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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  July 29, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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lou: joining us tomorrow, gordon chang and brandon judd. among other quests. good night from new york. [♪] david: tonight we are just 24 hours away from the second democratic debate and some of the 2020 contenders seemingly flip-flopping on the biggest of issues, and we are not talking about joe biden. >> raise your hand if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime to cross the border without documentation. >> can we keep the hand up so we can see them? >> that is not correct. i'm not in favor of decriminalizing. >> oh really? david: kamala harris is change her tune, and so far none of the
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other candidates seem to be picking up on it. and some democrats quick to call the *'s attacks on elijah cummings and baltimore. wait until you hear from bernie sanders had to say. khalid sheikh mohammed offering to help the victims lawsuit. if your food delivery is getting to you untouched? we'll tell you who might be sticking their dirty fingers into 0 your grub. "trish regan primetime" begins now.
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hello, i'm gregg jarrett in for trish. one day out from the second round of democratic debates, and one of the tomorrow contenders seems to be taking a page from the field's frontrunner, joe biden, when it come to flip-flopping. senator kamala harris is one of the dems at the last debate who raised their hands when asked if they would favor decriminalizing illegal border crossing. >> i'm not in favor of not having consequence -- we have to have a secure border. but i am in favor of saying we are not going to treat people who are undocumented across the border as criminals. gregg: let me be just very clear. joining me, congressman ralph norman. congress man, thanks for being with us.
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i'm not sure even she knows where she is day to day, hour to hour and minute to minute. >> it's like the flavor of the month. what are you going to be this time. the interesting part of her trying to walk this back. she raised her hand when they talked about decriminalization of people illegally coming into this country. they are all watching the polls. back in january 23% of democrats thought it was not a crisis. now it's over 70%. 4/of this country know it's a crisis. as she is talking herself out of this, the reason she was stumbling with her words, she knows it's not true. she was a prosecutor. she knows the difference between telling the truth and not. gregg: it's like a bunch of kids
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in kindergarten. it doesn't instill a lot of confidence in her mental acute or the courage of her convictions, does it? >> she just doesn't have full values. they change on a dime. any of these candidates being in the white house changing positions like that, it's critical we not elect somebody like that. i don't know what her thought process is. but the moderators had them raise their hands higher. the fact of the matter is, she can't walk it back now, and she'll have to try to explain it and live with it, which is a good thing. >> i'll tell you what i think her thought process was. she didn't expect a question like that. she was unprepared for it. it's a fundamental issue.
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so she reacted, regretted it afterwards, only when she saw the polling data about how most americans feel about it. doesn't that mean she simply is guilty of shameless pandering for votes? >> it's like all the things they are trying to give away, free education, free healthcare. again, it's the favor of the month. who can give the latest border issue. 85% of the republicans have known this is a crisis. now that the poll numbers show 3/4 of the american people believe it, she is changing her position. she is on record saying -- accusing the president of making all this up on the border. she has a long road to who as they say in d to hoe as we say in the south to make the
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american people believe somehow what she is saying is somehow truthful which it isn't. gregg: you mentioned democrats for so long said crisis? what crisis? it's a manufactured crisis. now given the myriad of photographs and videos showing clearly a crisis, are your democratic colleagues on the other side of the aisle still reluctant to admit it? >> they are reluctant to admit it because they don't want to give the president any type of win for the american people to know he's been right all along on this issue. he campaigned on it. they are a little apprehensive. they don't know what to do. that a hearing with mueller last week was dissous. now they are trying to get to footing whether it's impeachment. but you can't put your finger in
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the air and change positions like all of them are doing. gregg: a new heritage action poll revealing the single most of port issue facing the country today is immigration. joining me now to break down what this means for 2020 american majority ceo, ned ryun and robin biro. ned, i give you credit. you have been talking for months in your party, the republican party needs to lay out a cohesive, cove hernt well thought out plan. they haven't done it, have they? >> no, they haven't. but i think what's encourage being this poll, by a 3-1 margin
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voters generally are saying we favor immigration over healthcare as the most of important issue. first of all, democrats backed themselves into a corner. their far left base is demanding single payer. and i think for self protection, they have to push single payer or socialized healthcare. donald trump is right about immigration being one of the most of important issues we are facing. republicans and independents focus their worries and concerns about illegal immigration on overuse of social welfare programs. we are basically funding these northern triangle social welfare program and the american people are waking up. it would be nice if congressional republicans would also wake you have and support donald trump. jesse: it's costing the american
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taxpayer $100 billion a year. americans are coming around saying i don't want to pay for that. robin, you have a bunch of people of on the democratic side raising their hands. oh, yes, free healthcare to illegal immigrants when americans who are here legally have to pay for theirs. has the far left hijacked the party and common sense? >> greg, i worried about that myself. i'm just glad we are getting more than sound bites from these candidates, because that's what we have been getting for months. i have been saying for months and months my party needs a comprehensive immigration plan. now at least 7 of these 20 candidates have that on their website and i am encouraged by that. so we are getting there.
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we are not where we need to be. i want to remind everyone, when montana obam d -- when president obama was in office he was known as the deporter-in-chief. gregg: you mentioned the candidates and their sound bites. you can't figure out kamala harris' sound bites because they are different every time she opens her mouth. >> that's the problem. that's politics today. we get that from the president on a daily basis. i can't stand for someone to take a stronger position. joe biden is at least getting there to where you can discern one navigable way ahead. they all have to do a better job, greg. >> i think trump has promised things, he kept his promise.
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he's continuing to stick to his guns, especially on immigration reform. that that poll independents by and 40-point marvin favor capitalism or socialism. the numbers show it's the right thing to do. gregg: aoc loves socialism and hates capitalism and she is the head of the party. robin, i know that bothers you. 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed is saying he'll help testify for 9/11 victims their lawsuit against saudi arabia. bernard kerr rick, the 9/11 new york city police chief commissioner is here. what percentage of delivery people do you think have taken a nibble of your food before they
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delivered it to you? the number will shock you. have you seen the video of grasshoppers invading las vegas? find out the science behind it all. but first, socialist bernie sanders accusing president trump of divisiveness and racism after the president criticized democrats for mismanaging baltimore. >> i will bring people together to improve life for all people. not to have a racist president who attacks people. gregg: did you know sanders himself called baltimore a third world country not too long ago, 2015. my next guest wonders why isn't anybody calling bernie racist and divisive. former republican congressman jason chaffetz reacts to the sound we found right after this.
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>> the president is as he usually or often is, disgusting and racist. i think it's important for to us call it out for what it is, which is racism. >> our job is to bring people together to improve life for all people, and not have a racist
8:17 pm
president who attacks people because they are african-american. gregg: democrats very quick to brand president trump a racist after the president tweeted about congressman elijah cummings, calling him a bully, and calling the district he has long represented in baltimore a disgusting rat-infested mess. where was the outrage when bernie sanders made similar comments about the same city. >> america is the wealthiest country in the world. but anyone who took the walk we took around this neighborhood would not think you were in a wealthy nation, you would think you were in a third world country. gregg: former chairman of the house judiciary committee.
8:18 pm
i have been reading it, people can preorder it. the "new york times" wrote a story entitled the tragedy of baltimore, talking about the horrible blight in baltimore. the "baltimore sun" wrote a story, perpetual trash and a rodent problem. the bbc did a scathing report on the poverty in elijah cummings own district citing rat-infested house, trash-strewn street, joblessness, homelessness, and showing the pictures. but if the where dares to say the same thing, he's a racist? >> donald trump is calling out the obvious. i have been to that detective. i walked it with elijah cummings.
8:19 pm
they are dealin dealing with fod deserts, intergenerational poverty. the school systems are in shambles. at some point you have to say the democrats have control at the local level in baltimore for decades. if you want different results, you will have to elect different people. when donald trump calls out the obvious, it's spun into racism. donald trump has a long record of calling out exactly we sees, no matter your race, color, ethnicity. he does not distinguish. so for them to label it racism meets their political goals but does nothing to solve the problem which is what ultimately donald trump would like to do. jesse: it seems just because it's donald trump, not because donald trump is white. bernie sanders said nearly the same thing aen nobody bad an
8:20 pm
eye. >> absolutely. there is a reason why major grocers won't go in there. the banging community won't go in there. the crime, the poverty, the inability to do business in that city. it's very, very difficult. and instead of the same old democratic solutions which have not produced results. it's time to do something different. i think what donald trump is calling out. he got a little personal with elijah cummings because i think he's frustrated elijah cummings was saying things about the border that donald trump knows are not true an called it out. gregg: 32% of democrats say if a white politician criticizes a politician of color, it's racism, automatically, even if the criticism is merited and it has nothing whatsoever to do
8:21 pm
with race. don't you find that troubling? >> i do. the lens which they look through, we have to get past that. i can't believe -- if i was white and i made a criticism of a policy or particular politician' position, then it' not racism. and they do a disservice and perpetuate this problem by trying to label it as such. gregg: racism is a problem in america and has been for a long time. but when you have overuse it recklessly without merit you are diluting the impact and value of it. we'll have to leave it there. congressman jason chaffetz, thanks very much. order his new book. could socialist aoc lose her seat in the next election.
8:22 pm
>> we are in city to rally and we are going to flip this seat. gregg: illiterate on many fronts. meet the republican business woman running against aoc. she says she can flip aoc's seat red. but another member of the squad, rashida tlaib is claiming trump hassa has a hate agenda. he doesn't have a policy agenda. gregg: my next guest says the only one with a hate agenda is rashida tlaib herself. kayleigh mcenany will explain after this. mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪
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and no one notices. always discreet. >> our president has a hate agenda. he doesn't have a policy agenda.
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the hate agenda is seeping into policy making. he's making decisions based on his for-profit industry and his friends will benefit from. gregg: congresswoman rashida tlaib claiming president trump has a hate agenda. why are democrats so insistent on pushing that hate narrative? maybe because the issues don't work in their favor? joining me, kayleigh mcenany. maybe it many hard to run against the following facts. in tlaib's district alone unemployment has dropped substantially, wages are up and gdp has increased by 8%. what about that?
8:28 pm
>> i don't think he has a hate agenda. i think he has a divide and distract agenda. he has three moves. to divide. will that work in 2020? will that inflame his base enough to come out and support them versus anger the independents and the black voters? i am seeing more of the latter than the former. gregg: one could argue tlaib has been spewing more hatred since the day she was sworn in and launched into a profanity-laced tirade about impeaching president trump. her language hasn't improved much since then. >> that's right. she is a very vile, profane-ridding tirade against the president. maybe she is trying to deflect
8:29 pm
from her own history of hate. she said isis terrorizing communities, she has an association with her chief fundraiser, and he runs a facebook page where he denies the holocaust on his facebook page called jews satanic. he's associated with a woman who is responsible for a bombing in jerusalem who killed two students. maybe she is just trying to deflect from her history. gregg: she has been advocating a push to boycott israel. i want to play a clip, then we'll get your reaction. >> it's criticizing the racist policies of israel. i believe the state of israel is this exists. but does it exist into the
8:30 pm
detriment of people? gregg: in a floor speech she compared nazi germany to israel. that's over the top, isn't it? and isn't it evidence of anti-semitism on her part? >> it is beyond over the top. i couldn't disagree with her more. chris wallace had concerns on the sunday shows about what president trump have said. people have seen a pattern that began with the central park five to the better issue. we don't want to equate a representative from an extreme district that i couldn't disagree with more. you and i are in the same place on this along with kayleigh as well. gregg: she is almost alone on this thing. she has aoc and a couple others.
8:31 pm
the squad. but when the resolution bds came up for a vote, all she got was 7 votes. >> it shows where congress is. >> she only got four votes. but why does she go down this road of hatred? because she can't answer the questions you began this segment with, the good economic results happening across the country because of the trump administration. she was asked what do you say about wages going up. she said president trump done the want those wages going up. he's being forced to make wages go up. what a moron i can thing to say. of course, he wants wages going up. gregg: i always find people accusing others of something are
8:32 pm
guilty of it themselves. she seems to be the hate monger. day lee, david, great to see you you both. in a bid to dodge the death penalty. khalid sheikh mohammed is proposing a deal. what percentage of delivery people do you think have been taking nibbles out of your food before it arrives at your door? the number will shock you. meet the republican candidate who wants to flip alexandria ocasio-cortez' district red in 2020. shah remurray joins us next. >> medicare for all is actually much more -- is actually much cheaper and the current system
8:33 pm
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glenn: alexandria ocasio-cortez receiving an official challenge for her new york congressional seat. business woman scherie murray cast two votes for obama rrl and congratulated aoc on her victory last year. joining me, scherie murray. good to see you. so explain this, you voted for obama twice. you said congrats to aoc, but you have been a republican for a long while. >> i have. thank you for giving me the opportunity to shed some light on my past voting history. when president trump announced higgs bid for president, a lot
8:38 pm
of us were surprised man support as the first african-american to launch a bid for the presidency. to your point of the tweets congratulating alexandria ocasio-cortez, i have never supported her. i never endorsed her. i never endorsed her socialist far-left policies. when do we come to a time in america where we cannot say congratulations. gregg: be cordial and plight. -- and polite. you said you think her fame has gone to her head. i think that's fair considering the size of her head. >> the policies we see now are far far to the left. they are not connected with the constituency and queens in the bronx. the notoriety on the national stage, her policies are pushing more of a conflict than
8:39 pm
solutions in the district. that's what we see coming from aoc. the rhetoric, the jock-killing tanking amazon in new york. that's why i'm in the race, greg. gregg: i believe the estimate is 92 trillion dollars for the green new deal. that's why when it came up in the senate, not a single person was in favor of it. her comments show she is economically illiterate. >> we are driving business out of the state of new york. it's what people in the bronx so desperately need right now. i'm trying to bring civility back to washington. i want to direct all of your viewers to my website and learn more about me,
8:40 pm thesupporthasbeenoverwhelming. gregg:howdoyoubeenoffhowdoyouhav ebeatthetwiterdarling? . >> also infrastructure policy and education as we roll out our campaign, we want to talk about the issue and give support to our president. in partnering these policy issue ofs to make america great again and keep america great and work for the constituents of the 14th congressional district. gregg: thank you. good luck. >> we have a tough fight ahead of us. i thank you for the opportunity. gregg: you have seen the crazy video of grasshoppers invading
8:41 pm
las vegas. he's trying to dodge the death penalty after killing thousands of americans, murdering them. 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed is proposing, let's make a deal. bernard kerr kick is here next. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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gregg: alleged 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed says he's willing to help people in their lawsuit against saudi arabia in their lawsuit. he wants to play let's make a deal. he's a mass murderer. does that demonstrate he's a coward? >> they are all cowards. all of them at his level are cowards. they send everybody out to do a jihad. then when it gets rough, they run and hide, and they
8:46 pm
disappear. bin laden in a palace. he was actually captured i think on his birthday march 1 in 2003. he's been in custody since then. he spent some time in jordan first. he went to gitmo? 2005. since then not only has -- have we found out he was the architect of 9/11 attacks, he oversaw the nightclub attacks, the shoe bomb, richard reid, daniel pearl, the "wall street journal" reporter who was decap 8. the 993 bombing he was involved in. he was involved in thousands of people being killed on 9/11.
8:47 pm
as far as i'm concerned he can rot in hell. the sooner he gets there the better it will be. gregg: i recall four years ago saying it's utterly outrageous that khalid sheikh mohammed and the others with him have not been brought to justice, and it's an insult to the family members and survivors of those who perished on 9/11. murdered by this heinous guy and his thugs. yet our justice system is filled with a bunch of income tent judges, have bungled the whole thing. >> you wrote that column four years ago. it's still going on today. i was at the white house where the president signed the 9/11 bill that made it person nenlt for all the death and destruction and everything that happened as a result, these
8:48 pm
people have to be held accountable. the sooner the better. i think this is something the attorney general should look at now and get them through the process if this tribunal system doesn't work. sign them over to the d sork --e doj. that's where it all started. get it back there and get them to where they should be. gregg: i would never entertain doing a deal with him. >> you can't trust him. gregg: i have another topic i want to hit. another arrest in a string of incidents in which mobs of people are soaking nypd officers with buckets of water. the president and vice president pence were quick to come to the police defense. the new york city mayor and 2020
8:49 pm
presidential mayor bill deblasio saying these incidents are not acceptable but coming under fire from the right saying deblasio doesn't have the nypd's back. >> he never has. he doesn't have their back ever. prior to him coming into office. this is a guy who toll his son for years to beware of new york city cops. stop. don't start now like all of a sudden you are supportive. the cops are out there doing a job. that no one else has the courage to do. it's a dangerous job. they have to put up with nonsense like this. they are afraid to do that job because they know they don't have the support of the mayor. and he controls the corporation council which indemnifies them should they do something wrong.
8:50 pm
look where the mayor has gone against the cops. there is always a cop out there on patrol. gregg: i have been here a long time, and i think he ranks at a zero percent in the presidential polls. >> he cannot run the city. the city is diminishing. everything that rudy giuliani started and bloomberg followed. every single thing this guy is diminishing. he wants to run for president? it's a joke. gregg: he's the definition of a joke and new yorkers know it. long story how he managed to get elected. bernard kerik. next. what percentage of delivery people are nibbling on your food just before it reaches your doorstep?
8:51 pm
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8:55 pm
data, capital one, one million credit card applications, page thomson appeared today, and ordered detained pending a hearing august 1. >> time for our lightning round. joining me, anna michelle from campus reform. great to see you. i've never done the lightning round, bear with me, you are doing hard work, i do the set up. if you have wondered if your food delivery person took a bite out of your meal, according to a new study, 28%, 28%! admit they have takenned too from an order, tell me that is not true. >> unfortunately it is, a new study said 28% of drivers for food delivery app admitted to taking bites of customer food,
8:56 pm
this is horrifying. but hear me out, there could be a new be idea, imagine if you were to order a pizza, if it gets to you safe, hot and ready toite eat, give him a pieca piza you are ready to go. gregg: i would rather give a big tip. this one has me confounded. las vegas is unattack grasshoppers, that is wrong kind of green for people who are looking for greenbacks in las vegas. >> it is horrifying you watch footage, there are swarms of grasshoppers descended on las vegas, scientist say because of the extra heavy rainfall in past year in region, it happened in arizona for two years, they say
8:57 pm
nothing to worry about. rea feeling that they are extra annoyed this year. >> i think it is not the water. they left california for vegas because of the high taxes, that is my theory. >> headed for greener pastures. gregg: this guy, a surfer, he goes to the bar after being attacked by a shark. i suppose there is some logic to that? >> yes, florida man strikes again. a florida man, was bit by a shark while surfing, he dieded to walk to the beach, rather than go to the hospital or call a doctor, he went to the bar and cash in his newly found street cred, this reminds me of surfer who was in a competition and punched a shark to get it off of him. he finished the competition that
8:58 pm
was crazy, i think that maybe the way to get out of a shark interacted unscalinged to have an insame amount of confidence. >> i hate sharks, i grew up in beaches of southern california, i always was worried about them, there are note many there, this -- there are not many there, this shark week. >> i don't know if it is this week, but am a big fan of shark week, i think they are cool animals, i would not want to run into one in wild, i would probably not head to the bar. gregg: i am told that shark week began last night. so -- >> there we go. gregg: i have run into a shark in my scuba diving days about 30 years ago. looking under a reef for a lobster out popped a shark, you can really scream underwater.
8:59 pm
i did. >> i believe you, they are terrifying. terrifying. gregg: they ar ugly. business in rachel, nevada, say that they are overwhelmed because. the storm area 51 events. >> yes, business is booming in small town of rachel, nevada, it near area 51 where two million people have rsvp'd to an even called storm area 51. this is ou out in the desert, it will be interesting. gregg: they have seen too many independents day movies, emma michelle thank you. >> thank you. gregg: before we go, my new book, witch-hunt, now for
9:00 pm
preorder, story of the greatest mass dilution in american political history, buy it on-line. trish will be back tomorrow, kennedy is next. kennedy: thank you gregg, dem democratic clown car is about to crash. they are going to eat each other alive, you thought the donner party was fantastic. tomorrow night 10. bernie and liz tomorrow night. mayor pete, ai amy klobuchar. wednesday need, cory booker, kirsten gillibrand, and rematch between kamala harris and joe biden. last month senator harris round house biden over race.


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