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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 18, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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liz: you are really calm. thank you so much. [closing bell rings] this is stunning market action day that will be remembered with big moves to the downside. we end up for the s&p and the dow. let's hand it over to "after the bell." there is more. melissa: we are looking at a comeback on wall street following the fed decision to cut rates by a quarter percentage point and keep them at the current level through 2020. the dow closing up a whopping 36 points. we were down more than 200 points earlier in the day. s&p 500 and nasdaq, see how they're ending the day. positive territory for the s&p, barely. nasdaq, no such luck. i'm melissa francis. connell: i'm connell mcshane. that was a nice little chart at the end intraday for the dow. well-tom to "after the bell." we have fox team coverage i'm sure her counting on keep stories at the end of day. gerri willis on the floor of the
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new york stock exchange will start. edward of course with you, you're the man of the hour. i guess jay powell is. take us through the day. reporter: heard what he said there, 25 basis point cut to the federal fund rate. there was very divided fed we saw here. very divided committee on the fed funds rate. there were three dissents. the last time there were three dissents in the opposite directions, december 2014, five years ago. we had st. louis fed president jim bullard who believed there should be a 50 basis point cut today. there was esther george, kansas city federal reserve president and federal reserve president of boston eric rosengren believed there not be a cut at all. the federal reserve is not forecasting recession as we go forward. they're not forecast anymore rate cuts this year however chairman jerome powell pushed back on that a little bit, that they're watching the data coming
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in. things may shift related to that, looking at volatility and uncertainty out there. listen. >> what we think we're facing here is a situation that could be addressed and should be addressed with moderate adjustments to the federal funds rate. as i mentioned we are watching carefully to see whether that is the case. if in fact the economy weakens more, we're prepared to be aggressive. we'll do so if it turns out to be appropriate. reporter: he said the federal reserve would not hold on to the firepower to let a downturn pull the economy down. president donald trump tweeting. look at his tweet, calling out federal resoil chairman jerome powell, federal reserve fails again, no guts, no decision, failed to respond to the president. he highlighted the independence of the federal reserve going forward. where the dow turned around, just one quick point, where the dow turned around president possibly organically growing the
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balance sheet earlier than they thought. the markets seemed to like that. continued to like the rest of what he said, not holding back on the firepower if they need it. back to you. >> edward, thank you. gerri willis how the markets reacted to the fed today. what was the chatter? reporter: it was like being in a room full of teenage girls. there was so much emotion on floor of the stock exchange. first it was negative, the market went down because all we got was a quarter point rate cut. then a statement, hey, we may not cut rates through the rest of the year and 2020. that was a negative. you could see that in financial stocks down but not dramatically so. that is good for them. at the end of the market, at the close of the day, what we heard is that the fed will be on guard. it will being a agressive if it needs to be. this came in the press comments later that sparked a rally of 36
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point on the dow. the s&p was higher as well. we were all over the place today. very emotional for traders. they're not all-in on jay powell. let me tell you. back to you. melissa: he did say we don't see a recession. we're adjusting monetary policy, more accommodative -- >> there were positives for sure. melissa: we like that. gerri, thank you. connell: to our panel. jonathan hoenig here today, capitalist pig hedge fund founding member, fox news contributor jack how much baron's associate editor. anybody want to talk about organic balance sheets? jack hough you're up. that is where the market turned around. >> i always buy organic when i can, free range. connell: not bad. >> the fed threaded the needle nicely today. they cut rates not a lot. poo-pooed it at the edges.
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the consumer economy is very strong. the consumer economy is much more important. the economy is in decent shape. there was something for everyone to like maybe even jonathan hoenig. connell: let's not get crazy. it makes sense i guess in some way, if you're looking for clarity, you don't get it, to jack's point you could make all kinds of arguments, jonathan, the consumer is hanging in, so we're not heading into recession or manufacturing is slowing down. maybe we are, the federal reserve is divided, federal open market committee. >> that is the irony. although there was no real surprise from the fed, the fed itself is divided which leaves us with more uncertainty moving forward. we do know the fed is cutting rate at time there is evidence despite poo-pooing inflation, there is some evidence of inflation. treasurys below the rate of inflation. we know the economy writ large is pretty strong. unemployment is still record lows. what the fed didn't address, on traders minds earlier in the day was the surge in the overnight
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repo rate. that was canary in the coal mine moving forward. so that is a question mark moving forward. today no big surprises for the fed. the market able to recover as a result. melissa: oil in the red for the second day, setting down more than 2%. let's go to phil flynn with more on this one. phil, we said yesterday would be telling to see where oil went the rest of this week. here it is down. >> it did. you called it. you called the downward move on monday. again today it was more not so much about inventories. they came out today, with a surprising build. the report was bearish, not as bearish as the private forecast we got last night. actually after a dip, after that report, the market tried to come back but what really seemed to seal oil's fate today were the comments by president trump when it came to the response against iran for the attack that both the united states and now
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saudi arabia suggest has come from iran. when president trump basically said our response is, we're looking for the treasury to put more tougher sanctions on iran, that seemed to suggest to oil traders the odds of a military strike going down. that of course put more pressure on oil. melissa: phil, thank you. connell: on to other news. the uaw workers strike in its third day. that means this is the longest strike for the union in over a decade. general motors workers are not letting up despite the company shifting employee health care costs to the union. grady trimble in detroit with the details what has been happening today. grady? reporter: well connell as plants like the one behind me sit idle today we're starting to see the ripple effect of all this not necessarily here in the united states but in canada. gm confirms to us they temporarily laid off about 1200 workers at a factory there. canadian media is reporting they're not getting parts at those plants that they need because of the shutdown or the
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idling of plants here because of the strike. uaw has a statement in response. once again instead of general motors touching their profits they're hurting their own workers. as you mentionedded, connell the strike in the third day is officially longer than the last strike at the start of the recession. how is this strike any different from the last one in '07? >> because they're making a lot more money. back in '07 we took concessions. now the corporation is making billions and billions of dollars. we just want what is fair for us. reporter: the last one was only two days. that is a big difference. >> that is a big difference. we're willing to stay here until we get what we need. we have families. so we got to stay right here. reporter: as these picketers march outdoors, contract negotiations are going on a few miles away behind closed doors. there is not a lot coming out of
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the negotiations that we know but looks like there is no end in sight. connell. connell: grady trimble on the picket line in detroit. melissa. melissa: shop on amazon, paying cash, the retail giant announcing a partnership with western union that allows online shoppers to pay for purchases with cash. i don't -- everybody is going in the opposite direction from this. i don't really understand this one. >> i'm not sure this one really moves the needle for amazon. it allows them to say they're looking after people who are underrepresented in banking, the economy, some low income people. also great news for small scale money launderers. melissa: jonathan, that is percent thing i thought of, was no. >> no, no. this is straight up innovation. for years the federal reserve, and other regulators have been talking to business about addressing the unbanked. this is exactly what amazon is doing here. plenty of people who don't have
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a credit card, don't have traditional bank accounts, frankly deals on amazon simply are not available to them. at a time which so much innovation in banking is cryptocurrency es so tear i can thing this is simple partnership with western union, allows people to pay in cash. they're having a credit building card in conjunction with synchronicity. this is amazon getting in the banking game an effective way. will not move the needle in terms of their bottom line but hoping up to new customers they don't have. >> put in screens with western union, watch the amazon prime video in the store while doing amazon payments. >> good stuff, thank you. connell: a-game from jack hough today. melissa: everybody. going to give jonathan less credit? connell: that is not what i meant. that is not what i meant. melissa: did you see all the -- connell: jonathan always brings it. i just meant -- melissa: jonathan, i gotcha.
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connell: the money laundering line i like. escalating tensions from iran. the president says the u.s. is outlining increased sanctions on the regime within 48 hours. what that could mean on the world stage. melissa: defending the middle class, sort of. elizabeth warren grilled on who pays for her 2020 progression sieve push on "medicare for all." no surprise on the taxpayer's dime. connell: tom brady has a new gym he is opening up in boston. in fact they officially opened it up today but the extensive one-on-one workout, it will cost you. we'll tell you how much. we'll have brady's interview on fox business this hour. >> creating a business is providing people with a lot of solutions. i think there has been so many gratifying stories i've gotten back last six years how we changed their life. how we have given them their life back.
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so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. connell: breaking news on facebook. ceo mark zuckerberg will be on capitol hill will talk about the future of internet regulation. mark zuckerberg the first time back on capitol hill since he first testified before congress as we remember last year. we'll look for that tomorrow. melissa: already frightening story appearing to be getting even worse. an american airlines mechanic
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was recently arrested for sabotaging a plane in miami. a federal judge is denying him bail for potential ties to isis after disturbing video on his phone. there is evidence that his brother has potential ties to terrorist organizations. the flight never took off. no one was injured. it is scary. connell: calling it a act of war. secretary of state mike pompeo pointing a finger at iran as president trump warns increased sanctions on the reg gem following attacks on saudi oil officials. blake burman picks up the story, blake. reporter: president trump says new sanctions could come on iran in the next 48 hours. a definitive response from the united states as it relates to attacks on saudi oil facilities. as you said secretary of state mike pompeo is in saudi arabia right now, on his way over there he spoke with reporters and continued to put the blame
4:17 pm
squarely on iran and described the attacks, quote, an act of war. when the president was asked about pompeo's comments, the president cautioned against intervention in the middle east but also warned that nothing tops u.s. military might. >> how did going into the middle east? how did that work out? how did going into iraq work out? there is plenty of time to do some dastardly things. it is very easy to start and we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens. i think we have a lot of good capital. if we have to do something we'll do it without hesitation. reporter: standing next to the report there in the video is richard o'brien, the new national security advisor that the president announced earlier this morning to replace john bolton who was kicked off the team here at the white house last week. o'brien once led hostage negotiations for the state departments when he was standing alongside the president. he was asked what advice he has
4:18 pm
given to the president regarding saudi arabia and gave this response right here. listen. >> so we're looking at those issues now, getting briefed up and i think secretary pompeo is in saudi arabia now or just coming home. any advice i give the president will be something i give him confidentially but we're mop toring that situation closely. reporter: officials in saudi arabia also held a press conference which they put the blame for the most part on these attacks on iran saying that they do need to have more evidence as to where exactly these cruise missiles and these drones originated from but they say iran-sponsored these attacks. connell? connell: blake burman on the north lawn. melissa. melissa: joining us is democratic congressman john garamendi of california. he a member of house services committee. we appreciate you 10 to come on after you get a the lot of briefings on the situation. we get inimmediate insight what
4:19 pm
lawmakers know. can you tell us what you heard, are you saying it is definitely iranians. >> what we're hearing is stonewalling from the department of defense. we asked for information. even the meetings today that has not been forthcoming. the information we have is basically the information you have, frankly that is totally unacceptable. we've been very, very clear here we're not about to go to war with iran without an authorization of war. and so if the president intends to do a kinetic, a military strike against iran, he has to come to the congress first and seek the authority of congress to do that. melissa: you know, if i could just is you for a second because it doesn't sound like he really wants to do that. i know we heard lindsey graham sound very hawkish. when we heard the president talk about it, he made it sound more like iran buys weapons. they don't buy it on credit. >> sure. >> i'm sorry, saudi arabia buys
4:20 pm
weapons and they don't do it on credit. they pay in cash. he made it sound it was kind of on them to be the ones to do it. i don't know that -- do you get the sense he is rushing into wanting to do something? >> you did a sound bite of president and the answer is clear. he is not anxious to go to war in the area. melissa: no. >> i'm thankful for that. but should he decide that that is where he wants to go, come to the congress and seek the permission of congress as the constitution requires. and the other point, is the one that i think you just made, that is that saudi arabia has purchased billions of dollars of very high-end weapons from the united states and from others. melissa: yeah. >> if this attack is an act of war, it is not an act of war against the united states. it is an act of war between iran and saudi arabia. they have been at each others throats now for years and years. previously was always a proxy war, somewhere, most recently in yemen. melissa: can i ask you, with your experience on the armed
4:21 pm
services committee, were you surprised they weren't, you know more, that they weren't protecting these oil fields better, given how much technology they have? i mean i've been to visit myself. they were always, seemed to be prepared for various attacks from outside. they always thought iran would try to come attack the oil fields. so are you surprised this happened? >> i'm very, very surprised. we do know that they had certain defense facilities, probably, defense from rockets coming in from the south, from yemen. if they never assumed that there would be something coming in from iran directly or indirectly from iran, that's a serious mistake. i would guess that the air defense minister for saudi arabia will have a new job right away or probably already does. melissa: yeah. >> beyond that i think there is a very serious concern about our military bases in the area. we have 70,000 soldiers.
4:22 pm
we have an entire fleet. we have airplanes of all kinds that, three, four bases in that area. and, are we protected? are we protecting our assets? there is some indication if they're able to sneak these, they, iran or somebody else is able to sneak these drones and cruise missiles into saudi arabia, are they equally able to seek, to hit our own facilities in the region? melissa: yeah. >> big question, one that i asked the air force today and we're going to continue to -- melissa: did they have an answer for that? they just said we'll get back to you? >> no. no problem. we're okay. i'm going, well, we'll get into it more in depth in that. that is not a complete answer. melissa: when you have more, please come back. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. connell: going forward, the golden state hitting california on homelessness and on auto emissions standards.
4:23 pm
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connell: california feuding from homelessness to but california has the president in its sights. that the president is revoking california's federal waiver to set its own emission standards. he is currently out west on a 15 million-dollar fund-raising blitz. joining us now, to explain how this federal state showdown could and maybe should turn out, fox senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. host of "the liberty file" on "fox nation." these emissions rules, judge,
4:28 pm
have been really, really closely tracked in the auto industry. they want to know how the whole thing will shake out. >> right. connell: federal government versus the state, is it states rights issue or both? >> it is both. it is interstate commerce and state as rights issues. here is how the it came down. statute was written set a floor which no state could permit or manufacturer could permit the automobile to go, the statute gave the president of the united states to make a waiver. not to make the rules easier but make them more difficult. to impose greater standards as a manufacturer. california has been doing that for years. if you buy a car in nevada, drive it to california it might not conform to the california law. that is the president's argument, you go from one state to another, that will not conform, that will interfere with interstate commerce. california is talking about
4:29 pm
health and safety here, particularly a local concern. we have a far worse problem in california than the rest of the country does, mr. president, let us care for it on our own. connell: as he moves to revoke the waiver, they will fight this out, assume somebody brought you in for legal advice, what should we plan for next several years, what should we dell them? >> you put your finger on the most difficult problem of people watching this show and listening to us now. how does the manufacturer plan when they don't know what the law will be. when they file their challenge, say to a judge, we have the plan. the judge saidshould stop her or his schedule and address this immediately. plans are made years out. for how much longer will the california rules kang? because the cars have already been manufactured, to be sold in california. are conformed to that california rule. do they now have to change? connell: right. >> this is what a federal judge
4:30 pm
will have to decide. states rights versus interstate commerce. connell: do it sooner rather than later is your point. it's a good one. we have another topic, judge. it is about this next story. sit tight for a moment. big tech testifying. executives from google, facebook, twitter, appearing before a senate panel talking about how they're cooperating with law enforcement to remove violent and threatening content. hillary vaughn covering it joins us lives from capitol hill. hillary. reporter: connell, facebook took a lot of heat particularly how they responded after the mass shooting in new zealand. lawmakers wanted to know how they are using your personal date to prevent violent extremist behavior live streamed on their site. dan sullivan asked how they use data make sure this doesn't happen of the facebook gather as lot of your information particularly to sell targeted ads.
4:31 pm
if you search for a yellow sweater, you get ad about a yellow sweater. they were asked why don't they use the same data to prevent violent behavior. >> are you using algorithms and advanced you use in other spaces to help identify those threats? >> there are cross learning and different products work in different way. >> is it the priority it would be as it would be for the selling yellow sweaters? >> absolutely. reporter: facebook received pushback over changes they made after the video was live streamed on their site. the video was not taken down for an hour. they say they have the ability to block them from using live streaming feature for period of time, something like 30 days. they also have really supercharged their ai technology to try to flag offending videos when they're being live streamed. they have a 12 second response time. that is 90% faster than just a
4:32 pm
few months ago. twitter's public policy director also defended some of their decisions to keep some people on their platform. take a listen. >> if we removed that person's account it would not change the facts on the ground. we need to bear in mind how do the other levers come into play. >> i completely disagree. sits there and talks about things and continued to act like he is a world leader and he is a pariah. it sure seems to me what you're doing is allowing him to continue to do that. >> as i say he his current account hasn't broken our rules. reporter: facebook said there are a lot of other platforms that need to be part of this conversation. when bad actors get silenced on twitter, facebook they move to other websites. connell. connell: hillary vaughn on capitol hill. judge, what should we take away on the idea of digital responsibility as we call it. >> the supreme court addressed this very situation, basically
4:33 pm
said the government cannot cleanse the internet anymore than it can cleanse the airwaves. if facebook wants to be a good citizen to take advocacies of violence down they can do it but the government cannot force them to do it, violence and hate speech is free expression and it is protected. connell: it would have to be, from your point of view it would have to be good business for them to do it which it might be or -- >> they may actually get more business by taking this stuff down. connell: maybe. >> they're not the government. they can take down with they want. as well they can leave up what they want. the government cannot get involved in that decision. the supreme court said that three years ago when they looked at this very issue. connell: judge, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> holding low, maybe at zero in his own city. might not be a surprise mayor bill de blasio isn't at the top, i know it is hilarious. he is not at the top of the 2020 polls. he is barely gaining any traction in new york city where
4:34 pm
people voted for him in the past. the numbers you may or may not believe. tom brady talking about his career off the field. we're getting an inside look at his new gym in boston. we'll hear from the patriots quarterback himself. you don't want to miss it. take a look at this incredible video, a storm chaser in canada caught lightning flashing under a beautiful rainbow. we love it. huge wow. ♪ h can achieve what they're working for. that's where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. ♪ ♪
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connell: >> how will you pay for it? will you raise middle class taxes? >> so, here is how we're going to do this. costs are going to go up for the wealthiest americans, for big corporations. >> taxes what you mean by costs? >> yeah. hard-working middle class families will see their costs go down and -- >> will their taxes go up? >> but here's the thing -- >> hearse the thing i listened to answers a few times before. melissa: or non-answers, she doesn't answer the question. late night host stephen colbert listening to elizabeth warren how she will pay for her plan. bill, i think it is always amusing in my free time to do the math on some of these terrific ideas. at the top, she casually we will raise taxes on wealthy and corporations of course. goes down the road, will or will
4:39 pm
not the middle class pay for it after this. the taxes she talks about raising amounts to $3 trillion over 10 years. the thing she is talking about doing $33 trillion over 10 years. even if you soak the middle class, even if she answers that question honestly, that still is not enough money. >> absolutely. we're in a primary race where the comedians ask the serious questions, politicians provide the comic relief. >> that was good. >> as you point out the math doesn't add up. my colleague james freeman, best of the web column breaks that down. this is the something you can't throw around words like trillion all the time and not explain where you're going to get it from. we know, from history, that it means a middle class tax increase. this reminds me of bill clinton promises middle class tax relief, when he came in, it ended up being a hike. melissa: yeah. because you can't make the math work. >> you can't get all you need from the rich to do what the
4:40 pm
democrat want to do. melissa: so they say we'll add corporations on to that. even that you don't have enough money. >> right. melissa: when you tax corporations that is an entity. you're taking that from workers, raising price. >> right. melissa: you will pay for it, at least bernie sanders is somewhat honest says, yes, you will be paying more taxes in various ways but you won't be paying health care, net-net, i think your bills will be lower pointing to the middle class. at least he sort of admits people's taxes are going up. even with him the math still doesn't work. >> right. but that is the way to defend it. look i have this program. it will require more in taxes but then your health care would be taken care of but instead we have this pretend world where you spend trillions upon trillions. melissa: yes. >> remember it is not, it is for a lot of things that she wants. melissa: yeah. >> and then we pretend that it is not going to affect the tax rates. you know we found out so many types from the rich, when they talk about tax the rich or corporations, there is just not enough money there in that pot to pay for all the things that
4:41 pm
they want to pay for. they have to go after the middle class, to get the fund that they need. melissa: no, it is crazy. while you're here, i mean this one really, is really something. so this is a new poll. new york city mayor bill de blasio is polling at zero in his own city. now to me this makes sense because he is an idiot and he has ruined our city and all that kind of stuff but this is a city where people voted him mayor. and now as he currently our mayor democrats, who voted for him are saying, thank nah, thiss not fit to run anything, or even be in charge of his own household. >> this makes sense. these people experienced bill de blasio not in theory but practice. the school system he is trying to replace merit with race. melissa: yeah. >> the housing system, made him arguably the largest slum lord
4:42 pm
in america. the homeless problem is getting worse. he antagonized the police force. the surprise would be if in spite of all that, what we see all around us, people said gee, de blasio is the guy i want in washington. melissa: logs no time in the office. he takes his cavalcade to work out. comes back newspaper over his face, spends money. >> spends our money. melissa: really terrible. bill mcgurn, thank you. >> thanks, melissa. >> not one or 2%. zero. melissa: actually zero. in your own city. connell: i thought it was a misprint. i had to read a few times. literally zero. melissa: among democrats. that is what is so amazing. connell: now the netanyahu. the future is in limbo for benjamin netanyahu facing political uncertainty in israel. will the long time prime minister end up losing power in his country? we'll talk next about where things currently stand over there. plus battle of the best streaming service, how apple is
4:43 pm
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4:47 pm
uncertainty in israel. fox news's trey angst in jerusalem. reporter: prime minister netanyahu are down one vote to his main opponent. remaining 5% of votes could shift numbers slightly. neither candidate will be able to form a 61 seat majority voting block in order to governor this puts prime minister benjamin netanyahu in a difficult, not impossible position to remain prime minister. the king-maker in all of this his former defense minister, long term rival lieberman, who is expected to get nine seats. that will be a deciding factor in the race. lieberman and netanyahu had personal issues for year. lieberman is considered more of a secular liberal candidate. as netanyahu and ganst remain deadlocked in a close heat they fav remarks but shopped short declaring victory in elections.
4:48 pm
he called for israeli government would combine the two largest supporters while netanyahu bashed the media. said he is only forming a zionist nationalist government. israelis make up 20% of the population, netanyahu appears to be using them to incite fear as he tries to pull together a coalition government. >> there are only 2:00 options a government headed by me or a dangerous government that leans on arab parties. reporter: today real horse-trading as netanyahu and ganst tried to form the coalition government. to give you a sense of uncertainty for the netanyahu campaign they actually canceled the prime minister's visit to the u.n. general assembly next week in new york city out of fears during this political turmoil. back to you. melissa: trey yanks, thank you. connell: apple customers will
4:49 pm
get their hands on the new iphone 11 and max this friday. latest publications are sharing their thoughts and reviews of the new features and capabilities. here with our own "after the bell" review live editor chief lance ulanoff. our buddy. you got the phones right here in the studio. >> got them all. got them all. connell: every time these come out, is it evolutionary or revolutionary? this is all camera stuff seems to me, right? cameras on the back. >> that square on the back is raised camera square, all glass back. three 12 megapixel cameras. the wide, ultrawide camera and 2 x optical zoom. this is the 11 pro max. connell: stop one second. we're showing phone features at 1100-dollar cameras. >> that is this one. you lose the telephoto you lose
4:50 pm
the display that is oled as opposed to led. this is follow-up to the 10-r which was super popular. they're calling it the iphone 11. apple shuffled the deck on naming strategy. the camera can do what is called night mode photography. you can literally take shot of stars. i did it. connell: really? >> you can see her shake her hair very slowly. that is done with the front facing camera. you could never do slow motion with the front-facing camera before. that is a new feature on there. there are a lot of new things they have done there. haven't totally designed the phones. they are waterproof. so much going on. connell: i will say this, lance, i know you didn't do the slowfi yourself. >> you can tell why. connell: got it done. while you're here, looks like it is interesting on the camera side. while you're here, look at roku,
4:51 pm
down 14%. comcast made announcement it will provide a free streaming device to customers. facebook is launching a device to stream tv shows. as new numbers reveal entertainment platforms hoping to lure in undecided consumers have spent more than $2 billion on the rights to classic tv shows, just over the last few weeks. so, it is interesting the cable companies point of view what a comcast is doing. i can tell you from personal experience verizon is doing the opposite. they're trying to keep you in old school, triple play platform as long as possible. but from these content providers perspectives, which one do you like? netflix, the new apple service? who is doing this right? >> well, with the apple service at least they're doing pricing right, right? you have 499 a month when it launches november 1st. they don't have much content. netflix spend billions of dollars on new content. it's a war, netflix has to do that. companies like nbc universal,
4:52 pm
what are they doing with the peacock, pulling all their ip, all the stuff on different channels on to one network. those guys in the long return will win. they have things like "the office," parks and rec. things like "seinfeld" they're grabbing back in. "seinfeld" for all time going to netflix. they're pulling in what they can. it is a war for the classic content. it is a war for creating fresh content. no one won the war yet. connell: you're betting more on the old school media companies because of content? you're betting more on them. >> look at disney what they're doing. this is the thing, seems like right now netflix has the massive lead but things are going to change in the long run because they are not the big studio. they have actually played catchup in that area. how many great shows can they create to compete with some of the classics and movies, franchises that these other companies have. price will play a part, starting 4.99 for apple. that's a smart move. connell: apple definitely
4:53 pm
realized that. lance, thanks for bringing in the phones. always a pleasure. melissa: tom brady's increasing footprint in the world of health. our own jackie deangelis spoke one-on-one with the new england quarterback about the venture and what's next? shocking new video confirmed by the navy of a ufo. connell: uh-oh. ♪ plotting to destroy you. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce. ... hem, like me-ow.
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but shouldn't somebody this is be listening?pression. so. let's talk. we're built for hearing what's important to you, one to one. edward jones. it's time for investing to feel individual. connell: how would you like to train like tom brady? melissa: sounds too hard. connell: the patriots quarterback now 42 years old which of course is very very old and he's celebrating the grand opening of his new fitness facility up in boston. jackie went up there and spoke with him, and jackie joins us now, from boston, with the latest on this business venture, for mr. brady. jackie? reporter: hey, guys if you're tom brady and he's got six super bowl rings and at the top of your game, a lot of people would
4:58 pm
say you're playing at 42 as a quarterback, what's the secret sauce? so that was the first thing i asked him. take a listen. >> well i think like any healthy successful business, everything matters. i think that's the way with our bodies too. everything matter, it matters how you think and eat, matters how much you drink, how much you sleep, how you work out, how you recover, and i think when you add all of those things up the cumulative effect of all of those positives, i mean, have allowed me to do something i still love to do which is playing football at 42. reporter: and now what he's doing is sharing that message with regular consumers out there , who want to train better, who want to rehabilitate their bodies and exercise harder and longer and also prevent injury, but it's interesting because i'm a novice, for example. i was a little nervous about taking one of the classes today, but i asked ceo john byrne, am i going to have to train exactly like brady? is this one-size-fits-all, it
4:59 pm
actually isn't. >> people with make small increment all changes to have a big impact and you can subscribe to everything we do here and take a holistic approach to nutrition, hydration and working out or take bits and pieces of it so i think tom's perspective is find what works for you and start making change. reporter: okay so as a newcomer today i took a group fitness class and modified it to my level but obviously you can build that up with time as you become stronger. pricing here, for the group fitness, it was $30 if you buy bundle that price comes down, but the model also there isn't one-size-fits-all. in this room, this is where you can get a personal trainer and train like brady. those classes are $240 an hour, if you get the package it comes down to 200. if you want to work out at home get some of the bands, get the roller, and you can do some of the exercises on your own time. so this is a plan that a lot of people can try to adopt, guys back to you. connell: jackie, thank you.
5:00 pm
yeah, he's all about those bands , as opposed to lifting weights whatever it is worth. melissa: i don't want to work out like tom brady that's too much exercise. connell: 42, very old. thanks for joining us. melissa: bulls & bears now. david: no gut, that's the message from the president to jerome powell after the federal reserve chair announces a modest interest rate cuts and the markets also not loving the news making a major dive, but they did bounce back from a 200 point pledge to end in the green, after some positive comments at least they saw it as such for mr. powell. all this as ceo's from america's biggest company slamming the brakes on investments and warning that sales could slow down over the next six months. welcome, everybody i'm david asman this is bulls & bears thanks for joining us. joining me on the panel is scott martin, christina partsinevelos, and gary kaltbaum and the car


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