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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 16, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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get out of economic weakness, potentially through recession, they will come back out on other side in better shape. [closing bell ring] liz: tim chubb, thank you so much. nice day for the bulls to close out a very rough week that will do it for the "claman countdown." join me on monday. connell: we were waiting for the end of the week, but all three major averages were in the green today. talk of stimulus and china and germany eased global recession fears we've been talking about all week long. the dow up over 300 points on a friday, settling in 308 to the upside after biggest selloff of the year earlier in the week. so, here we are, we made it to friday. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." the s&p 500 also ending in positive territory for the second day in a row. nasdaq snapping a two-day down streak. look at the volatile week.
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we'll show it right here. connell: oh, boy. melissa: it is rough. instead go to kristina partsinevelos on floor of the new york stock exchange. kristina? >> i like that. forget that. talk about the whoo-hoo you mentioned. you saw a little bit of a rally towards later half of the day. we were sitting around 250 points. it is a friday. people wearing ties. people are rushing out. what are some of the catalysts. improved sentiment about u.s. china trade progress. we can say that. germany stimulus if needed. same situation with china. a stimulus. talk about the dow winners on the screen. winners for apple, a lot has to do with china u.s. trade sentiment. given supply chain. goldman sachs doing higher because 10-year yields climbed higher. banks benefit from that. they got hammered yesterday. 3m often goes up and down with any trade comment.
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we talked about the yield, bring up the 10-year-year-old at the moment. it flipped over, people not buying as much bonds, putting it back into the market, hence the rally, towards later half of the afternoon. no inversions today. so spreading even though i have been talking to traders about recession, one in particular that is standing near me. he was talking about waiting until december, to weigh in how retailers are doing. he will look at those numbers. parse those numbers going forward. that will give him pretty much a clear picture when the recession should come, if it comes in the near future. if we can, just see on your screen right now, market this is week, all unfortunately in the red. we want to end on a high. dow up over 300 points. melissa: there is goose or bird behind you, kristina. bring in carol roth, future file legacy planning system creator.
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veronica daguerre, ignore the bird, swallow, or whatever was behind her. how do you sort out the tumultuous week? >> how about the vix that is back on everyone's radar. i think as an investor, this makes you sick to your stomach all this up and down, the average retail investor. today shows you can time this market. market timing is not a good idea. if you had sold the other day down 800 point you would have missed the rally today. you focus on things you can control, which is saving more, spending less, and if you need money the next two years, put a house down payment there or help your kids, to help pay for kids college education, take that money out of the market, put that in cash. so you feel safer. if you're not saving it, this is the time to see your financial advisor, think about your overall allocation. melissa: carol, i hate that advice. i don't want to spend less. who wants to spend less? >> certainly nobody.
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remember last week, melissa i told you to get the dramamine ready and i was not joking. to the spending point, the consumer is 70% of the economy. the consumer is very strong. what you have to worry about is consumer debt. consumer debt for the second quarter was approaching 14 trillion. that is higher than the peak right before the 2008 global crisis. some payments on things like credit cards, mortgages, student loans are coming in a little bit late. so the thing you want to watch out about, when the consumer optimism and consumer spending, when the debt catches up with it. that could be a potential issue. hopefully that doesn't before the holiday season, something to keep an eye on. melissa: okay. connell: another thing we saw, a couple of reports out today, saying that president trump actually held a call, a conference call with three of wall street's top executives. ceos of jpmorgan, bank of america, citigroup on wednesday, which was a crazy day in the market. to that point, carol, i don't know if i read much into this, other than fairly normal for a
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president to check in with these types of folks on a day like that, what do you say? >> i think it's a great thing. who better to get counsel from jamie dimon and brian moynihan, ceo's like that from what i heard they said things that make a lot of sense. they are letting him know 25 basis point cut, a 50 basis point cut from the fed will not spur demand for investment whether from businesses and consumers. the china trade war, if we get something settled on that might. all of those issues are playing what is going on in the market this week. they will continue to hang over the market. hear tag that from big bank ceos that is interesting. connell: that is interesting, veronica. what they were talking about in 2008 when we in bailout mode, all the rest, you would be curious to see what they said in terms of the trade war, how damaging it is and how quickly needs to be wrapped up if it
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will not damage us more than this? >> right. i would be curious to see how they phrase that delicately. china, the trade war is such a big focus for so many business owners. actually not the focus, the fed is not the focus at this actual moment. you know, i think the president is very focused on interest rates, what chairman powell is doing. i think these three leaders are saying, hey, yes that is important but trade is our major focus. that is holding back business investment. if you want consumer to be stronger than they already are, you need to take the trade uncertainty off the table. connell: guys, veronica, carol, thanks a lot. melissa: stepping up the pressure, protests in hong kong talking about massive atm withdrawals to send a message. susan li, massive bank withdrawals, susan? >> you do have a cap at the atm.
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20,000 hong kong dollars. so you can only take out 2500 u.s. dollars each time. so far 400 protesters taking pictures of them actually withdrawing their money. the protesters say 9 million has been withdrawn. not a lot of money when you think about the entire economy of hong kong. don't forget that protesters exaggerate numbers as well. i wouldn't say this is catching on in the city of hong kong. we saw thousands morallying in the heart, the financial heart of the city of hong kong. it was in this park outside of those iconic skyscrapers that dot the hong kong skyline. now this heading into an 11th week of protests. this weekend will be a big one since they are calling for rather mass rally, pro-democracy march on sunday that should attract hundreds of thousands. the last time they did this type of march we had one to two million of hong kong's 7 million residents taking to the streets so that is something to watch.
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i spoke to one of the student leaders today, i asked them, the international community is asking them they want to know why you're doing this. take a listen. >> we do not believe in the communist party, the communist party is evil. we won't go deliberations with this communist party. we don't have faith with them. reporter: there are concerns whether or not beijing might militarily intervene. president trump said hopes beijing treats hong kong protesters humanely. i asked one of them, what do you want the president to do? >> what i am hear to say, ask donald trump be tough with china. being tough is the only language that totalitarian government understands. reporter: we have the late, brand new video of the chinese military build-up across the
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along the hong kong border with china. we do see amassing of troops and tanks, armored personnel carriers as well. china of course says these are just exercises. this is in preparation for the 70th anniversary of the communist party's founding. a lot of people are more concerned. i wouldn't say the chances are high according to the experts i speak to here in hong kong but is more, shall we say heightened concern that china may intervene militarily but a remote chance of that, guys. melissa: susan thank you. connell: we'll talk more about this. jake parker, u.s.-china business council senior vice president. good to see you. you heard what susan is reporting there. your contacts are certainly in the business community. what is the big concern from people you're talking to as we head what we expect to be a tense weekend? >> human rights and fundamental freedoms are core values of business, our business employees as well as consumers. with any group, with significant operations in the asia-pacific
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region our member companies are watching closely actions happening in taiwan. the ultimate focus for them this gets resolved peacefully. connell: they're watching closely hong kong and are they making any adjustments, any changes to their plans right now or is it just a watch, wait and see from what you're hearing? >> currently at the moment, companies look at risk management strategies. obviously the shut-down of the hong kong airport created difficulties for industry. hong kong happens to be a regional headquarters for number of companies that operate in the asia-pacific region. they're carefully evaluating their situation. they want this resolved peacefully. connell: that move to the airport, it was questioned strategy whether it was beneficial to the protesters cause or damaged it because what jake brings up, international community has to deal with disruptions. over the weekend from what you said, they won't be there, right? they will be in other parts of
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city? susan: that's right. on saturday evening they will be in kowloon just across the harbor here in hong kong. on sunday is being called, dubbed 8.18, august 18th, a mass rally expected in the financial heart of hong kong which is where we are. they will be walking this long artery from causeway bay all the way to central where those famous skyscrapers are. they are expecting a lot of people to come out to support with a lot of promotion and social media doing calling basically people to the streets. last time they did this, i mentioned one to two million came out. they're expecting hundreds of thousands. that is a pretty big number. maybe the disruption to the economy has turned general public sentiment. we'll see how supportive the general public is to the hong kong protesters. connell: that is the thing even, jake, with the stimulus package, susan brought this up, maybe they were trying to buy off the general population, the
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government, here are tax rebates and some subsidies. you have already the disruption at the airport. is the thinking from where you sit they can continue to have public support for their cause? that would be important if this is going to drag on for a while? >> we don't deal with the public in hong kong as much but i can tell you from the business perspective they're interested in stability. they like stability. they hate uncertainty. at the moment in honk copping, what they're looking for keep a profile low, watch how things unfold and keep everything resolved peacefully and move forward that allows business to continue. connell: you mentioned jake, hong kong being center of activity in the region, a headquarters for many companies what is the importance -- it is semiautonomous region as we talked about over and over again. given what we're going through with china on the trade side, what is the real importance for companies if they can't operate as freely in hong kong, what do they do? >> it is important to remember that the hong kong-united states
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policy act much 1992 does give hong kong special status for trade and perspective its citizens traveling to the united states. u.s. companies do business there because of its open market economy, because of its geographic location and frankly proximity to china. connell: right. >> we hope that will continue going forward because any change in that status quo will have detrimental and deleterious impact on u.s. business operating in the asia. connell: final word to you, susan, tomorrow is a big day, saturday, saturday's big day but sunday is the real big one, right? susan: sunday is the real big one. i would be interested to see how many turnout. that is a great gauge how much public support they have. public support is very important to the protesters. we're stretching into an 11th week of protest. that is more than what they saw back in 2014 with the umbrella movement, when they pretty much shut down one of the main roads
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here in hong kong. they celebrated that tonight. they said 68 days. that is a long on going protest here. they need that public support to make it sure that it continues. connell: we'll watch it over the weekend. good report, susan, jake, good to see you coming on. melissa: general electric shares bouncing back after the worst one-day loss in 11 years. jackie deangelis is in the newsroom with details on this. really staggering when you think what ge used to be? reporter: that rebound was interesting given the shares of ge haven't seen that kind of drop in 11 years. this is on the back of claims there was massive accounting fraud at ge. that it soon will file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. anonymous hedge fund commissioned harry mark markopolos.
4:15 pm
march kopelousos markopolos say they participated in $30 billion of fraud that dates back to the 1990s that goes back to jack welch. he says a fraud bigger than worldcom enron combined. stocks shares are up 11% today, why? in response to the allegations, ceo larry culp bought $2 million of shares yesterday, he said this in a statement, quote, ge will always take any allegation of financial misconduct seriously. this is market manipulation pure and simple. mr. markopolos contains false statements of fact. andrew left of citron research he published a note saying it was the sad day for the activist short selling community when march markopolos issued his report.
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everybody will be looking into this. melissa: no doubt, jackie, thank you. connell: on booming economy president trump warning voters a 2020 win for the democrats would throw u.s. prosperity, quoting now, down the tubes. melissa: sounds like trump. sounds like what he would say. connell: that was definitely a quote. melissa: yeah. connell: could include your 401(k) he says. could recession fears weigh on the president's re-election? steve forbes coming in, forbes media chairman. melissa: dueling election pitches, elizabeth warren gaining steam among a crowded democratic field. that is bad news for bernie sanders by the way. critics say it risks the party's staning in battleground. are they right? our political panel coming up. connell: damaging winds, large hail heading to the plains and central regions. we'll track the thunderstorms for you coming up.
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save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you pre-order a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. >> you have no choice but to vote for me because your 401(k)s, is down the tube, everything will be down the tubes. so whether you love me or hate me, you got to vote for me. melissa: does he have a point? that was the president, doubling down on what he believes will be
4:21 pm
his key to re-election, the economy. after an extremely volatile week in the markets, could this damage his chances heading into 2020? here to react, steve forbes, forbes media chairman. steve, well, there is a grain of truth in that. whatever is happening now with the socialists, it is not going to be better? >> not with the socialists in. you get elizabeth warren or bernie sanders or even joe biden who is being pushed left, left, you get an economy even worse than it was under barack obama. you would have a european kind of economy. people realize that. but what the president has to deal with, they're beginning to realize it, they have to get the trade uncertainties out of the way. that is what is weighing on the market. if you could wave a magic wand, those out of the way, 5,000 points on the dow, 401(k)s would be better than ever, so would the president's prospects. melissa: he could wave a magic wand, he created a situation in the first place to make a deal.
4:22 pm
he could declare victory at any point in time, cleverly wait until closer to the election, make some kind of a deal with china. it will be better than the current situation, no matter how much the market may grouse about, it is not a very good deal, better than where we are, the market would go up, economy would expand, right? >> businesses need to know the rule of the road are. you have uncertainty, faltering in the capital expenditures. once they know what the rules are, they move ahead. you don't time the things, saying we'll get close to the election, you don't know what events are put in the way. get it as done as soon as you can. maybe not be so facetious, make peter navarro ambassador to north korea. get the trade stuff out of the way. everyone would be happy. melissa: waving a magic wand, taking peter navarro out of it. that would wave a magic wand out of this. he is terrifying everybody
4:23 pm
related to money. >> no coincidence when he went on fox wednesday morning, that is when the market cracked. melissa: right. so what do you think happens from here? do you think that, as some are saying, we kind of have a bit of a pull back already baked in. maybe it gets out ahead of him, there is enough in earnings, other companies that can't sell into china, maybe like you said, you can't wait too long. has he waited too long already? >> key is not put on anymore tariffs. postponed some tariffs from the end of the month. they shut postpone all of them. a lot of apparel will get hit. make it clear to the europeans, no tariffs, no sales taxes on autos, auto imports. don't throw germany into severe recession. do same thing with japan. after labor day, make sure congress i have a proves the u.s. mexico -- melissa: usmca. pretty catchy. >> nafta two, get that out of the way. with china you can cut a deal
4:24 pm
and, i think it will involve, what will be really juicy one if they get one, hundreds of billions of dollars buying natural gas. china needs it. our exports are falling a rise there, a few soybean sales it would look awfully good. melissa: juicy. connell: steve solves these things. melissa: he does. connell: while you're here, steve -- melissa: not for nothing. connell: i heard of that one day. let's talk about hong kong for a moment though. we just had susan on from hong kong. want to get your thoughts. number one they had the stimulus package. they pumped $2.4 billion to the economy. the idea was to avoid a downturn or recession, with trade war going on and protests. the thinking seems they were buying off the public. maybe take public support away from the protesters. what did you make first of that move, from the government? >> we know that stimulus is only a short-term thing. it ends up piling debt.
4:25 pm
hong kong has a superb balance sheet. stimulus is one-time event. youget it, what is next? they should focus on a face-saving way to end the stanoff. the way is, china signed a treaty with britain in '94 and handover in '97. they take a hands off approach. china should say we don't know what the protests are about. we will adhere to the '97 and 94 agreement which they haven't but they can. protesters promise not to the protest in the future this is what you pay diplomats for. connell: does that make xi xinping -- thinking when people bring that up he would look weak to his own people if he looks something like that? >> he looks weak not handling hong kong other than tianamen square crackdown. they have 70th anniversary coming up. weaker economy. the fact he has unpalatable choice in hong kong, getting the thing resolved, several weeks to
4:26 pm
digest it. but he can later deal with the foes. his foes are waiting to bum up hong kong and he knows that. connell: overreacting a number -- >> repercussions would be worldwide. all of china's initiatives in asia and europe. connell: dan henninger wrote about it in the journal. what is it to you, someone that has done business all around the world what is the importance of hong kong or the role of the united states and united states government and president in all of this. >> dan henninger people strife for freedom. they're tired especially in hong kong china gradually encroaching. what happened having a move to take people accused of things, having them tried in china was the straw or the big straw that broke the camel's back. they said enough, adhere to the original agreement. this is kind of thing you deal with behind the scenes. can't do it in public, behind the scenes, henry kissinger could tell them now to do it. make it clear without spelling it out, they don't lose face,
4:27 pm
there will be consequences if they take the wrong move. connell: again we'll watch it closely especially this weekend. have a good weekend, steve. >> take care. melissa: breaking news, jeffrey epstein's autopsy results are out. new york city's medical examiner determining the cause of death was suicide by hanging, refuting conspiracy theories he may have been murdered. more details coming up after the break. hmmm. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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...change of plans! (vo) defy the laws of human nature... the summer of audi sales event get exceptional offers now! connell: more on break news. jeffrey epstein's autopsy results are indeed out. the official autopsy been released. robert gray on the story, joins with us breaking details. reporter: that's right, connell. there had been a lot of speculation around this. we'll jump right to the chase. his prison death has been ruled a suicide by hanging. the medical examiner's office saying late this afternoon, minutes ago actually. there had been a lot of speculation. the story was leaked earlier in the week to several news organizations reporting it because there were several bones
4:32 pm
broken in his neck, that some other medical examiner's called into question whether it could have happened by hanging, yes, could be found particularly in men to have been caused by strangulation. there were irregularities he overnight into saturday had not been checked on every half an hour which is generally the policy there by two guards every half an hour overnight. it did not happen. obviously conspiracy theories running amok. 66-year-old jeffrey epstein awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. he counted president clintons and trumps among his friends, ran in very high circles. very high interest, a lots of speculation, lots of interest in this case. but again they found his death was ruled suicide by hanging. he was found unresponsive in his new york city cell on saturday morning. he pleaded not guilt to charges of sex trafficking of dozens girls between two 2002 and 2005.
4:33 pm
the official finding suicide by hanging but not sure this will quell some of the conspiracy theorists or not. connell: all kinds of questions about the case itself, looking to the victims whether they will receive any kind of justice this is the autopsy results. robert gray on breaking news for us. melissa: president trump considering making a very strange purchase, one president trump man considered back in the '40s. we'll talk to james freeman from "the wall street journal" on this next. because he is good at strange purchases. connell: james freeman? melissa: yes. connell: wants to buy ireland or something? melissa: something like that. connell: a new 2020 poll shaking up the race, warning signs for a leading candidate. what it all could mean for your wallet and the general election. that is coming up as well. melissa: a new survey from the economic policy institute revealed ceo's are paid 278 more times than the average u.s. worker. ceo compensation has gone up
4:34 pm
1000% since 1978. while the average worker seen their pay rise 12% over the same 40-year period. we are responsible for a lot more people, a lot more stuff. ceo. connell: the ceo? he gets paid a lot. is that what you're saying? melissa: that is my thought but not popular. ♪ all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. i come face-to-face with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength. it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x.
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oral combination treatment all right brad, once again i have revolutionized the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument, but this... this is my forte. obviously, for auto insurance, we've got the wheel route. obviously. retirement, we're going with a long-term play. makes sense. pet insurance, wait, let me guess... flea flicker. yes! how'd you know? studying my playbook? yeah, actually. connell: severe storms expected across the midwest, plains, heading into the weekend.
4:38 pm
damaging winds, hail, even tornadoes could be touching down. flash flooding a threat. heavy rain for kansas, missouri, illinois overnight tonight. melissa: eyeing a new real estate purchase. president trump reportedly expecting interest in purchasing the world's biggest island. do you know what that is? it's a test. it is greenland. the government for the danish territory is responding, greenland is rich in valuable resources minerals, purest water, ice, fish stocks, renewable energy, a new frontier for adventure tourism. we're open for business but not for sales. they are driving a very hard bargain. james freeman, writer for "the wall street journal" and focusing on unique purchases. this sounds kooky and a little
4:39 pm
crazy but not first time we tried to do this. in 1946, harry truman wanted to buy greenland for $100 million. that is hell after deal. >> we might be missing a motivated seller in this case too. they didn't want to sell. kudos to my colleagues at the journal for breaking this story. i think it i was intriguing from a u.s. perspective. you think about alaska. people thought, many people thought that was kind of silly when we paid 7 million bucks in the 1860s. turned out a lot of gold, oil later. could have the same situation with greenland, in terms of natural resources that have not been exploited there. melissa: they talk a really good game. we have awesome, we have tons of great stuff, we're super not for sale. one thing they don't have is bunch of money. they rely on $591 million in subsidies from denmark annually. it makes up to 60% of the their budget. for all the resources they're
4:40 pm
pretty hung up on food stamps from elsewhere? >> i'm worried there is not enough pressure on the government of denmark to sell. it's a relatively good economy. not particularly indebted but, as you said, this is kind of a maybe a toothache for them. they're paying 600 million a year to support greenland. they in return, it is not clear what they get. i think they like having it because it is a strategic, it, for a long time it has been kind of a strategic asset straddling the arctic and atlantic. maybe denmark sees it as a way to maintain global influence, power within nato, et cetera, but i think if you're trump, say, hey, i will let you off the burden of supporting this place. maybe he stops bugging denmark to increase its nato defense spending commitments. they have said they will go to 1.5%. they are supposed to go to two. maybe he leaves it at 1.5.
4:41 pm
for people on the island who have been wanting independence, he can give them property rights. right now they can't own property under their houses. melissa: there you go. so there is a lot to be offered. there is 56,000 people there. i think, not too many. >> yeah. melissa: they could be offered all kinds of cool stuff. but for the president though it, would be, that kind of a perfect legacy. if you think about the other presidents who made really good acquisitions, president trump is a real estate guy. >> yeah. melissa: that is a really, big, big chunk of real estate. >> yes. melissa: makes sense. >> very small population though. you might want to fold it into maine, if you could get the acquisition. not sure you want to give that much voting power to the 56,000 people who, we would just be getting to know. melissa: i lived in maine for a while and they, the, they might like being mainers, the people from greenland. if they're not super fond of president trump, maine,
4:42 pm
new hampshire, a little oppositional by nature. these guys could fit in great with them i could think. >> a lot of people clustered along the southern coast, so yeah there is some similarities there. and we should say this idea is not going over really big in either greenland or denmark. melissa: it is early times. >> it could be just a negotiating posture. melissa: they just started working on this i would say, while they're saying this is absolutely never going to happen, they say things like overour dead bodies we don't know how firm. >> if we learned anything from strange transactions to purchase countries, actually we haven't learned anything. melissa: well, whatever. james freeman, thank you. have a great weekend. connell: you guys pretty much solved everything. melissa: i think we did. connell: not so marvelous traffic jam to tell you about. the police shutting down a promotional event in california, gas station for old tv station, marvelous -- melissa: you don't know what
4:43 pm
marvelous mrs. maisel. connell: i know it was way back when. melissa: no it is not. set right now. connell: it is set in the '50s. is it good. melissa: it is really good. connell: they had a traffic jam. they offered a promotion gas 30 cents a gallon. that is what gas was set in 1959. amazon prime. melissa: i think they have the wrong person reading that story. obviously one of us likes the show and one of oust don't have a. connell: i have no social life. "after the bell" is my favorite. melissa: backlash, weight watchers underfire for digital push aimed at kids. why health officials are sounding the alarm. plus escalating medical risk. why more doctors are investigating cases of health problems linked to vaping. marvelous mrs. maisel. connell: whatever.
4:44 pm
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connell: breaking news. airport issues we're learning at lax. apart with the tweet, here it is customs and border protection systems are experiencing an issue which appears to be impacting multiple airports including lax. officers are processing passengers manually. please check in with the airline, latest status of any flight impacts. more details to come as they are available.
4:48 pm
melissa: that doesn't sound good. connell: no. melissa: health crisis that is spreading across the nation now. more cases of breathing problems and lung damage linked to vaping are being reported. health officials say they are now investigating cases in at least eight states including california, illinois, indiana, iowa, michigan, minnesota, ohio and wisconsin. connell: wow. there is weight watchers. weightweight watchers has a kid. some people asking, are you kidding me? weight watchers is in trouble after launching the app, curbo health. this is going for kids as young as eight years old. that has people worked up with including health experts and parents. than scary with the company response to this. reporter: connell the app is getting some praise but it faced immediate backlash as you can imagine on social media. look at this tweet from a psychotherapist, she tweets, the
4:49 pm
fact that a team of people spent time building an app for eight years old to lose weight. children do not need weight loss apps. curbo, which gives kids a traffic light rating system for foods to eat will lead to negative body image and eating disorders. of the some of the app's fans say the real abuse is doing nothing to combat child obesity rates which have tripled in since the 1970 as. according to center of disease creel, 18% of childrens ages 6 through 11 are obese. the figure is higher for adolescents, ages 12 through 19. federal health officials say it is due to poor diet and sedentary life-styles. we reached out to ww which is the new rebanded name for a comment. we got the scientist's chief executive officer. kurbo focuses on healthier
4:50 pm
change, more healthy activity, not dieting or calorie counting. behavior weight management programs do not cause eating disorders. in fact they provide kids tools to make balanced kid choices to manage their weight in a healthy way. no one disputes that something needs to be done to address america's childhood obesity epidemic. the debate whether this curbo app should be part of the solution. back to you. connell: thanks, jonathan serrie. melissa: i don't know. i guess there is probably even more to the story but our pediatrician hands out a picture that is your healthy plate what should be on it. connell: with a suggestion. melissa: with a suggestion how to eat healthy. sounds like that was about making oil-for-food program choices but i don't know. we don't call it weight watchers. we're not telling them to lose weight. be healthy and exercise. connell: that is the argument, with the company coming in trying to capitalize on this maybe. melissa: that is true i guess. fighting for the progressive
4:51 pm
vote, fox news's latest poll revealing a big shake-up in the 2020 race. what is behind the rising star in the crowded democratic field? our political panel weighs in ex. ♪ portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. patients that i see about dry mouth. they feel that they have to drink a lot of water. medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth. i like to recommend biotene. it replenishes the moisture in your mouth. biotene definitely works. [heartbeat]
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$4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. we are continuing breaking news this hour, jeffrey epstein's autopsy reviewing he hanged himself in his jail cell after being found unresponsive august 10. that is their conclusion. he will bring you any updates as we get them. >> interesting numbers out from the senator, elizabeth warren taking over second place from bernie sanders in the latest poll. senator warren gaining 16 points since march. sanders losing 13. most of the other candidates remained where they were. o'connell is with us today. and also dallas jones, a
4:56 pm
democratic strategist. it's been steady, going up, bernie sanders is going down. what does this tell you? >> i think what we are seeing is senator warren and sanders have been going back and forth in warren has been putting out a number of different policy i guess. she's releasing them one after another. i think what you're seeing is that younger voters are trying to move toward senator warren and she's showing a fight. the fight is beginning to resonate with democratic voters and they are starting to ask that question. as that is happening, we are discovering issues that are happening with some of the other candidates and their making people grasp forward to god. warren is doing the most talking.
4:57 pm
>> she does well with young voters. i wonder if president trump, saying i want to win again, i hope she wins versus biden hanging in there. >> i think they would prefer elizabeth warren over biden because biden picks off potentially some of the voters that trump needs to recapture which would be seniors, white working class voters and hispanics. in elizabeth warren, she's on the wrong side of every major issue. medicare and border crossing. she already has a catchy nickname because she lied, there's a lot to work with. >> here's the deal, biden will most likely win this nomination.
4:58 pm
unless the democratic primary voters doesn't go toe to toe with trump. he's leading in the polls, it's who he's leading with. the two groups who vote the most. >> there is a big field for republicans and he was leading that at the beginning. not only did he leave, followed that script. >> i think it's a lot vote until the end of the process. it's important to note that in this poll that every one of the democratic candidates pulled in the race, they are all beating trump into 2020.
4:59 pm
>> it doesn't matter until there's an actual nominee. we know it's going to come down to six or seven. if you -- donald trump will win again because since fdr, everyone has won reelection. >> we've got to go guys. >> we didn't make up those numbers. >> we need to wrap it up and talk about pumpkin spice. >> the flavor of fall, officially getting canned. spam is joining in the seasonal fight coming out with its own pumpkin spice variety. canned meat. disgusting. they will hit shelves september 23, the official first day of fall. >> we've got plenty of time to
5:00 pm
do this, november 2020. >> i am a spice fan. let's move on. >> we have ten seconds left. the market up 306. crazy week, we'll see what next week brings. have a great weekend. >> bulls and bears starts right now. >> the results of jeffrey epstein's autopsy has just been released. what we now know about his death in jail, we've got details, thank you for joining me now. joining me as jonathan, jackie, gary and jonas. epstein's death is now officially ruled a suicide by hanging. the medical examiner's office concluding he did hang himself in his jail cell. joining us now on the phone is doctor jeanette, good to talk to you. there's still so many questions, doy


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