >> james kony is at large, he is looking much like a russian misinformation as he could possibly. and he is a lot yet to explain and hold accountable those who perpetrated on this terrible insult on the nation. >> mr. barr hercules to clean out in these carry the weight of the world on his shoulders rig right. the future of the republic depends on the restoring of the rule of law.. lou: it does indeed and i'm persuaded that he is the right one. >> i really like him too. lou: great to see you. we would like to hear your thoughts on all this, share your comments and follow me on twitter at lou dobbs.
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up next, president trump says bullish performance damages the dems chances in 2020. >> the democrats had nothing and now they have less than nothing. and i think they will lose the 2020 election, very big including congressional seats because of the past that they have shown. lou: they are the republicans about 40 seats that they stole ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> when you talk about the firm that produced the steel reporting, the name of the fil m the produce that was fusion gps. >> i'm not familiar with that. >> it is not a trick question. it was fusion gps. >> a stunning moment from former special counsel claims he was not familiar with the firm behind the steel dossier, fusion gps which leads to more questions to what exactly in his own report mueller was familiar with. joining us forward deputy existent for the criminal division of the justice department. former u.s. attorney from the district of columbia, founding partners of intensity law firm and it's great to have you both here.
10:39 pm
a moment that we have been waiting for. this turned out to be -- i personally as a say here tonight, i knew he did not author the report but i did think he at least would've read it. your thoughts? >> it's a great line. it was involved mueller's purview, i love that word. it was in his realm to investigate the trump tower meeting where there was a russian lawyer about to give information about dirt on hillary which she never ever gave and yet it was not in his purview to investigate that russian lawyer met with fusion gps, where he had never heard of
10:40 pm
the night before the meeting at trump tower and the night after. oh my, not in his purview. lou: not in his purview. and he led an investigation of the president whose purpose was specifically to overthrow this presidents administration to remove him from office, as you watched him stumble and stammer the bewildered looks on his face, if you did not take into account the harm he had done the nation, the fact that he was a tool of the radical dems, the democratic party and hate for two years and continuing with their assault on this president, you could feel sympathy for him but what, what evil he has done over the course of two years.
10:41 pm
>> this was an ignominious finale. and i'm happy for the country that they got to see someone totally incompetent, unaware, and completely unable to respond to legitimate questions from republicans and democrats. what is true today is what we've said all along. this was the wiseman investigation he ran this from the beginning and when you see bubbler and that display you know what happened, he did it often he made sure he made sure that robert stone was invested in the middle of the night with swat teams. in paul manafort was put in solitary confinement in an outrageous display across into goodness. while mueller select through this event are beginning to end.
10:42 pm
and today his ignominious finale shows in the sweep at the hearing. lou: i don't think we should leave out nancy pelosi, i don't think we should leave out chuck schumer. and the democratic party in the democratic national committee that work together and obvious tandem to conceal an election. and the special counsel, new well that there had not been a conspiracy collision with the russians and yet persisted in restraining themselves from revealing the information to the american people which played a significant role, i believe firmly in 2018. >> you left out one group. the main stream media, none of this could've been done without the cooperation of new york times, the washington post and all of the mainstream media
10:43 pm
television networks that colluded with the democrats to get this message across. i want to say one other thing about bullish testimony. he was capable of lying. he is very capable of doing that, he forgot some things that he liked, when he in fact, why did he not subpoena the president to interview him, he said were talking and we don't want the visitation -- he did not have the legal standard to subpoena the president, there has to be a criminal trial and the evidence needed when there is this criminal trial and it has to be material to the issues of the criminal trial. that is a circuit court standard from getting information from the white house. lou: i struggled on the word vindicated when the mueller report came out. it was clear vindication of the president. it was in two parts. in the second part, to this day i do not understand why william
10:44 pm
barr, the attorney general permitted out. because it's in a relevancy and nasty irrelevancy. why would you think that william barr permitted that to come out? >> he did not have any choice. he said during his testimony he was going to do everything that he could to release everything the law permitted. he was bound by that. in the long run, it shows how corrupt the mueller investigation was because when you report to of that report, you see that it was made out of whole cloth. it's on incompetently written, biased and vindictive i'm glad it was published. it shows the bumbler did not know anything about it, he adopted it, he corruptly politically adopted it and when push came to chubb under chubb he cannot even defend it. >> and violates all the roles of
10:45 pm
the justice department and prosecutors across the country. >> he did not talk about the person they did not indict and say what the accusations. >> it shows how sneaky mueller and his team are. lou: i cannot have two lawyers, your talent and distinction without asking you this. exoneration, the idea that he would sit there today, not to simply within the report and his letters to the attorney general. and talk about turning the perception of innocence aside and asserting this idea that he did not exonerate the president. who asked him to and why in the world did this become such a loaded and expose of term when it's irrelevant.
10:46 pm
>> this entire process from the law on its head just to get one man and overturn an election. they were willing to throw away due process, the presumption of innocent and create a new standard under the constitution. they could not exonerate him. this was the culmination of the full plot to ruin this presidency and it showed how vindictive they all were and abusive. >> you have to admit there is nothing to show collusion or conspiracy with the russians between the trump campaign and the russians. it was not for lack of trying because paul manafort enters solitary confinement and brought him out nine times, nine times and said are you ready to tell us that the president knew about the trump tower meeting prior to the meeting which would not have been a crime but they were going to make it one. they try to get people to give false information about the
10:47 pm
president so they can bring the collision charge. lou: let me conclude with the last two or three of our discussions, we are approaching august and still no inspector general report. i am beginning to believe in almost nothing that emanates from the inspector general's office, this is pathetic, the time that it has taken, it's not the most complex cases that i can imagine in the world. what in the world is a problem with the inspector general and getting the report. >> here is what is happening. lou: don't tell me too forget the ig, we been talking about that for a year. >> here is what is happening, as a result of the appointment of durham, people are flocking back to horowitz to correct their testimony and to let him know that they remember new things, they found out stuff that they did not know about, people are worried and they should be
10:48 pm
because it's now beginning to become clear that durham is moving forward with speed and people are going to horowitz and asking to be reinterviewed. this includes fbi officials and others and as a result of that, i am delighted he is delayed. >> you will see a western agent not a russian agent. >> it will make him look even worse when he gets to have a say. he is already been interviewed by both horowitz and durham. >> trust the slew. lou: oh, i trust you. i have to tell you, i am very tired of the department of justice that doesn't move with alacrity in the interest of justice. >> that's perfectly okay. lou: do you think that justice can hold up to my criticism? >> absolutely.
10:49 pm
lou: we appreciate you both so much. up next, robert mueller dodging questions nearly 200 times today. >> i'm not going into that, i'm not one to talk about that, i'm not going to speak to that, i'm not going to discuss that, i'm not going to speak to that, i have no idea, i am annoyed you, and equity into the question, again i refer you to the report. lou: we will have much more on his testimony, his performance and the consequent this right after this quick break. stay with -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone.
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lou: charlie hurt, "washington times" opinion editor, fox business contributor. great to have you here. kid you think for a moment you would see what you saw in that house judiciary committee hearing? >> it was truly astonishing. i felt sorry for bob mueller because he was so unprepared. it was almost like he hadn't read the report that bore his name. but i was so glad you ran that mashup of all the times bob mueller refused to answer questions. that's the the same version of
10:54 pm
pleading the fifth. can you imagine his investigators letting witnesses in this case refuse to answer questions like that? it does raise an important question. i love to tear into members of congress. but they were at least elected to something. the idea that bob mueller is going to sit there and tell them to screw off and refuse to antsy of their questions tells us how much bob mueller feels like he's above answering questions to the people who are most of closely elected to the people. lou: to see there at all he should not have been under the terms of the justice department guidelines and the special counsel guidelines. the man himself said he would let that report be his testimony. that isn't what happened.
10:55 pm
charlie -- >> but politically speaking, it's great. i think it's terrific. democrats made absolute asses of themselves. i hate to look at it like this because there are important issues at play. but politically speaking it was great for the president but bad for the democrats. lou: we are coming right back and we'll understand better with his help what he means by making his help what he means by making asss of themselves. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's
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maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. lou: the radical dimms and the left-wing media have proven to be outright liars. >> i think the impeachment fever is over, but that won't stop these people from moving forward with it. i think jerry nadler will find himself attacked from the left and challenged because it's not going hard enough on impeachment. lou: the president is still winning. we thank you for being with us tonight. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it.
11:00 pm
we'll be here tomorrow night. along our guests will be christian whiton and congressman matt gaetz. good night. president trump: this has been a very bad thing for our country. and everybody night was a hoax. especially the democrats. trish: president trump blasting the witch hunt and rightfully so. despite the five-hour spectacle, we have no idea what prompted the investigation to begin with. >> the president was falsely accused of conspiracy. maybe a better course of action is to find out how the false accusation started. that's exactly what bill barr is doing. trish:


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