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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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they just ate. [laughter] david: we have to go -- by the way, in other areas of the world, where it is not as easy to get fruit, maybe this is a good thing. melinda gate foundation is supporting this. that does it for bulls & bears, see you next time. liz: president trump not happy about the federal reserve rate cuts today. we've got the update on that and what our nation's ceos and cfos are now saying about the u.s. economy. it's the economy that will determine who wins the white house. president trump ends his california fund-raising trip with a visit to the border, amid more protests. tonight the white house taking the fight right to california. we have the update. the middle east on the brink, secretary of state mike pompeo says saudi attacks were an act of war. what happens next? we've got it. we're on the news that american airlines mechanic that we told you about, he was accused of trying to sabotage a passenger plane, with 150 people on it at
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miami international airport. he said he was mad about his pay. well, prosecutors say they found significant evidence he has ties to isis. we will ask former israeli ambassador to the u.s. about that and how safe we are in flying our skies. a just released fox news poll, biden falling to a new low in the democrat race. we have more details on this and other poll results as well. the new york times reporters trying to blame the new york times editors for the botched justice kavanaugh story. new evidence makes that claim weaker. remember they are trying to sell their book. house judiciary top republican predicts the obama administration will be found to illegally used the fisa court to spy on the trump campaign. this as the former fbi director james comey says no he won't take a new job just yet. why? it has to do with comey's desire to be free to speak out against president trump through 2020.
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i'm elizabeth mcdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ liz: welcome to the show. you are watching the fox business network. president trump visited the border wall in california after fundraiser. lots of protests and also the president blasted california over its liberal policies that he says creates problems for the state. edward lawrence is in washington with the details. edward? >> hey, liz. yeah, that's where the president is right now. president donald trump looking over the new border wall that his administration has built. now, he's getting a first-hand briefing about the efforts to stem the flow of illegal immigrants across the border near san diego. now, just to give you a sense of how the efforts by the administration as well as mexico's help is working, apprehensions according to customs and borders protection are down significantly from annual high of 144,000 in may to
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just 64,000 in august. well, today the president held another fundraiser in california before going to the wall and heard from another round of protesters. he's not very popular in california. >> he wants our money. he hates california. we know how he treated us every else. now he wants to use homeless people as an excuse to have his friends make money. it's clear. we're not going to let him do it. >> and the president further angering people in california, but officially revoking the state's waiver on emissions. president tweeting that move will allow cheaper cars to be produced, while making cars substantially safer. the president adds that older high-polluting cars are being phased out on the roads and they will be replaced by extremely environmentally friendly cars as the president says.
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california's governor, not buying it. >> about the oil industry, period, full stop. it is not about the car manufacturers or consumers or the health or our economy. it's about oil companies. >> now after his visit to the border wall, the president will start his journey back here to the white house, arriving in washington late tonight. liz? liz: thank you, edward. president trump as edward just reported at the border wall in san diego returning to the scene where me promised last year to stop up to 99% of illegal immigration. again, a lot of protests going on. the president continued his criticisms of california's liberal policies. look who is here, former republican california gubernatorial candidate john cox. great to see you, sir. >> great to be with you, liz. liz: so the protesters are saying that the president is trying to use california homelessness issue to make money, the california fires to make money. you heard what the protesters are saying, what the governor of
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the state is saying. take it on. >> how is that going to make money for president trump or the federal government? i mean, the president is rightly pointing out that the leadership in this state has made california a laughingstock for the world. all you have to do is travel to los angeles and san francisco and see the tent cities. talk to anyone who tries to rent an apartment or buy a house in the state. the leadership of this state is driving california into the abyss of unaffordability and frankly unlivability and there's thousands of people leaving every single day, liz. it's ridiculous. liz: i didn't mean to talk over you. did you meet with the president today? >> i did. i did. he congratulated me on the race i ran for governor and i congratulated him on highlighting the ridiculous level of homelessness and the government-created housing crisis because it is really a government creation, liz. i build apartments for $100,000 a unit in indiana that cost 4,
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500,000 in california, and it's mostly government regulation, taxes, and delays and lawsuits. and that's the fault of government. and the president is right to point it out and it's making life really unbearable for most californians. liz: that's what's keeping housing costs high. about 1 out of 8 americans live in california and have about 24% of the nation's homelessness and about 10% of the entire nation's homeless population lives in l.a. the protests against the president broke out into violence. i think we've got the video. let's show it. >> really. liz: here it is. you can see them -- a lot of people were swinging. do you expect more violence as we head into 2020? >> i certainly hope not. i mean, i think the president is talking about fixing the problems of this state. and frankly, again, it's the political leadership. let's face it, though, liz. the political leadership of california likes to create these
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conflicts and these problems. they benefit from it, and they create all these efforts at creating mr. trump as a bad person. what he's trying to do is lead this country to solve its issues. we have the greatest economy that we have had in decades. we've got unemployment at a record low. we're standing up to china, north korea, and iran. liz: you know, i hear what you are saying. i just want to get to this -- i want to get to this faster because we're running out of time. bernie sanders speaking to a latino audience, saying he would call for a complete ban of deportations. he wants to end deportations, and he's also backing free government healthcare and public college for illegal immigrants. watch this. >> supportive of medicare for all, and that means that everybody in the country has healthcare, including undocumented. when i say i want to public
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colleges and universities tuition free, that also includes the undocumented. liz: your quick reaction? >> when you make things free for people, you're going to attract them from all over the world. gavin newsom has made healthcare free for california undocumented. yet he's going to put a fee on citizens who don't get health insurance. you can't keep making the state an attractive option for people to come illegally across the border. not only that, it is making the state unsafe. the crime rate in the state has gone up in los angeles and san francisco increasingly soaring crime rates because of the homelessness and because of the undocumented many of whom are committing crimes and it is a real problem that the president is addressing and right to address it. liz: john cox, great to see you. come back soon. >> thank you. liz: let's take a check of your money. a wild ride on the market on that news of a quarter point fed rate cut. no more cuts coming until 2020. the fed says the economy is
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pretty good. gerri willis at the big board with more. >> liz, it was a roller coaster day today in the markets. we had the dow ending up 36 points. the s&p barely positive, up 1 point. the nasdaq down 9. the split decision there as the fed weighed the federal reserve's comments on the economy and 25 basis point rate cut. that's exactly what they expected, a quarter point rate cut, but what they didn't like, and what caused the market to sell off was a lack of guidance towards the balance of this year and 2020. in fact, the federal reserve said it is not likely to cut rates during that period of time. we've got more than 100 point sell-off. it came back at the end of the day and we saw some green, largely because there was a commitment to expanding the balance sheet to combat liquidity shortage and the federal reserve chairman also saying that he would be -- and the fed would be aggressive if they needed to be to combat any kind of economic weakness
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globally. a lot going on. it was all about the fed. liz, back to you. liz: gerri willis, great to see you. thank you very much. next up, 2020 democrat senator warren botching a softball interview, not showing bold leadership on her single payer healthcare plan. this is the road map for the democrats to the white house? dodging questions really? not answering basic questions on how she's going to pay for it. plus what will saudi arabia do? secretary of state mike pompeo says the saudi oil strikes were an act of war. the president says he will substantially increase sanctions on iran, but reports indicate he leads against the u.s. striking iran. it is a complicated issue. we have it next. my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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liz: a big group of the nation's business ceos, they gave their heads up on where they think the economy is heading, whether a recession is coming or not. fox business's susan lee joins us now. >> as expected we had interest rates cut again for the second sometime this year and also the second time -- second time in this year and second time in three months. the outlook is uncertain because whether or not we will get another interest rate cut is in doubt. we have 60% of the market expecting one more in december
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before 2019 ends. and 7 out of 17 of federal reserve officials saying they want to cut at least one more time, but if you take a look at the median interest rates of all the expectations of what the fed members want to do, we're pretty much going to hold here until at least 2020. now the important part to note is that the federal reserve says that things are not that bad in the u.s. economy and it's more of a global factor, global growth in terms of how it will impact the u.s. and that's why they are cutting once again despite strong labor market and higher household spending. as for ceos, we got the u.s. roundtable ceo survey today. they downgraded their forecast for growth this year down to 2.3%. what they are blaming, yes, the u.s. china trade war, but also the slow approval of the usmca, the trade deal with mexico and canada. we also had hiring expected to still go up, above historical averages. that's pretty good but when asked in the survey about the trade war and how it impacted
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their outlook and sales, half of the ceos surveyed says it has either greatly impacted their sales or just a little bit. liz, back to you. liz: susan lee, thank you very much for the update. the president really angry at the federal reserve for cutting rates just a quarter point. president trump tweeting, quote, jay powell and federal reserve fail again, no guts, no sense, no vision, terrible communicator. let's bring in joel griffith of the heritage foundation for his reaction to all of this. a lot going on, joel. we also have a new duke university cfo poll says more than half of the nation's cfos think a recession is going to take place within a year. >> yeah, i took a look at that poll earlier. i found it interesting. i will say the cfos are the brilliant group of individuals. they know how to run the financials on the companies, but we shouldn't be looking at the day by day reports from anyone when it comes to prognosticating. i took a look at what the same cfos said back in 2017, just as we were on the cusp of a stretch
6:17 pm
of 3% economic growth over the next five quarters, and at that point, only 43% expressed optimism going forward. more optimism. and i thought what was most telling was that they predicted only a 2% growth in capital expenditures spending. we actually saw growth that tripled that rate over the coming years. so we need to take that with a grain of salt. liz: ben bernanke said we would be at 5% interest rates right now. the u.s. factory production did pop by the most in a year last month. let's talk about the policies to keep the economy moving ahead. let's turn now to what the dems want. we have a just-released fox news poll shows biden falling to a new low. here's stephen colbert going after elizabeth warren, still dodging questions about whether she would have to raise middle class taxes to pay for a big government single payer plan.
6:18 pm
economists say yes, she will have to. watch. >> how are we going to pay for it? are you going to raise the middle class taxs? >> so here's how we're going to do this, costs are going to go up for the wealthiest americans, for big corporations. >> [inaudible]. >> yeah. and hardworking middle class families will see their costs go down. >> will their taxes go up? >> here's the thing -- >> here's the thing, i have listened to these answers a few times before. liz: by the way, this is not set in stone that costs would go down under single payer. here's the thing, joel, is this bold leadership in a softball interview? i mean she can't say it because she knows she's going to lose. by the way, health reform i thought that was their road map to winning back the white house. that's how they got the house. what's going on here >> kudos to colbert for pushing on this. we tat heritage foundation -- we at the heritage foundation have added up all the promises from some of leading candidates, if
6:19 pm
you were to confiscate every single dollar from those earning 200,000 or more, confiscate every dollar of business income, you still fall trillions of dollars short over the next ten years for these proposals. bernie sanders at least has been more honest. if you look at his proposal for medicare for all, very similar to hers, he lays out a lot of specifics and gets to what is in there. 11% payroll tax, and that makes sense. if you look at places like france, that have a much larger welfare state, they are paying a 56% payroll tax. that's what we have to look forward to here if these policies are implemented. and senator warren needs to be up front with the american people about the costs of those programs. liz: did you just say 56% payroll tax? >> in france, it is a combined payroll tax, upwards of 50%. liz: holy toledo. joel, you are terrific. >> thank you. liz: a tropical storm hit parts of texas with flash flooding. some parts of texas tx getting
6:20 pm
swamped by more than 9 inches of rain. hurricane humberto now a category 3, inching closer to bermuda. forecasters say it will bring a lot of rain, wind, and big surf. maximum sustained winds 120 miles-an-hour. also tropical storm jerry, this is now forming east of the caribbean. we will stay on that. look at this, uber and lyft, still getting blasted for not doing background checks of their drivers. 168 uber and lyft drivers in the portland, oregon area suspended, a wide range of offenses they suddenly discovered. they committed felonies that should have stopped them from et ging their driving jobs -- from getting their driving jobs. this is what the portland oregon authorities are now saying one lyft driver convicted of sexual assault. a second one convicted of assault with intent to murder. separately lyft has been hit by five more salutes yesterday, all in one day -- five more lawsuits
6:21 pm
yesterday, all in one day claiming sexual assault by its drivers. women are suing over similar allegations. kentucky, coal miners there entering the eighth week of a blockade of a 75 car coal train. what's going on? they are demanding that they get their pay from the mining company that went bankrupt. black jewel issued bad checks to hundreds of miners before declaring bankruptcy. let's take you back to the u.s. capitol. house democrats threatening to subpoena juul labs unless that e-cigarette maker basically hands over documents connected to its products and marketing plans. a house panel is probing whether juul labs intentionally targets children. and finally, look at this heart-warming story. red sox legend, he watched his grandson, san francisco giant hit a home run at fenway park. he's a hall-of-famer, played his
6:22 pm
entire 23 year career for the sox. the fans gave him a standing ovation. the giants won 7-6 in 15 innings. that's a great story. coming up president putin is now mocking saudi arabia's failure to detect the attack on its oil field. russia offering to sell its own russian air defense systems to saudi arabia. basically putin is trolling saudi arabia here. it's also a push to persuade the entire middle east to work with russia and not the u.s. how will the trump white house respond? also house judiciary takes up renewing powerful authorities for that fisa court. it is a court that is supposed to be used to stop terrorists from foreign nations. that story is coming up. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed.
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2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ ) liz: welcome back. coming into the bottom of the hour, saudi arabia's defense
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ministry showing what they say is evidence that iran is behind the attacks on saudi oil facilities and now secretary of state pompeo calling this an act of war. fox news lucas tomlinson is at the pentagon with more. lucas? >> liz, president trump ordered new sanctions slapped on iran today. this comes as the u.s. team on the ground helped saudi officials comb through the debris of what they claim are iranian cruise sis mills and drones -- cruise missiles and drones. earlier today a saudi military spokesman blamed iran for the strike. >> [inaudible].
6:28 pm
>> secretary of state mike pompeo met the crown prince, better known as mbs. president trump had been open to a meeting with iran's president, but top iranian officials has said the u.s. government has still not proved their visas to travel to new york. this comes after the defense secretary presented military options to the white house to strike back. iran responded today by sending an official message to the trump administration through switzerland once again denying it was behind the attacks. iran warned any move by the u.s. against iran will receive immediate reaction and response, quote, won't be limited to its source. president trump says his forces are locked and loaded, likely referring to the abraham lincoln strike group and its warship and the submarine and dozens of tomahawk cruise missiles. the same warships ready to launch in june after iran shot down a u.s. drone but the president called that strike off at the last minute. u.s. military could also launch a less lethal cyberattack. today another u.s. ally, a japanese defense minister cast doubt that iran was behind the
6:29 pm
attacks joining the french, liz. liz: thank you, lucas tomlinson at the pentagon, appreciate it. iran's president continued to deny involvement in this attack. he also warned the u.s. that any action to retaliate would be met, quote, immediately with a response from tehran. joining us from tel aviv israel is the former israeli ambassador the united states. ambassador, your reaction to all of this, sir? >> well, it is obvious that iran, the ayatollah is under extreme pressure which proves that the sanctions and the policy of president trump really works. they have begun being much more aggressive after the, you know, the deal with iran under president obama in 2015. they had increased their ballistic testing of missiles
6:30 pm
and become much more aggressive around the region, destabilizing yemen and iraq, of course syria and lebanon. and i think that they miscalculate by thinking that with their aggression they are actually scaring the rest of the world. and we see it also with their rhetoric. now they have the temerity to actually threaten the united states, that there would be any kind of response to their egregious attack on saudi arabia, they will attack u.s. assets. i think that the only way to handle this is by increasing the pressure on iran, by arranging an international coalition against the ayatollahs. they have, you know, they may use scare tactics, but they have no capacity to take on the entire international community, so i think if they see a very firm response, they will have to
6:31 pm
call back to where they are. liz: russia's putin is trolling the saudis saying the saudis need to make a decision as turkey and iran did by buying their systems, that would have defended their infrastructure. clearly russia is a tricky factor in this too. i want to switch to this breaking news story. this is a separate story. word is coming in that the american airlines mechanic accused of trying to sabotage the mav gags system on a plane -- navigation system on a plane at miami international. he initially said in court he was mad about his pay, but prosecutors now allege that this mechanic has ties to isis. they say they found an isis propaganda video showing graphic murders on his cell phone. a coworker told government officials that this mechanic, his brother was once a member, is a member, a brother was a
6:32 pm
member of isis. this is concerning to americans that a member of isis allegedly was a mechanic on an american airlines plane. your reaction to hearing this story? >> yes, well, we see again that radical islam unfortunately is alive and well. it is a matter of incitement that comes out of the sunni radical leaders and we have the shiites in iran as well. they have not really considered to the existence of a different values and religions and they would like to take on the entire world. we have to stay together. we have to respond in very firm way, and this is the only way to keep them from really ruining and trying to destroy our way of life. liz: ambassador, thank you very much for joining us. really appreciate it. next up, more on corey
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and you can get your money right. with sofi. check your rate in 2 minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. liz: corey lewandowski defiant before angry democrats at the house judiciary's first impeachment hearing yesterday. there were fireworks from start to finish. here are a few of the biggest explosive moments. watch. >> are you the hitman, the bagman, the lookout or all of the above? >> i think i'm the good-looking man, actually. >> you didn't think that was illegal to obstruct justice? >> congressman, the -- [inaudible]. >> are you ashamed of the words you wrote down? >> i'm very happy with what i'm written, but you are welcome to read it if you like. >> you should be here to be telling the truth. the truth will set you free and the american people. i yield back.
6:38 pm
>> the time of the gentle lady has expired. the witness may answer the question. >> i don't believe there was a question, congressman. >> very well. >> yes, there was. >> could you repeat the question? i didn't hear it. >> i would be happy to repeat the question. >> it was just a rant. liz: conservatives and trump supporters cheered it. msnbc, cnn analysts say this was a failure for the democrats. they said if they can't handle lewandowski how could they proceed with impeachment? critics going after him saying he has no obligation to be honest to a dishonest media. executive privileges applied to lewandowski, he never worked in the trump administration. let's bring in the union chair. take that all on. what do you say? >> this is absurd after two years of a special counsel looking at russian collusion, why are the democrats bringing in corey lewandowski to ask him if he was involved in any wrongdoing during the campaign? we have looked at this over and
6:39 pm
over and over again. what the democrats want is a mulligan. they want a do-over. they haven't gotten any answers they wanted in any of these investigations and they will try one more time. actually this probably won't be the last time. liz: i think this is the fourth time lewandowski has testified or answered questions. i think that's the number. here's what he said about being dishonest with the news media. watch this. >> it is clear from the mueller report he was a willing agent of obstruction, attempted obstruction because they didn't actually obstruct justice, but we're all thinking what was the point of this hearing today? republicans, a lot of trump people talking, on the judiciary committee today, jerry nadler played a stupid game and they won a stupid prize because corey lewandowski made a shame of that. liz: sorry about that, we had the wrong sound bite there. he did say it was okay to be dishonest with dishonest media. some people say that means lying
6:40 pm
to the american people. >> look, i don't believe in lying unless it is for national security and sometimes we tell little white lies so we don't hurt someone's feelings. these are serious questions and i think congress deserves straight answers. i think the point corey was trying to make, though, is that the dishonest actor in all of this is the news media, i mean, and members of the democratic caucus. liz: but he shouldn't be dishonest; right? that's not good. >> i agree. what about adam schiff when he went on show after show after show and said he had the proof of collusion but couldn't go through it publicly yet but it would all come out. that turned out to be a huge lie. i think these people who have been going on tv to lie about the president being a traitor including with russia, they should have some explaining to do. liz: no accountability there. if you have to do that to get some kind of story, you don't have a story. listen to this. >> the cause of the risk that we end up normalizing the most
6:41 pm
obscene behavior i have ever seen from a president of the united states, and if we did not challenge this behavior, then i think we would be making a mistake. the only remedy for these serious crimes that have been alleged is the impeachment process. >> it's so ironic liz. liz: what is the proof of crimes as misdemeanors here? what is al gore's standard here? >> is he talking about bill clinton? i mean this is absurd. there's been absolutely -- believe me, liz, if there was any evidence of any illegality on the part of donald trump, don't you think bob mueller and all these democrats would be able to show it to us? the fact is, there is no illegality, and they are going to keep talking about it, and guess what? it is only going to accrue to the benefit of president trump and the republicans. liz: thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you. liz: come back soon.
6:42 pm
>> thank you. liz: just ahead the new york times reporters blaming their editors for their botched justice kavanaugh story. new evidence is coming up that undercuts their finger pointing. that story is next. >> so the new york times had to put out major apology, and they had to change their story. the woman said i don't remember that. and they still want him to be impeached. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. ♪ ♪ award winning design. ♪ ♪ award winning engine. ♪ ♪ the volvo xc90. our most awarded luxury suv. ♪ ♪
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liz: the country awaits the justice department inspector general report on fisa court abuses under the obama administration. there was a lot of action today on capitol hill about that and the doj inspector general. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is on capitol hill with more. catherine? >> thanks, liz. good evening. house republicans urged justice department inspector general horowitz to further investigate former fbi director james comey alleging comey's december 2018 closed-door testimony about the genesis of the obstruction case against the president conflicts with comey's statements to horowitz. >> i'm finding just a number of irregularities. would it be appropriate if chairman -- i mean, ranking
6:47 pm
member jordan and i were to refer those inconsistencies to the ig, and if we did that, would the ig look at those inconsistenci inconsistencies? >> it is certainly appropriate for us to get a referral. >> another house republican pressed horowitz on his findings that comey was a leaker who violated fbi policy. asking the inspector general why he characterized comey as, quote, setting a dangerous example. >> our concern was empowering fbi directors or frankly any fbi employee or other law enforcement official with the authority to decide that they are not going to follow established norms and procedures. >> do you know of any fbi director who in the past has ever had a criminal prosecution? >> i don't know as i sit here today. >> and house republicans pushed back against the former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe who is under threat of indictment for misleading federal investigators. as mccabe publicly attacks the credibility of horowitz and his
6:48 pm
team. >> i absolutely reject the findings and the conclusions of the ig report that accused me of exhibiting a lack of candor in several instances. >> we have two back-to-back heads of the fbi, both referred for criminal prosecution. both of these heads of the fbi failed to safeguard sensitive fbi information. is that correct? >> in both instances, they disclosed to reporters information that was protected fbi information, sensitive -- >> horowitz also confirming to lawmakers that he has met with the fbi and justice department over his draft findings for fisa, and he said once they've determined what's classified and on what level he is likely to weigh in. as you know, liz, the attorney general and the president has said they want as much of that report public as possible. liz? liz: catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. liz: joining me now is former federal prosecutor. jim, great to have you on. you just heard catherine herridge's report. can you react to it? >> well, i mean, look, in some
6:49 pm
ways it is a very sad day to see the fbi leadership from recent years in this predicament but it is hard to feel sorry for guys who are narcissistic. they rear their heads every time there's about to be bad news about them like an ag report or john durham's investigative probe and say things how they are victims and how they are being attacked as the representatives of the fbi when they really weren't. liz: this is what's disturbing. we have done our reporting. we have sources. law enforcement officials feel that this taints the good men and women who are fighting to protect the country, that the d.c. fbi bureau was a law unto themselves. i mean devin nunes and jim jordan are saying that the ig is going to find that under the obama administration, those fisa warrants were obtained illegally, and jim comey signed off on three of them. he clearly to the ig went rogue, a bad and dangerous example, that's what he said. >> i think you have to wait.
6:50 pm
frankly the ig will be an interesting report. the eyes should be on john durham. i think the more comprehensive probe by a true law enforcement professional, very objective professional, career prosecutor, that's the one to watch and that's making comey and mccabe stay up at night. mccabe looks like he will have problems with the d.c. prosecution for false statements at least. and comey seem -- >> the ig said that comey was quote a dangerous example. let me correct myself. this is why sources are saying this is worst than watergate. fisa warrants are super powerful, meant to stop terrorists. not to spy on campaigns. this is what they are saying. you have to articulate and verify -- let me back up. you have to verify what is a justification for fisa warrants. so what was the justification for a warrant to spy on the trump campaign and people like
6:51 pm
carter page? what proof do they have that he was a foreign agent? because if they don't have it, they're in trouble and this really is worse than watergate. >> right, well, remember, that the fisa applications have been partially disclosed but there's huge gaping holes from the redactions that we have to know about. and then the follow up question is who knew that there were mischaracterizations taking place, if there were, about the steele dossier, for instance. why was bruce ohr still meeting with steele after he'd been fired as an informant? what levels of doj and fbi looked the other way because they wanted to have inside knowledge about politics rather than law enforcement? liz: correct me if i'm wrong, doesn't the president of the united states every day get a threat matrix, and in that threat matrix, he is shown what is under investigation. that means president obama in that threat matrix likely saw that there was a russia probe. how high up the food chain does this go? did president obama know about these potentially illegal fisa
6:52 pm
warrants to spy on the trump campaign? >> look fair question because we know there's at least smoke here. we don't know 100% there's fire and i won't be the one to say there is. john durham answers that question for eternity. he will dig down and tell us who knew what and when. that's what we have to wait for. liz: that's what you want to find out. >> i think everybody should want to know that, whether you're a democrat, republican or somewhere in between. liz: it is like the future of the campaigns. next up the "new york times" reporters trying to blame the editors for the botched justice kavanaugh story. new information coming to light that makes their claims weaker. that story next. cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees
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liz: two "new york times" reporters trying to blame the "new york times" editors for the botched justice kavanaugh story accusing them of a new sexual misconduct allegation that fell apart. new evidence makes their claim weaker. let's bring in the daily caller executive editor. quickly, vince, they blame their editors for deleting key information, exonerating justice kavanaugh, it would have, that here's what they left out, the supposed victim couldn't recall it, didn't corroborate their story, wasn't interviewed. watch the federalist molly hemmingway didn't buy their finger pointing tweeting out quote the two left out the same exonerating information in an npr interview that was recorded the week before the "new york times" piece was published.
6:57 pm
we listened to that interview npr interview molly is right, vince. >> yes, it adds to the evidence this is nothing but a political hit job. this job, i spoke to her earlier this week, she said it was a hasty editing job. they wanted to remove the woman's name in the story and remove the critical element about her claim which is she has no memory of this. that's not journalism. that is activism, and the new york times is a shell of its former self based on its behavior this week. it is despicable they launched this attack. them adding that detail back to the story is not good enough. that allegation in total should have never appeared in print. it is a thin uncorroborated allegation against brett kavanaugh that has no support whatsoever. liz: and also, the question too, is they are blaming their editors but they don't get to read their final draft before it goes to print? i mean, they are still not clear about what's going on there. we've got breaking news.
6:58 pm
vice president mike pence says this to our very own maria bartiromo. watch this. >> democrats seeking the highest office in the land who are taking discredited allegations and using that to call for the impeachment of a sitting member of the supreme court. i mean, it is by the media and by democrats, it is an act of desperation, and i believe it is an attempt to intimidate justice kavanaugh during his tenure on the court. it won't work. and the american people know the truth of it, justice brett kavanaugh is a good and decent man. his service is a credit to the highest court in the land, and president trump and i are going to stand with him. liz: you can see the full interview. it's a get interview maria did. you will be able to see it at 6:00 a.m. eastern time on mornings with maria. what's your reaction to what maria heard from the vice
6:59 pm
president? >> this is all more the reason it was an epic failure of "new york times" not to correct that in 24 hours, a bunch of democrats came in with a dishonest attack on brett kavanaugh. liz: they sat on it and it misled the american people and misled democrats into calling for impeachment. your reaction? >> precisely, the window of opportunity, the democrats seized on that they allowed a political hit job published in the new york times to be basis for their calls for impeachment. that correction coming hours later the "new york times" finally including that information. this tells you about the integrity of these candidates. none of those democrats have walked back their calls for impeachment even though that very important exonerating information came out. liz: it looks like 2020 will be about trump, mcconnell and kavanaugh. quick final word? >> exactly, always a back wardwards look? they are furious, they lost seats on the supreme court.
7:00 pm
liz: thank you, vince. lou dobbs is next on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody. politics and dirty filthy politics at that, raging in the swamp. fortunately, president trump is away from all of that. he's in california, where he's visited the north, beverly hills in the south and all the way south to san diego on the border with mexico, and in all of that span raising 15 million dollars on those three stops over two days, adding to the republican national committee's record breaking haul of nearly 24 million in august. the radical dems and hollywood


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