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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 31, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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instagram @loudobbstonight. we look forward to seeing you here tomorrow evening. good night from new york. lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your tom stories. democrats divided in detroit as progressives push for medicare for all and moderates call their plans fairytale promises. we are breaking down the heated exchanges and major moments from the second round of the 2020 primary debates. cheryl: it is d-day for the fed. will powell and company give in to president trump's unrelenting pressure to cut rates more than expected? could a large cut be on the table? what you need to know about today and what promises to be the biggest fed decision we have seen in years. lauren: parents going to extreme to keep their kids cache in someone else's care.
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why privacy experts are telling them to think twice. cheryl: and how the hollywood crowd's crusade could be fueling the he global climate threat. it is wednesday, it is july 31st. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ cheryl: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: let's take a look at how your money is moving this morning as we await the fed's decision on interest rates, a quarter point cut is highly anticipated today. the dow is higher by 74 points in the premarket, s&p up by 6
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and a quarter, the nasdaq is up by 32. lauren: on this final day of the month of july, we do get that key decision from the fed. the 10 year treasury yield, 2.05%. cheryl: as tensions in iran continue, no end in sight right now with destroyers sitting in the waters off the coast there, $58.34 is the latest read on oil. lauren: in asia, the shanghai composite losing two-thirds of a percent after the third month of factory order contraction and all eyes on the hang seng, down 1.3% overnight. the market closing early as a tropical storm approaches. cheryl: in europe there is pressure on u.k. stocks as fears that the company is going to crash out of the eu this october ramped up. the ftse is in the red. the cac apdax ar and dax are hi. lauren: the debates, 10 candidates took the stage in detroit last night for the second democratic presidental primary debate, among the t hot
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topics, medicare for all and immigration. cheryl: hillary vaughn has all the details. >> reporter: if last night voters were preparing to see how a pair of progressives were different, well, they didn't get to see much. most of the night warren and sanders were teaming up against moderates who picked apart progressive policies like medicare for all, free college and the green new deal. congressmanjohn delaney has experience in the healthcare industry. he told sanders that sanders' plan as it is won't pay for itself because medicare pays 80% of the cost, private insurance subsidizes the rest of the 20%. so without private insurance there isn't anyone to cover the extra cost of medicare for all. >> i've done the math. doesn't add up. >> maybe you did that and made money out of healthcare. our job is to run a nonprofit healthcare system. furthermore, when we say
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$500 billion a year, by ending all of the incredible complexities that are driving every american crazy, trying to deal with the health insurance companies, they will be better off. >> you have a chance to respond. >> the math is wrong. that's all i'm saying. >> the question is why do we have to be so extreme. why can't we give everyone healthcare as a right and allow them to have choice. i'm starting to think this is not about healthcare, this is an anti-private sector strategy. >> we're going to move on. >> reporter: warren and sanders support decriminalizing illegal immigration and guaranteeing healthcare to undocumented immigrants. some critics on the stage said that plan to decriminalize border crossings illegally would incentiveize people to do so. >> a sane immigration system needs a sane leader and we can do that without decriminalizing, providing healthcare for
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everyone. >> and it matters, if we say our law is that we will lock people up who come here seeking refuge, who come here seeking asylum, that is not a crime. >> if you want to come into the country, you should at least ring the doorbell. >> reporter: tonight another 10 candidates take the stage including former vice president joe biden and senator kamala harris. lauren and cheryl. lauren: so much to watch, hillary. thank you for that recap. we'll have much more of the big moments and what to expect for round two tomorrow, later this hour. cheryl: well, our other top story, it is the day investors have been waiting for, it is decision time for the federal reserve. the central bank led by chairman jay powell widely expected to lower short-term rates by a quarter percentage point for the first time in a decade. this move seen as a proactive step amid uncertainties, whether it's trade tensions or a slowing global economy or low inflation. president trump who has attacked the central bank time and time
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again for not cutting rates sooner called on the fed to take action. >> i would like to see a large cut and i'd like to see it immediately, quantitative measures stopped. cheryl: a programming note, fox business is going to have special coverage of the fed's decision with charles payne and he's got his all-star panel, today, 2:00 p.m. eastern time. lauren: we're learning more now about the woman accused of hacking into more than 100 million credit card accounts at capital one and stealing personal information. she showed strange behavior that she was responsible for online. the wall street journal reports that the 33-year-old, page thompson, bragged about her accomplishments and shared struggles about her problems in her personal life, even mourning the loss of her cat. she is a former worker at amazon's cloud decision. the bank tells fox news that every current and previous capital one customer and anyone
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who has applied for a credit card at capital one could also be affected by the hack. cheryl: a senate panel is holding a hearing this morning on the federal aviation administration, particularly oversight of the agency. the senate appropriations committee expected to discuss the future of the boeing 737 max. the max has been grounded since march after crashes that killed nearly 350 people. boeing last week posted its largest ever quarterly loss. lauren: tariffs are mentioned in many of the conference calls held by these major corporations reporting their quarterly results. in fact, treasury secretary steve mnuchin and robert lighthizer are in shanghai, china right now for day two of talks with top chinese officials as president trump is ratcheting up pressure on china to quickly reach a deal. cheryl: jessica stonies at the white house with more. good morning, jessica. >> reporter: lauren and cheryl, both sides really taking a
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harder position as they are going into these talks. we're now in day two of those talks and this was the first time they got back to the negotiating table since may when talks broke down. going into these talks we've seen beijing take a harder position too. let me put up a piece of chinese state media for you. quote, if washington still holds the illusion that beijing will cave in and compromise on issues to reach a deal, then no deal is fine. china will always find a way to withstand any pressure. and here's what president trump said on tuesday. >> china is dying to make a deal with me. but whether or not i'll do it, it's up to me. it's not up to them. >> reporter: the president continuing to make the argument that the u.s. economy is strong and getting stronger while the chinese economy is slowing down. he's also giving his team negotiating room by saying china would love to wait until after the november 2020 election to finalize a deal. but i talked to an industry source who says the real test is whether we see an announcement of the chinese purchases of u.s.
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farm goods. that's the expected outcome and remember of course that the president felt that he had been promised those purchases in japan in exchange for holding off on tariffs and easing up on huawei. the purchases have not been made. that same industry source also tells me that the chinese governmengovernment has startedg the expectations for the chinese public there will be more purchases of u.s. farm goods in conjunction with previous promises made to the united states and has started talking about giving washington tariff relief. that seems to be read by analysts here as a sign that beijing is willing to budge. back to you. cheryl: jessica, thank you. well, we should add that sony is warning its playstation consoles are going to be more expensive if the trump administration goes ahead with higher tariffs on additional chinese made products. sony said it would ultimately damage the u.s. economy. lauren: as hong kong takes a tougher stance to try to restore
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order after weeks of protests, authorities have charged 44 people with riots, an offense that can carry a multiyear prison sentence. the demonstrations began over a month ago. sentencing is scheduled for september. cheryl: north korea launched more missiles. lauren: move provocation, maybe the sanctions are truly working. tracee carrasco with the details. hillary.tracee: the country fio short range ballistic missiles early this morning, the second weapons test in under a week. it seems that the kim regime is trying to add pressure to the u.s. as nuclear talks have stalled. president trump is marking world war ii anniversary with the trip to poland. the trip is planned for late august to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of world war ii. president trump telling reporters he looks forward to the visit and might also go to denmark. jeffrey epstein returning to court today.
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lawyers for the accused child sex trafficker and prosecutors are expected to recommend a schedule for the case to address the biggest issues including an actual trial date. this will be his first court appearance since being found injured in his jail cell with injuries to his neck. and sears retirees could be getting short-changed. the bankrupt retailer terminated the life insurance plan for former workers. they are now being offered a payout of just $135 each. a far cry from the $5,000 to $14,500, the 29,000 retirees were supposed to receive and that's what's happening now. lauren: thank you very much, tracee. cheryl: let's the take a look at futures on -- do we say it enough. it's fed day, decision day. we are expecting -- markets are expecting a quarter point cut. but look, if this is the biggest fed decision in years and we think it is, are policy makers do you think going to cave to
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the president? dow is up 79 in the premarket, nasdaq, s&p as well are higher. if they cave to the president, what does that mean for the markets? is a large rate cut actually needed? maybe more than a quarter point. we shall see. is romance dead? the interest reasons why millennials say they cannot find love. you're watch -- can't find love. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ i will never say never. ♪ i will fight. ♪ i will fight to forever. ♪ t to be in this geico commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. uh-huh, where's the camel? "mr. big shot's" got his own trailer. ♪ wheeeeeee! believe it!
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only from fidelity. lauren: how annoying is it when you go to a web page and there's auto play videos. a republican p senator introduced a bill that would ban adaddictive social media featur. ithe trade group, internet association, firing back. it says tech companies regularly invest in tools to promote healthy online experiences. cheryl: our next guest says he expects the federal reserve will cut rates one more time this year. let's bring in milton israti, chief economist. good morning. >> pleasure to be here. cheryl: you're expecting a quarter point today? >> yeah, i think that's standard and it's probably right. cheryl: what about the other rate cut you're expecting? i've seen a lot of the banks coming out with notes saying
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they expect three cuts this year and this would be the first. >> i think they're getting their hopes and expectations confused. they would like to see three cuts. they would like to see more than that. but i think the fed's going to be very cautious on this and taking my cue from powell's comments early in june when he explained why he was moving toward cuts and i think the fed will do one again after this, unless we sign a deal with china and then there might be no cuts afteat all after this one. cheryl: does the economy really tell us we need a rate cut right now? there was a op ed in the wall street journal that addressed this issue yesterday, saying it doesn't make sense if the economy is strong. we're at 2.1% gdp for the second quarter. the last time we had a rate cut, 2008, gdp was negative 0.1. and we're at 2.1 now and unemployment is at historic lows. back then, unemployment was at i think 6%. so the just a just justificatios
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different this time. >> powell is concerned about two things. one is that the trade war with china will affect the economy down the road so that the second quarters is less relevant in that he respect. the other thing i think he's worried about is fears over trade wars will start affecting things. one of the things we noticed in the second quarter, and i'm taking exception to what the wall street journal said, but one of the things we noticed in the second quarter was that there was weakness in housing and weakness in capital spending. those are very heavily influenced by expectations. the consumer is gratifying herself or himself immediately. that was the strength in the economy. i think the fed is right to be proactive here but if we sign the deal, then all these fears dissipate and the fed won't need any further rate cuts. cheryl: another thing we're watching is the effect of brexit, not just the u.s.-china trade war which is something we
5:18 am
expect him to talk about today. we saw pressure on our markets thanks to europe yesterday and a lot of that was coming out of the u.s u.k. and worries what ad brexit would do to the global economy, our markets. is that something you think that he'll address today? and what do you think his stance will be, they're watching and waiting? >> i think you're right, they're watching and waiting. i think he'll keep it mostly on the united states and the trade situation. i don't know if he'll mention the trade r war. i think that's on his mind and other governors of the fed. i think there's a concern we can't go it entirely along and if the global economy, the rest of the world is in trouble, the united states will need support, not necessarily today, but will need support. cheryl: well, we'll see if we get at least a quarter point of support later today. milton, thank you for being here. >> thank you. cheryl: folks, be at home, be watching, you'll want to tune in, special coverage today of the fed's decision.
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we've got charles payne and his all-star panel. maria bartiromo will be there, mr. varney, mr. dobbs, mr. cavuto, 2:00 p.m. eastern time. lauren: let's take a look at how your money is moving, all major averages up at least 2 and a quarter percent on the month. dow is up 79, nasdaq gaining almost 34 and the s&p is jumping 7 points this morning. coming up, apple beating expectations in its latest earnings but as it spends money to move beyond the iphone, is apple becoming victim to its own growing costs? and nothing hugs a tree better than a private jet. how climate concerned celebs are letting their hypocrisy shine. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
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♪ is it too late now to say sorry. ♪ because i'm missing more than just your body. cheryl: well, some celebrities have a lot to say about climate change but they are not sorry about how they could be fueling the problem. the cr creators of google invitd the world's rich and famous to an italian resort to talk about climate change. presidenformer president obama,e harry, katy perry, heading to the sea side for a mega party in their private jets and their mega yachts. the new york post estimates about 100,000 kill low grams of c o2 will be released into the air by the tree-hugging celebs. lauren: wow. what an invite. okay. let's talk about apple because they reported last night better than expected numbers including
5:24 am
a rise in revenue, $53.8 billion, this news, check out the shares, they're up 4.3% in the premarket. watch the level, 217, 75. if we hit 220 a share this will be a $1 trillion company. let's bring in gus gecko, he joins us now. gus, good morning. is this the comeback quarter apple needed? >> yes, it is. i believe it is. you're looking at a company that did better than expected in terms of iphone sales. the outlook is better. they're conservative in terms of what they look at, in materials of the outlook. you're looking at better sales looking forward and going into a 5g push in terms of new phones rolling out. lauren: i know the iphone sales were better than expected but they're still down, down 12%. >> yes. lauren: apple has been able to grow its revenue in basically every other segment that it competes in to make up for that. is that a good strategy going forward?
5:25 am
>> yes. the ecosystem itself is building. so the sales were better than expected but below what it was last year. you ended up having less than 50% of sales are coming from other sources. so the apple watch and really it's the software, the stuff that's going through the different products. so whether it's your iphone, looking at my apple watch, other things that are going on, but they're investing in those areas. lauren: $4.3 billion is what they're investing on research and development. i know it doesn't sound like a big number but for apple it is. are you okay with how much they're dedicating to advancing beyond the iphone. >> yes, because they're going into apple tv. that's going to tie everything together. software, this went from nothing and it's going to end up being something in the neighborhood of 25 to $30 billion over a short period of time. lauren: ge reports today. investor% looking for two things in my view, the cash drain and any issues on what boeing suggested was a problem with the ge engine from some of boeing's newest planes. what do you expect to hear. >> i think larry culp has done a
5:26 am
good job. he's reducing debt. they're looking at margins of that's going to be a big thing in the aviation and other industrial areas. in terms of what you're talking about on the jet, one of the things that was happening was too much thrust. not to get into the weeds but we're looking at can they make an adjustment. i think ge is one of the top engine producers in the world. if you go past the facilities in ohio, you can see they're running on double and triple shifts. business may not be as robust as it could have been because of some of the things that are holding up boeing, but i think things are really good. lauren: the stock's up 44% this year. >> you're betting on management and larry culp did a fantastic job at danaher and now he's at at ge. cheryl: americans are taking more and more drastic measures to help kids attend college. there's the college admissions scandal and we also told you about a trend where parents are giving up guardianship of their kids to help them get financial
5:27 am
aid. are the schools doing enough to help students, to warrant these kind of extremes. tucker carlson spoke to peter teal who says no. >> if elite colleges were educating people, if harvard and stanford were educating people and giving them a great education, they should double or triple the enrollment. the closest analogy to business i can come up with is that it's something like the studio 54 nightclub. you have an incredibly long line outside, only a few people get in and the value comes from being exclusionary. they're not inclusive. they're exclusionary. that's where the value comes from. >.if you think about it as the stanford or yale or hai harvard, studio 54 nights club you're running, it's good for the prestige of the students, maybe it's bad for morals but it
5:28 am
doesn't deserve a tax exemption. cheryl: teal pointed out that schools like harvard and other ivy league names should be first to lose their tax exempt status. lauren: let's check the action on wall street this morning. we have an up market ahead of the fed's decision on rates. will we see the first cut since 2008, over a decade, up ahead of that. quarter point gains for the dow and s&p, nasdaq up almost half a percent this morning. still ahead, hands were waving, people were yelling at the second democratic debate in the motor city last night. we're going to show you the good, the bad and the ugly in a bit. and how gavin ne newsome is goig after president trump ahead of the 2020 election. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ it's known around the world at
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lauren: a lot of fireworks on round two, night one of the democratic debates. watch. >> it will finally include dental care, hearing aids and eye glasses. >> you don't know, that bernie. >> welcome to you in a second. >> i do know. i wrote the damn bill. >> if we're going to force americans to make radical changes they're not going to go along. throw your hands up. >> i will. >> i can do i. but you haven't implemented the plan. >> that is criminal activity, that cannot be allowed to continue. >> thank you, senator sanders. your response? >> i didn't say we couldn't get there until 2040, bernie. you don't have to yell. >> i don't think the democratic party should be surprised that so many americans believe yada, y a ada, yada. >> democrats win when we run on things that are workable. >> i don't understand why anybody goes to the trouble of
5:33 am
running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for. lauren: all right. let's bring in attorney and republican strategist, jonathan madison, along with former obama administration appointee, steven cob. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having us. lauren: healthcare a major topic. i want to ask you, jonathan, first, were you satisfied with how elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are going to pay for medicare for all and also how does that work in union, michigan? >> first of all, not at all. i think there was a moment that was self-explanatory last night when congressman delaney fairly moderate democrat made a point that you can't just take healthcare away from 180 million americans in place of this medicare for all proposal by bernie sanders. you can't just do that. delaney, by the way, is the only person who has real healthcare
5:34 am
industry experience. and elizabeth warren's response to that was, well, that's a republican talking point. [ laughter ] and so i think you have some real concerns when you have candidates calling these things that are very common sense a republican talking point. it's not a talking point. it's actually reality. and i think you see the real divide there. lauren: steven, same question to you. >> well, i think the real winner last night was for the moderate mainstream democrat, people like governor steve bullock, delaney, hickenlooper, clop char klobuche who talked about common sense proposals where they think they can get bipartisan support and move the country forward in a progressive direction. i think besides the cheers and the foes cuss and the amount of time spent with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, it was that volume of candidates taking the mantel from the center of the product that spoke loud and
5:35 am
true. lauren: i kind of expected as we fight for the soul of the democratic party here, i thought there would be a food fight between senator sanders and senator warren, who is the more progressive. but that didn't happen. they complimented each other. it seemed to be everybody else versus them. >> it was kind of like us versus the world in terms of progressives, because everybody else had something else to say that differed and you kind of saw elizabeth warren backing bernie sanders and bernie kind of backing warren. so they were hand in hand there. lauren: who do you think won, steven? if we look at how much they got to say, total talking time went to elizabeth warren with over 18 minutes. the most searched candidate, for instance, on google trends would be marianne williamson. yet she got some of the fewest, got about nine minutes to speak. what do you make of those trends? >> well, i think one of the happiest people has to be governor steve bullock.
5:36 am
it was his first time on the stage. i think he hammered home his point which is that he's a progressive democrat who won in a trump state. obviously, elizabeth warren appealed to her base and i imagine that both she and bernie sanders' numbers will continue to remain steady after last night. it's going to be interesting to see kind of where that larger bulk of the party really in the center continues to gravitate after two nights of debates. lauren: jonathan, tonight we have the big matchup between joe biden and kamala harris. but is there a -- do you have an issue with the way the dnc structured the debates and a lot of people want to see sanders or warren going up against harris and biden. >> absolutely. i mean, there's definitely a motive here and i think that you're seeing this for a reason, every candidate matched up against the candidates they're with. i look forward to seeing what
5:37 am
joe biden has to say tonight. i think he's going to do exceptionally well in comparison to his prior debate. lauren: is he going to take the gloves off? >> i think it's time. remember, he's a former vice president. he was vetted. he's done these debates in the past. i think he's going to come out swinging. lauren: jonathan madison, steven cob, we have to leave it there. thank you for waking up with us, gentlemen, and staying up late. >> thanks for having us. cheryl: the governor of california wants to force president trump to hand over his tax returns. gavin newsom signed a law that requires presidential candidates to submit five years of tax returns in order to get on the 2020 ballot in that state. in a statement, president trump's attorney said, quote, the state of california's attempt to circumvent the constitution will be answered in court. lauren: president trump is praising a federal judge for dismissing a dnc hacking lawsuit. democrats suing the 2016 trump
5:38 am
campaign and wikileaks, claiming they worked with russia to steal committee materials. the judge found no wrong-doing. president trump said it's another toe call complete vindication and exoneration. cheryl: facial recogniz recogo longer -- facial recognition is being rolled out at summer camps, schools, even youth sports tournaments. despite the growing popularity of facial recognition, privacy experts and politicians are calling on parents and school districts to maybe think twice because this use of the technologies involves kids and it could be used against them later in their life. it may not be used for exactly what the summer camps are hoping it is and that could be dangerous. lauren: your children's biometrics stored somewhere. futures are looking pretty good as we await the fed.
5:39 am
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the 15 seconds of fame.
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the foul ball. but the most important moment, happens when we all stand together. stand up with us. [voice of eunice kennedy shriver] the right to play on any playing field? you have earned it. the right to hold a job? you have earned it. the right to study in any school? you have earned it. the days of separation and segregation are over. [cheering.]
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cheryl: a federal judge has overturned the irs donor disclosure rule that was added by the trump administration. lauren: tracee carrasco is here with the details. tracee: good morning. montana governor and democratic presidential candidate steve bullock sued the irs over the rule that limited the information that politically active nonprofit groups needed to provide the government including lists of donors. the change had been hailed by conservatives but democrats had been voicing opposition to the rule since it was released last july by the irs and treasury department. and warning, planes could be hacked. a security alert has been issued by the department of homeland security focused on small aircraft. there are concerns that the modern flight systems are vulnerable to hacking. the alert warns that an attacker with physical access to the aircraft could attack the device that could be used to inject false data, resulting in incorrect readings in equipment. the false readings could include data crucial to piloting the
5:43 am
plane. speaking of planes, a tight fit on an airplane, a passenger boarding a southwest flight from nashville to atlanta, there it is, you can see on your screen, falsa flight attendant was talkg with passengers from the small compartment, the overhead bin. southwest issued a statement saying employees are known for demonstrating sense of humor and unique personalities. the airline said crews always maintain safety as their top priority. and boldly go where no wine has gone before. wine bed rock introducing star trek wines, just in time for the new cbs all access series, star trek pakard. fans will remember that sh chatu pakard was the family winery of general pakard. they will be available
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exclusively at sta that's what's happening now. lauren: back to the flight attendant. i can't believe she was able to find an overhead bin that she could go in. tracee: how did she get up there. lauren: they're always so packed. cheryl: when i was a flight attendant, we used to hide in there and scare passengers. lauren: no you didn't. cheryl: yeah, yeah. lauren: i want the hear more about that. cheryl: another day. let's talk about global markets right now and get you caught up on global market action. as you can see, u.s. stock futures are in the green, because it is fed day and that's all we can talk about. the dow is up 70, s&p is up 5 and-a-half, and as you can see, the nasdaq in the green as well. over to asia, there's worries about the u.s.-china trade situation and that things are in jeopardy. the tweets from the president kind of adding to that. red across the board. european stocks are higher ahead of the federal reserve's rate decision today, except for the ftse which is down almost half a percent.
5:45 am
that was a big story yesterday as well. kneel wilson -- neil wilson is here now. let's takee about this in particular. what we saw yesterday was pressure on u.s. markets because of what's happening in europe and boris johnson and the concerns about a crash out of the european union in october and the pound is getting pummeled today. what's going on? >> it is, yeah. good morning. well, the pound's just been sold off in the last couple of days really because of the no deal fears. we've had government ministers over the weekend on sunday and then on monday really laying down the gauntlet to the eu and saying we're happy to leave without a deal. and we've seen as a result of that the market reacted and is pricing in a greater chance of a no deal exit. and while that's bad for the pound and we have seen the pound really sink to lows it's not been at since early 2017, it's actually been a bit ofs positive for the ftse so we've seen the
5:46 am
stock market l rally because of that. cheryl: fed decision, we're expecting a quarter point. how crucial is that for europe today? >> yeah, it's huge. we expect a quarter point cut. we also expect that the fed will need to signal that it's prepared to ease a bit more. we've got 100 basis points of cuts priced into the market over the next 12 months. if the fed doesn't deliver on that, the market could be on the ropes again. cheryl: neil. thank you for being here. lauren: coming up, a cincinnati reds player goes out swinging and not just his bat. we'll show you the bench clearing brawl against the pirates. and team usa women's soccer team still basking in the recent victory. why is one team member now stepping down? keep it here on "fbn: a.m.."
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5:50 am
cheryl: we're getting breaking news, troubling news following two fatal crashes of boeing 737 max. the wall street journal is just now reporting that an internal risk analysis has shown there was a high probability that a similar cockpit emergency could happen within months after the first crash. that conclusion was made following the first crash, the lion airplane that was last year. the analysis by an faa regulator showed that, quote, it didn't take that much for a similar malfunction to occur. lauren.lauren: and they were r. severe storms threatening flash flooding across the northeast. cheryl: janice dean live in the fox weather center with the forecast. janice: cooler weather on the horizon for the northeast but with a caveat of the potential of strong to severe storms as this cold front moves through. we're going to start to see
5:51 am
showers and thunderstorms here in the new york city area later on this afternoon with a potential for a slight risk of the hail and damaging winds and heavy rainfall. so we'll watch for that and just know what to do if there's a watch or warning in your area. speaking of heavy rain, monsoon season is picking up across the southwest. so we have flash flood watches and warnings in effect in and around the phoenix area. there's your forecast today across the central u.s., fairly calm. we have the potential for stronger storms and the cold front arrives across the northeast later on this afternoon into tomorrow. back to you. lauren: thank you. cheryl: it was fight night at the reds, pirates game in cincinnati. lauren: they're not just duking out in detroit, it's on the baseball field too, jared max. jared: good morning. today, 4:00 p.m. eastern time is the baseball trade deadline. last night, in the reds pirates game, word got around the reds traded yasio tweet while he was still playing.
5:52 am
amir garrett entered the hostile game. he starts tearing at the pittsburgh pirates. look at that, 6'5" pitcher taken down by several players. cincinnati's manager sprints out. he gets in a head lock by a pittsburgh coach and then he goes at it with a rival manager who was celebrating a 62nd birthday. what awhat a bash. he earned a third ejection this season. five reds and three pirates were kicked out. twege is on his way to the cleveland indians along with a friend. cleveland's starter, trevor bower goes to cincinnati. bower's final act with cleveland, a tantrum this weekend. he threw a baseball from the pitcher's mound to the center field fence because he wasn't pitching well, a move that he was fined for. keeping with the tes testosteroe
5:53 am
filled theme this morning, friday night jackson, minnesota, tony stewart was getting heckled after a race. it was caught on camera as he punched a heckler right in the jaw. stewart is going to be inducted to the nascar hall of fame next year. now the fan had been going after his because stewart -- there you go. incidentally, hockey fights, the nhl says fighting is at record lows. lauren: that's good, right. jared: happy trails to jill ellis, the coach of the united states women's national team will step aside from her job officially in october, 102 wins, seven losses. she says for me and my family this is the right moment. lauren: going out with a bang. jared max, thank you. catch jared's sports reports on fox news headlines, 24/7 on sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: coming up, how a woman's love of cats has gotten her into trouble with the law. lauren: i'm looking at you, cheryl.
5:54 am
cheryl: it wasn't me. and the heart-breaking reason why millennials are saying they just cannot find love. ♪ when you were young. ♪ and sometimes you closed your eyes. of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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♪ ♪ cheryl: a woman is facing jail time because of her love of cats. >> this is crazy, are you kidding me? [laughter] >> woman in ohio, her neighbors move away but leaves cat behind and would go to lady's back porch, throughout the year she would keep feeding them, however neighbors began complaining them and there's an ordinance that you can't feed stray cats or dog, the judge has sentenced, she's 79 year's old 10 days in jail, who does that? cheryl: ridiculous. >> 10 days for making sure animals don't die. lauren: it is millennials and jealous they can't find love?
5:58 am
>> 30% of us millennials won't date because it's too expensive. it's very expensive to go out, people are worried about income levels before starting to date. people in their 20's still living at home. cheryl: if dating is too expensive there's another option. >> hottest accessory available right now, the boyfriend-hug speakers. [laughter] >> they are right there. bluetooth speakers in muscle suit. fear not, buy one of these, why not and it's one of the hottest things right now. lauren: why not, how about why? why not?
5:59 am
thank you very much. cheryl: thank you for watching fbn:am, mornings with maria starts right now. maria: good morning to you, happy wednesday, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday july 31st, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast to showdown in motor city, democrats going head to head last night in the economy, health care and immigration. we've got a look at top moments from last night's big debate, countdown to fed decision, expect today cut rates today first time since great recession back in 2008, of course, a look at markets and the health of the economy ahead of fed cut and apple strong third court, the stock surging this morning even as iphone sales decline, ceo tim cook said decline is good news, we will tell you what, private jets and yachts, google italian summit, focus of conversation, climate change. mornings with maria begins right now. ♪
6:00 am
♪ maria: big show this morning, fox business network dagen mcdowell wall street journal editor mat murray and cfo strategist lindsey bell. great to see you this morning. >> good morning. maria: a lot to talk about today, big night last night and big day today, top story this hour 2020 democrats facing off and sounding off in detroit, economy, jobs and trade, hillary vaughn was there, round 2, part 1 of democratic debate, she joins us live, good morning to you, hillary. >> good mor


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