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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 7, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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traumatic wild rides we had not just this year but past year-and-a-half. [closing bell rings] markets settling mixed. nasdaq up 32. the earnings parade continues, even with such a wild ride. that will do it for "the claman countdown." ashley: reversal on wall street. how about that? stocks rebounding sharply from steep losses earlier in the session as the market sees yet another volatile day of trading. the dow losing a little steam at the closing bell. we were down nearly 600 point earlier in the session. s&p 500, nasdaq both finishing the day in positive territory. how did that happen? i'm ashley webster, in for connell mcshane. melissa: we'll tell you how that happened. i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have more on the big market movers but first here is what is new at this hour. president trump about to arrive in el paso, texas. the president is expected to meet with victims, namelies
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survivors and law enforcement officials, after being in dayton, ohio. we'll keep you updated on the president's movements throughout the hour. get ready for next contender in the smartphone fight. minutes from now, samsung unveils the new galaxy 10 and 10 plus. what makes it stand out from the iphone. we'll look at results from lyft. shares are currently trading, below their ipo. we'll bring you breaking headlines just as soon as we get them. ashley: back to those markets. the dow as we said rebounding from steep losses earlier today as treasury rates plunged. investors worried about a economic slowdown as the trade war drags on between the u.s. and china. edward lawrence at the while house with latest on exactly where that trade war stands. edward? reporter: ashley, a lot of movement within china now
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talking about possibly showing this could be a prolonged trade dispute with china of the chinese fully expecting 10% tariffs on $300 billion of additional imports to go into effect september 1st. our chinese sources also telling us that the chinese are preparing for the 10% tariffs to become 25% going forward because china will not buy u.s. agriculture. the chinese also at an annual government retreat where our sources say they are working on ways to retaliate against the u.s. that will not affect china's economy. one of the ideas to further support government companies and support foreign companies in china, not just from the u.s. still as china's economy slowing, president donald trump seeing and believing china will need a deal. >> they are losing thousands and thousands of companies are leaving china now because of the tariffs. we're in a very good position as to whether or not a deal will be made, i will tell you this,
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china would like to make a deal very badly. reporter: a senior administration official tells me right now u.s. technology firms are selling to huawei under a temporary general license. that license expires august 15th. the process started for companies to get a new license to sell after august 15th, but the decisions are still at least three weeks away. the terms sell to huawei, a new federal rule effective next week will bar felled ral agencies from -- federal agencies from buying from huawei, zte and three other tech firms t bans buying services and video, security, telecommunications equipment made by the companies. the rule will extend to government contractors in 2020. both the u.s. and china are positioning themselves. the tones are hardening each side who will blink first to get concessions towards a trade deal. it appears unlikely there will be a trade deal this year. ashley: oh, boy, edward, thank you very much. here to comment, jordan kimmel
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portfolio manager, and our good friend, todd horowitz, bubba trading show host. let me begin with you. it was confusing start to the day. interest rates around the world and here in the u.s. plunging, the 10-year down to 1.59%. i always thought low rate were supposed to stimulate the economy. people will borrow, spend, but the stock market came down in unison. a very confusing situation especially for investors. >> not really confusing, ashley, to me. you're dealing with extremely nervous market. a market win investors looking at the very next headline. everyone is trying to guess after a long run from 09, which had plenty of interruptions by the way. everyone is trying to guess when the next recession is coming. bond yields going lower, are a sign maybe growth is slowing. we know how low yields are around the world. i think what people need to do is knock it out of their zone, knock it out of their plan, really look for quality. the fact when you want to be afraid, ashley, when everyone
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wants to buy everything, valuations go too high, it is very reasonable market if you're willing to do your homework, think a little bit longer term than the next minute. ashley: keep calm, carry on says jordan. todd, let me bring you. what does this do to the fed? many people think they will make another cut before the september meeting, and a race to the bottom, the u.s. has to respond in kind? hi, ashley, i believe that the fed will probably panic just like investors today. okay, the investor panicked when we saw the bonds. the fed will do the same thing. they will cut before the next meeting. i wouldn't be surprised if they cut before the week is over depending on market action. they're too in tune, that is their biggest. ashley: todd, to follow up, don't they have to be competitive as the dollar getting stronger and stronger? >> we're just not exporting goods. but the at end of the day they
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need our goods, they will do it. we are self-sufficient. we don't need to be involved with china. we can live without them. melissa: back to huawei as our own edward lawrence just reported the while house is banning u.s. government business with five chinese technology giants including huawei. jordan, what do you think of this one? >> there is a lot of opportunity out of side of huawei. we have motorola systems and plenty of business to do elsewhere. i think issue not so much the trade deficit with china, it is technology transfers. everyone said for years and years we would fight it. nobody did before. i think it is important. i think frankly, remember china as important as it is to the world, they are our third largest trading partner. let's put things in perspective. melissa: todd, what do you think about that? feels like everybody is panicking about all the different decisions, yet that is true. we have been saying for a long time. somebody has to stand stand up o
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these guys. they can't make up rules and rob us of our technology? many other countries around the world which to do business? >> i think president trump is saying exactly the right thing here. all he is doing he is turning up the valve. he is turning up the pressure by doing this with huawei. he will continue to go. he is not going to back down. now the biggest problem, i think china made was not making the deal when it was on the table. because they tried to go against him. now he will go harder, he will say i'm getting my deal or not. really goes back to simple facts. maybe we pay up more for goods. china is accommodating importing because devaluing yuan, what we're trying to do with our currency. every other world currency is doing. if we don't get a deal today, tomorrow, we won't get a deal. he will continue to turn up the hit. melissa: fedex is ending ground delivery contract with amazon at the end of the month as the
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e-commerce giant builds its own delivery service. todd, i thought phrasing on this one was really funny. fedex came out and said it is ending its contract to deliver for amazon. they're firing their customer? it is an interesting story. >> i would bet that a lot of that came from, that amazon probably kept squeezing them on price. melissa: can you hold that answer? i hate to interrupt you. i want to, liz is reporting second quarter results right now. we don't want to let that get away. jackie deangelis, what is that number? reporter: looking at lyft right now, second quarter revenue 2.51 billion. that is substantially higher than the estimates that we were expecting, 809 million. you can see that stock is up 10% right there. on earnings per share side, again, i'm still looking for this number. you guys just flashed it before.
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but it looks like it was a double beat for lyft. melissa: okay. we will take a closer look if don't have it in front of you. reporter: thank you. melissa: do you see it on the dow jones wire, ashley? what is it? ashley: 62 is that a gain or a loss? they were expecting a loss. melissa: forecasting a loss. ashley: that is impressive if that is true. number of active riders up to 21.8 million. that is impressive. revenue, adjusted loss for the quarter, 197 million. lyft, what it is doing after-hours, up 10%. reporter: thanks, guys. melissa: todd, what do you think? jackie, your mic is still open. >> lyft priced in this big after move. options market tell you expectations 10% was expected
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either up or down. i'm not a big fan. i would be more anxious to want a sell a company like this. i don't see how their overall business model will work getting down to it. they're still losing money. they might have shown a profit. they're still losing money. i don't know how they turn that around. melissa: ashley, come in. ashley: they are raising guidance nicely. any losses will be smaller than anticipated. that is helping to pop the stock after hours, jordan. >> let's see what happens. we'll see if it sticks. i agree with todd. the i like companies that not only make money but have accelerating profit margins. i think this is overreaction to it. i'm always nervous or concerned companies want to look at other than cash flow. put up other metrics, number of riders number of eyeballs. that don't work in my model. i'm much more of a cash flow. i'm impressed by the move it made. let's see if it sticks.
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i didn't see how much they make, i didn't see numbers. my guess is they will talk how much they lose and ridership. we'll see if the gain sticks. melissa: thanks, guys. ashley: we're diving into the details of lyft, initially good numbers and good outlook raised stock after-hours. we'll get more into that. the battle of devices. samsung unveiling the most advanced galaxy phone of the year as the company goes head-to-head with apple. where is your money best spent? susan li got very sneaky exclusive look at samsung's new phone. she will have the breaking details next. melissa: another casualty of the u.s. trade dispute. u.s. tourism takes a hit as china urges resident to cut back on trips overseas. critics say the escalating decline is putting economy at risk. escalating decline. that is like jumbo shrimp. ashley: military intelligence. bracing for a health crisis. doc siegel sounding the alarm on what could become a national epidemic.
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it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. click, call or visit a store today. melissa: breaking news right now. let's go sort through the lyft results for you. it was a loss, actually of $2.23 a share. let's bring in jackie deangelis who has the details for us.
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jackie, must leak our guests were saying they want to talk right away, let's add more riders and quarterly revenue beat estimates. if you look at the loss there, that is not good. go ahead. reporter: it was not good at all. the expectation was for a loss of $1.58. substantially less than that. on revenue side looks better, 867 million versus 809 million. uber will report as well. this is all about getting into the black here, getting profitable. that is not a great showing by lyft in terms of that. people will look for daily active riders to see if they're increasing and average revenue per ride to be increasing melissa as well. melissa: thank you for that. jordan and todd are back to react. ashley if you want to pipe in and -- ashley: looking to jackie's
4:17 pm
point, the average per rider revenue was almost 40 bucks, 38.77. that seems quite high to me. melissa: it's a really big number and deeply suspicious. as someone who toggles back and forth between uber and lyft, every time i do that, you get a coupon from the other within to come back, i don't think i ever paid 40 bucks on lyft. we're talking about long distances. we're manhattan people going all the way out to the airport. jordan, give me your take on the more, more details we've been sharing with you here? >> specifically i'm old enough to remember stories of we're losing money on every transaction but we'll make it up in volume. that really only works when you keep floating bonds, keep floating stocks. melissa: right. >> have wall street line your back. when you look at the numbers, lyft is clearly number two in the space. they're also twice as expensive, when i look at metric price to sales which is what i like to look at.
4:18 pm
you can't look at earnings here, there are none. i will be surprised if the stock stays up there. a lot of times right now, these are people not making decisions on investing. this is actually algorithm trading. goes above or below certain levels, computer want to buy. i urge investors find companies that not only increase revenues and earnings. i look at profit margins and cash flow. that is my model. i actually like accelerating including dividends. so lyft can't get into my bucket at least for a long time. melissa: okay. ashley: let's go from car rides to smartphones. in a bit to take on apple, samsung unveiling two smartphones, galaxy note 10 and 10 plus. the galaxy event is going on new york city. susan li got a early look at the devices. russell holly, mobile nation senior editor.
4:19 pm
let's begin with susan. what can you tell us about the new smartphones? reporter: this is samsung's last chance to put themselves ahead of apple's device announcement. this is after the debacle of the foldable phone. we have two galaxy notes introduced for first time by samsung. usually they introduce one. we're looking at the galaxy note 10, 10 plus. they threw in a 5g model for the 10 plus as well. we're looking at 6.3-inch screens for the smaller model. 6.8 inches for the bigger one. triple camera on the back. these are pretty good, quad cameras, four of them, four on the back of the note 10 plus. this is what samsung is known for. display, beautiful screens, infinity screens go edge to edge. in terms of quality of pictures. some say they do it a lot better than apple does. you have to pay up a lot. price tag, 949. we'll call it 950.
4:20 pm
ramp up, since they're playing tricks on us with the 949.9 the price tag and 1099, 1100. for consumers to pay up that amount. they haven't been wanting to refresh the cycles as much as they used to, they have to introduce something compelling. in this galaxy note they're talking about the cameras, display and iconic s pen, if i can show you the augment tiff reality. this is so cool to me. text to email as well but the augmented reality, this is 3d, hand drawn, artificial intelligence and augmented reality picturing. look how it tracks you while you move, any object within the video. this is something i have not seen before in a smartphone. very interesting. you're looking good. >> i chose that by the way. ashley: is this a game-changer? how impressive are the phones?
4:21 pm
>> i think the most interesting then about these two phones how different they are. they have the galaxy note brand and s pen that comes into it but larger version is significantly different. it has larger storage. it has a micro sd card for expandable storage which used to be part of every samsung phone. neither phone has a headphone jack. that is kind of a staple. they're significantly deliver the. larger battery. more color versions for bigger version. seems like samsung made the smaller version for people who want galaxy s experience but also want the s-pen and made a larger version for people who are true hardcore fans of the note brand where they want biggest screen, most power and all the specs that go with it. >> i would agree. that is one of the biggest selling point for the galaxy note, it has a dedicated fan base, right?
4:22 pm
they are offering trade-ins in order to get people to update to the new galaxy note. trade-ins have been beneficial for apple in order to get more of their sales. ashley: fascinating stuff. sorry, a busy news day. we're out of time. i'm a gadget guy. i want one without looking at it, i want one. melissa: off to the worst august start in record off more than 12% of first five trading days of the month. let's get to phil flynn at cme. a rough ride there. reporter: an incredibly rough ride. they were pricing in economic doom and gloom, recession, saudi plunge protection committee we'll stop the selloff, all of sudden things turn around. lyft should have got helped out because we got gasoline prices down, heating oil prices down of the everything was pricing in a major slowdown. the energy information administration report didn't help. showed a surprise build in supplies, mostly in the gulf coast. they didn't care. they were worried about the lack
4:23 pm
of u.s. exports. hey, china might not buy our oil. that is another reason they were short. export next week will go up big. the big story, gold, how about that, a six-year high. backing off with stocks going up on a big day. back to you. ashley: we have more breaking news on the earnings front. fox corporation, our parent company reporting fourth quarter results. let's go back to jackie with the numbers. reporter: it was a double beat, ashley for fox corp parent of this network. beat, higher than 59 cents expected revenues 2.51 billion, higher than the 2.47 billion. in after-hours it is trading up six cents at this point. i will note that the rise in quarter revenue, year-over-year, that was 5% rise. television revenues higher than expected, 1.183 billion, guys. ashley: good report solid. unchanged after-hours.
4:24 pm
jackie, thank you very much. melissa: north korea's nuclear ambition. how the rogue reg gomez -- regime using cyberspace. a nation in mourning. president trump visiting dayton, ohio, and el paso, texas, in wake of the deadly mass shootings in both cities. panic is spreading nationwide, including a scare that left the big apple on edge. look at that video. there's a company that's talked to even more real people
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whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. melissa: breaking news right now. president trump and the first lady just touching down in el paso, texas after visiting dayton, ohio earlier today. expected to meet with survivors and victims families and first-responders, following this weekend's mass shooting. blake burman live at the white house with the latest. blake? reporter: melissa, the president and first lady spent more than an hour at miami valley in
4:29 pm
dayton, ohio, visiting victims, members of the family and members of the hospital treating them as well. afterwards the president took to twitter said of his visit, in part, warm, wonderful visit, tremendous enthusiasm, and i saw failed presidential candidate, sherrod brown and mayor whaley totally misrepresenting what took place inside of the hospital. their news conference after i left el paso was a fraud. >> both the mayor and i asked the president to call on senator mcconnell to bring the senate back in session this week. >> both the senator and i spoke very directly, what we've been saying the whole time about the need for common sense gun legislation. reporter: the president and first lady just landing in
4:30 pm
el paso, texas, moments ago. ahead of the visit the president responded to the democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke who is from el paso, says that the president is not welcome there. the president saying of o'rourke he should respect victims and law enforcement and quote, be quiet. while leaving the white house earlier today the president contended that he is trying to stay above the fray. >> i think we have toned it down. we've been hitting, we've been getting hit left and right from everybody. many of the people i don't know. so they're trying to make political points. i don't think it works because, you know, i would like to stay out of the political fray. reporter: meantime, melissa, the white house says it has invited leaders from internet and technology companies to come over here to the white house on friday to have staff level discussions to discuss extremism online. melissa? melissa: blake burman, thank you. ashley: panic in the heart of
4:31 pm
new york city, hundreds of people scrambling, running away from what they believe sounded like gunfire. police confirming multiple 911 calls for what turned out to be the sound of motorcycles backfiring. six people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries according to authorities but panic for sure on the sound of those backfiring motorcycles. melissa: wow, you can really see it. everybody running up there. that is terrifying. you can understand why, see key of the nation. melissa: hepatitis-a cases forcing cities to declare public health emergencies. why dr. marc siegel says if you don't act fast, it is becoming a national epidemic. he explains this later in the hour. ashley: how the ongoing dispute is hurting tourism to the u.s. what that could mean for the economy in the long term. melissa: another restaurant adding meatless meat, to its menu. really? subway teaming up with beyond
4:32 pm
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4:36 pm
results revenue rising 72% year-over-year fueled by more active riders ride-sharing company sharing full-year guidance. it is up amazing because they lost a lot more money than was forecast. so, these investors, really looking to the future and feeling hopeful. ashley: the world we live in right now. melissa: ashley. ashley: listen, a new battlefront in the u.s.-china trade war. the u.s. travel association says tourism to the u.s. is taking a big hit. the strong dollar certainly doesn't help. beijing, also warning its citizens to think twice about visiting america. fox business's grady trimble live in chicago with the latest. grady? >> beautiful day on the chicago riverwalk. don't know if you ever been here. one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. that is partly because of all the restaurants and bars along it. that is a big draw. they certainly rely on foot traffic from tourists. there might be fewer tourists
4:37 pm
from other countries here. that is at least according to a new report. let's dive into how bad it is. of the monthly report from the u.s. travel association says international travel to the u.s. is down a little less than 1% in june. they say the decline is in, at least in part because of trade tensions with china. but there are likely a couple of factors at play here. for one, exchange rates. one u.s. dollar is worth about seven chinese yuan. our stronger economy compared to other parts of the world could discourage foreign travelers because their money just doesn't go as far here. on top of that the chinese government is warning people not to come here t put out a travel advisory that painted the u.s. as dangerous place, citing high numbers of shootings, thefts, other violent crimes. another advisory at the beginning of june said chinese visitors are subjected to what it calls harrassment in the u.s. by law enforcement. the u.s. travel association estimates we get about 80 million international
4:38 pm
visitors every year to our country. three million of those coming from china. that's a lot to lose, guys, if these numbers continue to slip. ashley: you are absolutely right, grady. fifth avenue used to be full of brits with empty suitcases piling clothing everything else. the pound is sinking terribly. you don't see too many brits around. it is expensive. melissa: back now to respond, susan li, todd horowitz. susan, do you buy this story? what do you think? >> i think there is also a chinese economic slowdown as well. china has in the past weaponize ed tourism. they did that with south korea a few years ago, when south korea talked about deploying defense systems near chinese territory. whenever taiwan does something bad, beijing doesn't approve travel visas. this is a big source of revenue for a lot of these countries. chinese tourism was worth
4:39 pm
$130 billion overseas, fastest growing around the world. this is what we call dollar tourism diplomacy. melissa: todd, what do you think? >> i think this is little boy crying wolf once again. same as all retailers. everybody is worried about the problem. did you go to europe, 1.60 to a dollar? currency will float. people that will come here, will come here regardless. if they don't approve visas that is another story. they are going to come here, people coming are not worried about the slightly extra cost of the dollar versus what they're doing now. they're coming on vacation. did you worry when you went to disney? nobody worries about it. this another story to try to have trump make a bad deal with them to get the deal done. it is just like the little boy crying wolf. melissa: susan what is interesting, in the new york area, a lot of the tourism had to do with getting money out of the country, coming here and buying property, or buying other assets in order to get your money out of china. and, you know, that has been
4:40 pm
more difficult. maybe that is one of the reasons why people are not coming as much. right now we're seeing the president here coming down from air force one with the first lady. they are arriving in el paso, texas. you know earlier today, of course they were visiting dayton, ohio, the couple were paying their respects in those back-to-back mass shootings in the two cities. now you can see them arriving in el paso here, getting ready to console both families and also talking to the first-responders who risked their lives, were the first on the scene, really went to heroic measures. the president facing a lot of criticism for making these tours from democrats, at same time you have to wonder what would happen if he didn't go. he is at this point the consoler-in chief. ashley: comforter-in chief, as president absolutely right should visit both sites. talk to those victims and families of the victims, as well
4:41 pm
as those very brave first-responders. very important that this happens despite the criticism he received. melissa: yeah. also when ever you talk to interview people in these situations the president is coming, they talk about the security around it, how difficult may be for the people in the area, but also talk about, when he comes, it focusing attention on their community. ashley: yes. melissa: and more people reach out to help and support them in this time and it brings you know, much-needed -- ashley: it is office of the president as you say. it is very important. of course if there are any headlines, anything coming out of these visits we'll bring them to you immediate. for now we'll take a break. we'll be right back. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right -
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ashley: awe nighting against a common enemy, secretary of state mike pompeo is reiterating washington's resolve to protect shipping in the strait of hormuz and partnering with british naval forces. the white house is also saying pressure campaign is weakening iran's regime. rich edson is live in washington. rich. reporter: iran seized another tanker in the strait of hormuz over the weekend. the british government, announced the british and the
4:46 pm
u.s. navy will work together in the strait of hormuz to try to protect shipping. the new british foreign secretary dominic raab had his first meeting in washington. he met with secretary of state mike pompeo and they were focusing on securing strait. >> i want to thank britain and your decision to protect the straight of hormuz and freedom of navigation. you have centuries of maritime expertise under your belt. you understand the importance of protecting international shipping from unprovoked attacks. this is a victory for meaningful effects tiff, multilateralism. reporter: in iran, president rouhani is rerating the demand that u.s. drop sanctions and administration refuse, continuing what it calls the maximum pressure campaign against iran's top exports, es
4:47 pm
especially its oil. last year the u.s. with drew from the iran nuclear agreement. they said peace with iran is the mother of all peace and war with iran and war with iran is the mother of all wars. the trump administration offered to negotiate with the iranian government, yet iran thus far refused without the u.s. dropping those sanctions. back to you. ashley: so it goes. rich edson, thanks, rich, very much. melissa: here is michael o'hanlon from the brookings institution. what did you make of the meeting today? >> i think it was a good, strong meeting. it will be a tough situation, i think secretary pompeo is correct that iran's economy is hurting badly but it doesn't mean iran is close to crying uncle. the only way i think to have a chance is maintain a strong international coalition, so iran doesn't think it can pick off some countries, ones mostly in the iran nuclear deal as you reported a minute ago, get those countries help nurse its economy through it tough period of
4:48 pm
american pressure. so to the extent we have a larger coalition acting resolutely in the naval security realm, sanctions enforcement realm, it puts pressure on iran that is our best hope for the trump-pompeo strategy to work. melissa: in terms of the naval coalition. so far it is just these two guys, us and them. >> right. but they probably the more crucial coalition is the economic coalition and the interesting thing here is, as you're aware, even though a lot of governments don't like president trump's strategy here, we still have leverage because of course the companies, germany, france, britain, wherever, they want to do business with the united states more than with iran. we're not giving them the choice to do business with both. you're seeing quite a strong coalition on the economic front. some limited cooperation on the military front. we'll see if that's enough. melissa: at the same time iran hasn't given back the ships it seized, right? >> right.
4:49 pm
although i think iran's tactics are causing less effect on the global oil market iran hoped or expected. therefore we have to wonder, will iran simply realize it doesn't have a good play here? or will it escalate. melissa: yeah. >> you would think holding on to some ships, damaging a half dozen, that would be enough to drive oil prices up by more than a few pennies or a couple bucks but so far it hasn't. melissa: what do you think iran does next? what would be the next step of escalation? >> over the years they have killed a lot of americans. they have attacked as you're well aware marines in lebanon, american forces in iraq. i don't know that they want to go down that route now because president trump has been pretty clear, so has his administration what we would do by way of retaliation. iran foregoes any hope of a moral high ground. but that historically the been the kind of thing they're willing to do. that certainly has to be a fear in this situation. iran could try to play for time. hope after the 2020 elections in the united states, either a democrat or reelected president
4:50 pm
trump would be more flexible but, you know that is a long shot and that is quite aways away. melissa: before you go, i want to get your reaction to this one. north korean hackers are stealing cryptocurrency to fund its nuclear program. this according to a secret u.n. report obtained by reuters. i don't know how secret that makes it. they earned $2 billion launching cyberattacks to steal from banks and cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. what do you make of this? do you believe it? why do we know about it? is it a big deal? >> well, there is no doubt that north korea keeps its economy afloat with this kind of activity. this particular case you're talking about, i don't know enough of the details if it sounds credible. that is good amount of money. they are good at counterfeiting, bank theft, illicit drug sales. that is how they keep the economy afloat when u.s. has cut off 90% of their trade or 60, to
4:51 pm
70% last couple years. i believe they would try to do this. i certainly believe they would have some success. i don't know if the 2 billion-dollar figure is the exact number. melissa: big number. i thought the exact same thing. michael, thank you. >> my pleasure. ashley: preventing a national epidemic. health officials out with a warning about a virus spreading through the contaminated food and water. we'll talk with doc siegel next about the escalating health crisis. stay right there. what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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melissa: take a look at this video. terrifying footage capturing the moment a caravan flipped over on a highway in australia. luckily the driver and the passenger are okay. somehow they only had minor injuries. connell: yikes. slow down. all right. >> growing emergency, the cdc is reporting there is an on going
4:56 pm
outbreak of hepatitis a being reported. our next guest says this could become a national epidemic. dr. mark siegel is here, nyu school of medicine professor, also a fox news contributor. doctor, thank you for joining us. this is serious. >> hi, ashley. >> you know, what causes hepatitis, a? let's begin there >> it is actually a virus. it is a virus that affects the liver, but it affects many different parts of the body besides the liver. it can cause yellow eyes, high fever, muscle aches, joint aches, diarrhea, dark urine. you get really fatigued and high fever and sick. it gets you really ill. the cases you just mentioned, the 24,000, 60% of them ended up in the hospital. luckily most people recover, but ashley, they've just called a state of emergency for this in philadelphia and in the state of florida, where there's been 2,000 cases four times what we
4:57 pm
saw last year. reason? because people that have drug addiction are prone to this. homeless are prone to this. you will notice on that map you showed, new york state doesn't have a big hepatitis a outbreak, and i believe that's because we have homeless shelters here in new york. other areas of the country, and we have been talking about this a lot, homeless are living on the streets. drug addicts are living on the streets. you see it in the garbage. you see it in the contaminated water. you see it in the contaminated food and then it spreads to neighboring communities. >> is it highly contagious? >> yes, very easy to get it. you can usually get it from hand, from stool, from touching your mouth -- melissa: yuck. >> sorry about that, from what you drink and eat. food handlers give it to you. i got it at a wedding years ago and i was sick for weeks and weeks f. the water is contaminated -- if the water is contaminated, it will spread to neighboring communications. >> what's defense, vaccination?
4:58 pm
>> huge, 95% defense with vaccination. in florida you see people trying to vaccinate people. you can imagine on a homeless block in los angeles, if there's 4,000 people put together, it is hard to get the vaccines in there and get people to be compliant with it. people say no, i don't want that. they get very very suspicious. 95% success rate with vaccination campaign. >> you say there's a real risk of national pandemic if we're not very careful. could it spread that quickly? >> huge, and i don't think we're taking it seriously enough. i'm putting -- the problem with homelessness and drug addicts that are not getting proper facilities and proper treatment, that's the face of it. hepatitis a is only one infectious disease, one i'm deeply concerned about. it spreads in areas of urban squalor. >> it can be treated and prevented. >> are you always going to have it once you contract it? >> no, actually once you contract it, once you are over it, you get a lifetime immunity
4:59 pm
to it. that's not the way to get immuned. the vaccine is. >> before you go, what about the measles situation, have we gotten a handle on is it? >> in areas where there's not vaccine compliance, areas in up state new york, areas in michigan, again, where there's areas of vaccine noncompliance, same with hepatitis a, continuing to see measles. i'm really worried at this rate we could get to the situation where we don't need to bring it in from travelers every year, that we have it here. we have to have a much higher rate of compliance than we have. >> on that happy note, doc siegel thanks for giving us the heads up. >> get your vaccines. >> yes, vaccines very important. doctor, thanks very much. melissa: it is terrifying to see these diseases coming back. >> we think they are taken care of. to the doctor's point, if you don't get vaccinated, they can come back and hurt. melissa: on that happy note, market down 22 points today, but
5:00 pm
way off session lows. >> just been another average day on wall street, wild. melissa: that does it for us here. >> that does it for us. bulls & bears starts right now. david: breaking news, president trump arriving in el paso, texas, just moments ago. the president and first lady are now on their way to the university medical center of el paso, where they will be visiting with the victims of last weekend's mass shooting and thanking emergency workers for all their heroic actions. it follows a similar visit earlier today in dayton, ohio, to the scene of a second mass shooting. we're going to have a live report from el paso very shortly coming up. but first, take a look at this. markets clawing back today after taking an initial nose dive, plum meting nearly 600 points in early morning trading, before recovering almost all of that to close down just 22 points on the dow.


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