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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 6, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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as well as fear, panic selling. [closing bell rings] staying course, investing in the dividend stocks. liz: mark and mike, great to have you both of you. the market closes near session highs. the dow getting a boost from disney. melissa: stocks rebounding the following the worst traying day of the year, not today. the dow snapping a five-day losing streak closing up 315 points. near session highs. i'm melissa francis. welcome back. ashley: i'm ashley webster in for connell mcshane this is "after the bell." the s&p 500 and the nasdaq both finishing in the green, bringing six-day losing streaks to an end. much better day. big move will be disney set to report quarterly results any moment. find out the numbers here first before they move the markets tomorrow. stick around. we have of course fox business team coverage.
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edward lawrence is at the white house. jackie deangelis on the floor of the new york stock exchange and grade did -- grady trimble watcg the oil and gold from the cme. edward, what is going on? reporter: labeling china a currency manipulator trigger ad process to allow the international monetary fund to mediate negotiations. these negotiations over currency though of the treasury department working on a report hassing suggestion for china to get off the list. in that report will be a few suggestions already that the u.s. would like to see the trade imbalance between china and the united states come more in line. they would like to be, see china more transparent on their exchange, how the currency exchange actually works. as well as china's reserve management operations. they want to see more transparency there. the central bank of china says they do not manipulate the currency although today the yuan stablized against the dollar.
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the administration is saying this is more than just about currency. >> decades of chinese misbehavior, decades of china not living up to its commitment, fundamentally stealing our intellectual property, engaging in forced technology transfers, discriminating against american and other foreign companies. this behavior was accepted by the united states for far too long. reporter: white house economic advisor larry kudlow says supply chains are already moving out of china and to other places. he says devaluing the currency and pumping in cash to the system is not the solution. he says you need to come to the table and have productive trade palm beach county a win for both sides. >> we're planning for the chinese to come here next month. if there is a good deal or good progress, he may reconsider some things but, similarly he is also said, there is no good deal, no progress, he may also reconsider some things on the other side. reporter: the talks are expected
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to begin again in september. you heard it there. the president could impose the 10% tariffs september 1st unless talks go well or there is progress, maybe the tariffs will just go away. ashley: maybe. edward thank you very much. let's bring in today's market panel. gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital management. james freeman here in studio from the "wall street journal." both by the way fox news contributors. gary, begin with you. what is more surprising the mets are one game over 500, or the market managed to stablize. >> stop, don't mention the mets. we can't jinx this thing. they did it in the last bottom and sent out bullets today, to state they are cutting rates in september. unless, if the market continues to dive, i expect one beforehand. intrameeting. that is what did the trick for
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markets today. i suspect this is start of a rally. i'm not sure how long it lasts but the fed is determined. they have gotten their way for a very long time. ashley: they have indeed. james, you know what? throughout the day i heard opinions on both sides who has the upper hand in this trade dispute with china. is it president trump, president xi. what is your take? >> that is the question. i still think you have to say that china has more to lose than we do. that doesn't mean it won't be painful. sort of like winning a drinking game as some have suggested. even if you beat the other guy you still end up in pretty rough shape. i think that's what we're seeing. as edward pointed out, currency manipulator status just means negotiations start. i think it is kind of a commentary on the trump era, this used to be seen as a really big deal and it's not so much anymore. this is a tough time for investors and but i think that signal from china they're not
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going to let the currency drop too far is what helped to stablize the markets today. melissa: yeah, absolutely. moving on to hong kong as protests continue to flood the streets, beijing is issuing a bold warning. a government official saying demonstrators will be held accountable, quote, those who play with fire will perish by it? oh, james, what does that mean to you? >> they're not playing with fire. it is not the playing with fire to expect the rights they have been promised to oppose arbitrary capture and detention on mainland china. so, i think they have a good case. think xi's regime is one playing the fire. if they want to break promise the government made to the entire world about hong kong and its autonomy, it wants to reject any reform, move back to liberalization that made china the second largest economy in the world, i would say the
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chinese regime is playing with fire. melissa: gary, want to go after that? that was pet well-put? >> china had deal with hong kong, one country, two systems. it was supposed to last 50 years. it is year 22. i china is backing away from it. i think this will end badly. i worry about tragedy in the streets of hong kong. i think china means business. they went as fast as they can go. ii have a sneaking position they will come back in a big way. the words are threatening. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. i think we're seeing a major change in hong kong forever. melissa: all right. ashley: a flight to safety, gold at a six-year high. grady trim pell has the details. reporter: ashley, make no mistake it was a busy day. you mentioned gold at a six-year high eight out of nine last days of the week, two weeks, really. so it's, people like ashley
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said, flocking to safety? >> it's a gold rush. we're seeing it not only on the retail investor side, we're seeing it from institutions and central banks. reporter: central banks seeing instability among political uncertainty around the world? >> we're seeing central bank buying of gold is highest it has ever been since they're keeping records. someone knows something. ashley: grady, we have breaking news. jackie with the disney results. reporter: disney missing. earnings per share, 1.75. expectation was. take a look at the stock trading down almost 5% in the after-hours session as investors are reacting to this news. we saw the market come back in late trade, as i said high hopes
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on disney today, to help with the earnings momentum, guys. back over to you. ashley: wow, that is a big miss. somewhat, sr. pricing because disney has been on a tear especially with its movie with big blockbusters. let's move on, variety business editor joining us and gary, james still here. cynthia, are you surprised by the headline numbers. >> i think very much so. everybody's seen this incredible box office run that they have had, figured that would translate into really buoyant revenues but i think it is a sign that the hard work of the 21st century fox merger which was just completed in march, the hard work putting that together, making one plus one equal more than two is really just beginning for disney. ashley: i'm trying to get into these numbers. gary, if i can bring you in studio. entertainment, 3.84 billion. it was estimated 4.39 billion. miss on media networks as well.
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what's your initial reaction? i'm surprised? >> big initial reaction is disney is usually good with guidance. this is not just a big miss. it is a gargantuan miss compared to what the norm is. i'm surprised it is not down more than 5%. disney has a big things going. "star wars" lands are open. the parks here are packed. the wait lines are three hours. believe me i've tried with my goddaughters. but look i think there is some issues on the media front. i think we have a gargantuan bubble in media how many people are involved with different companies and different streaming. you know they have now gone up against netflix. i have to look at the numbers. on the whole, not good. melissa: let me give you some details. they say in the quarter operating results at 21st century fox business reflected a loss from distribution driven by performance of the dark phoenix. charges totaling $207 million
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for severance in connection with the integration of 21st century fox parks. experience and products revenues for the quarter, increased by 7%, to 6.6 billion. james, let me ask you, i mean the parks, where all the strength is. we just did a disney adventure. entertainment was amazing but prices my god, it is like they're selling you filet mignon prices but the food is little bit like day old bread. the hotel rooms, not really what you're paying for there. i think they have a big margin. from investor point of view it is fantastic. but you look for a lot of that strength in the parks and experiences. what do you think, james? >> i was glad my kids never asked me to go there. the prices -- melissa: what did you tell them? it burned down? how did they ever ask you to go there? how did you manage that? >> i guess looking at these results, it also seems our proprietor did not make a bad
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deal. we'll say that. i also think in terms of guidance i don't know if it's a media bubble, but i think if i was a disney investor i would be asking a lot of questions about how much are you spending on the new streaming and how much are you going to be paying per episode to create new television programs? how much are you spending to create movies? i think that is something that investors do want to keep an eye on, given that you mentioned, this is a very, very crowded market now in streaming video. ashley: cynthia, we should mention we have big "star wars" event towards the end of this year, with the release of another movie. it has been a blockbuster season up until now for disney, better than last year. all of this content must spell good news for disney plus the new streaming service we've been talking about i believe starts at 6.99 a month, right? >> it does. disney plus is certainly going to be stocked with very
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highly-branded, highly marquee content. what will be challenge for disney, as they build disney plus, not only will they have to invest in a ton of high-end content but they're shifting their business model so much, they will have forego licensing revenue they would previously had, now they will show these movies on disney plus. they don't have a lot of wiggle room for misses like this. i think this is going to be a pretty big one that will reverberate for a while at a time when the company has to do a lot of investing. >> give you couple more data points. revenue in media increased 21%. to 6.7 billion. cable network revenue for the quarter increased 24%, to 4., sorry, 4.5 billion. cynthia, let me take up the other side of that because even though they will be streaming the movies on their website, that is fraction where all the
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revenue comes from, i know, because i'm forced to find so much avenger garbage, i can't believe it. we're buying more toys, shoes. "star wars," my entire paycheck goes towards things that are not the actual movie. so i don't think, maybe they're giving up the stream from selling that movie to other services, but, it is still, they have all these products all over the place. and, you know, you bring them to disney plus to watch content, the move with 21st century fox gives them more content to put in the streaming channel. it may be a bumpy ride to get to the new model but in the end, it feels like a powerhouse, where am i wrong? >> there is absolutely no question they have, the number of brands that they now have under the umbrella is truly impressive but i will say that, if you talk to disney folks, there hasn't been a real consumer products driver since
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"frozen." "frozen" was an engine drove for a couple years. so that makes for some very tough comparisons. we're seeing these big gains in revenue for the media division because that reflects coming together of disney and fox. i think these numbers will be a little lumpy until we lap the acquisition in another couple quarters. melissa: james or gary, i think back to when they bought the "star wars" franchise. i remember being on the air when the announcement was made. everyone fell over dead, how giant that number was. sort of who will get interested in that again? look how that has paid dividend. right now look at disney, you worry about maybe what is going on with the integration. could it be another moment like that? >> one thing they're magnificent at is leveraging the names and brands. they have done it mag any of sently throughout the years. i suspect they continue going forward. who knows what else they pick up
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going forward. but for me as a market guy, when i see a company like disney miss revenues for quarter, reading $1.2 billion, that's a lot. that means everybody on wall street has to lower their numbers going forward. so i think for the next quarter, we'll see a pretty weak stock. we'll see what disney has to say on guidance, and what's to come. again they have big movies coming out. they have the "star wars" lands coming out. there will be more "star wars" down the road. i think they will do fine. right now you have a little bit of an issue in the next couple quarters. melissa: all right. ashley: disney down 2.8% to gary's point. i'm surprised it is not getting hit harder. they made $8 billion so far just with the movie studio, earnings year-over-year down 28%. great stuff, guys. go ahead. melissa: defending the you'd economy. president trump's top economic advisors fighting back against the critic as trade tensions hit wall street.
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we're live at the white house with the latest. ashley: plus the president is getting ready to visit ohio and texas to comfort two american communities rocked by mass shootings that left at least 31 people dead. alveda king calling for unity in the wake of tragedy. her message to bring our country together is coming up. melissa: your privacy at risk as usual. 35,000 feet in the air. the security effort one airline is using to record footage of its pangers. you -- passengers. you want to hear this one. it is coming up. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right - by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right. with sofi.
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yup. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, save up to $600 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus no interest until january 2022 on all smart beds. only for a limited time. ashley: take another look at disney. shares falling after-hours following a big miss on earnings and revenue for the third quarter. the stock's still down, well, let's see, more than 3%. my eyes are not great these days. talking about investments in the digital portfolio, significantly outweighing the gains from the hit blockbusters like "avengers" and "toy story 4". a film cost impairment due to the performance of "the dark phoenix." earnings down year-over-year. down 28%. melissa: the white house is striking optimistic tone after stocks following the worst day of the year. blake burman on the north lawn. blake. reporter: some of the
4:21 pm
president's economic advisors going before the camera to talk up the strength of the u.s. economy as they see it. talking up a need to surround the economy with more. for example, peter navarro on fox news earlier today called for congress to take up and pass the usmca while also calling for the fed to engage in more cut in the upcoming months. >> the federal reserve before the end of the year has to lower interest rates by at least another 75 basis points or 100 basis points, to bring interest rates here in america in line with the rest of the world. we have just too big after spread between our rates and that costs us jobs. reporter: speaking with reporters on the north lawn earlier today larry kudlow said the market has been fabulous as he put it. he said days like yesterday just come and go. he pointed to the u.s. being the strongest economy in the world. >> the u.s. economy is very strong. the rest of the world is not.
4:22 pm
the last couple of month we're seeing cap-ex, durable goods, pick up at a five or 6% annual rate. so that just shows you how strong our economy is, and the jobs keep rolling in, unemployment is low. reporter: back here at the white house no public event for president trump today. melissa, the white house says the president has been getting ready for the trip tomorrow to el paso, texas and dayton, ohio, the sights of the two most recent mass shootings. the president will travel there tomorrow with the percent lady. melissa. melissa: blake burman, thank you. ashley: escalating tensions in venezuela. the white house taking bold action against the socialist regime, but is it enough to drive the country's disputed leader out of power? pull out on the world stage coming up. leaders under pressure. minimum wage hike is forcing some business owners to cut jobs, raise prices. is the law backfiring on u.s. consumers and workers? we'll talk to our good friend
4:23 pm
art laffer in nashville, former reagan economic advisor, next. ♪ cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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melissa: taking a big hit on the increase to $15 an hour for the minimum wage small business owners in new york city are cutting jobs and reducing shifts to make ends meet after the law went into effect six months ago. this was a big article in the "wall street journal." here now is art laffer, former reagan economic advisor. art, it is so amazing to me, you can easily see what is going to happen as a result of these policies and those that are pushing them don't want to believe it. in this case, it happened even faster than you would have thought. the unemployment rate just some stats for people out there, new york city, 4.3%. the rest of the state is 4%. employers have dealt with three minimum wage increases in the
4:28 pm
past three years in new york city. we have seen, i mean there are empty storefronts in every neighborhood on every avenue. they are driving mom-and-pop out of this city, between increase in taxes and then you pile on at the same time that they're paying higher taxes, so they're paying high every rent on the storefront, they raise the cost of labor, everybody is saying forget it, i'm done. what would you say to these city officials? >> i would say that the, to the mayor of new york you ought to run for president of the united states. melissa: yeah. >> you have done such a wonderful job in your city. you're such a qualified, competent person. the united states needs you, we need more unemployment, need more empty shops. i'm just joking with you, melissa. the point we all know what happens when you raise the minimum wage. we know what happens when you raise taxes. i never heard of an economy being taxed into prosperity. new york city is on cusp of along the line, detroit,
4:29 pm
chicago, these others. it will happen, believe me it will. de blasio has a bad philosophy about economics. he is just an angry man, raising the minimum wage is the best way of hurting the poor, the minorities, disenfranchised that you can think of. what happens, these people no longer worth it for their jobs. they go unemployed or businesses have to raise prices or they substitute capital for low-wage workers or they somebody statute higher wage workers, for lower wage workers, it works to the detriment ever the poor and minorities, disenfranchised. that is happening in new york, san francisco, seattle. the it is sad and the story is the same everywhere. melissa: in my neighborhood there was a butcher in his shop 35 years. he was so upset between the increase in rent, increase in taxes, went out of business two blocks away. a restaurant packed every night, his landlord raised his rent
4:30 pm
through the roof. he said i can't pay city taxes unless i pay your rent. you must be able to pay me. the restaurant owner said, i can't. between that and now i have to pay you know everybody inside of this new minimum wage, i will have to go out of business. it has been a year now. his restaurant has turned into a museum to restaurants. no one has replaced any of these places where i talked to the proprietors and they are gone. they have been empty. the windows are broken. scary, frankly, the city is becoming empty. let me ask you about the markets really quickly before we run out of time. >> sure. melissa: rebounding today after the worst trading day of the year what do you make of what china did today? what do you think they are going to do with their currency? how do you see this whole thing playing out? >> i don't know what they are going to do. i'm not a china expert. when you look at it the chinese are very vulnerable. the president is asking
4:31 pm
reasonable things from china, there are some things i wouldn't ask for. he is asking for reasonable things, they are reasonable for china as well. stealing intellectual property is not good for china, not good for the u.s. it is not good for anyone. i hope they come to an agreement. i they will, i think china needs to move a lot further to go along with what the president wishes. i sure as he can had don't want to see a trade war. trade wars never work out for anyone, either tax increasers or people whose tariffs are placed against. trade wars are terrible. stock markets collapse as we saw last couple days. the further we get from a trade war, the better off all of us will job doesn't feel we're going in that direction, art though. >> it never does, it never does, melissa. i've been around for a long, long time on this stuff. when you're negotiating trade deals, it goes plus and minus, top and bottom. all of that happens. it is always very scary unless you're the person doing the negotiation. frankly, donald trump is the
4:32 pm
president. he is the negotiator-in-chief. and he is an expert negotiator. frankly if i could tough anyone, i would trust donald trump doing negotiations correctly. the proof is always in the pudding. if he get as deal done soon. he will be the hero's hero. i expect him to do that. i think he will. when he does i think you will see a 5,000 point increase in the dow. that is what i'm expecting to see. that will be a wonderful day. melissa: you always make me feel better. thank you. see you soon. >> thank you very much. melissa. ashley: talking of which, take a look at this, weight watchers shares soaring after-hours following an earnings beat, hiking it out look for the year. saying member recruitment trend improved throughout the quarter. that stock up 12% after-hours. let's take another look at disney. still trading lower as you can see. down more than 3% after-hours, missing on both of top and bottom lines.
4:33 pm
not a great quarterly report from disney. melissa: that mickey looks happy. that smile is a little frozen. >> no one told him yet. melissa: probably. nation in mourning desperately searching for ways to heal. alveda king, niece of martin luther king, jr., joins us later this hour how we work together to unite as one. that would be nice. ashley: farmers across america feeling the pain as china says it will suspend all u.s. ag goods. how they are planning to deal with the tragic impact. melissa: watch where you're walking this summer. there could be venomous snakes? the new stats will have your skin crawling. where in the u.s. this is happening. you want to know. that is coming up. don't go away. ♪ my game. i had a coach. math.
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4:38 pm
times we have faced in decades. as we look over, we've already gone through six years after down agricultural economy. another nature as you pointed out has not been a good business partner so far this year. you throw in this body blow that china, pulling out, saying they're not going to buy u.s. agricultural commodities. it is a really, really tough situation for us. ashley: the president says he has the farmers back, he will help with subsidies. does that soften the blow? >> we appreciate the president put his trade mitigation package, market facilitation payments, those are helping absorb some of the impact, but man we're talking about a need for men and women i work for across the country, they're facing really tough times. we need to get these trade issues resolved. that is why we work so hard on the other trade agreements like usmca, focusing on japan, progress made with europe on beef. this china situation, this trade war has got to be resolved an hopefully very soon.
4:39 pm
ashley: is it, is it widespread the pain, dale? i know soybeans, i think china takes in 60% of the u.s. export of soybeans but is it more spread out than that? >> it is very much so. this is impacted virtually every commodity we export to, have exported to china. when you look back in 2017, we were, just shy of $20 billion in trade. last year it was around nine billion, a little over nine billion in trade. we're already 1.3 billion off this year. this could really take us all the way down to zero before the year's out. those kinds of impacts are really hard to adjust to. and i think a big part of this story, just last week when congress passed some updates to the chapter 12 bankruptcy laws, that is something that we appreciated very much. i think it is very telling when progress on bankruptcy laws is something that congress achieved for us in the tool box, that gives a pretty good idea just how tough things are out in farm
4:40 pm
country. ashley: that gets into my next question. how many out there, dale, are teetering right now? you know, how bad could this problem become if the trade war just drags out and out? >> as it keeps going along, i don't have specific numbers for you right off the top of my head but i can tell you that we've got, certainly increase in chapter 12 bankruptcies. that doesn't look at others that don't qualify for that particular section of the bankruptcy code. but just the gentlemen and women. particularly farmers that are in that smaller category. they don't necessarily have the wherewithal to weather these kind of stores. we've been dealing with them, you know, for, like i said, going on six years now. ashley: let's hope, keep our fingers crossed they can catch a break and soon. dale, thank you so much, dale moore. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. melissa: the sunbelt on edge. look at that. venomous snake bites are on the rise in southern states, north carolina, georgia, texas, to name a few, on pace for
4:41 pm
record number of case this is year. the boost in snake activity caused they say by rapid urbanization, record-setting rainfall last winter. this is according to the poison control workers. oh. copperhead snakes thrive in suburban environments represent the vast majority of bites in all three states. wow. ashley: get one of those in the back garden, forget it. melissa: i'm going to stay inside. ashley: good idea. now this, continued unrest in venezuela. now the trump administration taking new economic action against that devastated nation. the details you need to know next. plus monitoring you in the sky. an airline just revealing it's watching you while you fly. we'll have the story. ♪
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melissa: where is the line for privacy? hong kong flagship airline carrier under fire after revealing that it records passengers activity using surveillance cameras and entertainment monitors. the airline is kathy pacific. listed among the world's best. its knew privacy policies
4:46 pm
collects data to improve the flight experience. rest assured there are no cameras in the facilities. that is according to the airline, but you know, anyway. ashley: disturbing as they say. a significance escalation. the trump administration imposing a total economic embargo against the government of venezuela, intensifying the campaign to remove nicolas maduro from office. it puts it on par with north korea, iran, syria, cuba, the only other countries under aggressive u.s. measures. national security advisor john bolton speaking out on the move earlier today. take a listen. >> we have to see maduro moved out of power. i think the regime isolation is increasing. people of venezuela need the regime to be removed, the legitimate national assembly government to take power, hold new elections. ashley: joining us now, james carafano from the heritage
4:47 pm
foundation. james, is this a much-needed move and will it be effective? >> i kind of feel like when they said they were going to make a new "star wars" movie. i said this is awesome. the movie came out and i wish it hadn't done that. there is a good idea in principle but i think there is some downside. if the government does change when we move to re-engage, it will make it more difficult to jump-start the economy. i think there is the potential it could exacerbate the humanitarian situation. because it is unilateral u.s. sanction, it could jeopardize the international consensus we built for that. on the other side it does put more pressure on. that is not the pressure that will remove the regime. i'm not sure they tweaked it exactly right. ashley: always very hard, isn't it, to remove these rogue dictators manage to stay in there regardless because they always find a way to get money and relief somewhere around the back there, that keeps them in
4:48 pm
power. how can we, how can we know that the these sanctions are actually being imposed i guess is the question? >> well, i think you raise a good point. they do kind of have the get-out-of-jail-free card which is, they have, they still have a relationship with russia, iran, china, and cuba and those are all regimes which, some of them themselves heavily sanctioned. they find ways to move enough around. if you think about it in the end, all you have to do is have enough resources to pay off the people you need to keep control and that is not an enormous amount, a vast amount of money. so it is unlikely that the sanctions themselves will ever for these guys out of power. the key thing is, what will, i think, international pressure and building that international consensus. some ways i think the administration, you know, put the cart in front of the horse because, you know, they're focusing on sanctions. what we really need to focus on
4:49 pm
is the international cooperation to continue to isolate and pressure the regime. ashley: the problem, russia and china are not on board. the usual suspects define themselves on each side of the line. meanwhile, maduro carries on. there was an effort to get juan guaido in earlier in the year. that failed. how long can this guy hang on? >> look at the happy side of this. the happy side of this administration has demonstrated continued resilience and discipline. they have stuck on this issue and, that's good for them. it's a real problem. ashley: right. >> the other thing is, a lot of us thought guaido would have had to fled the country or have been shot. he is still in the country, and still leading the resistance. ashley: good point. >> the game is still being played. i would rather go for extra innings we're fighting for freedom for the country for the future rather than take my ball and go home. ashley: james carafano. thank you very much. melissa: great perspective.
4:50 pm
the mother of all wars, iranian president rouhani issuing a new threat amid rising tensions with the u.s. ellison barber is in jerusalem with details. reporter: president rue hahn any said the war with the united states would be mother of all wars and he is suggesting that shipping in the strait of hormuz night not be safe. >> translator: if you want safety, security would be for security. you cannot blemish our security and expect security for you, peace for peace, oil for oil. reporter: during the speech broadcast live on iranian state tv, rouhani also said the u.s. must end sanctions imposed on the regime if the u.s. wants to negotiate. iran sees the sanctions as economic terrorism. the trump administration are the only way to get iran to sit down and renegotiate the 2015 iranian nuclear agreement of the as
4:51 pm
iran's parliament speaker warn that all u.s. bases are within striking distance if any war were to break out. the defense ministry unveiled new air-to-air missiles. state tv and iran's semiofficial news agency aired the defense ministry unveiling two new precision-guided munitions. an electro optical guided bomb. they told fox news they would not comment on a report coming from iran's semiofficial news agency. back to you guys. melissa: ellison barber, thank you. ashley: uniting a nation in mourning. president trump visiting texas and ohio tomorrow after back-to-back mass curse left the country on edge. can with you come together in the wake of despair? we'll talk to alveda king, the niece of martin luther king, jr., about her message of hope. that's next. ♪ my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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>> trying to deliver of unity over division. the we have a nation in mourning following two deadly mass shootings as president trump and the first lady are preparing to visit the affected communities tomorrow. so, how do we come together as americans? here now, -- king, the niece of doctor martin luther king junior and a fox news contributor and author of the book . thank you for joining us. this is such a tough time. you have so many come out and say the president needs to come out and denounce white supremacy and call the nation together. he did that verbatim. he was instantly criticized. there is so much screaming, what is the answer? >> melissa, first, our hearts totally go out to the families who have suffered losses during
4:57 pm
this time. and it is so appropriate and comforting for the president and the first lady to extend their compassion and love for everyone and we all do that. we are praying for america. and come i don't understand for instance and i did say this the other day, you mentioned my book, kangaroos, happen to have one with me. but my granddaddy, and martin luther king jr., and they were all during the 1950s and 60s his civil rights movement. martin luther king jr. was shot by gun violence. my dad was choked and thrown in a swimming pool as a martyr of the silver rights. my grandmother, alberta king was shot in the church play the lords prayer furthers gun violence, choke violence, but nobody blamed the president at that time. some of the presidents were democrat presidents but nobody, i hate the president or whatever
4:58 pm
they're doing. i've never seen this, 68 years old. i have never seen this kind of angst and anger that we are seeing now, it's amazing. >> what is the solution? how do you bring people together? there's these very alienated individuals who feel cut off from society. they do these things and that's the other real big problem that is not being answered, how can we heal all of this? >> what i am encouraging and what we are encouraging people to do is to go out into acts of kindness. extend your compassion and your help. have your random act of violence but have the random act of kindness will offset that. and to not lose hope when that is happening. don't be fearful and tearful, be strong and prayerful. we can actually do that. each one of this in our own circle of influence we can
4:59 pm
continue to do kind things. i think words like kindness and goodness and honor, dignity and decency. those are words that we don't use as much. as a matter fact after the president made his speech i heard a lot of people they say, but if he says the word, -- it's on balance, but we can each work in our own hearts. the president is doing so much good for this nation, criminal justice reform, hbcus assisted, bringing the steel mills and jobs back to america. there's just so much in saving lives and babies in the womb. a there's so much that he will be doing this wonderful to see. it's just very beautiful, very strong, they are courageous and we just have to be as well. >> i'll be decaying, thank you for those words today. we needed them. we appreciated. >> thank you sue make such a
5:00 pm
comforting tone and has so much grace. >> a perfect person. >> there's so much anger and then the response just makes it louder. like take a breath. anyway come on that note, market is backup 311 today. bulls and bears starts right now. >> breaking news, not even the avengers could save this one, shares are following after hours on disappointed quarterly results. the numbers you need to know what and what are these for the screening disney service that is coming up. hello everyone, this is bulls and bears. we have a busy hour. the president slamming google over allegations that is trying to prevent him from winning a second term. were going to ask the man behind these accusations, former google engineer kevin -- what evidence does he have that google is trying to tip the scales. in the new york times under fire for changing a front-page headline to an article about the


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