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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 29, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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today. [closing bell rings] kristina: thank you, for breaking it down. let's head to deirdre and connell. connell: signal for china, that trade talks are on. that china won't retaliate against new tariffs. that calmed things down. we're not far off session highs. good to be with you, i'm connell mcshane. deidre: i'm deirdre bolton if for melissa francis. this is "after the bell." connell: we're waiting on this hour for president trump.
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we'll take you live to the president as soon as those remarks are coming up. deirdre: dorian could strike florida as a category 4 hurricane. this is the development over this weekend. we'll bring you latest on preparations, why timing wise the hurricane is expected to hit. connell: busy hour. fox business team coverage of all the top stories. edward lawrence at white house, gerri willis on floor of the new york stock exchange, phil flynn at chicago and edward we start with you. reporter: chinese say they will not continue tit-for-tat. a chinese commerce ministry spokesperson saying current level of retaliation is sufficient. that was, what he said when
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asked if the, about the president's increasing tariffs on september 1st and october first. president will up tariffs on $300 billion of chinese imports on september first, starting from 10% to 15%. now part of that tariff goes into effect on sunday. the other part goes into effect on december 15th. this is designed to increase pressure on china. no progress has been made towards a trade deal. we have china in the past couple months. trade groups are saying that is forcing some companies to move supply chains. >> at the end of the day the uncertainty driven us away from china anyway. and the implementation or threat of implementation of duties can be almost impactful as actual duties. we're seeing price spikes in vietnam, cambodia, nobody niche where demand is spiking that will raise costs whether coming from china or another country. reporter: uncertainty has caused business investment to slow
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down. president believes that the pressure will bring china to the table to make a deal. at the end of today there will be a trade delegation phone call. we expect the trade teams to have a call to set up face-to-face meet national washington this would be the 13th round of face-to-face talks. u.s. wants chinese to come back to the table, put back in what u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer says they removed from the last trade deal. "wall street journal" also now reporting that u.s. prosecutors are going after huawei again for different intellectual property thefts. one of the cases, "the wall street journal" is reporting on that stealing camera technology from a portuguese company. now these are new charges, new allegations that "the wall street journal" is reporting on. it shows u.s. prosecutors still going after the chinese company on national security concerns. back to you guys. connell: edward, thanks. edward lawrence at the white house. gerri willis is next up on the floor of the new york stock exchange. great day, obviously, gerri for stocks.
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what type of vibe did we pick up on the floor? reporter: this is great stuff. everybody is talking about the china comments you mentioned before. companies like intel, caterpillar, doing better. why? because they rely on china for a lot of sales. they are higher today doing very well indeed. jpmorgan chase i want to mention before i go to other stocks. financials doing better as a group. that yield curve situation correcting itself a bit. that is meaningful for bank stocks. as you see here doing much better. other dow winners, ups, home depot. here is story you might not have considered. home depot doing better because of the threat of the hurricane. hurricane dorian threatening the u.s. high every sales for home depot in terms of lumber, in terms of anything they sell there. that will be good for them. they're up 2.4%. a lot of reason these stocks are headed higher. the main theme i have got to say, is optimism over china trade talks. that is going on here, ongoing down here owl day long as
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traders look for companies that will benefit, gain, from some type of deal. back to you guys. connell: anything on trade. gerri, thanks. deirdre: we want to bring in today's market panel. mitch rochelle, and jonas max ferris, max founder. how much did china's commerce ministry comments move market today? it was opposed to escalating trade tensions. felt like we went up from there. what is your take? >> there is a trade seesaw going on with shocking tweet or news how it will get worse. it kind of always rebounded. i think at least been five of these, maybe more. no more escalation, it tends to creep out the market. we go back worrying whether recession is coming or not. i think it is not escalating higher is why the market's back. but at the end of the day, interest rates are very low. it will keep driving stocks up. unless there is more signs of recession building.
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deirdre: mitch, what is your take? >> listen, they have been retaliating by devaluating their currency. they can only do that so much before it impacts trade with other countries. china blinked first. market reacted seeing that as a positive. jonas said we'll debate who called you. the market like as good sign. they moved in that direction as a result. connell: as we wait for the president, putting american farmers patience to the test. president trump allowing 31 oil refineries in the u.s. to no longer blend ethanol into their gasoline but announcing a quote, giant package to cheer up farmers could be on the way. this is the tweet from earlier today. the president saying farmers will be so happy when they see what we're doing for ethanol, not even concluding e15 year-round which is already done. it will be a giant package. get ready he says. at the same time i was able to
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save the small refineries from certain closing. interesting hearing, some stories from farmers, they will not support the president anymore because of tariffs. i heard from one yesterday out in iowa. we can put up with the tariffs, not great but some of these other issues, that is where if the president would lose support he would lose it. get usmca done they say. they point to the ethanol issue. sounds like the president understands it from the tweet. we'll see what comes out on policy. this is another issue that could upset those farmers, the ethanol issue. >> part of the administration success has been deregulating. so it is not clear about what he means by a big package. if he deregulates the space could help them. lost over the weekend in headlines, japan will make a big buy, we don't know what that means, of corn. farmers are looking for some good news. if another market buys corn, that is a good thing for them. it is not clear how it will be used in the oil and gas
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industry. connell: always a question, jonas, how much can they take? already waiting to do the story. farmers given up politically on president trump. numbers show they really haven't. should that surprise you given what is going on. >> a lot of people working in oil services. they're voters. i don't know why the oil industry is evil industry, but farmers have the image like local farmers making this corn. it's a mandate to put corn into fuel. that is ridiculous anyway. probably shouldn't have that. there should be mandates for the kind of emissions that you produce. whatever they need to do that with deknocking properties you get, they should achieve it that way. as far as percentage mandated by government it never made any sense. politicians are scared not just of farmers who vote but perception that farmers are, peppridge farm farmer. somehow not a conglomerate industry pumping out modified corn as much as oil industry. connell: they hold a pretty
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important caucus in iowa. deirdre: they certainly do. speaking of politics, how it shows up in the markets, days away from seeing a 15% tariff, best buy down more than 8% today, missing second quarter revenue. the retailer citing general uncertainty in the consumer economy. also referencing potential effect of president trump's tariffs on core products. mitch, best buy's ceo says the company is prepared for effect of the tariffs. what is your take how the tariffs affect market sentiment, particularly after september 1st, after they kick in? >> deirdre, we had the gdp revision. consumer is so strong, shaking off all the tariff noise. if there is enough momentum with the consumers, at least september first ones happen, will be big issue. another company reports tariff issue and another company reporting howing strong the
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consumer impact, it is hard enough to figure out impact because the consumer very strong. deirdre: let's get back to where we started the conversation where headlines dictate market sentiment. mitch said if september 1st tariffs are put into the place, what are chances of scale one to 10 that they are? >> i don't think there is going to be tariffs that kick in at a level that is highly obvious to the consumer. doesn't mean there will not be tariffs, but on some level someone will eat the tariffs. it will not be the consumer significantly, maybe in the long run. even best buy, it is not tariff store. like end of day, only small percentage of goods sold. they are exposed in many ways. although consumer electronics are made in china. a lot is assembled from parts from other countries not necessarily getting hit from other levels. i don't think the consumer will flip out because it is 5% more anyway. they won't see that because a
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lot of electronic companies will eat the cost, if not best buy eating them. i don't think, fear of it that will really cause recession, not the actual dollars of tariffs. deirdre: even in best buy's case that is exactly what happened. missed second quarter numbers. for year revenue we're on target. we already baked this into the cake. mitch, jonas, thank you very much. connell: as we wait for the president in the rose garden, should be out any minute now. oil up today, third day in a row we've seen that, up 1%. phil flynn is in from chicago. obviously phil, a lot to consider here. we talked a lot about trade already. even though florida is getting all the attention, i'm sure trader, you never know with the storms, watching a hurricane as well. take us through the day. day like today, you focus on stock market being up, u.s. demand at all-time high. instead you have to focus on storms, which is really kind of a bummer especially going into the holiday weekend. today oil prices were up.
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they were enjoying a stock market rally. seeing demand expectations really start to creep up. but of course the storm is already, has oil traders talking. we're already hearing from some people down on the gulf of mexico. they're preparing to get ready to start winding down operations. they feel there could be a major shutdown due to the storm next week. you will see platforms get evacuated. get, get moved possibly. and they're going to be prepared because the storm could be potentially very big. you can really kind of see it in the price. you look at the spreads between the u.s. crude market what we're seeing overseas, u.s. crude market was a lot stronger today. part of that is due to the storm. on the other hand, you are seeing trade optimism in the precious metals which has been a safe haven play. you look at price of gold today, it was down big because the markets going back up. they're excited about the potential u.s.-china trade deal. one of the reasons why people were buying gold they were worried that china would devalue
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their currency. that was given that gold market a boost. other thing traders are talking about on metals front has been gold, silver ratio. gold took off. silver was left behind. even with a down day today, silver even though they were both down, gold fell down more than silver. wild day. it will be storm watch for the rest of the week. back to you. connell: busy holiday weekend ahead. good summary from phil flynn always out in chicago. deirdre? deirdre: president trump closer to launching a military branch focused on space. blake burman with us from the white house with the latest. blake. reporter: that is certainly the end goal for the trump administration to get a sixth brand of the u.s. military being the u.s. space force. until then, another step towards that goal at least as administration sees it today, first time in 17 years president will revive u.s. space command. that will fit within the u.s. military, within the department of defense, much of, the folks
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who work on outer space and securing outer space, making sure technology is secure in outer space, works within the u.s. air force. if they get down the line of some point a sixth branch of the military for the u.s. space force, most likely branch of off of that. the till then the announcement of today the u.s. space command this is goal, a project of the trump administration, none more so than vice president mike pence who teed up the announcement last week. >> as we lead in human space exploration. we lead in american innovation and entrepeneurship in space, we also must lead in security. as the president has said, we all recognize, frankly it has been drew for decades. in his words, space is a war fighting domain. reporter: they will be signing, making sure the u.s. space command is revived here in the rose garden, to eventually get to a sixth branch of the u.s.
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military, the u.s. space force. that will need congressional approval. so, deirdre, it is still very much to be worked on down the line at least as far as it relates to a potential sixth branch of military. today, u.s. space command. back to you. deirdre: thank you very much, blake. one of these ideas when the president said it, a lot of people thought it was an absolutely bonkers idea. the truth is, so many satellites, russia, china, for that space, right? it is linked to technology, this does go into defense. we've seen as much as anybody what is cyberattack or tech hacks, grand scale can mean. connell: 100%. one of those issues you have to take a moment to think about it. many people have different thoughts. i would say a couple other things as we wait for president in the rose garden. behind blake, they're set up to have this be a presidential announcement. doesn't necessarily mean president won't take shouted question from reporter or address other topics. could make comments about china
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trade or anything else. more pressing concern as we head into labor day weekend on camera if the president addresses preparations for hurricane dorian on -- deirdre: now category 4. connell: could be as high as that when it comes ashore on the eastern part of florida unless the track changes. preparations for fema, rest of folks going, kicking no doubt into high gear. it is possible in addition to talking about the space command, getting us set for the eventual space force, that the president has something to say about those preparations. >> this would be the first division of the military created in decades if it happens, if it goes through. connell: congressional approval still needed. when congress comes back. if you're the president you're able to tee this up with something you can control. that is this announcement of a first step. then from there, the congress has to get involved and actually push it through. it is a big deal to create a new division of the military. deirdre: commitments. it costs money. we'll talk about where that is coming from.
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sometimes when we speak with military members, they sometimes feel understaffed as it is. connell: right. deirdre: they have to figure out where the sixth branch, staffing comes from. connell: diverting resources from some areas. what are the areas? what's the priority? what is the risk/reward which is always a decision you have to make creating something new. and presumably, doing it doing it on some sort of an incident. get money from somewhere. certainly part of the deliberations from when the president goes up to capitol hill to make his case. you made a larger point earlier. were scoffed at it. think about it, say, put the jays jokes aside. think about the strategic importance what happens from satellites on down from outer space. deirdre: weather, gps, communications speak with people
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separately about satellites, something akin to a "star wars" joke. existing military structure is doing this. doing much of it all right. deirdre: somebody filling in for the expert point of view. talking about establishment of a space force if it happens. chris harmer with us now, a retired navy commander. thanks in advance of the time. the president is pointing to threats from china, from russia. the fact we're all equally reliant on satellites for operations of the what do you make of the potential 6th branch of the military? >> we're talking about two separate things. space force which would be a separate branch military, space command, unified combatant command. what will happen spares command
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will be restood up. we had a space command in the '80s. it was amalgamated into one of the unified commands. what we need now is a unified combatant command that is responsible for military operations in space. central command-and-control in command of the middle east. you have northern command here for domestic issues. you have european command, africa command, pacific command. it is no longer possible for all the different military services, combatant commands to have a piece of the space business. you need a unified combatant command. that will be what is happening today i believe. deirdre: from some of your comments i'm inferring even though it would cost more money seems like working harder, but smarter. is that your observation. >> all five military services use space as a war fighting
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domain. you use it for recon sense, communication. increasing our enemies are militarizing space, since the enemies made that decision, primarily russia and china it, would be deeply irresponsible for us not to be prepared to defend ourselves against that. think of almost everything we do in information enabled society. you and i are talking. we're separated by several hundred miles. if satellites are not working, could land lineds pick up that? possibly. we use satellite communications for weather prediction, instantaneous communication around the globe. all kinds of things. our economic and social infrastructure is absolutely dependent on assured access to space. it would be deeply irresponsible for us not to defend against potential enemies who would seek to disrupt that. deirdre: feels if technology, those tools are actually the new nuclear weapons, right? >> that is not hyperbole at all. when you talk about people, i made that same statement, made that same analogy, people say
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that is ridiculous. look how people's lives are affected every day by ability, in positive way to access information, transfer funds, pay bills, communicate with family members. if you interrupt that, no longer a case of 25 years ago where somebody had a private computer network. now you're talking about interrupting the daily flow of society. family schools and infrastructure. in the global world we live in, primary thing that must flow is information. if the information gets disrupted, there is all kinds of bad scenarios come out from that. it is correct for the united states, not just correct, absolutely necessary for the united states to have unified combatant command with primarily control of all military space operations this is a step in the right direction. i believe eventually it will morph into an actual space force. deirdre: we're talking about russia, china, u.s., in larger context, more specifically, more
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granularly, china officially warning a u.s. ship as it sales through the south china sea, saying u.s. is violating -- actually we'll leave our conversation there, commander. hopefully you come back discuss all of this with us right now. connell, we're sitting here watching the president coming out. connell: with the vice president right behind him. new secretary of defense as well. president trump in the rose garden. we'll listen live to the comments about the space command. here's the president. >> thank you very much. it is a great honor on a beautiful day in the rose guarden. please sit, thank you. to insure that all resources of the federal government are focused on the arriving storm, i have i decided to send our vice president mike pence to poland this weekend in my place.
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it is something very important, because of the storm. looks lick it could be a very big one indeed. mike will be going. i spoken to president duda of poland. i expressed my warmest wishes, the wishes of the american people. our highest priority are the safety and security of the people in the path of the hurricane and i will be rescheduling my trip to poland in the near future. we're gathered here in the rose garden to establish the united states space command. it's a big deal. as the newest combatant command spacecom it will defend america's vital interests in space. the next war-fighting domain. i think that is pretty obvious to everybody. it is all about space. we're joined by vice president mike pence, secretary of defense
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dr. mark esper, acting director of national intelligence joe mcguire, acting secretary of the army, ryan mccarthy, acting secretary of the air force matt donovan, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general joseph dunford and congressman mike turner. we're especially grateful to welcome the new leader of spacecom, general jay raymond. highly respected man within the military. joined this afternoon by his wife, molly. thank you. thank you, molly. congratulations, molly. it's great. their wonderful family and several of their friends. general raymond, congratulations. so important. i know he is going to do a fantastic job. thank you very much. [applause]
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the united states combatant commands were developed to join branches of our armed forces in common cause across diverse fields of battle. each of the united states military combatant commands has an area of responsibility from centcom which overseas our mission in the middle east to our most recent cybercom which we established just last year to protect americans from the most advanced cyber threats. and also to create very, very severe and powerful offensive threat should we need them. the dangers to our country constantly evolve and so must we now those who wish to harm the united states, seek to challenge us in the ultimate high ground of space, it will be a whole different ball game.
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our adversaries are weapon fliesing new targets critical to battlefield operations and our way of life at home. freedom to operate in space is also essential to detecting and destroying any missile launched against the united states. as we recognize land, air, sea, cyber as significant war fighting domains, we'll now treat space as an independent region oversee by a new unified geographic combatant command. the establishment of the 11th combatant command is a landmark moment. this is a landmark day. one that recognizes the centrality of space to america's national security and defense. under general raymond's
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leadership, spacecom will boldly deter aggression and outpace america's rivals by far. for 35 years general raymond has led and commanded space operations at every level in the u.s. air force. molly, i hope you're very proud of him? i bet you are. i am too. he is a warrior that integrated space capabilities to make our military even stronger, to pave the way for a new era of national defense. he is respected by everybody sitting in front of us, everybody in the military, everybody that knows him. spacecom will soon be followed by, very importantly by the establishment of the united states space force, as the sixth branch of the united states armed forces. and that is really something, when you think about it. the space force will organize,
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train and equip warriors to support spacecom's mission. with today's action we open another great chapter in the extraordinary history of the united states military. spacecom will insure that america's dominance in space is never questioned and never threatened, because we know the best way to prevent conflict is to prepare for victory. from our nation's first days, america's military blazed a trail and crossed frontiers that secured our nation's future. no adversary on earth will ever match, awesome, courage, skill, might of american armed forces. today we salute the heroic men and women who will serve in spacecom, to keep america's horizons forever bright and forever free. we have budgets since we came into the administration, since
4:29 pm
the election, of 2016, since january 20th of 2017, we have done things with the military that few people would have thought possible. budgets of 700 billion, 716 billion, and now $738 billion. nobody would have thought that that was possible but we had them approved by republicans and democrats and that money is now building the most advanced equipment anywhere on earth, equipment that nobody even could have conceived of even two years ago. it is very necessary and hopefully we'll never have to use it. i would now like to ask secretary esper to sign documents formally establishing the united states space command. thank you.
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[applause] [applause] connell: creation of the space command, president trump asking the new secretary of defense, mark esper to sign documents making his announcement official in white house rose garden today. as this group, including the president, the vice president poses for pictures there, president talked about this being a precursor to the u.s. space force. president trump also made some news at the beginning of his remarks, we rejoin these in a moment, he would be canceling a an overseas trip sending vice president pence to poland because of the hurricane. this was significant announcement at very beginning
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of the remarks from the president. listen for one more second here. then we, looks like the president will have more words to say here. [applause] >> that's a big one. thank you very much. i would like to invite chief master sergeant roger toberman, to the stage to unfurl the flag of the united states space command. thank you very much. connell: the first time we will get a look at the actual flag that will signify the sixth branch of the united states military, if and when it makes its way through the congressional approval process. here it is as it unfurls. the united states -- [applause] space force.
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or united states space command, the space come manned. the space force would eventually come after that. that is the flag of spacecom as it is called, space command. that wraps up the event in the rose garden. the news came out of this, blake burman will rejoin us from the rose garden, where he has been attending this event. the news came at the top. we knew the president would make space command announcement he is ignoring shouted questions from reporters, making his way back towards the oval office. there was speculation earlier in the day as the forecast for this hurricane, hurricane dorian only got worse by the minute it seemed. by the time we come on the air there is thoughts this could be as bad as category 4 storm when it comes ashore, on the east coast of florida, if the track stays as planned. and blake, the president started with breaking news. look at latest track for the hurricane, he will stay behind and monitor things, huh? reporter: connell, when walked o
4:33 pm
the white house this morning, very first question i had for one of the folks works in the building, what will the president do about the upcoming weekend? he was scheduled to go to poland for ceremonies there? he is close with the polish leader. poland has been wanting the president to go. he was scheduled to go. there is mammoth storm potentially barreling down on the eastern seaboard, most specifically florida. there was a real question as to, could the president go overseas for an event in europe while there is a storm staring down the united states? i can tell you this morning there wasn't really a clear answer coming out of the white house to try to figure exactly what they were going to do but as we heard from the president a little while ago, he will stay behind to monitor hurricane dorian. >> to insure that all resource of the federal government are focused on the arriving storm, i have decided to send our
4:34 pm
vice president, mike pence, to poland this weekend, in my place. it's, something, very important for me to be here. reporter: the president said he will reschedule that trip to poland another time. you saw the live event. you heard live comments, connell. the president and secretary of defense signing in the revival of the u.s. space command which the administration hopes will lead to the u.s. space force down the line which congress has to approve of, sixth branch potentially of the u.s. military. the headline, no doubt about it, connell, realization there is a major storm off the east coast of the united states. the commander-in-chief will stay in the u.s. to monitor what is going on over here the next few days. connell: as we said, we were wondering if that was the case. we got the answer at the top of the event. blake burman in the rose garden. deirdre. deirdre: chris harmer will with
4:35 pm
us. so commander what did you hear in the president's comments that made particular sense to you? i. >> love the first he talked about we're establishing space command. he didn't just punt the issue of space force. he clearly has issue, agenda to establish space force. at times in the past i have been a critic of president trump. in this case i think he threaded the needle perfectly. he said he wants to establish space command. he has done that today. it is formally established. laying a foundation for face force. congress will have to approve that. he hasn't done that yet. he puts them on notice. deirdre: our comments were truncated a little bit by the president's speech. to remind everyone, this is coordinating department that will allow better communication as our world becomes more technologyically connected and information driven. >> more modern way of communicating, working,
4:36 pm
transferring funds, everything is dependent on an uninterrupted close of information. if the flow of information gets interrupted, it interrupts your ability to surf the internet. we're way past that. in terms of international shipping, international logistics, agriculture, people around the world depend on a free international market for agriculture. take that away, you're looking at mass starvation. people who get upset, you're overemphasizing how important this is, i don't think they understand how dependent, how integral modern information flow is to a modern economy and modern security. deirdre: try to do anything off the grid. commander chris harmer, thank you so much. appreciate your insights. connell: more on breaking story of the hour which would be the hurricane. president trump made it such when he canceled that overseas trip sending the vice president instead. this is serious storm, hurricane dorian making its way towards florida, putting thousands of flights in jeopardy around the
4:37 pm
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connell: let's stay with this hurricane. you know they are feeling the ripple effect. you may not be in the southeast but you could still be affected by hurricane dorian. we'll talk about from a number of angles. we'll start with grady trimble. he joins us from o'hare international airport in chicago. that is the thing, grady, storm like this, this is a ripple effect. could be a long weekend for people all over the country? >> that is exactly right, to be perfectly honest with you it has been a pretty smooth travel day for people today. even those talking to going to florida or through florida for trips like cruises. looking at the board there are not any delays or cancellations we could tie directly to the storm. it is getting closer and closer as hours go by. people in florida are getting ready for it. we talked to somebody here going home to florida. they had to do preps once they get there. once you get on the ground, you
4:42 pm
have to deal with another sort of transportation challenge. that is other people trying to leave the state, get out of the path of the storm on the roadways. listen. >> after the hurricanes, it was an ordeal with everybody driving north. the traffic was so bad. it took hours and hours to get anywhere. you're still in the path of the hurricane that hit the whole state. reporter: back to flying, there are certain airlines who already issued travel wafers. in other words waivering fees if you change flights. american, delta, southwest and united. i can tell you i have a lot of friends and family who live in florida, i'm from there. they're all getting ready for the storm. taking it seriously. it was supposed to be a long labor day weekend they would enjoy in the sunshine. it might be a long weekend for another reason as they get ready to ride out the storm. connell: grady, they learned the hard way. you talked to farmly bit.
4:43 pm
people say, i got ready, the storm missed me, we done the stories over the years. i will not get ready the next time. the last few years you better be careful if you take that route, right? >> you have to take it seriously. one thing my family did today, they're coming up here coincidentally in a preplanned trip. they were getting hurricane shutters ready, getting the house ready because they won't be there as the storm comes through. connell: hopefully many of those flights, won't be like the woman going down to florida, with people getting out, being safe. grady trimble out at o'hare in chicago. as we stay on the news, grady says florida is getting ready for dorian. it is expected to hit the state at some point this weekend. you look at the track, when it does so, this could be a category 4. phil keating live in miami with the latest from there. obviously get the gas, that is the first step, phil? >> absolutely. if you love and love, long, long
4:44 pm
lines come on down to florida up and down the coast right now. every single gas station is a scene like this. every pump full. dozens and dozens and dozens of cars and trucks honking everyone has a rising level of stress here to fuel up vehicles as well as their generators. because everyone knows what happens in florida, after a major hurricane hits. there will be widespread power outages that could last days if not weeks. you need fuel. you can use your car to charge up your cell phone after the storm in those days. also, long lines at every grocery store in and out of all of the towns up and down the coast right now. the entire state is potentially a direct landfall spot. that is the size of the cone of concern. inside of grocery stores. actually for two or three days now. shelves with bottled water, food, canned foods, things that
4:45 pm
will last, diapers, baby food, all being defleeted. then being restocked. that will be case around the clock for the next three days until the stores shut down, because of safety concerns. governor ron desantis flew down to miami from tallahassee this morning, to go directly to the national hurricane center, to meet with the federal government's best experts on this storm. for latest forecast and track. he says, to all florida residents, you've got to stay safe but you have got to get ready. the time to do that is underway. here he is. >> the time to act is now. if you haven't acted, ask to make preparations. do not wait until it is too late. if you prepared and don't end up getting affected, no harm, no foul. if you don't prepare, you are affected, that may be something that is difficult to recover from.
4:46 pm
reporter: you can see the long line of cars. this is the after the work crowd just now starting to materialize. this is how it will get most likely even worse over the next couple of hours. some gas stations have actually run out of gasoline for time periods. up in brevard county, space coast, which for days has been really the center focus of where the landfall might be expected. but again, i said, it is going to be anywhere in this the state. here in south florida, miami-dade county, broward county, palm peach county, these are the most populous counties in the state of florida. two years ago, hurricane irma, category 4 slammed into the florida keys. 6 million people lost power. that was 2/3 of the state. last year, category 4, michael slammed into the panhandle. decimating mexico beach and tyndall air force base. really causing havoc in panama city. so, last couple of years here in florida, are certainly fresh on
4:47 pm
minds of people. but it does appear to everybody is taking it seriously. and, focusing on being prepared. back to you. connell: got to get ready. that is some storm from looks of things. phil keithing from miami. deirdre: the lines are amazing with the cars. i actually forgot you can charge your phone. connell: good point. as phil says, you already have scattered reports of gas stations running out of gas. people see that. i have to get it out there. this weekend will be too late. deirdre: violating fbi rules. bombshell doj report that throws james comey back in the hot seat. bring you more details next. tsa making "star wars" fans angry. we'll tell you what they are banning from flights, next. ♪
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deirdre: imagine only working 12 hours a week total? that is what billionaire jack ma envisions for future of work, with the help of a.i., artificial intelligence. the a.i. advocate wants the u.s. to embrace technology rather than being afraid of it. here is one of his latest comments. >> i'm quite optimistic. and i don't think artificial intelligence is a threat. a lot of people worry about this, those people i call them, college smart. people like us, street smart, we never scared of that. we think it is great fun. we want to change ourself to embrace it. deirdre: kirk knudson, both kind of smarts. he is with us. jack ma, win of the most obvious tech calls, we can work together and work with machines. elon musk, machines taking over, you will be carbon based pets,
4:53 pm
good-bye. where do you fall between the two visions? >> elon musk was as in shock, all the people who believes in jack ma, nine nine six, you work from 9:00 a.m., to 9:00 p.m., sick days a week. that is where he come from. all of sudden nobody can quite get their head wrapped around the idea, i'm changing my mind. you can work 12 hours in a whole week, maybe four days, three hours a day. make it three days, four hours. then you're done. a.i. will pick up the slack. we should be embracing all the happiness of all -- i don't know what this guy is on. i don't know how realistic any of this stuff is. deirdre: elon musk talking about putting chips in our brains. he does have in my mind, anyway, speaking of the carbon based organism, a distopian vision which is quite different than jack ma. what does it mean for the workforce, for example? say the most optimistic path is
4:54 pm
taken? >> i don't believe this is reality we'll see in our lifetimes. if it is, surprise, surprise. no way we'll work 12 hours a week, and still earn what we're earning now, achieve what we need to achieve to enjoy life. this will never happen. in terms of elon musk wanting to pick your brain in sort of a.i. way, if anybody can do it, keep your eye on him. deirdre: true enough. when we hear, i'm bringing this in, andrew yang, right in this 1000-dollar payment, that does make you think about the displacement of the average worker. what do we do if a.i. takes over. i will exaggerate a third of the jobs out there right now? >> there is no doubt we should feel threatened by a.i. and not necessarily that it could hurt or take away our jobs. but more than corporations, lack of regulation is going to allow this stuff to run amok. hopefully it reins itself back in at some point. there is a lot to fear about
4:55 pm
a.i. there is a lot to benefit from it. we shouldn't be stupid about how -- deirdre: for the moment humans are still programing the a.i. programs. >> for the moment. i think you're on to something, deirdre. deirdre: here we go. >> i'm waiting to get on an airplane and have some art official intelligence being next to me in the next seat. the day is coming. deirdre: all right. i am hoping not. kurt, thank you meantime for insights. connell: what a future. another big story today, james comey, justice department inspector general report came out, revealed the former fbi director violated certain rules when he handled memos that documented private conversations with president trump. comey said the report showed he was not a leaker. his tweet after the report was released, on a portion of the report, adding quote i don't need a public apology from those who defamed me. but a quick message, sorry we lied about you would be nice. now president trump, say disagreed with that.
4:56 pm
here is his tweet. perhaps never in the history of our country someone more thoroughly disgraced and excoriated than james comey in the released inspector general report. he should be ashamed of himself. brad blakeman joins us, former senior advisor to president george w. bush. i don't think the president and james comey would see it the same way. it was like a slap on the wrist, there weren't any charges, but there were fairly serious allegations of breaking rules. what did you make of it? >> no doubt about it. i think this report stinks. he should be held to a higher standard because he was the director of the fbi. he had a career in the fbi. the same medicine that he gave to hillary he got. basically no harm, no foul, when he misused information of the government. when he leaked information. when he used private emails for
4:57 pm
government purpose. he misappropriated government material. called it his own. this is a scathing report. connell: right. >> he is the luckiest guy on the planet to have a place to go home to, not having the feds taking him to jail. connell: in the report itself they did not necessarily find evidence that comey actually released any of the classified information he had, but to your point he mishandled it. broke a number of guidelines and ruse. the fact that he didn't release classified info was enough to avoid charges but -- >> there is a whole host of charges he could have been brought up on, if in fact they had the the evidence is there. i believe there's probable cause to believe based on that report that he's committed numerous crimes. it's all how a prosecutor looks at it. i think he walked away unscathed this time but the next shoe to drop, according to katherine
4:58 pm
herridge who has done excellent reporting on this, is the fisa report. let's see what happens there. connell: is there anything we can read into that report that, you know, might inform us as to what, as you say may still be to come? >> this was a lot like small claims court. everybody walked away unhappy. you know, if this is the predicate by which our public officials are held to, the standard, that is, then i don't have much hope for the fisa report. i suspect they will probably follow the same thing. however, the fisa report in my opinion as a lawyer is where the real liability finds itself because the fisa report was built on lies and political information that they knew at the time was false, and inaccurate, yet they gave it to a judge. connell: what's your perception, you have a keen grasp on how people perceive things in a political sense, about the american public's desire to keep going? is it just so divided on each side that one side wants to really hammer, you know, those they see as being out to get the
4:59 pm
president, and vice versa, or is there a real desire to put all of this, whether it's an investigation into the president or investigation into the investigators of the president, put all of this behind us at this point? >> i think the american people are sick of it. i think that they have a distaste for government in general. they see a congress that does nothing. they see public officials who are not held to the same standard as we as citizens are. i think they are fed up with it. connell: isn't that true of so many things. brad, good to see you, as always. brad blakeman in d.c. deirdre: fans are struggling, soo souvenirs from galaxy's edge. the tsa says they resemble hand grenades. the cost of the bottles a little over $5. for five bucks you can get in a whole lot of trouble. connell: you won't find me or cavuto in charge of either one of those. we both hate "star wars."
5:00 pm
we have been on the record for this and have been attacked publicly. are you a fan? deirdre: i'm in the middle. the first one was the first movie i saw, you know, in the theater. connell: thanks for joining us. "bulls & bears" starts right now. david: we have a very busy hour for you. president trump just unveiling details of the u.s. space command. more on what that means for all of us. meanwhile, hurricane dorian is headed for florida, where it could hit as a category 4 storm. live team coverage in the weather center and on the ground in miami. plus new reaction to that scathing inspector general report on former fbi director james comey. andrew mccarthy is here in studio to break it all down for us. and the big news from the latest meatless product hits the shelves, just eggs. the ceo is here with an announcement exclusively on "bulls & bears."


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