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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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i'm worried for the kids growing up in this culture and that's all they know. david: at least ban electronics from the dinner table. that does it from for "bulls and bears." liz: let's get you updated with all the headlines. hurricane dorian 100 miles from vero beach. its outer bands lashing at south florida coast. it's expected to get dangerously close to florida. life-threatening conditions expected as the storm barrels its way up the east coast. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. president trump is being updated hourly. 2,500 active duty troops stand ready to assist relief efforts
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tbhat hammas and the u.s. hurricane dorian is expected to arrive sometime tomorrow. this as the bahamas got hit with the most of powerful hurricane in history. category 5. wind gusts up to 220 miles per hour. a 27-foot storm surge. its highest point is 40 feet above sea level. in the u.s., five states in a state of the emergency. florida, georgia, south carolina, north carolina, and virginia. millions urged to evacuate. $25 billion in damages. that's the estimate of the cost of this storm. but those jumps typically change. mike tobin is live in tybee
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island with more. reporter: the last we heard from the governor of georgia, he's trying to address the people who aren't taking this storm seriously. he says the storm will park itself offshore and dump water on this part of the country for 24-30 hours. so the evacuation order remains on the beach. you can see a lot of people who are not respecting the evacuation order. some people are taking a nap. others are playing out in the water. most of people walking around. we have seen people boarding up the windows. we have seen people sandbagging. the sandbagging also not extensive. we talked to a lot of people who said they want to wait out the
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storm and see how things develop and make a decision. most of people we talked to said they want to ride out the storm. >> we'll wait and see what it does. we have everything ready. >> i would rather get stuck here in case you need help with something. >> you could get stuck here. there is a phenomenon in springtime known as king tide with the tides usually high. as we drove out here there was not a lot of space between the top of the road and the top of the water. the storm surge is expected to be between 4-7 feet. there is a very good chants roads, the causeways are going to flood. so the people who elect to ride out beginning of the storm will ride out the whole thing whether they like it or not. it state 16. the authorities put a contra
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flow. you can drive west, but not east. liz: are people evacuating? are people evacuating? this is a very tricky storm. nobody knows because it's so slow moving it's picking up a lot of fuel as it moves across the water. are people evacuating? >> we have some folks who said they will leave for a few days until it clears out. you are so right on the -- we have all this technology that we can predict the speed and where it's going to land. but there is always that window of uncertainty. and that's something we'll have to deal with. liz: we are hearing 2 million people have been ordered to evacuate. hurricane dorian are expected to take the same path, sticking off of the coast.
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matthew was a deadly storm that killed more than a dozen people due to extensive flooding and storm surges. that's the danger it's the storm surge, right? >> yes, ma'am, i have seen several of these hurricanes over my career in law enforcement and as the mayor. it seems that the surge, the flooding and the wind and the rain combination is our major problem. >> here is what the other issue is. are whoses being evacuated. >> we have a local hospital and we met with them today to make sure that we -- whatever they needed from us we could help them out. they are going to have their emergency room open. and their patient care is still there. we also spoke with our perpetual
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care homes. we have three of those. there is one of them have completely evacuated. there are several elderly people, there was flooding in the village apartments. most of of those folks have left or have left to friends that live on higher ground. liz: there is so much anxiety when we see the hurricanes coming in over loss of life and we want everybody to be safe. the white house is responding. the president and the pentagon is the u.s.s. bataan will be off the coast of the carolinas. they are talking about a group that carries 2,000 marines if warranted, they could be used in the bahamas. the pentagon is reacting.
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the president is taking that action to help those action to help the great humanitarian act. liz: the states have warned about price gouge. >> i haven't seen it in our city. i'm pretty well fit to stay here. we have to clear a state of emergency that was effective here in our city at 7:00 this morning. we don't have a mandatory evacuation. but we do have volunteering evacuation, those who live in low-lying areas. liz: the final thing, ways your chief concern at this moment? >> the chief concern is just to make all of our citizens safe.
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our city secure. we have done that the last three or four days. our staff has everything in place. but there is still that uncertainty. we are worried about the tidal surge that comes in. we are a low-lying area. we are on three bodies of water. that's one concern that i have. and the other concern i have is the uncertainty that the weather service says perhaps it will stay offshore. they are forecasting 10 inches of rain for our area. we are just now getting over hurricane florence, and just now preparing the damages. i would hate to see this come in on us again. we really appreciate it.
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we want to track this thing. it's a tricky storm. rick reichmuth with where hurricane dorian is heading. >> less tricky than it has been. our forecast is pretty set. all the models are in agreement. all the atmospheric questions are now gone. we are almost at the peak of hurricane season. september 10 is overall the statistical peak. we are right where we have the bulk of the activity. we have five systems and most of of them are fine. one coming off the coast of africa. that potentially could have an impact across maybe tore the caribbean. ferdinand could bring flooding rains to south texas. the biggest one isidorian. there is a slow slog across the
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bahamas. had this storm gone farther toward the west, we could have had slow movement across florida. we couldn't tell exactly when our guiding -- a little trough comes in. the storm can tell exactly when they are going to come into play. they came into play with a storm across the bahamas. that was the worst of it. now we know the storm will stay off the coast of florida. maybe toward daytona beach in the morning. then tomorrow morning we'll be talking about rain, storm surge as well toward the charleston area. anybody is going to be getting some storm surge. it will cause problems on the coast. the winds will be strong. but nothing like what we see in the bahamas.
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the last part, thursday night into friday, talking about a cat one, cat two storm along the carolina coastline. they had 35 inches of rain and flooding with florence. liz: thank you, rick. rick just reported five more storms before watching the meteorologists. coming up. a member of the democrat progressive squad asking for support of a company in somalia that the united nations warned is the backer of the biggest terrorist group there al-shabaab that wants to take down the somalian government. the chinese state media are warning the end is coming for those who are trying to
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liz report search called off for the catastrophic california boat fire. it was a fire on a recreational boat with scuba divers killed. all 33 passengers and escape hatch cut off by the fire. what started it. did the scuba oxygen tanks fuel the plays? william lajeunesse has more from santa barbara. reporter: we don't know why the fire spread so quickly. but will they be able to race the boat from the bottom of the ocean to conduct an investigation? >> it's never an easy decision to suspend search efforts. reporter: the hope for the survivors has ended as the search and rescue mission becomes a recovery effort.
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>> our a last aircraft revealed no additional signs of distress or debris has been witnessed. 11 women and 9 men have been recovers. investigators believe up to six more are still in the sunken wreckage that remains upside down in 70 feet of water. >> the families are gathered, some from outside the area, to bring their loved ones home. they will only be faced with the ability to know we recovered them. >> this woman lost her 26-year-old sister, the only crew member not to survive. reporter: home port for the conception is santa barbara.
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>> fully engulfed from bow to stern. it was totally gone. they slept in double bunks. the sheriff said there were two possible ways out, but the fire trapped victims below deck. >> there was a stairwell to get you have and down and there was an escape hatch. city would appear as though both of those were blocked by fire. reporter: the operator has a good reputation among local dive shots. it last passed coast guard inspection in february. >> over 12 years i have been diving on that boat. it's a topnotch outfit. i can't believe this happened to them. reporter: the sheriff called in aview crew to conduct rapid dna
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tests. liz: next on fox news, jonathon hunt is in hong kong. but let's start with hillary vaughn. it's game only with the trump administration's tariff fight. hillary? >> china says they will sue the united states through the world trade organization after the president ignored the request to delight latest round of tariffs. today is china's vice premiere met with a delegation of senators. a senator familiar with the trip tells me they met with the vice premiere in beijing' to discuss security concerns and ongoing trade negotiations. but this is not a step forward in trade talks. this was separate from negotiations the white house is having with china.
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senator steve daines says the purpose of the district is to bring them to the forefront. china and the u.s. have not set a date for their trade teams to meet. a spokesperson for the chinese commerce min industry says the trade feet up the violates china's efforts. the president today tweeting that if china is trying to wait out his presidency, he promises to be even tougher on them in his second term. he tweeted, think what would happen if i win? the deal would be much tougher.
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china cannot afford to hold out much longer. he says they continue to pay the price of these tariffs and lose jobs. >> the president not backing down. turning to hong kong. riot police deploying blue dye to identify and arrest protesters. >> ,000 of protesters gathered for a second day running. part of a general trike and ongoing show of defines to hong kong's leadership and the chinese government. the chief executive tried to walk back leaked comments recorded at a private lunch where she said she would quit if she could. today she said that was a hypothetical discussion. >> i have never tendered a
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resignation to the central people's government. i have not contemplated to discuss a resignation. reporter: the chinese government said it will step in if it feels lam and the hong kong authorities are losing control. a spokeswoman for the chinese government emphasized beijing's right to impose emergency rule. >> the central government will never allow the chaos in hong kong to continue indefinitely and the turmoil threatened with poverty and security of the country. >> last week china sent troops and military vehicles across the border from mainland china into hong kong. it said it was merely a rough teenl rotation. but a diplomatic source i spoke to today acknowledged a rotation
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would imply the same number of troops that came into hong kong should go back out to china. that has not yet happened. the source said obviously if it does not happen in the coming days. it will be abundantly clear that china is bolstering rather than rotating its forces in hong kong. liz: let's get reaction from wells far go's senior economist mark vitner. what does this mean for your markets and our economy? >> it added another layer of uncertainty. it heighten the amount of uncertainly in the global economy. when things get more uncertain stocks tend to sell off. businesses start to pull back. and we are likely to see a
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slowdown in hiring. liz: here is the thing that happened today. u.s. manufacturing signal, the ism signals a slowdown and possible contraction and recession indicator in the growth rate of u.s. manufacturing. when you saw that, what was your reaction? what did you think? >> i wasn't all that surprised. i thought we were going to come under 50. the new orders component and employment component weakened significantly. it suggested the ifm is likely to fall further in the next few months. this is not condition tent with a recession. city would need to fall down around 43. liz: that tends to be the number that indicates a recession. so when you see the media saying
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this is an indication of a recession, it's fear mongering. >> recession fears have certainly risen. there are a lot of folks that are worried. i think we are still a ways away from that. the job growth is still strong and consumer confidence is reasonably high. >> the u.s. is still growing well at a better gdp rate than canada and japan and australia. there is a global manufacturing problem, right? >> it's a bigger problem in europe and japan than the u.s. a large portion of the gdp comes from shipping goods to china. the u.s., heat exports are not as large a factor in our gdp growth. liz: we have our eyes on several
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stories. questions remain over the death of a texas gunman. how he got that rifle. he failed a background check. up at his job enraged, was fired. the shooter and his employer made calls to the -- to 911. the short left rambling messages. no word of a shooting. biden call for a ban on weapons that hold multiple magazines. walmart reacting and announcing it will end all handgun ammo sales after it runs out of it current i vine tory. this marks walmart's complete
6:27 pm
withdrawal from the handgun market. at liberty international airport monday night, an alaska airlines flight attend damage started screaming evacuate. she deemed it on two men she thought were suspicious, she pulled the fire alarm. the two men in question found to be innocent of any wrongdoing. this is just coming in. a major loss for prime minister boris johnson. britain's parliament moved to derail his brexit plans. coming up, how intelligence committee ranking member devin nunes not holding back anything. nunes says the recent i.g. report shows comey was all in on
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setting up trump. nunes says charges could be brought against comey. what did this mean for comey in the doj probe on fisa abuses involving spying on the trump campaign. we have this for you. ilhan omaring for support of a company in somalia that the united nations warns is the biggest backer of al qaeda in somalia, that being al-shabaab. it wants to overthrow the somalian government there. play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums
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liz: general james mattis in his new book slamming president trump. calling his foreign policy a failure. he said president obama made
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catastrophic decisions it was like watching a car wreck in slow motion. >> i am glad you are bringing this up. the left media's initial response was it was about trump, et cetera. the bottom line is general mattis had to come in and clean up the mess obama left in syria. they saw american weakness as at an all-time low. general mattis, i hope he laid that out. i can tell you, most of of the syrian-american community saw president obama as one of the worst presidents of all time. liz: obama and biden exclude and ignored intelligence. more extensive operations, obama
6:34 pm
just set that aside. mattis says this was the shot not heard around the world. i want to switch gears to the squad. congresswoman ilhan omar sent a tweet asking for support. here is the tweet. somali government, peacekeeping forces need to protect her mood. the telecom is the biggest financial backer. it's calling for the somali government to protect a group that wants to destroy it. >> she retreats a voice of america news release. and she basically said they need to be protected.
6:35 pm
u.s. international freedom commission basically said somalia is one of the worst countries in religious freedom. because these terror players be it al-shabaab or hormuud telecom. when she criticized president trump a month or two ago saying maybe you should pay attention to somalia. she is proving him right. not only is she paying attention to the wrong groups in somalia. liz: dr. zuhdi jasser, we wish we had more time with you. we'll probably call on you again to stay on this story for us. the push by the president and his donors and allies to launch
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6:41 pm
probe. reporter: according to inspector general's report james comey immediately shared details of his meeting with president trump with the russia crossfire hurricane team. they were used to gather information on team members for the fbi probe. the long-awaited report con clued comey and his top deputies went to great lengths to confront him at a january 26 meeting at trump tower. the january briefing had two parts. the first is the intelligence community assessment into russian election interference in the 2016 campaign. james clapper decided comey should do the one-on-one briefing about the does were. according to the report comey
6:42 pm
observed the president trump's reaction and quickly documented them for investigative purposes in a record known as memo one that comey marked as highly classified. he said he had a secure fbi laptop waiting for him in his vehicle. his judgment was that the information ought to be treated like fisa-derived information or information in a counter-intelligence investigation. ranging republican on the house intelligence committee says comeys actions were clearly premeditated. a the received we have is comey was acting like an agent of the crossfire hurricane team. that was clear evidence weigh he was involved in this. where before he was trying to pretend he was a step or two away. >> the investigation reveals
6:43 pm
what appears to be a similar incidents where peter strzok and lisa page testified about using a routine transition briefing to gather information. liz: joining me for reaction, former prosecutor, doug byrnes. >> the more we learn, it's interesting. it seems there was a coordinated effort in advance to set up this fisa situation. fisa thick is the biggest problem for them. they should be concerned about what was put into those affidavits. in a renewal you give a little bit of an update about what you obtained from the first warrant and the second, what you got and it's an ongoing thing. they should be very, very concerned. one other point that's very, very important is to debunk this
6:44 pm
nonsense. to say these were just my personal private memos. stop with that. this was not a memo about going to a cook youth or barbeque with your nephew. these are memoranda written while you were fbi director while you were meeting with the president of the united states. the last point, the distinction it was on his own personal laptop as opposed to a government computer doesn't make any difference. liz: it feels like what nunes is saying describes what happened to michael flynn. it was an attempt at a gotcha moment. ing this was ostensibly a briefing about a unverified dossier. comey dissuaded president trump from coming.
6:45 pm
>> an agenda other than the job you should be doing. with respect to general flynn, oh, you don't need a lawyer. that's a disgrace. shoe on the other foot. he lied. then in reverse when others have lied. all of a sudden it doesn't matter. >> saying criminal conspiracy charges should be brought against comey. >> at the same time it doesn't matter because it will come out in wait comes out with. democrats worried the president will still win the battleground states. they need to get the white house. big labor boss richard trumka tried to attack trump on the economy. but he attacked both the clinton and obama economies.
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liz: joining me now from the under women's form. the president and his allies reportedly trying to raise $200 million to investigate perceived bias by reports at cnn, msnbc,
6:50 pm
"new york times," "washington post." who do you think should be most of nervous about this. >> i think the "new york times," "the washington post," i think they would be nervous. and some of the media television outlets that have been in opposition to the president beyond the traditional kind of back and forth operation. liz: he's been attacking fake news saying they seldom have sources. that's questionable. reporters do have sources. but oftentimes they use anonymous sources and you can't fact check what they say. here comes trump tv, is that what you are saying? >> there was something similar launched years ago that we didn't see pan out. i would caution against the idea
6:51 pm
of making sure the media totally supports and co-signs what the president does. i understand the media has aned a ever ariel role. but the media has gone too far to the other side of trying to undermine the president, undermine his administration. at least be fair. i think that's what he's getting at. >> washington is about to come back from summer recess. may not get a lot done. here is the secret victory nobody is talking about. he has gotten 99 conservative district court judges appointed. 59 this year. 43 conservative judges on the appellate courts versus 55 in obama's entire term. the appellate courts hear 49,000 cases ayear. and gorsuch and kavanaugh on the
6:52 pm
supreme court. he's make his mark on the liberal 9th circuit? san francisco. >> i think it's a huge win for the president. these are folks who really looked at the future of the country culture wars in shaping society. i think they voted for him thinking he can stem some of that tide and return the judicial system into a place where judges respect the constitution. liz: thank you so much. big labor boss richard trumka trying to attack the trump economy but attacked the clinton and obama economy.
6:53 pm
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>> i say so when he does something that is bad for workers i say something, unfortunately, while he may not be know what his administration is doing they've done more things to hurt workers then they have to help them. that is important. >> let's bring in julian, that was richard, he says the trump white house is bad at minimum
6:57 pm
wage and getting medicare medicaid, there is no evidence of that. we have never seen him come out this early in an election cycle. he is now coming up because they're afraid of losing a swing state. >> i think we have to look at the blue-collar union states that a lot of the members voted for trump last time. there is a disconnect between later labors in the rank-and-file. a lot of them care first and foremost about the economy to an extraordinary deregulation push. >> they perceive as a president fighting for his job. >> you to look at union political spending, on politics. like 90% of that went to democrats. if you look at union, 40% of them voted republican. there is a huge disconnect between liberal leaders and their members. >> 40% is big. >> michigan, ohio and maybe minnesota. the president says nasa is the worst trade deal ever made.
6:58 pm
richard trunk a lot of sin. the voters will vote for me in 2020. i want to move on to this. here is the other story from just a second ago. he unwittingly taken a shot at the clinton and obama economies. >> some of the democratic saying most of the democratic candidates that are still in the race are taken the party too far to the left and changes are too dramatic and you would like to see a more centrist, moderate position taken by the democratic party going into 2020. >> this economy has not worked for working people for 30 years. >> that includes clinton and obama. >> it also includes an economy that has worked well for union members. >> if you look at what is happening with the democratic candidates now, the primary debates, they are putting far
6:59 pm
left that are saying union members as john delaney pointed out, if you like your health care plan, we are going to take it away from you. i think this is a consistency in place for republicans to take advantage of in your stay in the trump campaign already making plans to try to get rank-and-file members recruiting their own state if you want to go to an academy democrats moving to the far left will not deliver. >> senator warren with her liberty message saying obama did not bill that, under cutting entrepreneur. >> you built a great fortune if you're in america, i guarantee, you built at least in part using workers to educate. [applause] >> you built this at least in part getting your votes on markets on roads and bridges to all of us help pay to build.
7:00 pm
>> not inspiring. let me take credit for your success. i don't think that's a winning message democrats in 2020. >> come back soon. we hope we helped you tonight, lou dobbs is next. right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. ♪. lou: good evening everybody, wall street, the business roundtable, chamber of commerce and establishment rhinos, have long ignored the chinese theft of literally trillions of dollars of american economic growth, trillions of dollars in the theft of american intellectual property and technology. and tonight, the story of two republican senators with a history of outsourcing american jobs to china doing all they can apparently to undercut the u.s. trade representatives, china trade talks, we will tell you about it here tonight. hurricane dorian continues to turn off the


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