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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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said hey, i booked it, i don't know if i'm going to get my money back so i might as well go and see if i can enjoy it. david: grady, great stuff. thank you very much. that does it for "bulls & bears." if you are in the line of fire, best of luck. our prayers are with you. liz: the president speaking just moments ago as he departed the white house en route to camp david. we will bring it to you as soon as we have it. hurricane dorian rapidly strengthening, now a category 3. expected to make landfall as a category 4, packing now 150 mile per hour winds. florida and the southeast facing a triple threat of catastrophic winds, storm surges, heavy rain. we will bring you what is happening right now. we have on the ground live reports. to the comey fallout today. outrage tonight. what several fbi workers are telling us about comey. now, they're not speaking on behalf of the bureau but it is withering. to give you a sense of the culture inside the fbi right
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now, it's highly revealing. as d.c. braces for two more upcoming reports on the probe, the probe of the russia probe that could hit comey's truthfulness. more details surfacing how comey and the fbi were primed and ready to launch to bring down trump right from the start of his presidency. what comey hid from trump, how comey misled the president, all in a push to secretly do surveillance of the trump campaign to bring trump down. supporter chaos. law enforcement seizing enough fentanyl to kill 14 million people. it's a massive drug bust spanning three states. we warned you about drug cartels here. it was a drug operation that shockingly even used the u.s. postal service to ship in drugs from china. you won't believe how the democrats want to solve the border problem. to the 2020 democrat speaking out, telling the truth that president obama did not do a good job on the economy. that's what critics on wall street have said, that the economy quote, was not working
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for most of us under obama. plus democrat worries grow over joe biden's mistakes that keep piling up. we've got the latest, and the network now helping biden, defending and rescuing biden from his own mistakes by, wait for it, trying to blame biden's mistakes on president trump. it's a debate about media bias that's gone off the rails. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. to the latest on hurricane dorian heading for a direct hit on florida. acuweather meteorologist has the latest. good to have you on. >> thank you. as we continue to track the storm, winds are moving pretty quickly here around the storm, 115 mile per hour winds are being reported. movement west-northwest at nine miles per hour. that's pretty important because that has changed the trajectory of dorian. it will continue to move on this track here into warmer waters,
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less dry air and weak wind shear and little land interaction for the next several hours which allows it to strengthen into a category 4 as we head into your sunday morning. continuing as a category 4 further to the west, potentially making landfall in florida as a major hurricane. so with this in mind, we do have some factors we have to keep in mind. there is a high pressure back towards the atlantic, our bermuda high. that's the steering mechanism. that will continue to try to press dorian to the west, but we have our dip in the jet stream that could weaken that. and that could be the potential for a different change in track here for dorian, as we move into our sunday and tuesday. now, most of our models are hinting that it will still come in contact with florida, the eastern seaboard there, and continue in a northerly fashion, and as it does make landfall it will slow down. in fact, impacts we are seeing across the bahamas, rough surf,
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rip currents and the rain will be coming on the way. here across florida through georgia, we will be talking about high risk for life and property, especially in places like melbourne, west palm beach. we want to keep you alert and make sure you're preparing as we continue into your saturday through your thursday. liz: i'm so sorry about that. thank you for your report. really appreciate it. to ellison barber on the ground in florida. reporter: we are at a home depot in miami-dade county. the governor of florida has issued a state of emergency in all 67 counties in the state. they say they issued them in all of the counties because right now, the path of this hurricane is still uncertain. what they say they do feel confident in is that the intensity of this storm is serious. they say it is going to be a major storm. preparations are well under way, this home depot has been in and out of supplies today. these gas cannisters, this is a new shipment that's come in really just in the last 30 minutes. we saw someone here not long ago get what was the last available
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gas cannister. we have seen businesses boarding up storefronts, people making last-minute runs for plywood so they can cover up homes, their own homes and also grab groceries, various things they need. the governor says they are trying to get more gas into this area right now. we are hearing about upwards of 50% of the gas stations in this county have run out of gas. they say there is more available, they just have to get it here. most of the people we have spoken to, they say they are going to ride this storm out for now. there are no mandatory evacuations yet in this state. there are voluntary ones. but the big warning from officials right now is they're saying take this storm seriously. you can get out and get some final preparations under way. they are telling residents to expect power outages, expect a multi-day event and expect flooding. >> there will also likely be flooding and high water. more people in storms are killed from high water, from drowning,
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than from anything. please don't drive through high water and don't wade through high water. there could be downed electrical lines. reporter: and the governor, officials are telling floridians they really should have seven days' worth of food, water and medicine as this storm comes in. they are saying since this is a slow-moving storm at this point that right now there is still time to get some things that people need to get to stay safe and be prepared. you can see all the people here are trying to do that. this store has been busy with lines in and out of the store since it opened at 6:00 a.m. this morning. liz: thank you for your reporting. okay. let's take a look quickly about the economy. new numbers on american spending, up more than 4% year over year. incomes growing nearly 5%. there's a million more job openings than available workers and an economy any candidate would love. the democrats and the media pushing this narrative, that trump is ruining the good economy he inherited from president obama.
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>> everybody remembers the doldrums, the pits that barack obama lifted the economy up from. so yes, what he's done is he's implemented his own policy that he screwed up barack obama's good economy. thank you, donald trump. liz: for the first time a 2020 democrat is now saying this about the obama economy. it's pete buttigieg. do we have -- we don't have the sound bite. all right. here is trend macro ceo donald lufkin. pete buttigieg basically said the economy was not working under obama. your reaction to that? >> this is why people like pete buttigieg. he's a smart guy. he realizes that the economy is just not a winning issue for democrats because the economy under trump is so much better than it was under obama. the income numbers you just cited, we've had 4.6% income growth, you know what it was in obama's last year in office? in the 2s. we have more than doubled it. so gdp yesterday was slightly revised down for the second quarter to 2.1%.
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you know what it was on average during obama's presidency? 1.8%. so people like don lemon, if that is indeed his name, come on tv and say that there washington you know, doldrums before obama took over. no, when obama took over, that created the doldrums that even his own chief economic adviser calls the great stagnation, right. so along comes donald trump, juices the economy to highs that haven't been seen for a generation, and the best the democrats can say is oh, my god, a recession might come some day. that's not a winning play for 2020, is it. liz: you know, there are seven and a half million job openings across the country. record low jobless rates in battleground states. iowa is at 2.5%. small businesses cannot find workers. the number of those who can't find workers hit nearly a 50-year high last month. these are pretty powerful numbers. i understand gdp growth is at 2%, half of what the president
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was aiming for. but i'm not sure how this is a winning road to the white house for the democrats. your take. >> the democrats are, as always, preaching a doctrine of envy and resentment where they're trying to tell the people in the lowest rungs of the ladder of employment that they have no opportunities. well, when there are that many job openings and not enough people to fill them, it's a fantastic world of opportunity where they are going to get higher wages, they are going to get opportunity to work at all, and because they are the least skilled members of the work force, the people who hire them are going to have to train them. so when they're done with those first jobs, they will have more experience, more self-reliance, more marketability in the marketplace of the future, and that's the way the economy is supposed to work. so who is the progressive, who's lifting up the bottom of our economy? donald j. trump. liz: you know what's interesting is when you talk to president trump's supporters, they feel like he is out there fighting to get them their jobs back, to
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stop the manufacturing job outsourcing, the brain drain overseas. they see him working, but the democrats are planning to hit the rust belt, they plan to hit the battleground states, they plan to talk to farmers and say trump's tariffs are really going to slam you. that's the battle plan we are hearing the democrats about to roll out. your reaction to that? >> trump ought to be just saying great. if that's your play, run it. you lose. right? because you can tell people it isn't working, but the people you're telling it isn't working are the ones for whom it is working. all right? now, yeah, fine, so the chinese stopped buying some soybeans. what has trump done? he's set up a trade adjustment fund of $16 billion a year to make up for that shortfall which is more than the chinese were importing from the united states anyway, right? all this stuff is just fantasy, just film, right. let the democrats run this strategy.
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it's a losing strategy. trump's got to be licking his lips. liz: thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: coming up, the crisis in hong kong escalating. china helping to crack down. authorities rounding up and arresting pro-democracy leaders, now facing government charges. china rejecting all protesters' demand. a planned march on saturday canceled. we have more on that and what this means for our dealings with china, and democrats worried over joe biden's continuous crackups or mistakes. we have the network now coming to the rescue for biden and saying it's president trump is to blame for biden's mistakes. we will try to work that out with you coming up. >> sleepy joe biden, we call him one percent joe. >> i would be very happy if it were biden. >> happy why? you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back under fire, and the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there, this is the god's truth, my word as a biden, he stood at attention. i went to pin him, he said sir, i don't want the damn thing.
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liz: joe biden under fire for telling a moving but false war story on the campaign trail. the mistakes keep piling up. let's bring in "wall street journal" editorial board member. good to see you, bill. it's friday, right? here's "the washington post" saying biden got the location, the time period, the medal, the military branch and more wrong in just the three minutes he told the story. he's comingling woar stories. it's moving but the mistakes keep piling up. >> he conflated three stories into one. very confusing. i'm not a person who believes gaffes really necessarily bring politicians down. sometimes they humanize you. a lot of people look at a gaffe, in washington everyone makes fun of you but a lot of people say i could do that. reagan made gaffes all the time. my boss george w. bush made gaffes. but these are different kind of gaffes now from biden's earlier gaffes. in his early days he made that gaffe like reading from the kinnick speech talking about his father coming up from the coal
6:17 pm
minus. the plagiarism, but also he placed his father in the coal mines when he was a car dealer and so forth. these are different because like thinking he was vice president meeting the parkland kids, the war stories, thinking he was in vermont and not new hampshire, these are things that have people thinking maybe he's too old and he's not all there. these are much more damaging. one point of sale is i can beat donald trump. liz: here's the thing. we are coming into the toughest part of the primary season, where punches are really thrown. we understand, we always heard you speak 40,000 words you will say something wrong. watch what vice president biden said about dreamers. look at this sound bite. let's cue it up. >> they become americans before a lot of americans become americans. no, i'm serious. they get in school, they do well, they contribute to the community, they contribute to the country. so number one, we legalize the dreamers. liz: your reaction to that?
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>> yeah. i just think it's of a piece with this. look, his problem now is compounded because now it's a meme. joe biden doesn't know where he is, he's losing his marbles. unfortunately for him that's kind of like the dan quayle thing. once dan quayle got the reputation he's a joke, he's stupid, everything is seen in that light, even otherwise normal routine mistakes. i think if joe biden really needs to have a good debate to show that he's vigorous. i would show some sense of humor, but i think he needs a good debate to dispel some of these rumors. liz: he's doing two things at once. he's basically resetting 45 years worth of policy, recasting his policies on immigration and crime -- >> some say chucking it overboard. liz: to appease the far left. look at this. cnn is now coming to the rescue of joe biden, basically by trying to blame it on president trump. watch this. >> i'm wondering if that's part of the new world we're in. has donald trump made it safe to say up is down in some cases? liz: this is a big accusation.
6:19 pm
cnn also had this article blaming trump for biden's mistakes saying quote, new biden gaffe raises question of truth in trump's post-fact era. >> yeah. i mean, the problem is -- liz: do you believe this? is this believable? >> no. look, the problem is it's not that joe biden's going around telling lies. right? it's just that he doesn't seem to be aware of where he is and what happened. that's the real issue. that has nothing to do with donald trump. i will say this. the vice president always touted himself as the guy that can beat donald trump, right, and i can give it back to him, the working class against the working class. i think that's a mistake. the way joe biden should go about trump is with a little humor. he's been around washington for a long time. he could do it. i think if he showed humor in the debate when who was it said pass the torch, old man, if he said look, you know, i know what you're thinking but i have been around, you want this torch, you are going to have to take it from me. i think he could use humor much
6:20 pm
more effectively. liz: i hear what you're saying. but here's what the president is going to do. he's going to step in, he's going to say look at the dozens and dozens of things that i accomplished without any help from congress. he's gotten a lot done without the help from congress. joe biden has been around since the nixon era, right? and by the way, he's in the mosh pit with the democrats now attacking his record and bringing down his record. he's not even, you know, he's even going -- biden is even undercutting obama on obamacare. >> right, well, look, he's trying to defend it in his way. he's caught. i think donald trump will give him a very hard time and he's not going to wait until the campaign. he's already doing it now. joe biden's in a tough place. democrats -- republicans are kind of like the elks. if you have been in the club long enough they say it's your turn. that's how we got john mccain and bob dole. doesn't matter how old you are or something. democrats are not like that. they really fight, with the exception of hillary clinton, 2016, they really have to fight for their nominations.
6:21 pm
there are going to be a lot of people that want to take that lead away from joe biden. i'm not sure he is up to it, given what he's been doing the last couple of days. liz: you have been really really astute observer of what's going on with james comey for a long time, since the start of this investigation. you called it right from the get-go. i want your quick reaction to when you read that ig report, what did you think? did you think it was worse? >> look, we had an editorial today and a column by my colleague, and both of them say the biggest take-away is james comey was a sneak. the man that saw himself, he was so awed by his own moral virtues he thought the rules didn't apply to him. he misled donald trump when he said you're not the target of the investigation. he misled congress when he said we can't talk about investigations, i can't answer questions and a few weeks later, if we do, if we talk about things, makes it harder to do our jobs. later, he leaks to the "new york times." he misled his own team at the fbi. liz: how? >> one of the things in this report says that they didn't
6:22 pm
find out that the memos he wrote had left the fbi until they were watching him testify and he talked about giving it to his attorney and to the press. liz: okay. here's the thing that's really disturbing. >> there are a lot of things disturbing. liz: january 2017, president trump sits down for the first time, ends the trump tower meeting with a briefing from james comey, a courtesy briefing, giving him a heads-up, the steele dossier may be, which was being leaked to reporters, is salacious. the president says i want you to investigate these allegations are false. james comey said that would tip off the media that you are being investigated. well guess what? the trump campaign was being investigated. >> yeah. yeah. liz: that's -- >> two big things about that. one, in his first memo he says he told the president that organizations like cnn had the dossier and were just looking for a news hook to run all the allegations without verification. well, the news hook was that
6:23 pm
meeting. looks like james clapper set up that meeting. so they would give the news media an excuse to do it. also, even james comey's own counsel at the fbi, james baker, worried that when mr. comey would say you're not the target of an investigation, james -- liz: to president trump. >> to president trump, repeatedly, according to this ig report. liz: when he was. >> well, they would say we're investigating his campaign. you can't really say that. liz: that's hair splitting. >> hair splitting and also just dishonesty. if people did that to you selling a mattress, you would report them. liz: if an fbi worker did it, james comey would have hung them out to dry. >> right. right. he went after a lot of people and prosecuted people for a lot lesser offenses. he's not out of the woods. the biggest report on the fisa warrant is coming. liz: we have breaking news. the president is speaking just moments ago as he departed the white house. listen. >> the hurricane is roaring and it could be a big one. we're hoping that it maybe makes
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a right and goes up north but that's about a 5% chance. it's not looking good. and it's one of the biggest hurricanes we've seen in a long time, a long time. so it could be very devastating. i just spoke to rick scott and i just spoke to -- we have a lot of people that we're speaking to. i spoke with marco rubio. spoke to your governors of both georgia, as you know, georgia and florida, and they're doing really well. they're working hard. florida seems to be the target at this moment, but [ inaudible ] good things are happening. fema's there. tremendous work is going on. many, many gas trucks are coming in, they're bringing gas from louisiana and all over. and we don't know about evacuation. we are leaving it up locally right now. we are going to see where it's coming in. we just don't know exactly where it's going to be coming and how far in it's coming. so i'm going to camp david. we have a lot of experts with
6:25 pm
us. we have a lot of the fema people that are coming up but we're really very importantly coming back and on sunday at 12:30 we have a meeting at fema headquarters and that will be about the time that we'll know where everything's going. lot of decisions will be made. that will be a little bit less than a day before it hits so we'll see what happens. on other things, the stock market's doing well, the economy is doing great, the economy is amazing, actually. worldwide, we're the number one by far. stock market's up again and we're getting close, we will be very close theo a new record so. whatever you want to ask. go ahead. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> i can't tell you but we are speaking to china. reporter: [ inaudible ].
6:26 pm
>> well, i understand [ inaudible ]. well, i hope they're not [ inaudible ]. -- too much more than what i put out, right? shouldn't be too bad. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> well, i guess he -- she called me, she was very upset, she was very down and she said she was drinking a little bit and she was with reporters and everything she said was off the record. that still doesn't really cover for it. mentioned a couple of things about my children. but she's a very, you know, good person, and i always felt she did a good job. [ inaudible ]
6:27 pm
it was off the record because they are very dishonorable, many of them. many of them are very dishonorable. nevertheless, you don't say things, you don't say certain things. it was too bad. but i just spoke to her just before i came out, called, and i wished her well. reporter: [ inaudible ] -- allocated money [ inaudible ]. >> where? reporter: ukraine. >> we're looking at ukraine right now. in fact, i was going to meet with your new president because of the fact that we have this really massive hurricane coming in, i had to cancel my trip to pola poland. mike pence is going to poland. he's taking my place. he will do a great job. it's going to be a beautiful
6:28 pm
weekend of really celebration of the past and mike pence will do a great job. i felt it was important that i stay here and we'll be up at camp david working hard. we have a lot of things happening with respect to that hurricane. we have to be very careful. it could be one of the biggest that we've seen. so far, it's looking not good, i have to be honest with you. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> what i'll do is go to poland at a later date. we have a great relationship with poland. we'll be doing that and also, angela merkel invited me to go to germany so at some point we'll be setting that up. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> say it? reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> oh, i don't want to get into that. he's a bad guy, i can tell you that. he's a bad guy. i think he's a sick guy, personally. but i can't get into that but
6:29 pm
andrew mccabe, bad guy. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> we have taken in billions and billions of dollars from those tariffs and as it's starting to come out, if you look at chinese government, china, what they've done with tariffs is very interesting. they've devalued their currency so much, which hurts them ultimately, costs them much more to buy things outside of china. but they have devalued so much, it's a bad situation they put themselves in. i just saw it came over the wires that 13% of certain companies are going to be leaving china in the not too distant future. that's a big thing. 13% of companies will be leaving china in the fairly near future and i'm not surprised to hear
6:30 pm
that. i think it's going to be much higher. because they cannot compete with the tariffs. they can't compete. so they devalued their currency, they are pumping money in and we're not paying -- let me tell you, we have taken in tens of billions of dollars. i gave the farmers $16 billion which makes them totally whole on china. that's what china spends in a good year. because they were targeted. the farmers were targeted by china. so out of the tariffs, which are much more than $16 billion by a factor of a lot, i have given the farmers $16 billion and the farmers are very happy and they want me to continue this fight. they want me to win the fight. and we're going to win the fight. we're having conversations with china, meetings are scheduled, calls are being made. i guess the meeting in september continues to be on. it hasn't been canceled.
6:31 pm
and we'll see what happens. but china's lost a lot of companies. lot of companies. a lot of companies have left china. and a lot more are leaving. they are not doing well. they are having the worst year they've had, i understand, in 61 years. that's a lot of years. yeah, go ahead. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> i just wish iran well. they had a big problem and we had a photo and i released it which i have the absolute right to do. and we'll see what happens. you'll have to figure that one out yourself. but we'll see what happens. they had a big mishap. it's unfortunate. so iran, as you probably know, they were going to send off a big missile and it didn't work out too well. had nothing to do with us. reporter: [ inaudible ].
6:32 pm
>> well, we have a good relationship with south korea. we'll see what happens. reporter: are you disappointed [ inaudible ]? >> i have a lot of faith in bill barr. i thought the charges were unbelievably powerful. i thought the ig report was incredible. but i have total confidence in bill barr to do the right thing. i think if anything, this showed how fair he is. i really think he's -- he's a tremendous man and i think that this really shows, you know, how fair he is. but certainly those were very serious charges. but let's see what happens. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> well, i don't know much about
6:33 pm
it. i had just seen something come off the wires but she's a very high quality woman. very very high quality woman. i can tell you. i know she apologized. reporter: what is your message to protesters in hong kong? >> look, we all want liberty, we all want freedom. we're with everybody. we want freedom. throughout the world we want freedom. we'll see what happens. it's a very interesting time over there. but my message really for them is, you know, they have -- they have a very strong point of view. i don't think anybody's ever seen marches of two million people. but we're going to be seeing a lot. i think we're going to be learning a lot over the next -- i think we're going to be learning a lot over the next two or three days. i hope it's handled in a very humane way. reporter: will you spend this entire weekend at camp david? >> no, i'll be coming back, we'll be spending -- we have an incredible conference area up there. we have a lot of experts coming
6:34 pm
up. we'll be running things. it's sort of a control center. we'll be running things and we're going up with people but we have a lot of people coming up to camp david. i'll be coming back on sunday morning. where i'm going directly to fema. i think senator rubio and senator scott and i don't think the governor should be there. i think he wants to be in florida, governor desantis. he's doing a fantastic job, by the way. doing a fantastic job. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> you know i haven't even thought about it until the question was just broached a little while ago. yeah. it would look like mar-a-lago is dead center. but look, mar-a-lago can handle itself. that's a very powerful place. the thing i'm worried about is the state of florida. because this hurricane is looking like it's -- this could be a record-setting hurricane. now, maybe things change. we're hoping for one element that might happen and that's
6:35 pm
that it makes a right turn and goes up north just prior to our equal to hitting shore. that would be great. but that's a pretty small percentage at this point. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> say it? what? reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> so we're bringing them down to about 8,600 in afghanistan. we're really a police force more than anything else. that's something we can win quickly if we wanted to kill a lot of people which i don't. and we're getting along very well with a lot of people in afghanistan right now. we have very good negotiations going on with the taliban. the taliban is saying they're going to do things. we'll see if that's so. we haven't made a deal yet. but we will be bringing it down to about 8,600.
6:36 pm
reporter: [ inaudible ] military buildup [ inaudible ]? >> we haven't seen that. we haven't seen that. that's not good news. not happy about that. but we haven't seen it. i have not seen it. yeah. reporter: there were u.s. companies [ inaudible ] of the economic slowdown. can you explain what you meant there? >> i don't know what you're talking about. go ahead. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> yeah. a lot of badly run companies are trying to blame tariffs. in other words, if they're running badly and having a bad quarter, or they're just unlucky in some way, they are trying to blame the tariffs. it's not the tariffs. it's called bad management. so a lot of companies are coming out and they're not affected by the tariffs. not a lot, but there are some. the tariffs have put us in an
6:37 pm
incredible negotiating position and i'd say that to china directly. it's only going to get worse for china. but i say it to china directly. because of the tariffs, we are in an incredible position and we happen to be taking in billions and billions and billions of dollars and we haven't taken in ten cents from china and the people that support me most are the farmers. now, as i said, we have given the farmers $16 billion out of a much larger purse than that but we're doing very well with respect to what we're doing. i do notice that, and it was on one of the important shows that i read it this morning some place, that some companies for their poor performance are blaming tariffs even though they don't mean that. they're just getting away with it. reporter: do you see a connection between what's going on in hong kong and the trade talks? >> yes, i do. i do.
6:38 pm
the question was do i see a connection between hong kong and what's going on with the trade talks. i think if it weren't for the trade talks, hong kong would be in much bigger trouble. i think it would have been much more violent. i really believe china wants to make a deal. they know it puts us in a very bad position if there's not a humane way of handling the problems. i have let them know that look, handle it in a humane fashion. and we'll see. but i do believe that because of what i'm doing with trade, that's very much keeping down the temperature in hong kong. i think by really a lot. because china wants to make a deal. i actually think china has to make a deal. but that's holding it down in hong kong. undz th you understand that, right? reporter: did you fire madeleine westerhout? >> i think it was automatic.
6:39 pm
i think she had a bad night. i think it was unfortunate. she said she was drinking. the whole thing was very unfortunate. i think the press is very dishonest because it was supposed to be off the record but still, you don't say things like she said which were just a little bit hurtful to some people. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> oh, no. no. tiffany is great. i love tiffany. i love tiffany. reporter: can you specifically state [ inaudible ]? >> well, we have fema, we have first responders, we have tremendous law enforcement. we're working together with governor desantis and the state. we're also, by the way, i have to tell you, georgia is very much in this path also. georgia could be very much affected. we're working with our great governor of georgia. we have top people there and
6:40 pm
it's really, really been amazing. i have to say, we have done a great job in puerto rico. we were totally ready in puerto rico. puerto rico, we got lucky. it missed puerto rico. but we were really ready in puerto rico. and we worked very well with government, you know, i have my issues with their government but we worked very well. the new governor was on top of things. and we had a really great relationship with puerto rico. fortunately, we didn't have to use what we had but we were set to go in puerto rico. we were in great shape. reporter: -- evacuations at this time? >> we're thinking about florida evacuation but it's a little bit too soon. people are getting ready. it may have to be evacuated, sections may have to be evacuated. we'll probably make that determination on sunday. reporter: [ inaudible ] germany
6:41 pm
from the second world war. do you support this? >> i think it's got to be between poland and germany. i get along with them both. that's between poland and germany. reporter: are you concerned that you don't have a permanent fema administrator or confirmed homeland security secretary? >> i like the word acting. i think acting is great. as far as i'm concerned, acting to me is good. if i like the people, i make them permanent. i have acting. acting gives you great flexibility you don't have with permanent. i'm okay with the word acting. but when i like people i make them permanent. but i can leave acting for a long period of time. reporter: thank you, president trump. many studies have shown legal access to marijuana results in less opioid abuse and fewer overdose deaths. many states have legalized marijuana. do you think that it will happen federally during your presidency? >> we are going to see what's going on. it's a very big subject. right now we're allowing states to make that decision and a lot
6:42 pm
of states are making that decision. but we're allowing the states to make that decision. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> i think it's terrible. i think those allegations are absolutely terrible. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> well, usmca has become very popular. that's our deal with mexico and with canada. unions are liking it, farmers are loving it, manufacturers are really liking it. it really means we're not going to be losing companies down to mexico or canada and probably elsewhere, if you figure it, when you look at it a certain way. they're not going to be moving very quickly to mexico or canada anymore. the usmca is a very important deal. i think it's going to be a very bipartisan deal. i hope nancy pelosi puts it up for a vote. i can tell you many democrats
6:43 pm
will be voting for it if it's put up for a vote. if it's not put up for a vote i think it's a very bad thing for our country. it's a very diligently, very hard negotiated deal. we got the approval from mexico, they voted. canada is ready to vote. they have essentially approved it. and we are waiting for a vote. and nancy pelosi, i think, will do the right thing. i really do. as i told nancy pelosi, i view it as a bipartisan deal. people want it. it's replacing the worst deal in trade that we have ever made which is nafta. total disaster. it took our car industry out, it took our industry out, it's one of the worst deals that i've ever seen. reporter: -- pretty hard time. would you actually like to see negative interest rates in the united states? >> no. i just think that the fed is making a big mistake because if you look at what the other fed equivalents are doing all around the world, they are at a much
6:44 pm
lower rate and it makes us harder to compete. it makes it much harder to compete. now, with that being said, we are doing better than everybody else. but the fed is hurting me. the fed is making it very very hard to compete. but we're so far ahead of everyone since my two and a half years, you look at it, look, you go back to election day and the day after, so you take november 9th and you look, we're up over 50% and that's pretty much amazing. you look at our jobs, our jobs numbers are fantastic, probably 3.6%. african-american, hispanic american, asian, we're talking about in the history of our country, the best job numbers we've ever had. and on this very day, almost 160 million people are working, the most ever in the history of our country. we have incredible numbers. if our fed lowers the rate i
6:45 pm
think our stock market would be like a rocket ship. it's already very close to a new record. we're not very far away from a new record. we've had some very good days in the last week. but if the fed lowers the rate like they should, the fact is they went up way too fast and they also did quantitative tightening. they did a double. big mistake. fortunately, the economy is so strong, it was able to handle that. but if they lowered the rate, you would see our stock market be like a rocket ship. it would be good for us. reporter: by how much? >> i think it would go up a lot. i don't know how much. reporter: how do you feel about [ inaudible ]? >> colombia, you say? reporter: yeah. >> you talking about the country of colombia? reporter: yeah, the country of colombia. >> we have a great relationship. they're not doing badly. they have a problem because of
6:46 pm
venezuela. lot of people are pouring in. but colombia, we've had a great relationship with colombia. reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> we have a call in. she will be calling me back as soon as i get to camp david. i'm going to say it's just absolutely false. she's a wonderful person. she studies so hard. she's a great student. she's just a great -- she's a great person. i look forward to talking to her. i will be talking to her as soon as i get, and i love tiffany. tiffany's a great person. thank you very much. liz: that was a wide-ranging press conference. he covered about a dozen subjects. let's get right to edward lawrence with the recap at the white house. the president just said it, edward. reporter: some 23 minutes, the president. we have come to expect this from the president as he's leaving. took questions on a whole range of topics but first and foremost on his mind was the hurricane that's bearing down on florida.
6:47 pm
he said with dorian, he's going to get updates while he's at camp david. he said it's a little too soon right now to say that the state should be evacuated or what parts of the state need to be evacuated but he's going to be looking at that. the president also saying he's going to come back on sunday because he has meetings here in washington at fema talking about dorian again. the president did declare florida a national emergency or approved the national emergency declaration for florida. that puts fema in the position to help out. he also talked about tariffs. the president talking about china, saying that tariffs have put us in a good position to negotiate. it's really important things that he's talking about there. he said that fit was not for the trade talks there, he does believe that what's happening in hong kong would be more violent so he believed sort of connected there. president going on to say that he's helping the farmers out, $16 billion in aid this year that he's given to the farmers to help make them whole and that's his term, saying he will continue to help the farmers. he does say that in hong kong,
6:48 pm
he says those people want liberty and freedom and he said we'll learn a lot more about what's going on in hong kong over the weekend here. he was also disappointed back here at home talking about james comey, the former fbi director. he said he was disappointed there were no charges there. however, he said that he did support his attorney general, bill barr. he believes that bill barr's a fair person and this shows it, that former attorney general was not -- or former fbi director james comey was not charged in this. also, usmca, the big one here, the president saying that he wants pelosi, house speaker nancy pelosi to put usmca up for a vote. he says that she will do the right thing. he also believed that democrats will vote for it in a bipartisan way. he thinks this is a good agreement, pointing out that mexico has already ratified this and canada is on the verge of ratifying usmca. so a wide-ranging press conference here. almost a press conference at his departure to camp david. liz: we have never seen a
6:49 pm
president handle anything like that. edward lawrence, thank you so much for being there. we will have more right after the break. a lot more show. stay there. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right - by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right. with sofi. check your rate in 2 minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. i'm looking at that truck! wow! that's awesome! this labor day, everyone's excited about chevrolet. they're all really cool cars. woo, i love it! i can't stop staring at it. ride out the summer in a new chevrolet this labor day. wooh! it's time to upgrade. get zero percent financing for seventy-two months plus two thousand dollars on all 2019 silverado double cab pickups.
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>> you have been calling it right along from the very
6:53 pm
beginning that the russian probe is a sham. what do you see as the next shoot. >> the next one is a big one. the ig report on fisa and whether the fbi and others involved deliberately misled the court about the material in the steel dossier that they use. did they include evidence, did they deliberately -- remember there was for applications for that. did they tell them about this. we don't know in that report, we don't know if any of these people lied to the inspector general, he said and mccabe did in the hillary e-mails. there's also john durham looking at criminal charges for this and attorney uber looking at the hillary clinton aspect of it. >> what is really striking, when you read the ig report critic said the president was railroaded because they come out
6:54 pm
of the meeting with the president and has laptop ready to go. in the information to the russian team. >> when you read that section, comey and the others were hoping that the president might make incriminating comments about russia that they can confer and of course he didn't do it. >> and so-called his moment. >> it also talks about comey having a desired outcome in breaking the rule to achieve that. and that would be venomous against president trump. >> getting even with a man who fired him. >> you are terrific. we'll be right back. stay there. st with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. it's an honor to tell you that [ applause ] thank you. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.
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it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. >> my democratic friends believe in open borders. they think anybody wants to come into america should be able to come in they should be eligible for welfare and food stamps and free healthcare. and they should be able to stay on those programs as long as they want and if you disagree with my democratic friends your races. i think people who want to come into your country is not racist it is proven and if for no other reason but public safety. >> let's bring in former deputy national security advisor predict cheney. and senator john canedy just said,. >> thank you liz.
6:59 pm
the difficulty talking about immigration, usually is informed by a lot of people who have not gone to other countries around the world. but if you do go to a lot of countries you find this quite normal for there to be vetting processes health or otherwise in their strict legal processes to go into every country in the entire plana. it's only here in america that we seek a fundamental transformation, largely for politics by talking about open borders. congressman is pretty on target when he said. >> what do you think the american voter will think about this. >> broken senses of america, it's not really fair to legal migrants, to give people advantages for coming illegally, and unfairly punishes those who do things the right way. that is just a super majority among both parties really. >> i am so sorry we ran out of time, we have president trump's press conference. we've come back soon and join us. >> of president speaks we respect. >> thank you for having us in your home and thank you for
7:00 pm
watching. lou dobbs is next on the fox business network. have a good weekend ♪ ♪ >> good evening everyone i am sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. the state of florida is bracing for direct hit from a monster storm in the extremely dangerous hurricane doreen expected to make landfall late monday as a powerful category four. we will have the latest on dorian's path as it directly threatens at least 10 million people. robert mueller cricket special counselor prosecutors swam by the defense team for general michael flynn the national security of either


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