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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 26, 2019 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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neil: president blaming federal reserve. more pointedly the seven rate hikes under the white house run for the soft report. up 2.7%. better than expected. charles payne pointed out. it is a pretty good null before. he is still not happy. charles: i'm charles payne. this is "making money." p beat earnings. stronger than expected gdp pushing s&p 500 and nasdaq back into record territory. what this could mean for the federal reserve and their decision on wednesday? speaker pelosi, aoc meeting amid reported tensions. we'll hear from aoc's republican challenger murray, who once held aoc in high regard. what happened there? can a republican win an election in the bronx? most of the house already enjoying their 46-day summer vacation. they call it a recess. not congressman chip roy.
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he wants pelosi to cancel the august recess of the he will explain why. all that, so much more on making money. ♪ so the economy grew at 2.1% in the second quarter. that was well above official estimates at one point. the question is the driver? the answer is all-mighty american consumers, flush with better jobs, higher wages, robust confidence, in fact the president tweeting, q2 up 2.1%, not bad because we have the heavyweight of the federal reserve anchor wrapped around our neck. almost no inflation. usa is set to zoom. let's bring in moody's managing director, chief economist, john lonski, fox news contributor liz peek, manpower group, becky frankowitz.
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what do you make of it? >> the highlight was gain by real consumer spending up 4 1/2%. it probably won't continue. as you stated earlier, not only the u.s. economy, the world economy owes a deep sense of gratitude to the american consumer. i don't think we'll see consumer spending contract in a man they're might bring about the nearness of a recession anytime soon. neil: liz, on the note, government spending was huge as well. federal spending up 7.9%. non-defense spending up 15-point the. that leads up to the debt ceiling budget drama. the pros and cons to it. it certainly helped the gdp report this time. >> that is not where we want growth to come, charles. the disappointment, i agree with you, fed tracker from atlanta, new york fed, had much lower numbers than we ended up with, but we don't want the boost to
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come from government. it should have been coming for businesses. it has been flagged for many month that businesses became concerned about trade wars. one element not getting enough conversation in my view what is going on in the rest of the world. once again europe is stagnating. only the u.s. and japan are improving their prospects at this point. it isn't just a fed rate hikes. not just business uncertainty about the trade tariffs. it is rest of the world not pulling their weight. neil: i spoke with wilbur ross this morning on "varney & company," you know also had a observation but one of the things that showed this number down. >> it is despite the problems in transportation equipment. as you know boeing has been sidelined on the 737 maxes. that probably took .4 of a point off. so it is really, it is really
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better than the numbers even said. and that will come back in once those problems are solved and those planes are delivered. charles: so essentially saying we could have been at 2.5%. you talk about a knockout number. becky, all this as we continue to see for the most part employment numbers are pretty good, wages have momentum, and is that going to continue? because the consumer is 2/3 of this. a lot of this newfound confidence of spending is based on success of the employment picture? >> absolutely, charles. so we continue to see unprecedented opportunity in the world of work. at manpower group, our clients telling us across industries. our intention to continue to hire. that what we're seeing on consumer confidence. charles: federal reserve surveys ask how you compensate for increased demand. 1/3 say hire more, 1/3 retrain,
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another third not sure. >> so we're seeing more commitment to the up skilling in the last two months, charles than the last two years. we're very concerned about wages but the opportunity for upskilling for people to get a chance and learn and earn for future skills for future jobs. charles: speaking of fed, harry kudlow giving expectations for the fed rate cut. he spoke with gerry baker on "wsj at large." >> widely expected cut rates, whether quarter point, half court cut. with would you like to see? >> i will say the market is expecting three, 25 basis point cuts between now and year-end. that is the market. my own personal view, the fed is independent, i will not preach, they will do with they're going to do and so forth, i would just say the sooner the better. charles: so, john, we heard from
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mario draghi. they didn't cut-rate but he says we'll use unconventional tools. we'll buy more bonds, maybe other things in europe. he complained about the same thing the fed complains about. still a lot of people on wall street are not getting it. the fed is not worried about anything but the inability to arrest drifting inflation. >> that's right. we have very low rate of inflation. core inflation in the second quarter is up 1 1/2% annually. the target is 2%. they haven't been at 2% quite some time. the worry if you can't get inflation 2% during economic recovery, my goodness what will happen to prices, what will happen to wages when -- charles: new york fed president williams brought up, yet we know we don't have a lot of arrows left in the quiver. that is why we should us as many as possible? >> i think he is exactly right. you have to really supply, hopefully a strong, positive shock to the u.s. economy. if it seems to be losing its footing. charles: right,.
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>> that would strengthen the case for a 50 basis point cut. charles: speaking of a shot to the economy, liz you're not fan of tariffs, bin investment is lower, that is more ip and brick-and-mortar stuff, what kind of shock to the system could get wet if we get positive news on that front? >> i think it could be very dramatic. i don't mean -- look, everything you read from the nfib, the small business organization, the business roundtable, everybody, all the surveys, what they really don't like what ceo's don't like is uncertainty. how can you plan plant construction and your supply lines if you don't know what you're relationships will be like with other countries. we need to pass the usmca. we need to figure out this china thing, even status quo sort of indefinitely. we need certainty here, charles before we see business investment, which is key to productivity, key to wage gains. we need to see that increase. charles: ip part has done very
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well. liz, john, becky, thank you very, very much. appreciate it. upbeat earnings pushing the market higher. alphabet shares up amid higher ad sales and growth in the cloud business. twitter uptick in daily users, watching ads. they call it monetizing. amazon shares are lower after record run of earnings come to an end. something tells me it is temporary condition. jeff bezos don't care about share price. his focus is world domination. we have jackie deangelis, and rob luna. jackie, listen, i think the numbers are phenomenal we've seen so far. >> they are. even the weakest link, amazon, one of the reasons they missed they reinvested $800 million back in the company. bezos said in order to grow and deliver what we promised users the one day delivery, we need facilities in check.
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we, top of this. aws, that is the shining star, future. charles: that is the cloud business. >> the cloud business. growth was 37%. a little less than 41% than we saw previously but still -- charles: getting more competitive there. google for first time i notice bragging about their cloud business. before i go to rob on the investment part of this, technology accounts nine billion dollars, up 25%. fulfillment, 9.3 billion, up 17%. marketing up 48%. amazon spent the money to build the empire. they're not worried about minutia and quarterly stuff. i wish more businesses were like that. >> the stock is taking a hit, a lot of analysts say buy it on the pullback. there is growth potential there. this is valuable company. it will come back. that is the general consensus right now. charles: rob, your thought here? google is up. they made money. their costs went down.
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amazon stock went down because they spent money and costs are up. who has it right? >> julie said it right. amazon is almost a trillion dollar company growing the top line by 20%. 37% on $30 billion in aws trailing growth, chars. you said it always. this company is focused on world dom faith. this is down after a long-term run f you're a long term investor, i would not get worried. this stock we owns seven or eight years. whenever the it gets negative on aws, negative on amazon you have to step in as an investor. charles: speaking of negative, there is idea of increased government scrutiny. there is talk about antitrust that hurt facebook's stock. it was up 12 bucks. it has been down seriously since then. how serious should investors consider that? >> i think they need to consider it. it is something that will come down the pike, it will be
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important to all these companies. when google tells you they have 90% of search in the united states, it is not really surprising that the department of justice may look into anti-competitive practice. when you look at stock prices overall, seems like at least for the time-being they seem to be brushing it off. just looking at this, saying it is part of the process. technology is relatively new. there is no regulation there. seems like republicans and democrats agree there should be. this is how the companies will grow. charles: the bottom line, rob, this will cost the companies, whether you call it a good old-fashioned shakedown or they dismantle them, but a at some point it will cost the companies more money than the five billion dollars facebook paid already. how do you take that into account with the market? >> that's a little bit difficult to quantify exactly what that is going to be, charles. the 5 billion is a slap on the wrist. the stock rallied to that. this is concern you have to look long term. going back self years microsoft
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faced they came away pretty much clear of that. after investors, these companies, amazon, google, changing the way the world is made. you have to own these stocks irrespective the fierce. charles: my 6-year-old granddaughter, watches youtube videos. all her friends do. i will never sell google stock until she gets 50 years old. >> make one final point? we're still waiting for apple. the only real miss was netflix. that is core to its business because there is more competition. tech overall seems to be doing very well. that is what is lifting up the market. if we saw trouble spots here i would be worried about it. says a lot what is happening out there. charles: thanks very much. i very much appreciate it. mcdonald's at all-time high. report much better than expected global sales. the best global sales in 7 years the world's largest ham burrer chain, 6 1/2% in sales overall. globally u.s. didn't do bad
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either. the mobile merger is finally official. charlie gasparino has details on it. mobile and sprint's megadeal. congresswoman rashida tlaib brings up nazi germany pushing for a israeli boycott. nancy pelosi amid reports of tensions, can pelosi get her party on the same page. has she already lost complete control? ♪ can't see what it is what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad.
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charles: shares of sprint ant t-mobile up, after the department of justice gives approval for the 26 merger between the two wireless carriers. charlie gasparino, breaking news over and over. he joins us with the latest. i have got to tell you.
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>> yes. charles: intriguing they are up as much as they are. i feel at some point they were going to happen one way or the other? >> it was, how can i say it, our long national nightmare is finally over. this story, i've been reporting this story out for three months. there were times when it looked like the deal would happen next day only not to happen. it's a complicated deal. much more than a doj settlement and consent decree which approves the deal. it is actually the doj involving itself directly in the creation of a third wireless network. fourth wireless carrier comes out of this. should put up dish stock. creating that fourth wireless carrier, you know it was a tortuous process. number one, sprint and t-mobile wanted to merge to be strong not have another competitor. they didn't want to give up too much of their spectrum to create dish too much of a competitor.
2:18 pm
you needed guaranties from dish, they would go through with this. with the spectrum buildout a wireless network and not, not essentially sell itself, fattened up with spectrum to charter communications or comcast which would really be a competitive threat to t-mobile sprint as they combine. you had to put all of that together. plus, this was a story that lydia moynihan, my produce broke last night, did yeoman's work on this tracking it down from the beginning you were facing opposition from some states attorneys general, mainly democrats. the justice department last minute last night, delayed the deal one more day so they could get some attorneys general joining the consent decree, that they wouldn't sue. they think that bolsters the case to allow this thing go through as other state ags sue. this will be in the federal courts this is complicated, from a legal, from a technical wall street standpoint.
2:19 pm
it is also, listen, there is a public policy aim to allowing this to go through. i should point out we were first to report that the trump administration, the president himself, his chief economic advisor, larry kudlow. others inside of the white house. particularly on the national security side. wanted this deal to go through. why? they think from an economic standpoint, having dish, t-mobile, sprint together, is basically a stronger company to compete with the chinese on 5g, which is essentially going to create, if they believe, millions of jobs, lots of gdp, actually be a national security issue for us that you know, listen you can use 5g for spying. why would we allow the chinese to get a foothold in the technology? put all that together. deal legitimately with antitrust issues. eliminating that carrier, you
2:20 pm
have at&t, verizon, now the combined company with sprint t-mobile, they eliminated antitrust issues, that created a fourth smaller carrier. that is why this is insane. a lot of reporters, rip and read. lydia moynihan went out there, reported it out kept us ahead of game particularly against cnbc and bloomberg it was a big story for consumers an. charles: national security. >> national security. charles: you and lydia, congratulations. we're glad the long national nightmare is over. we'll move on to the next big challenge. >> bitcoin. stuart: we'll talk about on monday. charles: see you later man. latest budget bill from the house. this despite growing number of republicans who voted against president trump's compromise. i will be joined by one of those. congressman chip roy. after weeks of public friction,
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nancy pelosi sits down with aoc of the latest from capitol hill plus reaction and the woman running against aoc here in new york. ♪ as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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charles: speaker nancy pelosi and "the squad" leader, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, meeting today amid public friction including charges of racism and social media warnings. hillary vaughn is live on capitol hill with the latest on that meeting. hillary. reporter: charles, house speaker nancy pelosi is getting her house in order before heading out for summer recess. she is embracing differences in her democratic party by embracing congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez who has been a ringleader, pushing a progressive agenda on pelosi. today they're looking forward to moving forward. the speaker comparing their inner party squabbles to sibling rivalry. >> i would never even say it was a hatchet, we sat down today.
2:25 pm
we had a good meeting. the congresswoman is a very gracious member of congress. so we had a very positive conversation. again, it is like you're in a family. and a family, you have your differences, but you're still the family. we just had a meeting to clear the airport port the meeting lasted around half an hour. the reporters asked alexandria ocasio-cortez if she felt like pelosi respected her opinion in the meeting. alexandria ocasio-cortez said absolutely. >> sorry, we're running to a meeting. >> looking forward to -- [inaudible]. reporter: pelosi posted their meeting on twitter but
2:26 pm
ocasio-cortez who frequently uses social media, she live streamed herself making popcorn last night, hasn't mentioned anything about the meeting on social media. charles? charles: that could be ominous. thank you very much. so today's meeting happening as amazon reportedly scouting new york, looking for new office space including the historic building that formerly housed lord & taylor's flagship store. they abandoned the hq2 deal that she helped torpedo. that is big reason shari murray is running against her as pub. >> thanks for having me, charles. charles: i saw there was a tweet, when you went out to aoc when she won. you were congratulatory seemed thrilled she was winning. what happened? what changed so dramatically, that you have to come to challenge her? >> charles, when she won the seat, we were all happy that she
2:27 pm
ousted nancy pelosi's top lieutenant, former congressman, joe crowley. that was the congratulations tweet i sent out. i want to make the record clear today, thank you for the opportunity to do so. i'm in this race we need to unite the fight in washington, d.c. we see the rhetoric being spewed on a national level by aoc it is dangerous to the community. charles: in the meantime you talk about this amazon deal that, potentially 25,000 jobs. >> yes. charles: obviously well-paying jobs. you know, people in some of those areas like especially in the bronx, perhaps in queens where you live, worry about big business coming in, gentrification, it is fantastic for those who get the jobs, they believe people who live there already, won't afford higher rents and won't get the jobs and forced to move out? how do you articulate to the district because you have to win them over there is better way. >> she came in, took credit for ratcheting the deal, taking business out of new york state.
2:28 pm
i don't think the legislative body was able to articulate why amazon was coming into new york city to begin with, to take advantage of invest and opportunity act. when we put out the information correctly i think the constituents of ny 14 will understand amazon to bringing 25,000 jobs to the community, to queens, good-paying jobs, charles. that is something we have to encourage a business-friendly climate here in new york state. we cannot continue to drive businesses out of the state of new york. charles: where are you with respect to getting blacks, hispanics to changing their position, to getting them more homeownership in getting them better paying jobs? a lot of democrats are saying hey, we can write a check, fix everything. do you think there is different way to do that? >> self-sufficiency is the key. charles: tougher educational curriculums? >> first of all my legislative
2:29 pm
platforms include comprehensive immigration reform. it does include education and infrastructure. those are key issues that are important to ny-14. we need to start talking about those policy platforms, charles? charles: have you always been political, always been republican. >> i have a record of working across the aisle. three-term state committee representative for the new york state republican party. i hello that seat. i have a record of accomplishments from the grassroots levelings crossing the aisle, working from the city council level up to the united states department of state, charles. i have a record of accomplishment. i have a record of uniting my community. working across the aisle. should i be elected in 2020 i will bring that same energy to the constituents of ny-14. charles: a republican can win in the bronx? >> we have a clear path of victory, crossing over, getting support of not just democrats and republicans, independents, all nationalities in between. that is what our candidacy is about, uniting the fight, building bridges, not burning them down since we've seen since
2:30 pm
aoc has been elected to office. charles: you're very inspirational. my daughter is named sherry, without the s. >> thank you. go to my website. we had a groundswell of support. thank you to the american people. charles: you just did. >> make a donation. thanks, charles. charles: ahead of the second round of the democratic debates, presidential hopeful kamala harris, she is rolling out a new plan to close the wealth gap we talked about with black americans of the price tag is only $60 billion. why push expensive gimmicks over long-term solutions? fox contributor david webb will weigh in on that. most lawmakers are long gone. they are heading out for a 46-day vacation. not chip roy, the texas congressman is demanding speaker pelosi cancel this historically-long recess of the he will explain why next. ♪
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2:35 pm
talking about is china. a hard-fought battle ending in victory for president trump and nancy pelosi. the house easily passes a budget compromise. not everyone was onboard. 132 republicans like my next guest voted no. my next guest congressman chip roy from texas joins me now. you stuck to your guns. you voted no. it went through anyway. where do we to from here? you understand where the president is going. the political calculus, as well as funding the military. it means more debt, more deficits, right? >> that is unfortunately the case, charles, we have $320 billion piled up on top of caps that would have left us with trillion dollar deficits. only in the swamp is that somehow a good deal. with all due respect to those who supported it, i'm proud with my colleagues who voted know on this swampy spending deal. we're racking up $100 million of debt per hour. to put that in context. when ronald reagan gave his
2:36 pm
famous time for choosing speech in 1964, he was lamenting $17 million of annual deficit spending. that is $140 million a year in today's dollars. as i said we rack up $100 million of debt per hour. it is up conscionable. i can tell you represent fort sam houston, the army futures command. 90,000 of veterans in my district, not one of them ever asked me to mortgage the future of this country for the children and grandchildren on their packs making sure men and women of our uniform have tools they need. neil: which i support. we should not use that as a excuse to endanger the national security in the future. pennywise, pound foolish for future of united states of america. charles: to that note, ultimately we need radical reform for most expensive inputs. they call it in your neck of the woods in d.c., the political third rail. another thing to vote against the gargantuan bill, is it
2:37 pm
another deal to take on the third rail issues? >> my colleagues like to hide behind mandatory spending could ten to into use to rack up mandatory spending defense, we need to address mandatory spending. i am not running away from it now. i am happy to have conversations about medicare, social security. no one wants to bankrupt the country for the kids and grandkids. we need to stop pretending there is third rail. we need to do our jobs and spend. >> you are not running away from anything. you didn't run away from d.c. all the fellow congressman have on the hawaiian shirts with the drink and straw in it already. what is the deal you? demanded to pelosi that she somehow call everyone back. is that realistic? obviously won't happen this time around. >> 40 of my colleagues, i lost
2:38 pm
count, people keep adding letter. asked her not to adjourn. she ignored it. gone home to the fund-raisers, vacations. i'm here on washington on friday. we ought to be here. ought to be meeting. why? we're not funding i.c.e. we're not doing our job to secure the border. we're leaving our texas community and nation endangered. we're empower cartels with operational control of border. she knows it. she doesn't care. she want to use kids as political props. she don't want to use kid as not secure the border. i know why american people will send democrats home in 2020. they are utterly failing to do their job. i'm happy to be here. my colleagues are happy to be here. she should pull us live three times. charles: i lived in fort sam, my dad taught medics there. my brother was born there. >> god bless. take care, charles, god bless you. charles: softbank sent up a new fund for investing. softbank billion dollar vision
2:39 pm
fund ii includes backing from apple, foxconn, microsoft and whole bunch of others. the earlier version came under scrutiny for including saudi money particularly after the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. the demand is strong. they are digging for tech opportunities. materialism might be the best weapon against those calling for radical change in our government against capitalism. with mueller testifying, economy growing 2.1%, china trade talks starting t has been a busy week for president trump. that is not stopping him for demanding freedom for my son's favorite rapper. he is calling for it a asap. we'll have the latest next. with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard.
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2:43 pm
the rapper was charged with assault over a fight in stockholm. give asap rocky his freedom is a tweet. we do so much for sweden. doesn't seem to work the other way around. sweden should focus on real crime problem, free rocky. we have emma michelle. a lot of people caught off-guard. president trump asking to get asap rocky home. >> absolutely. there is definitely a lot more to this story that the general public knows right now but a lot of people have been speculating this could be about race. we've seen ge swezy, a write rapper punched a bouncer in the face had cocaine, sweden let him go. rocky is held in the awful conditions. saying that sweden let the african community. when ball got into trouble in
2:44 pm
china for shoplifting. trump got involved. this would help appeal to black voters which he did not do well in 2016 and needs in 2020. charles: this comes from "tmz." president trump watched this, he thinks asap rocky was in the right, this guy was following him, harassing him, it finally became a physical confrontation. not to the level what you were describing michelle, when there have been other incidents where, you know, americans were left off, told, hey, you should probably leave the country. >> right. charles: we're looking at the video right there. i do want to ask you, kevin? what do you make as a democrat, you can't say don't free asap, can you? >> no. charles. we'll get some justice hopefully for your son's favorite rapper here. to emma's point, she is absolutely. this is blatant appeal from the president to black voters in this country. they're smarter than that. a president told four women of color in congress to go back to
2:45 pm
the country they came from. even "fox news poll" says that the majority of americans thought that was a racist act this was a president, who for example, doesn't have any senior black americans in positions of power in the west wing, for example. so it is one thing to have the tweets, you got to back it up with action. charles: i think it is action. he said go back to the country you came from, fix it, come back here. action letting 3,000 felons off. 08, to 85% of those people were black. i bet they have gone back home to families who thought they wouldn't see them ever. >> that is a great point. charles: 3,000 people is a lot of people that is a the lot of action. >> i -- charles: let me ask you guys something else. this is something i find intriguing. you know, some people are saying that democratic socialism won't work, at least, i'm saying it. because i think -- >> i'm saying it. i'm agreeing with you. charles: too much on consumerism. i love the markets, i love the fact people want nice things.
2:46 pm
materialism has become the best weapon against a lot of these folks running for the democratic nomination. people like stuff, they like the gucci belts, they want more of that stuff. >> people like the gucci belts, charles. i'm right there with you. i'm a democrat. i'm a centrist. i come on fox news. because i think it is important to have these kind of conversations. i reject wholeheartedly any attempts moving towards democratic socialism. think i in this country we need checks and balance on economy. we need a free market economy. we saw with the housing crisis in 2007 and 2018, bad actors get in the system, they screw things up, there needs to be results in place to make sure that doesn't happen said the other day, three americans in this country own more wealth than the bottom 50% in the country. we have to change the system. democratic socialism is the no the right way. charles: i'm not player hating. i want a piece of action too. >> absolutely. i think young people really do want the prosperity.
2:47 pm
they want opportunity to find work that they find meaningful. to spend what they earn in a way that they choose to do. i think young people look at socialism right now as this, this wholeheartedly generous way to go about that but really what it is, if you look at venezuela, mothers cannot give births in hospitals because wait times are too long. surveys from out of great britain where 30,000 people died because they could not get a hospital appoint epment time. that is serious thing. that is not generous. not a nice way to go about running a country. i think young people will eventually figure that out. charles: if they ever google the gum department store, in old ussr, rodeo drive, it will be a slam decision. >> good to see you. charles: democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib shocking comments about boycotting israel. why, why, is she bringing up nazi germany next?
2:48 pm
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charles: member the squad, democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib under fire for comparing the boycott movement of israel to the american boycott of nazi germany. watch. >> the right to boycott is deeply rooted in fabric of our country. americans boycotted nazi germany in response to dehumanization, imprisonment and genocide of jewish people. in the 1980s, many of us in this very body boycotted south african goods in the fight against apartheid. charles: want to bring in reality check host, "fox nation"
2:52 pm
host david webb. what do you make of it? >> ridiculous, frankly it doesn't deserve, what she has always been, radical anti-semite. that is where she has been since before she was in congress. charles: the idea is to, you know, naziism, apartheid, creation of jewish state, we heard people who make these connections, these type of connections in the past, extraordinarily racist. >> naziism was dictatorship. apartheid was wrong, under dictatorship. jewish state was created under the ball four agreement, an agreement by many nations. no comparison. she is the ebowl laugh she needs to be someone not in congress. charles: why does she keep getting free passes? have we gotten point of no return? nancy pelosi had opportunities in the past. feels like democrats will stick
2:53 pm
their head in the sand? >> pelosi not in charge. she is charge as speaker but not on they will not take on talib. she is protected class even within their own party. charles: the outrage is growing as these suspects accused of dousing, beating new york police officers with buckets of water, they are back on the streets. what do you think will happen here? trump taking on bill de blasio. >> bill de blasio, bolshevik bill is a failure in the city of new york. the fact this will escalate. eventually somebody else will put something else in the bucket. the police have to take control of this. when these thugs have neighborhood to themselves because the police are not present, who do you think they go after? the very people in that neighborhood. charles: one quick one for you, democratic presidential hopeful senator kamala harris, will unveil a new plan costs $60 billion, to historically black colleges. to help close the gap the wage
2:54 pm
gap or economic gap. >> right. so this black entrepreneurship, first, blacks an whites, black and asians, doesn't matter what you are we're not separate as business community in this country. we're all interlocked. our economy is one. she is just trying to divide ahead of the elections. charles: what do you make of that this is the only kind of solution that comes from the democratic party. >> throw money at it. give more money. you know what happened in this country? people are taking risks. they file, business filings are up. the gdp is stablized. we're rising as a country. this is what's helping entrepreneurs, investment, venture capital, from wall street. wall street main street are connected. this is business moving. she has nothing else to offer. she is giving you more free at somebody else's expense. charles: nothing is free. david, thank you very much. really appreciate it. stocks we're slightly higher today, doing pretty good. forget about the averages. individually there were some super strong earnings reports from the likes of alphabet,
2:55 pm
twitter, amazon, mcdonald's, companies with clear political bent. now should this matter, because the question is, are you long any of these stocks? if not, listen to my in depth next. are any of these names in your index, some of the big names reporting? >> not the big tech names. they're unfortunately mostly democrats. charles: really? >> as you can imagine, google is probably the number one democrat supporter out there. ♪
2:56 pm
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2:58 pm
charles: finally in this hour an investing lesson, leave politics out of your portfolio if you want to make a lot of money. lots of big movers this week are names that have come under scrutiny for hostility to people with conservative values and beliefs. in fact most of them have been targeted for protest and boycott so when i got a question from an individual investor i felt the need to share because too many
2:59 pm
are missing the chance to improve their own economic situation. do you mind sharing in a few words how you see the political revise playing out between liberal stock market investors and as for myself being a conservative stock market vets or i have a hard time today buying google and facebook whereas 10 years ago that didn't play into my decision-making at all. i'm thinking it's the time on the flip side for liberal stock investors who are shunned buying stocks perceived to be conservative what say you? well here is the deal there are businesses i won't spend my hard -earned money at but it takes more than the political ideology of business executives to stop me from trying to make money. consider the huge winners in today's session alone, and how much they're up since boycotts call to stop going to them. i mean star buck, twitter, netflix, these names are up huge folks remember one thing. the stock market is a place to
3:00 pm
make money, forget about politic s, just make money. you've got susan li in for liz claman. susan? i know we'll give liz a bigger rally than this but things are near the highs of the session, so do what you can in the last hour. >> we'll take it and thank you so much, charles. charles: you got it. >> well the bulls are charging into the weekend and the major averages in the green as we enter this final hour of trade. alphabet helping the nasdac break out new highs, after its upbeat reports and investors so impressed that even a big tech tweet storm by the u.s. president hasn't been able to stop the google parents intra -day surge. google is not the only tech ti tan getting the trump treatment today oh, no the commander-in-chief also lashing out at apple, denying china trade waivers for the parts that are made in china, and telling the company that steve jobs built to bring its production back home but it was all verbal grenades being hurled at big
3:01 pm
tech. the president actually defending our homegrown


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