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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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energizer. liz: i get it. the stock that owns them, zph. the s&p turned negative before the close. [closing bell rings] so did the yield curve. that will do it for "the claman countdown." melissa: retail earnings, optimistic boeing report boosting the dow, right now kind of struggling to hold on to those gains, up 54 points way off the highs of the session. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq look like they're both closing in the red there. s&p 500 just crossing over into negative territory. i'm melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane. good be with you. the tricky yield curve inverting back and forth on us again. welcome to "after the bell." we'll have more on the big market movers of the day. first here is what is new at this hour, president trump about to honor a basketball legend. the president will award the medal of freedom, which is the country's highest civil honor to
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the great bob cousey, former point guard for the boston celtics. we'll break any headlines that come out of white house as the hour goes on. apple revealing the next lineup. what we know about the upcoming product. the release of a so-called pro-iphone. new concerns over vaping. cdc now investigating the link between the rising trend and mysterious illnesses reported in 16 states. melissa: fox business team coverage. blake burman is at the white house, gerri willis is on the floor of the new york stock exchange, edward lawrence live from jackson hole for the fed's annual meeting and phil flynn enjoying all the action in oil at cme. let's start with blake burman. blake. reporter: melissa, president trump continuing his criticisms of federal reserve. what is new for the president, a main focus of the president today was specifically focusing in on germany, the negative bond yields there. this is what the president wrote
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at one point earlier today, saying germany 30 year bond offering negative yields. germany competes with the usa our federal reserve does not allow to us do what we must do. they put us at at disadvantage against our competition. strong dollar, no inflation. they move like quicksand. fight or go home. in other tweet the president wrote, the question is being asked, why are we paying much more in interest than germany and certain other countries? be early for a change, not late. once again there referencing the fed. meantime in china the commerce ministry there is threatening retaliatory measures should the president go through with additional tariffs at the end of next week. a spokesperson saying quote, i want to emphasize again for the trade war china does not want a fight but is not afraid to fight, and will fight if necessary. if the u.s. implements new tariffs, china will resolutely adopt corresponding countermeasures to defend the
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interests of the country and the people. as for the president, melissa, connell, he will be heading to france later this weekend for the g7 meetings there. the white house announcing today that over the weekend president trump will sit down to meet face-to-face with boris johnson of the first time those two will sit down and talk in official capacities. back to you. >> blake, thank you. connell: a policy boost to prevent a downturn or recession. "wall street journal" editorial board out with some advice for the president today, on trying to keep the economy booming. writing in the lead editorial, quote, his best stimulus policy would be to end his tariff campaign. so are they right? bring in the market panel today. lenore hawkins, thematica chief macro strategist, also jeff sica from circle squared alternative invests. that is the backdrop of the president going after the fed again. what about if the journal's
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idea, not only cut china but tariff threats against europe and steve, aluminum tariffs that would be best timlous for the economy we would be okay? >> no question any reduction in the tariffs will in fact stimulate the economy because keep in mind, up to this point president trump has been telling us there is not going to be much effect on the consumer but reality is, as these tariffs unfold you will see an effect on the consumer. when the consumer is effected, the economy will fall back even further. i agree with that. if president trump pulse back on pulls back on the tariffs we'll see stimulative effect. whether that is the right thing to do personally, that is concession he might not be willing to make. remains to be seen. connell: the president, lenores, says he is not willing to make that concession yet. not ready to cut a deal especially with china. can he continue to fight this
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trade war if he gets the backing and help of the federal reserve, asking that ahead of the big jay powell speech tomorrow in jackson hole? >> well, he can, he can certainly keep trying but there is a price to be paid for this, right? we have global supply chains that have taken decades to put together. and they can't just be quickly dismantled and rebuilt. on top of that if you're in the c-suite of any of these multinationals that will be impacted by these tariffs the last thing you want to do is actually deal with it right now because you have no idea what you will actually end up with. well he will put tariffs this way, i will rearrange it, it could end up being completely different. all the uncertainty only makes it worse. we all agree china has not been playing by the rules, how about taking a lookals the imf worked out very well for us with disputes how china is behaving itself. connell: all right. melissa: shares of boeing surging on hopes of a 737 max return. gerri willis with more on the
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story. reporter: melissa, this sync bowing shares over four, 5% higher, gave a benefit to. an analyst writing today that faa certification for the 737 max jet, boeing's troubled airplane could be only four to six weeks away. this is what sent the shares higher. the grounding led of that plane led to ba's largest loss ever. this would be a turning point. rumor calling it a key milestone for the company. as you can see those shares on fire, up 4.2%. also today, an interesting story health insurers are starting to expand their aca offerings. imagine that. it was a once troubled business for companies and insurers could not make money. they are finding ways of making money. now expanding their offerings. cigna, humana, anthem, among companies expanding and doing better. enrollment stablizing at 10.6 million in the first quarter. as you remember the financial
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penalty going away. back to you. melissa: gerri, thank you. connell: let's get to oil, closing down the second day in a row an aaa is telling consumers to expect relief at the gas pump this fall. all that for phil flynn in chicago. phil? >> great news i see the leaves falling off the trees i see gasoline prices. seems every fall we get a bit of a break. this year might be even better, connell. we're hearing from aaa, the prices could be as low as $2.40 a year ago. it was substantially cheaper than a year ago and cheaper around the 4th of july at 2.57. they do warn about, so far this hurricane season is pretty mild. they're saying all bets are off if atlantic heats up. we get a hurricane, prices could go back up. oil is struggling to go anywhere. we were higher, lower, but we were down after the ism. see you tomorrow. after you. connell: phil flynn in chicago. melissa: calling on businesses to create higher-paying jobs.
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allstate ceo says companies can save capitalism by raising wages. lenore, jeff, are back with us. jeff, i don't even know where to start with this one. that is the beauty of market-clearing forces. you don't have to sit there to think about creating higher jobs that pay more. you, if you can't find employees you need, you realize that you need to raise your wages in order to attract them. we've seen that over and over again recently, whether it is walmart saying okay we'll give people free college education or pay on their loans or do free s.a.t. courses. they have to do that when they have to attract people. do you think this is pr stunt? what do you think? >> i find it very hard to believe they're actually defining what capitalism is. yes, you have to pay people higher to attract more employees. that is very relevant, especially when you have a tight labor market. keep in mind, ceo's have been doing a lot of talking about how they're going to change the,
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that they will not put shareholder, just enhancing shareholder value first. melissa: right. >> they will become more human ceos. that's all a good thing, especially since thinking about your employees and the benefits of a good economy where you can pay people more, but it remains to be seen whether they are actually going to implement this i think it's a very good policy to put such a high emphasis on employees, and less of an emphasis trying to look good to wall street. that is my opinion. we'll see if it is actually a publicity stunt because ceo's get a lot of bad press. this my get them out of it. melissa: especially putting it in "the new york times." lenore, my question, if you pay higher wage, we should make things in the country where people are buying them. again that is a market situation, you sit there, is the higher labor cost from a math perspective, is that, do you still save more based on the transportation and the quality of the output?
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i mean it is a math decision. it is not, i don't know. his logic here, spoken like somebody i guess who does insurance and doesn't make stuff. >> yeah. i struggled let's put faith in capitalism again. the trouble we're not dealing with capitalism or free market forces. >> right. >> look what happened to the american economy over the past couple decades. you have fewer and fewer, larger and larger company in every sector. when you see that, you also tend to see that the workers share of company's net income goes down. that is kind of obvious, right? you're getting more monopolies tick forces. labor has fewer choices. instead of getting a job at 100 different companies, i'm left with three or four. so my options go down. it is harder for me to command higher prices. you also look at the amount of entrepreneurship in this country it is really going down because we're seeing more and more big
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companies that gobble up any little guys that do get started for variety of forces going from a tax code, overly punitive on tiny little guys. it is too complex. for god's sake he have a degree in math, economics, mba in finance, i can't do my own taxes. that is ridiculous. melissa: no it is. >> too complicated, right? what about the little guy? melissa: thanks, guys. connell. connell: reading between the lines investors closely watching the fed's annual conference being held out in jackson hole, wyoming, as federal reserve chairman jerome powell will be speaking there tomorrow. there are comments ahead of that speech. edward lawrence is live from jackson hole with the latest for us. edward? reporter: connell, tough assignment being here. we're looking forward to that speech tomorrow by federal reserve chairman jerome powell, specifically looking to see what he talks about with trade uncertainty. also the global economic slowdown, if and when that could affect the u.s. economy. also we're looking to see if there are any hints in the speech talking about if he supports a rate cut or not.
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now i spoke with the host of this event, kansas city federal reserve president esther george who said that she indicated, she hinted she might not support a rate cut at the next meeting. because she believes right now the fed is meeting their mandate of low unemployment and stable prices. >> as i look at it we're going to get a number of data releases between now and the tile of our next meeting. i want to take all that information in. i think that's really important to understand how those will influence our conversation at the september meeting. and to be honest, i always want to keep my options open as i listen to my colleagues around that table, how they're seeing things. reporter: leaving a little wiggle room. she is one of two voters that dissented on the rate cut last july. she talked to me about the inverted yield curve. she is not concerned about that,
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she sees money fleeing other parts of the world and negative interest rates coming to u.s. >> there is a lot of talk about the inverted yield curve. it is one of the data points i watch carefully. as with any piece of data you're trying to understand what's driving that. i think there could be reasons today that yield curve is looking the way it does. that may not point directly to a weaker u.s. economy. reporter: george believes that the economic expansion will continue. she says that gdp growth will end up around 2% by the end of the year. connell? connell: edward, good stuff see you from there tomorrow. melissa: costly "green new deal" bernie sanders out with a plan to fight climate change. it will cost the u.s. trillions of dollars. how the expensive list could impact you and your taxpayer dollars. that's next. connell: cracking down on the pesky robocalls. state attorneys general taking action. we have the arkansas attorney general leslie rutledge coming up about that effort.
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connell: breaking news. hp shares down in after-hours trade. couple things here. first of all earnings results came out. that was the first thing. but then more importantly the announcement the ceo stepping down. deion west letter is stepping down, the reason, family health reasons. he will be succeeded by head of imaging printing solutions at company. hp down 5%. melissa. melissa: promising it will pay for itself, bernie sanders unveiling the 16 trillion-dollar "green new deal" to fight climate change, 16.3 trillion it is by far the most expensive plan among the 2020 candidates. we have republican strategist along with antjuan seawright, blueprint strategy founder, ceo and democratic strategist. let me start with you. so this is the part i found most terrifying. the plan will pay for itself
4:19 pm
with quote, litigation, fees and taxes and new income tax revenue. wow, that sounds like an economy killer. >> on the surface this number itself would scare anybody. it's a lot of money. i think that, as in every presidential campaign the marketplace of ideas take place. of course how you campaign, how you govern usually tends out, folds out to be different. i commend the center making it a priority. i'm not sure i agree with every step of the way, every aspect of this plan but i commend bold leadership idea taking on climate change because we know it's a real thing. melissa: lauren what do you think about that. it is bold leadership on spending money. both parties very good at spending more than we have. with pays for itself over 15 years with litigation, fees, taxes. whoa. >> i know. taxes on the wealthy and increase in income taxes. litigation, that is one piece of it. another piece of it is, they
4:20 pm
acknowledge they would put out of work millions of fossil fuel workers. and they have a program in their that is detailed would theoretically put them back to work but a lot of the program is unemployment for them. forcing them into early retirement. those types of things that would also cost money. this will be a very expensive plan, not to mention the fact that it doesn't account for a reasonable transition to renewable energy. so it immediately eliminates fossil fuels. if you are looking at the way in which our electricity grid works, how we provide reliable electricity to americans on day-to-day basis, that is a fuel mix. utilities want to move to renewables that is free fuel source. the problem they are not going to be able to meet this deadline so quickly. melissa: let me ask you, when you plug in your electric car you're fueling with coal from the grid. a lot of people don't realize that. but in terms of this price tag, antwan, if you confiscated all earnings, 100% tax rate on
4:21 pm
everybody that made over $200,000 you couldn't pay for this. >> listen, you won't get any argument out of me that it's a bold, big step towards addressing climate change. melissa: bold or stupid? >> both. number one, but two is alternative to the other side, lawyer return's side who do not want to do anything about climate change because they do not think it is real. the third thing i remind you, there is several issues, several plans out there to deal with climate change. they are all leg up on the gop because the gop doesn't even recognize climate change as real thing. so i'm all about the marketplace of ideas to take place. in our presidential primary. we'll see what happens then. melissa: last word, lauren. >> you see republicans doing a lot on this. granted, different. connell: business-friendly sense, carbon capture technology they're exploring. i disagree with -- >> you saying the president's climate change is real. melissa: the climate changing. we don't really know. >> the president doesn't say so. melissa: that is it, guys.
4:22 pm
connell: how about this? this is what we call a high-pitched push. take a listen. >> should have done a long time ago, we're passing legislation this year. guarranty working people, like every other industrialized investor guarranty working people by law, two weeks, paid paid vacation every year. melissa: i would like to pay him to go on vacation permanently. connell: just for melissa, bill de blasio you might have suspected technical difficults with his audio, this video call he set up with voters in iowa. sounded like he has a little helium in the balloon or something. but the candidate for president, mayor de blasio taking to twitter, addressed this incident, telling voters he will do whatever it takes to spread his message, including his best chipmunk voice. melissa: oh he is the worst. breaking news, retailer gap for second quarter results. gerri willis with the numbers. gerri? >> this is an interesting one.
4:23 pm
eps for gap, retailer, coming in at 63 cents a share, versus 53. estimates so that it's a big beat. revenues not a big beat. coming in 4 billion, versus 4.02 billion. a bit of a miss there. it is comp store sales are such a concern. in fact the ceo telling investors, we're operating in a challenging environment. comp store, same-store sales reflect that. old navy they plan to spin out. down 5%. banana republic down 3%. gab global down 7%. painful news there on same-store sales. what they call comp store sales. at stores open a year or more. we've also got a forecast here, the company saying they see comp fiscal year 2019 sales down in low single digits going forward. so that is not good news either. however, after popping down 6%, right after the close, reporting this, they're now down, i think only about 1%. so somebody is seeing something
4:24 pm
here they like. maybe it is that earnings beat. a truly mixed report there. melissa: it is not the environment they're operating in. it is the product. connell: that is often the case. the world's largest rainforest sup in flames. wildfires are spreading across the amazon in brazil. experts say the damage could have lasting effects. more cases of illnesses linked to vaping. the health risks that are deadly, that is coming up. in my line of work, i come face-to-face with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength. it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas.
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melissa: the amazon is burning. wildfires are raging in the world's largest rainforest at a record rate, surging 83% so far this year, compared to the same period last year. smoke can even be spotted from space. nearly 10,000 fires were recorded just last week. wow. connell: now calling it the pentagon's quote, number one priority. the secretary of defense mark
4:29 pm
esper, singling out one particular competitor of the united states, one we talk a lot about on this show in an exclusive interview with fox news. to jennifer griffin at pentagon with details. reporter: in this wide-ranging sit-down interview the new defense secretary talked about the greatest threats he sees to the united states right now. your first trip to asia, as defense secretary, is that because you view china as the greatest national security threat to the united states. >> well, china is the number one priority for this department. it is outlined in the national defense strategy, why we think it's a long-term strategic competitor. one that is pursuing a maximummization campaign if you will throughout the indo-pacific theater whether politically, economically, militarily. they are expanding the capacities an capability of the military in order to push the united states out of that theater. they have studied us since the
4:30 pm
year of gulf war one, which was my war, they learn how we employ weapons. they learned how we employ our doctrine. reporter: russia and china teamed up to call a u.n. security council meeting in wake of the u.s. missile test off the coast of california this was a grand launched cruise missile, fired off san nicolas island, california. it was 300 miles. it was kind of intermediate range missile that the u.s. signed with russia pulled out of the ban. >> we want the need to, to have the capability to deter chinese bad behavior having our own capability to be able to strike it intermediate ranges. reporter: the new defense secretary said future arms control treaties need to include china. connell? connell: important interview. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. melissa: heart-stopping moment for amusement park riders. two passengers were seated in a
4:31 pm
slingshot type ride in cobra adventure park in panama city, beach. when the bunge cord attached to the ride broke, sledding to pieces just moments they were supposed to launch in the air. no one was injured. officials for the park say the ride is up and running again. but inspectors will be checking the ride. i hope so. connell: might want to double-check it. melissa: wow. or not go on it. yikes! connell: plus 51 attorneys general, 12 phone companies joining forces to stop the robocalls we all hate. is this final i the end of those calls? we have one of those attorneys general coming up next. melissa: you heard about fake meat, even fake fish. there is a new trend catching on for your dog. i know! connell: are those fake dogs? melissa: well -- ♪ what?!
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melissa: breaking news right now. youtube disabling 210 channels, what the company is calling coordinating influence campaign tied to protests in hong kong. this is according to reuters. youtube says the discovery of content with recent observations and actions taken by facebook and twitter. we will keep you updated on this developing story. connell: then, teaming up to fight robocalls. major phone companies joining with attorneys general from all 50 states as well as washington, d.c., to reduce these unwanted
4:36 pm
robocalls from the state of arkansas, the attorney general there, leslie rutledge joins us to talk about this and you're smiling right, because you're making a lot of people happy getting rid of these calls. will this do it? >> we're hoping this will make a number of people happy. americans are sick and tired of all of these illegal, unwanted robocalls. they cost people time, more importantly they cost people money and their life savings. this is a collaborative effort as you noted with all 50 states as well as the private industry and phone companies, phone proproviders, they hold keys to the ding come. being willing to use technology they have. now we have to make sure they use it. we encourage others so we can stop these calls. connell: we'll flash up some principles agreed upon. it does fall on the at&t's of the world, phone carriers, to emly meant a lot of this. one of the big things that people will notice, they have to give you for free now, some sort of technology that will block the calls.
4:37 pm
so, can't charge you for some, an app or whatever, they were to do it for free. there are number of things up there as well. i was reading about this, a couple things i'm curious about. you said illegal robocalls. from what i understand, not all of, what many people think are robocalls are necessarily illegal. what's the line where companies would have to step in and do this? what makes it illegal? >> well the sort of calls that we're talking aare the criminals making these robocalls, asking, telling someone that they are from the irs, they are grandchild in jail, from social security administration. connell: right. >> or they have won some sort of a prize. we're not talking about legitimate businesses. most legitimate businesses still adhere to the do-not-call list however criminals do not follow the law. that is why they do not adhere to the do-not-call list. you will get perhaps notifications from your bank, notification from your doctor's office, for example, or maybe even political polling to fall into legal calling.
4:38 pm
connell: okay. >> we're talking about folks that literally just trying to cam americans out of their hard-earned dollars. trying to steal their identity. they have their identity by spoofing caller i.d. so it looks like a local number. then they get you on the phone. they get elderly on the phone in particular, claim to be a grandchild in jail. as i said. connell: exactly right. so. that is the line, protect yourself from quote, unquote annoying from the do-not-call list with these measures. if there is any criticism of this, i don't know enough about the technology to know whether this is legit or not, the agreement doesn't include some of the carriers, some of the really small carriers, that are internet-based. there is a lot of robocall traffic there. might some of this sneak through? is that a fair criticism? >> yes unfortunately we will continue to have robocalls. what we're aiming at, is every single carrier, large or small, get on board because, if a call originates, say out of country,
4:39 pm
then it may go through five or 10 different carriers before it comes to your homeland line or to the mobile phone. if it takes everyone in the chain carrying that baton, once, we have the call come in, these phone companies have the technology to do what they call trace it back. connell: right. >> go back to where its origin was. connell: right. >> see whether or not that is a company, a entire room full of people making these phone calls. connell: right. all right. a little work to do. this sounds like a good first step. attorney general, thank you. for coming on. appreciate it. >> thank you. connell: melissa. melissa: president trump going after automakers accusing ford and gm building unsafe cars after the two auto giants sided with california on stricter fuel economy standards. grady trimble live at ford dealership in chicago with the latest on the battle. grady? >> the president's tweets reignited conversation. it has been ongoing feud between the carmakers and the president
4:40 pm
for some time now. it has to do with fuel efficiency. the trump administration rolled back obama era regulations claiming they cost more, that they are not as safe. the carmakers went behind the president's back in some ways, they struck a deal with the state of california. these four carmakers are involved with the deal with california to keep similar regulations to the ones obama passed in place. president trump didn't like that. americans the tweets today, one of them, a warning to automakers. this is what it says. car companies know when this administration's alternative is no longer available, california will squeeze them to a point of business ruin. of course ford had to respond. this is what they said. this agreement with california provides regulatory stability while reducing co2, more than complying with two different standards. we also got a response from gm. and in addition to ford they both say they want an agreement with all 50 states with the same
4:41 pm
standards. gm on the other hand is not part of the deal with california but the president singled that company out. it wants a 50-state solution. it continues to try to reduce emissions on all new cars it produces. we should note california is the biggest market for cars in the entire country. so it is smart for the carmakers to try to stay on that state's good side. we also reached out to fiat chrysler, that is the last of the big three, detroit three i should say. we didn't hear from them today. they were not singled out specifically by the president. they said you know what? we're not getting involved in this. no comment. melissa. melissa: iron kick, california is liberal, they have the biggest carbon footprint when it comes to cars. everybody has 12 cars they're driving everywhere. gradedy, thank you. connell: sounding the alarm on vaping. new details from the cdc on dangerous health issues linked to vaping.
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melissa: growing health crisis. the cdc reporting a sharp increase in number of cases of possible severe lung disease linked to vaping in at least 16 states across the u.s. fox news's casey stegall on the details. reporter: melissa, more cases surfacing in more states. more -- no deaths have been reported. some patients came awfully close. i talked to doctors who here in texas treated a 17-year-old patient. he spent 18 days in the hospital. 10 of those days on life-support after he had flu-like symptoms, that were rapidly got worse until his doctors say, his lungs began to shut down. why? well specialists believe that the chemicals contained in e-cigarette vapor is harmful and over and over, can scar a patients lungs, eventually leading to respiratory failure. listen. >> it is odorless. it doesn't smell.
4:47 pm
you can't hear it. they can be doing it up in their room, you would have no idea. >> extremely dangerous. i don't ever want to go through that again. i especially don't want to send my family through something like that again. reporter: 10 days on life-support. now e-cigarette use has skyrocketed in popularity, especially among young people. these recent illnesses believed to be linked to vape having the cdc and the u.s. surgeon general's office sounding the alarm. 3.6 million kids admitted to using e-cigarettes last year, which is 1 1/2 million times more children than the year before. so a huge spike there. that is nearly one out of every five high schoolkids who say they have vaped. tobacco flavors also making this more attractive for kids and 76% of kids say that they do it just because it tastes good,
4:48 pm
according to the data from the cdc. pretty scary stuff, melissa. melissa: casey stegall, thank you. connell: apple, apple's next generation, the tech giant is preparing to unleash a blizzard of new products including three new iphone models according to the new report. here to break it all down, lance ulanoff, live lance, i find it interesting on the timing, new iphones coming out would have this wide angle lens. it seems a lot about the camera, triple rear-facing camera but not expected this year, hasn't been any expectation of a 5g phone. you wonder whether people are still in kind of wait mode, wait for that before they upgrade to something like this. what do you think? >> it is possible. like what do you weigh, weigh connection activity an speed over the quality of your pictures? are you desperate to have much better photos from your iphone. maybe you don't wait. it is interesting because people are not upgrading every year. they're holding on to phones a few years and more.
4:49 pm
you never know when the wave of upgrade will happen. this could be the year. we know iphone sales have not been going crazy off the charts lately. because also all of these phones look so much alike now. the whole thing about 5g is very interesting because apple is telegraphed this quite well. we're not getting 5g this year. i think that is going to put them behind. some people like samsung, their major competitor. i don't know how much it is going to hurt them because some people are absolute iphone deaf -- devotees. nothing will make them change. he. connell: apple card, credit card, a lot of attention that came out you have got one. >> that's right. this is my apple card. connell: real apple card. >> titanium. connell: there it is. >> titanium metal. connell: you have used it? >> i used it. i got it probably couple weeks ago. mostly i got it as a digital experience. it is on the apple watch.
4:50 pm
it is on your phone, you are just going to tap and pay experiences but really cool thing is that you get money back. if you use it to pay for apple services, apple products you get 3% back. that is the real value. the reason this exists there are still places where you can't buy stuff digitally. connell: you need an actual card. >> restaurant, gas station. connell: you were talking about about the fact that, in every example you gave, apple this, apple that. i think business insider wrote up a piece, their thesis the real point of this card is actually to sell iphones. you need to have iphone to pay your bill, track your payments. do you think that could drive phone sales? >> i don't know it would drive phone sales. people are paying a lot of money for apple services. i plan to put as many services on the card to get money back. that is the thing. we have apple service, apple tv plus this fall. connell: right. >> you want to try to take money off of that.
4:51 pm
this is the best credit card for apple customers. connell: people, already an apple guy, had an iphone. probably those people, those existing customers. >> absolutely. connell: lance, always good to see you. >> thanks a lot. melissa: abc facing major backlash over "dancing with the stars," the network facing boycott threats, pushback after casting sean spicer on the new season. the show's host, tom bergeron hoped the show would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate. spicer responding to the criticism saying, he wants the show to be a politics-free zone. i don't see them sitting there and chatting politics. connell: you mentioned, they did, they will come out, debating issues? geraldo remains my favorite "dancing with the stars" all time, all time. melissa: i will take tucker. meatless trend is hitting the animal industry but is it any healthier for your pet? we'll break down numbers next. planning your next vacation, you want to stick around for this.
4:52 pm
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>> the plant-based food trend is going to the dogs. we had to do that. while the earth is wanting a high-protein meat free food for a free friend. here is the man behind innovative product ryan joins us now. what gave you this idea? because dogs seem they love the meat. >> they do. because i'm a long-time animal level, i have had lots of dogs and cats and i wonder what we were feeding them. so i just assumed it was pretty much hiked while departing quals
4:57 pm
really important that they have that. but the more i looked into it the protein that we feed our pets is actually nonhuman grade, it is called 40s, a dead diseased, or disabled animal, account drops dead in the field, you cannot feed that to a human you will go to prison, you feed it to a prep under pet attorney. >> seems like they should be eating what the nature of the art our pets into that point we called a couple of the that and they said i think this will turn out to be a fab diet their carnivores in the digestive system has developed for meat.
4:58 pm
it has been vastly improved and there is no problem feeding just right under dry food to dogs. so you do not have to feed them cows that are disease. in their carnivores, how do you respond to that because no doubt that's not the first time. >> are 100% disagree that dogs are carnivores, they are actually like us. have the misconception that they are actually carnivores. dogs can survive and thrive on a plate-based diet. we've seen over and over again. there is still very much like inhuman space a lot of disagreement around nutrition so there's some people that really believe paleo is away or plant-based diet is away. that is really what we are seeing and we are certain to see it in this pet space. >> when we look at these meat patties they are more sodium, the same amount of calories, many more carbs, so it is plant based but not necessarily better
4:59 pm
for you by a longshot. it is an idea that you do not want to eat an animal. is is actually healthier or avoiding me? >> 100% healthier. and also you why. we have seen the human space versus the pet space, is very different. so pets are fed nonhuman grade meat, we've seen euthanasia drugs getting into the meat so contaminated meat. faster there was over 100 million recalls a pet field trade and this year we have seen pet parrot and her and when thed them pigs heirs. so there is a better path and we think that is clean protein. >> take you for coming on i wish we had more time. >> one final story this hour in a flight that won't break the big. travel lovers can take no,
5:00 pm
tomorrow is national cheap flight day in the best price airfare of the year. their lines lower the cost to mark the end of the summer season. so with that we would point that. >> book your flight tomorrow. we kept that for the very end so you guys would watch. ♪. david: the billion-dollar ceo a russian agent and the fbi scandal headlines taken a toll on the controversial founder and ceo of he is now leaving the company after revealing his involvement with the russian spy and his role in the russian clinton investigations. he will tell us all about it and we will not want to miss this one fox business exclusive will join us live. that is coming up shortly. questions and concerns about the strength of our economy as one recession indicator flashing warning signs again, what is the white house considering to do to boost t


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