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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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feedback against the pc shaming than there is in favor of it. you hear more at first about it. then you have the feedback from the people opposed to it. liz: democrats waking up to the fact that their plan of running out the clock, little mueller do their job of running in 2020 has failed. the clock is ticking fast and the democrats scrambling. the only way to stop trump is to not to him out of office, but beat him on policy. what trump has accomplished so far and what democrats have to show for themselves. the bitter enders of the democrat parting calling for an impeachment probe.
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a whopping tax increase. it will hit you hard. this flew under the radar because of mueller. families should pay attention to this. the new battle over drug prices. who is going to win? trump or pelosi. we'll show you how cnn critics say change in the rule for next week's democrat debates and how that rule changing rescue the 2020 democrats before they walk into their own trap. remember george hw bush's read my lips, no now taxes? you will never believe who in the media is seeing how they got caught up in the mueller ratings bubble. they admit they were wrong and should have listened to the
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republicans. the way the media missed the 2016 election. johnson wiped out theresa may's loyalists. he's saying the e.u. will leave -- the u.k. will leave the e.u. why boris' victory is a wake-up call being heard by voters around the world. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. breaking news. look at this happening right now. spacex launching its falcon 9 rocket carrying a dragon cargo
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ship heading toward the international space station. it was called off last night due to thunderstorms and heavy clouds near the launch pad. this is spacex's 18th car go run to the space station. it will supply the ship. this is spacex's third feat. spacex is in a fast and furious race with china. china as an i space. china put up its first satellite into orbit. elon musk and jeff bay dose in the private aerospace market duke it out with china. let's get to the blockbuster democrats answering the wake-up call on what's going on in d.c.
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there are major developments out of washington. we have all the angles covered for you. chad pergram is in the capitol and edward lawrence has more. reporter: within the last hour 15 minutes the house passed the debt ceiling and budget package. right before that vote president trump touting the economy and an america's workers event. listen. president trump: from other presidents and prime ministers and kings and queens. they all say they want to come back to the united states. we are the hottest economy in the world pant hottest place in the world. reporter: he says he has commitments for up to 12 million workers to get retrained. president trump urged republicans to get on board saying house republicans should
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support the budget agreement which greatly helps our military and our vets. i am totally with you. >> our fundamental principle is to make sure we have a fiscal house in order. we understand we live in a house that has to find compromise. this is not the bill we would like to, we are not in the majority. reporter: now the bill goes over to the senate. already democrats in the senate concerned about the level of spending. >> i'm concerned about the level of irresponsibility in this on top of a $2ville tax cut that mostly went to folks at the top, unpaid for raises concerns to knee. reporter: the military budget jumps by $22 billion.
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there is a spending increase for $27 billion for a non-military program. the debt ceiling will be suspended until july 31, 2021. liz: the divided democrat party fighting over whether to move on impeaching president trump. the clock is ticking to the august recess. the democrat policy not showing a lot of wins there. mitch mcconnell blocking the democrats. you don't do impeachment in september ever. you have to get it done by then, and you don't do it in an election year. reporter: there are a lot of people on capitol hill who think the big winner yesterday was nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house. she has always been cagey about impeachment, but it's clear she does not have the votes.
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she never wanted to go down that route anyway. but to her it's about the math. she is not going to start impeachment if the math doesn't get there. there was not -- not a cavalcae of democrats who called for impeachment after the hearing yesterday. you are the only one we can tell who came out in favor after the hearing concluded yesterday. >> i think there were a lot of people on the island before i made my announcement yesterday. reporter: kevin mccarthy the house minority leader says it's over. it's time to put this to bed. this should be the final chapter. >> why would you bring up impeachment after yesterday's hearing? that should be put to bed. that is over. we watched it, we heard it, we
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read it. what more can they make up? reporter: members of congress will go to town hall meetings and coffee shops over the august recess. i talked to the house majority leaders office. the house was scheduled to be in session tomorrow. they are not going to have business tomorrow. that means the august recess is beginning early. 27 days until september 9. that's when democrats will be processing what to do on impeachment. unless that meter moves, they won't do that. they won't hear that from their constituents at home. liz: kitchen table pieces. here is what is going on. look at this number. both chambers working fewer days in 2019 versus what they were doing in 2018. the senate, 168 days of work.
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the house, 130 days. this as democrats still pushing to take their fight into the court to go after trump. nancy pelosi says move on. >> if we have a case for impeachment that's the mace we'll have to go. the fact why i would like it to be a strong case, but the stronger our case is, the worse the senate will look for just letting the president off the hook. liz: congressman, get to see you, sir. any kitchen table laws going to get enacted in the house? >> the house is a divided place right now. the democrats and the republicans are divided. i don't see kitchen table issues being passed in the house anytime soon. they are talking a lot about
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immigration. we'll wait for more appropriations bills to see what happens. >> we appreciate you coming on. the democrats' biggest impeachment supporters al green doubts it about impeachment. he said i think there were some persons hoping for a wild gotcha moment. didn't happen. 90 house members want impeachment. how can the democrats go back to their home districts during august recess and celebrate anything in. >> they can't celebrate the hearings yesterday, because they didn't get a big smoking dunn out of those hearing -- a smoking gun out of those hearings. the pest they can do is find issues to beat up the administration on. when an economy is roaring like this economy is, it will be hard to cite see you this president.
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liz: adam schiff went on television 400 times to talk about collusion. ebb he now has this doubts. >> i would be delighted if we had a prospect of removing him through impeachment, but we don't. liz: your reaction to that? >> i think he's right. he read the report and listened to the testimony. it's clear the democrats cannot go down the impeachment path for the russian collusion or impeachment at this point. liz: where do we go in september? >> i hope we solve problems. we have to deal with other issue that the american people are demanding attention and pass a spending bill so we don't shut down the government. that's all on the house democrat leadership to get things done with support from their side. >> let's look at the next big
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shoe to drop. let's bring in doug burns on that. it's the justice department i.g. probe. >> the i.g. report that's going to come out, that will address the fisa situation. then you have john durham who was appointed to look to insert issues. and lastly there were criminal referrals out of congress. the irony is i am not necessarily a huge proponents of criminalizing politics in either direction. there is an argument, let's fold it up and go home and call it a day. but there are legitimate issues about how that probe started. and my sense is the american public hike a jury senses that and they are concerned about the way it started. liz: this is about precedent. you don't want to turn into a government where you use your
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surveillance ability of counter-intelligence to go after an opposing campaign. the i.g. can recommend prosecution and so can the grand jury. what are the criminal referrals that you heard about. >> i saw one congressman on television object a segment saying we made a number of reals to the department of justice coming out of the mueller probe. just guessing -- obviously it has to deal with such thing as how they presented the material to the fisa court. the bias. and then as you heard, jim jordan extremelyup set about a witness who lied multiple times and they never charged him with a crime. liz: we have adam schiff saying the i.g. probe is tainted. we have a serious debate on
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whether we should get rid of special counsels because they are outside of the constitution. elijah cummings wants to get the email records and private message record for ivanka trump and jared kushner. rashida tlaib said they don't have a right to privacy. >> there is anger in there about the hillary clinton thing. you see that. the other side is doing it. that's one point. then two, and i call it down the middle, pure harassment. the president, his family, private emails. the republicans are calling it a fishing expedition and how is that legitimate congressional oversight and what legislation does that relate to. liz: they are saying that's a federal records act. >> that's more more a
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prosecutor, not a legislator. liz: let's get a check of your money. reporter: it was a big day of tech earnings. alphabet, the parent of google, $14.21 were the earnings:per share. also, traffic acquisition costs lower than expected. analysts look at this. it's the payments google makes to companies like apple. 90% market share in the united states, that's what google has and that's setting the stage for this department of justice probe on anti-competitive practices and goggle likely to be a part of that. amazon, we saw earnings per share of $5.22. this came in lower than expected.
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the revenue, $53.4 billion. amazon says it was a prime day record. we'll see the results of that in the third quarter. liz: next you have. the 2020 democrat civil war is heating up. there is time to get meaningful legislation done. what you can expect next and also we'll talk about a potential whopping tax increase. later on in the show, cnn out with a new rule for their 2020 democrat debate. people are saying cnn, you are trying to rescue the democrats from themselves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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>> i think this is a self-imposed problem. nancy pelosi should have met with aoc as she is called months ago as her fame spread and she became a discord iant voice in e democratic party. nancy pelosi could have listed alexandria ocasio-cortez as an ally. she has an he morning was social d she as an enormous social media following. it's such a visible feud, i think nancy pelosi will have a hard time covering this one up. liz: it will take a lot of time, i think, to get aoc to agree
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with nancy pelosi's view. when you have someone is disrupting your caucus, you have coffee together and sit down. there are serious issues dividing democrats. it's not just cosmetic stuff. they have polar opposite opinions. >> now breaking news to your point, the democrats have yet to move on humanitarian aid for the border. they are sending out on the money going into regular order. they haven't pushed the money through yet. the money isn't even going to the border yet. they will go home and campaign on one accomplishment. the house is leaving early for august recess. >> to celebrate their productivity, i guess. i agree. the fact that they have ignored the border problem. pretended it was a made-up crisis by the trump
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administration when there were 100,000 people a month going crew our border illegally. this is an outrage. but as we saw in the last debate and i suspect this will come up again. the truth is the democrats are divide on how far they want to go. do they want to give all kind of benefits and have an open border? we have never seen those ideas before in the united states of america. even democrats historically have been in favor of closed and protected borders. this has gone beyond common sense. there are a lot of moderate democrats out there really troubled by what's going on. what's happening in the progressives are going to win a whole lot of votes in california, massachusetts and new york and they will leave those states behind what they need to win the oval office.
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liz: the other thing democrats are talking about now. watch this. they want to increase payroll taxes to nearly 15%. it will be an effective 15.8% that will hit individual, entrepreneurs and small businesses. we'll stay with that in the developments coming in. reports that disgraced millionaire jeffrey epstein on a suicide watch. he was found nearly unconscious on the floor of his cell. he showed signs of injuries around his neck. he was treated at a nearby hospital, returned to jail, officials now proving whether the injuries were caused by another inmate or self-inflicted by he sign to get transferred to
6:25 pm
another facility. president trump saying fuel standards should be governed by the federal government. the justice department now resuming a long dormant policy letting the federal government use the death penalty. government officials have scheduled executions of five inmates on federal death row. the last federal execution took place in 2003. in costa rica, officials say the death toll from tainted bootleg alcohol climbed to 20. they confiscated 30,000 bottles of liquor they say was tainted with methanol. a man trying to cross the
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english channel on a hoverboard. he didn't make it. he is the same guy who showed off his hoverboard at the bastille day. boris johnson says the u.k. will leave the e.u. in three months' time. why the 2020 democrats are about to be rescued from their self-imposed trap like george h.q. bush did when he said read my lips, no new taxes, and obama said you can keep your healthcare plan all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs.
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>> who can trust. liz: this fighting going on. that's u.k. prime minister boris johnson. let's listen. >> it's clearly on the side of democracy. we are the party of the many, they are the party of the few. we'll take this country forward. they, mr. speaker, will take it backward. there is common ground abundant a sill takes already available. liz: boris johnson cleared out theresa may's cabinet and put in his brexit royalists ready to leave the e.u.
6:32 pm
let's bring in bill mcgurn. that was rowdy. the advantage that he has web said i represent democracy. what he means is all the people who have been running the government and trying to get them out of the european union, none of them believed in that vote. they were all the other way. the british people finally have a prime minister who believe in what the british people voted for and he's going to act on it. he doesn't have a majority in parliament. but he put in people who are for brexit. and he also conditioned it on if we don't get the deal with the e.u., you have to agree to a no
6:33 pm
exit. liz: watch this. >> i apologize for interrupting the president. there is far too much noise in this chamber. and far too many members who think it's all right to shout out their opinions at the prime minister. but the statement will be heard. and it will be heard with courtesy. liz: do you think we need that in congress? >> we are kind of boring. so this -- when you are prime minister you have to yourself defend your policy, speak at the moment to challengers. liz: here is what the big elephant in the room is that people are missing in washington. the new right, the pro capitalism populists are winning around the world. it's the headline from australia
6:34 pm
to europe. the signs are multiplying that the conservative populists are on the rise. do the d.c. democrats get it? >> i'm not sure a lot of people get it. you could say this is a vote against elites. elites in brussels and the european union. but i think these are votes for freedom. people who want to determine their own future, not have it made by bureaucrats far away. liz: next up, how critics are saying hey, cnn, are you trying to rescue the democrats from themselves. more on a rule change cnn put in mace to help the democrats at the debate. we'll take you to san juan, puerto rico. the embattled governor there will resign.
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or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. >> tell us what your report says. if the american people hear what the report says without the spin, it will be a devastating day. >> it's a fact illuminating forum for voters who haven't taken the time to read the mueller report. >> it should be politically damaging to the trump forces. if democrats can get robert mueller who seems in this area to be eager to talk. liz: those were certain guests in the media talking before mueller testified. some of them are now singing a
6:40 pm
different tune. >> i don't see a momentum toward impeachment. it seems it's the other direction. >> if the democrats want the remove the president from office they will have to do it in 2020 in the election. >> it's not going to happen today. whatever happened today killed impeachment. >> impeachment is over. i don't think nancy pelosi will and for her members bringing forth something that will lose in the senate and lose with the american public. liz: i thought this was all about change voters' mind. it looks like it changed the media's minds. >> it was interesting to see networks like cnn and msnbc admit mueller had no command over his report. and members of the media knew the answers to the questions he
6:41 pm
appeared confused about. but that said, much of the media is admitting this hearing did nothing to help them on itch peachment. the "new york times" headline says mueller defends inquiry and says russia is not done. they are clearly trying to downplay how damaging this hearing was for democrats. liz: russian interference we are finding from senate intelligence dated back to 2014. and the point you are making about the media analysts is a good one. one of them is saying we should have listened more closely to republicans. >> i think the republicans conservatives are crying out this was a disaster for the democrats. it wasn't just mueller's hesitancy but the substance.
6:42 pm
he wasn't there. they came prepared to fight. i hadn't expected that. they were much more coordinated. they presented things we haven't talked about much on cnn. we put much stock in a lot of what they are arguing. >> a lot of our hot takes are wrong. but they are lawmakers and democrats in particular. liz: listen to republicans. if we are wrong, congress is listening to how we are wrong? >> it's apaysing -- it's amazing for these networks to listen to perspectives different from their own. if they had done this earlier we could be in a healthier environment. but the republicans did a good job in raising important questions in to why this whole investigation got started. those questions deserve to be answered. after learning that mueller appears to possibly not be the
6:43 pm
key author on his own report. there could be clinton supporters or operatives in charge of this investigation. the questions deserve to be answered. liz: it feels like the run-up to 2016. let's listen to ruth bader ginsburg smacking back saying your idea about packing the supreme court wrong. watch this. >> 9 seems to be a good number and it has been that way for a long time. i thought it was a bad idea when franklin delano roosevelt tried to pack the court. >> never did i think ruth bader ginsburg would be the reasonable one we are pointing to. but that's how far democrats have shifted left. liz: another california court
6:44 pm
knocking back the trump administration's push to protect the border. we'll show you what the white house is saying. ken paxton is coming up. can my side be firm?
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liz: the crisis in puerto rico. jeff paul is live on the ground with more. reporter: two weeks of protests coming to an end. a lot of that anger we saw outside the governor's mansion now shifting into celebration. this is historic foretwo reasons. one is because it's the first time in the modern era of puerto rico that a governor has resigned. and most of this movement was pushed along by the youth. they say this is just the beginning. >> so many things. i am like in awe. honestly i couldn't believe this is actually happening. we have been at this for two weeks. we are tired. we are excited. we are happy. i can't even describe it. reporter: ricardo rossello
6:49 pm
officially resigning august 2. the next in line would be secretary of state but that official has already resigned because of this chat-gate. the next in line would be the second female in the history of puerto rico to be the governor. but some of the folks out here protesting that person chanting wanda. next case. remember these defining moments? >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> if you like your doctor or healthcare providers, you can keep them. if you like your healthcare plan you can keep that, too. liz: here is the 2020 democrats defining moment when they raids their hands to say yes to health coverage for illegals, and yes
6:50 pm
to single-payer are healthcare that would wipe out 180 million private insurance plans across the country. cnn out with a new rule for its democrat debate that could help rescue the 2020 democrats from themselves. ned rienl, here is the rule. it will not allow any more raise your hands questions. so no more defining moments. >> they will be plenty of defining moments. i know cnn as i call hem the left proper bega --d the left'sn todayists. that clip will be playing plenty of time in 2020. democrats are dropping the
6:51 pm
masquerade. they have been disingenuous in the past and now they say they can have an honest debate about government healthcare. anybody who can convince people to get to a patient centric and not an industry centric basis will win the point with the american people. liz: trump stacked up a lot of accomplishments without the help from congress. >> no, exactly. point, too, 60% of the american people when they heard healthcare for illegals disagree with it. the other thing that's good for trump is the economic numbers. people giving him credit. they have optimism. incumbent presidents running for reelection do not lose.
6:52 pm
and those are strong economics are almost impossible to beat. if this continues, he'll win in 2020. liz: joe biden says he's going to throw down in next week's debate. he's taking shots at kamala harris. here is the question. will the cnn moderator ask joe biden how he is misleading the american people about his single payer public option in his health plan to let people buy into medicare. that's an open door to single payer, ned. >> i'm not sure i expect cnn mad curators to ask hard questions. we'll see. but joe biden cannot have a rerun of his first debate. he's on far more of a razor's edge than people think. i don't think joe biden will be the nominee. but if he has another disastrous
6:53 pm
debate, i think the bottom starts to foul out on him. liz: the white house angry over a california federal judge blocking the president's push to fix the border again it's an obama-era judge. we have that story coming up next. thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ [what about him?
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>> breaking news. npr report and the trumpet administration now considering a travel ban en guatemala. after guatemala said no to become a third country, safe country. let's get the texas attorney general on that. big news. it is an explosive thing. a nuclear option, a travel ban. >> i don't know is actually not a bad idea. the president has the statute to restrict entry of any that he sees as detrimental the country. clearly the asylum things are working animal to literally walk across the country, claim asylum and they are in. this is a way he could actually just issue legally.>> you think he will do it? >> it would not surprise me. certainly a way that would work i think. the supreme court has a ready upheld other troubled bands
6:58 pm
that he is done he has the authority to do it. clearly under current law. i don't know why he wouldn't do it. >> and white house really going after an obama era appointed judge in california. the judge now blocking white house restrictions on asylum-seekers. the war has caused quote - the tyranny of a dysfunctional system. the white house is basically pushing the rule, that says if you travel to the us, and want to claim asylum have to do in the first country that you cross. what is your take on the california judge saying no to that? >> you hit it this is a dysfunctional system. i don't think most americans rose the asylum process allows anyone to cross, basically legally if they just claim they are being persecuted. they're being coached on what to say therefore, if you come across with children especially those limitation on how long you can be detained. basically you can legally come to the country, claim asylum, children, be released and not
6:59 pm
sure for the hearing and a lot of people do not end up showing up. the president is trying to find a way to resolve the issue that had been created by others. >> the judge says -- your take on what the judge said. >> he had a completely different finding than the other judges. they had the same issue in d.c. and they were both rolling on the idea of irreparable harm in order to get an injunction to stop it. you have to find a irreparable harm. one judge found it and one did not. the problem with the asylum process.this is why congress needs to step in and fix the problem. >> the president is saying the courts, it is to fractions having the courts to immigration and border policy. is that it, final word. >> everyone knows the system is messed up and everyone knows that we need to go back to congress and get it fixed otherwise will be fighting the courts on a nonstop basis about this word means and how do we stop this crazy process from going on. >> ken paxton, thank you so
7:00 pm
much. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us your home, thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody. most of us in this country feel very good tonight after yesterday's radical dem debacle on capitol hill. but the party of hate is in desperate straits. radical dems seem caught between rationalizing robert mueller's disastrous performance yesterday and recognizing that obvious reality that large numbers of democratic leaders are proven liars and have accomplished exactly nothing while president trump has accomplished more than any modern president in 2 and a half years.


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