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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 26, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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>> thank you. trish: thank you for watching, i'll see you tomorrow night, 8 p.m. eastern. good night. kennedy is now. kennedy: oh, poor bobby mueller, his testimony was a big fat does, now democrats have no idea what to do next, wha' happened? neither does left wing media, fake news. do they give up and move on or double down? both had so much riding on yesterday's testimony, hoping and praying that mueller would give them the goods, they would see president trump in silver bracelets by the end of the day, and president hillary sworn in. that did not happen. and president did not get quote, unquote exonerated. we also heard nothing new.
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it was almost ver verbatim. most people watched into a collective yawn. >> from democratic perspective to me this is a bust. >> bob mueller's presentation was not detailed. >> this was not the robert mueller i knew. >> bob mueller is not a made for tv guy, we live in a made for tv society. >> you do not have that viral -- >> they fumbled the entire accountability mission, on optics it was a disaster. >> look who winning now, it looks like donald trump is winning. kennedy: not chuck todd's beard. it was not mueller who had a bad day, she said it was president, channeling win stone -- winston
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churchill. it will is the end of the beginning. >> a renewed interest by congress in hearing from the people who were on mueller's team and did the work beyond the sort of distant figure head figure of mueller himself, second thing. that i think sort of comes out of today's hearing, i think we're already seeing, will be a renewed focus by democrats, on figuring out the money side. figuring out the financial side. kennedy: show them the returns rachel. said that mueller laid out a fantastic case to impeach and maybe lock up the president, lock him up? was she watching the same hearing as everyone else? how will left wing media every recovery from watching their hero disappoint them on the grand stage, join me, howard kurtz welcome back howie.
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>> hey, kennedy. >> normally. if something does not go your way, you just spin, rachel maddow is only important spinning, each el reached a collective story of disappointment. >> she had some company on msnbc. there was a hurricane of media hype about the hearings, i predicted they would be a does, i was wrong -- a dud, i was wrong they were a total train wreck. most of media had to acknowledge this was a disaster, he didn't want to be there. i turn on msnbc, i saw rachel maddow and some of her colleagues grasps at frog -- at straws it seemed they were trying to make lemonades out of lemons. kennedy: i don't know.
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the lemons are moldy. a sad time for lemons, there is nothing to make of them, throw them in the trash, move on. come up with ideas. i don't know why they didn't listen to bob mueller, he had a press conference hoping that would pacify the people, he tried to clarify some of the am big gut -- ambiguity. he said, i am not going to change anything. at what point do you think they realize they not have the goods? >> probably about 15 or 20 minutes in. in addition to fact that mueller, he would not even read from the report or give them a sound bite, he made congressmen read it. but you know. he also just could not hear the
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questions. you can repeat the question. he seemed befuddled. we hear today tha mueller was ay hands off manager. barely involved. now that he is safely out of office as special counsel, the reporters who cover the him say, we knew this. kennedy: if they knew it, why didn't they report that? why did they leave everyone down this prim rose path. >> the great savior. i can't answer specifically, but i do think there is a great temptation if you are the beat reporter, to not tell everything that you know about short comings ar of the heroic figureo stayed behind the curtain because you might lose access.
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meanwhile on msnbc, chris matthews. lit up his show. republicans are frustrated too, by saying, second term or prison term for president trump. kennedy: that right. they have not given up on that, as we see sometimes wishful thinking does not mannest in to reality -- manifest to reality, howie kurtz thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: robert mueller's testimony was to be a touchdown for prim impeachment fans but it turned out to be a putt fumble. adam definitive proof of collusion ship. schiff. he went on cnn today. >> should we put country through an impeachment. i have not been convinced yet we
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should. going through that momentous and disruptive experience is not something we go into lightly. kennedy: he has been holly go lightly the whole time, nancy pelosi reportedly told her colleagues after the mueller meltdown, impeachment talk was premature, but 90 democrats came out in favor of impeachment, including jerry nadler, so cute. others fear that it could backfire in 2020. should democrats stay the course on impeachment or learn to quit while they are behind. before it costs them another election. party panel here. host of unpc, brit brit mchenry, along with jimmy fa jimmy falah.
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and peter suderman. suderman the computer man. you think this shuts door on impeachment? >> i think it does, i think this is in some ways what nancy pelosi wanted, if there was a winner out of yesterday's hearing it was nancy pelosi, she has been saying let's not run on impeachment or russia gate let's run on healthcare. it worked in 2018, there were reports that came out at end of hearing that said jerry nadler said, up we'r -- we're doing an impeachment, and nancy pelosi was like, honey, no. >> do you have the gavel, you are speaker of the house. jerry. no but i'm going to hide the gavel from you, it will be very
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uncomfortable. you think it was elder abuse. >> yes. more mueller, he looked like a cat getting a bath. he was furious, he was uncomfortable. >> they ruined his life. >> they did. he it not want to be there i think that is why he pay them back. >> he did something that i thought was smart, everyone gave him a hard time for it he asked everyone to repeat the question. >> running the clock. kennedy: he knew they had 5 minutes, if he could take up attract mind 90 seconds of their time. >> at one point he actually kneeled on a football. >> like rooting for browns in 2016 and 17. it was lackluster. >> i didn't like it. >> the kicker? >> equivalent. >> a lot of terminology would work, but i feel bad to your
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point for nancy pelosi she got what she wanted but still a lot of people in the party. kennedy: a box of wine. >> cheez-it wine. that we covered on topical storm. kennedy: you liked that. >> a lot of young people in the part -- >> kids. >> under paid. a lot of people in party, you know they have no appreciation for what is involved, they are screaming for impeachment like little girls who want a pony, she has to pla placate them, and they are like, mom, i want a pony!, can we impeach him? ! maybe next year on your birthday. kennedy: she told nadler, a quote, if you can't reach, you can't impeach. >> it is personal for him, trump has been calling him fat jerry for years,. kennedy: personal.
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>> it is. >> i love this from adam schiff and others saying 99% of american its not know about mueller investigation, it was bestseller, new york times bestseller, i don't think we needed 7 hours for that to go on for him to clumsily -- >> there are shows that are shorter. >> they are like how are you bob? he said hawaii? i'm supposed to be in washington, get me on a plane. >> poor guy. kennedy: i feel bad, bob mueller, say, i'm a sleeper, my nickname in college, sleeps a lot, bob mueller probably needs 8 or 9 solid hours of sleep a night it has been eating at him, he knew it would happen, and it make it so much worse, and he did -- did you try -- so boring. so boring, he it not read the report. >> he did not. kennedy: stop with the report 4678, bob.
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you know, that -- you know, no, i'm fine. >> personal attacks on him from both sides of aisle, he was supposed to be savior for democrats, the fi ha guy has a e heart. he is someone who has served, you may not like this investigation or political fallout, but we lost that and discussion as well. kennedy: democrat did try on bring that up, panel sticking around. >> coming up federal government gave itself green light to raise a ton of your tax dollars. making this deal with devil democrats come back to bite him in keister? i'll tell you why that is -keep it down there. i have a system.
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kennedy: the president's big bloated budget finally pass the house. two thirds house republican voted against the nonsense, said it increasing government spending by 320 billion. and suspend debt ceiling without doing anything to stop the hemorrhages, stop the hemorrhaging. despite republican push back president trump is continuing to
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support the bill, claiming it great for military. a majority of voter approve the president's economic handling. take that liz warren. is president trump doing right? or will decision bite him in the back side? kinky. i'm back with the party panel, peter, let's discuss this, i think this is unsurprising and irresponsible, what do you make of a deal like this. >> partly president trump's fault and fall o -- will fault f congress for failing to pass a budget in something like 20 years.
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congressional budget. this is how you do a budget. congress just does not do it. that means, there are these crisis points that kind of come up, they know they of coming, this was an attempt to avoid another crisis, so what does everyone do to avoid crisis in. kennedy: woo. trish: trum >> company said, you know, i will allow more domestic spending if you give me more military spending, he sense new chimnuchin out there to make a l with nancy pelosi. to credit of house republicans, majority of them were against it this time, i think it will go through the republican controlled senate, this is a bad deal in the long-term for the nation, it gets trump out of some policy hot water, but it is a bad deal for the country, this raises the federal debt 1.7 trillion dollars over next 10 years. >> that is not okay, why does everyone think it is okay. you guys that nothing, that is
12:19 am
not a trillion dollars is if. >> how did that. >> over 10 years. like these numbers, pile up year after year. not just one or two, they extend over lifetime of a decade, and all of offsets, spending cuts built in, they help at end of that decade long period. kennedy: funny, the 77 billion dollars that barely offsets anything that is a bad word. >> let's not act surprise that trump is spending. kennedy: i'm shocked. >> i can't believe trump spent all this money, yeah, who would believe a guy with a gold toilet has a hard time at the cash register. but, i believe -- you can't cut funding to any particular group without being accused of hating them. it has to be about hatred. if is disgusting.
12:20 am
kennedy: i think i would like to grudge hump a large part of the electorate if i were an elected official, i wul have a great time. >> kennedy 2020, make america grudge hump again, that does not flow the same way, but it works. >> this deal overrides deal made by the tea party with president obama that was supposed to solve that problem. >> how did that. >> this deal getting rid of those. kennedy: there is no sequestration. >> i feel it benefits democrats running for office and president trump, he wants to keep the ship steady. kennedy: is that weird, a guy who loves chaos willing to sell his party out for a little bit of stability, why now. >> why are the conservatives. kennedy: send them back. >> about national debt, 22 million.
12:21 am
>> finally came in said this is enough, but they did it at a point they were not in power any more they knew nancy pelosi would put together enough votes, it was not -- >> like little guy who starts a fight whether the big guy is standing -- >> the guy who fights right as cops get there. it's on. kennedy: do you want to take this outside? i didn't think so, we have more with panel after the break, so much panel, it is a delicious thursday. >> first up, joe biden said he is taking his -- geein questions about his civil right record, his gaffe. and base performance. will it help increase his lead in some of the polls? my memo and reaction from none other than sean spicer, there he is, after the break, stay put
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kennedy: joe biden is a giant piece of sweating meat, and rest of democrats are hungry jackals. debate 2 biden faces kamala harris and cory booker. booker was pressing this week at ncaa convention -- naacp convention. he needs a breakthrough kamala moment to sneak past rope line and join mayor pete and bernie in the vip secon section. if kamala can redamage the frontrunner she could practically guarantee herself a nomination and a lifetime of
12:27 am
goodwill. joe has shifted gears because he knows that nomination is a little less certain every time he steps on dick van patten. part is name recognition, but he is also running against a crowded field of underwhelming ordinary candidates who'll never have the backing offed mead -- of the media. biden will be better prepared to go hard against the haters, booker already shown his hand this week, andrew yang may be only wild card on that stage to bring the unknown, unknown round house to knock joe down. and that someone new would be someone trying, tested and humiliated, you heard it here first, joe biden falls flat, hillary will ride in on her
12:28 am
white unicorn to save the race, she won't win but it will be fun watching hewatching dwindle dwis cry. and then she is write her new bestseller, what really happened? >> a "quinnipiac poll" shows that biden is only dem that could meet president trump in a match u up. should they keep eating each other alive. joining me now from white house press secretary, spokesperson sean spicer welcome back. >> great to be back thank you, that was probably the most entertaining memo i heard all day. >> thank you, sean. that means a great deal to me, your view of what the rest of
12:29 am
democrat field should be doing in terms of joe biden, should they support him or drop out or all just have a stanford prison experiment pile on and really drag him down? >> you don't run for president if you don't want to win. i think other folks on the stage whether on stage with him first night or others that are not with him on second night have to take shots at him, you can't win if you don't take down the frontrunner at some point, they have to start taking shots, i think they will look at kamala harris did last time, she expwoked hianythinged him -- knm down, he looked like he was not on his game. he will come back i'm sure more prepared, be on -- obvious his team he had then went working for robert mueller. kennedy: that is funny. >> i have been working on that all day. biden is running for obama third
12:30 am
term, he is not a great candidate, he has run for president twice, and failed. only reason he is doing well is not just name i.d. but associated with barack obama. who still very popular in democratic field, if you will. he has -- he is trapped at one point he has to talk about the mast and associate himself with obama talk about their successes, he has to be forward leaning that all other folks are, he has a conundrum, like playing prevent defense, how do i preserve the lead, you have everyone taking shots at him, and talking about future, and one upping themselve as far as the left. biden is trying to preserve the space he has, i don't know how you thread the needle on that, i think you saw last time, he is unprepared, he ha -- he has not been thefted. kennedy: at least he gets another few shots. >> he does. kennedy: in the debates, only
12:31 am
direction he has going is down. but you know, if he has a strong performance, and he adequately defends his record, does he walk out of there with a nomination? >> well, i think -- look, i'll be honest, i think if you look at way that construct is sit up in terms of contest, iowa then new hampshire, i think that bernie sanders sit up to really prevail. he does well in caucus states, iowa kicks it off, native son almost in new hampshire, then in nevada, have you -- >> nevada is -- i mean that also a wild card, caucus state, then -- joe biden has 4 37% advantage. >> right. this is where people have to be careful, sanders strength ising oriationoregon -- organization,e
12:32 am
sleeper to me, no matter what polls say is sanders. the way that early states are set up, i actually think that sanders has a first play, barring south carolina where kamala harris could be wild card. kennedy: he is polling back after biden, bouabide en is polling so well in south carolina that is just head scratching biden does not know what he wants to be, bernie is right he said that biden and hillary suffer from the same identity crisis, hav you have to so many things at democrat nominee. you have to reach out to young pro gressives, he also has a god awful foreign policy and criminal justice record he has to defend, he has to prove he is not hillary, and pretend he is barack obama, all right windowed, you know -- wounded you know considering where he
12:33 am
started when he entered the race. but i still -- you know i look at this, i look at all variable, and all of his tools, and i don't see how he emerges as the nominee. >> well, if he does, right now he would come out wounded. like stumbling over the finish line. i agree, i don't think that right now way his trajectory is going he will be the nominee. but i think it will be interesting, i give credit to kamala harris in last debate, she threaded this needle. everyone was worried how an attack on biden would come off. kennedy: that is also a candidate who she had her stumbles, but you have to exam what you are doing and working work she has done a better job of that then others. mayor pete has gone down, but you know this ohio poll -- this is one of those things, where it getting stuck in voter's heads, they say, he is bitin beating
12:34 am
president by 8 points, maybe he can beat him nationally, that is when people in other states go toward him. >> i would go back to, that is great, but how the game is played not like popular polls. it is by going into iowa and new hampshire, that the problem, he needs people in iowa to like him and people in new hampshire to like him. then nevada. and problem is he could do well nationally, but if kamala harris or sanders does well in iowa that knocks him out, you think about reich -- rick santorum, he worked really hard, 99 counties and won, i think key is cand sanders prevail in iowa that would knock biden off his horse. if he does not get a few big wins out of the gate, national polls follow and show him go down, point you made before,
12:35 am
spot on, he has to figure out who he will be, problem is she s to be barack obama third term, and play middle of road pragmatic candidate. kennedy: the things that president is doing now, it goes to show that there were aspect of the obama presidency were so middle of the road milk toast, that is not something to champion. and obamacare is on its last leg, this is a dog that should have been put down a few years ago. years. >> the same joe biden a couple days ago talked about if you like your doctor, you can keep the doctor. i said did you not learn your lesson. kennedy: that was the best, and biden was like, russia an -- wod not be screwing around during
12:36 am
the election on our watch, i was like, buddy, it was your watch. >> and he talked about how china is not a threat. >> come on. kennedy: this is china. >> sean we have to go, comeback, and visit instead question soon -- in studio soon. >> i would love to thank you. kennedy: kirsten gillibrand barely registered in post polls, in fact, a new "fox news poll" has her -- come up, you guys ! 1%. among democrat voters, that great. she is hoping to change if with re ridiculous 10 trillion dollar climate change moon shot by enacting the green new deal, and netzero emissions and holding fossil fuel companies accountable, whatever that means, and transforming the economy with good paying green jobs, now kirsten gillibrand is
12:37 am
toward to th tardy to the party. will this turkey give her a boost? or end her sorry campaign, the panel is back. >> brit, i -- why is she still in the race. sean made the point anyone who is run for president feels like they can win, that is not happening. >> i wrote something for federalist payback when she announced how cringey she was, i'm a mom, there so much pandering i think for female democrats, i give her this and some credit even though she ripping off green new deal, that was so successful, they are all trying to come up with something, kamala harris with legalizing marijuana, federal sales tax, and getting income back for that. warren tackling student loan
12:38 am
det, she has to have something. >> we're kill killing the climae plan, but it went over huge with both people at her rally. >> they are like free beer pong. >> it is emar embarrassing, thee like loser kids trying to excite people about their birthday party, we're going to have jetpacks and then have a drag dn come in, and then video games, i am sorry. >> jetpacks. >> i love it. >> you almost wonder why she does not propose something bigger, 10 tri trillion is huget estimate put it is the 90 trillion. >> right. >> current federal debt is 22 million, to give you like an idea of the scale, these numbers don't mean anything to anyone
12:39 am
any more, why not go bigger, why not 100 trillion. kennedy: i said today, why stop at 10 trillion. >> go to 50, start at 50, work your way up. >> shows how democratic party moved left they feel so empowered to offer so many huge spending plans. >> ien to understand, something that will be en vogue with california, new york, liberal states where you go something about it with the economy, you have to zero in on the rust belt states. kennedy: al franken is moving to new york, and taking her seat, thank you. thank you panel, peter, jimmy and brit. >> coming up. jeffrey epstein, found injured, barely conscious in his jail cell last night. what does that mean for the case again him? i discuss it with attorney mike chase, next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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kennedy: billionaire sex offender epstein is back in new york city jail cell after guards found him injured last night, either from an assault or suicide attempt, i am. he had bruising on his neck, he is accused of sex trafficking with a number of underaged girls. and feds are conducting ongoing investigation of uncharged individual, epstein may not be only one who could face charges, joining me, sort it out criminal defense attorney mike chase, do you wish you were representing epstein. >> at this moment right now, i don't really like the odds. kennedy: they are not state charges they are federal. and you say there a phenomenaly high rate of people who accused
12:45 am
who -- 97%. >> in federal system they need guilty. if ifed -- kennedy: why so high? >> you know state prosecutors are more willing to join the dice, prosecutor at federal level tend to not bring cases unless they pass through a grand jury and they are confident they can get a conviction. kennedy: epstein knows this is the beginning of his sentence. and he knows that if -- even if he gets jury of his peers, people don't like people like him. >> his strategy at-this-point has to be i'm trying to salvage a couple years of my life, department of justice's strategy is we have to salvage our representation, what happen florida. a bunch of years ago is not of a good look for us. >> no horrible. >> they are not likely to offer
12:46 am
anything lenient. kennedy: his attorneys are still from what i am hearing tries to get the judge to allow him to spend time in 77 million dollar manhattan mansion. with the trustee, and security cameras, last time he was the on work release, in florida for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, he had a lot of younger women visiting him. >> that is subject to a criminal investigation right now, that was announced today, they will investigate that condition of release, but at april level he said -- federal level he has said to judge i'll do anything if you let me out, judge said no, you are too much of a risk, and now at second circuit appealing it. kennedy: does not sound like suicide attempt got him a change of ven. >> yovenue. >> not likely to. kennedy: what happens on 24 hour watch, what is taken away from you, you had had before? >> not likely he has interaction
12:47 am
with anyone else, he will be monitored. kennedy: i don't think he had that before. >> there have been some suggestion maybe someone else was alleged to have done this we don't have enough facting right now. kennedy: i heard that is not the case. >> that could be. kennedy: he was separated pretty much from the entire population. mike chase. we need to go break some laws. >> i think so. kennedy: you have a great book, to teach people how to do just, to teach people how to do just, that topical that i won the "best of" i casweepstakes it. and i get to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars
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kennedy: some alarming news in frilmilitary, a team of navy ses have been sense home from iraq for drinking alcohol during their deployment. first there was seal team 6 then there is seal team 7 and 7. this is the topical storm. one. we begin in china. a taxi driver was forced to catch a ride. sitting at a red light, when unmanned car came driving by with two young children in the back, you have to get 10,000 steps on your fitbit, he made running rescue, his parents --
12:52 am
passengers were not happy. police determined that driver of the out of control car left it running while he was in store it slipped to gear, no one of hurt, could have of fine, despite the run away rubbing you, 5-year-old -- ruckus, the 5-year-old twins were still on time for work at apple factory. >> topic two. let's go to florida, a woman there arrested, for grabbing her husband's man parts so hard he claimed he could not walk. we do a lot of crazy criminal stories, this nuts. 44-year-old, anna allegedly grabbed her sleeping husband's private with such force he fell down when he attempted to stand up. many people think this lady needs to get a grip. it sounds like she hear alreadys
12:53 am
one, police responded after husband made a very high pitch call to 911, despite the signs of tra trauma she pleaded not gy and hired two lawyers because she got a package deal. we're happy to report that she is still his main squeeze. topic 3. >> we head to australia. that is right, millennials no longer have to choose between paying for housing and avocado products, the avocado camper, is renting fo for a night.
12:54 am
avocado is a fruit. amazing when we can find. way away away after the show. so far after. onward. internet not a fan of avocado abode, thousands call it a terrible idea, when you google terrible idea, every story is about rob ro robert mueller tes, oh, bob. topic 4, krispy kreme selling doughnut filled milkshakes, it might be too late for a summer beach bod there is time for a beach whale bod. glazed infused ice cream, it excuse mes in twitcomes in two e two types of diabetes you can
12:55 am
get from eating them. their new ceo is a stoned teenage boy. i am looking forward to next month's doughnut pizza with bacon and oreos,'s perfect snap are in burning man. -- good lord. on sale now. people do whatever they can to chase one down. give me back my shake. this is why you never tell a cab to run a red light in china, because red means communism. >> viewers calling from a prison phone. this is mail. you got a pretty mouth. stop trying to blame obama. you are on denial. just like a crack head lady, how dare you! legalized.
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there's so much more to think about. it's nice. ♪ you got this! ♪ woo! ♪ ♪ ♪ kennedy: thank you for watching the best hour of your day. i'm sorry. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. and facebook, and e-mail.
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