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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 28, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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now, 260 on the dow. [closing bell rings ♪. closing out at the top. that will do it for the "the claman countdown." thanks for joining us here. connell mcshane, jackie deangelis pick it up on "after the bell." jackie: investors suge off. tech-heavy nasdaq and ending in positive territory. i'm jackie deangelis in for melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane, very nice close for the markets. here is what is new at this hour making the cut, tonight the deadline for the 2020 democratic contenders to qualify for the third debate. the latest on which presidential
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hopefuls will make it on to that stage. plus holding companies accountable for the opioid crisis. the newest move from a pharmaceutical giant to settle. thousands of lawsuits that claimed it started and helped to fuel what is still a growing epidemic. dorian strengthening into a hurricane, set to slam into the puerto rico. latest on the storm's path, likely to hit the u.s. jackie: fox business team coverageed edward lawrence at white house. phil flynn watching action in oil and gold from cme. first to edward. reporter: you her a first here, within the last 20 minutes or so, u.s. citizen immigration service releasing new rules saying kids born to u.s. citizens outside the united states are not necessarily u.s. citizens. it is not an automatic process. temporary visits to the united states do not establish
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residency. now these rules go into effect on october 29th. what has to happen, if you are a u.s. citizen, have a child abroad after october 29th, you have to apply for that child to be a u.s. citizen. also, if you're having temporary visit here that would cover women who give her to give birth to the children, you would have to be here for six weeks or more in order for the child to automatically a u.s. resident. you can apply for that. also white house receiving a letter from 200 footwear companies. those companies concerned. they want the president to cancel the next round of tariffs 10% to 15% of $300 billion of chinese import into the united states. first part, december 1st. september 15th is the second part of that 15%. the footwear companies say it would cost americans $4 billion each year with this tariff. now senator lindsey graham says the cost would be less than a
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cost of doing nothing long term. the administration saying you cannot handle the status quo. >> they continue to steal intellectual property, continue to force transfer of ownership, continue to manipulate currency. president said we're not doing that anymore. we do that to protect the american worker, many jobs are lost to the other countries. reporter: u.s. trade representative were its in the official notice, china's official response to the retaliation tariffs 25% on u.s. autos imported into china, increase of tariffs on 75 billion worth of u.s. imports needs more action. so far democrats are on board. the white house saying that the brought the chinese to the terrible. >> president is clear whether he negotiates, guatemala safe third agreement, usmca, mexico deal where they sent troops to the border. he wants other countries to succeed as well this is about protecting america, getting the best deals for us. reporter: another face-to-face
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meeting between trade delegations is expected in september. no meeting is set. breaking news, applies to military members, people in embassies, if they have children, they are u.s. citizens. those children are not automatically u.s. citizens. they would have to apply. jackie: edward lawrence. thanks so much. connell: more on immigration story coming up. energy sector boosted rally in the, story is up second day in a phil flynn in chicago. what happened, phil? >> basically looking for assurance, if there is no recession, look at oil inventories. we had a huge draw down in u.s. crude inventories. over 10 billion barrels. once more the u.s. energy system hit a record high when it comes to demand. in fact total demand on the u.s. energy sector hit a new high of
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30.541 million barrels. that is incredible. no slowdown in site. we saw good demand for consumers in confidence of the driving a lot of miles. gasoline demand, 9.9 million-barrels a day. if you get less fuel efficient car we hit the 10 million barrel-a-day demand quickly. silver up, gold down today. so we're still catching up to gold. connell: good enough. phil flynn. jackie: dow endings at session highs. straight to the floor of the new york stock exchange. kristina partsinevelos is there with the latest. over to you. reporter: actually had a trader tell me very constructive, no bad us. investors bought into the market why you're seeing reversal from this morning. some dow winners we're looking at, dow chemical climbing higher. we have pfizer and unitedhealth as well as nike, again, trader from goldman sachs on the
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screen, told me that is value investments he is looking at. overall no major headlines. headline making news, peloton is looking to ipo. the interactive bicycle looks like a treadmill with attached ipad. they released the perspective. revenue doubled during the past year. so they have got 1.4 million members. so think of these members. these are guys paying over $2200 for a bike, $40 a month for membership fee. retention rate, according to the company, at 95%. but what are some of the concerns, this ipo for 2019? operating expenses expected to climb higher. spending a lot on marketing ahead of the ipo. the royalties, have been slapped with 150 million-dollar lawsuit supposedly didn't pay royalties on songs used in their interactive classes. will be called pton on the
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nasdaq, sometime in 2019. jackie: thank you, kristina. here to react, gary b. smith, todd horowitz, bubba trading show host. peloton is growing but they're not making money. the question is there room to grow with the price point high for the product? >> we've seen this consistently, jackie, they don't make money, they keep coming public, raising billions and billions of dollars yet they can't make money. i think the actual peloton model, if they get through the initial burst of the lawsuit they can make money, obviously 40-dollar subscription fee will be very nice as they get going. but they have a long road ahead of i don't know how many people spend $2200 on a bike, $40 a month to maintain it. every other ipo we've seen this year has got to make money. i don't know if they're going to
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make money quick enough. jackie: gary, a lot of obese americans are out there. market is large. one in three americans is actually overweight. how does peloton try to grab market share with the way the current business model is or do they need to change it? >> their current business model, is fine attracting people. peloton i use it five or six days a week. the bikes are very well-made. whether you do interactive live or on demand. they're fun. they come in variety of different lanes. you can do 15 minutes up to, an hour, that is all fantastic t draws people in. it drew me in because it is a high quality product. here is the problem. you mentioned the music royalties. that is going to be an enormous expense. the other problem is, there is very few barriers to entry. there is already competition out
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there. basically it's a high quality bike connected internetwise to classes. anybody can really start that up. they have a great core membership. she said a million plus. other than that it is easy to quit. and people are going to start looking, my gosh, most people, it is like any other exercise equipment, they sign up, they start paying $40 a month. i'm hardly ever using it. easy to quit. then go to a cheaper competitor. i think that is going to be their big problem. connell: except for gary b. five times a week. he looks great. a possible shift, meantime, global policy we want to talk about today record in "the wall street journal" escalating tensions between the u.s. and china threatening a critical data link between the two largest economies in the world. journal writes about it with this quote, u.s. officials seeking to block undersea cable backed by google, facebook, chinese partner in a national security review could could
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rewrite the rules about internet connectivity between u.s. and china. this is the beyond trade story. not as simple as a deal, there could be more ramifications, i like this, one in particular. there could be work around. go to different country. go through third parties. work out, different deals if importer with chinese manufacturers. this technology this breaking down with huge ramifications beyond the trade. this stars to worry me. connell: issue of trust. national security, definitely argue, should trump concerns about essentially making money
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if that is the case what are the ram anycations for global growth? again with a story like this story in particular and others like it? >> this is very serious issue. goes back to w.c. fields, trust everybody but cut the cards. you have to be careful. this is slippery slope. i'm glad they caught on to it now. i think it needs to be addressed. it needs to be taken care of. need to get it resolved immediately. every country spies on every other country. goes on all the time this is getting much more serious and underneath the surface, with all this technology, it is hard to track it. need to get it taken care of now, no matter what to do, it needs to be shut down now. connell: todd, good to see you in new york. garys, as always. thank you, guys. jackie: setting stage for next democratic debate in the fight for the white house. there are a few faces you won't see this time around. who is make the cut? connell: brexit day quickly
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approaching. the queen is approving a suspension of parliament. a lot of drama. what it means for uncertainty in the uk and impact it could possibly have here at home. jackie: dorian becoming a hurricane as it barrels through the caribbean. we're live in san juan, puerto rico, where strong winds and high surf are expected to batter the island. ♪ complicated, you know? well sure, at first, but jj can help you with that. jj, will you break it down for this gentleman? hey, ian. you know, at td ameritrade, we can walk you through your options trades step by step until you're comfortable. i could be up for that. that's taking options trading from wall st. to main st. hey guys, wanna play some pool? eh, i'm not really a pool guy. what's the hesitation? it's just complicated. step-by-step options trading support from td ameritrade
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>> breaking news on immigration. making it not automatic children born to u.s. citizens out of the united states are citizens themselves. bill mcgurn joins us on this. edward lawrence was reporting at top of the hour, members of the military, this is interesting, the children, born on a base in germany, would have to apply to be citizens. what do you make of this? >> there are a lot of different things. my kids are all grew up in america. they're all adopted from china. so they're ineligible. right. >> i can understand why people favor this, but this is, this is overturning a longstanding tradition. there are legal arguments on both sides. for this, what the 14th amendment. but i think larger thing these are not real fixes. the fix we need from congress to look at our immigration, broken
4:17 pm
system, reach, reach reasonable accomodations on it, with each side. we haven't done that. i was at the white house for the 2007 immigration reform bill, we came close, it was sabotaged by a bunch of people, including then senator obama. connell: we're not coming close. seems like those decisions anyone is having a congressional fix, things like this where the president feels like he can act unilaterally. >> right. connell: he feels like he can make progress with the political base, is that the idea? >> i think it might be popular among a lot of people. they see a broken system and so forth. i think the bigger problem we have a set of perverse incentives to have people come over here. the president tried to restore order at the border. for example, asylum forcing people to apply through specific places, it is being fought all the way. you had it, i believe the first democrat debate, right, all the candidates on stage saying that they support free health
4:18 pm
coverage for illegals. i mean this is, this is not going to be popular with people. this is not a solution. this is this is keeping these very perverse incentives that we have in our system now in place. connell: on that point about incentives, we're just reading through the rules now, how does this change incentive for someone to be, say, in government service and serve overseas, whether in the military, state department, whatever the case may be? have children, those children are not automatically u.s. citizens, how might that change their incentive? >> i'm not sure. we have to see. i'm a little skeptical the rule will go all the way through. there is a lot, a lot of precedent on the other side. i'm not just so sure, and again, all these things seem to me substitutes for really tackling comprehensive immigration reform. i mean comprehensive, not in the way people say is a sellout. it is addressing all the bad things we have in our system that encourage people to come
4:19 pm
here illegally, have a system that i, i hope the president means where we have a wall, we have a system in place, but we have a big door, we let people we need in here. i think we need more people. connell: while you're here, bill, another story getting attention. i want to get a thought from you on it. has to do with the federal reserve, former president of the new york fed, bill dudley pushing back in an op-ed for president trump, calling for the federal reserve to be part of the resistance. this has a lot of people worked up. not just people who are supporters of the president by any stretch. saying federal reserve would have impact on elections. your take on this? >> i think the fed has hard enough job doing the tasks it was assigned to do. this is really astonishing to me, coming from a man that has worked at the federal reserve and knows the system. think the answer to politicize the fed like this, first of all, now as our editorial today points out, now sort of casts
4:20 pm
some doubt on his own actions in positions back when he was at the fed itself. how political it is. this is really a terrible thing. it just shows you how the trump derangement can take people that are otherwise sane and put them into really, really terrible places. connell: yeah, there was a lot of pushback on both sides. >> a lot of people think that. very few people are dumb enough to write it the way he did. connell: that is the point. well-said. bill mcgurn, always good to see you. thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> shocking settlement proposal, oxycontin maker purdue pharma, company blamed for the opioid epidemic could give up its lawsuits, what it all means as related lawsuits pile up illnesses. he is responding to the growing crisis.
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connell: to the health crisis spreading across the nation. ceo of the company juul, the country's top selling e-cigarette company, is responding to growing number of illnesses potentially linked to vaping. >> every day we get a new report from some health department around the country saying that somebody has severe lung failure, severe lung disease, tied to vaping. when that kind of report pops up what is reaction? >> worrisome for the, worrisome for us if we contributed to it. if there was any indication there was an adverse health condition related to our product i think we would take very swift action. connell: cdc continues to investigate more than 193 possible vaping related cases in 22 states. jackie? jackie: giving up the farm, purdue pharma confirming it is in talks to settle hundreds of
4:26 pm
lawsuits, offering 10 to $12 billion with possible ownership of the company itself. two days after johnson & johnson got hit with a 500 million-dollar judgment for its roll in the opioid crisis, in just one state, oklahoma. is this the front of a wave of lawsuits and settlement in the opioid crisis? we have brian silber, a former prosecutor that worked in personal injury. the brian, the timing is interesting to me. you get a ruling out of oklahoma with johnson & johnson. we get news about perdue and the sacklers, is it right for the holding the company and individuals for an entire crisis in this country? >> it is absolutely right. what these companies did is criminal. here is the key thing that the public doesn't understand. these companies are based on science. they are laboratories. they develop medication. they study products at great length, they know, they knew this whole time the prescriptions for these medications were outside the
4:27 pm
norm of what is medically appropriate. someone at that company for many years, a long time ago, should have known that they're making too many pills, they're selling too many pills. that their pills are overused. if you ask me what i think about this, i think it is disgusting. i think it is criminal, it is too little too late. jackie: what about the roll of doctors in this as intermediaries prescribing the drugs? >> so that is the other part of the problem. the doctors are also responsible. throughout this country there have been many, many successful prosecution of physicians who inappropriate prescribed purdue pharma's products. as far as i'm concerned they're accountable too. jackie: what happens next? these are not class action lawsuits the victims of crisis are necessarily going after companies. these are state attorney generals. the distribution of the funds that they are collecting how does it work in terms of victims that actually need compensation? >> so, you have to understand how the impact of these drugs has affected the states.
4:28 pm
you have enhanced law enforcement expense. you have enhanced court expense. you have the public health expense. so, through, through the states the taxpayers, have had to shell out large sums of money to deal with this product. so it is appropriate for the states to sue these companies to get compensation for it. that money in turn will go towards dealing with the crisis. jackie: closest thing that i can think of obviously is big tobacco, dealing with sort of a similar situation, being responsible for a product that was hazardous to so many people that used it. how far does it go? does it become that big? does it go down the same kind of road? >> the way i see it, i think settlement like this will put an end to offensive conduct. now they're on the hook. you know what else? i tell you something really bothers me. they're only entering into the settlement now after johnson & johnson lost big in court last week. you know, this is not a new crisis. this didn't start happening a
4:29 pm
few months ago or a few years ago. it has been going on over a decade. so you know, they had to have force but in the end of i think the practical effect is that the problem will at some level be curbed. jackie: brian, thank you so much. >> thank you. connell: setting the stage for 2020. the deadline for the crowded democratic field to qualify for the third presidential primary debate, that is just a few hours from now. so, we'll be looking where the candidates currently stand. we break all that down for you next. jackie: finding common ground. utz -- u.s. farmers hit by the trade war are calling for help. will they listen to their plea? we're on the ground at nation's largest farm show for the year. connell: that is coming up. connell: fighting for pluto's status, chief of nasa, jim bridenstine said he believes pluto is a planet. despite the demotion of pluto being a dwarf planet. doesn't look like to me there.
4:30 pm
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all right brad, once again i have revolutionized the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument, but this... this is my forte. obviously, for auto insurance, we've got the wheel route. obviously. retirement, we're going with a long-term play. makes sense. pet insurance, wait, let me guess... flea flicker. yes! how'd you know? studying my playbook? yeah, actually. jackie: we are hours away to qualify for the third democratic presidential primary debate. latest pole says 10 candidates will make it to the stage. peter doocy is live in washington. peter. reporter: the dnc wanted to shrink the field to single stage
4:34 pm
and deny a platform to anybody that can't muster 2% national support or 130,000 donations. candidates that can't do that are mad. michael benefit says it is not the dnc's job to winnow the field, the job of voters in south carolina, nevada, new hampshire. steve bullock believes the same way. >> go back to when john kerry was running for example, 31 days out he was four points. al sharpton was beating him. there is a long way to go along this. you know, our rules are less inclusive than you were even than the republicans which is unfortunate. reporter: tom steyer appears short of the polling threshold, he met the fund-raising threshold and spent hundreds of thousands of every day during his weeks old campaign. others who appear poised to miss the stage in september, tulsi gabbard, kirstin gillibrand and marianne williamson.
4:35 pm
julian castro will be there and he seems sympathetic to rivals that end up watching the debate on tv. >> i'm glad even if a debate splits into two nights, this we will give people more time to articulate their vision for the country. it is hard when you have 20 people collectively on stage. so, i agree with some of those who have questioned whether the threshold the dnc put in place are the best thresholds. i know that it's a work in progress. this is an experiment. i think dnc is trying to do the right thing. reporter: one stage for september, but there could be two stages again in october, because the qualifications are the same. some candidates are really close but they're suggesting they need a little bit more time. jackie. jackie: peter doocy, thanks for that. connell: overseas now, throwing the brexit debate into turmoil. the prime minister of the uk, boris johnson suspending
4:36 pm
parliament days after lawmakers returned to work in september, cutting short the time parliament would have to prevent a potentially chaotic no deal departure from the union. opponents say it is inan insult to democracy. he is responding to those claims today. take a listen. >> that is completely untrue. you look what we're doing, bringing forward a new legislative program on crime, hospitals. making sure we have the education funding that we need. connell: here now is ambassador charles ries, former assistant secretary of state for european affairs. this makes this no-deal brexit more likely. how likely if what is your take on it? >> i'm not sure that is the case. connell: okay. >> i think what is happening here, is that boris johnson is trying to square away his domestic opposition, the people who will try to take away the ability to negotiate some replacement for the backstop. they see it as sort of lashing
4:37 pm
him to the wheel of car. we know the car is going off a cliff. but he is i think still trying to negotiate something in place of the backstop. that is in his interests. because if he does that, he is almost sure to win a snap general election. connell: talk about that more in a moment. you mentioned opposition. the opposition leader, jeremy corbyn, not a fan of all this. here is what he had to say. let's take a listen. >> what the prime minister is doing a smash and grab on our democracy. force through european brexit. what isn't frayed of to prevent parliament discussing these matters? connell: you said it is something different than that the irish backstop, maybe an alternative backing out? what would the alternative be? >> he is afraid opposition parties will gang up, take away his ability to threaten a no
4:38 pm
deal brexit which is key to him negotiating. what he will get, not clear. he needs some sort of technological solution. what he told angela merkel last week he would try to work out. connell: the idea, if you bring back a border between the republic of ireland, northern ireland that is guarded, armed guards and the like, like it was years ago, that is in nobody's interest? >> that's right. nobody's interest, eu won't agree to it. connell: can be avoided, technology is the way to do it? >> it is unproven to say the least. there are starting to be some ideas to have centers away from the border, have legal obligations on exporters as well as importers but they're still far from having a deal. we're pretty close. it does -- connell: we are close to october 31st, halloween deadline, if that doesn't work out some shape or form, don't necessarily clear up all the other issues, economic concerns people have. how real are the concerns? how overblown might they be?
4:39 pm
what is your take on that? >> i say november 1st, october 31st is the end of the beginning. on november 1st they have to negotiate a permanent relationship between the uk and e.u. that will be really, really hard. between now and then what they do will affect their negotiating circumstances after october 31st. connell: been able to roll over some deals, with other countries is. >> right. connell: they don't have one, can't do it with the u.s. they would have to completely negotiate a new deal? >> if you're a british exporter, you're worried. your import costs are going up if they go out with no deal. the exports prospects to the eu, 40% of your market are also in question. so you're really worried. connell: at this point not a lot more time to prepare, if you haven't done so effectively already. ambassador ries thank you for ng on again. >> thank you very much. >> cracking down on corruption. federal agents searching a home
4:40 pm
connected to united auto workers president gary jones, the home of the union's previous president according to an fbi spokeswoman. the raids are part of a probe into alleged corruption in the union's top ranks. the investigation already led to convictions of five people linked to the uaw and fiat chrysler executives. connell: quite a story. quite a story. bracing for dorian, meantime life-threatening flash flood situation as it takes aim at virgin islands and puerto rico. we are live, tracking the storm's path. is a stark reversal, the brazillian government will now accept for rip aid to fight fires raging in the amazon. there is a catch however, and that's coming up. ♪ we trust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental,
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jackie: you're looking at a video of a volcano spitting lava on the island of stromboli. a hiker was killed earlier this summer. connell: dorian makes two, second hurricane of the 2019 season. hurricane warning in effect for puerto rico and virgin islands
4:45 pm
as the storm makes its way towards the united states. we have fox team coverage with rick reichmuth and rick leventhal in puerto rico. we start with mr. leventhal on puerto rico. >> looks like the island is dodging the storm. great news for the residents of the territory, devastated by hurricane maria two years ago. the original storm had storm moving west of puerto rico. late as last night it looked like it was over top of us here. look likes it moved to the east. didn't stop folks from preparing with all types of tarps. homes as businesses boarded up. folks headed for safer ground. the beaches, kind of busy. there are folks in the water. even though red flags warnings are out here. we have dark clouds out there. t does look like the we'll get the rain. portions of puerto rico have
4:46 pm
gotten rain already. there are reports of as many as 20,000 customers without power. the grid was heavily damaged by maria in 2017. 30,000 people still have tarps on their roofs. those folks we're most concerned, the government was most concerned about them. in preparation they opened shelters, they closed the airport. they shut down the ports. they have moved first-responders into position as well as food, water, other supplies. so they're ready they say, for what dorian might bring to puerto rico. looks like this island may do okay for this one. connell: certainly good news for those people that suffered so much. rick, thank you. rick reichmuth joins us from the weather center, where the storm is actually headed. what we should be expecting next, rick? >> one of the by-products of not going right over puerto rico the storm didn't get disrupted at all. that is great news for puerto rico, had it gone over
4:47 pm
the island it would have possibly weakened it, changed structure, would have harder time getting act together. stayed out primarily over water. going over islands in the virgin islands. that is the center of it. it pulse off to the northwest, pull away from puerto rico and conditions won't get any worse there. maybe a few heavy rain bands move through. overall they will be really spared. the last few visible images coming up, visible satellite, looking down on it, not with any infrared capacity, this is the infrared. most of the energy north of it. but it will continue to pull off towards the north. then, we get it into what is actually much more favorable conditions for strengthening than it has seen over the last couple days. that means now it is still enact. gets over area where the water is definitely warm. upper level wind are not that bad. moister atmosphere. we expect it to strengthen. the official track brings us
4:48 pm
major hurricane status around florida. most reliable models are still not in great agreement. some pulling them over florida, making direct landfall, potentially major hurricane, getting back over waters of golf over warmer. would likely make a second landfall, sometime next week. another possibility goes a little farther towards the north, stays offshore or comes in shore towards the carolinas or georgia. moves towards north florida. hags the out across interior sections which weaken the storm quite a bit. that is all of our possible scenarios. you get idea. expect to see this strengthen. the official track keeps it category three storms as it moves over land. look at five days, we potentially have it on other side of florida. questions remain where it goes. we don't have a great handle. how strong it gets, got it major category 3 storm, that doesn't mean exactly where it will be. could see additional
4:49 pm
strengthening past that. plenty of time to watch it. plenty of time to be prepared for everyone. connell: these things always change. we learned last few years, that these tracks, could end up on the west coast, then its on the east coast, things happened in the past. since it is missing puerto rico, doesn't have a chance, will strengthen not over land there, that track to stay on the east coast of florida, or the east coast of united states, that is most likely what happens, right? going back down south of florida, into the gulf again, that doesn't usually happen that way? >> couple scenarios we're not worried about. the not worried about the keys taking a direct hit. connell: right. >> we're not ruling out the carolinas on this. we can't rule that out, but more likely, at this point, looks like florida event. sometimes we get a very good idea exactly where it is going. it isn't one of these. if you're part of the carolinas, down through most of florida, you have to watch this one closely. connell: good news for rick leventhal. not so much, more questions
4:50 pm
marks. we will keep eye on it next few days. jackie: international criticism, brazilian president bolsonaro reversing his stance, saying the government will accept international aid as long as brazil decide how to use the money. we have a environmental economist at the heritage foundation. great to see you, nick. how does this impact president bolsonaro's reputation? he is flip-flopping on this decision. also part the decision he didn't want to accept said bickering with other world leaders. it doesn't make him look like a strong leader? >> you know in some cases it does, because sovereignty was such a big issue for the president, brazilian government, for the brazilian people. this is normal activity, that happens in brazil every single year and despite this international outcry, he stood firm in the fact that he wanted to control how this money was dispersed, so that it can be put to use for practical reasons.
4:51 pm
not kowtowing to this international criticism that the amazon is burning under his watch. jackie: take a look at those pictures. there are more than 80,000 fires right now. you wonder why the president is, isn't more focused on getting aid as quickly as possible to help with that situation. >> yeah. well there is a few factors here. again, these fires aren't anything different than what happens every dry season in brazil. the fires are up significantly from last year put over the average of the past decade they're overly up 7%. a left these fires are legal. they have been cleared to clear the way for farmers and cattlemen. some are illegal because of the stringent regulations that are on clearing the way for amazon deforestation. that is the where money should be allocated to taking care of fires happening illegally. also to compensating farmers and cattlemen for lost economic
4:52 pm
opportunities. this money can be put to good news for both environmental protection and compensating the indigenous people of brazil for opportunities they might otherwise might not have. jackie: there are public servants that would help putting these fires out worried about their safety. they're worried about budget cuts and thinner presence in remote areas. they have been writing to the government asking for help with that as well. your thought? >> it's a dangerous job. it is difficult. you're certainly breathing in a lot of smoke and so, there are hundreds of trained volunteers because again this is par for the course this time of year for brazil. there are people who understandably know how to control these fires and put them out, not to mention the assistance coming from the air. chilean government offered assistance. we want to make sure where the fires need to be put out that it is done in a safe manner. that it is done in a practical sense, that mitigates risk for
4:53 pm
human lives and health and public safety of the people there. jackie: nick, thank you so much. >> thank you. connell: pretty complicated story when you introduce all the politics to it as well. when we continue, attempting to mitigate travel nightmares, we'll tell what you american airlines is now doing, trying to make customers happy. in my view it actually might annoy customers even more. jackie: i think so too. connell: we'll talk about that. then farmers making a final plea for help, telling congress to act fast. we're live in illinois, what is the largest farm show of the year. many of them struggling to keep up their numbers. that's next. ♪ ...
4:54 pm
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4:58 pm
top of everybody's mind here and the farmers had the ear of the ag secretary today. you see video of him here he met with some farmers got to hear how they're feeling about the trade tensions with china and what they want to do going forward. he says he stands by the president and he believes that the tariffs are the only way to get their attention. this is just a part of what he said earlier. >> the question is what's china going to do to stop stealing our stuff. maybe you'd like to ask china, president xi, what china is going to do to come to the table and trade like a number two economy in the world, and trade fairly, freely, and without hassling and jerking our producers around. reporter: so there's no doubt everybody wants a fair deal with china but not everybody agrees on how to get there. i spoke with republican representative darren lahood. he actually isn't in favor of tariffs and he's expressed that to the president but again he does still want a more fair balanced deal with china. >> can you use tariffs in a
4:59 pm
farrowly-tailored way to get the results that we want, and this game of chicken that we're in right now, again, my farmers are american-first and farmers second, so they support the president going after china, but we need to get it resolved sooner rather than later because the long term damage. reporter: one of the things both of those gentlemen agree on is u.s. mca, that deal with our neighbors to the north and south they both say they want to see a deal done that needs to pass in congress first but they say it's ready to go and we just need to get that passed for the sake of these farmers. jackie? jackie: grady, thank you. connell: going further to apologize we have that american airlines story calling up customers who recently experienced travel disruptions american airlines is giving this quote to fox business. "team members are working diligently to take care of our customers during a challenging summer. our customer relations teams been reaching out to customers who may have experienced a disruption in their travel plan" my point was do you really want
5:00 pm
anyone calling you? jackie: no. connell: thank you. about anything at any time. jackie: nope. don't call us. connell: thank you. we won't call you either. jackie: when we need you. connell: thanks for joining us bulls & bears starts right now. david: breaking this afternoon, new rules restricting automatic u.s. citizenship, for children born on american soil, a live report from washington, on the new requirements from the u.s. citizenship and immigration services. and hurricane dorian gaining strength as it barrels towards the u.s.. the latest on its path from the weather center, all of this and a lot more coming right up. but first tonight on bulls & bears former new york fed president bill dudley getting political attempting sabotage president trump's chances at a second term. i'm david asman, joining me liz peek, robert


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