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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 29, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> good evening, everybody, capitol hill was supposed to be a political battleground today, the man who led the witch hunt against the president who has worked tirelessly to make america great. despite the efforts of the radical dems to overthrow the presidency of donald trump, it was no contest, the party of hate could only watch as former special counsel robert mueller came undone, just like his almost two--year-old long investigation that ended with the president's vindication, despite the dem's hate, the trump economy is great. the economy roars, the market continues to soar, the nasdaq
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closing today at record territory for the 118th time, the s&p 500 hitting a record close for the 101st time since election day 2016. and been almost two decades since americans felt good about the economy, capitol hill, robert mueller at times confused and often bewildered and ignored questions on the steele dossier and claimed he knew nothing of fusion gps, fox business political ed rollins, ed, i have to say i don't know what you expected but i never expected to see such a bubbling bewildered as i saw today. >> 88 times career before
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congress, today was 89 and 90th appearance. they kept say if you don't want to read the book, go see a movie, got half a star. >> one of the silliest talking points the dems could have come up. nothing new was in there except he stumbled during the presentation, he didn't put this thing together, he didn't have as much knowledge as you or i have of that document. >> he didn't remember who was the first president who appointed him. stumbled badly on that -- >> the nonsense, the game, by the way they had a mocked hearing yesterday, the radical demons the judiciary committee and looked like, looked like a b
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mock performance. did you exonerate, no, i did not exonerate. look at john ratcliffe as he addresses the issue of exoneration. which doj policy or principles forth that an investigated person is not exonerated from criminal conduct is not conclusively determined, can you give me an example other than donald trump that investigated person was not exonerated because innocence was not conclusively determined. >> i cannot but this is the -- >> well, you can't, i have 5 minutes, let's just leave it at you can't, i will tell you why because it doesn't exist. >> the presumption of innocence as anglo american law and
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defined by the radical dems as it was by special counsel mueller and his team of partisan hacks. >> this is their kickoff for impeachment. the members of the committee are not ready for full-scale impeachment. >> congressman green has tried to put a good face on it, let's be very clear here, in my opinion, even the talk of impeachment will only further, further devastate the numbers for the democrats in the 2020. >> they got to see the prime witness, the guy who will carry the ball across the field and the ball got inflated the first time he touched, it's time to quit destroying the country and
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let's get on with this thing. >> they don't care about the country and why do we pretend that they do. >> we care about the country. >> you're talking about the radical dems, they hate this country. >> they will -- the more exposure to the american public the better it'll be for us and better for the president, big day for the president, basically got exonerated totally, i think, at the end of the day not that he needed exoneration, when he saw all the evidence tried to be presented and not articulated, wasn't real evidence and at the end of the day you see nothing but bipartisanship. >> the two that i just absolutely reveled in watching today adam schiff and nadler, exposed for the fools that they have behaved as and working against the president and country relentlessly and the fbi, it is, we need to point this out, every, the only people
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found to be guilty and requiring accounting have been the investigators, the department of justice, the fbi, the prosecutors, they are the guilty people in this, remember it was almost 11-month-old investigation by the fbi, including time as presidential candidate almost two years of investigation by special council and what has happened, the top of the justice department and the fbi has been tired to pieces and we still don't have a prosecution and we still don't have the inspector general report. >> i can tell you i have workedd with 3 drinks -- 3 presidents and 3 white houses. >> he he has been winning and
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winning. >> shows you how tough he is and at the end of the day it's time to move on. >> yeah, will be very lucky to have him. , you know, the idea of -- at this point i just can't even imagine these democrats showing their faces but despite the mueller report, despite the mueller appearance you know that there's so much ignorance amongst radical dems that there's no limit to shameless potential. >> they are definitely not a team, that's not going to carry the ball on impeachment and embarrass themselves an the country. the president has handled it so well just simply pushing it aside and the fools with their nonsense, ed rollins, thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> good to see you, up next robert mueller's testimony today shocking the left-wing national
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media. >> did not defend own integrity. >> he does seem a little bit, a little bit different here, unsure of himself. >> from the democratic perspective to me so far it's been a bit of a bust. >> subbing the life out of the report. >> he was boring. he seemed lost at times, also times where he was unfamiliar with parts of the investigation. >> amazing to see cnn line-up, 8 or 9 people there to talk about what was going to be a historic performance by the man who had led a 2-year long witch hunt against the sitting president. they seemed to stay surprise over there. those are the same people who pushed the dems phoney russia collusion narrative for years and we will take that up with all-star line-up tonight. >> i'm not going to answer that.
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>> new numbers tonight show even more democrats are beginning to catch on to the bias of witch hunt and they can't convince democrats, rad cam dems of what they are trying to pull off according to consult poll, 32% of democrats say mueller's probe was handled unfairly, that's a 15% from when the report was first released, they can't even persuade their own party of
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their nonsense, our next guest says mueller's testimony today was a total train wreck as she puts it. joining us today vice president of republican national lawyer's association and rnc committeewoman for california, member of 2020 trump advisory council and just sample that she carries with her name. it's great to have you here. as i said to ed rollins, i knew that it -- he wrote the report but i didn't know that he didn't read the report, stunning performance by a man who has been in on cert with the radical dems to unseat the president of the united states. >> lou, before the break you had montage of different liberal commentators talking about and they were soft-peddling what a
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disaster it was, not only did we actually, they were saying we didn't learn anything new here, we knew that robert mueller had little involvement in the entire investigation and he was a figure head on top of it. it was embarrassing and painful to watch. worst combination of evasiveness and really very difficult to watch that but at the end of the day what republicans have been saying all along is still true, there's no obstruction, no collusion, it's time for democrats to move on and i think actually one of the winners here today and maybe nancy pelosi believe it or not, nancy has been against the whole impeachment thing and now i think she's going to be able to tell her member that is they need to focus on their agenda and, of course, republicans need to focus on ours as well and we need to solve infrastructure, we need to solve health care and immigration and so many other things in the country, lou.
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>> i don't think a candy rock mountain is in our future in this country because we have serious battles to resolve, this is now struggle for the nation. we have a president who has achieved his status with achievements, we have a democratic party that has become the party of hate, accusing him of being a racist because he injects to four socialist freshmen congressman who attack the nation and values and tradition and ignorant and talentless left-wing national media that is complicit with the radical dems. >> lou, we've come a long place in the country where we have division and it's really unfortunate but i thank god that we have our united party which is supporting the president, now, i'd love to see more action from congress and actually move some of our policy agenda
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forward, but american people, lou, the polls are showing 0% of them think that russia is a factor that they want to hear about in upcoming election, they want to hear about making the country better and solving the problems. >> you know, if they were genuine concern of electoral integrity, the democratic party would be at fore front to assure that citizens are registered to vote and only citizens are permitted to work but they are working in precisely the opposite direction as you well know. this is a party as i said of hate and it is expressed in so many ways, whether it is dismissing our borders, whether it is dismissing immigration laws, whether it is dismissing the integrity of electoral system and then the alligator
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tears form in cheeks when talking about russian meddling and it's all pure bull. >> that's right. you left off your list political violence in the streets, an tima, inspired by the rhetoric of aoc and cohorts there and i'm very worried about the social media and censorship and political violence and demagoguery, we are as divided as ever, the majority of americans will continue to support what the president is offering, the economic numbers are amazing as you pointed out and people are beginning to see some of the effects of this illegal immigration and other issues and even some of the democrats are being crossed over, deporting people who are here and have been adjudicated, and so we just have to keep at it, lou, we can't be deterred from the side show and nonsense, what happened today, i think
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impeachment died today and which is great move and time to move forward. it is on one hand great news, but when you hear al green talk about pursuing, i'm torn on this issue because i believe this is a fight worth having, the ignorance of the democratic party and its leadership is so profound and and pervasive and the american people are learning a great deal of what was once the loyal opposition in this country, it is absolutely not that, it is a party that's committed to hate and hateful acts of whether it'd be the violence of antifa or efforts to overthrow a president and to block with an insurance policy the candidate for president and then the president of the united states, they've done it with
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impunity and this point they've done without consequence. >> i agree with you, lou, exposed themselves, the republican in me and the political strategist says that today's debacle was campaign and advertising for the upcoming campaign but the patriot in me, the citizen in me says it is time to return where we are, you know, working together and moving past this and i know that's a dream of the current crew but you will see electoral consequences from the side show, i mean, you know, even as partisan questioning of pauler and see -- mueller and they own themselves, have been make democrats look foolish themselves and i hope that will play out in the election. >> i think in point in fact, this is a time where patriot and partisan line up very well for
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the republicans. i appreciate it and admire your sunny outlook in all of this. thank you for optimism and courage. >> we are happy warriors. >> there you go. thanks so much, up next robert mueller taken to task by republicans on capitol hill and by the way, clearly abandoned by democrats on capitol hill, what's really going on at our southern border? we will take a look at the numbers, they don't always line up with the narrative. stay with us. we will be right back.
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>> the drug cartels operating near the méxico's northern border, southern border are aggressively recruiting young teenagers to their organizations, authorities in méxico telling breitbart they've noticed a spike in juveniles, some as young as 12 year's old carrying drugs and lots of money, they put it out that many of those kids just stay at minimum security juvenile center when they are arrested, then they are back on the streets and back working for the cartels. new poll tonight finds immigration is the most important issue in this country, record 27% of americans now telling gallup that they see challenge of illegal immigration as the toughest, toughest challenge, record from 23% set last month. joining us tonight congressman with new legislation to deal with border crisis republican of texas joining us tonight, let's
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start with the legislation that you've introduced and how important it would be with fight with cartels and illegal immigration? >> having a child you claim that treatment and requires dna test to be performed. mouth swab at the border and that determines if there's a relationship. if you can't pass dna test you have to provide documentation that the children are supposed to be in care, custody and control and if you can't provide that you're a child trafficker and we don't want you and we will lock you and take care of
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those children, we are hoping to discourage trafficking across the border. >> absolutely, and the number somewhere around a third of all children are traveling with adults turn out not to be related to those, to those the other adult illegal immigrants. this goes back to the obama administration when dna testing the foundation for it had been put into action and for whatever reason the administration decided not to pursue it, your thoughts on both the reasons and why it's taking so long to bring this to the forefront? >> you know, i will go back to third number you cited, that's what we know about it. we don't know what we are catching at the border. this aims to accomplish discouraging child trafficking, i don't know why the obama administration got away from
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growing into the problem it is today and republicans and i believe democrats also stand with me against child trafficking surely this concept would be bipartisan, surely democrats would come to the table and say this is a solution to end child trafficking, this is not an immigration hot-button debate issue as much as it is humanitarian issue that everyone should rally behind us. >> congressman, border security, as you know illegal immigration, they are humanitarian issues, they are humanitarian issues, 70,000 deaths from overdoses, most of those as a result of opioids that have crossed that border from méxico, this primary source of methamphetamine, méxico, all of the money flows by the tens of billions to the drug cartels of méxico, some 20 of them, 7 major cartels, this is a war with those cartels and the money they are making off
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illegal immigration, it's unconscionable. the radical dems, the schumers and the pelosis have refused to step up and close loopholes and to help this president and force the security of that border and end illegal immigration. >> it's a shame that it comes to this point, if there's any good that comes out of this, donald trump will be reelected but until then why make the children suffer, why do we even have to deal with this, why democrats allowed it to be as bad as it is and i believe the bill will address that, i look forward to debate in congress and i really do challenge my democrats to come across the aisle, put aside partisan politics, put aside the leftist agenda and say, you know what, if we are serious about child trafficking let's come together and actually solve it. >> congressman, you're giving the radical dems led in your --
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nancy pelosi, continue the rage of party of hate, it's time for them to turn and to change. >> i agree. >> thank you for giving them and the country the opportunity. thank you. appreciate it. >> the democrats have nothing, now they have less than nothing. and i think they will lose the 2020 election very big including congressional seats because the path that they chose. >> well, 40 seats that they stole in 2018, we will have more on that right after the break,
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>> when you talk about the firm produced the steele reporting the name was fusion gps? >> i'm not familiar with that. >> it's not a trick question. it was fusion gps. >> stunning moment today and former special counsel claimed he wasn't familiar with the firm behind dossier fusion gps which leads to more questions about exactly in his own report mueller was familiar with, joining us tonight victoria, former department assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the justice
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department, former u.s. attorney for district of colombia founding partners of the geneva law firm and great to have you both here, a moment that we have all like much of the country have been waiting for, this turned out to be something that i personally as i've said here tonight, i knew that he didn't author the report but i did think at least he would have read it, victoria, your thoughts. >> great line, bob mueller -- >> thank you very much. [laughter] >> bob -- it was no bob mueller's purview, i love that word, i people are looking up purview. >> you will use bailey wick too. >> it was in his realm to investigate the trump tower meeting, oh, my god, where there was a russian lawyer about to give information about dirt on hillary which she never gave, and yet it was not not in his
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purview to investigate that russian lawyer met with fusion gps, a word he's never heard of, the night before the meeting at trump tower and the night after the meeting at trump tower, oh, not in his purview. >> led the investigation of a president that the purpose was specifically to overthrow this -- this president's attention to remove him from office. as you watched him stumble and stammer the bewildered looks on his face, if you do not take into effect the tool of radical dems, party of hate, two years and continuing with their assault on the president, you
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could feel sympathy for him but what evil he has done over the course of 2 years, joe. >> this was an finale and i amham for -- am happy for the country that they got to see somebody totally incompetent, unaware, completely unable to respond to legitimate questions from both republicans and democrats, what this proved today was what we've said all along, this was the wiseman investigation, andrew wiseman ran this from the beginning and when you see bob mueller in the pathetic display today you know what happened, wiseman did it all, he made sure that roger stone was arrested in the middle of the night with s.w.a.t. teams and made sure that paul montfort put in solitary confinement in
4:39 am
outrageous display, bob mueller slept through this event from beginning to end and today his finale showed him asleep at the hearing. >> it is also -- i don't think we should leave out nancy pelosi, i don't think we should leave out chuck schumer and the democratic party and the democratic national committee that worked together in obvious and persisted with restraining themselves from revealing that information to the american people which played a significant role in the results i believe firmly in 2018.
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>> yeah. >> you left out one group, the mainstream media, none of this could have been done without the cooperation of new york times, the washington post and all of the mainstream media television networks that colluded with the democrats to get this message across. i want to say one other thing about mueller's testimony today, he was capable of lying, he was very capable of doing that, he forgot some things, he lied about when he was asked why didn't you subpoenaed the president to interfere him, he said, the investigation, did he not have the legal standard to subpoena the president, there has to be a criminal trial and the evidence needed when there's criminal trial and has to be material to the issues of the criminal trial, that's the dc circuit court standard from getting information from the white house. >> you know, clear vindication
4:41 am
for the president, it was in two parts and the second part up to this day i do not understand while william barr, the attorney general permitted it out, it's an irrelevancy and a nasty irrelevancy, why would you think, joe, that william barr permitted that to come up? >> because he didn't have any choice, he said during his testimony that he will do everything he could to release everything that the law permitted and he was bound by that and in the long run, in the long run it shows how corrupt the mueller investigation was because when you read part 2 of that report, you see that it was made out of cloth, so incompetently written, so bias, so vindictive that i'm glad it was published because it shows that bob mueller didn't know anything about it, he adopted
4:42 am
it, he corruptly politically corruptly adopted it and yet when push came to shove he couldn't even defend it. >> and it violates all the rules of the justice department and prosecutors across the country and state prosecutors, you do not talk about a person that you did not indict and say what the accusation -- >> showed how sleazy mueller and his team were. >> i cannot have two lawyers of your talent and distinction here without asking you this, exoneration, the idea that -- that he would sit there today, not just simply within the report and his letters to attorney general and talk about attorneying the presumption of innocence aside and asserting this idea that he did not exonerate the president, who asked him to and why in the
4:43 am
world did this become a loaded and explosive term when it's irrelevant to all that is in our law? >> because the entire process turned the law on its head just to get one man and overturn an election, they were willing to throw away due process, the presumption of innocence and create a new standard and under the constitution he couldn't exonerate him, this was the full -- this was the culmination of the full plot to ruin this president and showed how vindictive they were and abusive. >> and they had to admit no collusion with russians and not for lack of trying, they put paul manafort in solitary confinement and brought him out 9 times, wouldn't have been a
4:44 am
crime, they were going to make it one, they tried to get people to give false information about the president so that they could bring the collusion charge. >> well, let me conclude as we have asked 2 or 3 of our discussions, we are approaching august and still no inspector general report. i am beginning to believe in almost nothing that the emanates from the inspector general's office, this is pathetic the time it's taken, it is not the most complex case i can imagine in the world, what in the world is the problem within the inspector general and getting that report? >> forget the ig. >> here is what's happening. >> don't tell me to forget the ig, we have been talking about the ig for a year. >> here is what's happening, as a result of appointment of durham, people are to, quote,
4:45 am
correct testimony, to let him know that they remembered new things, that they found out stuff that they didn't know about, people are worried and they should be because it's now beginning to become very clear that durham is moving forward with speed and people are going to horowitz and asking to be reinterviewed, this includes fbi officials and others and as a result of that, i'm delighted he's delaying. >> and you will see western agent and not russian agent. >> will make mueller look even worse when doctor gets to have his say, he's already been interviewed by herb wits and durham. >> trust us, lou. >> oh, i trust you, i trust you implicitly and explicitly, i have to tell you, i am very tired of the department of justice that doesn't move in interest of justice. >> that's perfectly okay.
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>> okay, you think the justice can hold up to my criticism? >> absolutely. >> good to have you with us, follow us at lou dobbs and follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. sleepy joe biden flip-flops on major policy issue again and poll numbers are flip-flopping too, we will have that and much more right after this quick break, stay with
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>> joe biden with major flip-flop, don't you like that, you would be able to keep your doctor in obamacare if you liked your healthcare plan, biden telling washington examiner says i can promise that if insurance they have by company they will keep whatever the plans allows. are you kidding me? already, already he can't manage to keep his word. it's extraordinary. biden had no problem making promise while ago but not now, not for his public healthcare
4:51 am
option, who knows what he's doing. >> well, another blunder from joe biden, the 2020 hopeful says he can beat president trump next year, but he doesn't know whether he would have faired very well in the past when asked new york times magazine if he could have beaten trump in 2016 biden said this, i don't know. since then president trump has amassed record of success setting himself aside from biden and, yes, his achievements outnumbering of those many modern president that proceeded him. >> no, the country has not moved on, the president and the attorney general have lied to the american people about what was in the mueller report. they found no collusion, that is not true, they found no obstruction. >> well, nadler is wrong, in
4:52 am
fact, he's lying, the latest wall street journal nbc poll founds 21% of registered voters in the country say there's enough evidence for congress to begin impeachment hearings and that's 6-point decline just from june, judicial watch releasing a report detailing the sabotage of the president's third country asylum deal with guatemala, it involves pervasive political corruption in guatemala as well as embedded leftist in the u.s. state department. the u.s. ambassador to guatemala according to judicial watch, arriaga, has been questioned as been called back to washington, the state department has not yet responded to our request for confirmation. the u.s. army fell short in recruiting goal for the first time in a decade, and now there's a new debate, in the pentagon on whether to lower the age of enlistment for the army and the navy from the current 17 years of age to 16, army
4:53 am
researchers are also studying the, quote, hyperfit women of the military who have survived the most arduous courses, ib fantry -- infantry school, green beret training. trump administration has right to expedite deportation who can't prove they have lived in the united states for at least 2 years, expedited removal goes into effect tomorrow, will allow the department of homeland security and immigration and customs enforcement officials to detain and deport any, any illegal immigrant follow the country without a hearing from an immigration judge. since 2014, officials could only, only avoid that hearing for illegal immigrants within 100 miles of the border, it now
4:54 am
is a nationwide authority. president trump today hosted pakistani prime minister khan at the white house where the president and prime minister answered questions for 40 minutes on a number of issues including the rising tensions with iran. president trump said iran's recent rhetoric is making any sort of negotiation more
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termites, feasting on homes 24/7. we're on the move. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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>> joining me now charlie kirk, washington times opinion editor, fox business contributor, great to have you here. did you expect to see what you saw in house judiciary committee hearing? >> it was truly astonishing and i feel like, i almost felt sorry for bob mueller because he was so unprepared for what -- for going in there. it was almost like he hadn't written the -- read the report that bore his name. i'm so glad that you ran the mash-up of all times bob mueller refused to answer questions, basically the same version of pleading the fifth, can you imagine his investigators letting witnesses in this case refused to answer questions like that and really does sort of raise an important question, i'd love to tear into members of congress but at least they were --
4:59 am
[laughter] >> it's worthwhile sport. >> it sure is, but they were elected and represent somebody and the idea that bob mueller will sit there and basically tell them to screw off and refuse to answer any questions, tells us how much bob mueller feels like he's above answering questions to the people who are most closely elected to the people. >> yeah, it's -- to see him there at all, he should not have been under the terms of justice department guidelines and justice department guidelines, the man himself said he would have let the report be his testimony, that is what happened. >> terrific, democrats made absolute asses of themselves, the entire investigation was revealed as the joke that it is, and so i think -- and i hate to look at it like this because
5:00 am
there are important issues at play, but politically speaking i think it was great for the president, terrible for democrats. >> have a great evening, see you tomorrow, goodnight from new york. lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. u.s.-china trade talks back on as the two countries meet this week. what kind of showdown will there be in shanghai. plus, beijing makes a rare announcement on the hong kong protests. ashley: bernie sanders hitting the road to prove a point about drug prices. the new numbers show some of the medicare for all push could all be for nothing. lauren: beyond meat is out with second quarter earnings today. will there be any meat on the bone for investors? plus, we have the winners and losers in the meatless trend. ashley: and do your coworkers


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