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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 5, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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david: i took a year off before going to college. liz, we have got to leave it at that. congrats to everybody. that does it forward bulls and bears. we'll see you next time. liz: hurricane dorian strengthening hurling destructive tornadoes at the carolinas. returns of homes and businesses without power. will china potentially bail out the bahamas? china is already in there. this is leading to national security fears. a 2020 democrat says he can win the white house saying he will cancel federal assistance to some areas. key imports rising from countries other than from china. a positive read on the new jobs
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number to the debate on recession obsession. as this, the "new york times" finally agrees with what we have been reporting all along. to the do as i say, not as i do 2020 democrats. their roadmap to the white house as the cnn town hall. it's a costly painful overhaul of the entire economy that you will pay for. tonight the big roadblock they face as critics ask, if you can't fix the border eshed why do you have think you can fix the climate. 2020 democrats fly big airplanes to cnn's town hall. we are smelling the rank odor of pentagon pork that the administration likely targeted.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald and "the evening edit" starts right now. china and the u.s. agreed to meet in october for trade talks in d.c. edward lawrence is at the white house with more. >> we'll start with what moved the market. is that announcement there will be face to face talks in early october between the two trade delegations. we had the much anticipated phone conversation. our chinese trade sources tell us the chinese feel like the call went very well. china got a consensus from the u.s. to work towards a mutual deal. >> i am sure you notice during the phone call between the two sides, the two sides admit we'll make efforts to provide better conditions for the next trade talk. >> there will be deputy level meetings to find a path forward so there will be progress at those meetings in october. also at the white house today,
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the head of general motors was talking with the president and held a private meeting. she has been under fire by the president since announcing closing a manufacturing plant in ohio. >> did you talk about this comment -- reporter: the white house very tight lipped about what happened in that meeting. the unions going after barra because the union is in contract talks. an hour ago vice president mike pence was in the united kingdom. he gave a speech where he told the prime minister trade with the u.s. will double or triple once brexit happens. >> the president told me today to tell prime minister johnson that's when brexit is complete we'll begin go yaish yaitions.
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the minutes u.k. is out, america is in. reporter: the united states has been negotiating through a special committee with the united kingdom to have that trade deal ready to go. the treasury department announced changes to the financial house system. the biggest move involving pretty mac and fannie mae. both of those agencies. the administration wants to move away from that to make fannie and freddie separate entities without public funding. liz: you have got a lot of news coming out of d.c. this all happening as we have more trump wing. china losing out big time. chinese imports of technology products from china dropped by
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$20 billion year to date. imports to the u.s. from other countries rocketed higher. we are talking indonesia, israel, the european union and the pacific rim. david, are we missing something? could trump be right here? how come the media isn't reporting that information? >> i think there is so much uncertainty around how it's going to play out. we know why some of the meade media are reporting it the way they are. there is an agenda and we understand that and anything that could make trump look good they don't want to cover. the president has not been totally clear how he mess acknowledged his after he general today. there were times when he said it's a basic fact that we buy more than we sell that was unfair. other times he focused on the supply chain issue, national
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security, intellectual property. i think there has been a lot of confusion on what we are supposed to be focused on and from an investor standpoint, we are look for better resolution. i think president trump need to get a deal done. i think -- i am not sure if he will end up being the final and comprehensive deal. very likely he will end up having a deal that allows him to save face and allows china to save face. pacifies markets. but then you get something more comprehensive done in a second term. liz: certain people in the media, strong gdp numbers. ism services number coming in strong. small businesses. jobs growing there. manufacturing services. adp says so long as it continues, there is no recession. what do you have think?
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>> i don't think there is an imminent recession coming. i think there are a camp of people rooting for a recession for political reasons. people suffer in a recession and they are probably not the ones who work the news desk. certainly not bill maher and hollywood celebrities. i think regular people do. it's unseemly to be rooting for one. you ask if i think one is coming. eventually we know a recession will come. liz: i think there is a miss reid on what's going on. everybody is misreading, technology, it makes things cheaper. governments, companies, they spend less money. that come maybe hitting the economy and the gdp numbers. what do you think? >> i agree with that.
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i think that's a good thing. you want more efficiencies. however, i believe the great thing that happened when president trump was first elected was the increase in business investment. nobody can deny that has slowed down. it's not going to create an imminent recession. >> i want your reaction to bernie sanders talk about people in disaster zones. >> people on the house by the beach, would they have to move? >> it wouldn't make sense to rebuild that house so it's knocked down again in the next storm. >> how would you make that happen as president. >> you do your best through carrots and sticks at the federal level. but if people want to rebuild in an area which will be devastated by the next storm they are
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certainly not going to get any federal assistance from my administration to do that. liz: there is a lot of economic growth that comes out of these areas. that would slam gdp. is he saying places like long island? >> he says things all the time that are against economic growth. that particular statement, though, he sounds like grover cleveland who is i think it last president who said there wouldn't be federal support in natural disaster situations. i don't necessarily there should be an unlimited federal checkbook behind every different natural disaster with repeat incidents and things like that. but bernie sanders' economic agenda has a lot of elements that strangle economic growth, man that area he sounding like he's making it up as he goes along. liz: to the market today.
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gerri willis is with us with more. gerri: it was a big day in the markets. all three major averages up. the dow up 373 points. the nasdaq up 140. very positive and trade news. concerns about trade and tariffs. the idea that the two side will be talking in october. fueling the euphoria and markets today. what was leading stocks higher, old telling. ibm the best old performing stock in the dow. people look for value. new tech stocks looking well. companies like ibm, hewlett-packard, cisco, intel. we'll be looking at the employment report as jobs friday, that's what's going to drive the market. the expectations, $159,000 in
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gains. liz, back to you. ly where make sure to tune in through "mornings with maria" for a pegs report on jobs at america on fox business. h -- 195,000 jobs. tornado hitting the carolinas. reports coming in on that. 240,000 homes and businesses now without power. experts warning life-threatening storm surge. jeff flock live from charleston, south carolina. you okay there? what's going on. in fact the cleanup already started. maybe you see in the midst of street flooding. they brought pumps in. this isn't their first rodeo in charleston. they were ready for the worst.
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maybe not unique is the word it's an extraordinary place. they call the low country. so it's broken to flooding. that's what happened today. but they are making progress, trying to get some power back on. it's not strong wind, but it keeps people from going up in those bucket trucks. we'll be headed up the coast tomorrow. we need to see what's up there. in the town of st. james island just off charleston, the holy city church, unfortunately the roof came off. that's one of the most of serious pieces of damage that we have seen. so that's a good thing.
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liz: we are going to take you to north carolina. will house democrats risk a government shutdown to block president trump from using pentagon funds for the border wall. we are seeing the rank odor of pentagon overseas pork. it looks like the trump administration targeting. it seems like bernie sanders is angry about everything'. >> did i hear you correctly you say that you have to cut your pills in half for your son. if we can keep that down a little bit, okay, thanks. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need.
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liz: hurricane dorian is battling the carolinas. >> we are 100 miles from up the coast where you just spoke to jeff flock. we are after he waiting the arrival. when you look you have in the sky it's strange how the rain lets up and there is absolutely nothing. the wind has never been really intense. but you see the circular
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rotation that dissipates, not always dissipates, because we have had a series of tornadoes as early as 6:00 this morning. a lot of trees down, some trees snapped off, but no major property damage that we are aware of as of yet. the employees and the people who run the city of wilmington want to implore upon the populist the that the storm is very intense. we have not seen the worst of it. here is the worst case scenario. >> we anticipate to see those winds until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, from 6:00 p.m. to 1 to 2:00 a.m. friday moirntion when we'll have our peak winds. right now the peak winds are projected to be 105 miles an hour. the rainfall estimates are
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projected to be between 10-15 inches. we do expect a high tide at wrighwrightville beach all 10:3. reporter: wilmington is planked on the one side by the atlantic ocean, then by the cape fear river. locals tell me this tends to overflow its banks in hirks in conjunction with high tide. the next high tide is coming our way at 4:52. we have seen the docks rise up to the level with the boardwalk on which i am standing. we are on the overnight shift. we'll let you know what happens.
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liz: to accuweather meteorologist, mark mancuso. >> the latest advisory, the much-awaited weakening is starting to occur and we are starting to see movement more toward the northeast. the wind speed is coming down and it's starting to turn toward the northeast. hirks warnings, tropical storm warnings, widespread carolinas to southeast virginia. major hurricane no longer but a powerful hurricane. it's past cape fear, cape lookout. there are close to that center of circulation is where we see the strongest of the winds. once you get away from the coastal areas we see tropical storm force gusts. near the toaft coast we have see
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hurricane-gust wind force. the power is out to a quarter million people from south carolina into north carolina. as you check on the wind, you see the high winds mainly in gust, hurricane force. once you get west of i-95, not much. rainfall, 10 inches rain. the heavy rains moving up the eastern carolinas. could see 10-15 inches of rain, and there is always the chance for a spin-up tornado. that continues into the overnight. liz: we have our eyes on several stories. survivors from the walmart, el paso shooting. they were shopping in walmart when it happened. they are filing a lawsuit against the retail giant asking for unspecified damages. and asking why walmart did not
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have a security guard. krogers and target asking people not to carry guns in their stores, even in states that allow open carry. san francisco passes a resolution declaring the nra a domestic terrorist organization. felicity huffman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud. the maximum amount she faces could be 20 years. prosecutors are asking for possibly 4 months. on her trip to colombia, first
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daughter ivanka met with its leaders. president trump hits back at will and grace actress debra messing. but first the do as i say, not as i do doomsday 2020 democrats. they want an overhaul of the entire economy. the big roadblock as critics ask if you can't fiction the border what makes you think you can fiction the climate. 2020 democrats, do you fly on airplanes to cnn's townhall. >> don't sit around and tell me what's not possible. tell me what happens if we don't
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liz: starting tomorrow iran is threatening to accelerate its nuclear production. reporter: over the next couple days iran says it will unveil specifics on how it plans to accelerate its nuclear program. the state department spokesman says it's another transparent attempt to generate negotiating leverage and extort the international community. we made clear that the regime's political and economic isolation will only deepen if it takes steps to further its nuclear
6:29 pm
program. the president says he wants to meet with hassan rouhani. rouhani says he will only meet if the u.s. drops sanctions. the president refused. though hours earlier netanyahu stressed outright opposition to a potential meeting, especially after iran's promise to build a nuclear program. the trump administration is pressuring a -- promising additional sanctions against iran, particularly after leaving the iran nuclear deal last year. >> good to see you, sir. the 2020 democrats and their roadmap to the white house. watch this. >> there will be a transition and there will be some pain there.
6:30 pm
>> we have got what, 11 years, maybe? you have got to clean up your own messes. and that means if you are going to be spewing carbon into the air and messing up the air for the rift of us, it's your responsibility to clean it up. >> this is opposite par with winning world war ii. at least one way of talking about this is it's a kind of sin. liz: deneen, it's a season. if they can't fix the border how do they think they can fix the climate. >> that's a great question. this is command and control policies coming from the democrats at any cost. you saw the range from the conversation stage last night. anywhere from a trillion to $6 trillion. and bernie sanders said it will be a little pain. it's a lot of pain.
6:31 pm
they are taking into consideration it would disproportionately harm minorities. it's all fear and it's all based on emotion. they are not talking about the fact. >> joe biden brought it up but you didn't hear that in the debate. look at this photograph of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren in a plane. and pete buttigieg says he flies airplanes, too. >> sometimes i take the subway, and sometimes i fly because i am running to be president of the whole country. it involves meeting voters everywhere. but we need alternative to the air travel. liz: he doesn't fly airplanes on vacation, i guess he's saying. >> did you read animal farm?
6:32 pm
all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. and obama said that the sea levels would rise. they bought beach front property in martha's vineyard. who's the hypocrite. liz: senator elizabeth warren, hillary clinton let's put -- elizabeth warren with this comment. >> port arthur will need a lot of infrastructure, rebuilding and strengthening. it will need a lot of help right on the water. those are good jobs. those are union jobs, those are skilled jobs. liz: didn't describe what the jobs are. the --
6:33 pm
>> i met coal miners, the men and women. all they want to do is work. these are great paying jobs in the mining industry and fossil fuel industry. they want to do away with the cheap renewable sources of energy. these are great-paying jobs. how do they expect to get voter support from pennsylvania. liz: here is the other thing. bernie sanders made some interesting claims last night. let's check out bernie sanders. >> we are not going to have to spend money on the military defending oil interests around the world. we can cut military spending there as well. you will have a lot of taxpayers paying more in taxes. liz: he said we'll need birth control to fight climate change. >> you are trying to do command and control with our every day
6:34 pm
life using whatever source of energy you want use and driving big cars. who they can dictate our demands for our way of life. >> if joe biden forgot, he said he doesn't thing congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez' green new deal is too much. he said there used an epa. the epa is up and running. cnn said the climate forum went badly for him. >> joe biden is a hot mess. i think his wife needs to pull him aside and say joe, let's go home. liz: do you have think that he should drop out? >> the man is not making much sense. but it's kind of embarrassing, i think. >> deneen borelli will be you come backing?
6:35 pm
from the crazy liberals. a thousand homeless people in los angeles could pass a way this year. but instead of focusing on that -- that number came out of an "l.a. times" story. we have top california politicians wasting state taxpayer money. and you won't believe what they are thumb twiddling over now. will the house democrats force a government shutdown because they do not like president trump using pentagon funds on the border wall. they have legislation to block it. and we are smelling the rank odor of overseas pentagon pork. president trump: the wall is being built it's going up rapidly. we are building very large sections of wall.
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liz: reports that the house democrats might force a government shutdown because they don't like president trump using pentagon funds to build the border wall. with us now, sheriff daniels of cochise county. the house spending bill will try to block the use funding here. now they are blocking funds for the crisis they denied and now admit it's real? >> two years ago the president ran the president said, my priority is to secure the border. he's fulfilling that promise to the american people who put him in office. a year ago members of congress
6:41 pm
said it's a manufactured crisis. they have not funded border security. our commander-in-chief is fulfilling a promise to secure the border. the sheriffs commend him on the border. we commend him for what he's doing. liz: the supreme court oonter -- and others have ruled the administration is free to transfer funds like this. we looked through the court decisions here. the president is legally in the right according to these decisions. your reaction? >> i'm glad the courts are. they are allowing the president to be a president that the american people elected.
6:42 pm
it's democracy in progress. our national media has not helped the president fulfill his mission and promises to the american people. a secure border equals safer community and we support our president. soap remember when the media was all in only wasteful pork. this is what some of the projects that got redirected, money for a water well in guam. a dining room facility in puerto rico. vehicle repair shops in puerto rico. a $50 million machine gun range for guam. no military family housing, no dormitory barracks for the
6:43 pm
military were affects. your reaction to the pork we think we found. >> the government has prioritized the budget for the dod and to insure the border is secure. the reason the president is doing that is congress has failed to fund the issue -- the crisis on this border. >> thank you for your service to our country. come back soon. a california jury just acquitted max harris of involuntary manslaughter. the jury could not reach a verdict for a second defendant. he was the leader of the artist commune where it happened. the president calls out debra
6:44 pm
motion. we found trump shaming going on in an east coast city. did james comey's fbi put their spies inside the white house. that's what a new lawsuit alleges. we have that story coming up. ♪ play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation.
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liz: a federal judge ruled the terror watchlist violates the u.s. constitution. reporter: the terror watchlist grew out of the 9/11 attacks. then broadly shared with u.s. agencies, foreign governments and police departments. based on this complaint brought by two dozen muslim americans a federal judge in virginia found it unconstitutional. the judge said it violates due process. the judge said the hardships are real for those who are affected by the no fly list. the list is maintained by the
6:49 pm
fbi. in the nearly two decade since 9/11, it has grown to 1.1 million people. about 4,600 are u.s. citizens or legal permanent residents. the aclu said the judge made the right call. there must and fair and meaningful process for people to challenge wrongful placement on the watchlist and clear their names. the judge gave both parties time to file their briefs. liz: from california to pennsylvania to virginia, news coming in on falling liberal policies, things like weakening the rules to keep people safe to black lists of trump supporters
6:50 pm
to terror watchlists. your reaction to the court ruling? >> thank you for having me. that is a very dangerous potential ruling that all americans should be concerned with. we have a terrorist watchlist for a reason. that's because there are dangerous people around the country who want to injure, harm and kill americans. it's mission critical that our public safety authorities have every tool in hand that they can out lights to keep the dangerous folks around the country. liz: the "los angeles times" reports that 666 homeless people were found dead there as of august. it says that number could top 1,000 for the year. we got a politician responsible for that los angeles county. he's state senate majority leader bob hertzberg. he's ordering his interns to
6:51 pm
shift through old laws on the books. it says people can refuse to help police officers who request help when trying to make an arrest. is this really your tax dollars at work? >> as an attorney, elizabeth, i would say that the senator ought to be focusing on more critical issues, not detungs unconstitutional laws that haven't been enforced in generations. i have never been rounded up and asked to be part of an armed posse. i don't know anybody who has. i can't find any recent time when anyone has been charged with this. when you look at what's going on with homelessness in california. any given day there are 129,000 homeless people. the governor and the senator ought to be focused on what's
6:52 pm
going on with the economy so they can get a blue collar job. liz: we might see more of this in the 2020 elect year. in pittsburgh, pennsylvania to boycott potentially 100 local businesses because people who own them are trump supporters. they want to cost people their livelihood because they disagree with them politically? >> that's just not right. we have the first amendment to our constitution is freedom of speech. part of that is freedom of association. so these fine americans, especially those creating jobs for other citizens have the right to support who they want to support free of angst and
6:53 pm
harassment. debra messing at abc is asking for a new black list. liz: thank you so much for joining us. it's great to see you. next up, a conservative watchdog group just filed a lawsuit with the fbi claiming two officials were in the white house spying for former director james comey. >> james comey leak and he lied lied. he lied before congress. he did a lousy job. he was a terrible director. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.
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elizabeth: let's welcome former federal prosecutor. what do you make of this? american center for law and justice filing a freedom of information act lawsuit against the fbi. it claims that two fbi officials worked inside the white house as spies for former fbi director comey even as comey was assuring the president he was not the target of any investigation. your take on that? >> well, here's the thing, i mean, i don't know whether these guys are operating as spies, had an interest in doing it or passed over any information to comey, but even from the very limited glimpse we've had of comey's behavior, from the first inspector general report, we know he's the king of narcissism. he's a guy who had a special employee designed to launder self-serving information to the new york times. so you really can't dismiss it as politics.
6:58 pm
you know there's at least smoke, and we have to see if there's fire beneath it. elizabeth: yeah, throughout the transition, they were unmasking the names of individuals that worked on the trump campaign. i want to move on to house intelligence committee ranking member nunes telling fox news sean hannity, racketeering lawsuit on fusion gps which did the opposition research likely used in the russia probe. acted like an independent contractor for the fbi. nunes says that courts are essential in revealing more about the russia investigation and how it began. watch this. >> when we were investigating fusion gps, they were actively involved in working to smear me to obstruct justice, to derail our investigation, and so, you know, i'm going to hold these guys accountable, and this is just one of many steps that we continue to take. we have to go to the courts, our third branch of government. we're going to have to rely on them to fix a lot of this mess. elizabeth: have to go to the
6:59 pm
courts on top of the doj ig probe on top of the prosecutor, your take? >> that last part is what i kind of hesitate about and frankly a lot of civil cases which is what he's talking about and something i know first-hand from my experience a lot of civil cases fall flat. they sound great and intimidating. the evidence isn't really there to support it. that's not to say gps is some angelic institution, but you have to take a wait and see. i'm more interested in seeing john durham's probe plowing into this and finding out what's happening more than private citizens or politicians. elizabeth: what do you think will come out of the durham probe? >> well, i mean look it is going to be the most comprehensive look we have in how the whole trump investigation took place. we had a very sensitive public integrity investigation where we know there was at least bias, look at strzok and page, where people lied about it, look at mccabe and comey and we have a culture at the top of the fbi which somewhat we don't want in place for that type of sensitive
7:00 pm
probe. elizabeth: thank you very much. thank you for having us in your homes. thank you for watching. we hope we helped you tonight. lou dobbs next right here on fox business. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody. tonight from washington, hurricane dorian continues to churn up the carolina coast, spawning tornadoes, destroying homes, causing flooding, dumping up to 7 inches of rain in charleston, south carolina. the storm surge warnings are mounting in place for myrtle beach, south carolina, for north carolina's outer banks and the city of wilmington. for the very latest now on what is now a category 2 hurricane, fox correspondent doug mcelway in wilmington, north carolina. >> an early morning tornado in


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