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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 30, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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preorder, story of the greatest mass dilution in american political history, buy it on-line. trish will be back tomorrow, kennedy is next. kennedy: thank you gregg, dem democratic clown car is about to crash. they are going to eat each other alive, you thought the donner party was fantastic. tomorrow night 10. bernie and liz tomorrow night. mayor pete, ai amy klobuchar. wednesday need, cory booker, kirsten gillibrand, and rematch between kamala harris and joe biden. last month senator harris round house biden over race. and his busing of
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african-american children to predominately white schools. this week's debate, may be about healthcare. what? watch. >> people don't want government or anyone to take away their choices. our medicare for all plan, my plan will allow private insurers to be a part of the plan, if they play by the rules, the rules are they are not going to get to do business as usual. usual. kennedy: what. joe biden's deputy campaign manager said, this new habit every which way approach pushing challenges implementing a of med medicare for all plan 10 years into future. senator harris, forgot to tell
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us how she is going to pay for it, come on, money is no issue. is this a chance for biden to get his mojo back. or will a young gun steal the show. joining me tonight, jessica, joined by emily. and host of the quiz show. tom shillue. welcome. so, i think this is so exciting. let's focus on joe biden for a moment. he has reloaded with new strategist and new debate coaches, but they say, under the best of circumstances he gets impulsive and goes off script. >> there could be some wandering. what has been interesting since last debate where everyone sat on tv opining that kamala harris
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landed the biggest debate blow. it has gone away. kennedy: why was she not able to maintain the poll bump. >> most kamala harris is having a little bit of what mitt romney had, people say, i like her, bt i'm not sure what she stands for. this healthcare plan has a lot of veteran in the obama administration backing it. kennedy: this is what joe biden has been saying and john delaney, they have all said the same thing. >> who are they? >> everything. important thing that what joe biden is doing, health care he calls it obamacare. you are not going on be able to separate, he has to and he wants to, there is so much no nostalga
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for president obama i worry about candidates that thinking about running away from legacy, and things name obamacare. kennedy: tough to know what to run with something or when to run away from it. wa would knock joe biden off his perch. >> him looking like he lacks command and authority. you notion that kamala harris will detract from joe biden. she -- you know they have you know probably had their own evolution on these issues. that kamala harris attacking him will take away from his base of support. misunderstand the appeal that joe biden has with the voters. kennedy: too much appeal, his lead has grown. in the new "quinnipiac poll."
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i think needs to happen, when what didn't happen in 2016 with republican candidates, they are too dumb to make alliances, kamala harris and cory booker have to make a deal on night two, they will do whatever it takes to tag team joe biden make it seem like a triple threat match. >> maybe, i don't know if people notice alliances, they both attack biden. kennedy: ge get him out. >> i don't know if they can. kennedy: they have too. >> the next debate set up for joe biden. he is where he wants to be, everyone acted like he did so badly, he is down on the canvass. kennedy: woe onno one left thatg jobe jeb has such command and wherewithal, she was slurry and sleepy. >> but still in the lead. kennedy: that says something
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other than about his debate performance. >> he will have a couple one liners, and they will right, he is back! >> i think that democratic narrative with press right now is anti-joe biden, they are relishes opportunity to cover the other 23 candidates, say, oh, it is so interesting. kennedy: i think they want to cover 3 or 4 of others, that take us tonight number one. two progressive heavyweights, bernie sanders. and massachusetts senator liz warren, the battle of the socialists, will it turn into a fight over who can promise more free stuff? bernie sanders and, lizbeth warren share the same base, their followers love them could they love both candidates. but at some point they have to break apart, this say perfect night to do that, do you think they will take that opportunity,
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and will bernie sanders force her to admit she has plagiarized his great ideas. >> no, i think this will be a slog for both, they are in this for a long haul, they will allow nature to take his course see who establishes a bigger following, the gloves will have to come off. for all reasons she said, she kind of plagiarizing a little bit. kennedy: you can't do that. if you want to be president, you have to coral as much as you -- corral as much as you can for yourself. >> poll, show whose second choice, 30% of bernies are going to bide en, and kamala harris are sharing voters, voters that look like me, college educated,
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above, liberal white women. kennedy: with great footwear. >> can i pit i put it on the ta? kennedy: bernie support has ebbed a little bit. liz has gone up a little bit. but why hasn't she taken more of his suppor supporters with her. >> i think she needs more crazy ideas. >> are not all her ideas crazy? >> they are, but, i don't understand the bernie supporters they are irrationaly attached, they are not leaving him. kennedy: like ron paul. and like presidential politics littered with figures that don't have a shot in hell of becoming president but don't tell that to the faithful, they buy every book. >> if warren got the nomination, she could repackage herself, she
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does in her past she has expressed centrist philosophy. kennedy: i'm a capitalist, i'm fighting against the banks. >> that would be interesting if bernie attacks her on. she claims to find appealing capitalism, if he takes that route of attack this could get interesting. kennedy: no mealy mouth terms, he still socialist, he was a full on comey in the 70ss. -- commie in the 70s. >> liz warren was a republican. kennedy: right. >> she has a different heritage. kennedy: charlemagne said, why were you a republican. >> she said, i was fighting banks, that is weird. bank of america you come here, stand still. >> i think that bernie sanders creates the environment.
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he says things like i'm never dropping out. we're going to the convention. kennedy: he won 22 states. look at south carolina polling. kennedy: kamala harris and cory booker have to be throwingh ther hands up, saying how? how. >> they -- it don didn't feel wa that way, they are listening to, that kamala harris in south carolina nonstop. joe biden supporters have known him for decades. the new left acts as if there was not black support for the crime bill that canningically ty not true.
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kennedy: 0there could have beea lot much support, golden boy, beto orourke, tomorrow night squaring off against my boyfriend mayor pete buttigieg. analyst say that will be make or break moment for beto, does he have any chance of bouncing back. i am very much looking forward to beto trying to punch mayor pete early and draw him into some sort of a scuffle. mayor pete just smacking him down with his navy know how. >> yeah -- you know, mayor pete is a hard edge character when he wants to be, beto can't be, i think if i am right, you are not that impress with beto. >> no. preferable to cruz. >> i think he was kind of gone,
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then improved in last debate, he is not exciting. kennedy: he is not. he does not have good ideas, he apologies for everything. he showed all money raised in texas was for naught. he is damaged goods. >> you are ignoring the fact that she skateboards. kennedy: but not well. >> does it matter. kennedy: it does. >> but the bern put bernie on a skateboard. >> when you don't skateboard well, and you say you are a skateboarder, you are a kook, there is nothing worse than being a kook. >> he has nothing, his career -- >> julian castro was like oh, bish please. >> they were there, they were there. >> who is castro that is interesting he didn't get more of bump out of that. >> solid.
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right, he did, several issues, he went policy, he didn't pander with the espanol until the end. >> he said i'm will real deal on the stage. i would like to speak in spanish now. >> he did get good ple press ou. >> but that did not translate. >> crazy to think that cory booker, hit 130 thousand do donr mark today. kennedy: he qualifies for. >> september debate. >> i know. >> who are these people. not one person, she will say something i insane like, democrt want web -- in aprons. >> the handmaid tails could happen, having seen her speak, i have a newfound respect for her,
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and her job for new york stated, i don't think she'll be president of united states. kennedy: she should run for mayor of new york. >> that would be great. >> governor of montana. kennedy: what about mike ref glerevel?>> john mcafee. >> we need mcafee, he spices it up. >> i read that -- >> hon i honey. we are not talking about mcphee's -- >> okay. donkey derby, not as naughty as it sounds, i will test them on how much they know. coming up, mueller testimony a few asco. -- fiasco, so why are more democrats jumping on
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kennedy: four more, house democrats hops to the impeachment train. judiciary committee also inching closer, they within to court to get grand jury material related to mueller report, that committee's chair fat jerry
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nadler said sh said he was uncl. >> my personal view is that he deserves impeachment. he has done many impeachment offenses but that is not the question, the question is, can we develop enough evidence to pit before the american people. kennedy: development you mean februarfabricate jerry? teacher we get to 2020 race, are they pulling the trigger soon, joining me amy toe stoddard her. jerry nadler wants this smoking gun so badly, he is shopping in texas. >> he originally was in the no
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impeach camp with nancy pelosi. he had to move out. >> do you think that is the moatmotivating factor. >> i think that is part, i think he originally bought into nancy pelosi's theory, if you given him a trial, you are reelectioning him. it is very tortured, they are very much trying to be a little bit pregnant and have feet in two camps, but i think that growing number of people approving within democratic caulk suss caucus is a sign them their constituents. people that show up at primary events they pay attention to fact that kamala harris did not know obamacare from medicare for all. i think they are calling offices
12:21 am
of the members, the fact that swing member are coming out. is a sign it is like. kennedy.kennedy: let's say it g. i think it is only to ta tackona line at the democratic convention, i don't think that kills him, she no he is not mory wounded, he is animal with a surface wound and becomes more dangerous. >> they have two minds one is they have to do some kind of impeachment. kennedy: to -- >> they don't think they will ever be able to remove him from
12:22 am
office. kennedy: president pence ♪ president pence. >> it would be proceedings and stop taking a vote. there is a measure to do it. they really they are you have members coming up, saying speaker pelosi i'm board. kennedy: acquittal for him is victory, he said no, i won again, they tried with fake news media that pull me down, it goes to show they will never overturn the will of the voters. and i really like my 401(k). >> that is why nancy pelosi keeps arguing to them take it to will of voters. kennedy: she is trying to run out of clock. >> people say what will happen in august recess, we're running out of time. kennedy: let's take a recess
12:23 am
too. >> someone said it has to do with her speaker ship, it does not. >> she knows if she is helpful there, they craft an agenda, that gets more members elected to her caucus. in how pulls off having a democrat in the white house, she will be a legend. >> thank you. kennedy: thank you. kennedy: coming up president trump's newest feud with democrats over baltimore's city mayor. killing me. he wants federal money, we'll talk about that next. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens.
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kennedy: daily fixation is. ding, baltimore and the rats. president had three wins last
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week with budget deal with nancy pelosi, robert mueller low testimony, and the border wall funding victory. he should have taken it. but what would media and attention done with that free time, president was grilling maryland rep elijah cummingsa back side over the state of baltimore. here we are in day 3. trying to figure out what makes it to great racist podium. he is what president got right there are rats, high crime, but the place is a sad magnet for under whelming morally bad politicians and cops who ask, what is in it for me.
12:29 am
a bunch of cops charged with everything from robbing and beating citizens to planting drugs. why is cummings inserting himself more forceful to proceedings? to use his influence to system side of the horrific patterns. baltimore is one of two major cities along with detroit that is losing its population it might have something to do with crime or scription or bad -- corruption or bad ideas like high property taxes. too many buzzards not enough orioles, and baltimoreians should triec drive this debate demanding change, it has been hijacked as a chapter in racist olympics, only sport where everyone who enters is bound to lose, that is the memo.
12:30 am
kennedy: city of baltimore has calmed down since this morning, should president let sleeping dogs lie? here to help us learn, former speecspeech writer for george wh bill mcgurn, welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: it is not either, trump is racist or baltimore is a really rough place with high violent crime and homicide rates and rodents. >> right, but that, you know bernie sanders called baltimore a third world country, no one accused him. kennedy: yep 4 years ago. >> it seems, you point ought in your memo, this is a high crime area. public schools are defrauding
12:31 am
ththe kids of an education, thia terrible place to live, only thing i add this democratic mayors, that is a pattern in a lot of cities, i would not blame mr. cummings for, that i blame republicans in a sense of giving up on the city, now. there is an opportunity. kennedy: that is the state of california. gregg: right. kennedy: republican party in california has gone a would. awol. >> difference now that republicans have people of color, they are more i did hers group of people that could -- diverse group of people that could run. like new york. kennedy: if you know your constituents you have a plan, you talk to them directly -- we've seen miraculous things happen. >> this is where i think that president is missing, i thought high was wise in 2016 to go to inner-cities and meet with pastors, he has not picked up on that, beating up on battle more
12:32 am
will not do it i would say -- go to says, go to new york, say, are you happy with mayor de blasio. and nycha that makes bill de blasio the biggest slumlord, go to the stays and disrupt -- city ands disrupt. if you step back, the quickly question is, is is donald trump a racist or fill in the blank. kennedy: i don't want a race war, i don't. i don't want it to be black versus white. >> right, almost every candidate called the president's racist. kennedy: that is an easy dig. >> it loses its. kennedy: you open yourself up to those attacks, don't be surprised when you get them. and the president has been doing this long enough, he knows what lands, but i'm confused when he
12:33 am
has a good week. why 'cu does he derail it. >> he is an aggressive man, i would not do what president does, he won election, if we were not the way he was, i don't know he would have won. he is a disrupter. kennedy: i think there is a way. >> but not his way. kennedy: aggressive, without veering into -- >> you are a disrupter. kennedy: without veering into racist language. >> i don't think that the comments on baltimore were racist this ove overreaction, ts is a way of avoiding the issues, people saying this is crummy place, people deserve better, bad governance. kennedy: why to we keep bad mayors. >> i wish he would go to bed carson, say, are you happy. kennedy: from baltimore who
12:34 am
denounced president today, stands next to al sharpton. >> baltimore should be prospering. no reason except what you related high crime, high property taxes. kennedy: you drive business out. >> a invert yoious circle. >> well said. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, democratic candidates, expecting softballs tomorrow in tomorrow night's debate. if you want real questions, you stay right here could our panel plays donkey i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a...
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in detroit, rock city. how much do you know about the candidates? kennedy staff dug up amazing facts, i will test participant el, time for donkey derby, woo! ♪ so many. welcome back party panel. jessica, emily, and tom shillue. look at them. woo. they are ready. i ask a series of multiple choice questions about true details, the one with most points wins, you are party people read gl ready? >> which candidate was high school track star who claims he once ran a mile in 4 minutes 37 seconds? o'rourke, sanders or, ryan.
12:40 am
here we go. they are writing. >> and. all right. jessica said beto. emily says ryan. tom says beto could you are all wrong. >> what? >> wrong. >> not bernie sanders? he was notable track star in high school. kennedy: justin bieber once called for this candidate to be thrown in jail for sponsoring a bill that would make profits from streaming illegal content a felony? klobuchar, booker --? >> she eats a salad with a comb. >> i think about that every time a get on a train.
12:41 am
kennedy: you think booker, klobuchar and you think this was -- tom shillue only one with the score. bieber said, that she should be quote, locked up whom ever she is. she needs to be locked up. >> i thought it was booker because of whoever she is, i didn't get that justin bieber would have any idea. >> he has power of the lord. >> question 3, which candidate admits to taking a nude selfie when he was high in college? o'rourke, pete buttigieg or hickenlooper. >> oh, a tough one. >> i know this one? >> you can read that? >> and will jessica taking her time. >> just righ write it down.
12:42 am
>> not pete. >> tom has, emlow, hickenlooper. >> i remember reading that. kennedy: just do this, a selfie. seared into my mind. >> question 4, which candidate arrested in 1989 for driving under the up flew in influence? o'rourke, sanders or hickenlooper. >> wow? >> this is really -- tougher than you think, soar is it. -- or is it maybe is obvious. >> you say hick. you say the "looper." that means jessica on the board. what -- tom has 3. >> that is nuts. >> i do not think there would be two hictwo -- hickenlooperss in. >> she i shia -- these is a wil.
12:43 am
>> beto arrested in 98. all right. which candidate was 287 person to join facebook. yang or pete buttigieg or gabber? >> wow. >> write them if you got them, ♪ donkey derby ♪ everyone is part of wrong. pete buttigieg is answer. he joined facebook. >> under grad. >> that makes sense. open this them first. >> he want their money. question 6. who was only candidate to fail the second grade? williams son, ryan or michael who? >> bennett. >> oh, wow. fail second grade? >> bennett, willia williamson, .
12:44 am
>ryan. >> it is michae mike bennett, hd second grade, dyslexia is -- cad him to write back wards. no one knows who he is. question 7. a great question. which candidate's last name means lord of the poultry? klobuchar? pete buttigieg? or kirsten gillibrand? ♪ lord of the poultry, here is how we do it ♪ la, lark , la, emily in second . it was pete buttigieg. in maltese, lord of the powel t-
12:45 am
>> worked as a life guard at a public pool? cory booker, bernie sanders or joe biden? >> they are taking their time? they all gotti got it right. >> i can see him. >> tom sho -- you won, did you a beautiful job. congratulation on first win on the donkey derby. >> i usually do terribly. >> you are a quiz show host does that give you a competitive edge. >> yes i've gone working out like the rock. kennedy: right you use that trivial muscle. >> that is unfair.
12:46 am
>> it is sexist, tom used his white privilege and his wiener. >> in that order. >> we know it. >> i am embarrassed. >> lord of the poultry you did not know that. >> i am not a mayor pete guy. >> now you are, we should go to his rally. >> does he have rallys? >> he probably does. thank you so much. thom, emily, jesse, topical storm is next. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need.
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kennedy: -- this day confident , first volume of lord of the ridges, fellowship of the rings, inspire a movie. it would have been twice that if any of the fans could have taken a date. pass the popcorn, don't put a hole in the bucket, this is topic one. american airline, an employee was forced to face the music. ♪ dance with somebody woo!
12:51 am
>> look at that. any baggage handler could burstt thbust afew suitcases. he. run away rumba does not have a happy ending, the man plane bacd up-this was not what pilot meant who he told them to get down, he did not get hit by plane. if you google out of it every store is about kirsten gillibrand. >> boogie down bag man is still very much alive, his best life is what he is living. like my dad said, dan like nobody is watching you, hit the flask in your jacket, i miss you
12:52 am
dad. >> mug shot monday, this week's winner fired a gun in a mcdonald's because her french fries were too cold, i am on her side so far. she got into a brawl with a employee who served her cold fries. she pulled out a gun, fired it at ceiling. police caught up to her, french fry felon arrested, for aggravated assault, charged with possession of a deadly weapon after cops found a filet o-petitiofish in her purse. >> topic 3. spirit airlines, where kids fly free but always a catch.
12:53 am
yeah people are used to lousy treatment on spirit air but making someone check their kids in the gate. you heartless bastards, truth be told he climbed on the conveyer belt, good news tsa located him, but she didn't book the rescue before they go the to airport, spirit charges her $200 finders fee, there were no physical injuries, but it hurt the kid's pride to fly spirit. people wondering where the baggage handler were? we obtained this exclusive footage, stop it ♪ don'tic -- topic 4. no shortage of controversy in new york.
12:54 am
just what you thought particular not get worse, nypd accused of fowl play. watch this, no one knows why he is running likes bill de blasio of ducks, but he had a few followers. cops wanted to study his water waterproof feathers pause of the hh20 dumped on him this summer. i'll be first to admit, this is not craziest video but after watching mets all summer, it is refresh nothing watch someone make a catch. oonwards. makers of pa blue ribbon beer, selling a hard alcohol beverage,
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pbrhard copy first new beverage. they started selling beer the same year bernie sanders graduated high school, he or shs spiked with caffeine, why order a rum punch who you can punch a police force, a case sit you back 14-99, if you are drinking pbr's in adult stood you have bigger sit backs in life, all jokes aside they do pack a punch, they pack 5 percentagecohol, they warn you, having too much could distraction you. there you go, this kid deserves a pbr for having to fly spirit. spirit does not li let drng let
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♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe
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♪yeah ♪rock guitar kennedy: it is mouth trumpet monday. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> go to twitter now. tomorrow night mike baker. video collection. (doorbell chiming) oh, hey, hi, dean. hey, hi there, uh... bob. (narrator) from the battlefield to the white house, from hollywood to the heartland, america's entertainer was bob hope. oh, this room, it's so dull and depressing tonight. if only there was some way to brighten it. oh, of course. (laughter) (narrator) he was a true patriot.


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