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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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that does it for bulls fan bears. thank you for watching. [♪] liz: president trump and the first lady leaving el paso heading back to the white house. we have the latest, and the media bias as well. sean spicer will join us tonight. what a wild day. the dow closed up after rallying back from a nearly 600-point drop. gold surging. we have both side of the argument on the china trade fight. the trend of manufactures leaving china accelerating.
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joaquin castro doubling down on his naming and shaming trump donors on twitter. will he be accountable for any potential threats to those donors? castro facing backlash from both sides. media bias at msnbc. an apology for saying -- basically calling trump out for quote exterminating latinos. and blowback to the "new york times" for removing a positive headline. peter strzok suing the justice department trying to get his job back. he says his anti-trump messages were intended to be private, even though he sent them on a government phone. making them public records. the leaks at the fbi way worse than realized.
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[♪] welcome to the show. the president and the first lady paid their respects in dayton, ohio and el paso, texas. reporter: the president meeting with first responders as well as victims and victims families. the president releasing video on twitter of his visit to a hospital in dayton, ohio. he's in el paso, texas. this is video from dayton, ohio. at a juice conference after the visit, sherrod brown blames republicans for the fact there isn't any gun control. >> we can't get anything done in
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the senate because mitch mcconnell and the president of the united states are in bed with the gun lobby. reporter: before he left the white house the president signaling he may have a plan that has some regulation in it. president trump: we'll be meeting with members of congress. i have had plenty of talks over the last few days. and i think we are going to couple something that will be really very good. beyond anything that's been done so far. reporter: movement on the trade front. chinese sources believe tariffs basically that they import will happen on september 1. those sources are telling us they believe the 10%. they are preparing for the 10% to go to 25% because china refuses to buy you s. agriculture. sources say they are working
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object ways to retaliate that will not affect china's economy. in the meantime china has been pumping tax cuts into their economy. >> china is part of that as a concept of growth so that good. but they face a lot of challenges in their interface with the rest of the world. reporter: that interface with the united states concerning trade talks may linger a little bit longer as both side are digging in. liz: what a turnaround. the dow fought to hold above the 26,000 mark. it lost two months of gains now. jackie deangelus is on the stock exchange with more.
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>> a 589-point loss on the cow, managed to be lower by 22 points. the s & p and the nasdaq finishing in the green. fox corp, the parent of this network. but missing expectations, the loss of $2.23. what triggered the selling today? treasury yield. dipping to a low not seen since 2016. that's having equity investors wondering if the bond market knew something they didn't know and that's why they saw the sell-off. you saw gold go up over the $1,500 level. oil prices continuing their plunge down more than 2% finishing at 52 and change. liz: president trump confident he'll get a deal with china.
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saying he's surprised the downdraft in the markets wasn't worse. >> i think the market reaction was anticipated. i would have maybe anticipated even more. but ultimately it's going to go much higher than it ever would have gone. china was killing us with unfair trait deals. liz: derek, that last part of what the president just said. do you agree that he's the guy to finally get something out of the china that no other president has accomplished. he's saying just be patient. your take on that. >> well, i hate to have a come pronize answer. i believe the president is totally right that he's the guy who confronted the chinese about their bad trade practices. he hasn't got anything yet because the chinese are a bad trading partner and they don't want to change. i think he's doing the right
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thing by confronting the chinese and he and everybody else have to prepare for the fact that it won't work. liz: letting the trade fight hurt the economy and the stock market to force china into making concessions. every expert we talked to said china has more at risk than the u.s. >> that's true. the president talks about the fact that china exports a lot more to the united states than we export to china. that's true. it's also the case that clien china's international currency is heavily dependent on that trade. for us it's a trade issue. for china it's a trade and financial issue. there is no doubt that if we wanted to fight this to the end, the u.s. would win. the question is whether fighting to the end is necessarily a good
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move. >> the inflationary shock of tariffs going up. it's an interesting irony there. the ultimate end game, this is what the president is saying. it's to force manufacturers around the world to move their supply chain is out of the china. we have "forbes" magazine saying yes,ed trade war is remapping global' supply chains. more than 50 companies including apple and nintendo are considering plans to get out of china. even chinese manufacturers are getting out of the china. they are all part of the drain out of china. >> the u.s. can force manufacturing out of china. it started -- we only put big tariffs on china a few months
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ago. if we were to continue and impose the tariffs on september 1, we would force a lot more manufacturing out of china. the flip side is it's not going to come back to the united states. it's originally going to indonesia, vietnam, india, bangladesh and so on. if our goal is to hurt the chinese we can do it for sure. but it doesn't necessarily help america. >>' wouldn't u.s. companies rather negotiation trade deals with those other asian companies who would not force intellectual property sanctions? >> i would love it if the u.s. confrontation with china is long overdue and the president deserves credit for starting it, would come along with let's have better trade relationships with
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other partners. we are trying to do that with mexico. maybe the congress will pass usmca and maybe it won't. we'll trade, we just don't want to trade with a company that behaves like you. liz: the president and first lady comforting the community of dayton. president trump: it's a terrific opportunity to congratulate some of the police and law enforcement, the job they have done was incredible. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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liz: the president visiting dayton,. joe: , and el paso, texas. let's begin with mike tobin in ohio. reporter: it got very political very quickly. demonstrators gathered on beth sides of the argument. the president met with some of them. some of his most outspoken critics, sherrod brown and the mayor of dayton. then he met with survivors at
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the hospital. the president went to twitter saying i saw sherrod brown and the mayor misrepresenting what took place in the hospital. >> senator brown and i were very clear he was greeted warmly by the victims and also by first responders. but i don't think in any sense he was going to take action on gun control. reporter: the president says he phase background checks. does not believe there is a political appetite for an assault weapons ban. liz: let's get to garrett tenney in el paso. garrett. reporter: president trump and the first lady have been visiting with victims, families and medical staff in the hospital where nine victims from the shooting are still being
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treated. we are told they will then head to a joint operations center where he'll meet with first responders. that's significant. it's important to remember, the first responders, this has been incredibly difficult for them as well. i spoke with one officer who has been on the force for 20 years and she has tears run down her cheeks. she told me she looks forward to the president's visiting. this is a healing visit she needs herself. but there are a lot of other folks not happy about the president's visit. more than 700 people attended a protest and the advocacy member spoke directly to the president. >> welcoming immigrants, and asylum seekers.
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nobody is going to take that. i hope if air force one might have some of these cameras on. trump, you are not welcome in this community. reporter: from there the crowd began chanting, send him back. we heard from a lot of folks who say they don't like the president. they don't agree with his rhetoric about immigrants and hispanics. but in his role at commander-in-chief they say it's important he come here in the aftermath of a tragedy like this. liz: let's bring in sean spicer for his reaction to the president and the first lady's visit. sean, your reaction to today's event? >> i think today was a good day.
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the president in this tragedy we are dealing with, the number one role is to be comforter-in-chief. he met with the victims, their families, the first responders. this is something every president regardless of party shows us how we can come together and how america is so great when faced with adversity and tragedy. as much as it's sad to see him go to an event like this. it was good he's there and it was good mayors and other elected officials were able to join him. liz: this is about the victims and their families. critics keep saying it's about them, not politicians. your take on this opinion piece entitled blaming trump for shootings is not the answer. it ran on cnn's website. it talked about the dayton shooter supported bernie sanders
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and elizabeth warren but it's not fair to blame them for what happened in dayton than it is to go after president trump for what happened in el paso. your take there. >> i think a couple things. number one, the point you made right after the bat is important. today was about the victims and their families. the idea people are out there protesting doesn't settle well with me. we have a right to do it in this country. for those people out there protesting, they were taking away from the honor and sacrifice the victims made and the ability to have the focus placed on their lives. as much as i respect the first amendment, i think it takes away from what the ultimate goal today was supposed to be about. i think you are right. the problem is when the congressional baseball game shooting happened, practice, it was a bernie sanders supporter, we said nothing.
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b when the dayton shooter happened and it was blamed on elizabeth warren and antifa writings we said nothing. i don't believe bernie sanders or elizabeth warren have anything to doing with this. but after a shooting like this instead of playing the blame game, we should be focused on comforting the victims and what we can be doing going forward. instead of joining with president trump -- the democrats on the left say the president should strike the right tone and call out the racism and anti-semitism. he did. two they said he should be offer something way forward. he did that, too. if i were a democrat i would jump on the bandwagon and say let's keep this going. let's follow up on the rhetoric in a positive way and get the
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policy piece moving forward. liz: that's what the president is talking about. and we know senator mitch mcconnell is launching a working group in the senate led by lindsey graham and lamar alexander. what's striking about this, sean. i want your take on this. there is a lot of talk about domestic terrorism. but the problem is congress never passed the federal law that would have a domestic terrorism statute on the gooks. what's going on there? >> here is the problem i have with this entire debate. we are figuring out what laws to prosecute somebody who does something crazy. in my mind a terrorist doing some intentionally to hurt people. i think there is something very wrong if you have shoot 20 innocent civilians, clawing
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family member. we are not looking at the root cause. why are people killing themselves and the suicide rate going up especially among veterans, or killing each other. we are figuring out what to do after the fact. that's such a good washington reaction. but let's move it back a step further. why are they doing what they are doing? what in our culture is allowing people to think that killing people, random acts of license against innocent people is an acceptable behavior. something is very lock. instead of look at what they can do after they kill people, let's look at what we have to do to root it out from the stem as opposed to waiting until it flowers. liz: coming up, the fight
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between president trump and joe bide be. it really heated up today. the former vice president taking shots at the president today. president trump firing back. democrats in the media saying it's all about trump's rhetoric. but democrat congressman joaquin castro getting criticized for naming and shaping trump donors on twitter, leaving them open to potential threats. the question is, will he be held accountable? >> my critics are political people trying to make points. in many cases they are running for president and are low in the polls. these are people looking for political gain. ips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
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castro, the twin brother of the presidential candidate. here is joaquin castro trying defend his bullying of donors on twitter. >> when you make a donations specially in a presidential election, that's a federal record. their money is being take and used to fuel hateful acts. it has put millions of people in fear. there are people living in fear. i don't think the president understands that. liz: ways your take on castro exposing regular citizens whose only sin was displeasing him? >> this is disgusting.
6:29 pm
targeting everyday americans for their political beliefs is dangerous and could put lives at risk. it reminds me of when michelle obama said when they go low, we go high. it's clear they use this as a cudgel to silence their political foes. but they have no problem targeting americans with harassment and threats. anybody who supports trump is subject to hassling, and vandalism. even my brother had his pickup truck vandalized because it had a trump bumper sticker on it. >> but at the end of the day they go into the polls and vote
6:30 pm
for trump. that why we don't have accurate polling any more. trump supporters aren't comfortable being open about their support. liz: politicians are supposed to debate and talk to those who disagree. does joaquin castro know where any of these 44 stand? neighbor they just support the president on the economy and taxes. >> it's shameful. just because you support donald trump and you don't trust elizabeth warren or bernie sanders or joe biden to run the economy doesn't make you a racist or white supremacist. to suggest otherwise is dishonest and absurd. you ask if castro will be held
6:31 pm
accountable. this may blow up in the democrats' face in 2020. there are a lot of independents who may not love donald trump but they are watching this extreme behavior by castro and others answer it terrifies them. and it may mobilize trump supporters even more. liz: steve scalise says this is dangerous. lives are at stake. he was seriously wound when a gunman opened fire at a republican practice. here is the fallout that no one is covering. having covered the irs and political audits of enemies of presidents. when obama, when the obama campaign did the same thing to mitt romney, 8 donors to mitt romney, one of those donors, 8
6:32 pm
of those donors the obama campaign exposed them for donating to mitt romney. one of them got audited by the irs and the labor department went after another. >> it's completely unfair. i am glad to see some people in the media calling him out. but i have to think if this were the opposite and a republican had done this. the fallout would be much more severe and this story tbhobt news for a lot longer than it will be. but kudos to those journalists who are being honest and calling them out. this is a dangerous path to go down. targeting every day americans for supporting a certain candidate and shaping them. it puts lives at risk and it's scary. liz: we'll have more on this
6:33 pm
tomorrow. kimberly strassel will join us. empire star jussie smollett asking a judge to toss out chicago's lawsuit demanding the disgraced actor pay back the money chicago spent investigating the hate crime hoax against himself. monica lewinsky is going to produce the new season of american crime story. it will be about the impeachment of bill clinton over the lewinsky scandal. it will premiere right before the 2020 elect. she said "vanity fair" people have been telling my story for the last 20 years.
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impossible food, the creator of a plant-based vegan hamburger. they are waiting to make a vegan fish. fishless fish. a man from pakistan is being accuse of bribing workers to install malware on at&t's network to unlook 2 million phones worldwide. yesterday there was panic in times square after loud sound were heard. many thought it was gunshot. turns out the sounds came from a motorcycle that was backfiring. people streeted in the panic that ensued. former oversight chair take on peter strzok. first president trump take on frontrunner joe biden.
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liz: polls show bernie sanders and elizabeth warren closing in on joe biden. that will be quite a reversal in the democrat race. the 2020 democrats are turning their attention to iowa where hillary vaughn join us with the latest. too joe biden blames president trump's toxic tongue for the mass shootings in ohio and texas. >> how far from trump saying it's an invasion to the shooter in el paso claiming this attack is a response to the hispanic invasion of texas.
6:40 pm
how far apart does our president have in common with george wallace than george washington. reporter: but back in the day he bragged about an award from the segregationist, george wallace. he said i think the democratic party could stand a liberal george wallace who is not afraid to stand up and offend people. the president said he thinks the former vp may be past his prime. president trump: joyce a pretty income tent guy. i wouldn't have rated him very high in the first place. but joe biden truly lost his fastball, that i can tell you. the president tweeted beto a phoney name that indicates hispanic heritage.
6:41 pm
and he's embarrassed at polling for 1%. but beto is not biding his tongue saying this in texas. >> he's trying to intimidate this community. make us afraid of one another. he is in large part to blame. reporter: over 20 candidates will head to the ohio state fair this week. they will each get 20 minutes to butter up the crowd. liz: joining me, former oversight committee chair, darrell issa. >> it's interesting to see all these actions leading up to the iowa beginning of their real season. >> the president saying he is thinking of helping out farmers
6:42 pm
in iowa. i want to turn to what the president said about joe biebd losing his fastball. joe biden said recently that he thinks everybody in the country should have access to medicaid. he didn't say medicaid, he -- he didn't say medicare. he said medicaid. >> we have one of these challenges with these candidates. you have everyone trying to get to the left. and joe biden trying to be whatever it takes to hold on to his lead. and as the president said he lost his fastball, this curveball, his slider. he simply is not at the top of his game, if he ever was. liz: you worked on policies and legislation. here is the status of the democrats' policies. the house has goth not gone the
6:43 pm
legislation past mitch mcconnell. they are running on half the rate of the former congress. mitch mcconnell is saying their policies are so bad he can't even have the senate look at them. so the democrats are going into 2020 empty handed. instead you are seeing a ratcheting up of poisonous rhetoric. that's what they are take together voters in 2020. your reaction to that. >> when you pass legislation until house, you know it has to get through a bipartisan effort in the senate. speaker pelosi made the mistake of thinking if she passes something on a partly line only basis, that that's good enough. there is plenty of opportunity to pass bipartisan legislation. the president you parts and he laid out the agenda many of the things the democrats agree with. she needs to do that or be held
6:44 pm
accountable. >> when voters go into 2020 they see what from the democrats, basically far left policies and nothing to show for it in congress. >> they do. the only challenge you have is to show that republicans in the senate would love to pass legislation if they can get bipartisan legislation before them. coming up, president trump joking, i almost got a good headline from the "new york times" after the paper getting blasted for changing a positive headline on president trump that read "the president calling for unity." they did that after a social media backlash. a former top clinton official
6:45 pm
slamming the "times." peter strzok one of the officials leading the russia probe is trying to get his job back. he says his privacy was violated when his effects were made public even though he was using a government phone. he should not have had a security clearance let alone the senior most of position that he had. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right - by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right. with sofi. check your rate in 2 minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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>> peter strzok need blame no one other than himself for writing what he wrote. he was unfit to investigate either of the presidential candidates. how this is going to turn out, i don't know. it's d.c. but he's unfit for law enforcement. whoever fired him, it was chris wray. i'm sure chris didn't do it because of pressure president trump. liz: peter strzok suing the justice department for firing him. joining me now is former doj official, tom dupree.
6:50 pm
what's your take? >> my take is strzok's lawsuit is dead on arrival. these are texts he sent on a government issued phone. the investigation into his conduct was lawfully carried out. to the extent he's trying to argue that there was a political vendetta against him, i think the evidence is overwhelming that he was use his official position to thwart the election of president trump. liz: strzok is trying to say he has grounds because his privacy was violated when he sent those text messages. but you point out they are on government forbes and they are a matter of public record. >> if he were having these texts on his own personal cell phone that's one thing. but when you take your fbi issued cell phone to send these texts, that's the property of the of united states government.
6:51 pm
i don't see how he could claim a reasonable expectation of privacy in those communications. >> i want to get to judicial watch. 14 fbi workers refer to the internal ethics office for leaking classified or sensitive information. just four were fired. your reaction to that. >> it's intriguing and a double edged sword. on one hand it is a significant number. around 15 of these reports around the last three or four years. on the other hand it underscores they take these seriously. the fact that there are these investigations shows this leaking isn't being swept under the rug. somewhat do you think of john durham look into the probe of the probe. he can file crimes.
6:52 pm
the republicans including a former pentagon spokesman asking john durham to broaden the investigation of how the mueller team got the investigation started. your take? >> as far as durham goes, he'll keep his focus on what led to the instigation of the mueller investigation. did the dossier play a role? how did we get to where we are today? i think it's less likely he'll look into the conduct of mueller and his team. i think from the republican perspective the mueller report is a closed chapter in our history. i would be surprised if they wanted to put a spotlight on mueller and his investigation. which i don't think any american wants at this point. >> the justice department saying democrats are looking to harass the president more than legislate. the doj is urging a federal he
6:53 pm
feels court to overturn a ruling to force president trump's accounting firm to turn over years worth of financial records for to congress. >> i am watching this case closely. there is no question a lot of the subpoenas are not being issued for a legitimate legislative purpose. but to harass and badger the president and score political points. but i think courts are historically reluctant to get involved in these disputes. they say we are not well equipped to decide whether a congressional investigation is legitimate. even though the trump team has fairly good arguments as to the underlying motives, i think it's another question whether they would be able to persuade federal judges to stop this
6:54 pm
investigation. '. liz: president trump has been comforting victims and victims' families. he has been talking to first responders. congressman craig steube talks about bias. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios
6:55 pm
to your goals and needs. >> the enthusiasm, love, respect and the get something done. republicans want to do it, democrats want to do it, by the way, this man. the job he did, you all know who it is. everyone, the whole world knows. right? what a job. what a job you did. >> thank you, sir. >> there are a lot of heroes a lot of people just incredible work. now we're going in. this is one of the most respected men in law enforcement thank you very much. >> president trump, you said today was about feeling unity.
6:56 pm
your critics, and various members of media. >> they should not be politicking today. i had it with sheriff brown, he and the mayor, they asked to go in could we go in, i said let's do it, they couldn't believe what they saw. they said. they have never seen anything like it. the hospital, no different was -- it was everyone of so proud of the job they did, they did a great job, a great job here. then i say good-bye. i took them in at their request. they could not believe it, she said, he said it, in air force one there are a lot of televisions, there they are saying, i don't know if it was appropriate for president to be there. you know et cetera. same old line. they are dishonest people, i think that is why he got zero
6:57 pm
president. we will go in see people, i want to meet this mere hero be we appreciate it. >> thank you [inaudible conversations] elizabeth: that of the president and first lady, meeting with, thanking law enforcement personnel at emergency center in el paso, texas. let's bring in congressman greg steu be. the president saying stop with politicking, his focus on the victims and families. >> it should be. i applaud president for go toggle paso, spending time with
6:58 pm
the victims and law enforcement. all of us as americans are heartfelt in pray for the victims and their families, that is what the president should be doing, unfortunately, you have the gem -- dem crots o democratr side of this political aisle to try to raise money off this tragedy. elizabeth: what is your take on media's rhetoric. we had an msnbc anchor apologizing for her comments on air, saying, that the president is looking to exterminate latinos, msnbc said that trump inspired terrorism. what do you think of media's role in this, in terms of poisonous rhetoric. >> yeah. i absolutely am appalled by the rhetoric you see from mainstream media, this causes a lot of
6:59 pm
outrage that we see across america today, because they are politicizing things, i don't think that any american would be surprised to hear there is bias internallism, this new york times incident where they changed head because the left was giving them a hard time that they gave. >> this paper is finished, and news is now people say it is, 4 your final word. >> he is correct. i never thought i would agree with a clinton adviser, he is correct. and i think we all need to not politicize these things. focus on solutions, not what the
7:00 pm
problems are. problems. elizabeth: congressman st steebe thank you very. >> thank you. >> lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, president trump today working to help heal two communities and a nation. the president and first lady traveling to dayton, ohio, and el paso, texas, meeting with the victims of last weekends' shooting and thanking first responders, doctors and nurses who have been caring for them. as president and first lady you were bringing comfort, the radical left was spewing venom, spewing their hate for the president, showing no regard for truth. listen to what some of the radical dimms had to say about president trump today. >> he is trying


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