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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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with safeguards because this is something that should be stopped. >> that it for "bulls and bears." thank you. liz: the first of two democrat debates starting in a few hours. who staves, who goes and why. more top democrats growing increasingly anxious by the hour that the 2020 democrats represent a split party. the democrats ignoring the wake-up calls from america. america speaks. america reacting to the extreme ideas like decriminalizing border crossing. eliminating private health insurance and giving free health insurance to illegals.
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we'll give you have a reality check that bounced for them a long time ago. it's a crowded field. it's 25 candidates. we are tracking thousand joe biden and bernie sanders may be trying to under cut that 1994 crime vote they signed. to the baltimore brawl, pastors who met with the president say he's not a racist. president trump says to elijah cummings take your own oversight committee to baltimore to do oversight. the billions of dollars in federal tax money baltimore has received. we'll break it down. [♪]
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liz: president trump continuing to take jabs at the city of baltimore and elijah cummings. reporter: the president continuing to defend his harsh criticism of not only the city of baltimore, maryland but congressman elijah cummings. >> people living in baltimore are very happy i'm bringing out the fact it's like living in hell. i'm not angry at anybody. i am just saying elijah cummings has been there for 26 years. the corruption and the graph in baltimore is probably the greatest in our country or one of them. he's in charge of an oversight committee. all i'm saying is take your oversight committee and go to baltimore, you will learn a lot. >> we are seeing the president
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repeatedly push back on accusations much racism. he talked about opportunity zones and low unemployment for african-americans under his presidency. he spent a lot of time on twitter and talking about the efforts in china. he claims china wants an agreement and says they would do really well to reach it before november 2020 when he he he'll win and drive a much harder bargain. something he mentioned today, the reports last week about the slow down in the chinese economy and gdp. he's contrasting that with the u.s. economy and the soaring stock market. liz: to the second democrat debate starting in a couple hours. hillary vaughn is in detroit
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where the debate will be held. >> voters will get a chance to see the most of popular progressives in the democratic party. sanders and warren have similar policy proposals. they are also friend. but their progressive idea might get them into trouble by other candidate on stage, hoping to capitalize on the attention. one of those candidates is congressman tim ryan. >> i don't think you can care the insurance. reporter: beto o'rourke told supporters he admits there is a lot on the line tonight. he's not the only one stressed about iting big idea into their time limit.
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marianne williamson said she is, too. >> we are not going to put in a sound bite. reporter: mayor pete beaut judgr pete buttigieg has taken one of his most of controversial positions mixing salsa with ranch. he says he enjoys the player of mixing the two. congresswoman rashida tlaib was attending a protest and she was asked by reporters to comment on what's happening in baltimore. but she repeatedly dodged questions saying she is from michigan and doesn't want to comment on baltimore.
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liz: tonight's big matchup is elizabeth warren versus bernie sanders. and tomorrow is joe biden versus kamala harris. here is the question all of them are missing. it's not just who is best 0 take on trump. voters are asking which candidate best reflects what i think. great to see you, congresswoman. which candidate reflects what voters want and think, right? >> i think it's president trump myself. but he won't be on the stage tonight. the democrats are way too liberal if you ask me. liz: you are probably going to say good-bye to cory booker, klobuchar and more. this is what's happening with democrat front runners since
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1970. this is astonishing. they will have a hard time. this is what we found going on since 1969 and 1970. maybe the party has been picking the wrong candidate. democrats tend to chew up and spit out their properties runners. only three nominees, walter mondale, al gore and hillary clinton leading in the polls a year ahead of the convention. none of them went on to win the presidency. what's going on with the party? >> i don't know what's going on with the democrat party. i think they are falling apart and going way too far left. the american people do not agree with their liberal policies. we saw that in the first debate when they raised their hands saying they want to give healthcare to illegals. we have people in need. let's help our u.s. citizens first.
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that's when president trump tweeted, i won the election by the raising of hands. that's why cnn won't be doing any raising of hands. liz: then you can't clip that shot. npr-marist. the majority of americans don't want healthcare coverage for illegals. your thoughts now. let's switch gears. montana republican senator steven daynes formal lire condemned socialism. it's come to that. you need a resolution? >> i think it's smart. not only do we agree we are against socialism, we did something similar to recommit in the house as well. i think that's what this whole 2020 election is going to be
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about. that's freedom versus socialism. and i think we just need to keep saying that over and over again. i am there. i'm the boots on the ground in congress. some of these democrats are so radical, they call themselves socialists. this is not what america wants. we need to points out what the democrats are doing, what they will do to our country if we let them win. >> let's switch gears. we are seeing 107 house democrats support impeachment. senator charles schumer just said this afternoon he agrees with nancy pelosi. senator schumer is getting pressure from the third and fourth ranking senate democrat. they want to send and the inquiry into impeachment. chuck schumer says no.
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your reaction to that. >> i think nancy pelosi is politically savvy. so she is smart. i'm on the judiciary committee. that's one crazy committee where you know democrat chairman everrive nadler keeps pushing for impeachment. he's doing contempt of congress. it's ridiculous. liz: is anything new coming up from these probes? your committee is in the middle of an inquiry meaning a vote will come on impeachment. can you give us a reality check on what's going on there? >> i was there when mueller testified. nothing new came out of this. it was a failure last week for the democrats. if they don't know it, they are in bad shape. it was a total failure. i watched different news stations all over different
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channels and they lost. liz: is that just rhetoric out of jerry nadler? is what he's saying not true? they are not in the middle of a quote inquiry? what's going on. >> everrive nadler is obsessed with taking out donald trump. all this is about is the con strants drum beat to influence the 2020 election. that's what this is about and the american people need to know it. liz: there is no ongoing judiciary inquiry. >> he can call it an inquiry if he wants. he keeps doing hearings and subpoenas and contempt of congress. i don't know what he considers an inquiry. he's obsessed with taking out the president of the united states. liz: markets taking another
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breather. the nasdaq down just a bit the day before the federal reserve is expected to cut interest rates for the first time in more than a decade. even though consumer confidence hit a high. susan li has the story of on the markets. susan: we have apple back to a trillion dollar valuation. we have tim cook saying they have been making the macbook pro in the u.s. right now they want to keep the macbook repro during in the u.s. they have been talking to the trump administration about tariff exclusion. another development, they are going to launch the apple credit
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card, apple pay will start in august. that's the partnership with goldman sachs. they say you will get cash returns back if you keep using the card. guidance better than expected. and that's important. september is important when they launch those prices. they are expected to use that again. as for the cash returns. this is obviously a cash stock. $10 billion in cash on the books. at the end of this square they have been returning in this recent one. that's bigger than russia's entire stock market. we have a programming note for you. special coverage on the fed decision with an all-star cast starting at 2:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow.
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watch your wallets, watch your money tomorrow. next you have, top obama democrats warning the 2020 democrats, you are not ready to take on trump. we have a stark warning. stop falling into a political trap. you are about to blow it. bernie sanders now under fire. pro israel group slamming bernie sanders for saying yes he would cut military aid to israel if he becomes president to use it as leverage to the coerce israel to acts differently. wait all means for middle east security next. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c.
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liz: swift and brutal fallout for capital one after the bank revealed a massive security breach that affected 100 million customers. >> just days after the historic equifax settlement, we are talking about a massive data breach involving capital one.
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federal investigators arrested a hacker. we are talking 140,000 social security numbers. 80,000 bank account numbers as well as credit info, addresses, and days of birth from people and small businesses that applied for or had credit cards with the company since 2005. this person on your screen they say is to blame. they tracked her down after she posted on social media about the hack. the former amazon tech worker got into the cloud service where all the data was stored. amazon says its cloud storage wasn't compromised. a lawsuit seeking a class action status has already been filed. ed good news for customers is that capital one said none of
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the stolen info was shared or used to commit fraud in any way. still the company is offering free credit monitoring if you are worried your info has been stolen. >> remember when banks talk like that, that they know of so far. they can't define the fraud potentially going on. do you remember this moment when the 2020 democrats raised their hands saying yes we'll support free healthcare for illegal immigrants. president trump tweeted at the end of that web said that's the end of the race. let's bring in healthcare expert seth benson. that was a big moment. what was your take when you saw that? >> i was shaking my head. i don't know if i tweeted out
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anything. but i thought to myself. these democrats on stage are running like they are returning for the 14 stht congressional district of new york, not the united states of americans. liz: we are dig into polls from kaiser and more saying across the board, americans don't want what the 2020 democrats are selling. i want this -- i want to get into this. rahm emanuel. he warned 2020 democrats in an op-ed, there is a reason trump gleefully tweeted that's the end of the race. you are foreclosing and shutting the door on swing voters in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania and ohio. you are about to lose. many of us too were shake our head during the debates. he said not even ted kennedy supported healthcare coverage for undocumented immigrants.
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he said why not help the 30 million americans who are one step away from financial ruin. >> i rarely find myself agreeing rahm emanuel. but on this he's right. democrats are focusing on issues that the regular everyday american quite frankly is not concerning themselves with. americans have big hearts and want people to be taken care of. but trump won because he connected with a non-metropolitan voter. as long as the democrats continue to focus on the same things that are important in maybe congresswoman ocasio core- ocasio-cortez district. liz: support for single payer
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down 12 percentage points. democrats and independent don't want single payer. they are saying keep medicare versus single payer. keep private understand. that's what the majority of americans are saying. >> it doesn't seem like they are. they keep doubling down on this idea of free healthcare for everybody. but what most of americans realize and what i was taught when i was growing up, there is no such thing as free. at the end of the day the middle class foots the bill for anything the democrats want to give away for free. his * we have our eyes on every more stories. a disgrantled employee charged
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with two counts of murder for shooting and killing two workers in mississippi. the local police chief says the officer was saved by a bulletproof vest. to los angeles, the lapd hacked. cyber thieves stole personal info for 2,500 officers and 17,500 people applying to be officers. names stolen, partial emmyee serial numbers and computer passwords. the lapd is advising people to check your bank accounts and credit cards. ryanair saying boeing better get its act together for ryanair may
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not get the jets it needs. president trump lectures ceos from delta, american airlines and united airlines on buying airplanes from american competitors. the "wall street journal" finding rich parents transferred guardianship of their college-bound children to other locations so their parents can ally for financial aid there. many say it's the worst call ever in the nfl. this. a louisiana judge ordering nfl commissioner roger goodell and three officials from the nfc title game to be questioned under oath about that controversial no call that
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helped the l.a. rams beat the saints to go on to the super bowl where they lost to the patriots. america speaks with on far left positions on the border and more. we have the polls to show americans don't like what the democrats are selling. we'll fact check the democrat candidates and what they say about the trump economy. bernie sanders saying the working class is decimated under trump. we are on that story coming up. d the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument, but this... this is my forte. obviously, for auto insurance, we've got the wheel route. obviously. retirement, we're going with a long-term play. makes sense. pet insurance, wait, let me guess... flea flicker. yes! how'd you know? studying my playbook? yeah, actually.
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liz: the south korean military says north korea fired several projectiles. this was after south korea fired off short-range missiles. should the u.s. be alarmed. >> i think south korea is
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alarmed. so far the pro joke tiles are unidentified. but this is -- the projectiles are unidentified. liz: at tucson international airport, a man was arrested for allegedly trying to join isis. the president tweeted somali refugees arrested in tucson on way to he equip. >> isis isn't defeated. islamists and people who want to conduct attacks against the west think they can join isis to do just that. it's great we have undercover intel officers and law
6:32 pm
enforcement and the fbi to go after people who want to join isis. it's timely and americans should remain vigilant. isis isn't defeated. we simply knocked down buildings in iraq and syria. they are alive and well. liz: bernie sanders said he would cut aid to israel to get them to change. >> you have been critical of netanyahu and the israeli government. we give a lot of aid to israel. would you use that aid to get leverage? >> absolutely. i believe the people of israel have the right to live in peace, independence and security end of discussion. that's what i for verntly believe. but i think what has happened under recent years, you have an extreme right-wing government
6:33 pm
with many racist tendencies. liz: your reaction to that. >> this is another indication bernie sanders won't be president. this kind of rhetoric and posturing. i understand that leverage, i understand the diplomatic engagement. israel isn't necessarily the country bernie should be focused on in denying u.s. favor. we heard bernie sanders talk about reentering the iran deal, and if he became president and if he was re-elected in the second term of his presidency, he with put a war head on a ballistic missile. i think bernie needs to look at the region differently. israel is not at the core of problems in the middle east it's iran. bernie has had you favorable
6:34 pm
word for iran. bernie sanders is wrong on those issues. liz: let's watch how rashida tlaib dodged jake tapper's question why she is favoring a boycott and sanctions against israel, but not egypt or saudi arabia for human rights violations. >> why focus on just israel. why not call for sanctions against other countries where you might have issues such as pakistan, or saudi arabia. >> absolutely. if there was a boycott around saudi arabia i would be the first to sign up for it. liz: she is saying i'm going to wait until a boycott exists. ways your take on that reaction? >> i heard what she said that israel exists at the expense of the israeli people of.
6:35 pm
where the palestinian authority wouldn't be able to line their poarkts if they settle for a peace agreement. when it comes to saudi arabia i heard tlaib say what about saudi arabia when we talk about iran's behavior in the strait of hormuz. iran is a dedicated enemy, and israel an ally we need in the region. bernie sanders is wrong on all three issues. liz: we are going to fact check the 2020 democrats. this time they are going on their earlier tough on crime positions. sanders was tough on crime in the past. yes, he was. we'll ask whether cnn will ask bernie if he wants to give prisoners, including the boston bomber sitting on death row the
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>> people in baltimore are happy i'm bringing out the fact it's like living in hell. the most of unseat city in our country is baltimore. it receives billions of dollars. there is no strategy it's very simple. and elijah kusming is in charge of it. he ought to take his oversight committee and park them in ball moral and find out what happened to the $15 billion. liz: that was president trump talking about baltimore and elijah cummings of baltimore. >> he went on to just remind us that he cares about all
6:41 pm
americans. we all believe the same, that's something the president has said, one race, one human race. but he absolutely is not a racist. >> i don't think president trump is a bad person. he's working very hard. i asked if he was willing to work with elijah cummings to bring relief to the people of baltimore? liz: sylvester, what is your take on all of this? >> thank you for having me. the president is not a racist. i'm an african-american man who grew up in the rural south. i know what racism is. i have seen white only signs. i felt the sting of the n word. this is a man who always had close alliances with african-americans. he said this week he and reverend al sharpton used to attend boxing matches together. no racist would be seen hanging out with al sharpton.
6:42 pm
this is as man who worked hard to improve our country and he has had success. unemployment among african-americans is at an historic low during this presidency and he's worked for prison reform. when you hear african-american leaders talking about our most critical issue ofs it's the area of houses. so he appointed dr. ben carson. it's disgusting political gamemanship to call him a racist. liz: the president, his supporters say, he's talk about stewardship of our inner cities. we are seeing estimates from $9 billion to $16 billion. it went from federal aid, taxpayer money went into baltimore last year. the president -- baltimore officials are saying the
6:43 pm
president is wrong there. what's your reaction to all of that? >> well, again, this whole concept of racism doesn't mean anything in america today. the word has been overused to the point that people are desensitized to it. if you look at the facts the mayor of baltimore had to resign as a result of the corruption probe. despite the tens of millions that have come into the city, we are not seeing the progress we would like to see in the city of baltimore. the president attacked representative cummings who is the long-term representative of baltimore. what else the congressman's most of distinctive achievement as a member of congress? i can't think one, and i have been following him for 25 years. president trump has passed the most of die ma'amic tax reform in recent memory. he's working to free the hip hop artist named a$ap rocky from a
6:44 pm
swedish jail. and promising to provide his own funds to pay the bill if a$ap rocky didn't pay up. president trump isn't a racist. he's someone who keeps his promises and he doesn't fold up when attacked. liz: people are saying he's cutting into the program to help sources like baltimore. the president says there is fraud in those programs. what's your reaction to that criticism? >> i think that's the same criticism liberals throw at all of us conservatives. those of us who believe the way you provide economic vitality to people on the lower end of the economic strata is by making the pie bigger. not giving you have the slices to the few that have a little
6:45 pm
bit of pie. we believe in supporting small business and lowering taxes. we believe the way to get people out of generational poverty is a job and economic opportunity, not food stamps, vouchers and those ills that have held people who look like me down in the trap of generational poverty for decades. so a conservative approach which the path has espoused and the president has promoted and the president has succeeded to implement like the tax reform. those are the keys to getting people out of poverty. in the more food stamps. liz: the 20 democrats' disconnect. the debates tonight. will questions be asked about healthcare for illegals. and flieght face of all polls showing americans don't want it. we have the story of a
6:46 pm
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liz: who will be the 2020 democrat willing to enforce the bored and break away from the democrat field? let's take it up with republican north dakota senator kevin cramer. the democrats are talking about the biggest liberalization of border laws in u.s. history. more than the relaxing policies lbj signed in 1965. >> it will be interesting to see who will stand up. but i don't expect them to stand up much before the presidential debates season is over. the democratic debate season is over. the challenge they have is the every four-year challenge. how can i go as far rest as possible to gain the nomination
6:51 pm
while still having enough credibility in the general election. i am concerned they are going off the cliff. liz: 2/3 of americans told npr-marist that they don't want health coverage for illegals and they don't want the weakening of the border. and they don't want to decriminalize the border. senator, i want your reaction to this. joe biden and bernie sanders both voted yes on the 19 -- the 1994 tough on crime bill. >> when you have a large bill with many features tonight, you have to make a choice. no, i'm not happy i voted for it, it's a terrible vote. but i'm happy i was honest with the people of my state.
6:52 pm
liz: biden voted for that bill in 1994. he pardoned five individuals. your reaction to joe biden and bernie sanders. >> you have maybe something part of why i think joe biden maintains a lead over the rest of the pack isn't just because he has the best name recognition. he appears to be a traditional democrat that the democratic party used to know. one that stands up for law and order and the rule of law. i think joe biden maintains a lead not because he's brilliant but because he's joe. he represents that more middle ground moderate democrat who is ignored by the party operatives and the media, someone everyone
6:53 pm
is pandering to. i think joe biden's success rests on him maintaining a middle ground that's not just electable. but would be the better president of the bunch. coming up. we'll fact check the 2020 democrats and what they are saying about the economy and talk can it down. that story next. most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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>> the new poll says nearly half, 48% of voters feel that 2020 candidates from the democrat side would take the country in the wrong direction. for reaction, let's get to grover norquist. your take on that. >> well, they've almost all come out for abolishing the republican-trump tax cut. that could cost the average american family of four 2,000 dollars every year. that's not a good start. the democrats are attacking an economy that's growing, income that's going up, unemployment that's at historic lows for all demographic groups. and when the democrats say they're going to change direction, that scares people. it's understandable. >> elizabeth warren will say the middle class is failing, bernie sanders says the middle class is
6:58 pm
decimated. sanders admits he's going to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for single pair. what dpayer.what do you say to ? >> the problem is since the republican tax cut passed there's been one april 13th where people got to look and see that they got lower taxes and there will be one more before the november election for everybody to take a lack at how much you paid under the republican tax cuts in 2019, 2020 and compare that to eight years of obama, how much you paid then. so people will be able to tell what actually happened to their own families. >> you know, grover, what's really interesting, polls showing, including one from fox news, that more than half of americans like how the president is handling the u.s. economy. here's the big thing that everybody needs to know about. this country is only ever had five incumbent presidents who ran for reelection and then lost. it's because their economies were bad and recession. we're talking taft, hoover,
6:59 pm
ford, carter and george h.w. this is a booming economy. how do you see this playing out for the democrats trying to beat trump? >> it's a challenge for them. the democrats are making two mistakes 37 one is grabbing every left wing idea and george mcgovern did not do well in 1972. that was a while ago. and then they're making the mistake that walter mondale made in '84 saying i'm going to raise your taxes and he carried one state. taking every left wing idea available and promising to raise taxes does not win an election. >> and the jobless states are trending down. >> good news. >> come back soon. >> thank you. thank you for having us in your homes. we hope we helped you tonight. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next on the fox business network.
7:00 pm
have a good evening. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the trump administration today resumed trade talks with china. president trump telling china at the same time, their best chance of a strong trade deal is right now. the radical dimms in california love to hate our president. especially their governor gavin newsom. today he signed into law a bill that would require president trump to release five years of his tax returns or else. we'll take up the depth of the radical dimms hatred of our president here tonight. and president trump says his supporters are growing, his base expanding because he has


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